MATRIXSYNTH: Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Tuesday, September 05, 2023

The caverns of hell | Prophet 08 soundscape

video upload by MIDERA

"I think the Prophet 08 is the one of the best DSI synths (my opinion is incoming). It's better than the REV2 for sure, which seems to share a hardness with the Prophet 12. A stiffness? I don't know. It has something I just don't like. The Prophet 08 and Poly Evolver seem to have been saved of this strange sensation. However, the Poly Evolver, specifically MY Poly Evolver, has been a bit problematic since I got it. First, the encoders were bad, so I needed to use deoxit on them. After 4 months, I needed to do it again. However, I decided to replace all of the encoders with 'clicky' detented encoders, the correct ones as described by Sequential via email, since they no longer had the potentiometer edition boards available. I spent about 10 hours replacing all of the encoders. What I learned was that the encoders actually take 2-4 clicks to make a change. This is frustrating because I don't think it is the correct encoders (DSI has not admitted this to me, stating that these are correct). Either they have different number of detents or something about the specifications are wrong - or it's right and they never fixed how the OS views the detents. Either way - it annoys me, making the interface frustrating.

As for the REV2 and Prophet 12, I just never got or never get tones like these. Audio Mod acts very differently in the P12 than the P08 and PE. I don't know why, but they are very different.

Anyway, I do wish I had the regular PE edition of the Poly Evolver... but I'm tempted to just sell it, because I'm too annoyed with myself and the amount of work I did to make it almost as frustrating as before and the Prophet 08 is a joy to use. I could sit in front of this thing for hours and play it. It just does a lot of things right. I wonder who on the team was working there when the P08 came out, and if they left afterwards. I thought the next thing out was the Prophet 12... I don't know.

Strymon Volante and Eventide Blackhole VST used in this track."

Sequential Prophet-5 Demos by Timm Johannes Brockmann

video upload by Timm Johannes Brockmann


1. Sequential Prophet-5 | Valhalla Supermassive
This is a quick improvisation to demonstrate the majestic side of the Prophet-5, soaked in the Supermassive reverb from Valhalla.
2. Sequential Prophet-5 | Roland JD-990 | valhalla supermassive --- Glassy shimmering evolving pads
In this video, the Prophet-5 is played and sends it´s MIDI notes via the MIDI Out to the Roland JD-990. You get a beautiful layering with a shimmering pad from the JD-990.
3. Nord Piano 5 || Sequential Prophet-5 || LAYERED
In this video, the Sequential Prophet-5 is adding some notes to a repetitive pattern on the Nord Piano 5.

Recorded in Logic Pro X with additional effects.

Logic Pro + Novation Peak - in the studio - finding sounds and layers

video upload by Elskavon

"I'm way too obsessed with stereo-heavy chorusy synth arps. I guess there could be worse obsessions in life."

Bastl 1983 & Synthstrom Deluge

video upload by Easy Tiger

"I'm jamming with a semi random setup using the Bastl 1983 and the Synthstrom Deluge.

I explain how I have everything connected and then go on to jam for a bit.
If you're only here for the music got to around 4:00"


video upload by LESINDES


Hacking thru the instrument for the first time.

Limited tweaking but very pleasant analog sound of all instruments.

Unfortunatley as you can see was the sturdy RITMOBOX damaged on transport due to back packaging. The shaft of the volume pot was bent. Fortunately the RITMOBOX is a solid beast with its pots screwed to the surface. Otherwise the pot would have broken out of the board. As a result of the shock 4 multipurpose button caps fell off their sockets. A hefty violent shaking is necessary that they leave their positions."

Modular Synthesizer Voltage Controlled Amplifier

video upload by George Benton

"Continuing the build by adding the Voltage Controlled Amplifier and tying it in with the ADSR and GATE. The Q108 and Q158 are both listed on the website with specs etc."

Allemande (Disting EX's Poly Wavetable)

video upload by Electrum Modular

"I've been working on the Allemande from J. S. Bach's French Suite No. 4 in E-flat, BWV 815, and was frustrated that I couldn't hear all those long, held notes. Rather than select one of its cheesy organ presets, I decided to connect the piano to my (smaller) Eurorack case. It worked well with all of the polyphonic algorithms on the Disting EX, but the Poly Wavetable gives you the most options for using keyboard velocity not just to control volume but also to shape the timbre - via filter cutoff, wavetable position, etc. I set the envelope times/levels/curves so that the held notes would remain audible, but in the background.

Here is how I connected the piano to the modular: USB Midi cable - DOREMIDI midi host - 5-pin MIDI cable - TRS adaptor cable - MIDIXO breakout, which connected to the rear of the Disting via 4-pin ribbon cable. If there's a more direct way to connect them, please let me know in the comments!

Further patch notes in the video.

Other gear used:
ALM's Pamela's New Workout
Mutable Instruments' Beads
Tesseract's Sweet Sixteen
Expert Sleeper's Disting Mk4
Intellijel's Out

EQ and compression in Logic Pro

Keywords: #eurorack #modular #piano #Bach"

New Gimme Some Snare Drum Module from BLM

video upload by flavio mireles

Modules used in the demo:
BLM Scope
Acid n SOns VCF
Braids Blue Lantern Version
Arturia Beat Step Pro for Sequences
LML VCO for modulation

Available on Reverb

MODEL: BLM GS-SNARE, Gimme Some Snare

WIDTH: 16hp

CURRENT: +107mA,-97mA

Price $245.00

What does this do?
This is a mini analog synthesizer that produces snare drum sounds. Inspiration was taken from the 5U Cor Synth DR02 module. Only the flow chart was studied and used to create this BLM product. VCV Rack was also used to simulate and test the building blocks.

Most of the circuits contained in this product are from other blue lantern module designs.

Some of the building blocks:

-2 1V/Octave Triangle Core VCO's
-2 Sine Wave Shapers
-4 Envelope Generator
-White Noise Generator
-High Pass Filter
-Tone Filter
-2 VCA's

The goal of this module was to recreate some of the more exotic electronic snare sounds.
Your not getting another Roland 'TR' module with the Gimme Some Snare Drum. All the building blocks contain
full analog circuitry, like OTA chips, and Op-amps. No vintage transistor based (Bridge T Oscillator) circuits are used in this product.

The best description I can give you inquiring what the kind of snare drum sounds this module can produce is something comparable to: an Electribe Korg ER-1, Simmons Snare Drum, and the Mattel Synsonics.

E-MU Emax II & Sequential TOM drum machine | Ideas in the night

video upload by Espen Kraft

"The E-MU Emax II and Sequential TOM drum machine making some 80s magic happening.
This video is a short edit from my longer TOM video where I also go through different cartridges with drum sounds. This is live midi sequenced while I play on top. Drum pattern is 'Eyes without a face'."

GRP-A1 Lead like Moog - Audio only

video upload by MrSynthmania

"This is the GRP-A1 playing a typical Moog Leadsound. Bassline comes from the Moog Grandmother and the Drums are taken from a Roland TR-8S. Other Synthesizer used are the Korg Wavestate and a Roland Juno 106. For FX the Eventide Blackhole is used as VST-Plugin."

Non-Linear Memory Machine by Holocene Electronics

video upload by Stazma

"Today I'll be showing you the Non-Linear Memory Machine (NLMM for short), a stereo digital delay with pitch, freeze and granular functions. I had a great fun trying out this module, many thanks to @holocene_electronics for sending this to me to make this demo."

via Holocene Electronics

"The Non-Linear Memory Machine is an audio buffer device. Set to a short buffer length, the NLMM is capable of creating alien phaser sounds to reverb and delays. While in a longer buffer length Frippertronics / time lag accumulator style looping is available.



Controls the delay time of the signal. The delay time can span from a few milliseconds to up to 15 seconds, depending on the buffer length. Unlike analog delays like tape or BBD delays, when modulated the pitch of the signal does not drift. Instead, it compresses and expands time in interesting textures via a custom time-stretching algorithm. When activating Freeze via the freeze switch, this knob functions as the play head's position within the buffer.


Randomizes the Time/Scrub control, adding random jitters to the position of the playhead and diffuses the signal in a way that can be utilized as a pseudo reverb effect. (experiment with the Time/Scrub knob and Feedback knob to create glitchy reverbs.)


Pitch shifts the signal +- 1 octave. This knob snaps to perfect 5ths and an octave but you can dial it in between intervals. Nice crunchy aliasing when pitch shifting is applied.


Crossfades between the dry signal and processed wet signal.


Feedbacks the delayed signal back into the input. Set it up to 4’o’clock when in Medium or Long mode to experiment with TLA or Frippertronic style looping.


Switch between delay ranges according to the list below.

\SHORT – 20ms ~ 320ms

\\MEDIUM – 320ms ~ 1.6sec

\\\LONG – 1.45sec ~ 15sec


The Freeze switch acts like an infinite sustain pedal, but you can also scrub through the buffer with the time/scrub knob when activated. Red means recording, and unlit means the buffer is frozen / not recording. Great for practicing scales or droning away."

Yacht - devlog #2

video upload by hügelton Instruments

"Yacht is sequencer app for Panic Playdate.
devlog #2: drums and UI planning"

Cableguys Introduces FilterShaper XL

video upload by Cableguys

"Try FilterShaper XL: – INTRO PRICE €49 / $49 + Upgrades. [there is also a Free trial]

FilterShaper XL is here! In this tutorial, Joe Rossitter at Cableguys shows you how to skyrocket your sound design with this massively modulatable dual filter plugin.


FilterShaper XL is a modern reboot of our dedicated dual filter plugin FilterShaper 3. Take a giant leap into unconventional sound design with two powerful filters, new juicy multistage drive, an immensely flexible modulation framework, and world-class Cableguys filter DSP under the hood.

Go nuts with FilterShaper XL’s mind-boggling modulation options, including a whopping 60 LFOs and 50 Envelope Followers. Draw your own modulation shapes in seconds with Cableguys’ easy LFO editing. Apply subtle nuances or giant wobbles, stepped rhythms or silky-smooth sweeps."

Strymon El Capistan Sound Demo (no talking) with Twisted Electrons MEGAfm Synthesizer

video upload by Limbic Bits

0:00 Lead
0:56 Pad
2:03 Pluck Sequence
3:17 Dub Chords

Roland RS-202

via this auction

Additional Nightlife Electronics Listings


via this auction

"One of Korg's first polyphonic instruments, very unusually for a 70s paraphonic/polyphonic synth from the 70s it has a separate oscillator per key.

It truly is fully polyphonic in the note creation department and you can create different tunings for each octave if you wish."

See the recent deep dive demo of one posted here.

Creamware Minimax ASB

via this auction

Destiny Plus 16Psyche - complex analog modular synth

via this auction

Demo in the listing previously posted here. You can find additional demos and details on the 16 Psyche in previous posts here.

Roland System 100m 160 SN 00002

via this auction

"This is one of the rarest if not THE rarest System 100m production run module Roland made. This is serial #00002. I have no idea how this works, and based on online discussion, it is a bit of a mystery. Yes, the price is $5000USD, but the price of the 165, 172, 173,174, 182 have all gone sky high in the last few years. I figure this is worth more, just based on rarity alone. This is a collectors item, not something that I figure is actually usable in today's world. My exact module was featured in '50 years of Roland History' book."

Maestro TH-1 Theremin Synth

via this auction

"Experience the unique sound of the Maestro TH-1 Theremin Synthesizer. This vintage instrument is perfect for musicians looking to experiment with unconventional sounds. The TH-1 model features synth keys that allow for even more creative control in your music.

This Maestro synthesizer is a must-have for any serious musician's collection. The instrument has been previously owned, but has been well-maintained and is in great working condition. Its unique sound and vintage appearance will add a touch of character to any musical performance."

You can find the TH1 demo record posted here. According to this previous listing it was designed by Bob Moog.

Tom Scott - DESIRE - Soprano Saxophone - by John Stefan - Yamaha WX5 wind synthesizer - EWI

video upload by John Stefan

"Tom Scott - Soprano Saxophone - Smooth Jazz - Jazz-Fusion

This Jazz-fusion song was composed, recorded and performed by Tom Scott in 1982. Tom Scott was and still is one of the greatest saxophone players of our generation.

***Performed by John Stefan on the Yamaha WX5 Wind Synthesizer using the soprano sax, muted trumpet instruments from the Yamaha VL70-m Tone Generator plus near the end, I over-dubbed the trumpet & trombone instruments."


video upload by murratti 127

bass drum • mosaic alan , pique, morcom, enigma • after later audio
roucha legio, yester versio • noise engineering
switch 4 • joranalogue
Boundary • schlappi engineering
kermit mk3 • industrial music
mimeophone, maths • make noise
night rider, M185, vector wave • ryk
passive LPG • intellijel
motion MTR • molten modular
Hope you like this video! Comments welcome!

6 Useful tools you can make with VCAs

video upload by Monotrail Tech Talk

"‘You can never have enough VCAs’, is a classic slogan. But why? In this video I demonstrate 6 tools you can patch up yourself using just a couple of VCAs and some basic tools. Those are the panner, crossfader, voltage controlled polarizer or ring modulator, simple logic, and voltage controlled mixer.


00:00 – Intro
01:11 – Panner
04:03 – Crossfader
07:17 – VC Polarizer & ringmod
10:32 – Simple logic
13:54 – VC Mixing"

The wonderful world of gain staging, or: how to balance your Eurorack signals

video upload by Frap Tools

"Today we'll introduce the topic of gain staging because yes. We'll explore the concepts of gain versus volume, headroom, and saturation. We'll also do some examples, like how to interface a modular synth with guitar pedals and how to interface a guitar with a modular synthesizer. At the end, a bonus tip on saturation.

00:00 Introduction: unity gain, saturation, gain, volume
03:11 Example 1: modular synthesizer through guitar pedals
05:36 Example 2: guitar through modular synthesizer
06:57 What is headroom? A demonstration with the Frap Tools CGM Eurorack mixer
13:13 Headroom and saturation when mixing multiple sources
15:53 "Wrong" mixing: feedback and no-input mixing board (bonus tips)"


video upload by ELTA music

"SOLAR 42 is a unique experimental electro-music instrument, an analogue microtonal ambient drone machine. It will inspire you to find a new and spontaneous approach to composing music. No midi, no presets.
The instrument is oriented for live performances, creating film soundtracks, theatre soundtracks, atmospheric sounds, microtonal and background music. It is an improved version of the older SOLAR 50 model. The instrument was inspired by early electronic musical instruments of the 1920s and 1950s, notably Leo Theremin's «Harmonium» instrument, as well as science fiction film soundtracks.
The SOLAR 42 does not look like a classic synthesiser, which may confuse the user as it looks very complicated. In fact, it is easy to use. It has 8 voices as separate blocks, a mixer with pan and double effector, and various CV blocks.

Two volt octave morphing VCO voices
Multifunctional touch sensitive keypad controller.
Six drone voices with separate push-button keypad
Two white noise generators,
Two S&H generators
Five LFO generators,
5 step sequencer,
CV Joystick
Preamp for contact mic + envelope follower
Stereo mixer with panoramic left and right channels
Dual POLIVOKS filter
Dual cartridge effector combiner with CV control. Now you can load a different effect on each channel.
Stereo audio output. Dry audio outputs volt octave voices. External audio input.

WEIGHT 5,4 KG (11,9 lb)
SIZE length 49,5 cm x depth 32 cm x height 2,9 cm (5,6 cm height including potentiometer knobs)
SOLAR SET - SOLAR 42, infinity cartridge, DC 12V2A power supply, user manual, 5 minijack patches, sticker pack.

The music is recorded in one take and one track. Without any processing and external effects.

Pre-order at"

Additional Posts

L Fusion Modular - Level 4 - Eurorack Live Performance

video upload by LFusion Electronics

"Eurorack live performance by L-Fusion Electronics with styles ranging from electro, rave, ambient and experimental techno. Produced using analog L-Fusion eurorack modules, including:

Two Dual Triangle Core VCOs:

Mixer and distortion module:

As well as 4 - 24db multimode filters, quad VCA, ring modulator and may others which are still in production.

For best sonic experience use headphones or hi-fi speakers."

Arturia Matrix 12 V - Sound Bank '85

video upload by Polydata

"The last great analog polysynth. The Oberheim Matrix-12 was a masterpiece of sound and engineering, and the Arturia Matrix-12 V is the only plug-in emulating this landmark instrument.

A bank of 30 patches drawing inspiration from synthesizer sounds found in documentaries and library music from the late 70’s and early 80’s. The goal was to highlight the beautiful and unique sound of this instrument. I've always loved the tone of this plug-in - it has it's own sonic character while still sounding like an Oberheim, and it's unlike anything that came before or after it.

Recorded completely dry with no external effects or processing.



00:00 Assembly Language
00:14 Battleground Ave
00:32 Boot Sequence
00:44 Calculus I
00:55 Camera Lens
01:07 CEM 3372
01:18 Clay Studio
01:31 Coliseum Map
01:45 Computer Lab
01:58 Concrete Assembly
02:10 Data Library
02:22 Data Organ
02:35 Dining Hall
02:47 Government Center
02:58 ISGP
03:11 Light Room
03:22 Midway to Loop
03:34 Multiplexer
03:45 News Van
03:56 Oberheim Technician
04:08 Plant Life
04:27 Pre-Snow
04:40 Quad
04:50 Rainy Window
05:03 Records Room
05:15 Research Boat
05:26 Rosemont
05:38 UHF Receiver
05:50 Video Rental Store
06:02 Z80"

First interaction with the GHOST Pedal and GOLDEN MASTER Pedal

video upload by

"The autumn is here and we are preparing to unveil the very first sound examples from our GHOST effect pedal routed into the GOLDEN MASTER pedal with different sound sources: from dreamy guitars to fluted ambient textures and to cocky breakcore loops.

All summer, we were testing and improving, and improving and improving to make sure we delivered the best quality.

The features of GHOST Pedal - multi-dimensional effect processor - will open up the infinite world of sonic variation with a bunch of cool presets and a sublime interface design created in synergy with ANDREW HUANG @andrewhuang GOLDEN MASTER Pedal is a unique multiband processor consisting of EQ, Compressor, and Mid/Side processor, all three available at the same time.

Save the date!
The very first batch is already in assembly awaiting to be available worldwide on the 17th of October."

Patch n Tweak
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