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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

DELTA CEP A Workshop Reihe (1) Pilotfilm - Übersicht

Jörg Schaaf

"Trade fairs are cancelled. Workshops are postponed. In times of the pandemic, product videos are a serious alternative. I had a video series on the DELTA CEP A in mind for a long time. The first part provides an overview, while the following parts deal intensively with the individual sections of the synthesizer. My personal highlight in this pilot episode is the use of the stereo tape delay of the FX section as a looping device for a spontaneous 5 minute improvisation. This version of the video is in German. An English version will surely follow if I receive demands for it. Anyway - the audio demos will not change at all in an english language version.

Messen fallen aus. Auf Workshops wird verzichtet. In Zeiten der Pandemie sind Produkt-Videos eine ernstzunehmende Alternative. Eine Video-Reihe zum DELTA CEP A schwebte mir schon lang vor. Der erste Teil dient einer Übersicht, während sich die folgenden Teile intensiv mit den einzelnen Sektionen des Synthesizers auseinandersetzen. Mein persönliches Highlight ist die Nutzung des Stereo-Tape-Delays der FX-Sektion als Looping Device für eine spontane 5 minütige Improvisation. Diese Version des Videos ist in deutscher Sprache gehalten. Eine englische Version wird sicherlich folgen, wenn dieses Format Zuspruch findet."

Arp Fields - ARP 2500 live in concert

Pablo Garreton

"Arp Fields, for ARP 2500 synthesizer.

The composition was performed live with an 8.1 surround system at the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz, Cologne with the support of the Studio for Electronic Music.

All the sounds are generated live with the ARP 2500, the Doepfer modular is used as a mixer and for some LFOs. There is also an Expert Sleepers audio interface to send CV triggers to sync the spatialisation and some LFOs. All the pitches are manually adjusted with the controls of the ARP synthesizer. This modular system has a total of 12 oscillators. The synthesizer has not ever been restored, hence some parts where not working 100%.

All the sounds were spatialized with algorithms and LFOs in live with a custom Max/msp for the 8.1 surround system, controlled with a midi controller.

Composition, programing and live performance, Pablo Garretón
Sound recording, Simon Spillner
Video recording, Lucia Kilger and Helena Cánovas

Pablo Garretón 2018

more videos from the work in progress can be found here:
Instagram: @pablogarreton"

Impro no. 572 - Arp 2500, EMS Synthi & Doepfer A100

"I found this video from when I was preparing and exploring for my concert with the Arp 2500 at the Studio for electronic music of the HfMT In Cologne. I’m am using ableton and M4L for synchro, custom LFOs and some mixing. After a while I decided I should do a piece only with the Arp 2500 sounds, as you can can see in my feed, I have a video of a live concert with this. Improvising in the studio is relatively easy compared to play in a live concert with this incredible machine, that has never been properly restored. The sound and the energy is still there anyway.

part I 0:00
part II 4:35"

The Synths of Sci-Fi

The Synths of Sci-Fi: Episode 01: “R2D2”, ARP 2600 Synthesizer & Ben Burtt

Koboto Music

"In this episode, we discuss; the origins of sound design for film, some of the career highlights of Ben Burtt, The ARP 2600 and how it was used to create the 'Voice' of R2D2. I also use the modular synths that I have in the studio to re-create the sounds of R2D2. Thanks for watching!"

Synths of Sci-Fi Episode 02: Arp 2500 Synthesizer, Jerry Goldsmith, Logan’s Run & Close Encounters

"In this episode of The Synths of Sci-Fi, We look at the life of Jerry Goldsmith, the history of the Arp 2500 Modular Synthesizer and how it was used to create the epic sounds in Logan’s Run and Close Encounters of the Third Kind."

And a clip from the film:

Logans Run - Run Runner!!


I remember it freaking me out as a kid. Genuine horror. Hope you can handle it. :)

Robert Mason's Stardrive (1974)


via this auction

"Robert Mason's Stardrive rip through a set of cosmic instrumentals. Mason used 2 Arp 2500s combined to produce early polyphonic sounds. It's a little known classic that is unlike anything else."


1. Stardrive - Funkascensions. Classic funky fusion with 2 ARP 2500 synths.
2. Stardrive - Ballad (I)
3. Stardrive - Jupiter Jump 1974.
4. Stardrive - Pulsar 1974.
6. Stardrive - Air Sauce 1974. Funk / Jazz / Rock - from space !
7. Stardrive - Ballad (III)

DIY eurorack touch controller build

Reckless Experimentation Audio LLC

"Ever wanted to build a eurorack touch sensitive controller? Well so have I, so lets build one today."

Ratcheteer - Semi-Automatic MIDI Pattern Generator


"The RATCHETEER generates MIDI note patterns easily, working in sync with Ableton Live's transport with options for numerous time divisions and the ability to be performed using external MIDI controllers.

Assign a MIDI Note to ratchet and choose from 5 types of time division to hear the note re-triggered from a steady pace to rapid fire mayhem. Select an output velocity with fixed, random between a range or LFO controls.

Turn the knob or play your keyboard to play the ratcheteer at different speeds. It'll output expressive MIDI notes which can be recorded as clips and stored in your track.

The Ratcheteer is ideal for Trap Hi Hat petterns, but can be used on any drum or synth hit. It can also be used on multiple channels for entire rhythm track making.

Time divisions include triplets, whole notes, dotted notes, all combined and free (unclocked).

Use the MIDI Map function to change the ratchet using MIDI controller movements, from knobs, faders, mod wheels or pitchbend. You can also automate numerous elements to store within your track.

Send ratcheted MIDI notes to VSTs, Drum Racks or external MIDI Hardware using Ableton's extensive MIDI routings. Say goodbye to meticulous MIDI finessing and start performing hi-octane hi-hat patterns!

Please Note: Ableton Live 10 Suite is required to run this device."

Vintage Stylophone w/ Original Box

via this auction

"This vintage stylophone is in great working order. It comes with original box, song book and organ with stylus. A retro 1968 item made in Hong Kong."

You can see Hong Kong on the back of the unit. The manual has R. & M. MERCHANDISERS CO. 5901 NORTH CICERO AVENUE, CHICAGO, ILLINOIS 60646 printed on it. Here it is on Google maps.

Yamaha CS01 SN 2643 w/ Gig Bag

via this auction

Yamaha A4000 Professional Sampler

via this auction

"Yamaha A4000 Synthesizer Sampler Multi-Effects Unit . All functions work well. Includes 128 MB of ram and a Seagate 10.2 GB internal hard drive. Also includes the owners manual in decent condition.

Unit has a great effects engine. Cosmetically, the unit is about a 7.5 out of 10. The face looks very good, but the case has some scratches on the top and sides which are visible if you don't rack mount it."

Akai AX 73 1980s Synthesizer w/ Road Case & Parameter Sheet

via this auction

"There is minimal cosmetic wear around the synth. All functions perform flawlessly and the display is still bright and in good condition. All preset sounds are working. This is a great example of a clean AX 73 in fully functional condition."

Oberheim Matrix 6R

via this auction

Sequential Synth Tips #12 with Peter Dyer: Prophet-6 Noise LFO


"Welcome to 'Sequential Synth Tips,' where some of our favorite artists share their tips, tricks, and techniques on Sequential synths. In this episode, we feature keyboardist, producer, and sound designer Peter Dyer using the hidden noise LFO on the Prophet-6.

Follow Peter Dyer here:'


Ramón Amezcua



Korg Mono/Poly w/Tubbutec Midi - Pro Serviced w/Restoration SN 376398

via this auction

"This one is in excellent cosmetic condition and working 100%. It is ready to be played and needs nothing! As the title says, this one has the Tubbutec Midi-ModyPoly upgrade."

How to create a Synthwave Track in 2:00 mins with JUPITER-Xm


"Here's an ultra quick tutorial on how to use Jupiter Xm step sequencer to create a Drum track and a Bass line.
Instant fun and huge sounds from this tiny little monster synth!!!"

Akai Announces MPC Beats Software


"Introducing MPC Beats, the new DAW from Akai Pro. MPC Beats includes everything you need to start making great sounding beats from drum samples, loops, MPC Plugins and more. Visit to learn more and download MPC Beats today."

MPC Beats | Introduction & Overview

And the press release:


An expansive 2GB content library, 3 built-in MPC plugins, and MIDI hardware controller compatibility make MPC Beats the choice for the entry-level beat maker
Ft Lauderdale, FL USA (July 21, 2020) – Akai Professional, a leading manufacturer of music equipment for performers and producers, today announced the latest addition to their DAW software lineup, MPC Beats. Built on the legacy of the legendary MPC hardware and innovative MPC2 desktop software, MPC Beats is available to anyone as a free download from the Akai Professional website and empowers new beat makers with all the tools to create excellent sounding beats.

Intuitive MPC Workflow
Aspiring beat-makers ready to delve into the world of music production will find MPC Beats an ultra-intuitive, inspiring entry-point for producing professional sounding music. Underpinned by the renowned MPC workflow, MPC Beats offers an easily accessible 4 x 4 drum sample grid, a piano roll, sample library browser and sample edit window. Users can seamlessly switch between these workspaces to discover, create, and edit their beats to perfection. For immediate accessibility, MPC Beats includes smart layouts from the included beat templates–the ideal starting point for new users looking to master the MPC workflow.

Samples & Sounds for Success
MPC Beats comes with a 2GB content library with selections from the most popular MPC Expansion Pack sound libraries. The carefully curated selection gives beat makers the freshest in-demand sounds for modern beat-making. From drum kits with punchy kicks and crispy claps, to 3 plugin instruments (Bassline, Tubesynth & Electric) from MPC, everything needed to create great sounding beats is here. Adding the final pro polish to tracks couldn’t be simpler with over 80 FX plugins from the AIR Effects collection–a premium selection of mixdown and mastering tools–giving beat makers everything they need to finish tracks and get them ready to share on any streaming platform.

Controller Connection
Get even more out of MPC Beats with integrated hardware control. MIDI keyboards like the venerable Akai Pro MPK mini, 4x4 and 8x8 pads, or even standalone MPC hardware all work seamlessly with MPC Beats so beat makers can connect their

devices and elevate their workflow to greater heights with immersive tactile control of the software. For complete setup simplicity, MPC Beats comes auto-mapped to some of the world’s most popular controllers from numerous brands. So whether it’s an Akai Pro MPK mini, Alesis V-Mini or M-Audio Keystation, there are no setup headaches and roadblocks to your creativity.

More Power Packed Tools
MPC Beats features 2 stereo audio tracks to sample your vocals, instruments, sound design elements and more. MPC Beats also supports AU/VST plugin instruments and audio effects, allowing beat makers to continue to expand their instrument collections. For complete integration with existing systems, MPC Beats opens as a plugin in all mainstream DAWs to merge the best of all DAW worlds. With MPC Beats, the power and performance the modern beat maker demands is there for any workflow imaginable.

MPC Beats Highlights
• Free software based on the legendary MPC workflow
• 2 Audio, 8 Midi/Instrument Tracks
• 16 Pads, Sample Editing, VST/AU support
• Ready to create right away - sample/sound content, effects, and virtual
instruments built-in
• Can be mapped to any MIDI controller, including MPC and MPK mini
• Easy, unified software, plugins, and virtual instruments installer
• Special Affordable MPC Beats version of Expansions (starting at $9.99)

Of MPC Beats, senior product manager Dan Gill said “We’re always looking to better understand and identify the evolving profile of music makers. With MPC Beats, we’ve created a powerful platform for a rapidly growing demographic, equipping them with every tool to eliminate barriers between their ideas and their creations. We’ve paired the best of the MPC history with comprehensive and intuitive workflows to give the next generation the best possible start to their music journey.”

MPC Beats will be available as a free download on July 21, 2020 from ###
About Akai Professional The world’s most influential manufacturer of music production gear, Akai Professional develops creative technologies to empower music makers with tools that are unmatched in expressive capability. Akai Professional is best known for creating the legendary MPC, an instrument that has inspired generations of producers and performers and spawned entirely new genres of music. Akai Professional is a part of the inMusic family of premiere music brands.

Isotonik Studios JJBURRED - Factorsynth 2

Demo - Factorsynth 2 Isotonik Studios

"Factorsynth is a one-of-its-kind device that uses machine learning to deconstruct any sound into elements. After 2 years of the initial release comes Factorsynth 2, the first major update. Following many user suggestions and requests, version 2 is an even more versatile yet easier to use device, with a simplified workflow and numerous new features. It is now possible to individually pan the components, allowing to do things such as upmixing a mono clip to stereo. Another powerful new feature is the quantized shifting of the components, which allows changing the rhythmic structure of riffs and drum loops. A second, alternative decomposition algorithm is available, as well as a more detailed control of the playback region."

Available here.

Hide messages in your music with ENCODER

Giorgio Sancristoforo

"Hide messages in your music (48KHz Aif or mp3) with ENCODER, and decode them with (free!) DECODER.
Available this week at"

Noise Engineering BIA Blog Sessions


1. Blog: MI+BIA rhythms
From the blog:
Here, we're using Manis Iteritas and running it into BIA's Trig input to create some wild new sounds.
2. Blog: LIP+BIA drone
From the blog:
Here, we're using the Loquelic Iteritas Percido in freerunning mode to create a chaotic drone with the BIA.
3. AT+BIA Drone
From the blog:
Here, we're running Ataraxic Translatron through Integra Funkitus and using it to trigger Basimilus Iteritas Alter and create a glitchy drone.
4. Blog: BIA self patch
From the blog:
Here, we've multed the output from a BIA back into its own trigger input to create a self-patched drone.

And previously: Noise Engineering Blog: BIA and Plonk jam

1979 Dual Mode feedback

Todd Barton

"This is the fourth in a series of demos and tutorials on the new Buchla format 1979 Digital Stereo Delay from
Today I look at the Dual Mono Mode with Feedback. More to come.
Big thanks to all my patrons that help make these videos possible at"

Todd Barton 1979 posts

Patch and Tell: Buchla 291 Fun - Modular Synthesizer Demonstration - 258 - Frequency Modulation

The Galaxy Electric

"Thanks for tuning in! Come on a musical voyage with us where we'll send you a new song every day, a cosmic story, and a chance to earn space treasure:

This is a basic demonstration of the 291 vintage buchla filter clone by Roman Filippov. I am using it in conjunction with the 258 dual oscillator clone by Dunnington Audio, UK as well as a Buchla USA 281h/292h combo. The filters are being used in parallel. The Q setting is at top of its range. I have them calibrated for a modest max Q setting. I have a randomly generated pattern emitting from the 218e using a latched arpeggio.

The 291 Dual Voltage Controlled Filter is made up of two bandpass filters with adjustable Q, Center Frequency, and Bandwidth. The Center Frequency and Bandwidth are also voltage controllable.

Dunnington Audio -
The Galaxy Electric -"

Tech Talk: Detroit Swindle share their workflow (Electronic Beats TV)

"Telekom Electronic Beats TV visited Detroit Swindle in their studio in Amsterdam for the latest episode of Tech Talk. From touring the world as a DJ duo, to performing one of the most creative live experiences on the scene, they are arguably one of the most recognisable house music outfits of modern times and very much masters of their own game. Lifting the lid on where the magic happens, Lars and Maartin show us how it all comes together."

Akai MFC42 filter above the Moog Voyager RME.

ARP QUADRA Analog Synthesizer (1978) Beautiful Day - 70s electronic music

"(c)2007-20 by RetroSound
supported by UVI:

ARP QUADRA - analog synthesizer from the year 1978

I used in the track all four synth sections (analog strings and phase shifter, poly-synth, bass-synth, lead-synth);
All played live by hand, no midi

The Quadra is a four-section synthesizer consisting of a bass-synth (monophonic), poly-synth (full polyphonic), lead-synth (duophonic), and Solina like analog strings (full polyphonic)

The synth has included a awesome 12 stage phase shifter, dual portamento controls and fantastic arpeggiator.

used by: Genesis, Pink Floyd, New Order, Joe Zawinul, John Carpenter...

RetroSound synthesizer demo videos since january 2007.
All is for free. If you like my work, so can you support me with a donation or a purchase of my music albums. Thank you!"

Interference Overview and Tutorial

Omri Cohen

You can find additional resources available from Omri Cohen at

Vintage ARP Omni 1 Keyboard Synthesizer Overhauled with LED Sliders SN 2483 1698

Synth Chaser

via this auction

"This synthesizer has just been fully serviced by Synthchaser, the United States' top ARP specialist - recapped, new key bushings, new LED sliders, new reliable pushbutton switches, clean, fully functional, calibrated, in tune and sounding great. This keyboard is the sound of Joy Division and is all over The Cars' "Moving In Stereo", and many other late 70's/early 80's albums. It produces the lush Solina/String Ensemble sounds plus has a polyphonic synthesizer section with a voltage controlled filter, LFO, and ADSR, and a dedicated bass synthesizer section.

Has a some scratches on the case, which is common to these synths, see photos. However, the keyboard sounds great and has been completely overhauled inside with hundreds of dollars of new parts and many of hours of labor, including:

Synthchaser Precision LED slider upgrade. All 15 of the old original sliders have been replaced with new, smooth, high precision LED illuminated sliders. The difference in the way these sliders feel and perform compared to the originals is a huge improvement. The LED colors match the color scheme of the panel graphics.

Illuminated slider caps - Slider caps with a translucent plastic stripe that allows the LED illumination to shine through, while giving you something substantial to grip onto. I just started using these caps, and they look and feel awesome!

Synthchaser replacement pushbutton switches - All 10 of the original pushbutton switches (which are notorious for having the mechanical latches break) have been replaced with retrofits. The original switch caps are still installed so they look the same from the outside.

Power supply rebuilt - All tantalum and electrolytic capacitors in the power supply have been replaced, and high quality, high temperature 105 deg C capacitors have been used for the power supply filter capacitors.
All tantalum capacitors replaced - The tantalum capacitors in ARP synths are ticking time bombs. All of the over 100 tantalum capacitors in this synth have been replaced with electrolytics to help provide stable operation for years to come.

Synthchaser 4075 Filter Enhancement Kit Installed - The ARP Omni uses the same 4075 filter submodule found in the Odyssey, Quadra, Avatar, and Pro DGX. This has been recapped, and enhanced to provide superior frequency response.
Keyboard rebuild - New key bushings installed, buss bar & key contacts cleaned, key contacts adjusted, and keys ultrasonically cleaned

Oscilloscope calibration - Fully calibrated to factory spec using oscilloscope and frequency counter."

RC CIRCUIT BENT 'The Chantizer' Tibetan Drone Mantra Machine Buddha Glitch Synth


via this auction

"A tibetan chant sound generator capable of demonic speech, haunting sacred chants, deviant drone sequencers and full on industrial noise.

power on/off switch
'on' led indicator
output envelope lamp - provides a visual of the mutating output signal
chant rate control - from tranquil chants to demonic possession
chant length control - sets the end point of the loop
chant start control - sets the starting point of the loop
1/4" jack output
powered by 9v DC input, negative centre polarity, 100-800mA.
(not included)

Case Dimensions: 10x10x4cm (excluding height of controls)

Custom circuit and design by ResonanceCircuits"

Shruthi Analogue/Digital hybrid synth & SMR4 MkII filter

via this auction

"Near new condition Black Gloss Shruthi SMR4 MkII. Fully loaded with 512 patches. This thing is a real beast."

White Model Oberheim Matrix 1000

via this auction

Yamaha TF1 Synth Module for TX816

via this auction

Some pics of the inside / circuit board.

Baldwin Discoverer DS-50 Electronic Organ w/ Original Box SN 2801094

via this auction

"Baldwin Discoverer DS-50 electronic organ. This comes with the original box, owner's manual/playing guide, and power cord. The unit is in excellent condition and was stored in the original box for many years. It is fully functional, plays and sounds great."

Korg Sigma KP-30 Monophonic Analog Synthesizer SN 0359

via this auction, also on Reverb

Alien Devices Modded Roland TR-707 Analog Drum Rhythm Machine SN 562762

via this auction

"Circuit-bent TR-707 by Alien Devices. The toggle switches along the sides of top of the drum machine create different kinds of circuit bent noises when switched on. If the switches are not turned on, it will operate like a normal TR-707. Do not turn all the switches on at once or the drum machine will turn-off and you will need to turn some switches off to reboot. Although it has some scratches and does not look new, it is fairly clean and is in good operating condition."

Twisted Electrons uAcid8 Chiptune Bessline Synth/sequencer

via this auction

Roland Phrase Lab MC-09 Synthesizer - TB303 Emulator

via this auction

Forging Squares (Sonicware Elz_1)

J. Dylan Proctor

"Fabricating some square parts out of TPU rubber on a Snapmaker 3d printer while making electronic music with a Korg Volca Kick and a Sonicware Elz_1 8 bit fm synthesizer. #korg #electronicmusic #fmsynthesis #sonicware #elz1 #8bit #8bitmusic #korgvolcakick #edm #music #synth #synthesismusic #synthesizer"

Polyend Tracker v1.1.0 Firmware Update


"Dear Tracker users,

The v1.1.0 firmware is now officially published. Among many improvements and bugfixes it brings the long-anticipated high-quality stereo reverb working together with the delay. It also enables anti-aliasing for all the play modes which radically improves the sound.

Find the update with the detailed changelog at



The video was made by Alex Retsis"

IMPLEXUS - "HOW IT'S MADE" - Woodworking

Majella Audio

"On a rainy day, at a local barn in the middle of a meadow near Amsterdam.. We made the wooden side panels for the prototypes. We tried a couple of wood finishings!

Note: all music and sounds made by the IMPLEXUS, created by Erwin Tuijl (Pocket Knife Army)."

See the Majella label below for more.

The Haunted Odyssey (Part II)


"Live improvisation starting me and 2 clones!
All sounds created on the spot. Use headphones or good speakers to unleash the full potential of this piece.


Left trigg:
Harmonica (going through a Vermona DSR-3)

Upper trigg:
Dave Smith Sequential OB-6
Strymon Timeline

Lower trigg:
Korg Arp Odyssey
Moog Moogerfooger Cluster Flux MF-108M
Vermona DSR-3

I really love the sound of the Vermona reverb on the Odyssey. At first I was planning to upload just the lower trigg-video, but I guess the clones added something nice to the overall spectrum. Don't expect any lyrical melodies in this one though, it's more about sound... but everybody loves sound."

SH101 Raw tone :: Singularity Riff


"Demo of the raw tone of the Roland SH101 including:

0:00 Saw
00:17 Square
00:35 Pulse
00:53 Sub Oscillator
1:11 Pulse Width Modulation
1:29 Saw + Sub
1:46 Saw Pluck
2:04 Sub Pluck
2:22 Saw Pluck +2 octaves
2:40 Sub Pluck +2 octaves
2:57 Brass
3:15 Brass + Sub
3:33 Resonant Filter Sweep

Reverb by Lexicon 224XL (Small Plate Variation 5).

Riff from 'Singularity' by Jon Hopkins."


Muhn Channel


distribuita in Italia da SoundWaves."


Patch n Tweak
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