MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, April 2, 2017

Sunday, April 02, 2017

FX Racks for Modular Synth Use in David Kronemyer's Sentience Studio

via David Kronemyer:

"We fully support repurposing guitar FX pedals for use with synths. For example, it now is common to find Eventides next to Moog 32's, and manufacturers like ZVex are transplanting their devices to Eurorack format. This makes sense, because there are a lot of additional colors and features they introduce, versus regular Eurorack FX modules. Impedance matching typically isn't a problem, and if it is, there are a lot of boxes to resolve it. Some time ago we took an assortment of ZVex, LGAL and other pedals we had that basically just were sitting around, and converted them for synth use. All of the inputs and outputs come up on the 1/4" patch bay at the bottom of each rack. Batteries have been removed, and all of the power connectors wired together for consistent, hum-free operation. We use combinations of these all the time in our various projects."

Roland V-Synth Time Tripping 2017 Synthesizer Varaphrase Synth Rik Marston

Published on Apr 2, 2017 SynthgodXXX

"Roland V-Synth Time Tripping 2017
Synth demo by Rik Marston
100% No Talking! Just PURE V-Synth POWER!

Yes! A demo of the V-Synth's TIME TRIP PAD
on Pads, Vocals & FX patches! I love this synth!
It's still on my TOP 10 list of BEST SYNTHS EVER.
Just the ability to shape the sound with the tip
of your finger with the TIME TRIP PAD or the palm
of your hand with the DUAL D-BEAMS, I wish that
ROLAND had designed MORE synths with these
types of controllers... SO LISTEN UP, ROLAND!!
We want a NEW TIME TRIP PAD in your newest
synthesizers coming out in 2018 & 2019!!
'Fat Chance' LOL I still can wish, right??

Here are the Patch names & locations in the video:

1. Ask4weather @ 00:07
2. Psychotic @ 01:17
3. Ambient Hold @ 02:32
4. Tuvan Lows @ 08:17
5. Stormy Mars @ 11:40
6. Machine Choir @ 15:53

Anyway here are a few examples of the
TIME TRIP PAD in action, along with some
tweaking of the PITCH, TIME & FORMANT
knobs... you can design some seriously strange
sounds with the V-Synth. It can be a challenge
to hit the right PITCH, the knobs can be very
sensitive while tweaking, as you can hear in
the video, I am not PITCH CHALLENGED.. LOL!!!
The cash value for this synth should be going UP
in price second hand SO GET ONE NOW before it
goes up to $1,500 used!!!! TRUST ME!! IT WILL!!!
(Sampler+VA Synth+Audio In+Unique Controllers....)

Thank you for watching!"

'Pounce Before You Bounce' - ngarjuna

Published on Apr 1, 2017 ngarjuna

"Always pounce before you bounce
No matter what never renounce
Modular Jam 73 - 'Pounce Before You Bounce'
Produced by ngarjuna
© 2017 Acid Coast

There's still time to grab a FREE copy of ngarjuna's latest album 'Clickbate'!

Patch Notes:

phrygian lissajous'

Published on Apr 2, 2017 Ebotronix

4ms Peg, QCD/Expander², QPLFO, RCD², VCA Matrix
Analogue Systems RS 100², RS 110²², RS 360²
Arp Odyssey 2821 white noise
Bananalogue Serge VCS

Rheyne - Sequenced Jam #28 (Moog Mother-32, Make Noise Eurorack and 0-Coast)

Published on Apr 2, 2017 Rheyne

"Recorded using Moog and Make Noise synths and modules, with Ableton as a mixer for reverb and lighting. Audio is sent to Ableton via an Expert Sleepers ES-8. All notes are from the synths, no outside MIDI was used (Ableton's clock was stopped). Lighting cues and state changes are controlled by an iPhone running Lemur as a wireless Ableton remote, taped to the top of the camera."

Soundplex Seventh Encounter

Published on Apr 2, 2017 Todd Barton

"My DIY SoundPlex synth processed through Tom Erbe's Soundhack software. Better audio:"

All parts here.

Mos-Lab System 8A Custom Modular Synth

via this auction

"This is a custom system and has 3 oscillators rather than 2.

All modules work perfect and it sounds massive!

This system comes with the following modules:

(1) 921-A Oscillator Driver
(3) 921-B Oscillators
(1) 904-A Low Pass Filter
(1) 911 Envelope Generator
(1) 902 VCA

Mos-Lab is made in France, so this unit comes with a power converter for use in the US. Works perfect!"

Waldorf Q Keyboard - Yellow

via this auction

Future Retro Mobius Sequencer SN FRM081US281

via this auction

Rephazer - Behind the scenes (english subtitles)

Published on Apr 2, 2017 Rephazer

"A small rephazer soundcheck, improvisation and rundown for the ones interested."

DRE4MTR4CK Eurorack Sequencer User Guide 3/3

Published on Apr 2, 2017 gstormelectro

All parts here.

"Audio and Video by G-Storm Electro c.2017

The DRE4MTR4CK is a simple and intuitive Pitch CV sequencer.
It has 4 steps, and it has 4 Individual tracks.
Each track has its own clock input, clock output, and Pitch CV output.
In this way, it can behave like 4 completely independent sequencers.

In this video I show how to use the DRE4MTR4CK in more detail.

0:00 Introduction
1:23 Installation Options
3:06 Boot-Up Defaults
3:32 Connections and Operations

DRE4MTR4CK is built by hand in limited quantities and will be available on Reverb soon. Full specs available on my blog.


The Simplest Thing

Published on Apr 2, 2017 android dreams

"Roland Sh101 and Roland Tr606 together for a night time jam. Simple beautful melody amidst the chaos of a home renovation long, long over schedule and months without music."

Intellijel µMIDI Tutorial 4 - Vel Mod & CC

Published on Apr 2, 2017 intellijel

"In this video we learn how to add more life to our patches using the Vel, Mod and CC outputs on the Intellijel µMIDI."

All parts here.

Kate Tempest - Full performance (Live on KEXP)

Published on Dec 30, 2016 KEXP

Mellotron, DSI Pro-2 & Prophet-6, Novation Launchkey controlling an iPad.

"http://KEXP.ORG presents Kate Tempest performing live at Kex Hostel in Reykjavik during Iceland Airwaves. Recorded November 4, 2016.

Picture A Vacuum
Lionmouth Door Knocker
Ketamine For Breakfast
Europe Is Lost
We Die
Don't Fall In

Hosts: Cheryl Waters & Kevin Cole
Audio Recording & Mixing: Alex Grant, Kevin Suggs & Matt Ogaz
Cameras: Jim Beckmann, Alaia D'Alessandro, Luke Knecht & Justin Wilmore
Director: Scott Holpainen
Editor: Alaia D'Alessandro"

A Tribute to Ikutaro Kakehashi from "R is for Roland" Co-Author Florian Anwander

In case you missed the news on Ikutaro Kakehashi's passing yesterday, see this post.

via Florian Anwander, co-author of R is for Roland:

"I owe him so much, and I learned a lot from him about believing in an idea. Thank you Kakehashi-San!"

Florian tells me Ikutaro Kakehashi signed his book for him just last year in 2016.

Drôles de Machines 'StarFunk' (Msq 700 Prophet 5 Tr808 Matrix6 Ob xa)

Published on Apr 2, 2017 AnalogSynthMuseum

Oberheim OB-XA : Rush bass & lead
Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 : bass & harp
Sequencer : Roland MSQ-700
Drum machine : Roland Tr808
Electro harmonix Small Stone Phazer

Recorded live no over dub, no blue light , no synth plugins !!!!

DX5 playing DM "See You"

Published on Apr 2, 2017 DX5

Left top: Roland Promars
Left Bottom: Emu EMAX II
Right: Yamaha DX7
Backtrack recorded on Pro Tools. Also used: Virus TI

Composed by Martin L. Gore
Performed here by DX5 Jose Maria Bara

Patchblocks Launches minijam studio Kickstarter Campaign

Exploring the tek.drum Published on Apr 2, 2017 Patchblocks

Kickstarter campaign here.

"Mindflood Ltd., the company behind the Patchblocks brand, was founded back in 2013. It was a result of the academic research of Sebastian Heinz, the founder, CEO and CTO. During his research he developed the idea to Patchblocks and brought it to a prototype state, which ended up to be the content of the first Kickstarter campaign (12/2013). This became one of the most successful synthesizer campaigns on Kickstarter.

In 2014 Sascha Goetz, an old high-school friend of Seb, joined the company as co-founder and started to take care of the all operational tasks. From then on Patchblocks were promoted heavily on key trade shows and many events all over Europe. That allowed the team to build a global retail and distribution network, as well as extending the Patchblocks product line. Those extensions are the Midiblock (2015), which enables connectivity with MIDI equipment and the Keyblock (2016), a miniature Midi Keyboard, which can directly be connected to the Patchblocks.
Besides the new minijam studio (details below) there was also a brand new 3-channel mixer added to the product portfolio. PBMIX3 is a battery powered, portable audio mixer with send and return chain.

For the minijam, the project team was extended by Filip Vandueren (Sounddesign), Andy Wilson (Engineering), Gnichi Mohamed (Engineering) and Carsten Bellan (Design consultant).

The company currently has its main office in Holywood, just outside Belfast, Northern Ireland.

minijam studio
The project started in early 2016 with the idea of creating something that still follows the Patchblocks philosophy in terms of accessibility, affordability and fun. Feedback from customers and retailers pointed to something more hardware, less software. The result was not just one single unit, it ended up in a whole product line, which combines a lot of different studio hardware in a small size.

minijam is based on the idea of what happens when you boil down a hardware studio or live performance setup to very compact and affordable products. Maybe compromising pro-features, but not compromising the enjoyment of noodling and jamming with such machines.

The studio includes a drum machine, a wavetable synthesiser, an analog filter, a mixer and a speaker. It gives you the feel of jamming with hardware equipment, all bundled in a ready-to-use set with impressive sound.
Each device is powered by a rechargeable battery and can be used standalone or as part of the set. You don’t need any software or mobile phone. The mixer keeps all connected devices synchronised and also allows for the integration of other hardware with it’s sync triggers on the second channel of the stereo connectors. (e.g. Pocket Operators, Volcas,etc.)

Product details
tek.drum - Drum Machine:
8 Drum-Synthesis tracks with 4 parameters per track
8 Patterns with 16 steps
automation and parameter locks of all 32 parameters
pattern chaining up to 128 steps
global delay send effect
save patterns and automation to flash
up to 12h battery life (rechargeable via Micro USB)
Dimensions (l/w/h): 15.5 x 6.5 x 3.2 (cm), Weight: 100g
Kickstarter price 45.00 GBP (MSRP 60.00GBP)

tek.waves - Wavetable Synthesizer
16 fully automatable sound parameters divided into 4 pages
3 wave table banks (vowel, classic, harmonic)
arpeggiator with hold, octave range and arp mode settings
4 patterns with up to 128 steps per pattern
scale select, and 2 octave keyboard within selected scale
global delay send effect
save patterns and automation to flash
up to 12h battery life (rechargeable via Micro USB)
Dimensions (l/w/h): 15.5 x 6.5 x 3.2 (cm), Weight: 100g
Kickstarter price 45.00 GBP (MSRP 60.00GBP)

tek.filter - Analog Filter
audio input and output
2 pole resonant low-pass / band-pass filter
up to 40h battery life (rechargeable via Micro USB)
Dimensions (l/w/h): 11.5 x 6.5 x 3.2 (cm), Weight: 65g
Kickstarter price 40.00 GBP (MSRP 50.00GBP)

.hub - 3 Channel Mixer
3 mono channel input with sync trigger output per channel (stereo cable)
digital encoder and display to set tempo
44.1kHz 16bit .wav recording to micro SD card
up to 8h battery life (rechargeable via Micro USB)
Dimensions (l/w/h): 14.0 x 6.5 x 3.2 (cm), Weight: 95g
Kickstarter price 45.00 GBP (MSRP 60.00GBP)

.boom - Portable Speaker
small, battery powered speaker
integrated 3.5mm audio cable
Dimensions (dia/h): 5.0/7.0 x 6.0(cm), Weight: 130g
Just included in the set

The whole studio will be priced with 130.00 GBP on Kickstarter (MSRP 170.00 GBP).

Double Studio, one for you & one for a friend 250.00 GBP on Kickstarter.

All units will be shipped by September 2017.

There are also 100 limited Early bird Kits for 99.00 GBP and 40 pre-production sets for 150.00 GBP (shipping in May 2017)."

Roland Super JX-10 1986 + M-64C RAM memory card

via this auction

"Up for sale is the last Roland analog synthesizer from the 1980's, the Roland Super JX-10, recently acquired from a vintage synthesizer aficionado with a smoke-free home studio. It features digitally controlled analog sound synthesis, full MIDI functionality and a quality keyboard of 76 weighted keys.

It has just been looked over by one of the leading Latvian keyboard engineers. With his written confirmation this Roland Super JX-10 (serial No. 662699) is in full working order, has all original parts and the most problematic elements like display, keyboard, buttons and sliders are intact.

Visually it is hard to believe, that this synthesizer is around 30 years old - it has been very well looked after and therefore is preserved in excellent condition, apart from a few light scratches and blemishes around the edges (for a closer inspection please take a look at the attached photos)..."

All Gadget!! monologue & JU-06 & TB-3 & TOMCAT JAM

Published on Apr 2, 2017 SHIN


Eurorack Modular Synth Case w/ Tiptop Audio Power

via this auction

"complete travel-ready single-row case & power for Eurorack modular. Very clean condition. The rack can be pulled out of the case for desktop use. Fine for very deep modules: unlike some skiff cases, my Plan9 module with massive circuit boards fitted easily in here."

Octave-Plateau Cat SRM-II SN G1196

via this auction

Note the $7.00 printed on the top right of the user manual.

"This one is brand new in the original box with the manual + brochures. It is working 100%! Prior to the listing, it had been calibrated as it's been sitting wrapped in it's box for over 37 years. I have several available! This model is last of the series, the SRM-II. It uses CEM 3340 (oscillators) and a SSM 2044 (filter). Obviously the key bushings are not going to feel new after 37 years so I will include a new set of bushings with the sale. These bushings are not lubed!..."

Moog Slim Phatty Analog Synthesizer with Rack Ears

via this auction

Macbeth M5N Semi Modular Synthesizer SN AC3004

via this auction

"Beautiful Macbeth M5N Synthesizer

Hand made by Ken Macbeth in Scotland

Semi modular layout based on the Arp 2600

So there are hard wired pathways as well as patch points

Sounds sublime, think deep Moog with Arp 2600 modulation pathways"

Roland TR-909 w/ Mods

via this auction

"This 909 contains modifications (thanks to Colin Fraser) to the kick as well as the high-hats, to give you far more flexibility that what is traditionally offered by a typical 909. The mods to the kick are the group of three rotary controls above low/mid Tom controls. As you can see, the same rotary knobs that were on the original were used on the mods. Mods to kick add three new controls:

- Pitch: controls the frequency of the bass drum oscillator
- Drive: allows waveform adjustment from normal to square, for hard clipped sounds
- Tune Depth: varies the amount of the initial pitch sweep (decay is set by TUNE control)

These mods literally give the 909 the ability to produce any kind of kick imaginable, from overdriven, to deep, pulsating kicks.

The hi-hats mod gives a tune control for the hi-hats that functions the same way as the tune controls for the crash and ride cymbals. This adds a lot of depth and flexibility.

More details on the mods can be found here"

Access Virus A Advanced Simulated Analog Synthesizer SN 19803320

via this auction

Access Music Electronics' first VA synth. Kind of interesting that it's labeled Simulated Analog rather than Virtual Analog. When did VA become the reference norm?

Yamaha QX 1 MIDI Sequencer w/ 8 Individual MIDI Outputs

via this auction

"Great sequencer to use with a yamaha tx816.

9 maxwell 2d 5.25" floppy disks are included with this listing."

Dawless Jams with Novation Circuit, Roland Boutique, Roland AIRA

Published on Apr 2, 2017 Fantastic Beats and Where to Find Them

"Getting together with some synth-friends for a JAM! Starting off with a combination of JP08 and System-1, then Circuit takes over sequence duty and plays back arp-city to both synths..... TR-8 comes in hard and heavy and then JU-06 with that bass in yo face!


MFOS (inspired) DIY Analogue Synthesizer Experiments.

Published on Apr 2, 2017 Michael Maggs

"These are loosely based mainly on Ray Wilsons' 'Music From Outer Space' synthesizer designs There are other designs too. It's just me having fun and working towards a monster analogue synthesizer.

LFO based around a CD40106 Hex Schmitt trigger:

VCO can be found here:

VCF can be found here:

The Step Sequencer is based on the CD4017 based decimal counter IC. In this instance I use only the GATE for triggering at around 5V:"

Final demo of the Slingerland drum machine. With HQ Sound

Published on Apr 2, 2017 Todd Murray

"The Slingerland drum machine is built from the TR-909 and TR-808 printed circuit boards from

For more information on this build and other synths, please visit"

This is Wavetable Synthesis - using Black Wavetable VCO

Published on Apr 2, 2017 Carl Mikael's Cabinet of Curiosities

"Wavetable synthesis gives you easy access to timbres that might be complex to construct using analog synthesis. By using modulation, there can be lively timbral variations relatively easy.

This tutorial shows off the basic concepts of a wavetable oscillator using the Erica Synths Black Wavetable VCO. Modulation and sequencing by the excellent CV sequencer in Elektron Analog Keys.

If you’d like to support me through Patreon ( - I’d be very grateful. It would make it possible to produce even more and better video tutorials."


Published on Apr 2, 2017 NozMusic

Kicks in at :19.

"1985年に、セガから体感ゲーム第2弾としてリリースされたシューティングゲーム「SPACE HARRIER(スペースハリアー)」より「MAIN THEME」を、SPFM Light+OPNA(YM2608)モジュールを使って、YAMAHAシーケンサー「QY700」のMIDIシーケンスで演奏させてみました。"


"Using MAIN THEME", SPFM Light + OPNA (YM2608) module from the shooting game 'SPACE HARRIER (Space Harrier)' released as the second game of Sega from the Sega in 1985, YAMAHA sequencer 'QY 700' I tried to play with MIDI sequence. "

via Wikipedia:

"YM2608, a.k.a. OPNA, is a sixteen-channel sound chip developed by Yamaha. It's a member of Yamaha's OPN family of FM synthesis chips, and the successor to the YM2203. It was notably used in NEC's PC-8801/PC-9801 series computers.

The YM2608 comprises four internal modules:

FM Sound Source, a six-channel FM synthesis sound system, based on the YM2203
SSG Sound Source, a complete internal implementation of the Yamaha YM2149/SSG, a variant of the popular AY-3-8910/PSG for producing three channels of square wave synthesis.
ADPCM Sound Source, a single channel for samples in 8-bit ADPCM format at a sampling rate between 2–16 kHz
Rhythm Sound Source, a six-channel ADPCM system, enabling playback of six percussion "rhythm tones" from a built-in ROM
The FM Sound Source module includes six concurrent FM channels (voices, twice as many as the Yamaha YM2203), four operators per channel, with dual interrupt timers and an LFO. It also includes eight possible operator interconnections, or algorithms, for producing different types of instrument sounds.

The SSG, or Software-controlled Sound Generator, is Yamaha's YM2149 programmable sound generator. The YM2608 includes the SSG's 3 sound channels and dual 8-bit GPIO ports.

The YM2608 is used with a YM3016 stereo DAC..."

... // —

Published on Apr 2, 2017

" // tom foolery and the family jewellery

2 x nanoloop2 improvisation // no edits, no effects"

Microbrute-Jam, 2 Parts

Published on Apr 2, 2017 Martin Jagl


Live Techno III - Korg Volca Arturia Drumbrute Roland JX03 Arturia Microbrute - Hardware Techno

Published on Apr 2, 2017 Mark Moody

"fooling arround with the volca bass


Recorded with Reloop Tape
Arturia Microbrute
Arturia Drumbrute
Korg Volca Sample
Korg Volca Sample OK Go
Korg Volca Bass
Korg Volca FM
Korg Volca Keys
Korg Kaossalator Pro
Akai MPX 8
Roland Boutique JX03
Korg Quadpad"


Published on Apr 2, 2017 Jason Basson

"I am back with a new 'Trigger Taste' video. The Korg MS-20 Mini is triggered by the Oberkorn sequencer. We demonstrate here also the Sample & Hold and the external signal processor of the MS-20 Mini. The sounds we get as I start the sequencer let me think on sounds from the early Front 242 on their Geography album. I did some field work and could find that Front 242 used an MS-20 on their Geography album. The first time I use the MS-20 Mini in a video. He will certainly re-appear in another video! Great piece of gear!"

MFB Tanzbar & Novation KS Rack

Published on Apr 2, 2017 3rdStoreyChemist

"Jamming with the Tanzbar drum machine & a KS Rack synthesiser synced together.
Tanzbar MIDI Out to KS Rack MIDI In

No further processing except for reverb and normalisation."

Le Strum - Chord & Strumming Midi Controller Demo

Published on Apr 2, 2017 Dual Shaman

"Putting the rather obscure and underrated Le Strum chord MIDI controller to the test by playing a selection of pads, sound effects, soulful keys, Chicago House chords and piano.

This petite fella is one of our composing and song starting secrets, it’s very easy and fast to get some good melodic ideas going, albeit as an instrument, it can be a bit more difficult to master due to it’s small size.

Nonetheless, a must have at such a small price. Especially useful for those who need brushing up on their music theory.

Get ShamanStems sounds :
Dual Shaman on Soundcloud:"

See this post for details on Le Strum, and one more here.

rotundra 2017 04 02

Published on Apr 2, 2017 NomNomChomsky

"Just a quick beat with my MPC1000, through the juciest ring modulator known to mankind the Mooger Fooger MF102..... with some 104Z delay and distorted reverb courtesy of the Eventide Space."

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