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Wednesday, July 01, 2020

Fjorda | Novation Summit

r beny

"Live performance of a track off of my new EP The Dashboard Cast a Spectral Light, out now on 12" vinyl and digital on the illustrious Past Inside the Present label.

Novation Summit through the Marantz PMD420 3-head cassette tape recorder.

This is a track called "Fjorda", which is a sister track to a previous track/video 'Fjossa'. As 'Fjossa' is a song inspired by the waterfalls I saw in Iceland last year, 'Fjorda' is inspired by the fjords.

This is a little bit of a departure from my normal way of playing, building up layers and layers. This is a performance of the bare skeleton of the song. Just playing the patch and living in the moment. Trying to get to the emotion of the song.

The patch for this song is called "Algae" and is included as a factory patch on the Summit in the multi-patch section. You can also find my patches in the Components app.

Besides the EP, I have vinyl editions of my first 4 albums for sale on my Bandcamp. Full Blossom of the Evening, Cascade Symmetry, Saudade, and Eistla.

Thank you for listening."


Nathan D Farrell

"Going for a cinematic sci-if movie vibe with the op-z. I’ve been loving the new synths and built in reverb. No additional effects were added. Audio from op-z going straight into the camera."

Ian Fritz/Elby Designs ChaQuO Explained by Learning Modular

Learning Modular

"This movie takes a deep dive into how the ChaQuO – a quadrature oscillator driving a “double “well” second order chaos circuit – works under the hood. I deal with the design on both a building block and actual schematic level, meaning many of the concepts and explanations can also be applied to software emulations of chaotic modulators. What we learn in the circuit-level explanation is then applied to the controls on the actual module, driving just a single synth parameter – filter cutoff – to make it easy to hear as well as see the results."

Ian Fritz/Elby Designs ChaQuO 2/2: working in multiple dimensions

"Most chaos-based modules have multiple outputs, taken at different points in their internal feedback loops. All of the outputs run at the same underlying frequency and are related in a general way, but have different waveforms present. In this movie we exploring using it to drive two and then three parameters of a 2hp Vowel vocal synthesis module, making it 'speak in tongues'…"

Learn Modular Synthesis

Berlin School jam: Hydrasynth, Slim Phatty, Virus C, Pro 2, Gadget, Thor... "Centaurea montana"

Brittle stR music

"(Centaurea is the genus including cornflowers and knapweeds.) You can't quite see me tweaking the cutoff on the Slim Phatty - that's going on while I'm not playing Thor - on my wife's old iPad with the X-Key. Ambient wash by Hydrasynth and strings by Virus C. Pro 2 does the falling space whistle. Sequencing and percussion by Gadget 2 on my own - almost as old - iPad. Phatty is going through Line 6 HX Stomp with tape echo emulation."

Serge Violin Practice

Todd Barton

"Playing around with the 73-75 Serge panels just now and stumbled onto this fun patch...
More on the panels here:

My Patreon"

Demo :: ARP 2600 FS Spring Reverb on SH101 (Aphex Riff)


"Demo of the ARP 2600 FS Spring Reverb using SH101 playing Aphex Twin riff from 'Tha' (Selected Ambient Works 85-92)."

disting EX - Looper

Expert Sleepers

Sequential Circuits Six Trak


This one is currently listed on Reverb here.

Pics previously captured here.

V.A.I. 15 Korg Polyphonic Ensemble / Hohner Rhythm

Vintage Audio Institute Italia

"V.A.I. 15 : Korg Polyphonic Ensemble / Hohner Rhythm / Telefunken Echomixer
The drum machine output signal is doubled: one is filtered with the Schaller Pedal and the other goes into the Telefunken Echo Mixer.
Vintage Audio Institute is a studio and gear vendor in the hills outside of Florence."

Korg Polyphonic Ensemble / Hohner Rhythm / Telefunken Echomixer

"V.A.I. 15 : Korg Polyphonic Ensemble / Hohner Rhythm / Telefunken Echomixer
The drum machine output signal is doubled: one is filtered with the Schaller Pedal and the other goes into the Telefunken Echo Mixer."

V.A.I. 17 : Korg Polyphonic Ensemble / Hohner Rhythm / Telefunken Echomixer

"V.A.I. 17 : Korg Polyphonic Ensemble / Hohner Rhythm / Telefunken Echomixer
The drum machine output signal is doubled: one is filtered with the Schaller Pedal and the other goes into the Telefunken Echo Mixer."

Joy Division Producer Martin Hannett Red Transcendent 2000 Synth in Case w/ Extras

via this auction

"If you know about Martin Hannett Joy Division engineer and producer you will know about his legendary modified Transcendent 2000 synths. this is the type of synth which he introduced Joy Division to in 1978 and the sound of synth that was used on a lot of Joy Division recordings.
This is his legendary red Transcendent 2000 from his cache of Transcendents. Fully working and in its original Hannett flight case, this belonged to the man that produced Joy Division early New Order, U2, Stone Roses ,Magazine, Buzzcocks, John Cooper Clarke, Happy Mondays, Nico etc

you may see cheaper Transcendents but none as good as Hannett's all maintained and ready to use and a great ivestment

like all Hannett gear it will climb in value over the years

it comes with a copy of the book on his equipment with a large section about his Trancendents

will come with note of provenance"

Oberheim OB-12 12-Voice Polyphonic Synthesizer

via this auction

"Oberheim OB-12 with newly installed LED display. This synthesizer is in great working and has average surface wear. AC power cable included.

This blue beauty is supposed to recreate and emulate the classic sounds and tone of the original Oberheim analog filters. The OB-12 is a 12 voice synth with 4-part physical modeling synthesis. Loads of real-time knobs (22), sliders (24), and buttons (33) with a traditional layout give you fast hands-on access and control of most parameters. Extra hands-on goodies include a ribbon controller, pitch bend and modulation wheel."

Roland Juno-60 Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer SN 345492

via this auction

Moog Model 10 Modular Synthesizer Reissue

via this auction

"This Like-new Moog Model 10 reissue has played twice and contains all original parts, authenticity records, signed and numbers collateral, original box, patch cables, power supply, etc.

Current events have forced me to liquidate most of my studio's non-essential music equipment. Unfortunately, new mandates from LA County have pushed back the timetable during which my studio can re-open, therefore I'm selling this to pay final rent and last remaining employee's paycheck before closing shop."

Yamaha CS50

via this auction

Stylophone GEN R-8

via this auction

"The initial run is limited to just 500 units - the latest analog synthesizer by Dubreq is packed with many awesome features:

Full analog signal path
Dual VCOs with Saw, Square and PWM (oscillator 1)
Sub oscillators and Subsub oscillators for room-shaking bass
Unique British design 12dB VCF with Low pass, High pass, Band pass and wide Notch
Fast and punchy envelope
Supersensitive 3-octave TOUCH keyboard
Glide and Modulation keys for expressive performance control
8 waveform LFO with S&H and One-shot feature
19 CV/Gate patch points for advanced modular patching
Grungy analog style Delay with modulation CV
Drive knob for extra boost and fatness
16-step sequencer with 8 banks and on-the-fly switching
MIDI in/out
What are you waiting for?"

Cyclone Analogic TT-303 mk2 BLACK 2020 Black

via this auction

Metroid Title Theme - Live Performance on Synthesizers


"My take on the title theme of the classic NES Metroid game, performed live on a Sequential Prophet XL and a Moog Matriarch. I overdubbed my Therevox ET-4 in one part (you'll see it)."

Made to Create // Performance: -CALC-


"Novation’s very own -CALC- will be playing live with a combination of sequencers and plug-ins from Ableton and his hardware, with the Launchkey [MK3] at the heart of his studio setup. Expect an experimental breakbeat meets ambient lo-fi set with his favourite new tool: Launchkey [MK3]’s Chord feature."

Roland JX-8P synth demo - Lunar Transit

Synth & Sundry

"Music track composed with a Roland JX-8P 6-voice polyphonic analog synthesizer

Supermoon footage by Ola Mesmer, filmed April 2020 with Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

Additional images: Roland Corporation and Project Apollo Archive
Music by Alpicat for Synth & Sundry

The Roland JX-8P synth has been used by the following bands: Elton John, Kate Bush, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Seal, The Cure, The Human League, Gary Numan, Vangelis, Europe, a-ha, Grace Jones, Jean Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream etc.

If you'd like to support this channel with a one-off purchase, please check out our affordably priced music:"

How to Create Complex Arp Lines on Korg Minilogue XD. Tutorial, Tips and Tricks, Presets Ideas

Anton Anru

"In this video I'm sharing my experience with Korg Minilogue XD and showing interesting technics I've found during the last couple of months. I hope these tips and tricks will give you many presets ideas and inspire you for new tracks.

00:00 My experience
00:40 Fast Arp + Swing for freaky ratchets
02:18 Removing steps from arpeggio to get unique patterns
03:59 Setting Motion Modulation in a more detailed way
05:46 Modulating Switchers
07:40 Adding Accents
09:17 Trick with Arp Modes and making an arp sound like a sequence + chords
13:38 Double (layered) Arpeggio
18:19 Making a sound more clicky and punchy
20:06 Multiple impact on a single knob, Motion + Manual tweaking
22:07 Y up and Y down at the same time for interesting combinations

Korg Minilogue XD - Motion Arp (50 Arp Presets)
Korg Minilogue XD - Dense Atmosphere (50 Pad Presets)
Get the soundsets here:"

Casio CZ-1 Phase Distortion Synthesizer - Part 6 - Performance Controls


"The final (for now) part of the CZ-1 series. In this one I look at the the performance controls as well as the multi mode for multi-timbral recording."

All parts here

Todd Barton metascapes album re-release

Todd Barton

"For years, in a pervious life, all my music was composed, created, mixed and produced in the amazing software, Metasynth by genius Eric Wenger.

I’m re-releasing the digital version of my 2001 CD metascapes on July 3, 2020 on my bandcamp.

Be sure to checkout the Metasynth website here:

My Patreon:"

Kodamo Essence FM - 6 Operator Touchscreen Multitimbral FM Synth Jam

Perfect Circuit

"The Kodamo Essence FM is an interesting new FM synth with impressive amounts of polyphony and it is also multitimbral, all of the sounds in this video are coming from the Essence FM. The synth engine is six operator FM based, but instead of having fixed algorithms you can move operators around with the touch screen to rearrange them into whatever algorithm you choose. The waveforms are not just fixed to sine waves and each operator has a powerful envelope generator with an intuitive visual representation.

Since the Kodamo has 300 voices of polyphony you can load 16 instrument patches at once and they can all respond to different midi channels. Each of the 16 patches can be multitimbral and they can be pitched instruments or drum tracks where each key plays a different drum sound. There is also a built in mixer with send effects and there are four pairs of stereo outs, you could really use the Kodamo to produce all of your sounds. It does have a built in sequencer as well, but here we used an Arturia Keystep Pro to sequence the drums and multiple voices on the Kodamo.

Essence FM available here:"

The Noise Floor of the Universe


"I love to make noise, and I am also keen to learn about the many ways in which noise makes me.

The observations in this video are not really anything new. If they strike any chord with you, here is some recommended further reading:

Pauline Oliveros, “Some Sound Observations” - perhaps the piece that kick-started my interest in the removal of boundaries between music and sound, sound and silence, listening and playing.

John Cage, Silence - among much other material this includes the famous story of a visit to an anechoic chamber where Cage was unable to hear “silence” because he could always hear the sounds of his own body.

Joe Allen, “Academic Archive Vol XII: The Soul of Hank Shocklee” - Shocklee discusses the unfound sounds and rhythms that emerge, consciously and otherwise, when multiple recordings are sampled and mixed together.

Eliane Radigue with Julia Eckhardt, Intermediary Spaces - Radigue discusses how underlying tones are a necessary bed for the harmonic explorations in her music to be heard, or even to exist.

Daphne Oram, An Individual Note - Oram spends the better part of her book using electronic music concepts as a sometimes clunky but always interesting extended metaphor for the human body.

George Lewis, "Improvising Tomorrow's Bodies: The Politics of Transduction" - Lewis argues for improvisation as key to "the foreshortening of distance between art and life.""

$200 Eurorack Case for Beginners! But is it any good?


"Today we are testing a really interesting eurorack case for beginners! Sponsored by DistroKid. The service I use to get my music to Spotify/iTunes. Use my link to get a 7% discount."

Cre8audio NiftyCase

The Legend of Zelda - Main theme - Played on a Boss Bass Synthesizer SYB-3


"Here's a very minimalist track."

4ms Ensemble Oscillator (ENOSC) - Learn Mode

4ms Company

"The Ensemble Oscillator allows users to create their own custom scales. Here we have a CV keyboard inputting notes, and a QPLFO used for modulating waveforms and Root control. Make sure to listen in stereo when possible. Sound is straight from the Ensemble Oscillator with no processing or effects.

Learn Mode Patch Notes:
Keyboard CV output - Pitch CV jack
Keyboard Gate output - Learn Trigger jack"

disting EX - Multi-Switch

Expert Sleepers

AUREX DIVA CTRL for the Novation Launch Control XL

via Kickstarter


I like hardware synths. I love turning knobs, pushing buttons, and flicking faders when creating sounds. However, I also love all the software synths that are available now, especially because of very convincing analog sounding softsynths such as U-He Diva.

I've always felt the connection between software plugins and hardware controllers was missing something. When controlling hardware synthesizers, you get a great user interface, with clear labelling and tactile control over every parameter. MIDI controllers however, often present you with an uninspiring interface with mismatching colours, incorrect text or inaccurate labels. More importantly, they often can't handle more advanced functions like modulation assignment, interactive LED feedback or multi-button control over one single function. I also forget which knob I midi mapped to which function and so on ... I didn't connect with them like I do with hardware - until now.

This is exactly why I developed the aurex DIVA CTRL bundle. This bundle makes the Novation LaunchControl XL function as the ultimate MIDI controller for for U-He's Diva software synthesizer. I built a custom MIDI template (using advanced programming with BOME) that translates every Launch Control XL's MIDI message into all kinds of relevant MIDI data for Diva, offering much more possibilities than the original Launch Control XL's functions. In addition, I designed a hardware cover that fits on top of the Launch Control XL and has all these new features printed. This bundle comes with everything included (midi software, presets and a hard cover) to get you started right away.

Dub Techno Jam with Roland System 500, TR-8, TB-03 and SH-01a


"Improvised live Dub Techno jam, all done in a single take with no post production.

Gear in used:
Roland System 500
Roland TR-8
Roland SH-01a
Roland TB-03
Boss RE-20 Space Echo pedal

Master clock is the TR-8, whilst the TB-03 and SH-01a sequence the System 500 via CV and gate."

Dukt (2020) by Nob Otake

Nob Otake

New release from supporting member, Nob Otake featuring his 73-75 Serge Modular + shortwave radio.

Hyperkube @ Synthstream-Downstream June 27th, 2020


"Download the audio and video at:

The friendly people at Synthstream asked me to be part of their first ambient-downtempo synth streaming event. The piece starts of slow and spacey and develops into a more Berlin-School oriented sequencer part.

Instead of using the Cirklon I used the Polyend SEQ for most of the sequencing duties this time, the different sequencer lanes just look nicer on video ;-).

gearlist: SEQ, Cirklon, Minilogue, System 8, Rev2, TI2 Polar, Blofeld, Monark, TAL U-NO-LX, M-Tron Pro, Valhalla DSP, Big Sky, El Capistan"

Project MARS vs Apparatus Tube VCF

Eternal Engine EMI

"MARS Wavetable oscillators engine output to NOS DAC TDA1543 and directly to tube filter input. It use vactrols to control presets.

MARS is a synthesizer engine with 4 wavetable oscillators (FM, offset, and phase restart) that are controlled independently, much like it was implemented in Korg Mono/Poly. Also available a modulation matrix all to all, two multi-function LFOs, and two HoldADSR envelopes."

MARS appears to be new. See Eternal Engine EMI label below for additional posts featuring them.

Side note: Anyone remember the CME controllers? I haven't seen on in ages.

Arp Odyssey Module Revision 1 SN 100956

via this auction

Roland A-01 Boutique Studio Control module with 8-bit synth

via this auction

Future Retro Revolution Bass Synthesizer

via this auction

Roland MC-202 MicroComposer analog synthesizer/sequencer

via this auction

Roland TB-303 + TR-606

via this auction

Ciat-Lonbarde Din Datin Dudero Srine

via this auction

You can find a demo of one here.

"Din Datin Dudero Srine (i.e. the one with triangle wave oscillators) from Peter Blasser of Ciat-Lonbarde fame- an instrument so weird, it makes Plumbutter seem like Korg Minipops. If you want an instrument that will surprise you, the DDD is your huckleberry. Of course, it is a standalone instrument, but using the DDD to modulate a Sidrax was pretty tight. I can attempt to answer any questions you may have about this beast, but the word here is 'esoteric.'

Condition-wise, it's functionally perfect; I've tested all of the jacks and they all do something. Cosmetically, there are some imperfections in the finish, but it came direct from Peter like that. That's par for the course of Blasser's craftsmanship in my experience."

Roland Jupiter-X, Xm, Pros & Cons, Cons, Cons

Digiphex Electronics

"Warning: I didn't like it."

He focuses mainly on the hardware interface and not the sound. The loud keyboard play was odd... Any Jupiter-X owners want to chime in?

For what it's worth, I owned a Jupiter-8, JX10, two Juno-106's, JX-3P, and an Alpha Juno. I picked up a Jupiter-Xm for the portability and I am happy with it. That sound is there and the interface is not difficult to work with once you understand it. It sounds the same as the originals to me, just turn down the effects. The aging and warm up emulation is a nice addition. BTW, the vintage Roland synths the X and Xm emulate were pretty spot on with tuning. Roland's tend to have a very in-tune and clean sound compared to many other poly analogs of the time. The Jupiter-8 has a certain glow and fullness about it that the Xm captures. Other synths like OB-Xa and Prophet-5 have a different character about them, kind of like an IPA compared to a lager or pilsner. An interesting addition to the X and Xm BTW, are the Moog and SCI filters. It would be awesome if they added additional models - Oberheim (4 and 2 pole on the OB-XA and SEM state variable), Yamaha CS, Korg MS20, and of course the classic TB-303 diode ladder filter. Alesis added a slew of filter types with the ION and Micron.

Pittsburgh Modular Documentary Films Presents the Lifeforms SV-1b Episode 2

Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers

"Teaser track showcasing a Pittsburgh Modular eurorack format Lifeforms SV1-b modular synthesizer."

1000 OSCILLATOR MEGA DRONE PART 3, Testing 500 Oscillators on this massive #analog #synthesizer


"Exactly half way to the finished 1000 oscillator mega drone! ;D.

more updates! and get your name on one of the mega drone knobs! and also support these videos check out the link :-"

Robot Lullaby - OP-1 Synthpop Jam

Gabe Miller Music

"A chill synthpop meets synthwave meets rock jam on the Teenage Engineering OP-1, plus Shreddage II and my electronic drum kit triggering Druminator."

Korg Minilogue XD: 4 GREAT functions review and demo

Starsky Carr

"The Minilogue XD is so much more powerful than it first appears. In this I demo the sequencer, user wave, user FX and CV connections to show how it can be expanded to produce tones impossible out of the box."

The Sound of the Nord Wave 2 feat. J3PO - #3 FM/Wavetable


"Julian 'J3PO' Pollack demonstrates some brilliant patches based on FM and Wavetable synthesis in this new episode. All patches will be available in the upcoming J3PO Sound Bank for Nord Wave 2!

This brand new series shows the unique range of sounds and capabilities of the Nord Wave 2. With a total of 5 episodes, LA-based keyboardist Julian "J3PO" Pollack demonstrates the different sound categories as well as complex layers and rhythmic patches."

DSI Prophet Rev 2 & Boss HM2 Heavy Metal


Dreadbox Erebus v3


"First play with the Erebus"

Midsummer Nights Dub Reggae Jam [Volca Sample]

Flak Cannon

"A stereo enhancement effect was added to the sound afterwards, otherwise everything is recorded straight from the Volca to a Minidisc recorder."

Roland V-Synth Demo - D Beams for LIFE! - [NO TALKING]

Marshal Arnold

"Ah, the OG V-Synth! This was one of the first synthesizers I purchased, I remember checking this out in the music shop several times, saving my pennies! The Roland V-Synth has some really uh, unique controls like the infamous D Beams and the Time Trip Pad. I crack jokes about D Beams all the time, but I will say that are a lot of fun! Here's some factory presets to check out! I really did get lost in this synth again :)

Follow me on SoundCloud:

If you want to find out more about me, please visit my website at:"

Roland CR-80 Preset Sounds with Roland RE-150 Space Echo


"Roland CR-80 Preset Sounds Variations
with Roland RE-150 Space Echo"


Patch n Tweak
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