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Friday, November 06, 2020

Nyle Steiner Microcon - NuRAD - NuEVI Demo by Mark Steiner

Mark Steiner

"New video: NuRad, Steiner Microcon resurrected, and modular light painting with sound.

Relentlessly thorough sound demo of the Nyle Steiner Microcon synth (this is the reissue/redesign by the brilliant, David Ingebretsen with consulting from Nyle and using original schematics. David worked as a young man for Steiner-Parker, and built modulars, Synthacons and all the good stuff, so he knows what this stuff is meant to sound like. True to the schematics.

Please forgive that YouTube compression introduces some distortion. It is still worth it as it gets things out there for many people. I'll provide a link here later for some downloadable and/or better quality sound examples as time permits.

For waitlist/info on the wind synths played (NuRAD and NuEVI), email Berglund Instruments at"

Synthmania quick tip #22 - How To Play The Awesome ''I Like To Move It'' Synth Riff


"The wonderfully catchy synth riff from Reel 2 Real I Like To Move It"

Patch of the Week 83 – More Human than Human synth line on wavestate


"Korg’s celebrating Metal Month all through November with a POTW series focused on Synths of Metal! Our first installment is a tribute to Rob Zombie and crew, who gave us a metal masterpiece complete with this instantly recognizable, pulsating synth line."

Uglysound Build Report: Pharmasonic 723 Analog Switch & Zlob Triple Cap Chaos


Zlob Triple Cap Chaos further below.

"Our first attempt at a build video, featuring the Pharmasonic 723 Analog Switch module. All sounds in the video are patches featuring the 723. Watch for an in-depth look at the module in a future video. Warning: Noise starts at 3:08"

"This is a clone of the Roland System 700 723 Analog Switch module, and is available assemble from Pharmasonic.

It is available in kit form here:

Build thread for DIY versions of Pharmasonic System 700 clones is here."

Uglysound Build Report: Zlob Triple Cap Chaos

"It's Matt's turn at the build desk and editing chair for installment number two of Uglysound Build Report. Soundtrack by Luer, using the Triple Cap Chaos module extensively."

via zlob modular:

"The Triple Cap Chaos(C^3 Chaos) is a 2hp analog, chaos based, noise oscillator, pseudo ring modulator/harmonics generator, and audio mangler Eurorack module available as a DIY Eurorack kit, PCB and Panel, or built.

It is a unique module, like the Diode Chaos, because it has never existed as a musical instrument until now. There is also no other module to my knowledge that can do exactly what the Triple Cap can do. The circuit(with several modifications) is based on the paper “Simple Autonomous Chaotic Circuits” by J.C. Sprott and Jessica R. Piper. As opposed to the Diode Chaos that generates control voltage this module focuses on the audio rate.

The “Emanate” potentiometer controls the coarser overall spectrum of the chaos, from lots of activity counter clock wise up to less chaos and more of a steady oscillation. The “Width, CV ATT” potentiometer can be thought of as more of a fine control for the chaos/oscillator. When something is inserted into the “CV” in the voltage normalization from the width knob is broken and the potentiometer now acts as an attenuator for the incoming cv. The Triple Cap is not a traditional volt per octave exponential VCO, and has a sort of narrow frequency range to exploit the chaotic behavior.

It expects a +5v to -5v max signal in to modulate the chaos. The “IN” jack is an A.C. coupled input for audio in, although cv and audio can work for both the “CV” in jack and “IN.” The “IN” will interfere and interact with the onboard chaotic oscillator depending on the frequency of the input, which may take some experimentation. It can create ring mod ish sounds, to added harmonics, to almost bit crushed sounds depending on the “X” or “Y” output. The “X” output is a more windy noisy sinusoidal based output and the “Y” output is more squared off and aggressive, harsher sounding output.

Some quirks about the Triple Cap: The “X” output can offset negatively or positively a little bit depending on the pot settings, but both outputs tend to stay around 10vpp. With the “Emanate” and “Width” pots all the way up the typical frequency will be around 150hz although some will reach 200hz at this setting. With the “Emanate” pot full counter clock wise “Width” pot full clock wise the frequency will be around 250hz. It is possible to send signals into the triple cap that can bring it out of the desired range causing the oscillation to cut out.

The Triple Cap has a double sided panel. meaning one side has the classic graphics and the other is Soulless with less graphics(see image gallery to the left).

Width: 2hp
Panel Material: PCB/Double Sided
Reverse Power Protected
Current Consumption: +12v: 15mA, -12v: 10mA
Depth: 37 mm or 1.46″
Ships with M3 black nylon screws
Expandable: no"

Waldorf Iridium ! Cinematic FACTORY Sounds by KS

Kevin Schroeder

"Coming soon at Waldorf Music!"

This one was spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child.

Flame 4 VOX-Quad Polyphonic Wavetable VCO is amazing sound wavetable module

Dziam Bass

See the dealers on the right for availibility.

10-The Arturia PolyBrute- Envelopes Part B


"Here is part two of a two-part demonstration of the envelope functionality found on the Arturia PolyBrute."

AutomaticGainsay Arturia PolyBrute posts

Patchman Music Mono/Poly Volume 1 Soundbank Demo

Patchman Music

Patchman Music Mono/Poly Volume 2 Soundbank Demo

"Complete details on this Patchman Music soundbank along with a patch listing, and Paypal order button can be found at the link below...

This is a special wind controller / breath controlled soundbank designed by Patchman Music for the Korg Mono/Poly and iMono/Poly soft synth and iPhone / iPad app. The sounds you are hearing in this demo are completely responsive to the player's breath. They are being played by a MIDI wind controller. The same responsiveness can be obtained with keyboard players when using a breath controller. A wind controller or breath controller is required for these sounds to work.

Every sound in this Mono/Poly Patchman Music wind controller soundbank is recorded in this extended 17 minute audio demo. This demo was recorded directly into Apple Logic from just one instance of the Korg Mono/Poly softsynth with NO ADDED EFFECTS. Everything you hear in this audio demo is exactly what comes out of the output of your computer or iOS device running the Korg Mono/Poly soft synth- effects and all!! These clips were played live with a wind controller by wind controller guru Matt Traum."

JKJ Electronics CV-5 CV to MIDI converter

via this auction

"The CV-5 is a pretty amazing box relative to off the shelf units these days.

Of course it's volts/octave but it can be calibrated to any voltage steps you want (within reason)

It offers 1 MIDI IN and MIDI THRU with several modes for the 6 output jacks.

It has CV/OUT
It offers
10 ways to control the LFO
13 ways to control the LFO wave form (it's not syncable totally, but you can restart the lfo shape based on tempo
9 choices for LFO sync to clock
can send pitch to filter jack
3 choices on portamento
4 pitch bend depth choices
4 ways to route velicity
8 ways to route velocity
7 destinations for CC1
5 choices for CC4 destinations
3 ways for note priority
7 MIDI Note ranges (5 octaves)
2 ways to rout out of range notes
2 ways to control gatesw/triggers
7 system controls, to lock, save, resett, return to default, disaable/enable changes
4 operating modes
7 seq clock modes
enable or disable 2nd MIDI channel
10 hardwired CC assignments

It has DIN Sync out

EVEN MORE FUN IS MONO AUDIO IN to STEREO out and the ability to control pan position using MIDI CC controller.

Runs on any 9-12VDC 100ma pos-tip wall wart."

Sequential Circuits Pro One Wooden Case

via this auction, also on Reverb

"Custom wooden case for Sequential Circuits Pro One. Build using american walnut. Finished in Liberon Wax. Ready for shipping. This listing is for wooden case only."

ROLAND Jupiter 6 w/ Hard Case

via this auction

Moog Polymoog 203a with Poly Pedal Controller

via this auction

Nice view.

"Polymoog with poly pedal controller. All keys and functions work and produce sound though it needs the maintenance that a polymoog will continue to need to keep it sounding pristine. Audio outputs on the back are not fully functioning and the pedal controller does not fully function."

Ensoniq Mirage DSK-8 Digital Sampling Keyboard SN 16898

via this auction

"This closet kept Mirage 8 bit sampler is in FULL working condition and looks amazing as well. You'd be hard pressed to find one better. Comes with hard travel case, manual, lots of floppies (some have OS and sounds, some only have sounds, so you still have to use a floppy that has OS and sounds, then load other disk to overwrite existing sounds.). Also has rare Sequencer Expander Cartridge!"

SOUNDMIT 2020 Coming This November 14 & 15

This year's SOUNDMIT 2020 is going virtual. The event begins on Saturday November 14. Videos will of be going up here on MATRIXSYNTH. Above are two playlists featuring guests and exhibitors. Many exhibitors will be giving discounts. Keep an eye on the SOUNDMIT label on the top left of the site for posts.


Roger Linn interviewed by Robin Vincent, Dave Smith interviewed by Soundmit and Felice Manzo (LEMI), Suzanne Ciani interviewed by Johann Merrich, Hainbach, Paolo Synthmania live session and Q/A, Tulpa Dusha live modular session and Q/A, Chris Meyer of Learning Modular live session and Q/A, Roby Facchinetti (POOH) interviewd by Danilo Ballo, Riccardo Mazza workshop about “Soundtrack for Silent movie”, Vladimir Kuzmin interviewed by Giulio Curiel.


At the time of writing, over 60 exhibitors have joined the event, the full list will be available on website in the coming days and will be constantly updated. The PERFORMERS

We will also have a substantial live music section with internationally renowned musicians including

Doug Lynner
Illusion of Safety

thanks to the partnership with together with the artists of
Torino Modulare
Milano Modulare
Genova Modulare
Sideshape Recordings

Sequential Prophet-10 rev 4 first impressions from INIT patch. No talking!

manmade madman

"I received my Sequential Prophet-10 rev 4 (caps removed) yesterday, and within an hour, I made this video. I wanted to see what sounds I could get to on my first impression. This is how I judge a synthesizer.

There's a shortage of videos for the new Prophet showing patch creation and raw unprocessed sound. Most videos have been a scroll thru of presets and playing classic songs and riffs. Not this one! IMHO, that doesn't show off what a synthesizer is capable of. So in this one, I hit the INIT and just wander around from there, covering as many features as possible while listening to the raw output. Based on other videos, I was skeptical, but the results were surprising.

Like all my videos, there is only the raw unprocessed sound, straight from the mono output into my Speck mixer at unity and into the RME soundcard.

If you live in Denver, you can rent this very Prophet-10 from me at"

Diaries by elinch

Elinch - „diaries - the tape“


Note today is Bandcamp Friday, meaning everything goes to the artist!

video timeline:

00:00 bass /// make noise morphagene (pitched down expert sleepers disting ex piano sequence) / er-301 env / mixer
00:10 pad /// verbos harmonic oscillator (pitch: alm pamelas random / 2hp tune) / make noise optomix / instant lo-fi junky / mi clouds (looper)
00:35 vocal /// morphagene / t-rex replicator / er-301 (mixer 7 delay)
02:10 piano /// expert sleepers disting ex piano / seq'd by malekko voltage block / make noise optomix / instant lo-fi junky / mi clouds (looper)
03:00 orchestral background /// er-301 (sample from expert sleepers disting ex / filter / delay / mixer)
04:22 strings /// er-301 (sample from expert sleepers disting ex / mixer)

mastered by james edward armstrong.
© 2020 expert sleepers ltd
recorded live with tascam dr 100.

for the best listening experience listen to the video with headphones or good speakers.

"The second release on the Expert Sleepers label, 'Diaries' presents ten pieces created with a modular synthesizer but not with a typical modular synthesizer sound - instead of bleeps and bloops, here you will find pianos and orchestral sounds, perfectly in keeping with the minimalist compositional style."

ELECTION NIGHT // Jupiter-80, Juno-106, MC-707, Squarp Pyramid,


"We got it!"

Creating presets on the Rossum Trident using the Make Noise 0-CTRL

Patchwerks Seattle

"In this video resident expert Nick Bigelow of Patchwerks shares a few practical ways to the use the new Make Noise 0-CTRL with his trusty companion the Rossum Trident.

The Make Noise 0-CTRL is a patchable, clockable controller and step sequencer for voltage controlled synthesizer systems. Designed to be patch pals with the 0-Coast, it is a tabletop device whose inputs and outputs follow Eurorack standards, making it also a great partner for a modular system or another patchable tabletop synth.

- Fully analog and patch programmable, no menus or modes, what you patch is what you get!
- Sequence and Control the Pitch, Strength, and Time of your synthesizer voice, per step.
- Voltage control over Stop and Direction.
- Dynamic Reset, select Reset Step while sequencing.
- Pressure and Touch Gate outputs for human generated events and expression.
- Dynamic Envelope and Gate outputs allow for voice loudness/ strength per note.
- Gate output per step for patch programming sequence behavior and triggering unique events per step.
- Synchronize the 0-CTRL via the Clock In, or clock other machines with the Clock and/ or Gate Outs.
- Sequence your synthesizer and play it by hand simultaneously with Sequence Interrupt.

Order your 0-CTRL here:

The latest brainchild of synth pioneer Dave Rossum, TRIDENT is a 100% analog, triple oscillator module that opens up a universe of dynamic timbral textures.



NSFW at 1:16 - 1:19 & possibly 3:02.

“1998” A Moffenzeef Modular Dial-up Montage | Noise Engineering | Bastl Waver | Elektron Effects

"If you are a late 80s kid or earlier, you are old enough to remember the screeching sounds of 56k modems and AOL trial discs. The year is 1998 and your favorite movie is still 'The Terminator' from 1984. You're on the computer and suddenly get kicked offline because your mom had to make a phone call. This is Dial-up from Moffenzeef modular. It carries all those dial-up sounds at the turn of a knob. Modulate it and you have glitchy drum machine chaos."

Teisco 110F is it really an ARP? A rare and amazing Japanese classic synthesizer; Moog Filter??

Electric Cafe

"This video scratches the surface of the Teiso 110F synthesizer, the big brother of the Teisco 60F and cousin of the Kawai 100F. This thing destroys most analogue synthesizers, Moog, Oberheim, Yamaha, Korg, Roland, ARP, and lots of other vintage classic synths have trouble keeping up with this forgotten beauty.

Take a listen to that two VCO gorgeousness and rich bubbly filter with more squelch than a pair of boots at a wet music festival. It has the rubbery elastic sound that early Japanese synthesizers owned for a long time."

Novation AFX Station review

Molten Music Technology

"Is the AFX Station a Bass Station II in new clothes? Of course! But don't let that stop us checking out the innovation and versatility in this fat and compact monosynth from Novation."

Steve's MS-22, Last Batch of the Year

via the ThreeTom Modular mailing list:

"Hi everybody!

Currently, it isn’t clear yet how Brexit will impact my business as of next year. Because of Brexit getting near, I’ve decided to set up another production run for Steve’s MS-22. This way, all of my friends in the UK are able to get their hands on Steve’s MS-22 before Brexit happens. I think it’s quite possible that as of next year I won’t be shipping to the UK until I have all the extra administration figured out.

Don’t wait too long to get yours, as usual, the size of the batch is limited! Any orders made before November 23rd should ship before half of December, reaching the UK before New Year with some margin.

Take care and stay safe!

PS: Wiretaps are also back in stock!"

You can find both at ThreeTom Modular and SynthCube.

VenusHum - Look (Live Performance)

Venus Hum

Synth spotting with Venus Hum. This one is in via Tony Miracle, member of Venus Hum, and the man behind the Orlando Electronic Meetup featured in previous posts here.

"Live performance of Look for the I Voted virtual music festival.


Synths featured:
#Roland System 100-M
#5U Modular
#Intelijel Metropolis
#Arturia Beatstep
#Roland D-50
#Moog Sub-37
#Moog Grandmother

New Sugar Bytes DrumComputer for iOS

Sugar Bytes

"DrumComputer is the new specialist for synthetic drums, combining classic and modern synthesis with flexible modulations and luxurious sequencing. Intelligent randomizers, elegant pattern editing and import of your own samples are just a few of the mind blowing possibilities. Enjoy new drums everyday and get inspired by all the creativity that DrumComputer sets free. Just because, there still is all the unheard of.

Sound Engines
8 individual sound engines contain all the DSP goodies and share presets, so you can exchange sounds between engines. 3 synthesis layers cover a broad variety of timbres, from a classical analog Resonator to Wavetable, plus the awesome Resynth, which brings you liquidized cymbals, snares and synths. We also added a Sampler Mode to play back your own sounds.

Zynthian - DIY Linux Raspberry PI synthesizer setup tutorial and sound demo

Floyd Steinberg

"Zynthian - DIY Raspberry PI synthesizer setup tutorial and sound demo. Table of contents and all the links you need below! In this video, I'm walking through all the steps necessary to build your own "Zynthian" Raspberry PI DIY synth, and play some patches, too. I'll show the sequencer and audio tools in another video next week.

#zynthian is a #linux distribution specifically designed for running synthesizer and audio software on the #raspberrypi. It comes with a specialized, streamlined user interface and a lot of apps preinstalled. You can buy an assembled kit online, but that doesn't come cheap, so in this video, I'll use some standard components to make it work. This build does not include the 4 encoders and buttons, so if you want me to have a go at these, please write a short note in the comments!

Table of contents
00:00 introduction / overview
00:38 demo 1 (detuned pads & lead)
01:30 hardware needed
02:27 software installation
03:05 assembling the hardware
03:35 basic configuration using the web interface
04:30 screen calibration
05:37 hidden UI gestures
05:57 adjusting the output volume
06:20 other important things to consider
07:11 patch showcase: "Arpeggio 3" (filter tweaking and stuff)
08:06 "echoed synth"
08:56 "wah bass"
09:48 "synth strings"
10:16 "another reso pad"
10:55 "Grotrian/Steinway Piano"
11:20 "aeolus organ"
11:37 outlook/bye bye

Zynthian project page
USBit image tool"

Exploring The SSL 1530 Tube VCA / Timbral Gate

John L Rice

"More information will be available soon at:

0:00 - Beginning
0:25 - Features Listed (with example of two voices interacting)
2:20 - Basic Tests
9:30 - Using an EG to modulate gain
12:06 - Example 2 of two voices interacting
12:53 - Simple percussion sound design
14:49 - Melodic example 1 of subtle warming/mild distortion
18:03 - Processing complex sounds with heavy distortion
20:38 - Melodic example 2 of subtle warming/mild distortion
22:43 - Example 3 of two voices interacting
23:49 - Drone modulation
26:32 - End

Models of modular gear used in this video (that I can remember!):
Club Of The Knobs: C914B, C964, C966, C969, C1660
Grove Audio: G714
Marienberg: VC Sine Phase VCO
Modcan: 31B, 40B, 55B, 58B, 60B, 73B
Moon Modular: 517, 526, 564, 565, 565E, 569, 592
STG Soundlabs: EG, Oscillator
Synthesis Technology MOTM: 101, 300, 320
Synthetic Sound Labs: 1530 Tube VCA / Timbral Gate

Other production gear used:
Roland: A-88 MIDI keyboard
Mellotron: M4000D Rack
Strymon Engineering: Timeline and BigSky pedals
Lexicon: MX400 effects rack
Samson: S-Patch Plus patch bays
Allen and Heath: MixWizard 20-S
Canon: C100 cameras, CN-E lenses
Dracast and Fotodiox: LED lighting
Tascam: SD-20M flash recorder

Post production gear used:
Lavry Engineering: Blue DA converters
Little Labs: Model 5 AES router
Coleman Audio: M3-PH audio switcher
PMC: dB1+ monitors, XB1-A sub
Neumann: KM120 monitors
Avantone: MixCubes
Microsoft: Windows 10 Pro
Sony: Vegas Pro 13 NLE software

If you found this or any of my other videos interesting, helpful or entertaining, please send a tip if you can? Thank You!"

Sample Feedback loop / autogénérative sound


"The Tasty chips GR1 And the Elektron Octatrak are doing sample feedback loop the out of the gr1 go to the inpute of the octatrak the octatrack sample it and it go back to the GR1 (the gr1 is continualy sampling audio with a 2sec buffer)
It resulte with probability sequencing and randown modulation, of a pseseudo generative track, and i thinck i can realy push this concept much more further :)"

Access Virus Ti - Cinematic Sounds Walkthrough


"'Cinematica' soundset working with all Virus versions - B,C,Ti,TI2.
For this demo we are using Virus KB

Are you dreaming about your Virus synthesizer can sound like real analog

Welcome to "Cinematica" Soundset with authentic & organic sounds ready to
go in your original sound track!

You can find soundset HERE:

Powerfull & rich sound modeling like never before.

LFO team celebrates 10 Years of working with Access technologies - from A to TI2.

Thanks for analog modeling technology which is great in Virus, we re-create 51 lush & deep sounds with maximum authentic feeling.

All sounds bpm syncable & modulation wheel approved.

Powerfull unison strings, stunning unusual arps, deep pads & polys
great for soundtrack atmosphere, synth-pop & retro wave music, dancefloor music.

Rediscover & Enjoy Your Virus!
Working with Virus B,C,TI,TI2"

Korg Minilogue - Iconic "Blade Runner" 1981 Sound


"Ambika is a combination or collaboration between hardware & software tech.

From our massive soundset - "Ambika" -

Minilogue is wonderful & powerful instrument having lots of hidden treasures.

For the re-creation of CS-80 sound we used Duo mode with great fx from Valhalla - Supermassive.

Enjoy the atmo!

Our soundsets:"

November Storm

Martin Peters

"Last weeks I made some nice music but none of it was good enough to record in my opinion or I could not play it without hitting the wrong keys...

This week I came up with this track. On the Cirklon there are 5 monophonic sequences. The bass is played on the Modular. The other voices are played on the and Eurorack Modular, the Tom Oberheim SEM and the Korg ARP Odyssey. One polyphonic sequence is played on the Roland JD-800 doing a strings sound. The manual keyboard interaction is done on the Polymoog, which is fed through a Behringer VP1 Phaser, and the Minimoog. In the video I have placed some pictures so you can see which modules and instruments are playing.

The track was recorded live to multi-track on the Behringer X32 Compact and mixed in Studio One afterwards. I hope you will enjoy it.

The track can be downloaded from Bandcamp:"

Moog Memorymoog

via this auction

"This Memorymoog was serviced last year. Not a single thing wrong with it. Aesthetic signs of use visible, but other than that, it's a great monster of a synth."

Simmons SDS9 6-channel Drum Synthesizer Made in the United Kingdom

via this auction

"This is the drum brain, SDS-9.

The SDS9 is a 5-drum kit, comprising bass, snare and 3 tom-toms, triggering up to 40 complete “drum kits” (20 factory and 20 programmable presets).

Hitting a specific pad triggers the corresponding channel on the ‘electronics’. A microprocessor controls the dynamic (or volume) of each individual ‘hit’ giving a sensitivity to playing previously unheard of in electronic drums: a ‘real’ drum feel, in fact!

The Simmons SDS9 gives you the sounds, feel and control of acoustic drums plus all the sounds and advantages of electronic drums.

1987 MOOG PRODIGY MODEL 336A SN 9629 w/ Original Box & Patch Sheets

via this auction

"This is the Prodigy you have been waiting for! I purchased this beauty from an estate and by all accounts has been sitting in its original box for years. Box details that it is from the original Moog Facility in Buffalo,New York.

This is a rare model and the condition of it makes it that much more special. You will not find another one like this. Looks as if it has never been played.

Sale includes: Moog Prodigy Model 336A Serial#9629, 8 original moog patch sheets which are in excellent condition free from rips or tears, original owners manual and tech specs manual, original box and packaging as well as original cables (untested)"

Mode machines xOxbOx mk 3 FINAL EDITION 2017

via this auction

Original EDP Wasp

via this auction

The WASP - A Very British Synthesizer video in the listing previously posted here. "Just restored by an expert technician.

The real UK 70's sound in your hands."

1980’s Blue Roland SH 101

via this auction

The Evolution of the Analogs: Jam Session


"Enough with the talking. Time for the music."

Elektron Analog Four & Rytm

Three microtuned classical pieces on a Yamaha TX802


"Little composition excercise while playing with a Yamaha TX802's microtuning. Three parts, all built up of just minimalistic 2 note intervals. Most people used to pop music might find this temperment to sound strange or 'wrong'. I also tested the pieces with equal temperment (not shown in the video) - but it was instantly loosing the medieval charme and tension.

Technics: Two 802-tones (detuning +/- 2) on the same midichannel playing preset 'PickGuitar'. One to output I, the other to II, then through a Roland DEP-5. The TX-802 is noisy as an airplane, the final soundfile had to be denoised with FL-Studio Edison's footprint-denoiser. #Yamaha #TX802 #microtuning #synthesizer"

Lo-Fi Looping Synthesizers & Effect Pedals


With the Waldorf Blofeld.

"This recording ended up as 'Phylogenetics I' on this release:"

Rehearsing for the LudoWic Livestream Katana ZERO Soundtrack

ludoWic music

Opens with the Suiko ST-20. Trautonium on the right. 5U modular system.

"The list of gear keeps getting bigger and bigger :)
Rehearsing for the LudoWic Livestream Katana ZERO Soundtrack.

Buy your ticket here:
('Pay What You Like' with a minimum of 5$ or 5€)

Date: November 28, 2020
Time: 22:00 CET"

Dynamic signal shaping with Cockpit² (Cockpit 2) - full patch walkthrough

"Cockpit² is a tiny yet versatile stereo/mono mixer you can use to mix all your audio sources: various synths or pure waveforms with dynamic control to achieve side-chain compressor 'ducking' in your live mix."

Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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