MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, April 15, 2023

Saturday, April 15, 2023

Namm 2023 - Soundtoys - Super Plate

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"For the first time in 5 years SoundToys have a new plugin, the Super Plate, emulating multiple plate reverbs."


NAMM 2023 Endlesss Beat Machine - Jam on Arcade Machine

video upload by sonicstate

Follow-up to: FL Studio Arcade Machine.

Also see Endlesss launches Endlesss Studio - Cross Device & Cross Collaboration Music Making Platform

"Endlesss Studio, the company behind the collaborative music-making platform, Endlesss, showcased the world's first beat-making arcade machine at NAMM 2023. MJ, an Endlesss user, initially proposed the idea of having an arcade machine for beat-making, and Endlesss Studio took his prototype and developed it into the fifth iteration of the beat-making arcade machine. The hardware and software have undergone significant improvements, and the machine runs on a Windows PC with plugins, including nature instruments and massive. The arcade machine has a scripting engine, enabling the creation of custom sampler and plug-in support.

The Endlesss beat-making arcade machine is perfect for real-time collaborative music production, as it runs on the Endless platform, allowing users to interact with others from all over the world. The arcade machine is only the beginning of the beat machine, as Endlesss Studio is about to announce a custom sampler, which allows users to build their own sample packs inside Endless. Furthermore, the arcade machine has a public jam feature where users can find people to collaborate with globally.

Finally, the Endlesss beat-making arcade machine provides users with the ability to log in to any device with their ID, as their creative tools are tied to their ID, rather than the device itself. This feature allows users to build their own sample packs and have access to them on any device they log in to. More information on the Endless beat-making arcade machine can be found on the Endlesss Studio website.

More info:
Endlesss Studio website:"

NAMM 2023 - Casio - CT S1000V

video upload by Sound On Sound magazine

You can find additional posts featuring the CT S1000V here.

NAMM 2023: Groove Synthesis 3rd Wave

video upload by CatSynth TV

"A demo of 3rd Wave, a new synthesizer from Groove Synthesis that can emulate the sound and behavior of the infamous PPG Wave synthesizers of the 1980s as well as more modern wavetable synthesis.

To find out more, please visit

'The 3rd Wave is a powerhouse wavetable synth with 24-voice polyphony and 4-part multi-timbral capability that’s like having four independent synthesizers at your fingerprints.

Each of its 3 oscillators per voice can be

- A classic PPG-era wavetable
- A high-resolution complex wavetable
- An analog-modeled waveform'

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NAMM 2023: Modules from 4ms (No Talking)

video upload by CatSynth TV

"A 'no-talking' demo of modules from 4ms, including the DualEnv VCA, the SAMPLER, and the Looping Delay.

To find out more about 4ms' full line of Eurorack modules, please visit

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Are you ready to dance? jam

video upload by jostalmac

DSI Evolver + Erica Synths Bassline DB-01 + Erica Synths / Sonic Potions LXR-02

Low-Gain Electronics - VCA / Comp module first tests.

video upload by LowGainElectronics

"Playing around with the new VCA/Comp. 95% bug free. Will require a quick pcb revision but overall happy with this performance. This patch is showing the triangle out of the LGE130 tri core vco into the -IN on the comparator with output of onside of the LGE114 Dual Slopes Compact. Acting as a triangle to square wave converter with PWM. Output of Comparator into VCA above being controlled by second half of Dual Slopes Compact. Nothing fancy. Just some fun / fat PWM rhythms!"

Facehugger - The Muffin Man

video upload by flightofharmony

"Using the Facehugger function generator to control multiple instruments simultaneously.

• Facehugger Out is sent through a buffered multiple to the desktop Infernal Noise Machine VCO Tune CV input for the lead, and to the Choices joystick Y-axis In,
• Choices Y Out to Parasite Antifilter Low Q CV input for the bassline and squealing.
• Choices X Out to Facehugger Root CV input, shifting the patterns up or down.
• Finally, INM Out through Sound of Shadows PT2399 delay.

The Facehugger Kickstarter is in the final stretch - Early Bird deep discounts have been extended until April 21st, grab yours while you can!"

New Sibilla Stereo Digital Oscillator Eurorack Module from Clatters Machines

video upload by Clatters Machines

"Clatters Machines moves mountains with Sibilla stereo digital oscillator module acting as an ever-evolving sound machine for soundscapes, melodies, and drones

SAN BENEDETTO DEL TRONTO, ITALY: small town lovers of music and electronic instruments Clatters Machines is proud to announce (website-only) availability of its Sibilla stereo digital oscillator — translating the beauty and harshness of a semi-barren mountain into a 10HP Eurorack module that sculpts sound with various saw and sine waves running through intricate delay networks altered by LFOs (Low Frequency Oscillators) and white noise to create constructive and destructive interferences, enabling ever-evolving soundscapes that can be both droning and/or melodic in nature — as of April 15…

Inspired by a mountain, designed by the sea. So few words, with so much meaning; those eight words that so subtly make an appearance on the Sibilla module’s rear represent its backstory, what inspired its creators, and where they are based. But, for clarity’s sake, the company collectively calls it: An ever-evolving sound machine for soundscapes, melodies, and drones.

It is fair to say, though, that there is more to that Sibilla backstory than meets the eye. “Living by the sea can be peaceful and inspiring, but also quite stressful as the tourist season reaches its peak and, all of a sudden, a small town doubles its number of citizens,” continues Clatters Machines Co-founder, engineer, electronic designer Michelangelo Nasso. “Those are the moments in which we’re constantly looking for air and a new space that is able to inspire us while calming our nerves! Luckily, we live in a weird region in which a 40-minute drive means the difference between swimming in the sea and hiking at 2000m above sea level, surrounded by semi-barren lands which actually make you forget for a moment that you’re still on planet Earth. One of those magical places is called Monte Sibilla — Sibella Mountain, and our new module tries to pay tribute to it.”

As a stereo digital oscillator, Sibilla’s L/M (left/mono) and R (right) channels are the output stages of two audio feedback loops, each of which is made up of a main sub-sinusoidal wave oscillator and two saw and sine waves with frequencies affected by the generation of (right-channel) harmonics and (left-channel) sub-harmonics. Saying that, though, all of those waves have different phases with respective offsets constantly affected by minor variations created by two pairs of GRAINS randomly fluctuating within the waves’ amplitude spectrum and being sampled at a certain speed.

Thereafter, the waves meet each other at a so-called ‘common point’ — where everything happens and changes continuously — together with two white noise sources, creating constructive and destructive interferences that are affected constantly by two LFO movements. Moreover, such interferences are then run into a resonant low-pass filter and distributed to four different delay lines from where they are finally fed back into the audio loops at different time intervals, depending on the GRAINS movement.

Making it to Sibilla’s summit as an ever-evolving sound machine for soundscapes, melodies, and drones translated from the beauty and harshness of a semi-barren mountain is destined to be a long-lasting musical journey that is as adventurous as it is inspirational in and of itself."

All that you need to know (!) about 80s Synths

video upload by Krakli Software

"Synths MIDI and more condensed from an 80's show that teaches you all that you need to Know!!"

This one is in via John L Rice.

The video features Alastair Gavin, Herbie Hancock, Tony Banks, Vince Clark, and Jan Hammer.

If anyone knows what this is from feel free to leave a comment.

Update via the comments: "The clip is from 'Rockschool', produced by the BBC from 1983-87...great stuff!:)"

And sure enough, here it is posted back in 2011. I thought it looked familiar. You can find additional posts mentioning Rockschool here.

Yamaha SY22 Dynamic Vector Synthesis

video upload by Alfonse

"Music: 'Convolution' (C) Copyright 2023 Alfonse
Download the track here:

Yamaha SY22 Music Synthesizer (1990)

All sounds in this track are SY22 factory presets, including the drums. The SY22 was launched in 1990 and is effectively a hybrid of Yamaha's outgoing FM synthesizer technology with their new AWM sample-based engine, with 2 FM operators and 2 AWM oscillators. A joystick provides vector control to blend between the chosen waveforms in the patch in different ways, either by affecting their volume (Level) or their pitch (Detune).

Patches used:

Programming new patches via the front panel is a fairly thankless task, but there is a good editor out there:

Big thanks to @musicbroth for the loan of this keyboard. They're a fantastic community music resource in Glasgow, UK, loaning instruments and running workshops with a mission to provide access to music for everyone.

Store: Twitter: Instagram: Soundcloud:"

Nemesis delay walkthrough on synth (Part 1)

video upload by Richard DeHove

"The Source Audio Nemesis delay belongs to a small group of 'old' stereo delays that have maintained their popularity over years. Why? Because they're good at what they do. This is my second time with the Nemesis, so am very happy to get all these beautiful sounds back again.

Here I give a basic overview of the pedal, blab on at length about its operational philosophy, then go through all 24 engines using the Neuro software editor. Some engines get more love than others in the demo (sorry Tremolo), but at least everyone gets a turn. As usual I bought this pedal with my own money at full price.

TLDL: Sounds great & whatever the knobs are on is what you get

0:00 Ports & knobs
4:42 Why I bought again
6:32 Three ways to play
8:45 Knobs are WYSIWYG
11:20 Bootup mode
12:00 Neuro app intro
12:55 Global options
13:51 Neuro editor overview
20:30 Digital engine
21:32 Diffuse engine
23:24 Analog engine
27:41 Tape engine
29:57 Noise Tape engine
32:44 Degrade engine
35:00 Shifter engine
36:50 Helix enine
38:38 Reverse engine
40:57 Sweeper engine
42:12 Rhythmic engine
43:03 Slapback engine
44:15 Resonant Analog engine
45:52 Tremolo engine
46:08 Sequenced Filters engine
47:13 Dub engine
49:23 Chorused Delay engine
50:26 Flanger Delay engine
51:18 Double Helix engine
51:54 Complex Rhythmic engine
53:30 Lofi Retro engine
54:20 Warped Record engine
54:54 Compound Shifter engine
56:12 Oil Can egine
57:39 Binson Drum Echo - singlehead
58:03 Binson Drum Echo - multihead
59:44 Cloud presets

Lots of downloads for supporters on Patreon:
Many thanks to my kind patrons who keep this channel ad-free
My website:"

YAMAHA CK61/88 Demo & Review PT1 - Unboxing, overview and first impressions

video upload by Woody Piano Shack

"Demo and review of the YAMAHA CK61 & CK88 STAGE KEYBOARD. Part one of v video series exploring this interesting new instrument from Yamaha offering some of the capabilities of the YAMAHA CP and YAMAHA YC series keyboards at a more budget price."


💥 ROLAND SH-4D 💥 - Desktop Multi-Engine Synthesizer - FACTORY PATTERNS

video upload by Another Machines

"Meet the SH-4d Synthesizer, a desktop powerhouse with hands-on workflow and deep synthesis tools for designing the sounds of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Create spontaneous musical moments with 11 OSC Models, a multitimbral pattern sequencer, extensive effects, and plenty of polyphony. And with the loaded panel, dynamic controls, motion recording, and more, you can craft evolving sounds and compositions as fast as the ideas come. Equally suited for studio, stage, and traveling, the SH-4d is an incredibly versatile synth that unleashes inspiration from the moment you power on."


video uploads by Another Machines



video uploads by Another Machines


video uploads by Another Machines

ERICA SYNTHS - LXR-02 Playlist

video uploads by Another Machines

Behringer Deepmind - "Otherworld" 40 Presets and Sequences

video upload by LFOstore

" presents 'Otherworld' bank for Behringer Deepmind.

Welcome to the sound world of cinematics.

The sound pack is dedicated to organic and motion sounds.

In the bank you will find: sequences, arpeggios, moving polys and pads.

The Behringer Deepmind is an incredible synth with amazing features and sound that never ceases to amaze and inspire.

40 presets and sequences are waiting for you and are ready to fill your compositions with new colors and inspire creativity.

Cinematic, Electronic, Ambient, create new musical worlds with Behringer Deepmind and 'Otherworld'

Each patch of our sound set is musical and can be immediately used in your tracks and production.

Enjoy and let the music be with you!"


video upload by Transisted Waves

"My first 10 minutes with the Stargazer and approaching the speed of light."

Korg DSS-1 Wave+Harmonic Generation

video upload by Transisted Waves

"I made a waveform with the Korg DSS-1 and added harmonics."

Ensoniq Fizmo Demo

video upload by Transisted Waves

"A short sample of some presets from this amazing synthesizer."

Waldorf Microwave 1A Screaming

video upload by Transisted Waves

"Having fun with the MW1."

With Stereoping micro programmer.

Sequential Circuits Prophet VS Guitar Jam

video upload by Transisted Waves

"Testing out my new Antelope Audio interface with a Prophet VS, A Fender Strat and a Sonic Potions LXR"

Technics WSA-1 presets

video upload by Transisted Waves

Sad Violins

video upload by Transisted Waves

"Oberheim OB-Xa. One of my favorite synths of all time screams in in remembrance of Sept 11th 2001"

The video was posted on Aug 22, 2019.

Synthex Drums & Finger Exercise

video upload by Transisted Waves

"All sounds created with the Elka Synthex"

Elka Synthex MK1

video upload by Synthex Dual

Note the above demos is from 2018.

via this auction

Pics of the inside below.

"It's ready for a new owner and/or someone ready to fully restore it. All keys, jacks, sequencer, buttons knobs work and it sounds amazing however it could use some TLC to get this beast back to it's full glory. It's the extremely rare Mk1 version w/o midi and it's from Europe so the voltage is 220v. There's also some surface rust on the rear as most of these have, I guess EU is a damp climate but it's never gotten worse under my watch and stays covered in a clean studio. I can supply a high quality step up converter to be used with 110v.

Some servicing to fix the scratchy filter cutoff pot and the joystick pots is needed to be back to 100%. I refused to spray contact cleaners in the pots so the next owner can do so if they choose. Overall a good servicing could be done however it can also be used as-is if you want to jump right in jamming and recording with it."

Vermona Synthesizer SN 214551

via this auction

Yamaha SY-1

via this auction

Jen Sx-1000 Synthesizer

via this auction

Pic of the inside below.

"It’s an old lady and has signs of age which can be seen in the images supplied, amazingly it comes with fascia preset template cards for capturing your favourite sounds, (Try and find more of these) Need to take care as these old synths like killing modern monitors with their Rich bass tones (similar to a Roland SH101 ) it has solid tuning which for a Vintage of this age is amazing and has impressive performance and control, (for £250 a midi retro kit can be installed )"

KORG ARP Odyssey SN 005399

via this auction

Sequential PROPHET 6 SN 00291

via this auction

The NRSynth Retro-One is back: Pink Floyd & Kraftwerk tribute

video upload by Nr Synth

"Multi-tracks recorded and mixed in Cubase 10 with ValhallaDSP vintageverb.
Mastering in Sequoia 15 at Studio Nuage7-Domaine de Sourzy

Shine On intro: All sounds by Retro-One except Strings (VC-340)
                           NB: "Gilmourish" sound is a simple square...

Radio Activity: All sounds by Retro-One except Orchestron choirs and drums
                           NB: Flanged noise by Deluxe Electric Mistress

Europe Endless: All sounds by Retro-One except Orchestron choirs and 

Thanks to Jean-Luc Briançon (Kurtz Mindfields) for the mastering and the wonderful extra lead on Radio Activity.
Special thanks to Léo Goulart (COPtv) for his help and the drums sample."

GlakGlikGluk DrumMachines

video upload by

"My name is Drummachine but everybody calls me NoiseMachine"

DSP56300 Emu - Vavra - Waldorf microQ Wavetables - is this a Microwave?

video upload by Numero Uno

"The Q can sound pretty much like a Microwave"

NAMM 2023 - Ashun Sound Machines - Hydrasynth Update 2.0

video upload by sonicstate

Also see:
Hydrasynth 2.0 an exploration of the update
Hydrasynth Firmware 2.0 – Introduction & Performance by Dominic Au & Tutorials

"Ken Flux Pierce from the Hydrosynth team introduced us to the new 2.0 update for Hydrosynth, which includes major updates to the synthesis engine that allow for per voice modulation, oscillator bit reduction, and quantized LFOs. The oscillator section now includes a bit reduction knob that can reduce the waveform from 24 bits down to two bits, allowing for dirty and crunchy sounds. The LFO section includes a quantized knob that adds rhythmic syncopation to the LFOs. The voice modulation menu is also very deep, allowing for offsets per voice, which can be used for sequencing or manipulating filters and oscillator shapes.

The update allows for analog emulation with wave table synthesis while also expressing interesting digital aspects of the Hydrosynth and includes a step LFO that has a one-shot step mode, allowing for self-generated patches that evolve on their own.

Hydrasynth Price: 1,299 USD
Hydrasynth Explorer Price: 499 USD
Hydrasynth Deluxe Price: 1,799 USD"

NAMM 2023 - AmeNote - ProtoZOA - MIDI 2.0

video upload by sonicstate

"MIDI 2.0 is set to revolutionize music technology in the coming years. AmeNote's Mike Kent told us about the four years of prototyping by the MIDI Association, which has been using a hardware development tool for Mini 2.0 called the ProtoZOA from AmeNote. Apple OS and Google Android already have MIDI 2.0 integrated into their operating systems and Mike showed us the MIDI 2.0 driver which is being developed by AmeNote for windows in operation.

According to Kent, MIDI 2.0 is expected to grow gradually over the next five years, with more products being released in 2024 and beyond. Kent emphasized that this gradual change is essential to ensure a smooth transition for users, and to account for the fact that not all manufacturers will be able to release MIDI 2.0 products instantly.

AmeNote will make ProtoZOA available to all non-member developers after the MIDI Association publishes MIDI 2.0 specification updates expected in June 2023 and then makes the github public.

Non-Member Developer Price: Standard ProtoZOA hardware with permissive license to source code for USB MIDI 2.0, MIDI-CI, MIDI 1.0/2.0 Translation, Universal MIDI Packet, UMP Endpoint, Function Blocks, and more: $290. With Ethernet expansion: $320. With Ethernet expansion and display: $350."

NAMM 2023 - Audio Modeling - SWAM Instruments

video upload by sonicstate

"Audio Modeling, a company that specializes in physical modeling instruments, showcased their SWAM range of instruments at NAMM 2023. John Gilutin gave us a demonstration of a physically modelled flute and delved into what physical modeling is and how it differs from sampling. Physical modeling instruments use algorithms and mathematical snapshots, which are smaller and have faster load times than samples. He added that these instruments offer more expression.

The SWAM range of instruments works as audio units or VST plugins, and the host interface, Camelot, is another platform that Audio Modeling offers. Joh also showed us some different models of saxophones and violins using a pedal for expression, and the velocity was programmed for notes, which allowed him to get all sorts of movements that a regular violin player would have.

More information about the SWAM range of instruments and Camelot can be found on Audio Modeling's website.

SWAM Full Bundle Price: 750 USD / Euro

Individual instrument Price: 120 - 250 USD / Euro"

"SWAM (Synchronous Waves Acoustic Modeling) is a new-generation, sophisticated proprietary technology that enables musicians, performers, and composers to overcome the classic limitations of traditional samplers. Conceived by Stefano Lucato and developed in collaboration with Emanuele Parravicini, the SWAM engine combines concepts of Physical Modeling and Behavioral Modeling with the Multi-Vector/Phase-Synchronous Sample-Morphing technique.

Perfect for multi-vector expressive acoustic instruments such as woodwinds, brass and bowed strings, the SWAM engine is currently available in 3 different versions: SWAM-B, SWAM-W and SWAM-S for modeling Brass, Woodwinds, and Bowed Strings."

NAMM 2023 U-he Filterscape Bundle First Look

video upload by sonicstate

"At NAMM 2023, Sonic State caught up with Urs Heckmann, founder of U-he, to discuss the new FilterScape plugin. Although an older plugin, U-he has updated it to give it a whole new breath of life. FilterScape is a form band EQ with eight snapshots where each snapshot can have a different EQ setting, making it useful for different song sections. There are also modulations for the frequency, queue, and gain for each band separately and separately for each snapshot. The EQ section also has filters and parallel bandpass filters and can be dependent on the stereo field. The plugin has a mixer section with two mixers, allowing for different configurations, and modulation for envelope followers and filters. The plugin also includes step sequences, LFOs, and a delay that can sit in various parts of the mix.

FilterScape is part of a plugin bundle consisting of three plugins, which includes the U-he MFM2. Although the concept behind FilterScape is simple, the new design and layout make it more accessible and user-friendly. For more information on the FilterScape plugin and U-he's other products, visit their website."

Note Filterscape was mentioned back in 2013 here.

Filterscape sculpts your audio with style and ease. A tool for all occasions—transform and reconstruct audio into crazy soundscapes, or make surgical cuts to remove unwanted frequencies. Advanced options and high-quality results make Filterscape an adventurous choice for rhythmic filtering and audio processing.

Filterscape comes with two companion plug-ins: the FilterscapeVA synthesizer and the FilterscapeQ6 6-band dynamic EQ.

Modulation options for each EQ band
2 host-syncable LFOs with 8 waveforms
4 envelope followers
Scalable UI from 70% to 200%
Skinnable UI
Easy MIDI learn for remote control
Over 100 presets

NAMM 2023 - Sound Particles - Skydust 3D

video upload by sonicstate

"Sound Particles, a company that specializes in 3D sound and immersive audio, showcased its latest product at NAMM 2023. Nuno from Sound Particles introduced the 3D synthesizer Skydust 3D, which allows musicians to play notes and instantly hear them in a three-dimensional space. The synthesizer supports more than 30 output formats, including 7.1.4, and has eight oscillators, each with a position in space. Musicians can use envelope generators, LFOs, and sequencers to create 3D arpeggios and other spatial effects.

The synthesizer comes in two versions: a stereo version and the more advanced version called SkyDust 3D and can be purchased from SoundParticles' website or other plugin stores. The aim of the 3D synthesizer is to provide musicians with a tool that allows them to think about space and use it in the same way as they use melody, rhythm, and harmony.

Skydust Price: 149 USD
Skydust 3D Price: 299 USD

More info:
Sound Particles website:

Try Sound Particles for free:"

Introducing SkyDust 3D - Spatial Synthesizer

video upload by Sound Particles

SkyDust 3D Overview

video upload by Sound Particles

"Here's the overview of our groundbreaking product SkyDust 3D - the first 3D Synth in the World. It's fantastic for stereo and exceptional in 3D, making it the ideal choice for music producers, composers, keyboardists, DJs, and all professionals working with music.

Try SkyDust 3D for free:"

"SkyDust 3D is the first spatial synthesizer plugin in the world, which allows you to play a note and get instant 3D sound in any immersive format. It’s fantastic for stereo and exceptional in 3D."

"Sound Particles 2

Sound Particles is an immersive audio software capable of generating thousands (even millions) of sounds in a virtual 3D audio world. Creating highly complex sounds has never been this quick."

NAMM 2023 - Odisei Music - Travel Sax 2

video upload by sonicstate

"NAMM 2023 has brought us yet another innovative product from Odisei Music, the smallest and lightest electronic saxophone in the world, the Travel Sax. In an interview with Ramon, Sonic State got the chance to learn more about this portable tool designed for saxophone players. With the Travel Sax, saxophonists can practice silently by plugging their headphones into the mini jack input or play out loud using the small built-in speaker. This tool is ideal for practicing anywhere and everywhere, as it replicates all the keys and mouthpiece of a regular saxophone.

The Travel Sax comes with an app that allows users to switch between different instrument sounds, and it can be versatile MIDI controller as well sending MIDI volume and expression over a mini USB-C cable. The Trouble Sax is currently on sale at $600 or 650 euros, with an option to customize the key colors. Check out the Odisei Music website for more information.

Travel Sax Price: 650 USD / Euros"

Travel Sax 2

The smallest and lightest saxophone midi controller in the market. It will become the perfect companion when travelling, enabling you the possibility of practicing at anytime, anywhere.

Built-in synthesizer

Practice and play with 0 latency.

New stainless steel key mechanism

Mimicking the feeling of pressing real sax keys.

Plug & Play silently

Connect your headphones through the Aux-In input.

MIDI Controller

Use your Travel Sax 2 as a powerful MIDI controller and reach the next level of expression. Easily plug it into your computer and unleash your creativity by playing with any standard DAW.

NAMM 2023 - SOMA Laboratory - Terra

video upload by sonicstate

"Cari Flynn gave us a demonstration of the SOMA Terra, the highly expressive and lovely instrument that aims to cross the boundary between nature and technology. Behind the extremely simple interface is a complex polyphonic, microtonal synthesizer with a broad and flexible sound palette capable of beautiful tones, complex atonal noise, and everything in between.

Cari took us through some of the different banks and presets available, starting with the gentle and expressive preset in bank one sound one, and finishing by demonstrating the arpeggiator sounds in bank 4.

Available soon. Price: TBC"

NAMM 2023 - Modbap - Meridian Filter Array

video upload by sonicstate

"Corry from Modbap has unveiled their latest product, the Meridian. This 14HP filter module comes equipped with a dual multi-mode filter array, allowing users to adjust the filter and mode on either side of the stereo input. The module boasts four filter options: ladder, OTA, comb, formant with color-coded buttons allowing users to switch between them effortlessly. The Meridian also features a macro that controls the two separate cutoff types, allowing for individual control and simultaneous adjustments. In addition, the module has a drive circuit, a phase shifter, and ping capabilities, which can be adjusted with CV, LFOs, and envelopes.

The Meridian's white knobs are all modulatable, and users can choose between serial or parallel filter routing, as well as adjust the mix to create a stereo or dual mono filter effect, offering a wide range of possibilities for sound experimentation.

The Meridian is on sale for pre-order from Modbap for $449 and will start shipping next month."

NAMM 2023 - Playtime Engineering - Blipblox SK2

video upload by sonicstate

"Playtime Engineering's Troy spoke with Sonic State about their latest release, the Blipblox SK2. The SK2 is a synthesizer that features the same synthesis engine as the Blipblox after dark, including wave tables, resonant multi-mode filters, and sample drums. However, the SK2 has been designed to be more kid-friendly, with a new label design, label controls, and signal flow diagram.

Troy demonstrated the SK2's sound capabilities, showcasing built-in sequences and the MIDI input that allows users to play their own sequences. Playtime Engineering has already tested the SK2 with kids and received positive feedback, with parents reporting that their children continue to play with the Blipblox after years of use.

Blipblox SK2 Available now. Price: 199 USD"

NAMM 2023 - Studiologic - Numa X Piano & PSound - Gran Coda

video upload by sonicstate

"Paulo introduced us to Studiologic's Numa X Piano GT. The Numa X range comes in three versions: the 73 note, 88, and the flagship GT, with an easy to use interface and based on three concepts: colour, where the interface assumes the color of the selected zone, long press, where a musician can modify sound parameters or edit the split point, and navigation icons, which guide users through available pages.

The Max Piano GT is designed for stage or studio and is dedicated to acoustic and electric piano, employing physical modelling to give flexible control over sympathetic resonance, tone, damper noise and more. The FX section is an big part of the X-Piano, with up to two instant effects for each part and two master effects.

Studiologic Numa-X piano GT available now. Price: around £1,800

The lighter 88 and 73 key around £1,000 - £1,400"

NAMM 2023 - PSound - Gran Coda

"Paolo from PSound introduced us to Gran Coda, which is a recreation of the Fazioli Piano. The instrument was recorded inside the Fazioli Concerto Hall in collaboration with the Fazioli technicians to reproduce the real natural sound of the acoustic piano, and it's the only virtual instrument authorized by Fazioli.

Paola's new virtual instrument has three different sounds: the close mic position, the side position, and Binaural Recording. The Binaural Recording simulates the position of the pianist inside the Fazioli Concert Hall. The virtual instrument has up to 14 velocity layers and layers for staccato and resonance, and a total of 10 gigabytes of memory sounds. Paolo added controls, such as the release, the volume of the release of the sound, the pedal noise, and resonance, to reproduce the real natural sound of the acoustic piano.

Gran Coda: Available soon

Price: 200 USD / Euros

More info:"

NAMM 2023 - 4ms - Sampler - Looping Delay

video upload by sonicstate

"4MS showcases four new modules at NAMM 2023 and Dan gave us an overview of two of the new modules - the Sampler and the Looping Delay. Both modules can be purchased as DIY kits or fully assembled units. The Sampler allows users to play wave files from an SD card with simple controls for pitch, length, start position, and recording. It can also play super long samples up to several days long.

The Looping Delay sets the delay time by clock and has super low jitter clock so you can feed it out to other devices. Users can change the timing to all divisions or multiples of the clock and can make loops up to a minute and a half long at 48 kilohertz 24 bit. The Looping Delay also has a CV input and a feedback knob that can go up to 100%.

Available: Late June 2023

Sampler Price: 299 USD - Kit Price: 199 USD

Looping Delay Price: 275 USD - Kit Price: 175 USD"


NAMM 2023 - 4ms - Sampler - Looping Delay

video upload by sonicstate

"4MS showcases four new modules at NAMM 2023 and Dan gave us an overview of two of the new modules - the Sampler and the Looping Delay. Both modules can be purchased as DIY kits or fully assembled units. The Sampler allows users to play wave files from an SD card with simple controls for pitch, length, start position, and recording. It can also play super long samples up to several days long.

The Looping Delay sets the delay time by clock and has super low jitter clock so you can feed it out to other devices. Users can change the timing to all divisions or multiples of the clock and can make loops up to a minute and a half long at 48 kilohertz 24 bit. The Looping Delay also has a CV input and a feedback knob that can go up to 100%.

Available: Late June 2023"

NAMM 2023 - Embodme - Erae Touch MIDI Controller

video upload by sonicstate

"Edgar Hemery introduced us to Embodme's beautiful MIDI controller Erae Touch. These surfaces allow for flexible layouts which users can freely configure themselves. They feature about 1000 LEDs and force sensors, which make them sensitive to touch, including after touch, continuous gestures, and release velocity. They are also durable enough to be used with drumsticks.

These surfaces are connected via USB-C or MIDI 2.0 via mini-jack, and the configuration of the layouts is done through the Eerie Lab Editor, which allows users to drag and drop elements, change colors, and create custom objects. Up to 16 layouts can be saved and recalled for each channel.

Erae Touch MIDI Controller Price: around 850 USD / Euros"

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