MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, October 24, 2019

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Miniak Sound Design Demo with Patch Base

Published on Oct 24, 2019 Coffeeshopped

"A screencast of using Patch Base on the iPad to design sounds on the Akai Miniak. Patch Base supports full patch editing and library organization for the Akai Miniak and Alesis Micron, on both Mac and iPad. Find out more here:"

Modular & Custom MATRIXSYNTH Hat

via Synth Addict

"I'm going further down the synth rabbit hole, and modular is the gravity well dragging me in. :-)

This is a current setup from a recent modular jam, and in the end the recording wasn't very good unfortunately.

However I always have my Matrixsynth custom hat handy for inspiration, and I keep plugging away... semper synthetic!"

P.S. You might recognize the hat from this previous post.

Korg Minilogue XD Best 4 Voice Analog Polysynth 2019 Synthesizer Rik Marston

Published on Oct 24, 2019 Rik Marston Official

Reverb / Ahnyxian Sound Design / Rik Marston

#korgminiloguexd #hybridsynthesizer #analogsynthesizer
"Korg Minilogue XD Best 4 Voice Analog Polysynth 2019"
Synthesizer Demo by Rik Marston
***Watch in HD!!*** ***Turn it UP!!*** ***No Talking!!!***

Korg Minilogue XD Best 4 Voice Analog Polysynth 2019
Preset Patch Tweaked: Future Pulse
Super purchase for the money, it will keep you happy
forever! I love this synthesizer! It gets my pick as
Best 4 Voice Analog Polysynth 2019! Awesome!!

M-Audio Keystation 61 for MIDI controller
Recorded into Ableton LIVE with no extra FX! ;)

Thank you for watching!
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Rik Marston

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They are all UNDER $19.99 and AWESOME!!!

Reverb / Ahnyxian Sound Design / Rik Marston

SoundsDivine 'Analog Reissue' - Xils-Lab Syn'X

Published on Oct 24, 2019 SoundsDivine111

"Preview of the presets from the 'Analog Reissue' soundset for Xils-Lab Syn'X 2.5."

"‘Analog Reissue’ contains 100 presets for Xils-Lab Syn’X 2.5

This soundset recreates some of the classic sounds from the Elka Synthex and also brings some exciting new sounds that weren’t possible with the original hardware.

‘Analog Reissue’ features cascading arepeggios, analogue strings, dreamy synth sounds, punchy analog basses, Berlin style sequences, hard + soft sync sounds, vintage brass pads and much more."

Roland MC-101 does Ghostbusters (Bustin' Makes Me Funky edit)

Published on Oct 24, 2019 Matt Craven

Sexy hands.

"It's that time of year again - Ray Parker Jr and funky bassline time (happy Halloween)."

Korg Poly-Ensemble P Synthesizer Keyboard

via this auction

Simmons SDS5/SDSV Modular Drum Synthesizer SN 000930

via this auction

"The Simmons SDS-V, was the first viable electronic replacement for acoustic drums. It was developed by Richard James Burgess and Dave Simmons, manufactured initially by Musicaid in Hatfield, UK, and commercially released in 1981.After Musicaid went bankrupt, Simmons set up a new manufacturing company under his name, Simmons."

Vintage 70s DMI SoundCity Key Bass Synthesizer (AMC53)

via this auction

See the DMI Sound City label for more.

"This mysterious keybass from the 70s has seen its fair share of use over the years, as six of the keys on it need repairing (highlighted with pink above), however it still delivers a harmonically rich and incredibly deep synth tone that proves the power of analog circuitry. The sliders and other components on this unit work fine. This keybass may be worn in, but it still delivers a ton of character."

M-Audio Accent Module w/ Original Box

via this auction

See this post for a demo.

Behringer RD-8 vs Roland TR08: 808 clone final showdown

Published on Oct 24, 2019 Starsky Carr

"A final look at the RD-8 vs Roland's offerings. My previous video omitted the TR08, so only fair that I found a unit to put side-by-side.

I promise this is the last one :)

2:50 Sounds
17:49 Interface
19:00 Outputs
21:57 Programming
23:11 Song Mode
24:14 Playing Live
25:40 Filters
27:15 Repeat Triggers
28:47 USB Ground Noise
29:38 Conclusion
31:30 Some Beats"

Starsky Carr comparison videos

SDS MIDI Merge Build 3x3 Arduino-based

Published on Oct 24, 2019 freshnelly

"At last, I got around to making a MIDI merger!
It did take 4 days of programming and even after filming this video I found 3 more bugs (well during the video as they always show up then!)

It's a nice little unit with Clock routing, channel re-defining, 3 way keyboard split on each input, up to 10 user configurations can be saved, Input to Output blocking of transport messages, Program changes, and CC's.

The SPLIT is the really cool part as instruments (PC) can be assigned to each region, note offsets (start note) per region, any channel, any output per region, and a 0 to 14 note upward overlap setting. One SPLIT can be assigned to each input so theoretically, you could have 3 splits fanning out to 9 synths.

The output drive is 25mA so hard wire splitting between 2 MIDI synths is easy. I have tried 3 but you get one that's a pig and it's game over ;)

I will be posting the .ino, 3D Print .stl, and some diagrams & data on parts etc. It's really simple as there's hardly any parts.
The OLED is i2c (wire) 128x32 chinese type.

The whole thing is guitar pedal powered but also runs for a long time on a 9 volt battery... well several hours, not really sure


3d Print files (obj & stl):

Info & manual (doc):"

Synthesizer Jam with Eventide TimeFactor & Space Pedals

Published on Oct 23, 2019 Eventide Audio

"Watch as Dan Chmielinski of Circuit Kisser and Drew Ofthe Drew try out their Eventide TimeFactor & Space pedals with a Roland Juno-6, Moog Sub Phatty, Moog Grandmother, and Sequential Prophet-6."

Rob Papen Predator 2 Live Streams

Published on Oct 24, 2019 Rob Papen

"Download the 3 pad sounds of this Live Stream:"

G-Storm SH2-VCF r2 Eurorack Filter Module Demo

Published on Oct 24, 2019 gstormelectro

"Audio and Video by G-Storm Electro c. 2019

The SH2-VCF is back!
In all its dark, bass-y, resonant glory.
Now using BA662 clones.

Oscillators - GSE 101-VCO, Pittsburgh Synth Box
Sequencing - Beatstep Pro
Sometimes a delay from Timefactor.
Recorded direct to Tascam DR-05."

G-Storm Electro on Reverb

Previous G-Storm SH2-VCF posts.

Blackbox 1.3 with Novation LaunchKey Mini MK3

Published on Oct 24, 2019 1010music

Patch Talk with Pierre Collard

Published on Oct 24, 2019 Omri Cohen

"Let's have a nice talk with Pierre Collard, the man behind the Geodesics collection together with Marc Boulé, and also the designer of a few other collections like the Repelzen and the Creative Suite by Stellare, and a few others.

If you like what I do and want to support my work, consider joining my crew on Patreon -

Here you can find more information about Pierre and his work -"

RETROACTIV DSS-P Programmer for KORG DSS-1 Sampling Synthesizer

This one was spotted and sent in via Ryan. Details via RETROACTIV:

"This listing is a pre-order for the upcoming DSS-P programmer for Korg DSS-1 Sampling Synthesizers. The product is under development now, and is expected to begin shipping around May or June 2020. Discounted pre-order price is $835. MSRP after pre-order period is expected to be around $899.


DSS-P will feature 64 30mm sliders, corresponding to the program parameters on the DSS-1.
5.5" x 3.2" full color touch screen for deep editing
Patch generator feature that will intelligently generate musically useful pads, polysynths, basses, bells, clavichord, string sounds and more. Patch generator will allow users to "mask" any sections of the synthesizer, so the masked sections will not be changed when a new patch is generated.
On-board multisound banks will feature custom Retroaktiv samples of classic synthesizer waveforms from Minimoog, ARP Odyssey, ARP Omni, Rhodes Chroma and more.
Ability to download full lists of program parameters, multisounds, and PCM data and display all information on the touch screen.
Assignable X-Y controls on the touch screen for modifying multiple parameters at once with the XY.
Operating system of the DSS-P can be updated using a MIDI SYSEX file, allowing for continuous feature updates and future OS developments.
Data entry can be done using the touch screen and the encoder/cursor buttons.
CC to sysex translation of program parameters
Sleek powder-coated metal enclosure measures 8.75" (5U) x 17" x 3". Optional rack ears can be purchased when units are shipping.

IMPORTANT NOTES: The DSS-1 does not allow for smooth parameter changes when edited by sysex. This means that when most parameters are changed, there may be audible hiccups as the DSS-1's output buffer is altered. This is due to the design of the DSS-1 and is not being caused by the DSS-P. Many parameter changes will not be heard until a new note is keyed on the DSS-1"

Check out the RETROACTIVE label for additional synth controllers.

R*S Serge Vari Slope Filter

Published on Oct 24, 2019 Todd Barton

"Beginning to explore the R*S Serge Variable Slope Filter. Seems like a very versatile an powerful filter.

noodlebox serendipity sequencer prototype by six4pix

Published on Oct 24, 2019 While We Were Sleeping

00:00 - noodlebox on
00:05 - Fist noodle - My first go on the noodlebox. part of an Instagram live video.
02:39 - Two Layers - An example of one layer modifying another (details below)
03:12 - In the six4pix studio - Jason showing me around the noodlebox. You will be joining us mid-conversation and It's just to give an idea, not a tutorial.

noodlebox Details:
My good friend Jason gave me a noodlebox prototype so I can help test it :)

In the video, I have the noodlebox MIDI synced to my MPC Live and sends CV and Gate to control a bassline on my eurorack.

The software for the noodlebox is at an early stage and features and functionality can change.

noodlebox Layers:
The noodlebox is a 4 layers sequencer where layers can be though of as tracks. each has an individual midi channel and CV/Gate. Layers can be used to modify each other (Like transpose example at 2:39). Layers can have their own signatures and length. You can drag the start to end points in both directions to create a loop of varies length and directions.

noodlebox pages:
Each layer can also have 4 pages (versions) that can be stringed together at any order and number of repeats (like a song mode)

All this and other features can be used to noodle together vary complex and long patterns.

More Videos details
in the two layers examples 02:39 we use 2 layers each with a 4 note pattern.
The first playing a simple 4 note pattern.
The second also 4 notes long but at a slow clock division, transposing the first layer.
We are using the trigger of the first layer to trigger the VCA envelope and the transposed CV from the second layer to control the pitch.

MC-707 Synth Deep Dive - SH-101 Cloning

Published on Oct 24, 2019 Digiphex Electronics

Roland MC-707 Workflow Tutorial and Thoughts

Published on Oct 12, 2019 Digiphex Electronics

Custom Gradient Teal Casio SK-1 Sampling Keyboard

via this auction


via this auction

Moog Micromoog Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

"How cute! It's a tiny Moog. But don't underestimate it. Sure, it's just a single-oscillator mono-synth, designed as a budget performance Moog. But it's an inexpensive alternative to the Minimoog. In fact, it is often used as just a stand-alone filter processor since it has a filter that is virtually identical to the one found in the Minimoog, and it accepts external sounds for processing through itself (all at a fraction of the price for a Mini)! It also employs a ribbon controller (which was a cool new feature) for pitch bending."

Kawai 100F w/ Kenton CV/Gate mod.

via this auction

Korg MP-4 Mono/Poly SN 374189

via this auction

Waldorf Microwave XT - Ltd Shadow Edition - 30 Voices SN 0407307702

via this auction

Elektron Machinedrum SPS-1UW w/ Original Box

via this auction

Waldorf Q | Transmission Coefficient

Published on Oct 24, 2019 Alex Ball

"An unexpected visitor from 1999; The Waldorf Q in the "Halloween" colour scheme.

The Q is a DSP-based virtual analogue synthesizer from the era when knobs, sliders and analogue sounds came back in fashion, but when digital engines were able to handle the reproduction, provide comprehensive control over them and add newer features. The Roland JP-8000 and Korg MS-2000 are two other examples of this era of instrument.

The Q has three oscillators (plus two sub) per voice with your usual pulse, saw, sine and triangle, but the first two oscillators also have two "alt" settings that are wavetable generators somewhat in the territory of synths like the PPG wave. Not overly surprising as Waldorf founder Wolfgang Düren had been a distributor for PPG in the 80s. In fact, the dual multimode filters even have a dedicated "PPG" setting along with 24db/12db low pass, high pass, band pass, notch and comb.

There's three LFOs that can be clocked with various note values or they can be free running. There's also four envelopes that are bipolar and can loop if desired.

It's multitimbral and has 16 or 32 note polyphony (with expansion) dependent upon how many parts you're using.

There's a sequencer and arpeggiator, eight different on board FX, ring mod and even a 25 band vocoder which I used in the vocal section at the end.

Everything is controllable over midi CC and even though there's loads of knobs for quick access, there's quite a lot of menu diving and the knobs can have numerous secondary functions dependent upon what you're doing via the main menu. I did have to use the manual quite a bit so I could figure out what I was trying to do.

It's got 300 single patches and then 100 multis. I set up a few sounds of my own from scratch and also took some of the presets and altered them. The presets are usually overblown to demonstrate what the instrument can do, so they are quite unusable in a mix, but if you cull all of the whistles and bells, you can get at a part of the sound you like and mold it.

I did quite a few sounds via midi with the cc mapping various parameters and clocking things. Whilst this got everything where I wanted it, filming a static synth with a midi cable going into the back of it didn't make for compelling viewing, so this video isn't quite as hands on as my others. However, I did make sure to perform some parts so that I had something to show."

Kaushik Todi Scale by Ornament and Crime

Published on Oct 24, 2019 Ebotronix

Kaushik Todi number of notes: 5
notes (in cents): 0, 293.8, 497.7, 589.8, 792.2

Review and tutorial: VRL (Voltage Research Lab) from Pittsburgh Modular

Published on Oct 24, 2019 loopop

"Chapters about Sample and Hold, LFOs and Eurorack for beginners in my ever-expanding book of synth and electronic music ideas, tips and tricks here:

► Patreon:

A full download of the jam is available on my Patreon as well as an exclusive Patron benefit.

0:00 Intro
1:05 Overview
3:20 MIDI
4:45 Clock
5:00 Arpeggiator
6:50 Primary oscillator
11:10 Secondary oscillator
12:30 FM, AM, Ring, and wave modulation
14:45 Function Generators
17:10 Unison
18:00 Dynamics controllers
19:30 Response
20:40 Pluck
21:40 Analog Delay
23:00 Random tools
24:40 Touch controller
28:00 Sequencing
29:30 System utilities
29:50 Pros & cons
32:50 Outro jam "

06-The Behringer VC340 Vocoder-Part 6-The Vocoder

Published on Oct 24, 2019 AutomaticGainsay

"Here is a demonstration of the sound and functionality of the vocoder present in the Behringer VC340.

This video was funded by the Patreon supporters of Automatic Gainsay. Support the creation of this video and all of the Automatic Gainsay videos that have helped you by becoming an Automatic Gainsay supporter on Patreon!

The theme was created primarily with the Behringer Vocoder VC340. The bass was performed on a Behringer D. The drums were sequenced on a Korg Triton LE."

Behringer VC340 videos by AutomaticGainsay

Halloween LoFi Beat (Roland SP404sx)

Published on Oct 24, 2019 Little Music Boxes

Halloween is almost here. Keep an eye out on the orange Halloween label on the top left of the site and feel free to send your Halloween tunes in. Email link is the little letter icon on the bottom right of the site.

"I was in Savannah Georgia and it's definitely haunted. I made this spooky beat in a graveyard.

Vocal Sample:"

Roland Jupiter-Xm demo

Published on Oct 24, 2019 Hunart©

"Hi Everyone!

I`ve had a short chance (about 5 hours) to check out the new Jupier-Xm (in a hotel room). Everything was recorded in to Ableton Live. No EQ, compression or external FX, just a limiter on the whole material.

Feel free to ask any questions!



Befaco VCMC Voltage Controlled MIDI Controller for Eurorack

Published on Oct 24, 2019 Molten Music Technology

"Let me introduce you to the VCMC from Befaco. It takes all your Eurorack CV modulation, notes and gates and maps them into MIDI so that your DAW or your MIDI synth or soft synth can be controlled and played from your rack. With VCMC you can incorporate soft and hard synths into your Eurorack workflow - that's blooming excellent!"


Published on Oct 24, 2019 DivKidVideo

"Here we have a lovely final piece of the puzzle in terms of studio and live connectivity between voltage controlled gear (primarily Modular Synths) and MIDI gear. The Befaco VCMC is a "voltage controlled MIDI controller" that provides 8 gate inputs, 8 buttons, 8 faders, 8 CV inputs and 2 additional aux inputs that can all be configured for various 1v/oct + gate to MIDI note, gate to MIDI note, MIDI CC, velocity, pitch bend and a whole manner of MIDI data. Set up is relatively quick and easy selecting the input, choosing it's function and then it's MIDI channel. Once your voltages are converted to MIDI you have a USB B and 5 pin DIN MIDI output to connect to all your MIDI gear, modern, vintage, computer based etc. I have more videos to come with the VCMC including looking at using Bitwig and the Boss RV500 reverb pedal. Do let me know what else you'd like to see with the VCMC in the comments.


00:00 intro and previews

02:22 Getting around VCMC and basic set up

03:12 Monophonic CV gate control of a MIDI synth. Korg MS-20 (kit version).

04:19 Setting up the MS-20 1v/oct to MIDI note patch

05:08 A quick look at the new Instrument Interface from Befaco (used for processing external gear through the modular set up in this video).

05:29 Sequencing the Korg Volca Sample with modular gate sequences + using stepped random CV to modulate MIDI CC parameters AND an additional slider CC controller.

06:52 Setting up gate sequencing and voltage modulation patch.

08:18 Duophonic sequencing of a Casio CZ-1 phase distortion synth. Using two pairs of gates and 1v/oct signals.

09:17 Setting up duophonic voltage sequencing

10:40 Modular fader box to voltage control DAW software"

Automatic Drums

Published on Oct 24, 2019 Corsynth

"Fun patch :) No sequencers involved in this patch. Just an LFO and a clock divider, lots of modulation and delay."


Published on Oct 24, 2019 LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER

"So I Built This #Sega #Synthesizer the other day.

Stems/loops and samples are all available over on my patreon! thanks for the support it helps a lot with projects like this! i have been talking about this project over there since i picked up the master system this weekend! :-

more info on it to come! i will be making a web page for it this evening. including the arduino code etc."

The Secret Of Monkey Island - The Voodoo Shop on Moog Sub37

Published on Oct 23, 2019 Luca Di Gennaro

"Split screen cover of 'The Voodoo Shop' by Michael Land from The Secret Of Monkey Island (© 1990 LucasArts) just with a Moog Sub 37 and Logic Pro X drums.

Keyboard: Moog Sub 37
Midi drums: Slow Jam, Latin+ (Logic Pro X)"

Patch n Tweak

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