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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Rheyne - Sequenced Jam #13

Published on Jan 11, 2017 Rheyne

"Recorded using only Moog and Make Noise synthesizers, with all notes coming from the Mother-32 sequencers and an arpeggio from the 0-Coast. Reverb is from a Strymon BigSky and TC Hall of Fame. Audio is straight from the mixer."

Remember (Moog Sub 37 impro) | Deadmau5 - Bleed (Moog Sub 37 Cover)

Published on Jan 11, 2017 Plexis

Deadmau5 - Bleed (Moog Sub 37 Cover)

Published on Nov 25, 2016

Reverb: Abstract Chamber
Delay: NastyDLA mkII
Chorus: Acon Multiply


The Magic Light of Tomorrow | Eurorack Ambient

Published on Jan 11, 2017 Lightbath

"Sometimes it's music

This is an experiment using the Squarp Pyramid to sequence and perform four parts: bells = Rings into Belgrad into H9, lead synth = Tides into Clouds, mid synth = STO into DLD, bass = STO into DLD. The STOs are shaped by Just Friends and the lead voice is shaped by Peaks."

Mutable Instruments Tides - Demonstrations by Perfect Circuit Audio

Published on Jan 11, 2017 Perfect Circuit Audio

Available here:

MATRIXSYNTH members get a %10 discount at Perfect Circuit Audio! See the membership page for details.

1. Mutable Instruments Tides Modulation Demonstration

"In this demo, we are using Tides as a slow modulation source to modulate the filter cutoff of the second resonant filter of Shelves. Braids in CSAW mode is the sound source fed through Shelves. Two LFO signals from Peaks are patched into Tides' first two waveshaping inputs to demonstrate how these morphing frequencies sound at low frequency. A Clock is then generated from Grids and patched into the Trigger input to demonstrate Tides' ability to function as an envelope. The top button is the mode select knob, which can select between oscillator mode, AD envelope mode, and ASR envelope mode."

2. Mutable Istruments Tides Oscillator Demonstration

"In this demo, we begin by just morphing the waveshape knobs while in oscillator mode. Each of the three knobs affects a different part of the timbre, with the third knob cutting off to nothing (with Parasites installed.) A modulation source from Peaks (LFO to slow triangle wave) is then patched into the third waveshape control. Frames is then switched into Sequencer mode, being clocked by Channel 2 of Peaks. These four sequencer channels from Frames are then patched into the two other waveshape controls, the Level VCA and the 1v/Oct input (with the internal Quantizer from Parasites enabled.) For a little bit of space, the final output is then patched into Clouds, being fedback for Size and Position modulation. A full morphing sequenced line with FX with only four modules!"

3. Mutable Instruments Tides Parasites Feature Demonstration

"In this demo, we show how the internal quantizer works within Tides Parasite. To access the quantizer, long press the top button. It will begin blinking with green, and with presses from the mode buttons, it will scan through the quantizer presets. The menu counts upwards in binary, including no quantization, semitones, a major scale, a minor scale, whole tone, pentatonic minor, poor pentatonic, and fifths. (These were scanned backwards in the video.) To exit the quantizer mode, long press the top button again. The second section demonstrates how the mode "Two Bumps" can be used to generate a shepards tone. This is taken directly from the Tides parasites manual on Mqtthiqs' github account. "Put the oscillator in this "octaves" mode, put the width at noon and the frequency around 9 o'clock; 28 octaves will ring at the same time, many of them way outside the audible range. Now feed a slow sawtooth to the 1V/Oct input, and adjust its amplitude so that it is 1V (or 2 or 3... any round number of volts). Monitor the Bipolar output: you will hear a Shepard-Risset infinite glissando."


Published on Jan 11, 2017 Cray

Kawai K5000s 61-key Additive Synth SN 600310

via this auction

"This is a used Kawai K5000s additive synth, which is one of the most advanced additive synths ever made. It has a great feeling Fatar keyboard, as well as a number of "macro knobs" which allow for live patch tweaking..."

XAOC Devices BATUMI Quad LFO as Audio Source

Published on Jan 11, 2017 Genshi Media Group

"THIS IS ONLY AN EXPERIMENTAL TEST! This is a Non-Musical demo, inspired by Modular Landing's video. I thought I'd try out my newly arrived Xaoc Devices BATUMI Quad LFO as an audio source being processed by Mutable Instruments CLOUDS (while modulating Clouds at the same time.) No other modules, sounds or post processing involved."

Pyramid's Euclidean Rhythms Meet Novation Circuit

Published on Jan 11, 2017 John Keston

"In the spirit of #JAMUARY2017 (thanks to Cuckoo for having the stamina to do it everyday!) I have made a video track using the Squarp Pyramid, Novation Circuit, Moog Sub 37, PreenFM2, Rhodes, Minifooger Delay, and Korg KP3+. I’m not great at making these (hence the shaky video), but they’re fun to do every so often.

Euclidean patterns drive each of the four Circuit drum parts through individual tracks on the Pyramid. I have it setup with four Euclidean patterns per track bank for a total of sixteen. This way I can mix and match all sixteen patterns on the Pyramid and even swap them or combine them with patterns on the Circuit.

Read more about this piece:

My album Isosceles was just released on Unearthed Music:"

Eowave Persephone Monophonic Ribbon Synth

via this auction

DREAMTRAK/Soulsby Synths Oscitron Jam #2

Published on Jan 11, 2017 Soulsby Synthesizers

"This is an experimental modular jam using just Oscitrons for sound sources. It's not intended particularly as a performance, but more as an interesting way to show off the module's features.
The only mix effects are volume, pan and little bit of room mic for ambience."

New Q179 Envelope++


"The Q179 Envelope++ module is a full-featured voltage-controlled envelope generator with many unique features including bizarre curves, a VCA and looping. Special modes offer dual-envelopes and 4-step sequencing. The Q179 can also be used as an LFO, gate divider, gate delay, arpeggiator, quantizer, random source, and more.

The envelope mode provides voltage-control of Attack, Decay, Release phases along with amplitude. Special features include control of initial Delay and Attack peak holding, along with linear, exponential and log curves.

Voltage control of slopes and amplitude is designed specifically to make using velocity signals from a keyboard intuitive and musically expressive. Press a key fast to produce a faster attack and higher amplitude. Use off-velocity from the Q174 MIDI Interface to control the release time according to how fast you release a key. The Q179 Envelope++ is made for musicians and their music.

Positive and inverted outputs makes it easy to send the output to a VCA and VCF without using a multiple and the THRU makes daisy-chaining simple. A multi-colored LED provides indication of the current state.
Envelope looping occurs automatically when a gate plug is not inserted, or controlled by a gate in GL mode (Gated Looping). When looping, outputs can be used as a multi-segment LFO with VC of speed, slopes and amplitude, and a variable pulse-width is available at the THRU output.

The dual-envelope mode creates an attack/sustain/decay envelope at the +OUTPUT and a separate delay/attack/hold/decay envelope at the -OUTPUT. These envelopes can loop automatically or by gate control. The THRU output operates as a voltage-controlled gate delay and gate extender.

The Q179 Envelope++ also offers a 4-step sequencer mode, complete with an internal clock and quantized outputs. Forward, up/down and random sequences are available. Works great as a keyboard arpeggiator, or stack multiple modules for longer sequences.

$256.00 USD - PJ Wrote: A fancy EG and dual EGs and a sequencer in one package? With a quantizer and gate delay too? Ummm, I'll take 4!"


New Q179 Envelope++ Tutorial Videos

Published on Jan 13, 2017 synthesizersdotcom

"An introduction tour of the Q179 Envelope++ module.

For more information visit

Hosted by Roger Arrick of"

An introduction tour of the Q179 Envelope++ module Q179 Curves
Q179 Envelope++ Patching Tip
Q179 Envelope++ Velocity
Q179 Envelope++ LFO
Q179 Envelope++ Quantizer
Q179 Envelope++ Done Output
Q179 Envelope++ Random
Q179 Envelope++ Gate Divider
Q179 Envelope++ Bar Counter
Q179 Envelope++ Daisy Chain

VGM #97: Bonus Room Blitz (Donkey Kong Country)

Published on Jan 11, 2017 Ace Waters

"I will finish this DKC album. Hoping to have it out by March? Lets shoot for march. I got the idea for this cover of Bonus Room Blitz about six months ago, and then it ended up getting shelved. Decided to finally get back to finishing this Donkey Kong Country album, and decided to go for it. Hope you enjoy!"

ARP 2600 analog synthesizer demo

Published on Jan 11, 2017 Vykaar Tones

"Quick demo of an early grey ARP 2600 analog synthesizer"

Update: unfortunately this one was pulled. It's too bad, it was a decent dry demo of the 2600 capturing some of its character. Hopefully it will go back up.

Ambient Jam with Moog Mother-32 & Eurorack

Published on Jan 11, 2017 Delta Aquari

"Some relaxing ambient music, created with Moog Mother 32, Pittsburgh Modular Snyth Box, The Harvestman Polivoks Modulator, Doepfer Wasp Filter, Doepfer A-184-1, Mutable Instruments Peaks and Intellijel uVCA."

Buchla Format 220 Touch Panel by Alex Pleninger

Published on Jan 11, 2017 Alex Pleninger

220 - Dark Sequence
220 - Capture Simple
220 - Polyphonic Melody
220 - Polyphonic Pressure
220 - Zoning


Published on Jan 11, 2017 moonmodular

"tackel & toggle"

Roland SH-101 w/ Original Gig Bag, Mod Grip & Strap

via this auction

Roland System-8 - Gattobus Personal Patches - DEMO -

Published on Jan 10, 2017 gattobus

"Headphones recommended.
No external FX added. Recorded straight to the audio interface.
Roland System-8: 8 performance patches programmed and played by Gattobus."

Exploring Circuit Editor Pro

Published on Jan 11, 2017 BoBeats

"It will be released soon on:"

The original Minimoog analog synthesiser is still the best

Published on Jan 11, 2017 Vykaar Tones

"Quick demo of nice old Minimoog circa 1973 with original type oscillators and all original boards inside except for new power supply capacitors plus Kenton midi sockets on the back. Woodwork repairs were being done to the front panel top trim at the time."

New 'M-80' midicontroller for Roland MKS-80 - the MPG-80 alternative

Published on Jan 11, 2017 stereoping

"Productdemo of the Stereoping Synth Controller in 'M-80' edition for Roland MKS-80. This midicontroller contains all parameters of the MPG-80. It even goes beyond offering CC-message automation for the MKS-80 with it's built-in CC-SysEx-translator. In effect, it's a tiny, cheap alternative for the rare and expensive MPG-80.

From what i've heard the MPG-80 does not work that perfect and smooth when programming the MKS-80. As i don't own a MPG-80 i cannot test or show it. What i can show here is the M-80 working as smooth as a hot knive sliding into butter when firing the MKS-80 with edit commands. Simply plug the 'M-80' in between the Midi connection between your DAW and the MKS-80 and your ready to go. It forwards incoming notes from the DAW and merges them with the edit commands.

The video contains 3 parts:

a) short 3D-animation explaining connections, function and color layers
b) simple demo shaping a unison sound into a delayed-highspeed-LFO-VCO MOD-mess
c) a complete 4 minute song with permanent editing on UPPER and LOWER tone with the MKS-80 in DUAL mode listening on 2 midichannels. When you listen carefully you might notice some slight timing issues of the MKS-80. Well, it has to handle many notes on 2 channels plus the parameter change commands.

The MKS-80 in the video is REV5 with the Roland IR-3R03 VCOs. Other gear used: Roland Juno 6, Pearl Syncussion clone, Pearl SC-40, Volca Sample, Boss SE-50, Monarch EEM 3000."

Roland Juno-60 (1982) & Moog Prodigy (1979) - vintage analog synthesizer space disco jam

Published on Jan 11, 2017 RetroSound

"(c) 2017 vintage synthesizer demo track by RetroSound

pads, lead and other synthesizer sounds: Roland Juno-60 (1982)
bass: Moog Prodigy (1979) , sequenced with the Dark Time step-sequencer
drums: Roland TR-707
recording: multi-tracking without midi
fx: reverb and delay
additional synths and fx: Susan Rom"

Luke Neptune- Promised Land (Joe Smooth) Juno 60, SH101, Prophet 6, MPC1000

Published on Jan 11, 2017 Luke Neptune

"My version of one of my fav Old School House tracks from 1987. Enjoy."



Published on Jan 11, 2017 once upon a synth

"In this episode I pair the Roland SH-101 vintage analog synth with the modern Elektron Analog Drive distortion guitar pedal. I start off with some quick filter sweeps then proceed to some playing and finally end with some nasty bass Daft Punk-like sequences and some noise/wind effects. Enjoy!"

Faking Fake Chords on the (Korg) ARP Odyssey - a chiptune-inspired patch tutorial

Published on Jan 10, 2017 Amplitude Problem

"In the past, I made a tutorial for playing chords and melodies simultaneously on the Moog Sub 37 using 8-bit home computer techniques [posted here]. It's no secret that I love the distinctive sound of an ultra-fast chip arpeggio, which is what the technique relies on to give the illusion of a chord. So, when I recently received Korg's amazing ARP Odyssey re-issue, which is paraphonic like the Sub 37, I had to give it a shot on that synth as well. It turned out to be more challenging, but completely possible, to achieve a very close sound.

Full text version here:"

Inside the ROLAND SYSTEM-8 plug-out synthesiser

Published on Jan 11, 2017 markusfuller

"A look inside the Roland System-8 Plug-out Synthesiser.
my Patreon page is
sorry about the bad audio, I was struggling with lots of background noise due to local demolition works across the road from me."

Frozen To A Blinding Heat

Published on Jan 11, 2017 snipz

"This was set up before Christmas, it changed and then changed again until I couldn't hold out any longer. With new ideas coming to mind it was time to record.

Modcan sequencer doing Qu-Bit Chord duties and the Telharmonic, Metropolis providing the clock and sequencing the subby uLFO bassline. Radio Music going through Echophone plus HertzDonut and FMVDO provding FM'd clangs. a few filters and some guitar pedals adding effects."

Sound Diary #15 - Boomtschak

Published on Jan 11, 2017 DivKidVideo

"Whenever Matttech comes over there's some serious head bobbin' patches going. We both leave with neck ache, a big grin and as far as the Boomtshak is concerned ... full of breeze block smashing beats!

Here's the Mutant Kick and Clap from Hexinverter just playing short basic sounds while the Boomtschak is unleashed with plenty of modulation and manual wiggling."

Modularbeats: Erbe Verb Percussion

Published on Jan 11, 2017 MAKEN0ISE

"The Erbe-Verb is a powerful synthesis tool that can be used to create and modify percussive sounds in a number of ways."

Oberheim Matrix 6R - Gear of the Week (Junkie XL)

Published on Jan 11, 2017 junkiexlofficial

"A unique rack-mount synthesizer I used quite a lot on Distance Between Dreams..."

Roland MC-202 w/ Original Box, Casette, & Manuals

via this auction

"Roland MC-202 in collectors condition with original box, manuals, adapter and cassette tape! A great machine to add to any synth arsenal."

Noise Reap Bermuda VCO Eurorack Module

via this auction

You can find a video and details on the Bermuda VCO here.

The schematic in the background appears to be for a Harmony guitar amplifier. Thought it was nice touch.

Acidlab Drumatix Analogue Drum Synthesizer Sequencer

via this auction

Interesting note about the distortion. Curious if this is the case on all units.

"Everything is fully functional, sounds great and comes with ac and instructions. This was bought straight from Acidlab and didn't have an original box. There is a slight distortion which occurs from the headphone out on the bass drum and toms. The is rectifiable with an Acidlab prescribed resistor change, but I have not performed it."

Roland SH-2 Vintage Analog Synthesizer w/ Original Case SN 810341

via this auction

Novation Supernova 44 Voice Rack Synth

via this auction

Original Arp Odyssey - MK 1 2800 White Face

via this auction

KORG Volca Beats - MODIFIED with Switchable SNARE Mod

via this auction

"As you can see it has an extra switch installed. This switches in and out the infamous 'snare fix' mod. The standard factory Volca Beats snare is strangely distorted and grainy, and it has been suggested that this is down to a missing capacitor in the snare circuit. The mod adds this missing part and definitely smooths out the noise portion of the analogue snare, making it a little more TR808 like. Its subtle, but very effective. As some people might like the nasty crunch of the original snare better, we've made the mod switchable."

Roland A-01 (Synth, MIDI Controller & Sound Generator)

Published on Jan 11, 2017 GUITARGUITAR

"The Roland A-01 ticks all of your boxes—whether you want to warm up backstage, control every element of an elaborate home studio setup, or create original music from scratch, this flexible controller and sound generator is your one-stop solution.

Ultra-compact controller and sound generator
Highly portable for mobile music making
High-quality construction with metal front panel
Dual assignable ribbon controls for pitch bend, modulation, sound preview, CC, and more
MIDI over Bluetooth
CV/GATE outputs for legacy analog/modular synthesizers
Battery-operated (4 x AA) or USB bus-powered
192x40 graphic LCD screen
Built-in 0.5 W mini-speaker for real-time sounds"

Live Jam #68 - Electro / Postrock - Microbrute, Microkorg, Er-1, Beatstep Pro, Eurorack

Published on Jan 11, 2017 Monotrail

"I keep calling some of my jams 'Postrock', even though I haven't touched a guitar in quite a while. (Probably should pick it up again sometimes.) But I m still heavily inspired by the wall of sound principle, drumsamples and slow evolving structures. Electro-post-rock(ish), or something.


Stuff used:
Arturia Microbrute and Beaststep Pro. Korg Microkorg and Er-1, Akai APC key25 and Euroroack modular system with:

Doepfer: a-118, a-119, a-124, a-143-4, a-148, a-156, a-160-2, a171-2
Intellijel: Dixie II, uFold, Quadra, 2xTriat , Linux, mult
Make noise: MMG, Lxd
Mutable instruments: Clouds, Peaks
Synthrotek: Echo, Deluxe power
Diy: Quad attenuator

Audio via the Mackie 1202vlz4 mixer to a Moto Ultralite MK3 hybrid.
External effects: T.C electronics M350 for reverb"

deltAdata : leave's house ( outdoor live jam , ipad, samplr, z3c)

Published on Jan 11, 2017 deltAdata

"Outdoor chiptune -ish & odd beat Samplr jam in adandoned house.

Used: ipad mini, Samplr, filmed with xperia z3 compact 1080, audiobus, audioshare, shareit (ios to android video files transfert) and isupr8 filter 8 (8mm video effect on android).
Made on ipad mini with imovie.

Thanks for watching & happy new year !"

The Normal - T.V.O.D. (TeeBeeOThree TB-03)

Published on Jan 11, 2017 Calle Nilsson

"A cover of The Normal - T.V.O.D. Written by Daniel Miller

Roland Boutique TR-09 and TB-03
Roland AIRA TR-8 and VT-3
Cyclone TT-303
Korg Minilogue

The lyrics goes 'TB-03' instead of 'T.V.O.D.'"

Japanese Vintage Spring Reverb Units Comparison Test

Published on Jan 11, 2017 SubTokyoShop

subtokyoshop on eBay

"Japanese Vintage Spring Reverb Units Comparison Test

1. Tascam RS-20B
2. Fostex Model 3180
3. Vesta Kozo RV-3

recorded with Roland SH-09 Analog Monophonic Synth
+ Korg SQ-1 Sequenser

insert directly from SH-09 to each units."

#Jamuary2017 10 youtube Elektron Analog RYTM

Published on Jan 11, 2017 Lingk

"Episode 10 of #jamuary2017 Everything is being played back on the Elektron Analog RYTM. Kick, clap, high hats are from the RYTM. Bass and stab are samples I created."

Let's Seqz #2 - KORG Monologue & Kaoss Pad Mini

Published on Jan 11, 2017 Synth Anatomy

"The Monologue Synthesizer is the latest monophonic analog Synthesizer by KORG. Here is a sequence demo with a simple delay from the KORG Kaos Pad Mini."

Audio Damage Shapes eurorack waveshaper

Published on Jan 11, 2017 Flux302 of

"the Audio Damage Shapes is a digital stereo waveshaper."

You can find Audio Damage's overview of Shapes here.

Ants! sync oscillator test

Published on Jan 11, 2017 Plankton Elec

"A test on the sync oscillator new feature. Master oscillator is PW. Slave is a triangle. All oscs are triangle core."

Tokarev Protosynth V1+V2 latest editions improvisation.

Published on Jan 11, 2017 Konstantin T

"Protosynth V1 AND V2 latest editions side to side experimental test improvisation. MIDI notes sent from computer on separate MIDI channels to each synth. Featuring some different capabilities, timbres and FX."

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