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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Upcoming SP-2400 is Real and It's Not From Behringer?

What is the SP2400 and is it real? Ken Flux Pierce Fluxwithit

It's not an SP-1200 x2 and it is currently working.  Filters on every channel.

Update: Soviet Space Child joked it could be an elaborate April Fools spoof as the images look rendered. It has been a while since we've seen Elhardt. Maybe he's making a comeback like Jexus. :)

Update2: also see the update in the original post here.

via Flux

"What if I told you the SP 2400 is real… its not Behringer and It is going to be build as a proper spiritual successor to the classic sampler many of us have grown to love so dearly. This is no clone, this is something more…"

"So what is speculation and what is fact?

FACTS…..24bit AND 12 bit, Aluminum construction, Classic sound with the Classic workflow. Each pad will play cowbells (if you sample a cowbell to it) its not behringer… it is real, and it IS COMING SOON

How do I know all of this? am I making it all up? did a little birdy tell me? There is still so much we don’t know… how much will it cost? when will it hit shelves? Time will reveal all.

I can tell you… I have heard it… it sounds fantastic. It is going to make many of us very happy… and the corksniffers… so mad. I will be dropping random tid bits about this as they fall out the back of the secret laboratory this is being built in."


This is a follow-up to this post.

WMD Metron In Store Demo & Q+A at Perfect Circuit

Started streaming 7 minutes ago Ken Flux Pierce Fluxwithit

"maybe I know .... hmmmmm"

Supporters of MATRIXSYNTH get %10 off at Perfect Circuit!

novation PEAK Demo & Review

Published on Feb 27, 2019 musictrackjp

novation PEAK
novation 49SLMkIII
novation CIRCUIT

DEMO by Katsunori UJIIE.

Waldorf Blofeld Atmospheric Patch B009 ``Deep``

Published on Feb 27, 2019 Mark Pigott

"Waldorf Blofeld takes the lead with this THX inspired sound carpet.
Add in Vermona `14, Microbrute, and stereo Monotribes"

Ambient session (Matrix 1000, Sub37, Eurorack Modular)

Published on Feb 27, 2019 Martin Stürtzer

"A minimalistic ambient piece using only three synthesizer sounds. Oberheim Matrix 1000, Moog Sub 37 and an Eurorack patch with Mutable Instruments Plaits and Braids. Analog Four was used as a mixer and CV controller to play ONE note (poor A4!)."

Fun with CS-80 / GX-1 style string ensemble on Deckard's Dream

Published on Feb 27, 2019 Paul Schilling

"A walkthrough of my recreation of Stevie Wonder's "Village Ghetto Land" GX-1 string ensemble on the Deckard's Dream synth, with plenty of audio examples.

The Deckard goes beyond what the CS-80 can do, for example by offering PWM LFO sync across all voices and layers, which very few synths actually offer, and which adds a vibrant airy ensemble-type feel. Also the Deckard lets you reverse the polarity of the high-pass filter envelopes, which was also a feature of the GX-1 (so that either the HP filter opens/closes together with the LP, or goes the opposite way)."

Corsynth C105 MKII - Detailed demo with patch examples

Published on Feb 27, 2019 Corsynth

"C105 VC Noise / Lo-fi MKII - Detailed demo with patch examples

The C105 VC Noise / Lo-Fi Machine MKII is a voltage controlled analog sample rate reducer and a VC Noise generator. This new MKII version expands the modules possibilities with new features that allows this module to be used in other ways not possible with the previous version. Now the C105 MKII can be used like a traditional sample and hold , a voltage controlled clock generator , a random gate / trigger generator or a 12 db VC High pass filter and even as a square wave VCO."

An Aladdin's cave of rare synth gear // Patch Point (Berlin)

Published on Feb 27, 2019 DivKidVideo

"Earlier this year the Modular Podcast crew had the chance to visit Patch Point based in the Neukölln district of Berlin. Patch Point is a store, community hub and synth DIY centre ran by Dr. Darrin Weiner. Patch Point is the only place outside of Peter Blasser himself (the creator) to build Ciat Lonbarde equipment and they also stock various Serge panels, Bug Brand and Eurorack gear. With a heavy leaning to the rare, banana format and other more unique pieces of gear it's no doubt one of the only places in the world to try out, build and get hold of some of this equipment. A total Aladdin's cave of synth gear and a wealth of knowledge and experience with Darrin in driving seat, be sure to get to Patch Point if you happen to be in Berlin anytime."

Boutiques on the Rocks: synth field trip on batteries

Published on Feb 26, 2019 Ludwig Kopp

"Went out in the sunshine with Roland Boutique JX-03 & TR-08
for a microtonal adventure on the river banks.

Raw audio with built-in FX only....and on the rocks.

Thanks for watching!"

Boutiques on the (wood) Block

Published on Feb 27, 2019 Ludwig Kopp

"Part 2 of the synth field trip....
after rocks...some wood.

Roland Boutique JX-03 and TR-08 make a great pair.

Thanks for checking my stuff."

Kawai SX-240 Analog Synthesizer 8 Voice Polymorphic Synth

via this auction

REV2 Patch Degrader Demo & REV2 Experimental Patch Set

Published on Feb 27, 2019

"This video describes and demonstrates the device I designed to create most of the patches in the REV2 Experimental Sound Set available for $29.99 from [click through for additional audio demos]

Contents of the video follows. To hear five minutes of just the patches (no talking) please skip to 9:56.

00:00 Intro patch
00:23 About the REV2 and REV2 Degrader
01:49 Initializing patches with the Degrader
02:20 Dis/enabling parameters in the Degrader
03:03 What does the Degrader do?
03:33 Interpolating parameter values
04:15 Looping the Degrader
04:31 Free versus synced degrading
05:07 Hear the Degrader processing patches
06:10 Interrupting the Degrader
06:29 Randomizing the gated sequencer
07:50 Randomizing the gated sequencer steps
09:56 REV2 Experimental Patch Set (no more talking)"

Graphic VCO & Black Octasource- Erica Synths unboxing and first sound!

Published on Feb 27, 2019 Dziam Bass

"As always, we have a video of unboxing and a little announcement how it looks and sounds the module on the first day.
Graphic VCO from Erica Synths is really a beast when it comes to wavetable and undoubtedly this kind of synthesis is needed by anyone looking for new sounds. It is known that the anlogic sound is always great but you have to open slightly imaginative to recognize that just such a digital VCO as Graphic VCO can offer us infinite sound possibilities especially when it has on board are amazing FX like FM, Ringmod, Phase distortion, Wavewrap or wavefolder and more, with the addition of this to wavetable and the sound morphing function, you start to realize how great the possibilities are giving you new waves that you can draw.
In addition, for obtaining a beautiful morph in a certain time, the Black Octasource - powerful LFO with morphing function, together acts as one organism moving your wavetable sounds in an amazing way.
Sound -Graphic VCO & Black Octasource / Drums-Pico Drums!"

Synth Quest Episode 5 | Korg Poly-800

Published on Feb 27, 2019 madFame

"In this episode of Synth Quest we take a look at the Korg Poly-800. This video is the most in-depth, high-quality demo of the Korg Poly-800 on the internet, I hope you enjoy it!

I rescue and repair unwanted synths and drum machines and put them back into service, making music as they were intended. In this video series I present some of the history and sounds of the various synths and drum machines here in my studio.

If you have any unwanted synths and drum machines that you would like to contribute to Synth Quest, you can email me at"

Radiophonic Ones - A Simple Sequence

Published on Feb 27, 2019 suitandtieguy

"Using two Radiophonic One systems to make a nice thick sequence. Two .VCOs tuned a fifth apart with Drift Generator rate set in the slow range, and just a little bit of their modulation added, into a .MIX with the sawtooth of both and a touch of the suboctave square of the fundamental mixed in, into the Sea Devils Filter modulated by pitch CV and a 23 second period linear trapezoid modulation from one Envelope Generator controlling the amount of the other Envelope Generator. The main Envelope Generator is used for a basic triggered pluck with the curve control set about 70 percent of the way towards Logarithmic from Linear. Effects are a Lexicon Alex hall reverb and a TC D-Two basic delay. As the video progresses I tweak the drift generator amounts and the amount of filter modulation from the VCAed pluck control."

🎧🔊Elektron Model:Samples 🔊🎧

Published on Feb 27, 2019 Andrew Mawson

1. 🎧🔊Elektron Model:Samples 🔊🎧
"Lovin' the atmosphere you can create with the Elektron M:S.

Some new patterns I created and jammed with.
Extra FX from Turnado and compressor/signal boost from FAC Maxima on the iPad."
2. Elektron Model:Samples & iPad Jam 1
Custom samples and patterns on the M:S being routed through the iPad (midi and audio) for additional FX/processing with Turnado, Bleass Delay & FAC MAXINA

Spotted this one on the excellent discchord.

Hpi TBX1 Tuning Box

via this auction

"This box can implement microtuning capabilities to most midi synths that respond to pitch bend cc’s. It works best with multitimbral synths or those that have Mode 4 (guitar mode, mks50, esq-m) for polyphonic use but can work for monophonic synths too. It has over 400 tunings included but you can upload your own from a computer. I highly recommend getting HPI’s Custom Scale Editor software if you pick this up as its easier and more intuitive than Scala for creating your own scales. Comes with original power supply.

E-MU EMAX SE RACK 12-bit SAMPLER with new OLED Display & Gotek USB Floppy Emulator SN 028105

via this auction

"This sampler sounds incredible and is in really great condition. Being 12-bit with 8 analog SSM filters is pretty ridiculous. It really makes anything you sample sound amazing. Basically the same engine as the SP1200.

The Emu Emax SE is a 3U rack, 8 voice, multitimbral, velocity and pressure sensitive, 12 bit sampler with 8 individual outputs, featuring a programmable analog low pass filter, LFO, dedicated filter and amp AHDSR envelopes, arpeggiator, real-time 16 track sequencer, chorus, RS-422, and MIDI. Samples are recorded at 10-42kHz (512kB memory). Sample editing includes loop, mix, reverse, splice, taper, truncate, multiply, and sample rate/pitch conversion. Waveform can be saved/loaded via a 3.5″ DSDD drive or USB floppy emulator. Additive synthesis features 24 harmonics (shape can be drawn) in 24 a wave sequence (max) with dedicated time slice pitch and amplitude EGs."

Oberheim Xpander

via this auction

"The Oberheim Xpander is a six-voice desktop version of the Oberheim Matrix 12 with which it shares an identical voice architecture. In many ways they are the most flexible non-modular analog synths ever built."


via this auction

"It comes with the original box, manual, sticker, Bastl wrapping paper, and patch cables."

Vintage KORG VC-10 VOCODER SN 160273

via this auction

"Originated in 1978 the KORG VC-10 is an all in one unit featuring 20 channels, speed, depth, accent, octave, tune, and pitch controls. Many famous bands/people have used this model vocoder (think Beastie Boys Intergalactic)
Has an input for an external signal for keyboard modulation.
Has original gooseneck KORG MC-01 microphone and connector."

Roland Promars Vintage Compuphonic Analog Synthesizer

via this auction


Published on Feb 25, 2019 Pedals4Synths

Pedals4Synths - Strymon Timeline on a Moog Grandmother
Pedals4Synths - EHX Stereo Polyphase on a SE-02 from Studio Electronics and Roland
Pedals4Synths - TC Electronic Corona on a Korg Minilogue
Pedals4Synths Digitech Nautila
Pedals4Synths - Digitech Polara reverberation on a Moog Grandmother Synthesizer.
Pedals4Synths - Mooer Trelicopter on Moog's Grandmother's VCO

Timbre Wolf Evolving Ambient

Published on Jan 18, 2019 Landrow

"This is actually two live takes spliced together. The camera stopped recording on the first one so I added some moonlit nighttime footage I've taken to carry us over to the next."

Piano & Synthesizer II (live)

Published on Feb 27, 2019 Landrow

"Not technically live. Instead of letting the piano loop run while I played, I did two takes and tweaked the Chorus & Delay (which are effecting the piano) throughout the run."

Patch From Scratch: QPAS & TEMPI

Published on Feb 27, 2019 MAKEN0ISE

"Clocks and filters. Who needs anything else?

This patch is built around a core of QPAS and TEMPI, with no traditional audio source."

Twisted Electrons hapiNES Sound Demo (No Talking)

Published on Feb 27, 2019 Bonedo Synthesizers

KORG PROLOGUE - Ambient Arpeggiator Soundscape 【SYNTH DEMO】

Published on Feb 27, 2019 synth4ever

"A relaxing ambient arpeggiator soundscape on the Korg Prologue analog / digital hybrid synthesizer.

This Korg Prologue ambient chillout arpeggiator music features analog oscillators, digital multi-engine, LFO, envelope adjustments, delay and reverb effects from the 8-voice Prologue synthesizer from Korg."

Ants! synth percusion loop on SPICE (no talking)

Published on Feb 27, 2019 Plankton Electronics

"A kick and bass loop from the Ants! synth goinfg to the Spice saturator. With NUTUBEX2 and FUZZ circuits."

NUTONE + SPICEVCF + ENVF on a drum loop

Published on Feb 27, 2019 Plankton Electronics

"The 3 eurorack modules processing a drum loop"

skinnerbox - sofa #6 (elektron digitakt, minimoog, ableton)

Published on Feb 27, 2019 skinnerbox

Behringer Crave - Arpeggiator Tutorial

Published on Feb 27, 2019 BEHRINGER

"Patrick shows how to use the built in arpeggiator of the Behringer Crave analog synthesizer."

Patch n Tweak

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