MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, February 6, 2020

Thursday, February 06, 2020

The Price Of Nothing & The Value Of Everything by Circuit3

New release from supporting member, Circuit3.

Available for on vinyl, CD, and download on BandCamp here.

"The album sounds great! Glad current artists are keeping the faith with quality songwriting" - Martyn Ware (The Human League, Heaven17)

"if the idea of a dystopian Howard Jones album fashioned from the roots of Synth Britannia appeals, then ‘The Price Of Nothing & The Value Of Everything’ is for you . . . this album is melodic vintage synth ear candy with a dose of gloom. 'I'm keeping the flame alive for those sounds and hopefully developing my songwriting along the way' – well, as far as CIRCUIT3 is concerned, he has achieved that!" - The Electricity Club

“the signature sounds, drum machine rhythms and lyrical stylings of that era are handled with exceptional care, with the fragile mystique of a track like ‘Face In The Crowd’ sounding like a newly-discovered tape of a Reset Records session left in a dusty corner of Vince Clarke’s Splendid studio space” - Mat Smith (

Making Drone/Ambient Sounds with the Novation Bass Station II

Published on Feb 6, 2020 SPACE DRIFTER


Making drone/ambient sounds using Bass Station II
Making creepy/horror sounds using analog synthesizer.
Sound design and random riffs played on a analog synth
Liquid and dreamy soundscape performed on Bass Station II
Haunted and howling sounds of Bass Station II with a bunch of SFX

Just Sounds: Modal Electronics ARGON8 Wavetable Synth

Published on Feb 6, 2020 Noisegate

Modal Electronics ARGON8 on eBay | on Reverb | on Amazon

"So what does the Modal Electronics ARGON8 Wavetable Synth sound like?
Here is our "Just Sounds" Video that reveals just some of what this new synth is capable of.."

Repair of the Soundmaster STIX ST-305 analogue drum machine

In case you missed the video before it was pulled, it's back up here.

Little Buchla And Moog One Piece

Published on Feb 6, 2020 therudyrude

"Buchla 223e is such a lovely controller. It makes me do music in a different way. The Moog One invites me to play on it all the time."

Moog Matriarch analog synth and Korg Nu Tekt NTS-1 digital synthesizer, soundscaping and jamming fun

Published on Feb 6, 2020 Expanding Sound

"Last week i had some fun playing with the NTS-1 and some of my Korg Volcas. This week I figured it'd be fun to use the effects on a bigger synth, like the Moog Matriarch.

I connected the Matriarch to the NTS-1 by using the midi connection first. The Matriarch is the Midi Controller for the NTS-1s digital oscillator. I used my little bits 1/8th inch to midi adapter and it seemed to work fine. Although there was an occasional Midi Drift. I also connected the Matriarch to the NTS-1 through the audio input, so all sound is coming from the NTS-1's headphone jack/audio output. This way the NTS-1 can process the Matriarch with its effect section. The reverbs made the Matriarch sound even bigger, and one of the surprising stand out effects was the flanger! I usually hate flanger on my guitar but really enjoyed how it sounded here on the NTS-1 with the Matriarch. The oscillators blend very nicely together, sometimes surprisingly so. It was easy to make some really nice soundscapes and ambient chords using both keyboards at once.

I'm not really playing a song here, just exploring some sounds..... I tried to cut and move on when I felt like I was dragging at some points. It's mostly a little noodling and playing with the Matriarchs sequencer and the NTS-1's arpeggiator here and there. Hope you enjoy it!" Dual ADSR 5U Module

via this auction

Dual ADSR 5U Modular
professionally built
fully working
in excellent condition

FLEX WAVE VCO Stroh Modular 5U Synth Module

via this auction

Flex Wave VCO Stroh Modular
5U size
fully working
amazing module professionally built by Paul-S-Tone
in excellent condition

Soviet Synthesizer Estradin 230

via this auction

AKAI VX-600 polyphonic synthesizer w/ Hard Case

via this auction

Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 12 Desktop Module Synthesizer

via this auction

Waldorf Microwave XTk Wavetable Synthesizer

via this auction

"Up for sale is this beautiful orange Waldorf XTk. Wavetable synthesis, expanded to 30 voices. It has got a new OLED display (blue) and a brand new set of knobs. Over all in very good condition as you can see."

Modal Electronics 008 Polyphonic Analog Monster

via this auction

"Modal 008 Analog Synthesizer in mint condition- with the latest updates. This is one incredible Analog Beast! I am only selling to support myself during my impending medical treatments for cancer. I bought it new from Perfect Circuit. Very light personal use in my private studio. Located in Boulder Co, it comes with all of the original packing materials and manual. Thank you."

Kurzweil K2600RS Rackmount Synth/Sampler Fully Loaded SN S4805B5N0321

via this auction

"Kurzweil K2600RS' are nearly impossible to find! Here is one in superb condition with all the extras.

Full 128MB RAM
Sampling Option Installed
All Expansion Boards Installed
Expanded PRAM Module Installed
New SCSI2SD SCSI Storage / 8GB SD Card Included
New Silent Fan
New Brilliant and Clear LCD. No more worries of a failing display common with Kurzweils."

Hohner Bass 3 Synthesizer

via this auction

"Vintage bass synthesizer with 3 voice modes. Recapped and power regulator replaced, all trimmers freshly calibrated."


Published on Feb 6, 2020 Ross Williams

via this auction

"Rare dementia labs analog synth Vintage analog horror and sci-fI movie sounds...great for zombie movie sound tracks"

modular shades #24 | tutorial | modular eurorack synthesizer

Published on Feb 6, 2020 Elinch


"for the pleasure of releasing my new album on seil records, there is a making of video by me for the first time.
it is the first piece on side a that consists mainly of live loops. the loops are gone when the modular system is switched off. therefore, the video only shows the method of creating the piece. in the main part, i therefore use the drum loop of the original work, which i then sampled directly.

have fun listening and watching"

recorded live with tascam dr 100. no audio processing. for the best listening experience listen to the video with headphones or good speakers."

Sleepy - Novation Monostation

Published on Feb 6, 2020 asogaut

"Sleepy today so I made this."

SV Modular - Synthetic Synths

Published on Feb 6, 2020 Omri Cohen

"If you like what I do and want to support my work, consider joining my crew on Patreon -

Here is the Synthetic collection -"


Published on Feb 6, 2020 LESINDES

"This is the last and most sophisticated URSA MAJOR reverb the STARGATE 323. Stunning space and ambient relevance. The source was a KORG VOLCA FM processed in my modular with CWEJMAN QMMF-4 (cutoff modulated by WMD PDO whose pitch was rondomly controlled by HARVESTMAN ZORLAN CANNON) and then through VERMONA TAI-4 directly fed in the reverb."

Carl's Polymoog 203a Restore (by Synthpro)

Published on Feb 6, 2020 synthpro

"Hi Guys,

This is a in depth video going over a polymoog 203a I restored for Carl.

Thanks again Carl and to all of you that watch my videos, i greatly appreciate the support!


McBennett Synth VCF Secrets Revealed

Published on Feb 6, 2020 Pete McBennett

"Here is a video describing how my VCF works. I forgot to mention the resonance control R17, but that's pretty much self-explanatory. I had it set to max for this demo to emphasize the filter operation. Here is the link to the filter schematic again:"

8Dio EverWave - Demo Walkthrough

2nd video added to this post.

The Galaxy Electric - Cosmic Tape Music - Improvised Modular Performance - Rock Hopping

Published on Feb 6, 2020 The Galaxy Electric

"Thanks for listening! Come on a musical voyage with us where we'll send you a new song every day, a cosmic story, and a chance to earn space treasure:

Today's trip involves a minimal yet sonically rich pairing; Buchla Music Easel, Vocals,Tape Delay and Cassette Tape manipulation.

Come with us as we go on a light cosmic rock hop. We loop our Buchla modular synthesizer using the Monome Grid and MLR.The vocal chain consists of two Boss RE-20s going into a Pigtronix Infinity Looper synced via MIDI clock. The Buchla Music Easel is accompanied by the Onde Magétique OM-1 Cassette Tape Synthesizer with various tape loops. We explore many of the various aspects of what the Buchla Music Easel has to offer. It is an endless fount of sound creation and manipulation.

We have NO idea what these performances are going to be. We literally turn on our gear and start sound-checking and before we know it, we have traveled to another planet!

Equipment used:
Buchla Music Easel
Roland RE-20 Space Echo Pedal
Onde Magnétique OM-1 Cassette Synthesizer
Pigtronix Infinity Looper
Monome Grid controlling MLR {re:mix Max for Live app}

The Galaxy Electric -"

Folktek Aether Synthesizer

via this auction

"Aether is a touch based work with a very sweet and rich sound. It features 10x2 oscillators and an equal polyphony, is capable of connecting with anything that accepts control voltage and also has a set of touch 'keys' that transmit CV.

Two touch panels contain 10 responsive "keys" each that represent the primary low oscillators and higher decay oscillators. When the global pitch is dropped, the low oscillators go into a synchronized LFO mode where each key represents a different time signature. The decay section is made to have a natural decay where attack and sustain are controlled by touch. Another panel integrates a more subtle set of oscillators that replicate the decay panel and are made to influence the other oscillators. Finally, the amp section alters the sound of the low oscillators and provides everything from deep, filtering swells to subtle pitch change.

These oscillators travel to a reverb/delay (switchable) that provides an enormous reverb or a nasty tape style delay. Additionally, an external signal can utilize these effects as well."

Oberheim Perf/x Oberheim Drummer w/ Original Box

via this auction

This one was spotted and sent in via M Me.

Arp Avatar - Modularized by CMS

via this auction

"Letting go of this Arp Avatar which was “modularized” by Phil Cirocco at CMS in 1995. Only 300 of the original units were produced, so I’m assuming the number of “modular” Avatars is less than that, although they they pop-up occasionally. I’m trying to scale down my studio and this synth is literally the biggest obstacle in this goal.

This is what it has:
It has many features of the Arp Odyssey: Two oscillators, and features such as oscillator sync, ring modulator, sample and hold, portamento, envelope follower and more. It is almost identical programming and interface. I read somewhere that the added patch points supposedly give the modded Avatar approximately 75% of the functionality of an Arp2600, but I really can’t say for sure.

Polyphony - Monophonic
Oscillators - 2 VCOs: Sawtooth, Square, Pulse
LFO - Sine, Square
Filter - Model 4075 4-pole, 24dB Low Pass Filter
VCA - Env 1: ADSR, Env 2: AR
Keyboard - None
Memory - None
Control - CV / Gate
Date Produced - 1977 - 78

This is what it doesn’t have:
- The top of the slider for String CV. It got broken off. The slider works but it’s tricky to move. See photos. It could be hacked with a fader cap or something. The ideal would be to replace the fader and those can be found fairly easily.
- The guitar synth functionality. The work done by CMS neutralized the Avatar’s guitar synth circuits. If this feature is important to you, this is not the Avatar you want.
- It does not have MIDI. The Avatar was produced in 1977/78 and MIDI didn’t come around until 1983, so you’ll need an MIDI to CV converter or a MIDI synth that has CV/Gate outputs. I triggered it via Doepfer MAQ 16/3 or a Roland MPU-101."

Pasco Scientific 9307/9302 w/ banana cables

via this auction

"Pasco Scientific 9307 Fourier Synthesizer and 9302 Waveform Analyzer (multi-mode filter)

Incredibly rare alone, much less as a duo. It’s all in great shape and working condition, only known issue is the band reject setting on the 9302 doesn’t appear to work. Will include banana cables in picture.

Original all-analog versions and I’ve been told these can be modded, including CV over the filter. I have used these units in conjunction with Ciat Lonbarde, Flower Electronics, and Serge modular with great results.

These items are a little heavy and being sold as a combo, so buyer will need to cover all shipping expenses. I will be sure to pack these very well."

Lamond Designs Eurorack Travel Case

via this auction

That first pic looks like it's in Switzerland.

"6u travel case for Eurorack by Lamond Design.

I got this from Ross Lamond in 2017. The case itself is one of the kits Ross did, which he assembled, finished in an attractive black stain and added an upgraded TipTop Zeus Studio power supply.

In terms of condition, the case is in excellent shape, showing only superficial signs of wear and tear, which I have attempted to display in photos...

The case features sliding nuts, reinforced metal corners, Penn & Elcom hardware the aforementioned Zeus power supply by TipTop, which cost £310 alone and enables you to connect up to 4 Analogue Solutions modules, without modification.

A very lovely case, made by a very lovely man, yours to own and cherish should you want it."

GRP A2 Analog Monosynth w/ VU Meters

via this auction

"IMHO, this is the best bits of the larger A4 with some changes to the oscillators to give them a better, less static sounding core. I always felt the A4 oscillators were a bit stiff and lifeless whereas the A2 oscillators sing and bounce more. The oscillators have a lot of Frequency Modulation (FM) sources and you can put Oscillator 2 in drone mode (disconnected from the pitch/MIDI info) and then modulate it to create some other-worldly soundscapes.

Add in the awesome State Variable Filter with overdrive/distortion, LFOs, envelopes, and Arpeggiator and you have a machine that gives you a lot of possibilities.

The main/filter envelope can loop and the second envelope can be set to Hold, which opens it up for drones or when you're doing initial tuning.

The Ring Mod and Sample and Hold sections are a nice addition and of course you can use MIDI or cv/gate to control it.

Plus, who doesn't love watching a pair of lighted VU meters dancing around to the music?

If you're looking for a beefy monosynth with some surprises, the A2 is worth checking out."

Moog One 16 Voice Synthesizer w/ Dust Cover

via this auction


via this auction

Sequential Circuits Poly Sequencer Model 1005

via this auction

"The POLY SEQUENCER (Model 1005) for the PROPHET 5 is self contained with a built in digital cassette deck and connection cable which interfaces with the PROPHET-5 via the 4-prong DIGITAL Jack on the synthesizer's back panel. This unit is remarkable for its ease of operation and outstanding features:

over 10,000 note storage
up to six separate sequences
sequence grouping
instant transposition
real time or single step recording
variable playback speed
external clock input for synchronized playback with other instruments (electric drummer, etc)

This sequencer is very easy to use To record a sequence. simply press the RECORD Switch then the desired SEQUENCE Switch The recording will automatically begin when you play your first note. When you've finished playing, hit the STOP,CONTINUE Switch (or the STOP Footswitch) to end the recording and the sequence will start playing back"

Casio HT-6000 Digital Synthesizer

via this auction

Interesting that this one had some programmability.

"It has a velocity-sensitive keyboard with 61 keys, an LCD display, a pitch bender and a modulation wheel plus 2 programming spinners and a gazillion buttons to press

Powered by mains or batteries it features 2 built-in speakers and a headphone jack socket

This synth may not be well known but it has a multitude of features for hours upon hours of fun

Moog Matriarch: Unboxing - Trial and Error

Published on Feb 6, 2020 studentsmusic

"Playing your new synth without manual studies"


Light Splitting | minimal ambient with test equipment, pedals and four track cassette

Published on Feb 6, 2020 HAINBACH

"In which I perform a composition on battery powered test equipment, pedals and a four track cassette recorder.

This track stems from many ideas - the first inspiration was my visit to Willem Twee studios and their beautiful setup of sine wave oscillators, with which its possible to create all kinds of amazing tone clusters. It gave me the idea of trying a minimal take on that technique. I did not feel like engaging the test equipment wall, I wanted something small, maybe even portable.

I started with he Brüel & Kjaer 1621 bandpass filter I got as a gift from Felix of the fabolous @Fewjar , as its small and runs on batteries. It takes a saw from the @KOMA Elektronik RH301 and filters it, creating pulses as it jumps from high-low setting. The TouelSkouarn Ar Merc'het Brao is a dual filter but I love it as an oscillator, controlled by the infra-red sensor of the RH301. One out goes into the Cooper FX Outward MK2, which creates more brassy pulses and new harmonies. I then realized that I could power this all from the Koma Elektronik Strom Mobile, which lasts for about 5-6 hours on a single 6000ma USB power bank with this setup. So I set that up instead of crawling under the desk for a free power slot.

Because the setup is small I thought of ways to get more voices, so I did what Stockhausen did - record the sounds to tape. The Fostex X28H to the top right has a cassette loop running. I recorded different pitches on three tracks and play them into the Alesis Wedge reverb to the top left.

When composing and playing it I recalled Silences by John Cage, and tried to think of leaving a broad empty canvas, with music only filling up small parts of it. I hope you enjoy it!

get this track and support what I do on"

West Coast Synthesis - Demo # 2

Published on Feb 6, 2020 Luc Debeck

"This is my second demo of my self build West Coast synthesizer which I finished in 2019. The synthesizer is multi-timbral with 3 channels and they are used via midi into Ableton Live. The effects are from the instrument itself, no external effect is used. For more information of the West Coast Synthesis you can watch my first demo: [West Coast Synthesis Demo © Luc Debeck posted here]

All the explanation of the synth can be seen in the video.
Watch the video on a descent pair of head phones or good speakers. Don't forget to subscribe on my channel. In the future there will be more interesting video's on my channel.

My new Album "Pendulum" is released and available on:"

Vesta Kozo DIG 411 80's Classic 12bit Digital Delay Self Oscillation

Published on Feb 6, 2020 SUBTOKYOSHOP

subtokyoshop on eBay | subtokyoshop on Reverb

"Vesta Kozo DIG 411 80's Classic 12bit Digital Delay Self Oscillation

The strongest self oscillation delay made by Vestax in 80's, has same delay as Vestax DDG-1.

recorded with Boss DR-220 Dr. Rhythm"

ST Modular - MIA 2x2 Channel Mixer

Published on Feb 6, 2020 Stefan Tretau


•2x2 Channel Mixer
•Volume Control for each Channel
•2 Channel Fader
•Fader Volume
•Wrong polarity protection
•Skiff friendly
•3U Eurorack module, 5 HP wide
•Power consumption: 35 mA at +12 V and 25 mA at -12 VThe module consists of two boards:
•Front PCB Panel
•Main PCB

MIA 5HP 2x2 Channel Mixer with Fader MIA is a fairly simple, but very handy 2x2 channel mixer with an optional fader output. CH1 & CH2 have two input jacks with VOLUME control potentiometers each. The signals inserted here will be mixed and supplied at the CH1 & CH2 outputs. Simultaneously the signal will be routed to the FADER. The summed signal of channel CH1 & CH2 will be available at the FADE output. Using the Fade potentiometer you may mix the two channels to taste. The overall FADE volume may be adjusted using the FADE VOL potentiometer. If there is a cable plugged into the IN A or IN B jack, the connection of the mixer channels to the FADER is interrupted. Thus you can mix 4 sound sources and fade two additional signals at the same time. Originally this mixer was designed to mix several VCO waveforms with the ability to route each of the mixed signal (from CH1 OUT & CH2 OUT) to external modules, such as effects and filters, and then again mix the externally proccessed signals (using IN A & IN B) to one single output (FADE out) via the fade circuitry. In some cases it might even serve as a stereo mixer.

Roland Juno 60, JX-3P, and Elektron Machinedrum Part I

Published on Feb 5, 2020 MIDERA

"K__G__B__ and MIDERA collaboration

Both the Juno 60 and JX-3P were sequenced using sync out from the Machinedrum. Drum parts were synthesized by the Machinedrum.

Strymon Volante was used with the Juno 60
Eventide Blackhole and Reaper delays were used with the JX-3P"

Sequenced Hougaku Conductors

Published on Feb 5, 2020 wildchurch

O2 Minipops (clock source) audio out runs through filter
O2 clock sent to multiples and dividers to sync the following:
- 2 Hougaku Conductors each with its own 16 step sequencer and patchwire matrix for key triggering
the 'Conductor Mini' also has a built in pitch shifting delay effect (Sentinel by Arnoud Philip - see here: and is running through a Zoom B1on multi FX
the other Conductor runs through a NUX Mod Core pedal
- LMNC drum sequencer with Wav Trigger
- Boss DR220-A
- LMNC step sequencer for CV control of the filter through which runs the O2 MiniPops
Boss RV-3 for reverb on mixer send/return

Video in two parts
1. clocked 'self-playing' system
2. twiddlin' & tweakin' - generating birdsong with filter resonance

The PERfourMER Jam - All sounds from Vermoan PERfourMER MKII

Published on Feb 5, 2020 While We Were Sleeping

00:00 Vermona PERfourMER MKII - Jam
04:22 Vermona PERfourMER MKII - On its own
05:05 Sampling the drums

"I was working on a new track using only the Vermona PERfourMER MKII as a sound source. This is all sounds including drums. I used my Akai MPC Live to sample the drums and record the bass and synth tracks. I just started using an AKAI LPK25 Wireless MIDI keyboard and the sense of freedom from wires overwhelmed me with joy. It was so much fun and it was Jamuary after all so I recorded this on the morning of New Years Day.
The Vermona PERfourMER MKII is a four voice analog synth with Mono, Poly and Duo mods. It has varies wave shapes including noise so I could use it to generate drums. The main melody uses the PERfourMER in Poly mod (you can hear it on its own after the jam) and the live lead is using it in duo mode, so two oscillators per note."

Too soon?

Published on Feb 5, 2020 SynthMania

With the original Access Virus.

KORG Wavestate Synthesiser: Wave Sequencing Tutorial

Published on Feb 5, 2020 Noisegate

KORG Wavestate on eBay | on Reverb | on Amazon

"In this video we explore the concept of Wave Sequencing 2.0 as introduced by Korg’s new Wavestate synthesiser, and break down various methods of building new sequences from a blank template."

Patch n Tweak

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