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Tuesday, April 07, 2020

1973 Moog MiniMoog Model D SN 4101 w/ Hard Case

via this auction, also on Reverb

"Being perhaps the most popular version of one of the most iconic monophonic analog synth series of all time is no easy feat, but the Moog MiniMoog Model D manages to pull it off. As one of the first non-modular synthesizers, the MiniMoog Model D is highly intuitive and requires very little knowledge to use. The model D boasts contouring circuits and three separate, completely original oscillators, one of which can be used as an LFO. Although the Model D was reissued, the '70s MiniMoog Model D hasn't depreciated in value, desirability, or style.

I have tested this out at home and all keys, oscillators, knobs etc are in working order, and do sound great. The serial number is 4101. I am not a certified technician however and am not comfortable opening the case up or evaluating the circuitry. This is an as-is sale as I am also uncomfortable with risking any shipping damage. Please review my previous sales and feedback; all are perfect.

Appears to be an original case, or possibly a custom that was made in the 1970's The synth fits like a glove inside of it, and could benefit from new foam on the inside. top as shown. I would be happy to set up a video conference with you to demo any parameters and answer any other questions. Cheers!"

Cwejman S1 MK2 Semi-Modular Monophonic Analog Synthesizer

via this auction, also on Reverb

Korg wavestate Tutorial/Overview Videos

Published on Apr 7, 2020 Korg

Korg wavestate Tutorial/Overview Part 1: Intro to Wave Sequencing
Korg wavestate Tutorial/Overview Part 2: Creating and Editing Wavesequences
Korg wavestate Tutorial/Overview Part 3: Multisamples, Layers, and Vector Synthesis
Korg wavestate Tutorial/Overview Part 4: Navigation
Korg wavestate Tutorial/Overview Part 5: Mod Assignments
Korg wavestate Tutorial/Overview Part 6: Performance Features

SynthMania Roland Jupiter-Xm Review

Published on Jan 15, 2020 SynthMania

Be sure to check out the dealers on the right for deals.

"Roland Jupiter-Xm review that includes comparisons with the original Roland Jupiter-8, Juno-106, JX-8P, SH-101, XV-5080

00:00 Introduction
01:19 Unboxing
02:01 On-board speakers
03:03 Some of the new patches
11:41 Jupiter-8 comparison
19:10 Juno-106 comparison
22:31 JX-8P comparison
28:53 SH-101 comparison
31:36 XV-5080 comparison
36:06 Conclusion"

Connecting Eurorack + Other Hardware - Synch & Sequencing w/ Midi + CV Livestream Tutorial

Published on Apr 7, 2020 Perfect Circuit

"Tuesday 4/7/20 tune in live at 6PM PST as we go over a few ways to use your desktop hardware gear with your eurorack modular synth. Learn how to keep them synched and in time with each other with DIN and how to use Midi and CV to send signals and sequences back and forth between all of your gear.

Midi to CV conververts available here:"

2 Eurorack Diode Filters Compared [Doepfer A-102 vs STG Sea Devils]

Published on Apr 7, 2020 poorness studios

"In this video I do a side-by-side comparison of the Doepfer A-102 LP Filter and the STG Soundlabs Sea Devils Filter. Both are diode-based low pass filters and both have various CV inputs. I've always been a big fan of diode filters, and I couldn't find many video demos... so I decided to do a video comparing these two. Both are really great filters."

Sheltering in Place 2: Sensel Morph and Modular Jam

Published on Apr 7, 2020 CatSynth TV

"We present another Sheltering in Place synth jam, this time featuring the Sensel Morph and our modular system, along with an assist from Big Merp.

The Sensel Morph maps to audio signals in Max/MSP/BEAP and connects to the modular via the Expert Sleepers ES-8. We use it to control the Sputnik Modular Dual Oscillator, Metasonix RK5 Low Pass Gate, and Rossum Electro-Music Morpheus.
Additional instruments/modules include the Arturia MicroFreak, QuBit Prism, and Strymon Magneto.

0:13 Connecting the Sensel Morph via Max/MSP/BEAP to the ES-8 and various modules
0:51 Synth jam by Big Merp on the Sensel Morph
2:11 Synth jam by Amanda on the Sensel Morph, Arturia MicroFreak and modular system"

2020 4 7 Eurorack Linnstrument

Published on Apr 7, 2020 osixoone sevenone

"Ambient improv with a minimal setup; 4 Eurorack modules an 2 pedals.
Linnstrument into FH1, controlling Doepfer miniature synth voice. Mutable Instuments Plaits trough Fonitronik SSM2044 filter. Axoloti as a looper, and add some Eventide Space.
Linnstrument pressure is controlling the VCA, and Y axis controls filter cutoff."

Live music from junklight

Published on Apr 7, 2020 junklight

"Some improvised electronic music"

Modular Synthesis with Richard Nicol and Paul Soulsby

Published on Apr 7, 2020 Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers

"Richard talks to Soulsby Synthesizers Director Paul Soulsby. Join in on the discussion as we talk about his journey into 8-bit synthesis while mostly failing at producing a live YouTube stream. Feel free to ask questions in the live chat or just hang out."

Inner Spaces

Published on Apr 7, 2020 George Benton

"Some dreamy FX's on the Modular synth."

SYNTH RELIC by itijik - Pro Club 0420

Published on Apr 7, 2020 itijik

"Full beat at: 04:12

Introducing the Synth Relic! "The evolving synth box of wonderful circuit hacks from the retro future." Right now it consists of two analog filters with some tweaked out resonance paths. The raw materials here are actually just tests from the build. I've got new circuits and hacks planned for the Relic. Its gonna get siiick.

As always, the stems/samples are available exclusively to Pro Club members. This time I rendered out the drums and useful layers as samples as well. The drums are based on the Nox drums of course, so I thought it would be dope to add new versions and some from scratch to the collection as we go!

itijik SYNTH RELIC (Samples, Nox, Mix Stems, Raw recordings) Download:

Do you want to be part of something new and exciting developing with music production, collaboration and promotion? Join the itijik production club now! You will get full access to the club library and opportunities to practice/develop/showcase your music! With a large enough group of participating members, the vibe and inspiration flowing out of the club will be amazing! Let’s make some music together.


Marble Gallery Theme (Castlevania: Symphony of the Night) | Synth Cover by GLASYS

Published on Apr 7, 2020 GLASYS

"A live cover of my favorite tune from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night - The Marble Gallery theme.

Gear used: Sequential Prophet XL, Studio Electronics Boomstar 4075, Spectrasonics Keyscape, U-he Tyrell N6, Arcadia custom controller."

E-mu Emulator II - Shining Moments (see description)

Published on Apr 17, 2017 Adrian Star Official

In '84-'86, it cost more than an average new car in the U.S.
* Intro - 0:00-0:08.
* Ferris Bueller - 0:08-0:38.
* Depeche Mode - 0:44-2:48.
* Paul McCartney/Chevy Chase - 2:49-3:00.
* Tears For Fears - 3:01-3:11.
* Pet Shop Boys - 3:12-4:35.
* New Order - 4:35-4:59.
* Mr. Mister - 5:00-5:22.
* Front 242 - 5:22-5:53.
* OMD (Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark) - 5:54-6:06.
* Laura Branigan - 6:07-6:14.
* Michael Cretu - 6:15-6:52.
* Ultravox/Midge Ure - 6:53-7:27.
* Adrian Star - 7:28-8:51.
* Alan Wilder of Depeche Mode (Demonstration) - 8:51-9:56.
* People Are People Drums - 9:56-End.

Buchla Easel and Red Panel Dueling Gates

Published on Apr 7, 2020 Todd Barton

"Exploring gates/VCAs that reinforce, cancel and dance with each other . . ."

Noise Engineering: Small system for subtractive synthesis

Published on Apr 7, 2020 Noise Engineering

"From the blog:
Here, we've created a 60 HP system for subtractive synthesis. "

Noise Engineering: Small system for complex synthesis

Published on Apr 7, 2020 Noise Engineering

"From the blog:
Here, we've created a 60 HP system based around the Loquelic Iteritas Percido."

Soniccouture: All Saints Choir Preview

Published on Apr 7, 2020 Soniccouture

"An overview of All Saints Choir by Soniccouture, a sampled choir instrument."

Eyes Closed Body Moving (Wavestate, Digitone, Peak, Xenophone, Minitaur)

Published on Apr 7, 2020 Andrea Pessino

"Music by Andrea Pessino

Instruments: Korg Wavestate, Elektron Digitone, Novation Peak, Hypersynth Xenophone, Moog Minitaur

#Wavestate #Digitone #Xenophone"

verstaerkers Isolation-Jam 01

Published on Apr 4, 2020 verstaerker

"a first Livestream-Jam experiment around the Model:Cycles"

Moog Mother-32 MadCatz Keytar Dark Lead Analog Synthesizer Rik Marston

Published on Apr 7, 2020 Rik Marston Official

Check out Rik’s sample packs: Reverb / Ahnyxian Sound Design / Rik Marston

Drone Commander II Vs. Voltage Memory

Published on Apr 7, 2020 Stefano Bertoli

"Drone Commander controlled by Voltage Memory, some reverb, delay and flanger here and there"

GrainBastard Lockdown Jam 2

Published on Apr 5, 2020 Chris Gilkes

"Another jam recorded in the lockdown.

Op-1, MD SPS-1, Borderlands iOS, Microbrute, Old MacBook running as vst fx unit - reverb etc."

Plaits Synthesis Models Series #8 - Speech and Vowel Synthesis

Published on Apr 7, 2020 Omri Cohen

"If you like what I do and want to support my work, consider joining my crew on Patreon -

Here is the patch -"

Moog Sirin Analog Messenger of Joy

via this auction

Roland Jupiter 6 Keyboard Synthesizer

via this auction, also on Reverb

"Roland Jupiter 6 synthesizer, purchased in 1985. Very good condition, only a few scratches on the top (shown in the images). Original owner, internal battery replaced in 2017. Everything works, plays great. This is a classic vintage keyboard"

TEISCO S-110F Synthesizer w/ Original Soft Case

via this auction

Some pics of the inside below.

"Accessories: Genuine case.
Maintenance finished.
The volume slider, cutoff, filter bank rated pot, ENV, have been confirmed.
Almost all sliders have contact cleaning, contact grease up, and optical grease up slide operation section.

Output sound is normal, but there are some places where noise remains."

Roland TR 707 demo

Published on Apr 7, 2020 Lionel

Mono Recording with :
Millennia TD1 - Pro Tools HDX - Roland TR 707 - Grace Design m905

Roland Jupiter-X vs. Original SH-101: Sounds from Scratch **No Talking**

Published on Apr 7, 2020 MR TUNA Music

"Which will come out on top?? It's a BATTLE TO THE DEATH 💀💀💀💀"

That's some cross contamination right there.

SQUID SALMPLE - Firmware Update 125 - New Features

Published on Apr 7, 2020 ALM TV

"Here's some of the new features just added to the Squid firmware version 125! Auto chop drum breaks, internally route EOS triggers, and easily create a self contained delay with the new record modes. Stay tuned for more Squid Salmple explorations coming soon."

Erica Synths Pico DRIVE demo

Published on Apr 7, 2020 Erica Synths

"Pico Drive is the small sibling of our Dual Drive module which is one of the main sources of the powerful sound of the Techno System. Pico Drive works great with separate sound sources and also can add some nice weight to the final mix."

KORG MS20 AMBIENT - NO THANKS - HE LOVES FUNKY - and hates quantize.

Published on Apr 7, 2020 Muhn Channel

"Inedit song, improvvisated on the fly on KORG MS20.
All 4 tracks recorded in realtime with no edit. Sorry for tempo not really perfect. ;) Raw sound."

Roland D50 New born Part 2, Patchs 17 to 32

Published on Apr 7, 2020 Pulsophonic

"Demo of 17 to 32 patchs of the new bank 'New born', only onboard effects."

Part 1 here.

SoundForce Dual ADSR // Heavily expanded JUNO 106 style envelopes with LFOs & CV over everything!

Published on Apr 7, 2020 DivKidVideo

"Here's the new Dual ADSR Eurorack module from SoundForce which at it's base state recreates the response, curves and feel of the classic Roland JUNO 106 envelopes but expands way beyond that. The envelopes can be re-triggered, they cycle with constant or gate cycling behaviour, CV over all stages of the envelopes, inverted out, end of outputs and multiple time/response switches.

00:00 Hello and video previews
01:07 What is the Dual ADSR? Feature run down.
03:07 Roland JUNO 106 envelope behaviour
03:53 A basic way to add velocity or dynamics to your envelopes
05:04 One modulated ADSR and one LFO at the same time
07:19 Envelope based stereo panning techniques
08:57 Cycling envelopes - LFO behaviour
10:57 Ratchet / cycling burst accents
11:56 Expression, dynamics and heavy modulation!
13:36 Hot noise mess! with added “modulation depth” trick.
14:52 ‘End of’ output explanation
16:18 ‘End of’ chained envelopes & FX hits
16:57 Adding groove and making wonky beats with gate delays"

"The SoundForce Dual ADSR is a feature-rich envelope generator with full CV control of each stage.
High performance digital module:

The Dual ADSR is powered by a 120Mhz ARM Cortex-M micro-controller with a built-in DAC. This modern chip allows for extremely smooth envelopes curves even at high frequencies. Thanks to digital technology, the implementation of CV control in software makes the hardware more simple thus economical, and allows for different time ranges and 2 curve responses (LIN/EXP).

"The Darkest Void" (Dark M1 - Apr 6, 2020)

Published on Apr 6, 2020 SynthMania

"I made this dark-style song with only one Korg M1 and my voice. All sounds you hear in the song come from the M1 (1988), multitracked in the DAW."

ENSONIQ MIRAGE DMS-1 (1986) Part 2

Published on Apr 6, 2020 Nacho Marty Meyer

Part 1 here.

How To Change The Display On Old Synths | Roland D-50 & D-550

Published on Apr 6, 2020 Espen Kraft

"There are plenty of new displays to buy online. A quick Google search will reveal what is out there. To be really sure that the ones you're after will work in your synth, go to Facebook groups and ask people.
Some synths/displays will require soldering, some will not. Do your research!"

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