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Monday, January 20, 2020

Introducing the TTSH ARP 2600 Exercise Bike

The ultimate in DIY via Kenny:

"It's my new creation.

At last, I can work on fat sounds while getting in shape with my TTSH 2600 Exercise Bike.

It's quite robust with only a small to moderate certainty of toppling over.

If you wish to build your own, here is how:

- build a TTSH

- grab an exercise bike and mount flat table on its handles

- place TTSH on top"

Qasar Beach Fairlight CMI Clone

via Qasar Beach

History of the Mellotron | NAMM 2020

Published on Jan 20, 2020 Under the Big Tree

"Richard Chamberlin, son of Harry Chamberlin, inventor of the Mellotron, tells us stories about the early days of the Chamberlin (predecessor to the Mellotron). We discuss the impact of the instrument on rock and pop music in the 60's and 70's, and the original intended audience for the instrument.

As an added bonus, a French musician named Frederic plays the intro to the seminal Genesis song "Watcher of the Skies" on the Mellotron."

NAMM 2020 - Sequential Pro 3

Published on Jan 20, 2020 SynthMania

"Huge-sounding mono/para synth with multi-filter, sequencer and many types of connectivity"

Sequential Pro 3 posts

NAMM 2020 John Bowen Solaris Desktop Synthesizer & Voice Expander

Published on Jan 20, 2020 sonicstate

"John Bowen's Solaris is now available in desktop form. One of the first all digital synthesizers with many models of classic analog elements. The Desktop version features AMOLED displays and is much smaller than people expect."

John Bowen Solaris Desktop posts

Live Set: Elektron Digitakt, Novation Peak, Korg Volca Keys, Tech 21 Flyrig, Ableton Live

Published on Jan 20, 2020 Mauricio Maisterrena

"Live Set: Elektron Digitakt sending midi to the Novation Peak and Korg Volca Keys, set recorded in Ableton Live through Overbridge. LaunchControl controlling the lowpass filter of each of the tracks on the Digitakt."

Post NAMM Live Sets at Perfect Circuit

Gamechanger Audio Live at Perfect Circuit

Soma Laboratory Live at Perfect Circuit

Girts from Erica Synths Live at Perfect Circuit

NAMM 2020 - Nord Wave 2

Published on Jan 20, 2020 SynthMania

"Very impressive sound, several synthesis types, poly arpeggiator"

Korg Minilogue/Monologue/Volca Sample do "Let's Groove" by Earth Wind and Fire

Published on Jan 20, 2020 Mattelica

"Live take of Earth Wind & Fire's "Let's Groove" with the Korg Monologue on bass, Minilogue on keys, and Volca Sample on drums to a Roland VS880 HDR to a Canon 6D + 50mm 1.4 lens."

05-The Dubreq Stylophone Gen R-8-Sequencer and Drive

Published on Jan 20, 2020 AutomaticGainsay

"Here is the sound and functionality of the Sequencer and Drive functionalities present on the Dubreq Stylophone Gen R-8."

AutomaticGainsay Stylophone posts

Richard Live At Post-NAMM Synth Event

Published on Jan 20, 2020 Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers

Erica Synths SYNTRX EMS SYNTHI style synth at 2:05

Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers NAMM Day posts

Custom White Dave Smith Instruments Tempest w/ Decksaver Cover / Lid

via this auction

Sequential Circuits Pro One SN 5996

via this auction

"Here we have Sequential's classic flagship monosynth! A dual oscillator beast with arpeggiator, the Curtis filter, sequencer, and a simple but powerful modulation matrix. The Pro One is well known for its sound and has been used by countless musicians since its release.

This particular unit is in great physical condition for its age appearing to have not been moved around or touched too much. The keybed was recently rebuilt and plays extremely well. The electronics were also serviced and are mostly working perfectly. A couple signs of its age are the power switch requiring a bit of pressure to engage and some of the switches being a little loose. The cutoff control has a very slight spot in the center that dips back down (more noticable when resonance is up: the frequency drops slightly when sweeping slowly). This issue is only present on the cutoff control and not when using envelope or LFO control."

Sequential Circuits Prophet-600 Synthesizer w/ GLIGLI Upgrade

via this auction

Ensoniq Mirage DSK-8

via this auction

"The Mirage is a famous sampler with a fantastic gritty sound with tons of life to it, there are analog filters, keyboard split, and some other really powerful and unique features. Samples can be saved and loaded via floppy as well as recorded in through the 1/4" input. There is also an on board sequencer.

This DSK-1 is the last version they produced. This sale includes a boot disk with stock piano sounds on it."

Modded Roland TR-606

via this auction

Funny pots.

"This auction is for a malfunctioning Roland TR-606 drum machine. The machine has been modified by a previous owner for individual voice outputs and voice tuning controls and has been altered from its original condition.

When it was working the modified machine functioned flawlessly, all original and modified outputs and DIN sync worked, all original and modified knobs, switches, and buttons worked. The machine had worked trouble free for the last 6+ years and has only recently experienced the issues described below.

Currently the 606 will power on, all voices seem to be working and it can be coaxed into a limited sort of functionality. The sequencer will run and it will output sound but the sequencer behaves erratically and associated button presses and mode knobs do not always respond as expected. The sequencer will vary length depending on button presses. Phrases and partial patterns might be able to be produced but not without random and unpredictable behavior.

The non-sequencing knobs (tempo, volume, etc) all work. The lights all work and the machine exhibits its classic pleasing all analog sound even in a broken state (I tested with headphones). The modified tuning controls and individual outputs all seem to be functional. Conceivably whatever output can be achieved could still be captured for sampling or other creative use even if a full repair is not possible, ultimately this will be for the buyer to determine."

Yamaha CS-50 Rare Vintage Analog Synthesizer SN 1945

via this auction

Waldorf Microwave XT Synthesizer SN 0107306050 w/ New Knobs & Display

via this auction

Creamware Prodyssey ASB ( Arp Odyssey style polysynth )

via this auction

"In great condition- works wonderfully, and has a switchable Moog Filter choice, built in effects, patch storage, MIDI CC, and Polyphony- all the features the lovely Odyssey deserves. **this unit allows external audio to be processed by the Arp or Moog filter.

These units take 6 seconds to 'boot up' (they are not 'instant on'). There are cosmetic flaws in the wood sides (see pics)."

Laser Light Show + Radiator Laser Synth

Published on Jan 20, 2020 Shiftedphase

"Here's a quick overview of a project I've been working on: the Radiator Laser Synthesizer. If you want to know about the actual project check out:

If you think this is interesting let me know and I'll make some more videos covering the various aspects of laser light show technology."

Custom Wood Paneled Roland Jupiter-Xm at NAMM

NAMM 2020 - Enjoy Electronics REmindER

Published on Jan 20, 2020 SynthMania

"A great-sounding multi-effect processor from Italy"

Enjoy Electronics REmindER posts

Equinox Modular

via this auction

"Excellent condition - 5 standard modules in mini cases with psu and 5 patch cables"

Looks like a DIY build. Anyone know what this is? Guessing it's not related to Modular Equinox.

CRT for Fairlight CMI 1 II IIX

via this auction

"The first four photos are the NEW CRT available in this listing and the last two photos are of two 30+ year old CRTs that I replaced

**This listing is for the CRT tube only. The monitor housing and light pen are not included. Swapping out the CRT tube in your Fairlight monitor is a pretty straight forward process. No soldering is required. All you need to do is discharge the anode. Making your own anode discharging tool is simple.

This is exactly what you need if your Fairlight CMI I, II, IIX monitor has the dreaded "cataracts" or is flawed in some other way. These new old stock made in USA CRTs are exactly what Fairlight used in their machines in the 70s and 80s. I blasted them with a halogen lamp for some of the photos so you can see it has the correct anti glare construction just like the originals. I also wanted to highlight that these new old stock CRTs have no glue issues whatsoever. Under normal light conditions the black is much richer like you would expect.

Ensoniq ESQ-1 Voice Crystal Sound Carts

via these auction


Voice Crystal cartridge for the ESQ-1 contains 80 sounds.
Sounds include:
Poly/mono analogs
And many others.


Voice Crystal cartridge for the ESQ-1 contains 80 sounds.
Sounds include:
Good general organ/clav/piano
various wind/perc, and some interesting analog synth impressions of eastern instruments.
Poly/mono analogs
And many others.

Free State FX - FSFX Custom Shop: Klee Sequencer - Getting Started

Published on Jan 20, 2020 freestatefx

"Here is a quick 'Getting Started' video of our new Klee Sequencer project. We would like to share a special thank you to Scott Stites for allowing us to build a few of these endlessly entertaining sequencers."

Preset Surfing the Sequential Pro 3 at NAMM 2020

Published on Jan 20, 2020 Red Means Recording

"The Pro 3 is the brand new synth from Sequential. It's a 3 oscillator mono/paraphonic with a wavetable oscillator, multi-mode filter, awesome motion sequencer, great effects, and some other cool bells and whistles.

I put my hands on one for the first time at NAMM 2020. This is that footage.

I didn't expect to love this thing as much as I did. It's got an incredibly unique sound, huge and techy, grungy and distorted, sharp and round."

Sequential Pro 3 posts

NAMM 2020 - Nord Wave Sounds Only

Published on Jan 20, 2020 sonicstate

"A sounds only look at the new NORDWAVE 2 synth just released at NAMM."

Flailing around on the Roland MC 101 at NAMM 2020

Published on Jan 20, 2020 Red Means Recording

"The Roland booth at NAMM 2020 was a bit of a fustercluck. I had booked time there but I realized I didn't know what that meant and I couldn't find anyone I had talked to. So I hunkered down on the MC-101 and tried it out. This is that footage."

Novation Summit demo

Published on Jan 20, 2020 Hunart©

"Hi everyone!

I`ve got a chance to (finally) try out the Novation Summit. Altough one day is not enough to explore all the possibilities I tried to record as much as I can. All sounds are from Summit, very little EQ (for "cosmetics"), no compression and no external FX.

Feel free to ask any questions!


Rhythmo Beatbox - DIY Sampler Beatbox | NAMM 2020

Published on Jan 20, 2020 Under the Big Tree

"Ethan from Rhythmo shows us Beatbox, his DIY project currently available on Indiegogo. Both inexpensive and easy to build, Beatbox seems like a great project for tinkerers and people new to the DIY electronic music hobby."

Rhythmo Beatbox posts

NAMM2020 - Introducing the Behringer 2600 (Part 2)

Published on Jan 20, 2020 BEHRINGER

"First look at our 2600 Synthesizer. #NAMM2020"

NAMM2020 - Introducing the Behringer 2600 posts

XILS-lab Syn’X 2 Update

Check out the demo by SoundsDivine here.

"XILS-lab elevates exciting Syn’X 2 subtractive synthesis polytimbral powerhouse to higher heights with v2.5 upgrade

GRENOBLE, FRANCE: first available as Synthix back in 2011 before being relaunched to widespread critical acclaim in 2015 as Syn’X 2, audio software company XILS-lab is proud to announce availability of Syn’X 2 v2.5 — elevating its exciting- sounding subtractive synthesis polytimbral powerhouse to higher heights with a welcomed upgrade duly delivering several serious additions — as of January 6…

With origins dating back to its original release as XILS-lab’s third soft synth, Syn’X 2 is a polytimbral subtractive synthesis powerhouse, paying homage to the legendary (early-Eighties-era) Elka Synthex — much loved by the likes of famous French electronic music pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre, who still uses it to this day to create the distinctive sound of his onstage laser harp — from an original-sounding sonic standpoint with the striking sound of clear and punchy DCOs (Digitally-Controlled Oscillators), but brilliantly balanced against a multilayer card-based architecture that is inspired by similarly sophisticated hardware analogue synthesizers — such as Oberheim’s mighty (mid-Eighties-era) Matrix 12 — to create a powerful and complex virtual analogue instrument fit for 21st Century discerning DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) users. Ultimately, by drawing its inspiration from two distinctive design classics, it combines eight fully-independent layers with multitimbral flexibility; up to 72 oscillators; eight exciting-sounding ZDF (Zero Delay Feedback) filters; 32 envelopes; 32 LFOs (Low Frequency Oscillators); eight glides; and more than 500 possible modulation combinations — ‘hardwired’ or user-customisable — per patch!

Put it this way: with those eight layers combined with true unison, users can creatively think about using a unison mode that allows them to sculpt not just the number of oscillators but also subtle modulation variations for each of the hundreds of available parameters, including filters, envelopes, LFOs, stereo position, sync, ring modulation, frequency modulation, and more besides. Above and beyond that, though, it is perfectly possible to apply the creative concept to different layers to create complex layered sounds, such as animated epic pads, keyboard performances (where every component reacts to velocity in a different way), as well as splits that creatively combine arpeggios and bass parts, to name but a few exciting-sounding examples.

Several serious additions to the Syn’X 2 v2.5 upgrade elevate this exciting-sounding subtractive synthesis polytimbral powerhouse to higher heights — namely, a new natural-sounding vintage reverb effect with high-pass filter; customisable signal path for all effects and keyboard performances, so the chorus could be positioned before the reverb or visa-versa, for example, or the chorus could be applied to a lower bass split while an upper pad feeds into the phaser and then the reverb; single- window integrated preset manager for finding patches in seconds, managing presets and sound banks, and creating customised tags; revamped 1,536-pixel-wide GUI (Graphical User Interface) with Easy and Complex modes; more factory presets with widened scope for covering more musical styles; powerful InterLayer Modulation, whereby layers can now source modulations from other layers; and integrated help engine. Meanwhile, MacOS 10.15 Catalina compatibility is a given from the outset.

On the face of it, Syn’X 2 v2.5 fancifully frames an amazing vintage sound in a modern setting with hitherto unavailable possibilities, but better than its predecessors’ already amazing features. Fire it up in a DAW host running on the latest MacOS or Windows (7, 8, 10) to add some seriously creative firepower to modern-day music creations!

Syn’X v2.5 is available to purchase as a USB eLicenser or iLok (1 and 2 dongle hardware or software) protected plug-in priced at €169.00 EUR from XILS-lab here: (Note that the Syn’X v2.5 upgrade is free for owners of Syn’X 2.)

Syn’X v2.5 can be directly downloaded as a multi-format (AAX, AU, VST) 64-bit virtual instrument plug-in for Mac (OS X 10.7 and later) and Windows (7, 8, 10) from here:"

KORG volca and Elektron Digitakt Jam Session

Published on Jan 20, 2020 ollilaboratories

"If you like my music you can find it here and also please consider supporting me at patreon for as little as 1 USD

As a BURG patreon You will get access to behind the scenes materials, exclusive live streams, tiers with stems, loop packs and other perks including access to the exclusive BURG discord.

Track info:

I have been away from my gear for a long long time, I am still working on getting back into the game. When I am lacking inspiration I always try and break things down into lesser components.. like on this jam where i just use the Digitakt and the two volcas.

I didn't want to make percussion on the digitakt, the idea on this one is to try and explore how it can be used as a synth while jamming on the volcas. I am playing the bass sound + some simple stabs and sequence style sounds on it. Pretty fun setup, and really nice compact workflow .. eg easy to reach between the volcas and the digitakt controls.

Also, there are some errors in the track, but i decided to keep the song as is.. even though i had takes with no errors this one had the best overall feeling to it. It is live, straight to 2 track as usual :)

Gear used:

- Elektron Digitakt
- Elektron Digitone ( no sounds used, FX + sequencer for the volca bass )
- KORG volca keys + Zoom ms-70 CDR ( ICE delay and particle reverb )
- KORG volca bass + FX delay/reverb from the digitone
- Zoom H5 recorder

#KORGvolca #digitakt #jamuary"

NAMM 2020 Jupiter X Sounds Only

Published on Jan 20, 2020 sonicstate

"A session with Roland's new flagship Zen Core poly synth - the Jupiter X. Yes it does have exactly the same sound engine as the smaller Jupiter Xm, but more dedicated controls, a larger keyboard and looks a lot more, Jupiter like."

Lehnert Studio-5000 Cassette Tape Recorder With Analog Drum Machine

Published on Dec 13, 2019 RR

This is the first video of one on the site.

via this auction

"Lehnert Studio-5000 cassette tape recorder with built in analog preset drum machine.
It's a very well built really unique and rare machine.
Made in Germany in the 70's. (The speaker is Japan :))
Technical condition:
All functions are working. I did some cleaning on pots and switches and replaced belts.
But still not perfect:
The "cassette/radio/rhythmus" switch and the "normal/2.spur" switch still has a contact problem. Works but will need to be cleaned professionally.
Recording functions are seems/sounds all right to me. Although I don't understand fully this after recording system.
And a general service check is recommended regarding the age of the machine. But everything works on it.

Drum machnie works perfectly and sounds great! There is external output so you can use it just as drum machine.

Works with 220V or 12V adaptor or 8x 1.5V batteries."

PAIA THE DRUM 5700 Electronic Percussion Synthesizer

via this auction

"We bought this rare unit a couple years ago and serviced it at the time. It’s exceptionally clean and appears to have had very little use. Since servicing, it's been used occasionally at The Synth Sanctuary electronic music studio here in NYC (Google it) and is working great and sounding good."


via this auction


via this auction


via this auction

Roland System 100 Model 102

via this auction

"In excellent condition. The unit has been serviced and everything is working very well. There are some minor cosmetic wears but this has no effect on the performance of the unit. Overall in great physical shape!"

Korg 800 DV Maxi Korg Vintage Analog Synthesizer SN 5547

via this auction

Roland SH-3A Analog Vintage Synthesizer

via this auction

Yamaha CS-10 Vintage Analog Synthesizer w/ Hard Case SN 3936

via this auction

Sonicware LIVEN Chiptune Groovebox Intro and Demo

Published on Jan 20, 2020 Red Means Recording

"The Sonicware LIVEN is a super unique little chiptuney synthesizer with a robust sequencer and internal resampling. I asked them to give me an intro and play demo, and then I came back and tried it myself later. It's not super easy to figure out without a manual, but it seems really cool."

Sonicware LIVEN posts

TB-303 + TR-606 + HC-2 (Hand Clapper) + NTS-1

Published on Jan 20, 2020 Masaki Takada

"I knew that a hand clap was installed on the Behringer RD-6 (TR-606 Clone), and after a long time I tried playing with Hand Clapper HC-2:)"

Shapes - A multi-waveform oscillator for logue-sdk synthesizers

Published on Jan 19, 2020 hammondeggsmusic

"Smoothly transition between common wave shapes with your logue-sdk compatible synthesizers."

"Available at
Consider helping support these projects at

"Shapes", is a traditional variable-waveform oscillator for your logue-sdk compatible synthesizers. It adds a few twists like oscillator modulation via external or internal LFO and a separate envelope generator."

Making Music with the Arturia MicroFreak

Published on Jan 20, 2020 Gabe Miller Music

"In which I make two beats from scratch with the Arturia MicroFreak and the OP-1. Thanks so much to Arturia for sending the MicroFreak over!"

MicroFreaks on eBay | on Reverb | on Amazon

Korg NTS-1 - DIY Programmable Synth Kit | NAMM 2020

Published on Jan 19, 2020 Under the Big Tree

"Matt from Korg shows us the latest hardware expansions to Korg's line of DIY Programmable synth hardware blocks. This line of inexpensive, Arduino-based digital synth hardware allows experimenters to start building their own custom instruments without needing to break out the soldering iron."

4ms - Ensemble Oscillator | NAMM 2020

Published on Jan 19, 2020 Under the Big Tree

"Dan Green of 4ms shows us their latest Eurorack module, the Ensemble Oscillator, which they debut at NAMM 2020. This polyphonic oscillator allows the user to select from a series of pre-programmed scales, or to create their own from a variety of sources."

Patch n Tweak

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