MATRIXSYNTH: Monday, March 1, 2021

Monday, March 01, 2021

Sequential Prophet 10 Demos by The Crazy Canadian

videos by The Crazy Canadian


1. Prophet 10 Rev 4 -French 79 Arps
"I made some trumpety arps that kind of reminded me of French 79... if you know who they are 😎"
2. Prophet 10 rev 4 factory goodness
"This is a factory sound? 🙂"
3. Prophet 10 Rev 4 Pads
"A friend lent me his new prophet 10 Rev 4... I am in love with the modulation on this thing 😍 This is definitely an iconic synth. Thanks Dave."
4. Prophet 10 Rev 4 Organ thing
"This is definitely the best prophet... well the most prophet of prophets 😁"
5. Prophet 10- subtle analog pad
"I love how subtle this instrument can be... it can also blow your head up with aggressiveness too 👍"
6. Prophet 10 rev 4
"Some more sounds I was experimenting with"
7. Prophet 10 Rev 4. Chill Vibes
"I love how chill this thing can sound... no wonder suzani was always so chill... this thing chills one out 😋"
8. Prophet Rev 4 1980 style [watch volume levels - some clicks in this one to start]
"Love this 1980s style patch, with a modern twist to it ☺️"
9. Prophet 10 Wurlitzer
"How does this thing sound better than most wurly emulations out there. As I fall more in love"
10. Prophet 5/10 watery plucks
"Some short vibes I layed down on this beautiful machine'
11. Prophet 10- Smoke room
"Reminds me of a 1970s lounge"

Prophet 5 rev4 - Custom Banks by Guido Scognamiglio

video by

"A showcase of my 5x8 presets I made for my Prophet 5 rev4.
Delay & Reverb effects added using GSi VariSpeed & TimeVerb-X.

Get the SysEx file from:

This will overwrite User Group 1 banks 1-5"

Prophet 5 rev4 - my custom bank #2 (mostly acoustic sounds)

"A showcase of another 5x8 presets I made for my Prophet 5 rev4.
Delay & Reverb effects added using GSi VariSpeed & TimeVerb-X.
These are mostly acoustic-ish sounds. You should be able to recognize the instrument they try to imitate.

Get the SysEx file from:

This will overwrite User Group 2 banks 1-5"

Prophet 10 + Valhalla Vintage Reverb = 80s Gold!

video by Rob Grimes

"Created a patch similar to the classic OB soft brass, add some valhalla vintage for that 80s sound!"

Is it True? ;)

Sequential Prophet-5 & Prophet-10 Demos by BridgeSet Sound

Sequential Prophet-10 Rev 4 Demo with Fabio Fonseca (Synth Only)
video by BridgeSet Sound

"Fabio Fonseca of Key Magic Inc stopped by to drop off more Vinicius Electrik Lizards and could not resist treating us to an impromptu mess around on the Prophet-10.

Recorded with a Warm Audio WA-412 , API 527 compressor and Apogee Symphony MK II."

Sequential Prophet-5 Rev 4 Demo with Damon "Mr. Dizzy Fingers" Bennett (Batch 1-195)

video by BridgeSet Sound

"Damon 'Mr. Dizzy Fingers' Bennett plays both original patches (Start - 4:10​) and presets on the Sequential Prophet-5 Rev 4 synthesizer in his studio.

This Prophet-5 is from batch 1-195 and remains as shipped. Signal is recorded dry and unprocessed with the Focusrite ISA and Apogee Symphony I/O.

Mr. Dizzy Fingers is a great friend and client of ours and we appreciate his doing this. In addition to electronic composition and performance, Damon is a skilled flute player, producer and musical director. You can say hi to him on IG at @mrdizzyfingers.

0:01​ Bring the Funk
0:20​ Honey Waves
0:45​ Dat Deep n Squishy
1:08​ Do Duh Bat!
1:26​ The Robots are coming for Dinner...
2:07​ ...And they're staying for Dessert!
2:44​ Milk Spaghetti
3:39​ Little Tiny Ghost
4:13​ 'Whatchya say? Your Phone is breaking up'
5:10​ Icicle Kingdom
5:51​ "Do you remember...?"
6:53​ Inside the Egyptian Beehive
7:15​ Inside the Egyptian Beehive pt.2 - Haunted Edition
7:58​ Say Hello to the Princess
8:44​ Bro, Where are my keys?
10:03​ Tinfoil-vision
10:46​ "Huh? I can't hear you over my super dope Bass tone"
11:39​ Chubby Little Pug puppy smelling the flowers
12:02​ Electric Pancakes
12:19​ Electric Pancakes with Butter
12:24​ Electric Pancakes with Butter and Maple Syrup
12:27​ Electric Pancakes feat. Eddie Van Halen
12:46​ Do you know the time?
13:21​ The Witch is Sleeping
13:53​ Snake Race
14:36​ I want steak for dinner
14:59​ RIP Allan Holdsworth
15:33​ Underwater Rubber bands
16:13​ That's called sunshine, baybuh!
16:42​ I don't know the time unfortunately
17:36​ Droid Whispers
19:19​ Old Faithful
19:27​ Space Ship Barber Quartet
19:48​ ..And now for the lead singer's solo
20:34​ ..the Baritone wubwubs have taken over
21:17​ Lost at Sea
21:51​ Man Overboard"

Miles Away: Why I Love the Sequential OB-6

video by Miles Away

"Over the last several years, the prevailing mentality in synthesizer design has been 'more features = better'. The Sequential OB6 is a synthesizer that follows a much different mantra for development, one of 'character over features'. After 2 months of learning this synth inside and out, I'm finally ready to talk about it with you. Get the tissue box ready, this synth hits you in the feels."

The Pro-303 - An acid techno experiment [Sequential Pro-3 /w Roland TB-03]

video by cellrok

"Today with some commentary. Lazy Saturday Jam. Just having fun connecting one thing into the other and see how it goes. Not intended to be very musical, just distorting some 303 lines beyond recognition :-)"

Synth Demos by Lost Clouds

If ou are viewing this post from the front page you will see a more link directly below. Click it before you start to get to the list of videos plus descriptions for each. You can use the controls at the bottom of the player to skip around. You can find Lost Clouds music at

Prophet 6 custom presets with Vintage Knob: Orchestre Analogue Demo

video by loopsdelacreme

"This video is a demo of the Prophet 6 sound set ‘Orchestre Analogue’.
Get these presets here:

The soundbank features emulations of acoustic instruments, electric pianos, vintage keyboards, drums and SFX.

The 100 presets offer authentic vintage tones and rich timbres, with the new Vintage Knob function, proper gain staging, and subtle amounts of distortion.

This video shows 90+ raw presets used together in musical tracks. All sounds in this demo are 100% raw Prophet 6, except for a couple of acoustic drum loops or drum VST from Loops de la Crème.
No extra effects were used.

Human After All - (Friday Funk Jam)

video by Luke Million

Note the above is a playlist starting with Human After All at the time of this post. The following is the description for the video:

"With Daft Punk calling it a day earlier in the week, I thought it would be fitting to jam out one of my favourite songs from the duo. They were such a big inspiration to me and I have chosen the title track from their 2005 Album - "Human After All" 🤖🇫🇷🕺

Drums - Ableton Push 2 (Linndrum samples)
Synth Bass - Moog Multimoog, Roland Jupiter 4
Guitar - E-mu Emulator 2
Synth Lead - Sequential Prophet 5
Vocoder - Digitech Talker"

Eine kleine Nachtmusik - Mozart - Würzburg bei Nacht // Christiane Dehmer // Synth-Jazz-Pop

video by Christiane Dehmer

[Vote for this video in a Mozartfest competition here - quick and easy link at the bottom right]

This one is in via Christiane Dehmer with the following [English below]:

"#prophet6 #nordwave2 #synthbabes #mozart

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozarts 'Eine Kleine Nachtmusik': als Synth-Jazz-Pop bearbeitet und gespielt von Christiane Dehmer - als Publikation zum Wettbewerb des 100-jährigen Jubiläums vom #Mozartfest​ #Würzburg​.
✔ Stimmt für dieses Video hier ab:
1x täglich bis 28. März 2021: Danke!

Mit Sehenswürdigkeiten von Würzburg bei Nacht.

Komposition des Originals: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, KV 525.
Christiane Dehmer: Bearbeitung, Synthesizer, Improvisation, Arrangement, Mix, Produktion, Film & Video.
Mit freundlicher Unterstützung der Stadt Würzburg.

✔ mehr Musik und News:"


"# prophet6 # nordwave2 #synthbabes #mozart

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's 'Eine Kleine Nachtmusik': edited as synth-jazz-pop and played by Christiane Dehmer - as a publication for the competition for the 100th anniversary of the #Mozartfest # Würzburg.
✔ Vote for this video here: ...
1x daily until March 28, 2021: Thank you!

With sights of Würzburg at night.

Composition of the original: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart , KV 525.
Christiane Dehmer: editing, synthesizer, improvisation, arrangement, mix, production, film & video.
With the kind support of the city of Würzburg.

✔ more music and news: "

Vote for Christiane Dehmer's video at the bottom right here:

HEADLESS | Industrial Music Electronics system ambient

video by HEAD DRESS

"More hypnotic ambience with the Industrial Music Electronics system, Sequenced by 2 Stillson Hammer MK2s. Source Audio Nemesis and Ventris connected to Black Locust. Elektron Analog Heat and OTO BAM on the main output.

Add to your Music for Sleeping playlist.

My latest releases:"

3 New Modules to experiment with in March 2021 w/ Omri Cohen

video by Omri Cohen

"Consider joining me on Patreon -
Patching techniques and ideas that I continue updating -

Here are the patches -
00:00​ - Tap Dancer
10:21​ - Tesseract
16:53​ - MusiMath"

Gotharman's Tiny LD: DIY Arduino Mod by TUESDAY NIGHT MACHINES

I DRILLED MY SYNTH! // Gotharman's Tiny LD: DIY Arduino Mod! (VLOG) #TTNM​

"Here's a VLOG episode about my recent Little deFormer 3 synthesizer modification adventure! More info below :-)


Some Timecodes:
0:46​ Tiny LD vs. Little deFormer 3
2:20​ Modding the Tiny LD with an Arduino
5:38​ Sound Demo
6:55​ My LDR 'Hold' Mode
7:44​ A Tiny Performance
8:15​ Tiny LD MIDI Modulation Setup
9:51​ My Random CC Generators
11:34​ Drill Your Own Synths!

DIY Build Log with pictures:

My Tiny LD Travel Album:

My Gotharman Instruments Ukulele Album:

For this modification I mounted a DIY MIDI controller inside Gotharman's Tiny LD granular synthesizer workstation, to give me more knobs, switches and a light dependent resistor (LDR), so that I won't need to lug around an external MIDI controller and more cables. This VLOG also compares the Tiny LD to the bigger Little deFormer 3 a little bit."

2 Hours of DANISH NOISE! [4K] -- Relax, Study, Meditate, Sleep -- Gotharman's ASMR Synthesizer #TTNM​


"Relax, meditate, spaze out, study or fall asleep easily to this Danish meditation noise. Simply put on your headphones, close your eyes and chill to the soothing sounds of filtered noise.


Filtered noise from Denmark has been extensively used to make humans (and cats) fall asleep since the advent of analog synthesizer circuits. These marvellous analog noise generators capture cosmic rays and channel them onto the human brain wave spectrum, sending us messages form far away worlds, full of calm and happiness. Let this cosmic hygge flow into your mind and transcend into to astral plane!

Two hours of Danish noise per day are enough to make you feel better in your body, lose those pesky pounds and become a successful businessman or businesswoman (also in bed!). *

It's all you need to get healthy and make your cat stop scratching you! Meows all the way from now on! It's easy! Danish Noise! Listen now! Spread the Love! Love yourself! Watch your HeadSpaze!"

Gotharman's SpazeDrum // Acid Techno (with circuit-bent video glitches) #TTNM​


"I've been listening to Acid again lately and thought I'd try that out on Gotharman's SpazeDrum drum synth/groovebox! More info below =)


Gotharman's SpazeDrum is an analog-digital hybrid drum synth, on which you can create your own drum sounds from scratch or import your own samples. Because it's a true synthesizer, you can also create bass lines on it and sequence them melodically, even if that's not necessarily the machine's focus. It's still heaps of fun though! In this video I've tried to get an Acid Techno sound. Of course the SpazeDrum uses other analog circuitry than Roland's classic TB-303 and TR-808 or 909, so it's a very different sound, but I think you can still get some cool and crunchy Acid tones out of this unique Danish groovebox.

My recent (non Acid) SpazeDrum album:

SpazeDrum website:

AE Modular QUANTIZER - Rhythm Generator Demo #TTNM​


"A short demo video showing how you can use the tangible waves AE Modular QUANTIZER module as a beat machine :D More info below!


The QUANTIZER module not only quantizes four CV signals into a musical 1V/Oct pitch scale, but it also comes with trigger outputs. Each of those output fires when a new note step is reached. By sending an LFO at different amplitudes into the QUANTIZER channels, you can thus create strange but repeating rhythms."

Marienberg VC Envelope Generator B (ADSR B) Tutorial // 5U Modular Synth #TTNM​


"This is a demo and tutorial video for the Marienberg Devices ADSR B 5U modular synth module. MORE INFO BELOW :-)


0:03​ What sets this module apart?
1:58​ A typical ADSR signal
2:37​ Looking at the front panel
3:07​ Attack
5:04​ Decay
6:01​ Release
6:32​ Setting the thresholds
6:56​ Bottom of the front panel
7:29​ Time Compression CV input
7:39​ Envelope On/Off gate outputs
8:20​ Manual Gate switch
8:40​ Retrigger mode
9:01​ Auto Offset mode
9:58​ Decay to Release mode
10:24​ Forced modes
11:13​ Outro"

Additional videos in the playlist:
ADSR Sound Demo // Marienberg Envelope Generator B (5U Modular Synth) #TTNM
Non-Linear Envelopes with the Marienberg VC Envelope Generator B (ADSR B) // 5U Modular Synth #TTNM​
Sequencer Ratcheting with the Marienberg VC Envelope Generator B (ADSR B) // 5U Modular Synth #TTNM​

another drum machine

video by wildchurch

"Quick overview of another drum machine: lo-fi 8 bit samples with pitch control, panning and FX insert options

Built around the following:
- LMNC's Big Button sequencer:
- Drum samples on six ATtiny85 chips - using Jan Ostman's Drum Creator tool:
- MFOS Ultra-simple Mono-in Panning Mixer:

I've added inserts to the first 3 channels of the mixer to allow FX send and return

I also wired up the big button for afterlife's MIDI upgrade: [video here] ..but it doesn't seem to behave well with this build so currently I've got the original code installed on the arduino until I resolve the issue


Sequential/Dave Smith Instruments Prophet Rev2 Desktop Synth

via this auction

Sequential Circuits Prophet VS with RAM Cartridge & Owners Manual

via this auction

"The Sequential Circuits Prophet VS - Analog-Ddigital Hybrid version of the famous Prophet 5, featuring a vector joystick for controlling sound modeling... [the following appears to be pulled from this Perfect Circuit article]
'Chris Meyer, the conceptual creator of the Prophet VS, states that the "Eureka" moment that led to the Prophet VS emerged from a conversation about the PPG Wave—while drawing an explanation of the Wave's interpolation method, it occurred to him that waveshapes could be interpolated in two dimensions. That is to say—rather than fading constantly between two waves on opposite ends of a spectrum, it could be possible to have a diamond shape with different waves at each corner, and to traverse seamlessly between the four in order to create a wealth of timbral variety from only a handful of distinct shapes. Meyer went on to test his hypothesis on his personal modular synthesizer, using a huge number of resources to manage the two-dimensional crossfading he sought—but his experiment was successful. And though the name did not emerge until later, this is when Vector Synthesis was born.

And while this reduction of the technique may seem straightforward, managing the continuous blending between four sound sources requires a lot of resources: in the analog world, it would require VCAs whose levels change in tandem with one another—an effect that would require tons of offsets, polarizers, and signal multiples (let alone patch cables) in order to work. The genius of the Prophet VS lies not only in its embrace of novel sound also lies in its remarkable vocabulary of modulation sources, and their relationship to the core idea of two-dimensional waveshaping.'"

Nord Lead 2X Rack Synth

via this auction, also on Reverb

"Mint rack version of the classic Nord 2x.
Includes as a bonus some lovely sounds in banks 0, 1, 3 and 4. (purchased custom sound sets).

Classic Nord vibe from this synth that covers a huge range. Virtually analog, brassy, plucky, basses, ethereal pads, warm stringy pads, and of course nasty leads. This can be anything you want."

Cwejman SM-1 Battleship Gray

via this auction, priced at $4500.

You can find demos featuring the SM-1 in previous posts here.

Folktek Gait w/ Original Box

via this auction

See the seller's other listings for more.

"A simple and effective gate and trigger generator. Four individual momentary touch pads send both +5v gate and trigger signals simultaneously as the touch button is pressed via 4x2 3.5mm outputs.

Four hexagonal touch buttons.

- each generates +5v gate and trigger outputs simultaneously.

- gate signal holds as long as the pad is touched.

- individual jacks for trigger and gate."

You can find demos of one in previous posts here.

Source Audio Collider (no talking) Sound Demo with Waldorf Iridium

video by Bonedo Synthesizers

Korg Opsix (Presets Part 1)

video by 3rdStoreyChemist

SYNTHSPACE Modular VR Now Available on Steam

video by Bright Light Interstellar

First featured back in May 2020, SYNTHSPACE is now available on Steam.

"Synthspace is the ultimate virtual synthesizer. It combines the familiarity of real instruments with the possibilities of virtual worlds. It starts with what you know, then takes it to the next level and beyond! It’s infinitely expandable, can change its looks in an instant and lets you focus on your creativity like never before.

If you love synths, this is the place to be! Synthspace opens up the wonderful, creative world of modular synthesis to everyone. Space and cost are no longer an issue. - A room full of synths for the price of a nice lunch. *mic drop*

40+ Modules available at launch
Zero to Hero - Learn all the basics of modular synthesis in an interactive lesson
Context help for every module
Scale from 1:1 (Eurorack) all the way up to wall-sized synth
Record your entire sessions or individual signals
Import your own samples
Easily share your setups with other users by generating a unique share-code for your save
LIV support (record yourself inside VR with a webcam)
Check out the Synthspace Audio Layer on GitHub and learn how to code your own modules
In active development - join our Discord and have a say in what we work on next. The future is bright - you ain’t seen nothing yet ;)"

Playlist of SYNTHPACE demos:

Cosmic Tape Music Club Podcast hosted by The Galaxy Electric - E2 Sun Ra

video by The Galaxy Electric

New podcast from supporting members, The Galaxy Electric. Gear talk at 9:40, and 01:04:14 on Sun Ra's visit to the Moog factory back in the day. Sun Ra famously had the Minimoog Model B prototype. See this post for an interview with Sun Ra from 1971.

"Thanks for joining us for Episode 2 of the Cosmic Tape Music Club monthly Podcast! Join your hosts Jacqueline and Augustus of the experimental pop band The Galaxy Electric as they get cosmic on the topic of Sun Ra and his Arkestra band. In short he was a being that claimed he was from the planet Saturn. He was an avid reader and enthusiast of music instrument technology, as well as a virtuosic band leader, composer and pianist/keyboardist. We share all sorts of facts starting with his early life, his alien abduction, the various locations he lived and conducted the band from, his journey through being an early adopter of many different keyboards and synthesizers like the Moog Minimoog and Yamaha DX-7 (to name a few), his mystic ethos, and much much more!

Intro 0:00​
Uncertain Origin 1:30​
Forbes Piano 8:30​
1st Gear Head 9:40​
Organ is the "Tastes Like Chicken" of electronic instruments 12:30​
Future Minded 14:50​
College 16:50​
Alien Abduction 18:18​
War Story 22:40​
Chicago 25:10​
Ghosting 32:00​
The band were on call 34:30​
Arkestra is Born 37:00​
Tape Delay 41:50​
A Joyful Noise bit 46:03​
Would LCD get an alien high? 49:10​
Rolling Stone Cover 51:50​
California 54:30​
Space is the Place 55:40​
One Take 58:42​
The Outer Space Visual Communicator 1:01:19​
Cosmic Keys 01:04:14​
Closing Notes 01:14:50​"

Visage 'Fade to Grey' Explained

video by Christopher Payne

"An account by one of the original writers (Chris Payne) about how it was written and recorded"

Interesting bit on U2's New Years Day starting at 10:33.

And Midge Ure on the track:

Midge Ure on Fade To Grey
video by woschinski

And the song:

This one is in via Douglas.

MiMa feat. Visage - Fade To Grey

video by mima14031985

"Here's my cover of this famous and immortal 80ies piece of music. As my habit, all the song is done by ear all by myself, keyboard parts all played by hands and drum track built with ModPlug Tracker. Then I muted the parts which I wanted to play on synths. Unfortunately the vocal part is missing, but this allows you to sing along the music if you want :-)"

Sequential Artist Spotlight Interview with MARKUS LANGE

You can find the interview on Sequential's website here.

"Ostblockschlampen, also known as Eastblock Bitches, are a German DJ and producer duo consisting of Sophie Schaefer and Markus Lange, which has existed and been active since 2009. Their music is a mix of Bass House, EDM, Trap and Moombahton, and their releases have reached over 20,000,000 streams.

Markus Lange has been a producer since 2003 and has released on labels such as Great Stuff Records. Sophie Schäfer has also worked as a DJ and producer since 2007.

We chatted with Markus on how he’s been using Sequential instruments in their productions."

You can find additional posts featuring Sequential's Spotlight series here. Co-Founder Julia Bondar's Compact Techno Eurorack/MIDI Rig and Performance

video by loopop

0:00​ Intro
1:45​ Studio tour
4:45​ Live setup overview
7:45​ Patch from scratch
10:05​ Mixer setup
11:00​ Drums, MIDI to CV
13:20​ Samples, delay
17:35​ Melodic layer
18:50​ Velocity-to-loop trick
20:05​ Tuning & lead voice
28:40​ Recording vs live
29:50​ Secondary sequencer
33:55​ Performance demo
46:55​ Sequencing plan
49:10​ Building tension
51:50​ Track transitions
53:00​ Mixing and sidechain
53:55​ Reverb on bass
55:40​ Conducting the patch
57:00​ Live mixing
57:50​ Composing
58:50​ Polyrhythms/meters
1:04:10​ Recording setup
1:08:15​ Mixing, mastering
1:10:30​ Outro, more tips

Dark Noisy & Glitchy Drone Texture with DIY Neutral Labs Elmyra Synthesizer (Feat Empress Zoia)

video by Sound Provider

"On this small demo I did an Ambient Drone with the Elmyra from Neutral Labs, the Elmyra is a quite noisy but fun and cheap Diy digital/analog hybrid drone synthesizer with a digital delay.

Elmyra is based on the Adafruit ItsyBitsy M0 Express microcontroller. Its 10-bit audio resolution already gives it a wonderfully gritty sound, and this circuit adds some nasty analog distortion to it.

For the video in addition to the delay included in the Synth, I also added a bit of reverb with the Zoia From Empress Effects , the patch I used is the "1978 plate A" from Christopher H. M. Jacques which you can download for free here if you have the Zoia :

Leonard de Leonard"

You can find additional Elmyra posts here.

Baseck - “Up for Air” - Make Noise Strega & Morphagene

video by baseck

"In this piece all sound is sourced from Make Noise’s Strega. No external fx.

The percussion was made from putting an envelope into Strega and sampled into the Morphagene, then a melodic line was added over that. The percussion trigger sequence was mult’d and sent to Maths. An envelope from Maths is ran into Morphagenes SOS cv input crossfading between the melodic line of Strega and the percussive samples which created a side chain like effect.

Sequenced from Varigate 8+ and Voltage Block."


via Erica Synths:

We believe soon it will be possible to travel & now lighter than ever!

Erica Synths gives you one of the lightest and most durable eurorack travelcases available – the Carbon Fiber Travelcase! Weighing just 3,2kg it houses 2x104HP of eurorack modules and the lid is deep enough to transport your modular with a patch ready for performance. The Erica Synths Carbon Fiber Travelcase will be a reliable companion when traveling to gigs and to keep your precious system protected.

The case comes with built in universal PSU, that provides 2,5A@+12V, 2,5A@-12V, 1A@+5V and eurorack distribution boards with 60 module connectors.
RRP: 660 EUR (VAT excl.)

VECTOR Get's a Firmware Update


Dear Operators,

Some say we live in a golden age of hardware synthesizers. So many opportunities to play exciting new devices with different concepts, such incredible, ever growing communities enabling and creating the right environment for experimentation, discovery and innovation.

Five years ago, we embarked on a journey to build a different synthesizer. A synthesizer to break comfort zones. A synthesizer which doesn’t use a touch interface and fluid visuals as gimmicks, but has them right at the core — a true bridge between the theater of the mind and sound waves.

Along the way we tried to question many assumptions. Many of those turned out to be useful customary conveniences, but many others simply obstacles of the past. We believe it is time to cherish the old, and embrace the new.

System80 Introduces 860 MK2

via System80

"The System80 860MK2 is a 10 HP updated version of our popular JOVE filter. It is a Eurorack interpretation of the multi-mode filter found in the Roland Jupiter-6, a 1980s analogue polysynth.

The 860 MK2 replaces both the 14 HP JOVE and the 8 HP 860 MK1. It has been updated and improved in several ways, including memory recall of the filter mode, a quad OTA filter core, internal voltage references, a fully attenuated 2 input audio mixer, and a steel back cover.


4 modes: 24 dB low pass, 12 dB low pass, band pass and high pass
Filter mode recalled between power cycles
2 input audio mixer
2 frequency CV inputs, one bipolar and one unipolar
1 resonance CV input, non-attenuated"

Analogue Solutions Colossus and Vintage Synth Jamming

video by

"I connected Colossus to a few vintage synth friends and this was the first little spontaneous live jam. This isn't a mixed track, but a live recorded, improvised, dawless session.

Colossus is sequencing and clocking the other synths (ARP 2600 kick, Roland 100m noise sequence, Pro-One bass) and is providing the remainder of the sound palette.

Colossus loves to interface with other CV gear (Eurorack modular, vintage synths, modern CV synths, CV sequencers and interfaces, etc.) and is a lovely hands-on console, providing you tight musical control of your other gear

I may make another one of these, we'll see. ⚡️

🎧 Recommended!"

New Gear Testdrive - Korg, TC, Strymon, Roland

video by verstaerker

"Got some new gear to test out, so I made this little track
first Sequence made with the Korg NTS-1, sequenced on the Korg Sq-64 and added some delay with the Strymon Volante

Drums made with the Yocto 8080 send through the Sherman 2x2 with some reverb on the Snare added from the TC-M3000

The later appearing sequence is from the Roland Cloud System-100, wich sounds really analog …also added Sherman Drive and Tape-Echo

The Strymon Volante is really the best Tape-Simulation out there.
The Korg Sq-64 is a quite capable sequencer . I’m not so happy that saving projects requires additionally a proper shutdown of the device. And creating/changing longer notes is a bit complicated … considering they call it polyphonic sequencer.

I love the TC-M3000 .. the reverb sounds very natural. It’s great for everything where you want to recognize the original sound and don’t smear everything with a cloud of reverb.

I was very surprised how well the Roland Cloud plugins sound. Especially the SH-2 and System-100."

Testing new live rig with plinky itération 3

video by Meska

"Juste quick & raw preview of the new live rig i build, this time chessy acide ! :
welcome to the new module added: Typhoon
elektron octatrack mixing and EQ
gotharman ld3 all the drum (no sample) , sub and sidechain
plinky arpegio and sequencing the sub via CV
and some euro module : razmasynth unknow pleasures, 4ms rcd and MI grids..

Thank you for watching.
My name is Meska of the statik collective . I've been making mostly "dark and expérimental" music for more than ten years now, i'v learn so much online, now it's time for me to share my knoledge, my exploration and this channel is a place to talk about the tools, sound design and techniques to make music with.
i'm tattooist at day jobs and you can found my work here :

You can stream my albums and EPs at

If you'd like to support the channel​ consider buying music from bandcamp ;)"

Frogleg Synthesis Benjolin Rob Hordijk Banana Synth

via this auction

Demo in the listing previously posted here.

Ensoniq SQ 80 Cross Wave Synthesizer w/ ROM Carts & Floppies

via this auction

"6 Floppy discs included: Performance #1, & #2, Essential 1, SQ80 Voice/Data disk #1 and 2 unlabeled disks.

5 Cartridges include: Percussion,80 Voice ROM 803, 80 Voice ROM 802, 80 Voice ROM 801, 80 Voice ROM 804"

Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 SN 1591

via this auction

"In great condition, I bought it from the original owner and recently got it repaired through wine country. They installed 6 new IC’s and a new membrane panel, around 600 in new parts plus the latest OS was installed. See receipt, manual also included."

Roland D-550 w/ Plus RAM Card & Rescue Disk

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Rack-mount version of the exceptional and legendary Roland D-50

"The included Roland D-50 Rescue kit (which also works for the D-550) will also allow you to restore the system settings via MIDI. A printed version of the manual is included; there is no original box. To this day the synth remains popular for its unique and powerful sounds. You will find it is still fully supported (on eBay you can find upgrades for the display and other accessories; the internal battery used is a very common and inexpensive CR2032.

16 voice polyphony (32 partials with 2 per voice), or 8 voices (using 4 partials per voice in Dual or Split Mode)
Oscillators: Digital (Linear Arithmetic Synthesis) ; PCM,
LFO : (3 x 2 tones = 6 LFOs)
VCF/VCA FILTER: low-pass-resonant; ADSR envelopes
61 note keyboard with velocity and aftertouch
64 patch memory"

ELEKTRONIKA EM-26 w/ Teal Side Panels SN 029 30

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"Elektronika EM-26 portable vocoder is intended for synthesis the voice or external signals, has internal strings ton-generator, analyzer-synthesizer, modulations and vocoder effects. Control panel include 4 sections: VIBRATO, VOCODER, STRINGS and LEVEL, also it has a panel real time transpose and other controls.

VIBRATO section has sliders - accent, depth and rate VOCODER - chorus knobs (on, mode), mic/vocoder level STRINGS - on/off, level, violin/cello, sustain LEVEL - mic, line A, line C Keyboard PANEL: main level, pitch, interval, octave, pitch bend

CONNECTION (1/4 jack): mic in, line A,C, phones, output, pedal, power."

Alesis Air Synth AND Air FX w/ Manuals & Patch Charts

video by John Schussler

"Bringing out a couple units I haven't touched in 20 years from the attic to remember what they sound like.

No narration or commentary, just me waving my hands around and listening to the funny sounds that come out. Probably more of a record for posterity than anything else...."

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Access Virus TI2 Dark Star w/ Paint Damage

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Interesting that there's white under the paint.

Roland JD-800 Metal Frame Casing

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SN AD13177

Casio SK-1 & Delay Bot

video by Moon Armada


The Baby Bot 306 Rhythmic Noise/ Drone/ Fx Synth

Lego Synthesizer No. 1- The Photon Blaster

video by Moon Armada

"The Photon Blaster: a rhythmic-noise generator that is played by shining strobing LED's into and away from a pair of light-sensors.

Each LED has controls for the speed and shape of the strobe. The LED's and sensors can be moved around to control the response.There is also a pair of CV inputs for controlling the LED's externally.

There are also additional controls for changing timbral and rhythmic aspects of the sounds.

The entire enclosure and and controls (including buttons and knobs) are constructed from Lego bricks."

Korg Poly 61

video by elfferich

"Some sounds from the 1982 synthesizer Poly 61. It has some distinctive metallic sounds."

YAMAHA CS10 and YAMAHA CS01 synthesizer jam

video by elfferich

"Just some improvisations with my 2 old analog synthesizer"

SOMA in Hip-Hop Production

video by Vlad Kreimer

"Legendary Bill Pettaway (works with Timbaland, Jay-Z, Missy Elliott, Justin Timberlake, Toni Braxton) presents PULSAR-23 and LYRA-8 in Hip-Hop production."

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