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Monday, November 23, 2020

Pepe Mogt live at O21

Pepe Mogt

live set

Cameras: Don Trini y Braulio Lam

Reading of the stones - Matriarch, Virus, Spectralis, Machinedrum


Moog Matriarch
Radikal Technologies Spectralis 2
Elektron Machinedrum
Access Virus TI
Eventide Blackhole

And a playlist of Moog Matriarch demos by MIDERA:


George Benton

"Just jammin with the beats. Mad scientist is in the house!" 5U/MU modlar system.

Arturia & Axel Hartman Respond to Behringer's New SWING

You can find their responses in this post. Scroll down to the image on the left when you get there.

Osmose sound design work in progress #4

Expressive E

"This video is giving a sneak peek at the current state of 7 sounds that our in-house sound designers are programming using the EaganMatrix by Haken Audio, Osmose's internal synth engine.

These sounds range from different categories such as subtractive synth sounds, FM keys, physical modeling pluck and pads, all taking advantage of the new keybed interactions offered by Expressive E's AKA (Augmented Keyboard Action©)."

You can find additional videos in the series here.

This one is in via SynthAddict

Aquifex - Modular and OP-Z jam 11-23-20


"Quick experiment with a tempo locked rhythm and a wild snare and off tempo arp. As the beat comes around they sync up, get a little wild, and sync up again. Fun to try but YMMV. :-)

Used some new modules including a Plaits clone, Gyrinx VCF (Synton Syrinx filter bank), Grids, and some classics like Morphagene and Clouds with various modulation bits. That WMD Geiger Counter is a noisy bugger, but fun."

Note that is a custom MATRIXSYNTH hat by SynthAddict. It looks good! :)

Kurzweil K2000 K2VX 61-Key Digital Workstation Synthesizer w/ SMP-K Sampling Card & SCSI

via this auction

Waldorf Pulse analog mono synth

via this auction

Moog The Source Vintage Analog Monophonic Synthesizer SN 2043

via this auction

"Incredible bass and leads reminiscent of the Model D, but more polished and precise. Condition is used, notice the light marks on the body, end cheeks, and slight lift of the membrane material under the data wheel. I recently had its tuning recalibrated. Membrane, data wheel, and all functions work perfectly. Power cord included."

Sequential Circuits Prophet T8 SN 000341

via this auction

"The Sequential Circuits Prophet T8 was released in 1983 when analog synthesizers were largely outnumbered by digital FM machines. The T8 is a monstrous sounding 8 Voice polyphonic synth with analog circuity under digital control allowing the user patch storage and a 670 note on board sequencer. The T8 also featured 76 weighted keys with velocity and aftertouch that could be routed to various destinations which was very uncommon at this time. This synth is very similar to its predecessor the legendary Prophet 5 in its sound and is often thought of as Sequential Circuits' pinnacle synthesizer.

Prophet T8 is an 8-voice analog synthesizer with digital microprocessor control. This model hasn’t lost its relevance even now, as it has all the necessary features:

Full MIDI support
Dynamic keyboard with aftertouch
The ability of keyboard split and layer
Sequencer for 670 notes
128 patches to save settings"

Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

"Meticulously restored here at RetroLinear. Fully recapped, new op-amp chips, sample-hold chips, all electro-mechanicals key contacts, controls, switches, pots are thoroughly cleaned, lubricated. All internal pcb board linkages internally have been cleaned or replaced where necessary. Fully calibrated and tested. We believe this unit was produced sometime between late 1982 to Early 1983."

Oneven - Polyend Tracker FM Sample Pack


"An FM Sample Pack from Oneven, 75 .wav files prepared especially for the Polyend Tracker! Available @ This sample pack is included in the Polyend Tracker units which came to their users with the v1.2.0 firmware and SD content onboard. Anyone of you who got their units earlier, please update your samples folder with this great addition!"

J3PO Prophet 5 Patches - Official Sounds Demo


"The J3PO Prophet 5 Patches — for the Sequential Prophet 5/Prophet 10 synthesizer.

You can buy these (80) presets for your Prophet 5 (rev 4) or Prophet 10 (rev 4) from These presets work EXCLUSIVELY with the Prophet 5 (rev 4) and Prophet 10 (rev 4) hardware synthesizers, both keyboard and desktop versions, from Sequential. These presets DO NOT work with any plugin or virtual instrument.

There are 80 patches in this pack and they will load to groups 4 and 5 on your Prophet 5/10 synthesizer. On sale right now for $45.

Inspired by the sounds of yesterday and today, this set of patches features tones inspired by the original Prophet 5 synthesizer and music from the early 80s as well as the contemporary sounds of today. It is important to note that the Prophet 5/10 does not contain any internal FX and the demo is recorded such WITHOUT any external processing. It is recommended to experiment with high quality effects such as chorus, delay, and reverb to further enhance the sound and playing experience of the patches. To hear a 'fully realized' version of many of these patches, please check out my Prophet 5 Reissue video here:" [posted here]

Still Life - Eurorack, VCV Rack, Sensel Morph, Keystep Pro

Omri Cohen

"The WAV file for this performance is available on my Patreon page -
Together with a walkthrough video and the VCV patch file -"

Peter Zinovieff on SYNTRX

Erica Synths

"Peter Zinovieff shares his memories about developing EMS Synthi and checks out the SYNTRX.
We are grateful to great minds that changed the course of music history and inspired entire generations of musicians and instrument developers."

Electro Traveller - Autumn


"Latest Song made with the Polyend Tracker.
Recorded in the Onsernone Valley in the south of Switzerland."

FX AID dynamic processing effects

Happy Nerding

"Shapers category is updated with the dynamic processing effects: Limiter, Limiter 3-band, Compressor RMS, Compressor Peak, Compressor Sidechain, Noise Gate, Expander, Clipper.

Compressor RMS, Compressor Peak, Clipper, Limiter, Limiter 3-band have inbuilt autogain, plus noise gate to cut the noise floor at high gains."

Using MPE in @Audio Damage, Inc. Quanta & Continua with the Sensel Morph [Tutorial]


Using MPE in @Audio Damage, Inc. Continua with the Sensel Morph [Tutorial]

See the Sensel Aalto video here.

Expressive E Osmose feat UVI IRCAM Solo Instruments 2


"We're thrilled to present Osmose - the super innovative expressive synthesizer from our friends at @Expressive E , featuring our avant-garde IRCAM Solo Instruments 2.

In this demo, Julien Tortora plays - in his own words - "the first association of a polyphonic instrument as sensible as Osmose with a sound range as deep and unique as IRCAM Solo Instruments 2 which changes completely the rules of orchestral playing techniques."

Pianist and composer: Julien Tortora (

IRCAM Solo Instruments 2:

About UVI
UVI is a developer of software instruments, effects and soundware. We leverage leading-edge synthesis, DSP research and design to provide unique and expressive tools for musicians and audio professionals.

Our goal is to help you achieve the highest-quality sound possible with innovative and reliable solutions. You can hear our work around the world at live shows, on hit-records, in blockbuster films and AAA games.

We're a small but spirited team with a global footprint, music and sound lovers eager to share our passion. We're honored to be a part of your creative journey and thankful to you for sharing ours.

©2020 UVI. All rights reserved."

Modal Argon8 - Poly-chaining

Alphacode Synth Demos & Patches

"A quick demonstration of the great Poly-chaining feature in the Argon8 and available also in the recently released Cobalt8 Synthesizers. Enjoy !"

Befaco & Rebel Technology Introduce the Lich Eurorack Module

The module was presented in the above Modular Day#7 Live stream with Robin Vincent and Mylar Melodies. The video should at 2:47:58 when it is introduced.

via Befaco

"We are proud to bring the amazing news that the first eurorack module coming out of our collaboration with Rebel technology is almost here! This thursday 26th November it will be available in stores!! [see the dealers on the right for availability]

The price will be 170€ +Tax (~205€ in Spain) the Kit and 300€ + Tax (~360€ in Spain) the Assembled module.

Lich is a programmable multi-function eurorack module based in Rebel Technology OWL platform. This is a Befaco Rebel collaboration that brings back Owl's platform with this new hardware iteration.

Rebel´s hardware platform is open source and fully programable from a web browser. Having Pure data, Faust, C++ or Max Gen compilers to program your DSP in your favourite language.

If programming is not your thing, there are more than 200 patches and an enthusiast community behind it, so you can load and test them all!

OWL platform has an STM32F4 processor with 8 MB of RAM and a 24 bits codec, providing enough power to run complex patches!

Lich has four pot controls, like the classic Owl module, adding CV and Gate outs, patch selection and display and USB MIDI host and device connections.

Stereo Audio IN and OUT 48k 24 bits.
4 CV controls (Pot + Attenuated CV in)
2 CV outputs.
2 Gate inputs + buttons
1 Gate Output.
Patch selection and visualization via display.
MIDI USB host and Device.

Lich comes with four patches pre loaded: Reverb, Tap tempo Delay, Harmonic Oscillator and MIDI to CV interface."

Roland Boutique Series TR-08 Analog Modeling Drum Machine

via this auction

Moog Moog 3P IIIP Modular + Complement B Sequencer + 953 Keyboard Duophonic Keyboard Bundle

via this auction

MOOG 3P / IIIP Legacy Modular System & Moog Modular Compliment B Sequencer & Moog 953 Duophonic Keyboard

"Moog Synthesizer IIIp production is highly limited. Only 40 units will be produced and sold worldwide."

Estradin Solaris - 314 Soviet Analog Poly Synth Demo SN 72601

Kee Reel

Nice sound at 3:00 in.

via this auction

"Soviet analog polyphonic synthesizer (pad-string-organ) Solaris made at Estradin fabric in 1987. Fully working condition(check the video), serviced. Comes with the original case, pedal and power cord."

NEXT! Spacebass 3.3 TB-303 Based Rackmount Synth

via this auction

"This is a rack mount TB-303 clone made by NEXT! In the 90’s. The Spacebass 3.3 has a 100% analog engine and signal path. The only thing digital is the MIDI interface. I tried loads of 303 clones and found that this one sonically sounded the most like an original. Run it through an MXR Distortion+ and you can’t tell the difference. Instant acid house. No sequencer on this guy but depending on how you play it via midi you can create cool glides like using the original’s sequencer. It also has a CV input on the back to control the VCF cutoff. Cool for integrating with you other modular gear."

Made under license by MAM.

Haible Living VCOs

via this auction

"OG Jurgen Haible Living VCOs in FRAC format and Wiard blue. Engraved face plate. Two additional holes were drilled in the face to mount in a 300 frame."

Yamaha SS-30 Strings Synth SN 2454

via this auction

Yamaha CS-50 Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

"Yamaha CS-50 analog synthesizer. This was fully serviced by Three Wave Music in northern NJ within the past 3 years and is fully functional and in good physical condition. All keys sound well and functionality is perfect. The synthesizer comes with its protective cover."

Roland JP-8000 Synthesizer

via this auction

Elektron Machinedrum SPS 1 w/ Original Box & Decksaver Cover

via this auction

Dave Smith Instruments Tempest SN 04376

via this auction

4 Jams ft. the 4ms Spherical Wavetable Navigator into the Hologram Microcosm

Red Means Recording

Fun to watch the Noodlebox Serendipity Sequencer by Sixty Four Pixesl on the bottom left. Check out Red Means Recording's intro video for it here.

"It had been a while since I messed with the medium rack, and I was itching to push the 4ms Spherical Wavetable Navigator into some uncharted territory. I recorded a bunch of custom wavetables into it from Plaits and the TS-L and then set up the Noodlebox to bridge the clock gap between the rack and the Microcosm. Here are 4 jams showing off some different facets of this setup.

00:00 - Jam 1 (breakbeat)
10:18 - Jam 2 (chemical beats)
18:28 - Jam 3 (tech-house)
28:28 - Jam 4 (spooky downtempo)"

Ambient iPad Jam Feat. Roli Lightpad Block + Bouncing Ball

Perplex On

"I was totally unaware of custom scripts for the Roli Lightpad Block, which can actually transform it to a standalone hardware sequencer. I was so inspired by this that i got myself a used one to try some of them. Great fun! Here the Lightpad is loaded with a script by @Guy Dupont which allows for drawing rectangles on its surface and a simulated bouncing ball triggers a note on every collision. Midi can be transmitted via USB midi or bluetooth. I've routed the midi output to a Mozaic patch which randomly distributes these midi events to 3 instances of Aparillo synth with a bunch of fx like K7D delay, Blackhole Reverb, Bleass Compressor, Velvet Machine, Eventide QVox and FAC Bandit. Enjoy!"

Behringer Monopoly - Developed with Siemens’ “Digital Twin” technology


"Hello everyone, as we’re moving towards fully automated factory assembly with the help of Siemens’ 'Digital Twin' technology, we like to share with you how the MonoPoly was designed and manufactured.

All our products are now developed in 3D virtual reality, which helps us to dramatically improve quality. reduce time to market and lower cost - all to your benefit.

We at Music Tribe reinvest all our proceeds to relentlessly improve and deliver amazing products at fair prices."

Word on the street is the Behringer Monopoly will be priced at $699.

Norand Mono - Promotional video


"A short promo clip featuring a wide palette of sound, all coming from Mono of course !"

Moog One presets by therudyrude & graal7

Moog One presets by therudyrude RUDE4 Preview Available in december 2020

"Moog One presets RUDE4 preview available in december 2020 on"

Moog one -128 new presets (2020)

12-The Arturia PolyBrute-LFO 3


"Here is a demonstration of the sound and functionality of the third LFO found in the Arturia PolyBrute.

The theme for this demonstration was recorded by multitracking the Arturia PolyBrute in order to provide the various parts necessary. The drums were assembled out of loops from Apple’s GarageBand."

AutomaticGainsay Arturia PolyBrute posts

Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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