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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

BLEASS Flanger - New Effect for iOS!

Electronisounds Audio

"I show some examples of what the new BLEASS Flanger effect for iOS sounds like and what you can do with it. This Flanger is unique in that it features *two* LFO's that can add a lot of movement to your sounds!"


Prophet 600 Synthesizer - GliGli mod *Custom Patches* - rez pads, brass, clavs - Sequential Circuits

Tom Loncaric

"More sound examples featuring the incredibly versatile Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 six-voice polyphonic synthesizer. Lots of vintage inspired patches! This video focuses on resonant pads, brass and clav tones, with a little extra spice added. My Prophet 600 was made in about 1983, and features the GliGli mod, which is a significant upgrade.

All sounds in the video were programmed by me and performed live, in the spirit of the big keyboard tones of the 1970’s and 1980’s.

Demeter RV-1 Real Spring Reverb
Moog Minifooger Delay"

Additional posts featuring Tom Loncaric

Oberheim Matrix 6R Analog Synthesizer With Original Box, OS 2.15

via this auction

BURG - Nanoscale ( taken from the new EIGHT STEPS E.P )


"If you like my music you can find it here and also please consider supporting me at patreon for as little as 1 USD

As a BURG patreon You will get access to behind the scenes materials, exclusive live streams, tiers with stems, loop packs and other perks including access to the exclusive BURG discord.

Track and release info:

Nanoscale, taken from the new 5 track BURG EP Eight Steps,

Eight Steps EP is a celebration to all that is square, has eight steps and rhymes with the number 303. Recorded during the span from March 2018 - June 2019. No synths were harmed during the recordings.

Gear used:

- Avalon bassline
- Elektron Digitakt
- Keeley Caverns / Reverb, Delay

#AvalonBassline #Digitakt #KeeleyCaverns"

Sequential Synth Tips # 17 with Peter Dyer: Pro 3 Aux Envelope To LFO


"Welcome to 'Sequential Synth Tips,' where some of our favorite artists share their tips, tricks, and techniques on Sequential synths. In this episode, we feature keyboardist, producer, and sound designer Peter Dyer using an envelope to change the amount of LFO pitch and frequency modulation on the Pro 3:

Follow Peter Dyer here:"

Sequential Synth Tips

Shuttle Control with M4L


"Less is more. Simple 2 voice Shuttle System patch sequenced by M4L 'less concepts' by dan derks ( generative sequencing plugin via Shuttle Control. Shuttle control is setup to respond to 2 sequences on midi channel 1, outputting cv and triggers for voice 1 and voice 2.

The patch could be extended to respond to velocity and additional modulation sources, which we will explore in the future shuttle control videos!"

Noise Engineering Blog: Ambient with BIA+MI+DV | CIP+DV

From the blog:
Here, we're using BIA and MI, sequenced by Mimetic Sequent and Mimetic Digitalis, to create an ambient patch with the help of Desmodus Versio.
.-- .... .- - - .... . ..-. ..- -.-. -.- .. ... .. - . .-. .. - .- ...

Blog: Ambient with CIP+DV

From the blog:
Here, we're using CIP and Pura Ruina, modulated by Pons Asinorum, to create an ambient patch with the help of Desmodus Versio.
.-- .... .- - - .... . ..-. ..- -.-. -.- .. ... .. - . .-. .. - .- ...

Hydrasynth, Slim Phatty, DSI Pro2, Virus C, Thor, Gadget: "Small Moon"

Brittle stR music

"Morphing different timbres on various performance controls: the macros on the Hydrasynth for the acid-style bass; then the trackpad on the formant filter in Thor; and finally the cutoff and waveform encoders on the Slim Phatty. All sequenced from Gadget 2."

Building a Tangerine Dream Inspired Patch and Performing It

Omri Cohen

"Here is the patch -
There's a walkthrough video of the performance available on my Patreon page -

00:00 - Ambient Pad
08:42 - Sequence
17:47 - HiHat
22:52 - Noise Sweep
26:01 - Performance"

DOD 512 multi effects with RAM loop parameter adjustments

"Sometimes when you forcibly loop the RAM on an effects unit, the parameter knobs remain active to a certain extent. This is what happens when you adjust the delay time parameter on a DOD512, with the delay RAM contents looping continuously."

Machinedrum : Real Time Granular Synthesis with Chorus BIT Crushing Technologies

Robotopsy Robotopsy

"Simple audio transformation with my old friend : The MACHINEDRUM.
Please share your hatred.

Audio sample from

André Simard : Untitled Clip

Bergman also know as ''The ROCK'' who prefer to stay quiet with his cover of Ed Sheeran : Shape of you."

Synth reindeer.

New Sound Processing App Coming From the Maker of SynthScaper

Some new sound processing app from Igor Vasiliev on Vimeo.

This is a preview of the work of the first part of this app, which finds new fragments in the spectrum of the input signal, linking their appearance to the internal rhythm as much as possible. The parameters in the left corner are adjusted via self-balancing feedback. More details:

via Motion Soundscape

"I started working on a new audio processing application that will be a completely different type of sound effects. It is not even quite the sound effect as it is usually understood. It is something between a sound effect and a musical instrument or sound generator.

This application will also process the source signal, but unlike the usual audio effects, it does this based not on static parameter values, but on the basis of determining the internal structure of the input signal over time.

In classic sound effects, even if they dynamically react to changes in the amplitude or even the spectrum (which is much less common) of the signal, all processing is determined by a set of static parameters. It doesn't matter that these parameters can be changed by the LFO, since the LFO parameters are still static in relation to the structure of the input signal. In that effects, you know (mostly) how to change the input signal depending on the change in these parameters.

In my new app, signal processing will be determined by the time-varying structure of the signal itself.

This app analyzes the spectrum of the input signal and, based on statistical processing of data vectors and self-balanced feedbacks, reveals new fragments appearing in the input signal. Next, the fragments of the input signal will be reassembled in a different order by the genetic algorithms that will create the best (from their point of view) composition based on the contents of these fragments and some specified rules of creation the composition.

The result should be quite unusual. But this is not a mainstream effect. This is an app for pure creativity and experimentation. You influence the result not by the settings (although they will also be), but by the character and rhythm of the input signal.

Imagine that you can provide to the input both finished compositions and tracks, as well as mixes of sounds of various musical instruments (modular synths will be just great), sounds of nature and noises, and on the output will be a composition built from fragments of these sounds according to the new dynamic rules."

New Arturia MicroFreak Vocoder Update & White Edition

1. Arturia Performance | MicroFreak Vocoder Edition
2. Tutorials | MicroFreak - Episode 6: Vocoder Mode
3. Arturia MicroFreak Vocoder First Test. (feat additional Reverb) - Sound Provider
4 Arturia Microfreak Vocoder Update (setting things up, exploring the sounds, vocoding drum machines!) - Oscillator Sink
5. Arturia MicroFreak Vocoder Review - loopop

TIMELINE for loopop video:
0:00 Intro
0:15 Hidden input
0:45 Limited edition
1:25 MicroFreak overview
2:10 Vocoder basics
3:50 Setting gain
4:30 Osc controls
6:10 Hiss controls
7:35 Vocoder presets
9:05 Pronounce well
9:20 Headphones
9:35 Tune with samples
10:30 Intervals
10:40 Repeat lyrics
10:50 Mix OG vocal
11:05 Use beats
11:45 Complex envelopes
12:50 Earphone gain
13:35 Pitch bend and mod
13:45 Glide
14:10 Compression
14:30 Bold beatboxing...
14:55 Reverb and delay
15:15 Pros and cons

And the press release with some pics:

"Arturia Unleash MicroFreak Vocoder Edition

Sing alongside glistening digital textures. Add paraphonic harmonies to external sound sources. Scatter spoken word across sprawling modulated sequences. This is the uniquely unpredictable MicroFreak formula but not as you know it.

Limited edition, limitless madness
A new look, a new configuration, a new sound. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this exclusive limited-run Freak tick...

Gooseneck microphone
Easily adjustable and removable, the mic connects to the headphone socket, designed to fit snug against MicroFreak’s rear connectivity panel.

Limited-edition finish
MicroFreak Vocoder Edition has been given a makeover, featuring a sleek, eye-catching white design with a unique Swan graphic.

New 16-band Vocoder engine
Accurately detect, filter and replicate the complex harmonics of the human voice. Sawtooth, pulse width and noise waveforms, with 16 new presets to boot.

Connect external sound sources
Process an external sound source like a drum machine/synth via the headphone socket for glitchy vocoder sound processing.

The MicroFreak Vocoder Edition is available to purchase at any authorised Arturia dealer while stock last.

Street price $349/329€

Akai Introduces the New EWI Solo - Electronic Wind Instrument

Introducing EWI Solo AkaiProVideo

"EWI Solo is the new Electronic Wind Instrument from Akai Pro. Featuring 200 sounds, a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and a built-in speaker, your playing never sounded better."

The official press release:


A built-in speaker, an on-board rechargeable battery, multiple playing modes and premium sound content make EWI Solo the most portable EWI to date

Ft Lauderdale, FL USA (August 25, 2020) — Akai Professional, a leading manufacturer of music equipment for performers and producers, today announced the latest addition to their Electronic Wind Instrument family, EWI Solo. This next-generation wind instrument is primed for any setting, fusing all the expressive musical capabilities and control found in traditional acoustic wind instruments with the versatility of an electronic instrument and a go-anywhere specification.

Standalone Performance
Woodwind and Brass instrumentalists will appreciate EWI Solo’s completely untethered performance capability. New to the EWI Series is EWI Solo’s built-in speaker, calibrated for the most natural sound reproduction experience to recreate every subtle nuance of the instrumentalist's performance. When fused with an internal, rechargeable long-life lithium- ion battery for 12+ hours of uninterrupted play time, EWI Solo is perfect for practice and impromptu performances alike.

Hundreds of Sounds Included
Akai Professional’s EWI series has a reputation for sounds that inspire creativity and guarantee multi-genre application right out-the-box. EWI Solo is no exception, primed for any performance with 200 premium onboard tones that react immediately to even the most subtle of inflections. From luscious, evolving synth pads to an authentic, sultry jazz clarinet, every genre is covered with an expertly curated catalogue of exclusive tones. EWI Solo’s ultra-responsive mouthpiece, with an air-pressure level sensor and bite sensor, precisely controls volume and pitch dynamics for uncompromising response. Combine this with dedicated FX controls to add Reverb, Delay and Chorus, plus editing facilities for Pitch, Tuning and Dual LFOs, and EWI Solo provides everything musicians need to shape thier signature sound.

Connect for More Control
Whether it’s practice, live performance or studio recording, EWI Solo’s arsenal of connectivity options provide complete hookup flexibility. Delve into a world of software instruments with EWI Solo’s USB-MIDI connectivity. Connect directly to PA systems with the 1/4-inch output. Practice privately, at any hour, with the 1/8-inch headphone output. Users can even connect a playback device to the EWI via the 1/8” aux input to play along with a backing track. Whatever your needs, EWI Solo delivers.
Building Upon a Legend

EWI mainstays from Akai Professional’s flagship EWI5000 are also thoughtfully included for optimal performance capability. Octave rollers instantly shift the note key’s range, effortlessly changing the playable register. Users can add portamento using the conveniently located glide plate. Get exactly the expression needed with an adjustable pitch bend plate. Musicians can even save any program edits and recall them on the fly with the handy favorites feature.

Familiar Technique
For Woodwind and Brass instrumentalists, no additional fingering technique is needed. EWI Solo adapts to all main fingering styles at the twist of a dial, offering flute, oboe, saxophone and EVI (Electronic Valve Instrument) fingering modes.

EWI Solo Highlights
• Authentic wind-instrument performance and response for the digital era
• 200 onboard premium acoustic and synth sounds
• 12+ hours of play time using the rechargeable lithium-ion battery (charging adapter
• Built-in speaker calibrated for the most natural sound reproduction experience
• OLED display to easily view presets and parameters
• USB port for USB-MIDI connection and battery charging
• 1/4" audio output, 1/8" headphone output
• 1/8" auxiliary input

“EWI Solo represents the true evolution of our EWI line, fusing the response players demand with complete versatility for any performance or practice setting,” says Dan Gill, Senior Product Manager for Akai Professional. “For the seasoned instrumentalist, EWI Solo lets you expand your sonic pallet without compromising the technique you have honed over years of practice. For beginners seeking the perfect blend of versatility and convenience, EWI Solo is the ultimate starting point. No matter your skill level, the EWI Solo is the world’s most versatile, go-anywhere wind instrument.”

EWI Solo is available immediately and ships with a US Retail price of $499 For more information visit

Silent Strike - Trapped

Silent Strike

Introducing Friktion Modeled Strings

Reason Studios

"Friktion Modeled Strings is a physical modeling string instrument from Reason Studios that pairs realistic strings with the sound design potential of a synthesizer. Adjust the bow pressure, the sustain articulation and player’s technique – even the size and shape of the instrument itself. Whether it’s an authentic violin or an imaginary space harp, Friktion is highly expressive and simply a joy to play."

Friktion Modeled Strings: Getting Started in the Reason Rack

"Few things can compare to the sound of a real instrument. The vibration of a string, the pressure of a finger and even the wood used for the body all makes it come alive. We built Friktion to capture the all those nuances and put them in your rack, under your fingertips. It adds that special something to any piece of music, but you don't need years of practice to play it.

With its synthesizer workflow, Friktion can sound like the string instruments you love or entirely new ones yet to be invented. All the important aspects of sculpting a realistic string sound are within reach, but the controls go beyond what's possible in the real world. With a few clicks you change the instrument shape and size, or make the strings buzzy and metallic—creating a new instrument that still sounds decidedly real and is expressive to play.

Controlling Friktion is remarkably easy. An octave of control keys changes how the instrument is played in real time. Bowing, plucking, vibrato, tremolo, gliding up and down the strings and even harmonic overtones are just a key press away. Add in the mod wheel for articulation and you'll have an expressive string performance all your own.

- Advanced physical modeling string synthesizer
- Way beyond samples—full control over every aspect of the sound and performance
- Control keys for realistic expression using just a MIDI keyboard
- Comprehensive articulation including bowing, pluck, tremolo, legato, vibrato and much more
- Tweak your sound to perfection, or go beyond what a real instrument could
- Comes with 140+ patches, from classic instruments to brand new sounds

Please note: Friktion Modeled Strings requires Reason 10.1 or later and is not included in Reason 11 Suite."

Can You Hear The Difference? Yamaha TX816/802

Espen Kraft

"As a teaser for my upcoming monster FM duel video between the Yamaha TX816 and TX802.
I made a little 40 sec cover of the Ducktales "Moon theme" and used the exact same patches on both modules. Just a bit of fun - not to be taken too seriously.
Can you hear which is which? Please give your guess in the comments section.
If you want a 24bit Wav-file of the two please find that here:

Answer will come in the main video shortly."

Studiologic Sledge 2.0 - Poly & Arp Sounds Demo


"We just got this black beautiful boy in our office
Playing with built in presets & searching ideas for our own soundset in neariest future.


Studiologic Sledge 2.0 - Atmospheric & Ambient Sounds

E-MU EMAX SE Sampling Synthesizer (1986) *DEMOntage*

(c)2007-20 by RetroSound
supported by UVI:

all synthesizer sounds and drums: E-MU #Emax SE #Sampling #Synthesizer (1986)
recording: multi-track without MIDI, played by hand
fx: reverb and delay

RetroSound synthesizer demo videos since january 2007.
All is for free. If you like my work, so can you support me with a donation or a purchase of my music albums. Thank you!"

Radel Electric Tambura Drone Machine SN 9579

via this auction

"'The electric tambura is one of the drone machines we use in writing to establish a foundation for a song. Turn on, tune in, drone out.' - Alex Maas, The Black Angels

Works great but is missing battery cover (as shown in images). Comes with a 1st pressing of Directions to See a Ghost vinyl! Own a piece of psychedelic history!"

Curious if this was actually his or just an "as used by" listing. It's listed as: "Radel Electric Tambura Drone Machine w/ 1st Edition DTSAG LP Owned by Alex Maas of The Black Angels"

YAMAHA CS15 Monophonic Analog Synthesizer w/ Hard Case SN 2628

via this auction

Custom tour ready Blue meanie Roland Juno-106 Vintage Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

"Custom blue meanie Roland Juno-106 Vintage Analog Synthesizer with synth spa "tour-ready" swappable voice chips, and custom wooden panels.

One of a kinda Roland Juno 106 "Blue Meanie" All blue L.E.D. lights, 6 custom tour-ready socketed removable voice chips from synth spa, Custom wooden side panels (Yes, I also have original black plastic panels still) Recently gone fully gone over by my guru repair guy and comes with original Roland plastic molded protective case, but one of the hinges has broken. Also I have been a professional sound programmer for years and I have loaded in her the coolest most unique custom sounds the juno can produce! I also have more custom sounds and a handful of third party sounds as sysex patchs for her so this is the most complete, custom, best conditioned Juno 106 you'll find! Grab her before she's gone!"

Moog MiniMoog Voyager Select - RARE MAPLE - PURPLE PANEL - 3.5 OS

via this auction

"Here's a rare one.. Minimoog Voyager Select with Maple wood enclosure and a VERY sexy Purple Lit Panel! It has the last and best 3.5 Operating System and all banks are loaded. So many amazing sounds, basses, leads, the coolest, wildest efx and textures! This is a true sound programmers dream. The tone is huge, raw analog goodness : )
It ALL works perfectly, no operational issues, and as you can see from pics it looks amazing as well!
Its close to 15 years old so its not NEW. But i think you'd be hard pressed to find one in better condition, i take GREAT care of all my synths."

Acidlab Bassline 303

via this auction

Future Retro Revolution

via this auction

"This is the most faithful analog replication of the classic Roland TB-303 on the market. Plus, it utilizes top-quality modern circuitry as well as a ton of sequencing and remixing features. All slammed into an intuitive, clock-like layout. (You can learn more about the clock-like layout on Future Retro's website.)

As is typical of other Future Retro synths, the Revolution has an onboard analog overdrive that you can really crank to make this into one of the most aggressive acid and techno synths on the market.

Lastly, instead of normal metal sides, my Revolution has these fancy wooden sides that are a nice, classy aesthetic touch."

machinedrum + critter + guitari EYESY [epilepsy warning]

studio snippets

A Go Go - Roland TB-303 TR-808

Ramón Amezcua

Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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