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Monday, November 30, 2020

ESK - Yamaha FVX-1 Sound Layer Demo


"Demo of 8 sound layers i made for the Yamaha FVX-1 FM-Synthesizer.

This rare FM-Synth is 4 times multitimbral with 8 voices and an independent effect per part.
It uses 8 OP FM. All sounds are form the Yamaha FVX-1.
Direct recording without externel effects or mastering."

metunar Yamaha FVX-1 demos

Calling Jeff Mills (Space Techno Tribute)


"5U modular rig + Korg Electribe."

Erica Synths Syntrx - 25 minutes of madness


"The Erica Synths Syntrx is an homage to the EMS Synthi - a beautiful experimental vintage analog synthesizer. The Syntrx does a great job of capturing the vibe. Recorded directly from the synth with no post-processing."

As always see the dealers on the right for availability.

"100%" Series



1. 100% DX7
A track by Rob Parker featuring the Yamaha DX7 as the sole sound source. Processed with an old Lexicon MX300. This was the first "100%" song I did in 2011 and was released on a short EP I did in 2014 called ""iMinimalist."
2. 100% Minimoog Voyager
A track by Rob Parker featuring the Moog Voyager as the sole sound source. NOTE: If you're listening on a phone or anything with a mono/summed mono device. Somehow, certain sounds like the snare are out of phase between left and right channels. I no longer have the multi-track files of this song so I can't correct it. Put in some earbuds, headphones, or best of all, some decent speakers on a desktop to get the best experience. It's Moog after all; you wanna hear that girth.
3. 100% MS-20 Mini
A track by Rob Parker featuring the Korg MS-20 Mini as the sole sound source. I'm not sure what I was going for here. Is it dubstep? Anyway, nothing will ever top the MS-2o Mini song by Koishistyle - check that out!
4. 100% Gaia SH-01
A track by Rob Parker featuring the Roland Gaia SH-01. What an awful name for a synth, let alone a song. I really should have left it out, but this was on the first trip-hop record I did called "Fathomer," which is here on the channel. This was my first knobby synth along with a blue SH-101.
5. 100% M1
A track by Rob Parker featuring the Korg M1 as the only sound source. When I think of the M1, I think of early 90's house/dance music. Thusly, I made the most stereotypical 90's dance track possible...
6. 100% K1
I tried shooting for an 80's EBM feel for this one. The K1 can be a difficult synth to work with but the sound is certainly unique. Like it sounds good until you try to use it in a mix, but when it does work, it's great."

Selected Tracks From Synthesizers Demos Vol​.​11

Nacho Marty Meyer

01. Kawai XD-5 - The Cardos 00:00
02. Clavia Nord Rack 2 - Nord Police 7:36
03. Clavia Nord Rack 2 - Voices From 1983 13:40
04. Clavia Nord Rack 2 - In That Building 17:19
05. Clavia Nord Rack 2 - Plaza VA 19:45
06. Clavia Nord Rack 2 - El asunto de Gadi 23:10
07. Clavia Nord Rack 2 - The Sun Goes Down 25:39
08. Clavia Nord Rack 2 - Muebles 29:13
09. Clavia Nord Rack 2 - Patio secreto 1 30:20
10. Clavia Nord Rack 2 - Patio secreto 2 32:11
11. Waldorf Pulse+ - Sending A Fax 33:45
12. Waldorf Pulse+ - Todavía programamos 37:31
13. Yamaha FB-01 & Yamaha REX50 - The FM Gang 42:03"

high-quality (WAV 24 bit 44.100 Hz) download:

Additonal Selected Tracks From Synthesizers

Limited Edition Brown & Gold KORG microKORG

via this auction

10th anniversary limited edition released in 2013, which makes the original roughly 17 years old.

Mos-lab Moslab RSF kobol analog synthesizer

via this auction

"I used to own an original RSF kobol and this unit is spot on, probably the best bass Ive ever heard and fits into a mix better than a minimoog. I think they may be just as rare if not more so than the original kobols. The sweepable waveforms allow you to tweak the frequencies to a perfect spot when the cutoff is down so you can fit the notes right into a frequency pocket. I would say it sounds something like a minimoog and a pro one had a baby. Sync sounds great as well. This unit is in its own powered stand alone boat but but can also be racked as a giant 5u module, in perfect cosmetic and working order."

Yamaha CS-20M Synthesizer SN 3080

via this auction

Pic of the inside below.

Anyma Phi - Physical Modeling Synthesizer by Aodyo

Details via the Kickstarter campaign:

"An affordable hybrid monophonic synthesizer that allows you to create new sound universes inspired from the real world, where objects collide, vibrate, and resonate

Anyma Phi blends the classic ingredients of electronic music with physical modeling technology, allowing it to simulate acoustic sound sources, such as strings or reeds, as well as resonating structures, like wood, glass, or metal. Anyma Phi is compact enough to stand on your keyboard, or anywhere on your desk, and is compatible with any MIDI controller, such as keyboards, sequencers, or even wind controllers, including our own Sylphyo! [see posts here]

Whether you play live or record in the studio, design sounds or play presets, Anyma Phi will become an indispensable tool. It can even be used as a stand-alone effects processor, or as part of a guitar effects pedal setup.

The heart of the Anyma Phi is the matrix, which provides a quick and easy way to explore your sounds by following a physical metaphor, with four macros for each of the five stages of sound generation.

With its matrix, Anyma Phi offers a straightforward way to tweak, explore, and create sound universes. It also provides easy ways to make your sound react to your MIDI controllers with mapping shortcuts. But don't be fooled by the simplicity!

If you want to dive deeper, you can take control of the powerful semi-modular synth engine beyond the matrix, with oscillators covering a wide range of synthesis techniques, effects, and modulators.

By connecting those together, you can create any kind of sound, and control it any way you want.


Hybrid monophonic synthesizer

Stereo audio output:
- Two 1/4” mono line jack outputs
- One 1/4” stereo headphone jack output

Stereo audio input:
one 1/4” stereo input

MIDI inputs and outputs via USB and DIN ports

Powerful digital semi-modular synthesizer engine

- Memory: 63 patches

- 3 oscillator slots

- 5 effect slots + 1 mono reverb

- 2 audio buses for mixing and effect assignation

- 8 modulator slots, including DAHDSR envelope generators, LFOs, curves, interpolators, slew limiters, etc.

- 24 mapping slots, each allowing to control any synth parameter (including another mapping) using a modulator or a controller input, with a sidechain input.

*Technical specifications subject to change in order to improve reliability, function, or design."

Sequential Artist Spotlight: Rhumba Club


SOUNDMIT 2020 - The Alan R. Pearlman Foundation - Interview with Dina Pearlman


"In this interview conducted by Johann Merrich we will meet Dina Pearlman, daughter of Alan R. Pearlman (that's right! ARP Synthesizers) who will tell us how, two years after the death of her father, she decided to establish the Alan R. Pearlman Foundation to continue to keep the memory and the teachings of her father. Between residency projects for artists and preservation of archives, an interesting chat to find out more. We may even find out how to support the foundation!"

Using MPE in @UVI Falcon with the Sensel Morph [Tutorial]


Analogue Solutions Colossus Live Performances


These Colossus performances were recorded live in a single session and was not multitracked.

1. Analogue Solutions Colossus Live Performance I: "Evolver"
2. Analogue Solutions Colossus Live Performance II: "Rounded Corners"
3. Analogue Solutions Colossus Live Performance III: "Treading Lightly"
4. Analogue Solutions Colossus Live Performance IV: "Signals from Earth"
5. Analogue Solutions Colossus Battleship Torpedo Launch

Buchla 266r Source of Uncertainty & 285r v2 Frequency Shifter / Balanced Modulator

266r Source of Uncertainty

via this auction

"Clone of the Buchla 200-series Model 266 Source of Uncertainty. Design by RomanF / Electric Music Store"

285r v2 Frequency Shifter / Balanced Modulator

via this auction

"Clone of the Buchla 200-series Model 285 Frequency Shifter / Balanced Modulator. Design by RomanF / Electric Music Store. This is Version 2, 100% analogue as opposed to v1 which used a digital FX chip"

Roland JD-800 Synthesizer

via this auction

"The JD-800 is Roland's answer to half a decade of hard to program synthesizers. Covered in sliders that act as dedicated editors just like a classic analog synth, the JD-800 is an extremely programmable and hands on digital synthesizer. It is also an interesting and great sounding digital synth with incredible flexibility and control. Internal ROM based wave forms are combined to build your sounds. The sounds are based on Roland's D-50, but updated for the nineties with multi mode filters - uncommon but welcome at the time.

The JD-800 came in a tough metal case capped off on the sides with large plastic covers.Programming may be a little too flexible for some users, but once you know what you're doing with it, almost any sound you can dream up can be dialed in and stored."


via this auction

Limited Edition Black Waldorf Microwave XT Shadow Edition

via this auction

You can find additional Shadow XT posts here for reference.

Akai AX60

via this auction

"The AKAI AX60 is a 6 voice polyphonic analog synth.

A few of the controls/pad/membranes on this unit are touchy. However they all function.
There is some slight wear on the faceplate of this unit as seen in the photo."

Roland Jupiter 4 with Memory Expansion SN 831042

via this auction

Rhodes Chroma

via this auction

How dark it can be - Korg MonoPoly


"Small Jam with Korg MonoPoly"

2 x Circuit Bent Stylophones synced with a modular synthesizer system

Tasos Stamou

"Two stylophones linked to a modular synth system, receiving CV signals for pitch, filter."

This instrument is the result of years of research while intensively hacking the Stylophone into extreme levels of manipulation, towards the production of an analogue synthesizer.

The evolution of this research has concluded into this tiny beast which can be used in many different ways. Besides a very powerful noisy and melodic standalone synth keyboard and drone generator, the new generation is fully compatible to the modular synthesizers’ standards of controls.

The Stamouphone in capable of interacting with a eurorack modular synthesizer system as an extra synth voice, via accurate CV, VCF and gate voltage inputs.

Furthermore, It is equipped with its own very special 2-way filter.

Here is a list of all the hacks:
1. Extreme pitch control (really low range towards rhythmic patterns)
2. 2 x sustain switches, works as a synth voice
3. CV input
4. CV gain knob
5. Gate input
6. 2 way “Stamou” filter, with frequency and resolution knobs
7. 3 x contact point pins, sensible to the filter
8. VCF input
9. Amplified Output (modular synth volume level)

Intellijel Shifty - Hocketing for Fun and Profit

Red Means Recording

"Intellijel Shifty can do fun things to your melodies by spreading them all over your rack. Let's give it a try! Watch just jams from this process over here:"

3 Intellijel Shifty Performances

DSI Prophet-08 "Pressure Pad" performed by Chronos


"From our soundset:


Access Virus TI "Plug Pad" Performed by Chronos


Are you dreaming about your Virus synthesizer can sound like real analog?

Whatever model you have - B,C,Ti,Ti2?
Whatever you using for connection - analog jacks or usb?

Welcome to 64 Best Analog & Vintage Sounds!

Powerfull & rich sound modeling like never before.

LFO team celebrates 10 Years of working with Access technologies - from A to TI2.

Thanks for analog modeling technology which is great in Virus, we re-create Juno, Jupiter, Polysix, Prophet, CS-80 sounds with maximum authentic feeling."

Roland JP-8000 "Vangelico" Performance By Chronos


"From our soundset:


Korg DW-8000 - "Wave Pad" Patch


"From our soundset 'Analog Pearl'

Korg Karma - "Motion Programs" Performed by Chronos


"Motion Programs

A 14 30 78 110 126
B 14 46 82
C 01 017 018 065 075
D 40 68
C 016
E 41 56 93 115 121
C 16
E 41 56 93 115 121

Soundset soon!"

Korg Triton - Beautiful Ambient Programs Performed by Chronos


Note: I moved this post up with the other KORG demos from LFOstore. See below to make sure you didn't miss any posts.

"Ambient Programs from factory Presets - Bank "A" performed by Chronos

Our soundsets:"

Korg Wavestation "String Wins" Performed by Chronos


"After 2 years with successful "Best Pads & Drones" soundset
Chronos is back with part 2 - even more deep & versatile!


Oberheim OB-12 - From Earth 2 Venus

"2 patches from our soundset for the beast OB-12 with 30 Space Strings & Pads


Quasimidi Technox + Valhalla Super Massive - Ambient Worlds


"In this video Nick Chronos showing single sounds of rare module - Quasimidi Technox combined with the wonderful free plugin - Valhalla Super Massive.

Please, comment if you want custom sounds for this Machine!

Other presets:"

Novation KS-5 "Mars Dust & Abyss" Performed By Chronos


"One patch demo for the wonderfull KS synthesizer with silkiest sound !


Clavia Nord Lead 4 - Beautiful Preset Sounds


"Look at this Beauity & Hear this Beauity.
Such a great organic sound - the most closer to real analog from Lead series.

Playing beautiful internal programs - mostly analog & atmospheric sounds.
Our own soundset in development.

Our soundsets:"

Julian "J3PO" Pollack jamming on the Nord Wave 2


"Julian "J3PO" Pollack shows a creative way of using the Nord Wave 2 in a live performance by combining the arpeggio and pattern feature with some bass and synth patches. Watch this! #nordwave2 #j3po #tutorials"

Suzuki Waraku - the forgotten Japanese synth harp


Suzuki Waraku on eBay | on Reverb

"In which I demo the beautiful Suzuki Waraku, a rather unknown instrument from 1989 made for the classical Japanese market. Though played with a plectrum and strings, it uses samples to imitate the sound of a Taishōgoto and other traditional Japanese instruments. Originally made for practice, it has both a unique sound is a beautiful MIDI controller you can play in tandem with modern synths."



A quick jam with the MODEL:CYCLES

Audio Wanderer

"My first contact with the MODEL:CYCLES. FM groovebox!?"

Polyend Seq & Medusa synth in the MIDI Channel per voice mode


"Oh, look! Letters are chords! Polyend Seq is sequencing the Medusa synth in the MIDI Channel per voice mode!"

Patch n Tweak

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