MATRIXSYNTH: Tuesday, October 18, 2022

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Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Oberheim OBX8 vs Original OB-8 // The Definitive 80's Synthesizer Comparison // by Allen Michael

video upload by Allen Michael

"New OBX8 patches available, see video below."

Oberheim OBX-8 "Synth Pop" Patch Soundset Vol 1 - 24 Analog Sound Programs
video upload by Allen Michael

"You can purchase this Synth Pop sound set for your Oberheim OBX8 by sending $12 to via Paypal.
You will receive 24 'Synth Pop' patches via a sysex file which I will email you.

Performer: Allen Michael
Camera Op: Joe Anzauldua"

Sequential Prophet 5 REV 4 Reissue & Prophet 6 Analog Poly Synthesizer

video upload by Allen Michael

"In this video I compare the Prophet 6 to the new Prophet 5 Rev 4. I also explore the Prophet 5 rev 1-2/3 filter and 'vintage knob'. Recorded at Golden Mirage Studio in Mission, Tx. No processing on audio. Recorded on a Trident 78 to an Orion Studio Rev 2017 @ 192khz and mixed down to 48khz - 24bit."

Bass Processing with Soundtoys

video uploads by soundtoys


Bass Processing: Effect Rack Presets for 808 Lovers
Add these two new presets onto their own auxiliary tracks, send your 808 to them, then dial in by taste. Use automation to add further tweaks to morph the sound!

Download the '808 Parallel Growler' preset:
Download the '808 Parallel Stereolizer' preset:
Bass Processing: Synth Bass Edge with Soundtoys FilterFreak
Learn how to quickly add some extra analog edge/sizzle/vibe to synth bass, virtual or otherwise with FIlterFreak. This little trick works on almost any source. Give it a try!

Get FilterFreak at
Bass Processing: Delay Grooves with EchoBoy
Learn to create delays that lock to your tempo AND your groove using EchoBoy.

Get EchoBoy at
Bass Processing: Bass Parallel Smash 101
Watch how a classic bass destruction trick can be used on either a parallel aux track 100% wet, or directly on the bass track blended in with the Mix knob.

We've put this tip into a free preset for Effect Rack:
Bass Processing: A Tour of PhaseMistress Presets for Bass
Take a quick listen and preview how the factory presets in PhaseMistress can instantly transform your bass track.

Get PhaseMistress:
Bass Processing: 'Lower Expectations' Effect Rack Preset
Use this preset to quickly add a low octave, some slap delay, and mod to just about any flavor of bass for extra thickness and space.

Download the free 'Lower Expectations' Effect Rack Preset:
Bass Processing with Soundtoys Effect Rack
Parallel processing is the method of sending the original dry signal to another auxiliary track, processing it extremely, and then dialing it back in with the dry signal. This helps preserve the clarity of the original timbre while emphasizing whatever fx you wish to add in a very subtle manner.

In this video, check out how parallel processing can be applied to a bass track. Download the free Effect Rack presets below to try it yourself:

'Quake' Effect Rack preset:
'Baby Bass' Effect Rack preset:
CARRTOONS: Soundtoys Effect Rack Presets for Electric Bass
Ben Carr aka CARRTOONS is a multi-instrumentalist and producer from New York who brings the rich tones of the electric bass to the forefront. He also loves Soundtoys. Watch a quick preview of the Effect Rack presets he created for Bass Processing Week at Soundtoys.

Download the presets for bass guitar: Find more about bass processing at

Also see: Creative Drum Processing with Soundtoys - two preset links added in the playlist video list.

Arturia MiniFreak vs Roland TR-909 first play: techno workout examples

video upload by Honeysmack

"First play with the Arturia MiniFreak hybrid synth. I'm not much of a keyboard player and was immediately drawn to the sequencer on the MiniFreak. In this video I paired the synth with a TR-909 and went through a bunch of sounds, manipulating and jamming at the same time, nothing too serious, just getting a feel for it and how it sounds. There's quite a broad palette of sounds in this synth, with a stack of features I didn’t touch - this video barely scratches the surface. There is no additional sounds or effects, everything you hear is from the MiniFreak and TR-909.

00:00 Banger spec - From Detroit to Berlin to Melbourne.
01:20 Did you know flowers can grow better with techno music?
02:26 Future techno club banger, tell your children now and they will love you.
03:57 Noisey percussion is so 1990s although I was never a fan of "Friends" the TV Show.
04:45 What happens when you add a box of hammers and some old shoes to your washing machine?
05:38 The rave doesn't end when you go to bed, it just gets more wobbly when you're horizontal.
06:46 Corporate IDM for people who need really interesting electronic music at the office to annoy co-workers.
07:57 My best Drexciya impersonation, underwater is the new world.
09:45 The microwave is talking to you, this is not a trip.
10:31 Glam rock and techno finally merge now we can dance on the moon.
12:15 Sometimes the cheese you bite into is not all that pleasant.
13:05 Drunken military techno workout."

Additional Arturia Minifreak posts

PIRIN For Dreadbox Nymphes

video upload by Igor Leus

"Buy Sounds! -

PIRIN For Nymphes - is NatLife's first soundbank for a 6-voice analog synthesizer from Dreadbox.

The sounds were inspired by the majesty of the plateau of the same name. It's 49 rich, warm, and sharp sounds. Find here a full-color palette of patches, from deep Pads, rich Leads, sharp Plucks, ARP'egios Basslines, and incredible FXs from another dimension.

The sounds will perfectly fit any kind of music production. You can find it good for Cinema or Game soundtracks, same as for creating Melodic Techno or Trance music.

Just find the flight of your imagination with the sounds that were made inspired by the untouched nature of the high mountains!


Some presets used the built-in mono reverb. If you want to use your own external or software reverb, just disable the reverb with the command: 'Menu - 3' and all the reverb sliders down.

Installation instructions are included."

4ms MiniPEG Eurorack Module

video upload by NOISEBUG

"This entire patch is being driven and modulated by the 4ms MiniPEG module!

The Mini PEG is a clock-synced envelope generator and LFO whose envelope times are set by the time between clock pulses or 'pings'. The Mini PEG is the latest version of the classic 4ms Pingable Envelope Generator.


Envelope length set by incoming clocks or 'pings'
Ping button (tap tempo) or external clock/triggers set the envelope time
Div/Mult knob and CV jack divide and multiply ping clock from /32 to x16
Shape knob with full CV control for waveshaping the output envelope, includes various combinations of exponential, linear, logarithmic and interpolated curves
Cycle button and gate jack for looping envelopes
Scale knob acts as attenuating inverter for main envelope output
Maximum 9.5V peak-to-peak
Offset knob for setting DC offset, ranging from -9.4V to +9.4V
End-of-Fall (EOF) output jack goes high when envelope finishes a fall portion and low when envelope begins a fall portion
Jack can also be configured as End-of-Rise, Half-Rise, or Tap Clock Out
ENV OUT jack outputs scaled/offset envelope
5V ENV jack output always produces a 0V to +5V envelope, independent from scale/offset
Trigger jack starts or re-starts an envelope
Can be configured as Quantized Trigger, Async Trigger, or Async Gate
8HP Eurorack module

Mini PEG
8HP Eurorack format module
0.95” (24mm) maximum depth (includes power cable)
16-pin Eurorack power header
Power consumption
+12V: 55mA
-12V: 30mA
Envelope Outputs
Maximum voltage range (ENV OUT): -9.4V to +9.4V
Maximum amplitude (ENV OUT): 9.5Vpp
Voltage range (5V OUT): 0V to +5V
Frequency range: +/-0.1dB DC to 1kHz, -1.0dB@2.5kHz, -2.0dB@4kHz
12-bit, 40kHz sample rate
Clock Range
Period range: 29.16 hours to 250µs (4kHz)
CV Inputs (Div/Mult and Shape)
Voltage range: -5V to +5V
Gate Inputs (Ping, Trigger, Cycle)
Rising edge threshold: 2.5V"

Buchla texture

video upload by Todd Barton

"another exploration . . ."

Octave-Plateau Cat Stick - Vintage Analog Controller - NEW

via this auction

Additional Analog U.S Listings, also on eBay

"This one is new and has never been used. I bought some of these about 10 years ago from the guy who designed them and this is one of two left. These are rare and seldom come up. It comes in the original box and original paper back manual. There is "Turtle Beach" tape on the box (Octave Plateau later became Turtle Beach). As you may know, this unit has two LFOs and 4four VCAs. It works great with modular synthesizers. Please mail with any questions. Shipping to most countries."


via this auction

Additional Tone Tweakers Listings, also on Reverb

"This is a rare opportunity to buy printed materials that came in with one of the many rare and vintage synths or other pieces of electronic musical gear we normally buy, repair / restore and sell.

A few of the pages are torn in spots where they meet the spiral binding, there are some stains on the front cover that went through the first couple pages, an address written on the first page which could be Buchla’s address (not sure), and a parts list written in pencil on the back of the last page. It’s clearly a used manual with some wear and tear but is still perfectly readable and in good enough shape.

This item is used and is likely to show normal signs of use, which would mean wear and tear, perhaps some folded pages, and sometimes even some writing. Please see photos for condition."

ELECTRONIC MUSIC ALLEN STRANGE Vintage Modular Analog Synth Synthesizer TEXTBOOK

via this auction

Additional Tone Tweakers Listings, also on Reverb

"This was THE textbook for analog synthesis from back in the day (1972). It’s great if you want to better understand your analog modular and Eurorack synths. This one’s the second printing.

Overall, this book looks pretty good. There’s normal wear and tear, plus someone wrote their name at least 3 times in this book - twice on the front cover and again on the first page, you know, just in case a synth book thief tore off the front cover and didn’t notice it on the first page which would then essentially become the front cover. Comes with a folded, unused ARP 2600 front panel facsimile (blank patch sheet).

This listing is for used printed materials that came in with one of the many rare and vintage synths or other pieces of electronic musical gear we normally buy, repair / restore and sell."


via this auction

Additional Tone Tweakers Listings, also on Reverb

"This book was written by David Friend, Alan R Pearlman (ARP himself!) and Thomas D. Piggott and was meant to be an introduction to sound synthesis. It uses ARP Odyssey sound charts as examples but can be applied to most analog synthesizers, or even softsynths equivalents.

Front cover is in great shape but from the back and throughout the book, the pages are a little warped, most likely from moisture. No musty odor, and the pages arent stuck together or anything, so its perfectly readable. Someone cut the upper right corner of the first page (which only has the title of the book on it).

This listing is for used printed materials that came in with one of the many rare and vintage synths or other pieces of electronic musical gear we normally buy, repair / restore and sell."


via Tone Tweakers / 123synthland Listings

Note there are other manuals, synth books, and gear listed as well.

MOOG PRODIGY Analog Synthesizer Keyboard SN 1433

via this auction

Additional Tone Tweakers Listings, also on Reverb

"This unit was meticulously refurbished over approximately 10 hours and is clean inside and out and working perfectly. It will hopefully outlast others you may find. This work is justifiably reflected in our higher than usual price. You get what you pay for. We've also fallen in love with it and don't really want to sell it, but if someone else values it as much as we do, then we will. Note: several of the knobs have been replaced with reproductions that don't look exactly the same as the originals, though, as you can see, they look just fine."

1970's Yamaha SY-1 Monophonic Analog Synth

via this auction

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

"Super cool little analog preset synthesizer from Yamaha. It's a fun little machine, set it on top of your favorite organ or stage piano for a nostalgic ride into the 70s. Great working and cosmetic condition over all.

-Polyphony - Monophonic -Oscillators - 1 VCO -Filter - Low pass resonant analog filter (SY-2 adds a High pass resonant filter) -LFO - 1 LFO for Vibrato or Wah-Wah -VCA - Attack, Sustain (SY-2 adds Decay, Release) -Memory - 28 presets: Clarinet, Flute, Bassoon, French Horn, Bass Clarient, English Horn, Trombone, Trumpet, Saxophone, Oboe, Pizz Violin, Guitar, Hawaiian Guitar, Pizz Bass, Sousaphone, Wah Guitar, Bow Violin, Piano, Harpsichord, Contrabass, Tuba, Bass Guitar, Pulsar, Growlpet, Reed, Funny, Trumute, Double. -Keyboard - 37 keys with Aftertouch -Effects - Portamento, Attack Pitch/Tone Bend -Weight - 26 lbs. (12 kg)"

1970's Moog Micromoog (Serviced) SN 5435

via this auction

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

"1970's Moog Micromoog, just serviced by our in-house tech. Clean condition overall. One key has clearly been replaced as it's slightly discolored from the rest (just like your weird uncle Jim or Bob).

Service notes:

-Recapped power supply
-Cleaned/serviced and calibrated
-Cleaned buss bars and key contact assembly

Polyphony - Monophonic Oscillators - 1 VCO Memory - None Filter - 24 dB/oct lowpass (w/ ring modulation) VCA - 1 VCA w/ attack, decay, sustain, release Keyboard - 32 keys Arpeg/Seq - Sample & Hold Control - Moog 'Open System' Date Produced - 1975"

Dreadbox Typhon Desktop Analog Synthesizer w/ Original Box

via this auction

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

"Tested and in great working condition. USB powered, includes original box and USB cable."

Korg OPSIX Altered FM Synthesizer w/ Original Box

via this auction

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

E-MU Systems Audity 2000 (Model 9093)

via this auction

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

"Tested in great working condition, running OS Version 1.00. Includes AC power cable."

Novation Supernova Rack Synthesizer

via this auction

Moog Minimoog Voyager Performer Select Series "Solar" Synthesizer SN 2542 with Road Case

via this auction

"Functionally, it is in perfect condition; all keys / knobs / buttons / switches function as they should. Cosmetically, I would rate it as excellent, at about a 9 out of 10. Minor imperfections that would keep me from calling it “mint” condition are:
The pitch and mod wheels are backlit blue. Normally a Solar Edition would have these wheels backlit orange to match the panel. This is how it was when I originally bought it; not sure why, but I personally liked it better, so I kept it as is. Just worth mentioning, and doesn’t affect operation in any way.
There are scuff marks on the back of the side wood panels, from having it in a keyboard stand. Otherwise, the cabinet is perfect, with no cracks or scratches.
The silver inlays on a few of the knobs show some very minor oxidation. Again, nitpicking but I wanted to mention everything that's not perfect."

Miles Away: Why I Love The Oberheim OB-X8

video upload by Miles Away

"Oberheim is finally back after almost 40 years with the amazing OB-X8, one of the greatest polyphonic analog synthesizers ever made. This is my longest video yet, and hopefully it helps you learn about this amazing synth and its history. Feel free to use the chapters to skip around.

Purchase my Custom Synth Patches:

0:00 - Improvised Playing
1:34 - Introduction
2:00 - History of Oberheim
4:14 - Demo Song
5:30 - The Sound of Oberheim
6:19 - Skillshare
7:57 - Factory Presets
11:24 - Panel Overview & Tutorial; Oscillators
18:41 - Filter Section
26:30 - Envelopes & LFOs
31:21 - Control Parameters
34:55 - Arpeggiator & Lever Box
36:30 - Page 2 Panel Setting
37:07 - Split and Double Modes
40:52 - Advanced LFO Modulation Options
43:18 - Review; Pros
45:33 - Cons & Issues
48:01 - Closing thoughts
48:40 - Outro Jam"

This one was spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child.

Creative Drum Processing with Soundtoys

video uploads by soundtoys

"In this playlist, we explore the expressive power of percussive effects and focus on creative drum processing. Whether you want to spice up some TR-808 samples, transform a beat loop, or add analog flair to an acoustic drum kit, Soundtoys has the tools you need. Learn more and get inspiration to help you generate some new directions for drums."

Update: video descriptions & a couple of preset links added below.


Soundtoys: 70s Space Drum Phase Preset for Effect Rack
Get a preview of the "70s Space Drum Phase" preset for the Soundtoys Effect Rack and hear normal drums become into extraordinary drums.

Download the free preset:

Soundtoys Tutorial: Drum Destroy with EchoBoy
Learn to use EchoBoy as a saturator/drive plug-in to twist drums into something more.

Soundtoys: FF Kick Sub Preset for FilterFreak in Effect Rack
Get a preview of the "FF Kick Sub" preset for FilterFreak in Effect Rack.

Download the free preset to add boom to your kicks:

Soundtoys Tutorial: Delay Grooves in EchoBoy
Mitch shares some tips on creating new "grooves" with EchoBoy.

Make Noise XPO demo w/friends!

video upload by NOISEBUG

Arturia Tutorials | MiniFreak - Overview

video upload by Arturia

Also added to the main announcement post here, where you'll find additional demos and details on Arturia's new MiniFreak.

Arturia Augmented Grand Piano & Minilab MK3. Presets Demo

video upload by Anton Anru

"Arturia have just released Grand Piano [announcement post here], a part of Augmented series, and an updated version of Minilab MK3.
💽 The plugin offers absolutely amazing and beautiful presets, and a collection of diverse samples, acoustic and electronic, that can be combined and layered. The results are fantastic.

🎹 Minilab MK3 has significant updates. And the greatest one is the automatic mapping of the controllers for DAW or Arturia native plugins. The workflow is flawless, MK3 does the mapping job fluently. No more manual MIDI-learn!

💾 Presets for hardware synths:"

Arturia Synclavier V | Digital Pioneer | Fave Synth Sounds

video upload by Mamotreco

"Arturia dubs the Synclavier V (its softsynth emulation of the New England Digital Synclavier) a digital dream synthesizer. Here I play some sounds that stood out to me from the patch banks of this VST synth that is part of the current Arturia V Collection.
#digitalsynthesizer #arturia #synclavier
Note: I am not affiliated with Arturia. I bought Synclavier-V with my own money.

Current channel music compilation (20 tracks for a couple bucks total):
Previous music releases available here:"

NEW JMT SYNTH LD-1 Analog Drone & Noise Synthesizer

video upload by ozashikiTECHNO

"JMT SYNTH LD-1 Analog Synthesizer DEMO (No External Effects).
LD-1 is an analog drone & noise synthesizer with a handful of modulation sources, its own filter and delay."

October 18, 2022

video upload by John L Rice

"Simple workbench test: a Vermona meloDICER pattern generator playing an Two Of Cups sample player. The output is piped into a Strymon BigSky reverb pedal via a Strymon AA.1 level adapter module."

Roland Boutique JD-08 sequencer: a closer look

video upload by Floyd Steinberg

"Here's a closer look at the #rolandboutique #jd08 's #sequencer, which might be more capable than you expected. Thanks to @VolcaNiced for lending me his Arturia Microfreak! Table of contents:

00:00 hello
00:17 overview
00:36 choosing a sequence slot
00:48 choosing patches
01:02 use the step keys as a keyboard for playing
01:35 saving a sequence
01:58 recording with the step sequencer
04:13 real time recording
04:30 changing the sequence length
05:13 recording automation
05:54 copy & paste
06:37 switching sequences while playing
07:09 swing, reverse, random notes
07:50 controlling external gear
08:03 other things to consider
08:24 demonstration on JD-08 and Arturia Microfreak
10:53 bye-bye


Modal Minute - Distortion FX on COBALT8 V2 + ARGON8 V3 Updates

video upload by Modal Electronics

"This short video covers a new feature in the V3 firmware for ARGON8 and V2 firmware for COBALT8 – the new Distortion FX. They include 4 distortion algorithms, each with mono and stereo variants, Soft Clip, Hard Clip, Rectify and Fold."

Moby Dick Theme with the Roland M-VS1 "Vintage Synth" module

video upload by RetroSound

"(c)2007-22 by RetroSound
supported by UVI:

❤️ Support #RetroSound​ channel:

One of my favorite classic movie themes.
'Moby Dick' written by Philip Sainton (1956)

all sounds: Roland M-VS1 Vintage Synth Module (1995)
recording: multi-track, played by hand

The Roland M-VS1 Vintage Synth module is one of my workhorses. Very good sounds of the most classic synths.
Here can you find the full playlist:"

FM Sinus Lab Wavefolder & DDK Dual Decay by Blue Lantern Modules || Full Walkthrough and Demo

video upload by Robots Are Red

"In this video we take a look at the Wavefolder FM Sinus Lab, and the Dual Decay module DDK, by Blue Lantern Modules.

00:00 - Opening
00:14 - Introduction
01:29 - FM Sinus Lab Wavefolder
08:00 - DDK Dual Decay VCA
14:44 - Some Music"

"MINT" ARP Odyssey MKIII 2823

via this auction

"Seriously you will not find a better one, people think it’s a new Korg ARP... Serviced last year, no issues."

Viscount Oberheim OB-12 Virtual Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Korg Mono/Poly Analog Synthesizer w/ Original Box

via this auction

Roland GR-500 Guitar Synthesizer w/ Original Box

via this auction

BASTL Instruments Kastle V1.5 Mini Modular Synthesizer W. 3D Waves Stand/Case!

via this auction

Looks like a little crate stand.

You can find demos of the Kastle V1.5 in previous posts here. It was introduced in 2017.

Casio SK-100 49-Key Sampling Keyboard

via this auction

You can find a demo of one here, and additional mentions here.

"A bigger version of the classic SK-1 sampling keyboard with more sounds and features but with the same lo-fi goodness. A really fun keyboard with tons creative potential! The synth is in great condition and all keys, buttons, and sampling features function as they should. The keyboard operates on 6 AA batteries or an optional power supply. Also comes with a gig bag!"

Ableton Introduces Note for iOS

video upload by Ableton

"Learn about Note, a playable iOS app for forming musical ideas. Build beats, capture melodies, and sample the world around you. When you’re ready to take your ideas further, export your Set to Ableton Cloud and continue working in Live.

Learn more:
Download the app:" Is Ableton Note as close as we'll get to Live on an iPad? Here's what it can and can't do...
video upload by MusicRadar Tech

"After years of speculation, Ableton have released their first iOS app, Note. But this isn't exactly the iPad/iPhone version of Live some imagined. In this video we explore what Note is – and isn't – and ask if this is a must have for music makers."

"Start new musical ideas with a curated selection of sounds and effects. Play beats and melodic parts, sample your world, and continue your tracks in Ableton Live.

Note is a place to form ideas, experiment with sounds and find direction. Get your ideas out or play until inspiration hits using a selection of Ableton Live’s drum kits, synths and melodic instruments. Or create your own sound palette by recording the sounds around you into Note’s sampler instruments using your phone’s microphone.

If you want to take your ideas further, use Ableton Cloud to send your projects to Live without leaving the app. Open your project from Live’s browser, then keep working – you can edit all your MIDI notes, and all your samples and sounds from Note are exactly the same.

Begin with a beat:
• Choose from 56 Drum Sampler kits
• Tap out a beat using the 16-pad grid
• Quantize your beat to fix any loose timing
• Nudge notes to correct mistakes
• Add more layers of rhythm
• Create beat repetitions with Note Repeat
• Change parameters to shape your sound
• Experiment with effects

Start with a melody:
• Choose from 261 synth sounds and 36 Melodic Sampler instruments
• Play your melody or chord progression with either the 25-pad grid or the piano roll
• Set a key and scale to get instantly harmonic results, or leave your options open
• Overdub more layers of harmony
• Change parameters to shape your sound
• Add effects to experiment with sound design

Sample your environment:
• Create your own kits by recording percussive sounds into Note’s Drum Sampler
• Record tonal sounds to create your own Melodic Sampler instruments
• Manipulate your samples by cutting, filtering or repitching them
• Shape or transform your sounds with effects

Capture improvisations:
• Play something, then tap the Capture button to keep it
• Play at the tempo that feels comfortable and Note will detect it
• Note will recognize the length of the phrase
• A loop is created automatically
• Quantize it, add to it, or change the sound

Create variations:
• Note features a grid-based Session View layout
• Double your loops to create variation within clips
• Duplicate your clips and create different versions of your ideas
• Create eight tracks with up to eight clips on eight scenes
• Try different layer combinations and song structures
• Export your work in Session View as an audio file to listen and share"

Introducing The BigSky Plugin From Strymon

video upload by strymon

"Introducing the new BigSky multidimensional reverb plugin, a direct port of our iconic hardware reverb that has a reserved space on the pedalboards of some the top guitarists on the planet. With 12 hand-tuned algorithms, world-class sound quality, a dynamically simple interface and those amazing tails, you can now run as many BigSky's in your session as you'd like. Join Strymon's Sean Halley as he outlines why It's the New Way To Sky."

Learn more at"

12 Unique Reverb Machines
Feel the mechanical tension of the Spring reverbs. Hear the floating particles of the Cloud machine. Create deep, majestic harmonies with Shimmer. BigSky gives you twelve stellar, musically inspirational reverb machines.

Super Hybrid | TAL-Sampler pack Vol.7 | Ready for download

video upload by Espen Kraft

"94 brand new presets for the TAL-sampler. Sounds from the Memorymoog, the MFB Dominion 1 and the Waldorf MicroWaveXT. The perfect trilogy of analog and digital sounds, ready to go into your own music and productions. Patches that sound like old 80s classic sampler presets.

Get the patches here:

Contact me directly if you want a nice bundled price on multiple packs!

The Memorymoog - Hailed as one of the most epic and lush analog synths ever made. From the early 80s.
MFB Dominion 1 - A monophonic analog synth with a stellar quality in terms of bass, power and programmability.
The Waldorf MicroWaveXT - A sequel of sorts, to the MicroWave and PPG. Wavetable synths, with smoothness and grit, combined.

As I always do with these TAL-sampler packs, I've restricted the use of multi samples within a patch. The TAL-sampler excel at emulating different ADCs (analog to digital converting) from old 80s samplers and as such it's important to have the sampler engine pitch samples down, to get THAT 80s sound.

The Yamaha DX9 in the video is of course just used as a master keyboard.
The drums in the first part of the video are coming from my 'The Ultimate Italo Disco / Synth-Pop Sample Pack'."

Yamaha Sessions | Drift-Lab

video upload by Yamaha Synths Official

"Enjoy this Yamaha Sessions performance from Drift-Lab. Drift-Lab is a group of musicians who are all masters of their craft in their own right and when placed together in this group are able to produce some of the most captivating and inspiring displays of musicianship out there today.

Drift-Lab consists of Manuele Montesanti (Synthesizers, Keys & programming), Matteo Mancuso (guitar), Federico Malaman (bass guitar), and Daniele Chiantese (drums).

Song List
1. M-I-M-M-A 00:00
2. King of Nothing 04:21
3. My OS 09:32

Drift-Lab came into existence as the brainchild of sound designer, composer and Yamaha Artist Manuele Montesanti. His love for creating progressive compositions that fluidly cross boundaries, paired with his outstanding musicianship, led to him making the basis for what would become the Drift-Lab as featured in this session.

Now joined by like-minded creative and virtuoso musicians to complete this band, Drift-Lab has been creating together and is ready to bring their music that blends jazz, rock and fusion to the world. More information:"

Modal Electronics Argon8 Factory Patch Bank Demos Firmware V3

video upload by Nicolas Melis

"Modal Electronics Argon8 Factory Patch Bank Demos Firmware v3
Favorite presets

This one is for sale :

0:00 - 0:19. 00 phat phaze
0:20 - 0:49. 24 analog rev3
0:50 - 1:10. 70 caverns
1:11 - 1:36. 16 wehvexplosiv3
1:37 - 2:04. 55 rhythmo pad
2:05 - 2:36. 65 dancer n phaser
2:37 - 3:34 02 zimmersound
3:35 - 4:07. 19 chemical symphon
4:08 - 4:43. 13 voice june
4:44 - 5:11. 41 phase skiper"

via this auction

How to make modern techno lo-end rumble bass with GHOST by ENDORPHINES xANDREW HUANG eurorack module

video upload by

"It is a million dollars question of modern TECHNO music making how to produce a really strong and authentic low-frequency rumbling bass.
Now you do not have to spend days in your DAW checking the plugins and polishing your perfect kick-and-bass rumble. Check out this GHOST production in eurorack format - it will save your time and will make your music creation more enjoyable."


The Polykit X1 DIY Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer

video upload by Polykit

Follow-up to Prototype of a PATCHABLE analog SYNTHESIZER

"The Polykit X1 - a DIY semi-modular, analog synthesizer. It is based on the voice card I’ve build over the last months. It brings out all parameters of the card and offers a lot of variations through patching.

I've been so happy with the outcome of the voice card for a polyphonic synth that I've build an interface for a single card. It holds jacks for control voltages and signals, pots for all parameters, switches for filter responses, utility circuits and a power supply. It is the first time I used SMD components for all major parts.

You can find all needed files to build one yourself on my GitHub site

0:00 - Intro
0:57 - Design Process / SMD
1:46 - Specs of the Voice Card
2:16 - Specs of the Semi Modular Interface
3:00 - Patching Details
8:26 - Other Controls
8:57 - Conclusion

Ambient techno track: Basimilus Iteritas Alter, Manis Iteritas, Imitor/Desmodus Versio, Polyend Seq

video upload by Thoow

"Finally a new Desmodus Versio is back in my rack. Now Imitor Versio and Desmodus Versio are united again after months of separation. Such a strong duo...

In this patch I sequenced Erica Synths Bassline, Basimilus Iteritas Alter, and Manis Iteritas with the Polyend Seq. The later two are then send through the Erica Synths Fusion VCF3 filter into Imitor Versio and Desmodus Versio. All modules are heavily modulated by different LFOs. Again I use the O_C to randomly filter out certain triggers for Basimilus Iteritas Alter, and Manis Iteritas. The chance parameter is also modulated by an LFO."

Augmented GRAND PIANO | Acoustic Instruments Reinvented | ARTURIA

video upload by Arturia

"Augmented GRAND PIANO delivers a multitude of expressive, contemporary, and abstract piano sounds, beautifully recorded, fused with cutting-edge synthesis, and brought to life with powerful modulation & expression tailor-made for modern composers & producers.

Augmented GRAND PIANO →
💥 Exclusive Intro Price Until November 3rd"

New Arturia MiniFreak & MiniLab 3 Post Updates

This is just a heads up for those who saw the posts before the updates, new videos have been added to each post:

Arturia Introduces MiniFreak 6-voice Algorithmic Synthesizer

Arturia Introduces MiniLab 3 Next Gen Plug-and-Play MIDI Controller

Other posts will be going up shortly. New videos for each will be going up in separate posts with links back to the announcement posts. It's the nature of the internet. Thing get published sporadically and I do my best to keep you all informed.

Arturia Introduces MiniFreak 6-voice Algorithmic Synthesizer

MiniFreak | Algorithmic Synthesizer | ARTURIA video upload by Arturia

Tutorials | MiniFreak - Overview

video upload by Arturia

"In this tutorial, take a tour through MiniFreak's features, hidden talents, and wild sounds, as Matt Pike gives you the lowdown on the 6-voice hybrid #polysynth that's out to break all the rules.

00:00 Intro
01:03 Presets Playing
02:27 Oscillators
03:40 Virtual Analog Engine
04:41 FM Engine
05:50 FM Modulation
07:04 Analog Filter
07:35 Modulation Matrix
10:13 Digital Effects
12:02 Sliders
13:30 Sequencer & Arpeggiator
14:51 Sound Edit & Utilities" Arturia MiniFreak: 5 things you need to know (+ no-talking sound demo)
video upload by MusicRadar Tech

Review: Arturia MiniFreak // vs MicroFreak // Everything covered, including almost all 256 presets

video upload by loopop

0:00 Intro
1:25 vs MicroFreak
6:30 Connectivity
7:35 Workflow
8:55 Osc controls
10:30 Osc 1 engines
14:05 Audio in
14:30 Oscillator 2
15:05 FM/RM
16:05 Digital filters
19:00 Destroy frog
19:50 Analog filter
21:30 Digital FX
25:40 Envelopes
27:45 LFOs
29:05 Waveshaping
30:20 LFO as env
30:40 Vibrato LFO
31:10 Mod matrix
34:00 Macros
34:55 Arpeggiator
38:10 Spice & dice
39:10 Sequencer
43:40 Automation
45:45 Voice modes
46:40 Paraphony
48:20 Chord & scale
48:44 Hidden gems
50:10 Pros & cons
53:50 Almost all 250 presets!

Arturia MiniFreak - First Look - Sonic LAB

video upload by sonicstate

"Today's the day for the big Arturia announcements - and the one we have most experience of is the new MiniFreak which is an expanded MicroFreak - (the Algorithmic Synthesizer with multiple oscillator types).

The MiniFreak doubles up the Oscillators to two - with 20 oscillator types on board, keeps the multi-mode analog filter and adds 3, quality, digital FX. It also has a physical 37 key keybed (short travel) with aftertouch. There's two control strips which can do pitch/mod or macro 1/2, each with four destinations or a sequencer/gate control for the on board sequencer.

It also comes with a free VST version MiniFreak V

We fully confess that we didn't get the time to do the full review in time for this deadline, but first impressions are pretty positive."

arturia minifreak performance

video upload by Red Means Recording Ambient

"first time performing with the arturia minifreak. this is the patch 'Trent's Pno' I made for the factory presets. this is also the last patch in my current house, as i will be moving. see you in november!"

@Arturia MiniFreak Introduction, Unboxing & Demo | No Talking
video upload by DKS SYNTH LAB

Priced at 599€ / $599, available today.

See the dealers on the right for availibility.

via Arturia

Arturia expands wild hybrid synth range with 6-voice MiniFreak

MiniFreak is a polyphonic hybrid keyboard that combines two digital sound engines with warm analog filters, playful modulation, spontaneous sequencing, and rich stereo effects for sounds that are immediately curious, beautiful, and chaotic in equal measure.

Hybrid polysynth power
MiniFreak’s twin digital sound engines feature over 20 modes, and can be used individually, stacked, or to process each other’s output for unique compound sonic behavior. Its digital voices then collide with analog filters, balancing digital crispness with a rich analog response, complete with 6-voice polyphony, 12-voice paraphony, monophonic, and unison configurations.

Customizable & experimental sound design
MiniFreak’s expanded modulation matrix gives users even more control over shaping, transforming, and evolving their sound, with features like polyphonic ADSR envelopes, customizable multi-segment LFO shapes, FM & Ring Modulation, and the familiar Spice & Dice randomization.

Mix-ready stereo sound
With stereo outputs and 3 digital FX slots with 10 FX types to choose from, users will have everything they need to push their sound over the edge while keeping it mix-ready, from stereo-enhancing chorus, to surgical 3-band EQ, to gritty distortion.

Expression, meet chaos
Despite its penchant for wild & exploratory sound design, MiniFreak is an instrument of expression. Its velocity-sensitive 37-note keybed with aftertouch and spontaneous Seq/Arp functionality makes it a dream to perform with, while its randomization features put playfulness first.

MiniFreak V
MiniFreak comes with a dedicated VST counterpart, letting users totally integrate its unique hybrid sound and presets into their DAW productions and vice versa. Using identical sound engines, modeled filters, presets, and totally synchronized controls, users can enjoy an identical experience in hardware or software form.

And the press pics.

Click on each to zoom in.

Arturia Introduces MiniLab 3 Next Gen Plug-and-Play MIDI Controller

video upload by Arturia

MiniLab 3 | Universal MIDI Controller | ARTURIA
Tutorials | MiniLab 3 - Overview
Tutorials | MiniLab 3 - Using Analog Lab
MiniLab 3 | How To Get Started
MiniLab 3 | How To Control Ableton Live
MiniLab 3 | How To Control Reason
MiniLab 3 | How To Control Bitwig
MiniLab 3 | How To Control FL Studio
MiniLab 3 | How To Use Chord Mode & the Arpeggiator

Arturia Minilab MK3 // with Ableton Live & Analog Lab // vs competition // Review & tutorial

video upload by loopop

0:00 Intro
1:15 Overview
4:30 Chord mode
5:00 Arpeggiator
7:00 Analog lab
10:30 Preset FX
11:00 Multis
11:30 DAWs
12:10 Ableton
13:20 Live looping
14:00 Devices
14:45 Config
16:00 Ports
16:25 Pros & cons
19:00 More info

@Arturia Minilab MK3 Introduction + Demo | No Talking |

video upload by DKS SYNTH LAB"

"MiniLAB 3 is a compact MIDI keyboard & pad controller that lets users make music, right out the box. With a creative plug-and-play workflow, versatile assignable controls, 500 curated sounds from Analog Lab"s massive library, and a bundle of world-class creative software, MiniLAB 3 is designed to finally help beginners and professionals to get truly immersed in their music creation flow, whatever their style."

Priced at 599€ / $599. Available today.

See the dealers on the right for availability.

via Arturia

The universal music-making controller
MiniLab 3 is a next-generation plug-and-play MIDI controller that combines a great-feeling keyboard, flexible pads, faders, and knobs, and a premium software bundle with seamless DAW integration that lets users get creative right out the box.

Hands-on, easy to use
From the great-feeling keyboard, to the pads & faders directly integrated with Analog Lab & your DAW, to the real-time mini display, every aspect of MiniLab 3 is designed to be intuitive, expressive, and a joy to use - for beginners and pros alike.

Creative features
Enjoy a workflow that aids the creative process, with features like a built-in arpeggiator, Chord mode, custom DAW presets, and easy transposition. Making music has never been so accessible.

Portable, compatible design
MiniLab 3 is built to fit seamlessly into any setup, from bedroom to stage, with its compact & lightweight design, MIDI output, and USB-C connectivity. It even has custom scripts for DAW integration with Ableton Live, FL Studio, Logic, Bitwig, and Reason.

Creative software included
On top of a world-class MIDI controller, users get a full package of premium music-making software, from an industry-standard DAW to well over 500 synth & keyboard presets:

Analog Lab Intro
Ableton Live Lite
UVI Model D
Native Instruments The Gentleman
Loopcloud sample packs & subscription
Melodics subscription

The world’s first eco designed MIDI keyboard
MiniLab 3 is built with longevity and sustainability in mind. A reliable & rugged design with better components means this controller goes the distance, complete with a 5-year warranty. And with minimum 50% recycled plastic, less waste production, and 100% recyclable packaging, MiniLab 3 is helping reduce our carbon footprint.

Note the model to the left with all black keys. It was the only pic of it included in the press pics that follow.

Click on each to zoom in.


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