MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, May 11, 2023

Thursday, May 11, 2023

Flavors of Noise for VCS3, Arp 2600, Moog Voyager and Heng Gong.

video upload by R. Reger

"Original soundscape for analogue synths featuring different flavors of noise, from splintery, crusty, full-on distortion to whispering, whooshing pink noise."

Roland AIRA Compact S1 Demo & Review

video upload by musictrackjp

DEMO by Katsunori UJIIE.

See the announcemnt post for the Roland AIRA Compact S-1 for additional demos and details.

Minimalist Piano Piece For iPad And Launchpad

video upload by Perplex On

"A Steve Reich inspired minimalist jam, using a Launchpad Mini to play various sequences on the iPad. Apps in use are #Chordjam in arp mode, sequencing #purepiano, #pureupright and #venustheory #isometra for #decentsampler. A custom script in #mozaicapp makes it possible to cycle through different midi channels on the #Launchpad which each sends midi to a different instance of Chordjam.

Projected midi reactive visuals made with #visualsynthesizer."

Wave Terrain Eurorack Module - Patches Pt.1

video upload by Sam Carswell

"Some Eurorack patches I've made with the wave terrain module as a sound source. More videos to come showcasing it working as a modulator and its various other uses."

See the Carswell label below for more.

TipTop Audio Buchla 296t - sounds from #superbooth #short

video upload by Perfect Circuit

"Perfect Circuit is an independent electronic instrument shop with an online store at and a Burbank, California showroom at 2405 Empire Ave. We're open seven days a week, 12-8 PM, and our entire inventory is available to try out in person. Get your hands on the most excellent analog and digital synthesizers, effect pedals, Eurorack modular synths, drum machines, recording gear, and more!"

Frap Tools Cunsa Filter - sounds from #superbooth #short

video upload by Perfect Circuit

"Perfect Circuit is an independent electronic instrument shop with an online store at and a Burbank, California showroom at 2405 Empire Ave. We're open seven days a week, 12-8 PM, and our entire inventory is available to try out in person. Get your hands on the most excellent analog and digital synthesizers, effect pedals, Eurorack modular synths, drum machines, recording gear, and more!"

Superbooth 2023: Oberheim - OBX8 Desktop

video upload by sonicstate

"Chris Calcutt introduced us to the new OBX8 Desktop synthesizer. Last year, Oberheim introduced the rather massive OBX8 synthesizer, and this year they present the desktop version which is in a more portable format while retaining all of its bigger sibling's features, and spacious-feeling front panel.

The OBX8 Desktop includes all the same components as the keyboard version, minus the keys and paddles. Instead, your controller's modulation and pitch wheels will act in the same way as the paddles on the full keyboard. While the OBX8 Desktop is smaller and more portable than its predecessor, it contains the same creamy filter and sound quality. The OBX8 Desktop synthesizer is an excellent option for those who find the full-scale keyboard version too large and unwieldy.

Shipping: June 2023

Price: 3,999 Euros"


video upload by Starsky Carr

"Cuckoo popped in while I was talking with George about his new synth, SUPER GEMINI, @superboothberlin A 20 oscillator bi-timbral Super 6 monster. So we get 2-in-1 - presenters and synth!

...and we got an impromptu performance from Cuckoo, which was nice.

Dual layer control, polyphonic aftertouch keyboard and ribbon controller... very sexy."

You can find additonal UDO Super Gemini posts here.

"Natural Movements" - Piotr Garbaczonek x Anders Nordstrom, Live Performance

video upload by Piotr Garbaczonek

"Thanks for watching!
#modularsynth #eurorack #electroacoustic
This piece was in development for the last few weeks. This take was our last practice run before a performance at NYU on May 10th, 2023. The performance was rushed, and we were only given approximately 10 minutes to play it, which is significantly shorter than we prepared, so, therefore, we are putting out this version instead. You'll find a brief description of each of the 3 movements in this piece at the beginning of the video. Feel free to pause in order to read without rushing. Enjoy!

Follow Anders on Instagram:

Here are some links of mine:

Here are the modules used:

- Mosaic Buff Multiple 1U (3x)
- Instruō lárachd
- Instruō cnōc
- Mutable Instruments Rings
- Mutable Instruments Ripples V1
- Qu-Bit Electronix Aurora
- Xaoc Devices Timiszoara
- Instruō/Divkid øchd
- Instruō Arbhar
- Instruō Lúbadh
- Instruō Scíon
- Instruō Harmonàig
- Mutable Instruments Plaits
- Moog Subharmonicon
- Mutable Instruments Veils V1
- Make Noise X-Pan
- Expert Sleepers ES-9

Go become my Patreon here:"

Joranalogue Audio Design / ROUTE 4 first patch / BIAS 2 / PIVOT 2 / DELAY 1

video upload by BRiES

"This is an ultra-short edit of a long 'patch from scratch' video I made with the recently announced modules of Joranalogue Audio Design.

You can support my work by following any of these links."

See the announcement post for Joranalogue's ROUTE 4 here.

Richard Patrick: In Sequence - Sound Discovery // Novation

video upload by NovationTV

"In this Artist: In Sequence episode, we caught up with Richard Patrick of Filter in Los Angeles, CA. He spoke about his love of hardware, and how new sounds inspire him to make new music. Catch Filter on tour in May, June, August and September 2023

--- Discover Novation Summit:

--- Learn more about Richard and Filter"


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Famous Oberheim Synthesizer Sounds part2

video upload by RetroSound

"(c)2007-23 by RetroSound
supported by UVI:

❤️ Support #RetroSound​ channel:

Famous Oberheim Synthesizer Sounds part2

0:06 Rush - Countdown
0:39 Stranglers - Always The Sun
1:14 ELO - Overture
1:55 Styx - Too Much Time In My Hands
2:30 TFF - Everybody Wants To Rule The World
2:49 Foreigner - Waiting For A Girl Like You "

RetroSound Famous Oberheim Synthesizer posts.

SurgeXT Extend Unison Detune \ Quick Tip

video upload by Omri Cohen

Want to learn Modular Synthesis? have a look here -
Interested in more patching techniques and ideas? Have a look here -

Gamechanger Audio Plasma Voice - sounds from #superbooth #short

video upload by Perfect Circuit

Next New England Synth Fest set forJune 29 at the Museum of Science Boston

Details follow:

"New England Synth Fest returns to the Boston Museum of Science on Thursday, June 29. Performances in the Planetarium by Mute City with visuals by Anagram, TotoRobyn with visuals by Jame Coyne, and Ryan Campos. Performances on the Lobby Stage by Anda Volley, Ralphykeys, and Odie DeSmith. Plus fantastic exhibitors in the Museum Lobby!

Lobby experience starts at 7:00pm. Planetarium show at 7:30pm. Get tickets at the Museum of Science website. $15. All of our previous shows have SOLD OUT. Act fast. Follow on Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin for updates."

Welcome to ART - New From Tiptop Audio

video upload by Tiptop .Audio

"The first thing ART does is establish a new signal in Eurorack systems, just like CV Gate and 1V/Oct now we add ART. ART is not just a new signal but allows for development of previously impossible products that pass through traditional barriers and make Eurorack more capable. An entire product line of ART based modules is in development at Tiptop Audio right now as shown at Superbooth 23. We can’t wait to get it to you, but we still have an intensive beta testing program to complete before release.

To learn more about ART please go through the ART section on our website where more videos, manuals and information is available. ART modules will start shipping when ready, so feel free to let your dealer know you are interested. [see the dealers on the right]

And now let’s jump back to the 70’s. We took the opportunity at Superbooth to show two new modules from Don Buchla’s 200 series: the 296t and 207t. Model 296t Programmable Spectral Processor is a beast that has taken us a long time to bring to the Eurorack format. We were even able to fit it into a Mantis case! Right now, we are in the process of getting it into production and then out into the world. Words cannot describe the sonic quality of this module!

The second module is model 207t Mixer/Preamplifier, another classic and a great companion to the 296 for vocoding. It’s also a nice 6 channel mixer with great features like CV panning.

We are excited about our new products and are looking forward to getting everything to you as soon as possible. Please stay tuned."

Korg Offering Free volca sample2 w/ Purchase of the minilogue d

via KORG:

"Did you know you can get a FREE volca sample2 with your purchase of a minilogue d? Simply head over to with your sales receipt from a KORG Authorized retailer."

See the dealers on the right for eligibility.

New Mayer EMI Vibes X-VA Synthesizer

A mini MD900. Some details Google translated from

"Mayer EMI's new Vibes is a virtual analog synthesizer offering wavetable synthesis capabilities using the same X-VA engine as the MD900, all in a seemingly lower size and price.

As with the MD900, the X-VA sound engine features 4-part multitimbrality, two virtual analog or wavetable oscillators per voice and an additional sample-based noise section, 16-voice polyphony and stereo. The multimode filter allows the emulation of classic filter types and the routing matrix allows the routing of the different modulation options. Finally, each of the four parts has its own effects section, with reverb, delay, chorus, flanger, compressor, EQ, and more.

In addition, you find a sample-based drum section, an arpeggiator, a step sequencer and a clip launch function. On the subject of connectivity, the latter seems quite complete, with inputs and outputs on 6.35 mm jack, a DIN MIDI input and output, or three USB ports.

The release date has not yet been announced, but the Vibes should be available from retailers of the brand at a price of around €2,000. More information to follow on the Mayer EMI website."

New Modal Electronics Carbon8 Spotted at Superbooth

Two pics via Gearspace


via Superlative

"The Monolab is our distillation of subtractive synthesis in its most accessible, portable, and configurable form. A tactile canvas of sound with a clear conceptual mapping that equally invites an educational or performance approach.

Deep dive and full specifications coming June 2023
220 X 220 X 22MM
2.8 POUNDS / 1.3KG"

Make Noise Spectraphon - sounds from #superbooth #short

video upload by Perfect Circuit

Superbooth 2023: Makenoise - Spectraphon

video upload by sonicstate

"Walker at Make Noise unveiled their new Spectrophon, a digital dual spectral oscillator coded by Tom Erb of SoundHack at Superbooth 2023. The Spectrophon is a dual oscillator laid out with two almost identical sides, A and B. Unlike the analog waveform outs, the even and odd harmonic outputs generate harmonics at the fundamental frequency that is set with the frequency knob and dependent on which mode they're in. The Spectrophone also features two modes, SAM or spectral amplitude modulation mode, and SAO or spectral array oscillation mode. The former listens to the input, patch a signal into it, and generates a harmonic spectrum at the output based on what it hears. Meanwhile, the latter holds arrays of spectra in memory that can be modulated.

In addition to the Spectrophon , Make Noise also announced a new version of their 7U CV bus case with a brand new four-zone bus board inside. This board is significantly more powerful than the previous bus board and has four different isolated zones, making it ideal for power-hungry modules that are susceptible to noise. The CV bus has been updated to have a voltage math circuit similar to the one from the ZeroCoast. This simple circuit has offset, summing, and attenuation features for whatever one may need in their system. The new version of the CV bus case will be available for purchase at the end of this summer.

The Spectrophon will be available for purchase at $599 and will ship at the end of May."

See the announcement post and demo by Tom Erb here.

5 patches with Reason's new OBJEKT physical modeling synthesizer

video upload by DATABROTH

"check out my wavetables and presets at
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Objekt is Reason's latest rack extension synthesizer. It features many new physical modeling options, check out my full review here:

Affiliate links:
Plugin Boutique:

if you're already planning on purchasing any software and want help support me, purchasing any software via the above link helps me out with a %15 commission

Thank you

00:00 First plucked melody
03:22 Dark atmospheric pad
05:25 Second plucked melody
08:19 Distorted Bass
11:30 Percussive melody"

Reason Objekt - the return of digital waveguide synthesis

video upload by

See the announcement post for additional details and videos.

"Here's a demo of Reason Studios Objekt, a new digital waveguide / modeling plugin synthesizer. All parameters are editable and it's possible to use live sounds or recorded sounds as an "exciter", which leads so some pretty spectacular results. Table of contents:

00:00 demo 1
00:22 hi
00:59 digital waveguide
02:24 overview, creating a patch
05:18 demo 2
06:38 demo 3
07:21 routing live sounds into objekt
09:18 conclusion


Korg Mono/Poly + Tubbutec Midi SN 370609

via this auction

"Tubbutec Midi kit installed. [pics of the inside below]

PSU recapped.
X2 safety capacitor replaced.
VCO Heater recapped.
Keyboard contacts cleaned.
All pots cleaned for scratch free operation.
Factory calibrated."

EMS VCS3 The Putney SN 1024

via this auction

"This is a rare chance to secure an original VCS3 in excellent condition. This is one of the most iconic and revered synths of all and is truly versatile: from Radiophonic Workshop (and Hawkwind) type bloops and bleeps, through Eno and Roxy Music and beyond. Tony uses his VCS-3 as much as an effects processor as synthesizer and has said it’s his favourite studio piece.

We are often asked whether mods adversely affects the value of a VCS3. Some collector types may view it as sacrilege, but most who buy a VCS-3 to use often value mods highly – many of our customers ask for more, rather than less, modifications. So, in short, in our view the answer is mods often add value/appeal rather than detract. These wonderful synths should be used rather than placed in glass cases."

Flight of Harmony Quad Plague Bearer Rev 3.2

via this auction

"Flight of Harmony Quad Plague Bearer Rev 3.2. This is 4 Plague Bearer Eurorack filters in a single enclosure. It can be powered by 9v batteries or a AC adapter (not included). This is in perfect working order with a few small blemishes (see images)."

Voice Of Saturn Kit Synth & Unfinished Sequencer Kit

via this auction

"The synth seems complete and does make sound but not sure if it is working 100% as designed.

The sequencer still needs wiring.

Both are missing some screws.

Schematics can be found online but I should have them saved and will print off and include in the box."

Test ll HILDA synthesizer

video upload by Nori 3Beat

See additonal posts featuring Hilda here.

Superbooth 2023: PWM - Mantis

video upload by sonicstate

"Paul from PWM gave a us preview of Mantis, which is the last synth designed by Chris Huggett [EDP Wasp creator] before he passed away. The Mantis is described as a Wasp Mark II with an Oscar- inspired dual filter, and two analog signal paths that make it duophonic. The oscillators are numerically calculated on power-up using then move into the analog domain, where everything is digitally controlled.

The Mantis mixer allows users to balance between oscillator one and two, add noise, and ring mod. It has a deep, but simple to use modulation section, two envelopes with a unique sustain fall feature and 100 factory patches and 100 user patches. The instrument also includes a few digital effects at the end of the signal path that help sweeten the sounds and make it more of an all-around performance instrument.

While the instrument is still in development, PWM showcased the circuit boards that are provide a preview of the final sound of the Mantis.

PWM Mantis Available: Late Summer 2023

Price 1,599 Euro. 1,349 GBP"

PWM Mantis // released today

video upload by Starsky Carr

"A brand new synth from PWM - a new company with lots of history. Paul has worked extensively in the industry. Most interesting here are his connections from his time at Novation as the BassStaion 2 product lead. You may know that the inventor of the classic WASP and OSCAR, Chris Huggett, was involved there, and before his unfortunately untimely death he was working with Paul on this new synth. Paul has brought it to life with his families blessing.

A great story, and a great little synth. Still has a couple of pre production hoops to jump through but will be available soon."

Duophonic Hybrid-Analogue Synthesiser

• 200 Patches
* All patches in RAM so can be overwritten
* Bank A: 100 Factory presets
* Bank B: 100 User presets (all set to initial patch)
* Compare function
* Initialise patch function

Superbooth 2023 - Buchla - Music Easel

video upload by Sound On Sound magazine

"Buchla re-imagine the Music Easel for a new generation."

00:00 - Interview
04:32 - Demo

See the announcement post for additional details.

Superbooth 2023: Tasty Chips - GR Mega

video upload by sonicstate

"At Superbooth 2023, we spoke to Peter from Tasty Chips who showed us their flagship model, the GR Mega, a granular synthesizer designed for complex sound design based on samples. The GR Mega boasts many modulation options, a large mod matrix, four LFOs, 18 mod destinations, four envelopes (one freely assignable), and a step sequencer. The instrument also includes dual filters, low-pass and high-pass, seven effects (of which four can be used in parallel), and 128 presets. Peter explained that the grains in the synthesizer are generated from the samples and can be randomized in position and mixed together to create the final output.

The GR Mega is expected to be released at the end of the year.

Price: Around 1,800 Euros."

Superbooth 2023 - UDO - Super Gemini

video upload by

00:00 Interview
04:14 Demo

Additonal UDO Super Gemini posts.

Superbooth 2023: Kurzweil - SP7 Grand

video upload by sonicstate

"We spoke to Henrik from Sound Service at Superbooth 2023 about the new Kurzweil SP7 Grand, the latest stage piano in the SP range. The SP7 Grand has a touch screen to change sounds and also has two audio inputs with phantom power that can handle mic or guitar signals.

The SP7 has an SD card slot for future Sound Banks and a built-in harmonizer which can add layers to your voice.

It is available now and retails for around 2,050 Euros"

Superbooth 2023: Reason Studios - Objekt

video upload by sonicstate

"Matthias from Reason Studios told us about their latest release, the Objekt Modeling Synthesizer. The synth features a physical modeling engine that offers realistic sounds for both existing and non-existing instruments, and also provides very convincing emulations of acoustic basses and the like. Matthias explained that they wanted to create a synthesizer that goes beyond mere emulation, with access to every parameter that exists, resulting in exciting sounds that have not been heard before. The synth features three resonators at its core, two of which are waveguide-like, that interact with different frequencies to produce a variety of sounds. The Exciter section, on the other hand, gives you the ability to excite the synth with anything, from static noise to your voice or beatboxing.

Available now. Price: 99 GBP (Currently on sale at: 79 GBP)"

Superbooth 2023: Erica Synths - Black Stereo Delay 2 - Black DJ VCF - Black Stereo Reverb

video upload by sonicstate

"We spoke to Kodek from Erica Synths at Superbooth 2023 about their new Eurorack modules, the Black Stereo Delay 2, Black DJ VCF, and Black Stereo Reverb. The Black Stereo Delay 2 is a high-quality syncable delay with different modes such as tape, BBD, and digital emulation, as well as different stereo panning modes and the ability to change panning manually. The module also includes 8 preset slots, with CV input for preset switching, and controls for delay time, feedback, and tone. The Black Stereo Reverb has various delay options, from tape to BBD and digital, and allows for preset recording and real-time recording. Lastly, the Black DJ VCF is a filter seen on modern DJ mixers, with low pass, high pass, and fully open options, as well as cutoff resonance and level controls and two CV inputs.

These modules are collaborations with 112db company, and Kodek assures us that they will be available soon with prices to be announced."

See the announcement posts here.

Superbooth 2023: Erica Synths - Steampipe

video upload by sonicstate

"At Superbooth 2023, Sonicstate spoke to Girts from Erica Synths about their latest creation, the Steampipe synthesizer. This polyphonic synthesizer has no oscillators and instead uses physical modeling to mimic how sound is generated in pipe organs, wind instruments, and string instruments. The synthesizer has several sections that allow users to adjust parameters such as air pressure, feedback, tuning, and reverb to create unique sounds. The Steampipe is still in development, but Erica Synths hopes to have it completed by the end of the year.

The Steampipe is designed to create naturally sounding wind and string instrument sounds, however, users can go beyond the traditional range of these instruments and explore a wider range of sub-octaves. The synthesizer also allows for polyphonic play with eight-voice polyphony when connected to a keyboard. Erica Synths is still tweaking the DSP engine and interface of the Steam Pipe synthesizer, but the production prototype seems to be working well.

Erica Synths Steampipe Available: Autumn 2023

Price TBC"

See the announcement post here.

Superbooth 2023: Dreadbox - Telepathy

video upload by sonicstate

"At Superbooth 2023, Sonic State met with Orfeas from Dreadbox to discuss the latest product, Telepathy, a full voice analogue synthesizer module with up to 16 presets. The module consists of one oscillator, with square wave, pulse width, sub, and noise. The oscillator and noise have independent level controls, and on the digital side, there are two envelopes, one for the filter and one for the VCA, along with an LFO that can be patched to various inputs.

Telepathy also has a low pass and high pass filter, and a VCA that can be controlled independently. Up to eight modules can be chained together, and all of the parameters can be linked together to create a complete sound or users can control each module independently to create a multi-timbral sound. Orfeas also mentions a new module, the six-channel mixer, which has a spread control mode and a slider to control it from stereo to mono and inverse.

Telepathy Available: June 2023

Price: 299 Euros"

See the announcement post here.

Superbooth 2023: WMD/AMMT - VCA Mark III - HiHat

video upload by sonicstate

"At Superbooth 2023, Sonicstate spoke to Alex from AMMT/WMD about the big changes occurring in the company. WMD is continuing to produce its mixer and voice architecture modules, such as Carbon Filter and Javelin, as well as the new digital VCA Mark III module. The updated VCA features zero crossing detection which eradicates pops and is available at the end of the year. AMMT is presenting the HiHat, a sample player and interface designed to make hi-hats and percussive textures. It is still a prototype with no name yet, but it features an open and closed input, two layers of samples, and various controls to mix the samples and create the desired hi-hat.

WMD was previously manufacturing for other companies as well as their own, and with this change, both companies are sharing the workload and reducing their product lines to be smaller and more focused. AMMT and WMD are working on new products which should be available by the end of the year."

See the WMD/AMMT announcement post here.

Superbooth 2023: Klavis - Grainity

video upload by sonicstate

"We spoke to Eric from Klavis about their Grainity granular VCF, which has just completed production and is set to ship soon. This unique module offers a concept that is unusual in the world of modular synthesis, allowing for granular synthesis of filters. The Grainity cuts slices of sounds into different filtering modes and phases, reassembling and rebuilding the audio while remaining entirely in the analog domain. Grainity digitally manipulates the audio circuitry, but there is no digital audio anywhere in or out of the product.

The Grainity's steps can cycle not only in step with incoming cycles, but they can also be imposed at a different frequencies, which makes it capable of creating harmonics and sounds that seem like hidden oscillators. The filter has two outputs, the granular VCF, and the multi-mode VCF, which are independent allowing users to blend both filters using the mix knob, which is also CV controlled. The Grainity features a detect input that is connected to the main audio in, which allows users to choose the cycle based on the order that is coming in or on something else, such as another oscillator or a step sequencer.

Price: 309 USD / 309 Euros"

Superbooth 2023: Finegear - Modmix - Dirt Magnet

video upload by sonicstate

"We spoke to Cristian from Finegear at Superbooth 2023, who introduced two new products, one of which is the Modmix, an experimental mixer with four channels that has simple EQ, preamp, and volume controls, four effect sends that can be rerouted back to each of the channels, and is also CV controllable. The mixer comes with two LFOs, which are digital and MIDI syncable, and two envelope followers. The four stereo returns can be used as returns or separate stereo channels. The mixer has mono inputs, mic, and line, with a combo input. Each of the channels has an insert, and there's also a phones output.

Finegear's also showed us the Dirt Magnet, a unique multi-effect box. It has a noise source with a modulatable bandpass filter, a crackle effect, a stutter effect, a genuine tape delay and a pitch shifter. It also has a stereo input and a stereo output.

Modmix and Dirt Magnet are on pre-order now and will be shipping in August.

Modmix Price: 1,300 Euros

Dirt Magnet Price: 1,200 Euros"

Superbooth 2023: 4ms - Looping Delay - Sampler

video upload by sonicstate

"We met with Dan from 4MS who introduced us to two new low-cost modules, Looping Delay and Sampler. Sampler is a sample playback and recording device with a simple interface. Users can change the pitch, length, and start position of samples, making it possible to create granular-type patches. The device can play backwards and record from stereo input to stereo output. The device includes an SD card with a few hundred samples, and users can create up to ten sample banks. The device also has a CV for bank trigger sample, end out reverse, and pitch knob.

Looping Delay which would pair well with Sampler can create echo, delay, and reverb effects with up to 900ms of delay time. Looping Delay can be used with an expression pedal for real-time control of feedback and delay time. The device also includes a bypass footswitch and a CV for delay time. The looping delay and sampler can be used together to create unique soundscapes and effects. The Looping Delay and Sampler are the first two modules in 4MS' new low-cost module line and are designed to be easy to build.

Looping Delay Price: 275 USD. Kit Price: 175 USD

Sampler Price: 299 USD. Kit Price: 199 USD"

Erica Synths STEAMPIPE The Synth with no oscillators!

video upload by Starsky Carr

"An interesting polyphonic synth with NO OSCILLATORS from Erica Synths... demonstrated by Girts and his daughter, who play clarinet in the Riga philharmonic. A talented family indeed!"

Update: post updated with:

"The 'in-phase' version of the video. The original upload recorded the outputs straight from the mixer at the booth, which must have had the chase inverted on one of the channels so it was silent for some of you. Now I'm back in the studio I've fixed it."

FolkTek Alter X & Alter Y first go with FolkTek Mescaline

video upload by While We Were Sleeping

"I backed the Folktek Alter Guitar pedals & desktop effects XY Indiegogo campaign more than two years ago and just received it. It was a long wait but I did not mind. I had this picture in my head of pairing it with the FolkTek Mescaline for the two years I have waited but as soon as I started playing I realised this is probably not the best approach as the Mescaline has a full and rich sound that lives less room for the Alters to express themselves. I can do with something more basic to get to experience the Alters's capabilities. I had fun just messing about it and will soon have more sensible paring that will allow me to explore it better. In this video, the Folktek Mescaline goes into the Folktek Alter Y in mono and the Y goes into the Alter X in stereo. No additional processing.

For more details on the pedals checkout the original campaign and the site."

16- The Arturia MiniFreak- Oscillators: Chords

video upload by AutomaticGainsay

"Here is a demonstration of the sound and functionality of the "Chords" oscillator found on the Arturia MiniFreak."

Arturia MiniFreak demos by AutomaticGainsay

Nontemporary Toolbox: Subharmonic Memory Unit v1

demo and how-to video upload by BRiES

"In this video I explain the features and controls of my latest Decent Sampler instrument based on the concept of subharmonics.

You can download the instrument here:"

NT Subharmonic Memory Unit v1: the making of (from concept to finished instrument)

"I shot this video while conceptualising, designing and programming my latest virtual instrument called Subharmonic Memory Unit for the Nontemporary Toolbox. My voice was recorded on the camera's built-in microphones and as a result of me not setting the levels properly the audio can be (very) noisy at times."


NT: Subharmonic Memory Unit v1
This instrument was sampled from a modular synth and based on the concept of subharmonics. It has a challenging but interesting control surface aimed at experimentation.

The story
In my experiments to create plugins with a rather leftfield control surface (inspired by modular synthesis techniques) I decided to make this virtual instrument based around the concept of subharmonics. To make the sounds I used a square oscillator routed through a module called ‘Maths’ which is a function generator (amongst other things). All samples are recorded straight from the modular synth into my interface (5 samples for each bank) and then mapped to the different layers.

The ‘random’ toggle switch engages a random engine that chooses a layer for you, you can turn it off and select the layers yourself with the little switches for every bank.

By adjusting the drift setting you’re able to decrease or increase the pitch drift (this is independent for every bank).

I added a ‘memory unit’ to the instrument that enables the user to loop phrases. There’s a spring reverb (convolution*) and a 7kHz low pass filter."

Erica Synths Introduces No oscillators, 8 voice polyphony STEAMPIPE

A new desktop synth from Erica Synths minus the ocillators?

Details follow:

No oscillators, 8 voice polyphony.

The Steampipe is a true physical modelling synthesizer developed in close collaboration with Dutch company 112.dB.

The Steampipe has no conventional oscillators. Instead, it mimics the way sound is created in wind instruments and it is fine-tuned to create a wide range of sounds - everything from wind instruments to strings, pipe organs, crazy effects and beyond. The Steampipe has three major sections – STEAM, PIPE and REVERBERATOR.

The STEAM section can be compared to the lungs and mouth of a musician. The generator creates the flow of air or “steam”, the envelope in this section determines the force with which it is blown out. DC/noise is the noise you get when blowing out. DC/Noise on the Steampipe can also be replaced with an external audio source.

The PIPE section can be compared to a flute. In the pipe, the tune is formed. Push (in feedback) bounces the steam like it does in a flute and generates the tone. The delay box subsection changes the flute’s tuning and shape.

The REVERBERATOR adds space and ambience to the sound.

The Steampipe is optimized for performance with wind MIDI controllers and it works great with any MIDI keyboard. The overtones the Steampipe produces are very organic and rich and it comes with great-sounding presets. The Steampipe is rather versatile and allows for nuanced sonic exploration, conjuring sonic imagery ranging from from wisps of cloud to fairground band organs, then to industrial horns of the railroad and finally, to massive, otherworldly ambiences.

Erica Synths Introduces Three New Euroack Modules

Details follow:


We believe that the Black Stereo Reverb and the Black Stereo Delay 2 will significantly expand the FX palette on any modular system. Instead of a generic multi-FX approach, we decided to develop dedicated modules with extended controls over the most important parameters – FX design powerhouses.

The modules run on new Erica Synths DSP hardware and the effects are developed in collaboration with Dutch company 112.dB who make some of the most beautiful sounding effects.

MAKEN0ISE Introduces the Spectraphon!

Brett Naucke performs on the Spectraphon! video upload by MAKEN0ISE

"Brett Naucke performs new patches at Drop of Sun!

Asheville-based musician and Make Noise Records alumnus Brett Naucke performs three new patches on our brand new module— the Make Noise/soundhack Spectraphon— at the great Drop of Sun Studios here in Asheville, NC!

We are THRILLED to finally share our latest collaboration with Tom Erbe (soundhack), The Spectraphon! For more information on this dual spectral oscillator, head to:

For more info on Brett and his work, be sure to check out:

This video was filmed at, recorded by and mastered by Drop of Sun Studios here in Asheville, NC. For more info on Drop of Sun, head to:"

via Make Noise

The Make Noise/soundhack Spectraphon is a dual Spectral Oscillator coded by Tom Erbe of soundhack. It uses real-time spectral analysis and resynthesis to create new sounds from those that already exist. It is inspired by classic electronic musical instruments of the past, including spectral processors, additive synthesis, vocoders, and resonators especially the Buchla 296 and Touché, but it takes a physical form more resembling the classic analog dual complex oscillator in the lineage of the Buchla 259 and the Make Noise DPO.

The Spectraphon is the first module to be built by Make Noise on its new digital hardware platform. This hardware, engineered by Jeff Snyder and Tony Rolando, provides more i/o at higher resolutions, and a lower noise floor than we have ever had access to in a digital module, allowing us to unleash Tom Erbe’s DSP code to a previously unattainable degree.

The Spectraphon has two nearly identical sides, A and B, which oscillate in one of two ways: Spectral Amplitude Modulation (SAM), or Spectral Array Oscillation (SAO). In SAM, instead of oscillating at all times like an analog VCO, sound at the Spectraphon’s input is used to modulate the amplitude of a set of harmonics. In SAM the Spectraphon can be sequenced and frequency modulated like any VCO. At any time the current spectrum can be used to create an Array for later use in SAO mode where the Spectraphon oscillates at all times, with the spectrum at the Odd and Even harmonic outputs being drawn from those stored Arrays.

The Slide and Focus controls are mode-dependent: in SAM, they determine how the Spectraphon responds to sound at the input for Spectral AM, while in SAO, they are used to modulate the Array. In either mode (SAM or SAO), the Partials control works as a combined amplitude and timbre gate for the Odd and Even harmonic output and the FM Bus will create high definition internal frequency modulation from the opposing side of the Spectraphon. The two sides can also interact via the internal FM Bus, the Follow and Sync modes, and by patching them together.

SONICWARE Introduces the LIVEN Texture Lab | Granular Synthesizer/Effector

video upload by SONICWARE

"LIVEN Texture Lab | Granular Synthesizer/Effector
- Sample, slice, transform and reconstruct audio to synthesize completely new sounds
- Granular synthesizer with granular effects processor mode
- Shimmer reverb for fantastical and majestic sounding spaces
- 128-step sequencer with parameter locking
- World-famous sound designers have provided presets as results of their experiments

The presets are
01 FL.BK (Flashback) : Yasutake(elfin)
02 DRMR (Dreamer) : Limbic Bits
03 FEAR (Fear) : Chris Lody
04 US.HP (Use Headphones!) : Takashi Matsuura
05 CHOR (nostalgic space choir) : Dr. Endo"

Noise Engineering Debuts Roucha Legio, Stereo Filter/DSP Platform

video upload by Noise Engineering

Press release follows:

Los Angeles, CA and Berlin, Germany — Boutique modular synthesizer company Noise Engineering announced Roucha Legio, a stereo resonant multimode filter with wavefolding, 1V/octave tracking, and gateable bypass, at Superbooth. The Eurorack module is available May 11.

Roucha Legio is a 12dB/octave state-variable stereo multimode filter. It is the fourth module in the Legio series of many that the Noise Engineering team has said they are working on.

“We argued for so long about the core of this firmware. We started with something completely different but we just couldn’t quite agree on the finer points. So we took a step back and decided that we should probably work on a filter, since people have been asking for one for years,” said Kris Kaiser, Doer of Many Things at Noise Engineering. “The next firmware Stephen dropped for us to test was so much fun that our team Slack workspace went silent while we all started patching. We knew this was the one.”

Roucha Legio features lowpass, bandpass, and highpass filter settings. The filter frequency is adjustable via the dedicated encoder or the one-volt-per-octave CV input. Roucha Legio is designed not to self-oscillate without an input signal, but once a signal is added, the Resonance control can offer anything from clean to the squelch of an acid house bassline. Resonance is also CV-able, which means filter sweeps are easy to achieve.

Noise Engineering has a love for wavefolders, so of course there is a Fold knob, with a switch that configures the placement of fold in the signal chain before, after, or both before and after the filter.

Roucha Legio also features a bypass control. Tap the encoder to bypass the DSP, and tap again to re-enable it. The dedicated Bypass gate input also works to bypass the filter while the input is high.

Roucha Legio is part of the Noise Engineering Legio DSP/oscillator platform. Users can change the firmware on any Legio module, completely free, to any other firmware in the Legio series via USB. Current offerings include the Virt Iter Legio oscillator (based on the same algorithms that Noise Engineering contributed to the Arturia MicroFreak and MiniFreak), Tymp Legio drum voice, and Librae Legio dynamics processor.

To help keep the panel controls straight with all the different firmwares available, Noise Engineering also offers laser-etched, impact-acrylic panel overlays that fit right over the existing panel. Overlays are available in silver with black text or black with white text, and as individual panels or in discounted multipacks.

Roucha Legio ($310 USD) and Legio panel overlays ($16 each or $48 for the 4-panel multipack) are available now at and at retailers globally. Current Legio owners can try Roucha for free by heading to the Noise Engineering Customer Portal ( to swap the firmware.

Notable features
● 6 HP
● CV-able inputs
● Bypassable filter
● 1v/8va tracking
● Self-calibrating frequency CV
● Part of Legio ecosystem: buy one module, get them all
● Hotswappable panel overlays sold separately

Availability and pricing:
Roucha Legio: In stock in black and silver. Shipping from Noise Engineering and retailers starting May 11, 2023; MSRP US$310

Overlays: In stock in in silver with black text or black with white text, and as individual panels or in discounted multipacks

Legio single panel MSRP: $16
Legio multipack (4 panels) MSRP: $48

Roucha Legio:

Audio only:

Schmidt Synthesizer – Basics & Demo / Jam (no talking)

video upload by 19 Zoll Mafia

"How does the Schmidt work? I will try to show most sections and what they do with this striking obvious JAM."

See the Schmidt label below for more or click on the 19 Zoll Mafia link above for more.

Introducing Objekt Modeling Synthesizer for Reason!

video upload by Reason Studios

"Synthesize reality with Objekt, a physical modeling synth for new and unique acoustic sounds. Discover the character of organic instruments and real-world materials. Dynamic, playable, and easily customizable.

Producers and beat makers are on the hunt for new sounds with an acoustic flavor. Sounds that can’t be easily duplicated by just any plugins or samples. That’s why Objekt doesn’t play back pre-recorded instruments, it synthesizes them.

Explore hundreds of patches ranging from bells, mallets, percussion, stringed instruments and more. Move any parameter to see what happens. Where you end up might sound familiar or like an imaginary instrument that doesn’t exist. Until now."

Learn Physical Modeling Synthesis with Objekt from Reason Studios

video upload by Reason Studios

"Objekt Modeling Synthesizer for Reason is a whole new type of synthesis for most people but that's why we packed it into the form factor that would be both easiest to learn and most powerful when you've got it down — a classic Reason Rack synth.

In this deep dive, Ryan will show you how to get started with physical modeling synthesis and how you can either build sounds from scratch if you're a sound designer or modify existing sounds in entirely new ways if you're a musician looking to get inspired.

Contents of this video:

0:00 - Introduction
1:53 - Real world sounds
3:16 - Basic Objekt patch
7:12 - Objekt’s mixer
8:38 - Exciter Impact section
13:55 - Exciter Noise section
18:40 - ADSR vs CPDDD
24:27 - Randomizer
27:41 - Tuning offset"

Objekt is an open-ended physical modeling synthesizer, meaning it models the properties of acoustic instruments and gives you control over those as parameters. Instead of choosing between pre-made options, it opens the hood to the inner workings of physical modeling synthesis so that you can experiment and approach it like what it really is: a synthesizer.

At the heart of Objekt are three resonating objects, think of them like the instrument itself, with in-depth control to create anything from a string or bell to a skin or something yet unheard. The instrument is then set in motion by the Exciter section. From the short impact of a stick to a wash of noisy static, the Exciter lets you play the instrument in dynamic and wonderful ways. Tweak the sound to suit your needs or invent entirely new instruments with just a few parameter changes. Objekt generates all sound in real time without relying on pre-recorded samples which makes it dynamic, playable, and easily customizable—but also fast and lightweight.

Need somewhere to start? Explore over 500 expertly crafted patches covering a wide range of sounds. Objekt excels at both realistic reproductions and new imaginary instruments that doesn’t exist. Until now. Move any parameter to see what happens. Use the powerful randomizer to slightly alter a patch or morph it to a brand new direction. Start from scratch and see where you end up. Objekt’s designed to be explored on your terms.

Objekt is perfectly integrated into the Reason Rack workflow with the familiar browser, native undo, CV and audio cables, and more. You can even connect any audio signal to the External Input and use any sound to excite the instrument’s resonators to incredible effect, think of it like an “acoustic vocoder”.

Open-ended physical modeling synthesis for unique acoustic sounds
Dynamic, lifelike, and easily customizable
Powerful randomizer for instant variation and inspiration
Over 500 included patches
Included with Reason+
Requires Reason 10.1 or later. The included Combinator patches require Reason 12.

Introducing Roland AIRA Compact S-1 Tweak Synth

video upload by RolandChannel

[Note: you can find additional user videos futher below]

"The Roland S-1 Tweak Synth is a powerhouse micro polysynth that merges the legendary tones of the SH-101 with futuristic tools for the modern creator. Get reacquainted with the snappy bass tones and expressive leads brought to life in exquisite detail by our Analog Circuit Behavior technology. Then tap into a world of new creative possibilities with expanded four-voice polyphony and an array of innovative features, including cutting-edge wave manipulation, advanced sequencing, and unique performance features.

In this video, Dustin Good dives into the S-1 features, capabilities, sounds, and more.

0:00 – Introduction and Overview
1:32 – Sounds
2:01 – Basic Sound Design
2:35 – OSC Draw
3:13 – OSC Chop
3:44 – Riser
4:06 – Effects
4:33 – Sequencer
5:06 – Sub Steps
5:36 – Probability and Motion Recording
6:25 – Arpeggiator
6:54 - Performance Tools – Step Loop, Transpose, D-Motion
7:53 - Connectivity and Portability

Build from square, saw, sub, and noise oscillators and mono, poly, unison, and chord modes. Craft custom waveshapes with OSC Drawing. Dice sounds with OSC Chop to produce a labyrinth of overtones and metallic timbres. And use the noise oscillator as an independent riser to add sweeps and pulsing sound effects for transitions and dramatic effect.

Bring programming and performances to life with a 64-step sequencer, motion recording, and D-Motion. And humanize patterns with Probability, ratchet tones with Sub Steps, and create on-the-fly fills with Step Loop.

Sync the S-1 Tweak Synth with the rest of the AIRA Compact gang for a highly jammable micro-studio in perfect sonic symphony. Chain them together or connect with MIDI gear, computers, and music apps to expand your setup. Just power on, hit play, and go with the flow."

Press release followed by user videos:

Buchla U.S.A. Announces New Music Easel & 50th Anniversary Easel

via Buchla U.S.A.

Iconic. Revolutionary. Mind-expanding.

The Buchla Music Easel was one of the first truly portable electronic music instruments. Fifty years ago, in 1973, only a few dozen were made. Unlike many iconic technologies, the influence was not grown through force of scale, but rather the force of the ideas. The Music Easel made available virtually every musical dimension: timbre, melody, rhythm, and time; how these dimensions intersected was no longer the court of acoustics and material, but signals and voltage. The 208 Stored Program Sound Source engendered “a new functional organization [with a] particularly rapid system of patching and program storage via plug-in cards.”


Patch n Tweak
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