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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Timbre Wolf and Tom Cat: Analog at Work

Published on Jan 13, 2016 AkaiProVideo

"In this video, we watch analog synthesis gurus INHALT explore the fat sound and sequencing features of our newest analog instruments, the Timbre Wolf and the Tom Cat. Foundation rattling sub bass lines, squiggly synth leads, ethereal poly chords and more are featured here."

MFB-522 Analog 808 Drum Machine Synthesizer

via this auction

"This is an 808 clone that packs its own character and punch. It's been since discontinued by German manufacturer MFB, and sought after by many looking for a small analog drum machine that won't suck their wallet dry."

Moog sub37/Eventide Space

Published on Jan 13, 2016 tasuku0676

Seq/analog four , sub37

Korg WaveStation AD Demo (Part 2)

Published on Jan 13, 2016 perfectcircuitaudio

Perfect Circuit Audio on eBay

Part 1 here.

Spectral Clouds - Modular Improv

Published on Jan 13, 2016 Modular Cult

"Most of the audio is being processed through Mutable Instruments Clouds in 'Spectral madness' mode. The video starts with the 100% wet signal out of Clouds and is then brought back to Dry with the Dry/Wet blend being modulated by CV.

The bass line is the MI Braids module using the 'Fold' model. It is filtered through a Yusynth Steiner Filter for Resonant peaks. The drums are produced by MI Peaks sequenced by my 'EVO' sequencers. The note sequences are produced by an CV Memory. Additional reverb provided by a Strymon Blue Sky.

Thanks for watching!"

ringmod comp'

Published on Jan 13, 2016 Ebotronix

ringmod comp²

4ms Peg, QCD² /Expander², RCD², VCA Matrix
Analogue Systems RS 100², RS110²², RS360²,RS 500e²
Arp Odyssey 2821 white noise


via this auction

Super Rare Vintage 3M PFV3 Analog Formant Filter Effects Processor

via this auction

Just when you think you've seen it all, something like this pops up. I've never seen one before. Note this 3M was a small Italian brand and not the huge 3M manufacturing company that many of us are familiar with. Below are some details pulled from the auction. If you know more about the unit and the brand, including whatever happened to them, or the people behind the brand that may have gone onto other companies, please let us know! This is an interesting bit of synth history that was unknown to me until now.

"rare 3M vintage analog synthesizer processor, formant synth with vowels and parametric fine tune of vowels

3M - Model PFV3

Item was tested and is in perfect working conditions

This monofonic analog processor with formant synthesis engine inside works with a 9-volt battery inside; to enable it, plug the line input jack and set the switch to On. Then there are two outs: one wet (processed), and one dry; the volume level is adjustable. If the bypass button is pressed the two outputs are identical (dry). For the best effect should be used a timbre of violin as line input, maybe with more octaves (the string ensemble of the period of the birth of this thing).
The three buttons of vowels allow you to have Vowels 1-2-3 on output (A), an analog and hot effect type of variable Voice Choir; 1 is the Aahhh , 2 is the Oohhh and 3 is the IIhhh. Then there is the parametric filter, with three pots, with the typical formant parameters F1, F2 and F3. It must be said that the parametric excludes the vowels, as well as the bypass excludes all, then only one of the effects is used, and not all together. The item was made by 3M, an Italian brand based in Portorecanati. It was produced invery small numbers. The 9 volt battery was replaced by a techincian and it will last years. In the base is a hanging to insert the processor in a bar."

Vintage Galanti Clipper 61 Organ String Synth

via this auction

Here's an interesting bit of organ synth history; a Galanti Clipper 61. Presets include Organ, Flute, Horn, and Strings. There is a "Drum 6" rhythm section along with separate Bass accompaniment.  There have only been three previous posts on the site featuring Galanti.  One for an INSTAPIANO, one for an instaStrings, and a mention on the end of General Music.  See that post for some history and the other brands affiliated with Galanti, including GEM, LEM and ELKA. The name Galanti actually comes from founder Antonio Galanti. A new Generalmusic incorporating the three brands was announced back in January of 2015.  I believe the now canceled ELKA Synthex remake was to be the first product under the new brand.  Their website is still live. Anyway, the Galanti Clipper 61 is an interesting piece of this history.

The following is the description from the listing:

"Galanti Clipper 61.

Organ combo made in Italia in the early 70 '.

Section bass / organ / percussion and vibrato and a drum machine.

Keys slats, 61 keys polyphony (and yeah clipper 61!)


This model includes two independent volumes:
The first controls the base function, the second organ sound, but acts as a balance between the organ and the bass.

Changes are managed by dominoes front, 3 for low, 4 for the organ.
Fixed vibrato, percussion, complete with a bonus effect wah!

Rhythm section includes a volume knob, one for speed, and a series of different rhythms ...


The sound is great, between the synth and organ.

This is the famous 'cheezy sound' analog well as love.

Touch is also very nice, with afterfacts 'click' with the touch!

The bass is very powerful and hot, the organ sounds really marry perfectly to any type of effects: chorus / phaser / flanger / overdrive / self-wah...une graphic equalizer pedal allows you to control the sounds and adjust certain frequencies.

Moreover it is incorporated seamlessly into a mix by adding this small button 'cheezy' vintage!"

Tangible Instruments Arpeggio Coming to NAMM

via Tangible Instruments

"We are very proud to announce that Tangible Instruments will be at NAMM 2016 this year. Booth 4801 Hall C. Jan 21st - 24th.

We hope to see you there!"

DSP Synthesizers Introduces All New RMX-6 Drum Chip

via DSP Synthesizers

"New year, new chips.

The new RMX-6 is in response to customer demands for individual outputs and MIDI.

It has 6 analog pitch CV inputs, 6 hi edge trigger inputs and an individual output for each drum sound.

And it has optional MIDI input for triggering.
It listens to MIDI CH16 for triggering the drums parallel with the trigger inputs.

The best chip ever, at least so far this year."

edison - that's what happens to delicate things

Published on Jan 13, 2016 edisonsbeats

Monome 256. More below with smaller monome style controllers. For anyone not familiar with what he is doing, he is essentially triggering samples, loops, rhythms, and synths/notes with the controller.

edison - tonka truck

1984 - Van Halen - classic sweepy synth intro - Korg Karma

Published on Jan 13, 2016 hamsterdunce

"Bucause I'm an insufferable nerd, I messed around with the Van Halen intro to "Jump" on a Korg Karma that I picked up on eBay for about twelve bucks, give or take $413."

Great ending to this one. ;)

How To Make An Analog Kick with Tobi Neumann

Published on Jan 12, 2016 DJ TechTools

"Tobi Neumann shares a tutorial on making fun analog kick bass drum with a simple set of modular synthesizer gear; recorded at Riverside Studios in Berlin."

At first you might think that's a heck of a lot of work to make a drum sound, but listen to how the pitch modulation after 4:16 takes it to the next level. This video does a great job showing the versatility of a modular synth in making drum sounds with a single oscillator, filter and some modulation sources.

Synthrotek Chaos meets Easel

Published on Jan 13, 2016 Todd Barton

"A quick experiment with the Synthrotek Chaos NAND going into the Balanced Modulation of the Easel etc."

Serge Percussion Ensemble

Published on Jan 13, 2016 Todd Barton

"another exploration of the Allen Strange 'dream machine' patch using a small Serge Modular Music System. for better audio:"

Rare Braintec Transistorbass 3

via this auction

"ULTRA RARE VINTAGE/RETRO late 1980s GERMAN ANALOG RACK BASS SYNTH BRAINTEC TRANSISTORBASS. A very rare opportunity. These synths almost NEVER show up anywhere, including Ebay. In the entire world, only 400 were made. This one is in a great condition, minor rack wear near the front screws. Comes with a U.S. AC adapter, original german manual pages. Its MIDI config is extremely deep, much in the synth is controllable, one has to dig into get to all its secrets/oscillators etc. This synth can do Roland 303 style bass sounds, but actually its strongest capabilities are way more expanded, getting to deeper/moog/oberheim style territory: Braintec is massively better, deeper, with more functions, depth, thickness, control, knobs etc than most 303 clones. Search Cykong pages for its fuller description. The synth, in fact, was the predecessor by same people who created the simpler German 303 clones: Music and More MB33/MB33 MKII, NEXT SpaceBass 3.3/4.4, FAT Freebass FB383, Terratec etc. Great for an EDM afficionados/synth enthuasiasts/professional players/collectors/sound designers."

CLAVIA NORDLEAD extended // PLAYING over 90 sounds // 1

Published on Jan 13, 2016 LESINDES

"This is the stunning original CLAVIA NORDLEAD.The Nordlead 2 then was a bit smoothed down in its sound. SO this is the first version with the voice extension and some feature enhancements.


CLAVIA NORDLEAD extended // PLAYING over 90 sounds // 2

Published on Jan 22, 2016 LESINDES

"This is the stunning original CLAVIA NORDLEAD.The Nordlead 2 then was a bit smoothed down in its sound. SO the is the first version with the voice extension (increasing the number voices from originally 4 to 12) and some feature enhancements.

Rubycon slight return - Waldorf Streichfett with Roland SH1oh1

Published on Jan 13, 2016 Vykaar Tones

"More Tangerine Dream inspired improvising with the Tubbutec modified SH101 in its basic new sequencer mode with a sequence on each key accompanied by the streichfett string synthesizer and korg sdd1200 delay."

Chaos funk // Patch

Published on Jan 13, 2016 Auxar

"Funking around with this late night electronix patch.
Modules used in this patch:
Make Noise: tELHARMONIC, Echophon, Erbe-Verb, Function, Richter Wogglebug, MMG, Brains, Moddemix, Rene, Rosie, DPO x2, Pressure points x2, Maths x2, Optomix x2, LxD
Doepfer: A-160-2, A-138,A-151
Malekko: Richter oscillator II
Expert Sleepers: Disting x2,Disting MK3"

ludoWic - Reading a file

Published on Jan 13, 2016 ludoWic music

"Recorded track using only a Korg MS10

Track available on:"

Gotharman's Fuzion - Instrument Effects

Published on Jan 13, 2016 gotharman

"Showing the instrument effects of Fuzion OS 11.58. First with a saw wave, then with a beat."

[PB & Jam EP015] Lucas Texas - Unofficial

Published on Jan 13, 2016 Human Interface

"This was recorded on December 24, 2015 but I was in Texas and it was really warm, so I got to do an outside jam in a T-Shirt in December, not bad!

I was introduced to electronic music in Dallas and so I have a lot of fond memories of clubs, friends, and underground radio broadcasts. The scene at the time was a strange blend of Techno, House, Trance, Breaks, etc... Being back there a lot of those feelings came back and leaked into my machines during this jam...

The Kit


Electribe ER-1
Volca Sample
Kaoss Pad"

LE STRUM - MIDI Chord Controller

Published on Jan 13, 2016 midierror

"A unique control surface designed by uber-human Jason Hotchkiss. Le Strum functions something like a cross between a Stylophone and an Omnichord.

Available here:"

An interesting side note is that I own an Oberheim Strummer. It might have been the first if not only piece of kit you could use to generate guitar like cords with your synth. The problem with it was that it wasn't super intuitive to use. It didn't have any strum controls but was rather just a desktop box with a button based menu system where you selected what chords you wanted to use. LE STRUM looks like it would not only easily replace it, but can be used more as a physical controller for your synths. Very, very cool.

"A unique control surface that functions something like a cross between a Stylophone and an Omnichord. Comes FULLY CONSTRUCTED!

Connect LE STRUM to your MIDI synthesizer or computer running synth software, hold down a combination of buttons to select a chord, then use the stylus to play MIDI notes by touching the contact pads on the top right of the board. As the name suggests, you can strum across chords using the stylus, providing an unique and expressive MIDI controller.

LE STRUM's 36 chord buttons give you immediate access to 84 different chords (maj, min, dom7, maj7, min7, aug, dim for 12 root notes). You can also play sus4, add6 and add9 chord variations. It is great for learning about chord progressions and can be a helpful songwriting tool.

LE STRUM has several performance modes which are accessed by holding the MODE button while pressing one of the top row of chord buttons:

Mode+C : Basic mode - Stacked triads mapped across all 16 pads
Mode+D : Guitar strum mode - 6-string guitar open chords used (maj/min/7)
Mode+E : Guitar sustain mode - as above, but chord held after buttons released
Mode+F : Organ buttons - As Basic mode but chord triad plays on MIDI channel 2 as soon as button is pressed
Mode+G : Organ buttons with additions - as above but with sus4/add6/add9 options
Mode+A : Organ buttons with retrig - as above but chord buttons retrigger
Mode+B : Load User Patch
Mode+Bm : Save User Patch
Mode+B7 : MIDI Panic - All notes off
Mode+Strum Pad: Set MIDI velocity (16 levels)

User patch can combine settings for: play on make/break, damp on make/break, guitar voicing /stacked triads, additional guitar octave, enable added 4/6/9 notes, enable guitar chord bass notes, keep chord selection after chord button release, common note sustain on chord change, map chromatic/diatonic/pentatonic scale to pads, enable organ buttons on midi channel 2

LE STRUM has a special 6 string guitar mode, which knows basic major, minor and seven open chord fingerings for guitar. It can be used to lay down strummed guitar MIDI tracks without a MIDI guitar, and in a more convincing way that you could get from a keyboard. It's more than a toy, yessiree!

Designed for hackability (e.g. solder wires to the provided holes on the pads to make proper "strings" to pluck)
Transmits on MIDI Channel 1 for stylus activity and MIDI Channel 2 for Chord Buttons.
Output is to a standard MIDI 5-pin DIN socket.
A PP3 battery is required
Size 98mm x 75mm x 45mm (incl MIDI socket) Weight approx 120g with battery

An optional stand is available, please contact me for more information.

Please note that synthesizer hardware or software is required to make sound. LE STRUM is a MIDI controller and does not make any sound by itself!"

Note: I created a new midierror channel label for midierror moving forward. You can find previous posts by doing s a search on midierror. The creator of LE STRUM is Jason Hotchkiss.

Rephazer - Looking Forward Circuit Remix (Novation Circuit, Dance, Trance, House)

Published on Jan 13, 2016 Rephazer

"Hi All,

I got a lot of positive response on my previous Circuit Session so I decided to do one more!

This is a remix of a track I've written 20 years ago (1996) and I used a (lightly?) distorted bass drum as the base line just to get one extra synth channel/track for atmospheric pads.. Pushing this thing to the edge of possibilities :)

I hope you enjoy it and feel free to leave comments or subscribe."

Korg Volca Beats Tutorial : Motion Control & Stutter Recording .

Published on Jan 13, 2016 Todd Smith

"In this video I'll go deeper into the motion control & stutter sections on the Korg Volca Beats. The Korg Volca Beats has a lot of options to create amazing beats . The stutter & motion control are 2 amazing , fun and very on the fly ways of creating more complex sounding sequences . The Korg Volca Beats might be a one trick pony but that pony can ride pretty hard . More videos on the Korg Volca Beats , Key's , Bass and many other products on the way !!!"

All parts here.

Yamaha DX5 SN 2187 with Internal Upgrade

via this auction

"This DX-5 has a rare internal ROM upgrade, which was installed by one of their top techs at the Orange County Yamaha facility, so this is as up to date as possible. Few DX-5s have that upgrade.

Besides combining two DX-7 synths in one package with the improved D/A outputs for less noise, they used the best feeling key bed I have played. As most know, this is a DX1 packed in a smaller package but without the elaborate displays of the DX-1or the weight. The DXs layered creates an incredible fat sound. I still get many comments from people that hear it."

New Image of the Back of the Upcoming Korg Minilogue

New pic added to the main post here. Click through and scroll down to see it!

RARE! Teisco (Kawai) 60P Japanese Analog Mono Synth SN 5787

via this auction

RARE! Hillwood ST303 (MULTIVOX MX 202) Japanese Analog String / Brass Synth SN 201101

via this auction

"Hillwood ST303 Symphonic Ensemble - Analog String / Brass Synthesizer

Rare Japanese version of the Multivox MX202, which in turn was 'inspired' by the Roland RS202

In good working condition, all functions / keyboard / sliders working well.

In good cosmetic condition but does have some marks and scratches here and there."

Arp Avatar Synthetizer with original pickup SN 2223 0686

via this auction

"Arp Avatar in good working condition, comes with the original arp midipickup."

The synth that brought ARP down. Dave Smith touches on it at 5:03 in this recent video. It's worth noting ARP actually created the Rhodes Chroma as their final poly synth. Unfortunately is wasn't enough and/or didn't make it in time to save them. They were sold to Rhodes and the ARP Chroma became the Rhodes Chroma.

Roland SH09 Vintage Analog Mono Synth

via this auction

Waterfall keys.

"A great sounding synth here, often overlooked but well appreciated for its sub oscillator and ext input.
Some models get hyped and others are sleeper synths, this is one of the latter.
Typical Roland quality.
Doesn't seem like it has been gigged or abused, sounds clean and amazing.

Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)
Square Wave

The external input feature very useful for sending audio through the excellent sounding VCF."

Roland Promars MRS-2 Compuphonic synthesizer

via this auction

Roland RSS SVC-350 Vocoder

via this auction

Roland SYSTEM-100 MODEL101 Keyboard

via this auction

Sequential Multi-trak (1985) - Dave's Space Harpsichord

Published on Jan 13, 2016 skrapadelix

"There doesn't seem to be many demos of the CEM3394-based Multi-trak for some reason (maybe because it's a teeny bit crap?). Anyway here's a quick one of mine recorded a couple of years ago. The noise floor is atrocious, the chorus is weak, the VCOs drift, and the membrane buttons are dodgy. Overall it sounds thin, fizzy and futuristic - like some kind of broken space harpsichord. I love it."

VGM #63: Northern Hemispheres (Donkey Kong Country)

Published on Jan 13, 2016 Ace Waters

"∞ I wanted to do something nice and atmospheric, and I have wanted to do this song for a long while. It feels good to be back in the Donkey Kong Country series. Expect more to come from this iconic OST.

∞ Because I know there will be questions about it. The euro-rack (the box with knobs and wires) is used in two ways in this video. The first is to create the wind noise, and the second is to generate the droney bass tones. I am also using the beatstep pro (which is a sequencer) to control my arturia microbrute, as well as various parameters and modulations on the euro-rack. You will be seeing a lot more of this device, and all the cool things it can do in the future."

KAHNCO Introduces a Modular Modular Eurorack Case


"Modular synthesis has long been a platform for deep sonic exploration that is free from the restrictions of fixed architecture signal flow found in traditional synthesizers. It's inherent freedom nurtures an environment of new ideas and innovation that continues to grow. The modular synthesizer market is populated by the most creative and innovative manufacturers in the musical instrument industry and the rapid evolution of new products has invigorated artistic experimentation from its patrons. This resource of creativity, from user and maker alike inspired the birth of Kahnco, the first fully modular eurorack case system.

The Kahnco modular case system allows you to design and assemble a case that suits your workflow and personal aesthetic. Building with HP segments ranging from 4HP to 34HP you can put together a case in any size, and can be added to at any time. You can start small and grow your system as you acquire new modules. You will never outgrow your investment in Kahnco.

Using the Knuckle Kits and Legs, you can build rows and angle them to a custom configuration of your design and when you want to try something new, go ahead and experiment with the same parts, the possibilities are unlimited.

The Kahnco system was designed and engineered by 50A Projects and manufactured by our sister company Ferra Designs Inc all proudly based in Brooklyn, NY."

Mattoverse Rhythm Division Drone Synthesizer Demos

Published on Dec 29, 2015 mattoverse

"A demo of the Rhythm Division Drone Synthesizer by Mattoverse that details the instrument's features."

And the MATTOVERSE Double Gate Drone Synthesizer

Tracktion BioTek Synthesizer Overview & Sounds Demos

Published on Jan 13, 2016 Synth Anatomy

"This is the first video about Tracktion BioTek Synthesizer. In this one, I describe the organic Synthesizer and give some sound examples of it. In a second video, I will give you more sound examples and a short conclusion about this plugin.

More Information about Tracktion BioTek Synthesizer, you can find here:"

Oscillator Sync - DOTCOM modular

Published on Jan 13, 2016 Stephen Mendes

"A clear explanation and audio-visual demonstration of oscillator sync using the Q106 oscillator of a dotcom modular analog synthesizer"

Nucleus DIY instructions

Published on Jan 13, 2016 River Creative Technology

"DIY assembly instructions for the River Nucleus, a voltage controlled filter with discrete OTA core for the Eurorack format."

See the Nucleus demo video here.

NUX OD-3 Overdrive - TT-303

Published on Jan 13, 2016

SERGE modular ... testing filters and 10 min fun!

Published on Jan 13, 2016 roginator1

Patch of patches

Published on Jan 13, 2016 Matthew Tyas

"A modular dream with 3 DIY axoloti boxes communicating with each other. The sound is strait out of the last box in the chain (one goes into to the other). The only mastering processing used is a limiter. All sounds and effects created by axoloti ("

BACK TO THE BEGINNING (TB3, microBRUTE, Volca Keys, Boss CE20 RE20)

Published on Jan 13, 2016 Chocolate Pulp

Roland Aira TB3
Arturia microBRUTE
Korg Volca keys
BOSS CE20 Chorus ensemble
BOSS RE20 Space Echo
TC electronic Hall of Fame
TC electronic Flashback

Thanks for watching"

Purple room - Mother 32 Test

Published on Jan 13, 2016 Synth Jam

"Mother 32 control Filter & ENV Gate to the Voyager
Moog Mother 32
Moog Voyager
DSI Prophet 08
TC Electronic Hall of Fame"

Starlight Stranger - Session 22

Published on Jan 12, 2016 Anonymous Animal

"I've been intrigued by the 'new' electribe (could they really not give it it's own specific name??) since it came out, and seeing one cheap in a local Guitar Center finally made me pull the trigger. I absolutely loved it and pretty much instantly snagged the sampler too. They've taken the Octatrack's place as the 'brains' of my live setup and this is a little demo of how that sounds. Enjoy!"

recording session 'Something Else' with Elektron Rytm, Analog Four and Octatrack

Published on Jan 12, 2016 Zombie Nation official

"Making of 'Something Else' (Twin Turbo 036)"

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