MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Titan's Point with Moog Mother 32 and Korg SQ-1

Published on Nov 27, 2016 Helium Road

"Over Thanksgiving weekend I found myself at my Mom's house holed up in the bedroom I grew up in, so I brought along a few toys and made this music and video.

I programmed the M32's sequencer first, then I patched in the SQ-1 in random mode to the CV input of the M32's filter cutoff to get that sample and hold sound.

The M32's LFO square output is patched into the SQ-1 sync in to control the SQ-1 sequence speed. The LFO can go a lot faster than the SQ-1's internal sync clock, so this allows me to speed it up a lot more if I want, plus I like controlling it from the M32's panel.

I patched th SQ-1's output voltages through the M32's VC Mix so I could roll the sample and hold effect in or out.

The audio path is:
M32...Outlaw Effects Quick Draw Analog Delay...Mooer Shim Verb...TC Electronic Ditto Looper...Korg SR1 recorder

There's also a Bananana Effects Wormhole delay (the yellow pedal) in the chain but for this clip I didn't use it.

Once I had everything set up I just improvised it from there and recorded it in one take. Video was recorded using a Polaroid Cube attached to the side of my headphones. My mom saw me doing this and thought I looked like a nerd, which is accurate.

Produced with CyberLink PowerDirector 12"


Published on Nov 27, 2016 Richard Galbraith

Update: this video was pulled and re-uploaded as a shorter version which you can find here.

"This was recorded in two overdubbed takes. The first take is a bed of deep synth tones, provided by my MU modular, with added Arturia Microbrute and Mutable Instruments Rings in Easter Egg mode.

The second take is a Sela cajon which I mic'd with two mics: one for cajon audio and the other plugged into the instrument interface in order to trigger Rings. Thus, in this take you can hear the strumming sound of Rings with every cajon hit.

Key modules include's oscillators, Q150 low pass filter, and quantizer bank; Megaohm Audio Delta low pass filter; SSL/Fritz Doubledeka oscillator; FSFX/Fritz Teezer oscillator, and the MOTM 480 band pass filter.

Reverb and effects by Valhalla DSP."

Forever Ending

Published on Nov 27, 2016 davidryle

"Roland System 8, D-50, Waldorf MicroWave XT and loads of 3U and 5U modular. Multi-tracked in Cubase. Video edited in Final Cut Pro."


Published on Nov 27, 2016

"Multi-tracked Eurorack modular with Monome and OB6.

This is a composition that I first started last year, based on two Max patches: Electric Dharma Wheels and Polygome. I have reimagined that piece and recorded several different parts on a couple eurorack systems (I have access to one at work and a system at home) and on a DSI OB6…and also on my little travel Eurorack when I was at my parent’s home for Thanksgiving. :)

The Max patch Electric Dharma Wheels is programmed to fire off a note every time a wheel on the Arc4 crosses 12 O’clock. Additionally, you can define multiple notes and give each one a probability. The patch is playing four voices on the eurorack (Cwejman, Cloud Generator, Braids, and Modcan Triple Osc). You hear this as the ambient ‘tone’ that starts the track and then comes in and out throughout. The whole thing goes through a Cwejman MMF2 and Intellijel Rainmaker.

I did two percussion patches. The first one is based on MI Grids in Euclidean mode. It plays a combo of some percussion modules and also some noise-based synth voices…like a BLD, and an Audio Damage Neuron. The second patch is from a Circadian Rhythms, also playing a mix of drum modules and noise sources. There was a Jomox Modbase in there as well. Always such a SOLID low end!

Now we come to the real meat of the meal. Polygome is another clever Max patch by Stretta. I programmed a few arpeggiation patterns. Monome Grids then plays these patterns, starting on whatever note you select, so you can get some fun poly-rhythms and harmonic things going on. I set up a dumby soft synth and recorded a one-take improvisation that I captured as midi.

I then spit that midi track out to the trusty OB6, and recorded a take with all the generated notes firing, as is. Sometimes there are 4 or 5 notes playing at a time.

Then I divided that dense midi track into two mono tracks. A lead and a bass.

The lead is played by an Atlantis through the Rainmaker. It comes in at :55.

The bass also comes in at :55, and is the Atlantis again, but with a Dixie II for more of a dual-oscillator ‘Moog’ sound.

I did a fair amount of editing of the percussion tracks (including the use of Audio Damage Replicant doing some randomizing), but other than that, not much was done effects wise in the box. So 98% of what your hearing is just as things came off the synths."

Korg VC-10 Analog Vocoder SN 160679

via this auction

"Korg VC-10 Analog Vocoder. 20 band classic vocoder in good external condition. One noticeable scratch near microphone jack, otherwise only normal wear and tear for an instrument used and loved. I've owned it for the last 20 years."

Oberheim OB-8 with MIDI

via this auction

"This is a wonderful example of a wonderful vintage analog synth – an Oberheim OB8 built in late 1984 with factory MIDI. I am the second owner, and bought this in 1990 from the guy who did the synth programming for Parliament Funkadelic, Bon Jovi, and others, with the gold and platinum discs on his walls to prove it. I used it very little, and ended up keeping it in storage for most of its life. I recently had it serviced, recalibrated, and brought back to full functionality. It has a few minor wear marks to reflect its age, but it shows very well. As a rare bonus, the original patch cassette, the owner’s manual, and all of its original documentation is included. This is a very special synth that is looking for a loving home."

Sequential Circuits Pro One Synthesizer Synth J Wire SN 8519

via this auction

via this listing: "This is an original Pro One with a 37-note J-wire style keyboard. I have installed new Pratt & Read rubber bushings for the keys, and have kept this synth stored in my closet for the past 12 years. I also recapped the power supply and reflowed all the solder joints when I acquired the keyboard for my personal home studio. The previous owner drilled two holes in the case (see photos) for reasons I never understood. It never really bothered me, but could be a perfect location for MIDI in/out should you choose to go down that path.

I have just tested all keys, knobs, switches and both pitch wheels with my headphones, and all work great! Also included are the original operating and technical manuals. Both have been written in (original owner again), but are otherwise in fine shape."

ARC ANN Artificial Neural Network eurorack synthesizer module

via this auction

"The Artificial Neural Network is a collection of submodules for the creation and processing of control voltages, programmable logic, waveshaping, signal conditioning etc.

Two identical Threshold Logic Neurons are capable of patch programmable combinational and sequential logic. Each input is weighted and may be manually triggered.

There are also two identical Boolean Logic Neurons inspired by the Dual Logic Unit of the EAB video synthesizer.

Also included are several useful utility submodules: Dual Schmitt Trigger, Comparator, and Dual Not Gate."

PATCH 05102016 // Oscillator, Chained Envelopes

Published on Nov 27, 2016 Computing.Sound

"Simple patch.
3 different waveforms, 3 envelopes (chained using the end-outs), 3 VCAs, reverb"

Dave Bundy - Restless (Shared System+Patterning App+BigSky+El Capitan)

Published on Nov 27, 2016 Dave Bundy

"New track live recorded, using my Shared System with CV Bus, iPad running Patterning App, BigSky reverb and El Capistan delay"

Hordijk Shaper Phaser Feedback

Published on Nov 27, 2016 Todd Barton

"This demo is a very free-wheeling twiddling of knobs to explore a feedback patch using the Hordijk Shaper and Phaser. Better audio:"

Edgar Froese Tribute by Eric G on the EHS Modular System

Published on Jun 24, 2015 Stnibar

"Thank you Edgar for all the beautiful music and inspiration!
Here is an improvised, one-take (no edits) tribute to Edgar made by eric g. He plays EHS Synthi Mu, EHS 3P Modular, EMU VK-6, ARP Pro soloist."

Spotted this one on Synthtopia. Like me, you might be wondering what the EHS Synthi Mu & 3P modular is. It appears it is a custom 5U/MU system by Stnibar aka Eric G featuring his own DIY modules and others.

via Eric G's website:

"This is my self built modular synth. It is a three cabinet, MU, portable Moog look-alike. Most modules are designed and built by me but there are also modules from Arrick, Doepfer and SSL.

Module listing
Signal Sources:

8 VCO (CEM3340)
2 VCO (XR2206)
2 Hex oscillator (TR-808-like / Psyco LFO)
1 Noise generator (Lo, red, pink, white, blue and variable noise)
1 VC Digital noise generator
1 Percussion module (Noise gen., Envelope, VCA)

Filters and other Signal Modifiers:

2 VCF - ADSR - VCA (SSM2044, SSM2056, BA6110. Ex. Bratigel Module)
2 Multimode VCF (CEM3320)
2 State variable VCF (Like SEM but with UAF42)
1 Twin peak VCF (Electro Harmonix EH400 dual peak LPF)
1 Fixed filter bank (like Moog 907)
1 VC Phase shifter (Roland Phase 2)
1 VC Comb filter (Korg Trident Flanger)
1 VC Wave Multiplier
1 Arrick Q130 Clipper/rectifier. Not mounted
1 Ring modulator incl. VC sine generator
1 VC Frequency shifter (Doepfer A-126 + A-143-9)
2 Dual VCA (CEM3330)
1 VC Analog delay (Ibanez AD-80)
1 VC Spring reverb
4 4-input mixer
6 4-input attenuators/mixer (half height, sort of like Moog CP3A)
1 PLL, not mounted

CV and Gate Sources and Modifiers:

2 Dual Modulation generator (LF or audio, MS-20 style)
2 VC ADSR (CEM3310)
2 Slope generator (AR/AD envelope/LFO or Gate delay/duration/inverter)
1 6-step Event generator
1 S/H inc. clock generator
1 Arrick Q960 Sequencer
1 Arrick Q962 Sequential switch
1 Dual quantizer (Doepfer A-156)
1 Gate sequencer 4x8 + bar counter (half height)
1 Envelope follower, inc. preamp
1 Dual analog switch
1 Dual voltage processor
1 Triple gate/signal divider
1 Level decoder, not mounted
1 SSL O'Tool oscilloscope etc.
7 CV/Gate bus (half height)
1 Joystick (half height)
3 Power panel (half height)

Each half-size module has a row of multiples."

MFB Tanzbar vs MFB 522

Published on Nov 27, 2016 3rdStoreyChemist

"Comparison of the Tanzbar and 522 drum machines.

No further processing used except for normalisation."

Follow-up to MFB Tanzbar Lite vs MFB 522.

Roland TR-09, TB-03, VP-03 demo

Published on Nov 27, 2016 Hunart©

"A quck soundcheck of the new toys from the Roland Boutique series. I hope I can revisit these tools sonn. As for now I`ve tried to put them together and pull out something different from acidized sounds. All sounds are coming from the TR, TB and VP, some limiting used on the whole material.


MFB 522 & Korg Minilogue

Published on Nov 27, 2016 3rdStoreyChemist

"Jamming with the 522 drum machine and a Minilogue synthesiser synced together (Minilogue MIDI Out to 522 MIDI In).

A small amount of reverb has been used, no further processing except for normalisation."

Yamaha DX7 IIFD with E!

via this auction

"The Mark II version is a major step up from the original DX7. The DX7IIFD models added bi-timbrality with keyboard split and layering capabilities. This allows two voices to be layered in dual mode, providing very rich combinations of sounds that would otherwise be impossible with the original DX7. Voices can also be split across the keyboard, for a two part multi-timbral performance capability.

Grey Matter E! Upgrade (a rare $399 expansion card)

What, you may ask, can $399 get you for your shiny black FM machine? Would you believe eight-voice polytimbral capability? Would you believe a four-layer performance mode? Would you believe one-key control of arpeggios, ostinato patterns, and multi-timbral chords? Would you believe a 16-track sequencer? \

Engine is E's 16-channel event processor and operating system, which controls all of the DX's MIDI and performance functions. Its capabilities include storage of 256 patches and 128 performances, 16-channel MIDI mapping, and two auto-accompaniment modes. To top it off, you can store any setup (auto-accompaniment, MIDI maps, sequences) as a Performance, so a single DX button can be programmed to load everything you need. It will even load a file on the DX7IIFID's disk automatically. The other main modules in E! are Octal and SE!quencer."

PPG Wave 2 Arpeggio

Published on Nov 27, 2016 ms20user

"PPG Wave 2 Arpeggiator + UAD Lexicon 224.
Using the Sequenzer Channel Update Funktion and moving thru the Wavetable 21."

Serge Modular - Creature and Quadslope

via this auction

"Creature and Quadslope m-modules with obelisk power strip, boat and ps2a power supply."

DIY-Analog Synthesizer with DIY-Analog Sequencer #2

Published on Nov 27, 2016 Andreas Remshagen

"Weitere Experimente mit meinem Selbstgebauten Synthesizer und Sequenzer. Der Sequenzer besteht aus einem NE555 als Timerbaustein, welcher zwei 4017 als Zählwerk ansteuert. Er hat jeweils 3 CV-Ausgänge, welche 2 VCO, 2 VCF und jeweils einen ADSR ansteuern. Hab leider keine Kamera, daher habe ich das Video mit dem Handy aufgenommen"


"Another experiment with my self-made synthesizer and sequencer, the sequencer consists of a NE555 as a timer module, which drives two 4017 as a counter, has 3 CV outputs, which control 2 VCO, 2 VCF and one ADSR each , So I took the video with the mobile phone"

Part 1 here.

ARP AVATAR analogue synthesizer - Filter Sweep

Published on Nov 27, 2016 Amazing Synth

"Just like Odysseys and the other ARP gear, AVATAR is a genuine analog synthesizer. To my knowledge, the only digital components are guitar module, pink noise and ring modulation.

(I am not even sure whether the guitar module is still in place in this unit. Please tell me if you know).

Back in the day they used through-hole technology to build these instruments, they were manually assembled, bulky and expensive.

Korg ARP Odysseys are different, they are made of surface mount devices (SMD). Automated surface mount technology (SMT) makes them very affordable and light but they don't sound the same either."

Studio Electronics Quadnic + ZVex LoFi Junky

Published on Nov 27, 2016 Andor Polgár

Follow-up to this post.

OP-1 OS #218 Preset Speedrun

Published on Nov 27, 2016 Jeremy Leaird-Koch

"There's a new OP-1 OS with all kinds of fun stuff. Let's surf through presets, hear the new synth, and play with the arp. Low effort video with no song at end, sorry, but I'll have something special soon!"

EuroSerge Ring Modulator

Published on Nov 27, 2016 Doug Lynner

"The Classic Serge Ring Modulator functionality of independent voltage control over the amplitude of both the X and Y signal inputs.

Doug offers modular synthesizer lessons and consultations. For information write

Doug's website is"

Korg Monologue with Strymon Bigsky/Timeline and Eurorack Modular

Published on Nov 27, 2016 pyrofiliac

"download this track for free:"

sunday jam 5

Published on Nov 27, 2016 Emmanuel Celestin

Elektron Analog Four, acidlab bassline 3, & Roland TR-8.

Sequential Circuits Six-Trak SN 001935

via this auction

"Starting production in 1984, the Sequential Circuits Six-Trak is a six-voice analog synthesizer.

Features: 49 keys, 6 voice polyphony, MIDI In and Out, controller/footswitch input, mono audio out

Sounds as good as you would imagine. Like new with no issues."

Signals Trapped Behind my Eye (Circuit & Volca FM)

Published on Nov 26, 2016 HardtekStudios

"Download the audio track for FREE here-
For this track I used the Circuit to build a jam that strays from the usual darker tracks of Hardtek studios. The Volca FM adds to the hard funkiness(?) with lots of bless, bloops & droops."

Drumbrute and JU-06 Jam

Published on Nov 26, 2016 GRIMS Music

Moog Sub 37
Arturia Minibrute and Drumbrute
Roland JU-06
Korg Kaosspad3

Moog Sub 37 Modulation demo

Published on Aug 3, 2016 GRIMS Music

"Moog Sub 37 Modulation demo by bo
with Arturia Minibrute, and Korg Electribe2s


Elka Panther 300 Combo Organ Features Demonstration - Elka Capri

Published on Nov 27, 2016 Bell Tone Synth Works

"Here's a features demonstration of the Elka Panther 300 / Elka Capri combo organ. This is a really great, classic organ with three mixable footages (octaves) per note, many filter (tone) options, polyphonic bass, a great vibrato with multiple options, unusual "Mixture" footages you can add in and tone decay. There are some occasional key squeaks that you may hear at the end of the video, but this is just the sound of the physical keys rubbing against each other and would not show up on a direct-in recording or come through an amplifier. This organ is currently for sale from Bell Tony Synth Works on Reverb."

via this auction

"This Elka Panther 300 / Elka Capri combo organ may not have quite the name recognition of a Farfisa or Vox, but it is known by combo organ fans as one of the classic Italian organs of the 1960s, and is unusually richly featured for a single-manual organ. It has a bold yet rich sound, a powerful vibrato and a wide variety of tone filters. This particular organ bears the name Capri, but it is exactly the same as the Elka Panther 300 organ, inside and out. According to the Combo Organ Heaven website, the Elka Panther/Capri was marketed under the two different names depending on the location.

Features include: multiple vibrato options, 3 footages (octaves) per note with level mixer and selectable tone filters for each footage, "Mixture" option for unique harmonics / ring modulator like sound, fully polyphonic bass section with optional extension for two octaves of bass (grey keys), tone decay (subtle envelope applied to the mixture footages).

Arturia DrumBrute & CotK Model 15

"All Drum Sounds: Arturia DrumBrute
Bass and Pad: Club of the Knobs SYNTHESIZER MODEL 15"

"There is some room on the Arturia DrumBrute (and I used the single outs for the Snare and HiHats). The Delay on the Snare is a factory PlugIn of MOTU’s Digital Performer. The COTK Bass has a little room on it too (very short one though) and the sound starting at about 40s has a Korg SDD-3000 Pedal Delay on it. Beside that - there is NO Compression (only a Low Cut at 25Hz on some of the sounds)."


Published on Nov 27, 2016






Pocket Synth Techno Patterns Jam

Published on Nov 26, 2016 mishpult

"Taking my minimalistic setup for another spin through some 128bpm patterns I made this afternoon. PO12 and Microgranny running through the mini KP2S, Monotron Delay and recorded with Tascam DR-05. Enjoy!"

Jomox XBASE 888 Analog Drum Synthesizer SN 2009 - 0259

via this auction

Future Retro Revolution SUPER Limited Edition UV Orange (Only 9 Made)

via this auction

Yamaha CS30 Vintage Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Roland SH-101 Keyboard Synthesizer

via this auction

KORG SQ10 Analog Sequencer SN 151701

via this auction

Session Nine {9} - Modular grid

Published on Nov 27, 2016 E I S E N T A N Z

"Ambient-Techno-Patch, just for fun and testing my modular."

MFB Tanzbar Lite & Korg Minilogue

Published on Nov 27, 2016 3rdStoreyChemist

"Jamming with the Tanzbar Lite drum machine and a Minilogue synthesiser synced together (Tanzbar Lite MIDI Out to Minilogue MIDI In).

A small amount of reverb has been used, no further processing except for normalisation."

analoge studio hku technoo

Published on Nov 27, 2016 elektrovolt

Kick.S Live / X1013 (Goa Forest)

Published on Nov 27, 2016 Kick.S

/// Equipment ////
Korg electribe EX
acidlab Miami
EHX Cathedral
EHX Memory boy
Mackie VLZ3

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