Thursday, September 30, 2010

STG .MIX Eurorack Module

STG .MIX Eurorack module Raw from thonkblog on Vimeo.

"Here's the sound of the STG .MIX Eurorack module.
4 different waveforms from a TipTop Z3000. Not too noticable on the Square, but as I change the waveforms the clipping effect (apparently based on the Moog CP3 module) becomes very apparent."

STG .MIX Eurorack module filtered from thonkblog on Vimeo.

"Sine, Tri and Saw from a TipTop Z3000 filtered through a Make Noise QMMG. If you watch closer for the 'flatline' at the peak of the waveform you can see as the clipping takes place."

The .MIX is a 4HP eurorack mixer with 3 inputs and a bipolar output with a makeup gain stage lifted from the Moog CP3. They'll be available to order from Analogue Haven by Monday (most likely).

Resonant Pavilion (design 1)

Resonant Pavilion (design 1) by starvelab
"The Resonant Pavilion (2010)
by Michael Trigilio (of Neighborhood Public Radio)
Created to accompany the opening of the new RESNICK PAVILION at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA).

An interactive soundwork designed to be heard in and around the new Resnick Pavilion at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Call 1-888-361-4NPR (4677) and sing-along, respond, or create any other sound over-the-phone. These interactions will be folded into future iterations of the soundwork in an ongoing podcast hosted by LACMA.

made using: Dewanatron Triple Slice, 4MS Noise Swash. Wiard Borg Filter, Wiard Oscillator, Moog Moogerfooger Ring Modulator"


via this auction

"This Synergy SIA board is part of what you need to convert an original Synergy I synthesizer into a Synergy II+. A Synergy II+ is the commercial version of the Bell Labs Digital Synthesizer, and a Synergy II+ lets you program the Synergy synthesizer by an external computer (a Kaypro II) to load voices and store them on floppy disc and program timbres using CP/M software called SYNHCS (SYNergy Host Control System). The SYNHCS version 3.182 CP/M software for Kaypro II was included along with this Synergy SIA board and it has the complete Synergy voice cartridge library on Kaypro CP/M disc and the Synergy SIA board. SYNHCS v 3.182 is the lsat and most complete version of the SYNHCS software for controlling and editing the timbres on the Synergy synthesizer, and it's also insanely rare. As far as I know, no one else has SYNHCS v. 3.182 from 1985. Everyone else seems to have SYNHCS v. 3.15 from December 1983. As you can see, this board comes in two parts including MIDI ports because adding MIDI to the Synergy I synthesizer is part of the function of the Synergy SIA board."

Ludwig Synthesizer Phase II POSTER Fuzz PSYCHEDELIC

via this auction

"It's a LARGE 17" X 24" and looks amazing framed."

Ambient Drums crushed

YouTube via duncanperson | September 30, 2010

"A short, progressive song performed on the DRM1 through the OTO machines biscuit. Biscuit provides delay and distortion. A bit of reverb added in Live 8.

This video hopefully shows some of the more unusual analogue sounds the DRM can produce."

Flame Triode Amplifier and Oscillator, more experiments.

YouTube via nylesteiner | September 30, 2010

"More info is available at

The performance of the flame triode has been greatly improved by two factors: 1 assisting the filament heat by running AC current through it and 2 using 300 VDC plate voltage instead of 200 VDC. 300 volts was not available when the first flame triode video was made. It now is capable of driving a pair of 8 ohm headphones at a reasonable level.

This video shows the flame triode being used to drive a pair of 8 ohm headphones from a very high impedance (10 megohm) input. Even though a high to lo impedance output transformer is used, amplification is necessary in order to drive the headphones at the higher level heard in the video.

This video also shows the flame triode used as an audio oscillator using transformer feedback. A high impedance transformer is necessary so one was made by putting two "voice coil to grid" transformers back to back.

I am using a simple propane, no air mixture, flame. The flame source is an orafice from an old propane barbecue cooker. I used it because it was handy.

Played and recorded m'own music."

Instrument from DIY Synth Class at Harvestworks

YouTube via hansteg | September 30, 2010

"Participants in Phillip Stearns' DIY Synthesizer Building Class putting together a short documentation of the instrument they created. Here's my contribution... the other videos will be available here:"

Waldorf Microwave XTk

via this auction

"This is the ten voice version and it runs the final OS: 2.33."

Note the knobs are the original nuclear power plant style knobs vs. the newer style knobs on this XTk. Waldorf changed the style with the later blue models of the Q.

KORG microPIANO Presentation, Tokyo 2010.09.10

YouTube via KORGINC | September 30, 2010

"高級感溢れるおしゃれなミニチュア・デジタル・ピアノ microPIANO のプレゼンテーションの模様をお届け致します。

ミニ・タイプのピアノながら、演奏感にこだわったミニ61 鍵。音色も、ステレオ・サンプリングしたグランド・ピアノの重厚感あるサウンドをはじ­め、オルガンやベル、トイ・ピアノなど、豊富な音色で演奏ができます。


コルグ microPIANO 製品情報:"

"Miniature digital piano microPIANO luxurious stylish design will deliver a presentation.

While the mini type piano, 61 key mini-sticks with a sense of play. Tones, including sound profound feeling of stereo sampled grand piano, organ and bells, toy piano and can play a rich tone.

In this video, just plays automatically hold the key phrase "short phrase sounds" and hear real guests also enjoy demonstrations like the music box tune.

MicroPIANO Korg Products:"

"11th dimension" Korg EMX, D-50 & DX-9

YouTube via TheSynthFreq | September 30, 2010

"Korg EMX sequence, with DX-9 bass patched being controlled by EMX though Midi. The DX-9 bass patch was created for this track. The D-50 patch was played live and improvised over the drum machine sequences. I switched between 3 different patterns that I created, to form a 'song'.
All sounds on the D-50, DX-9 and the Korg EMX were created by me using FM and L.A.S synthesis.
Please enjoy :)"

ZeroIndifference - Monome 512

ZeroIndifference from raja on Vimeo.

"It's an annoying fact of life: that which we have the least control over, is often what we care about the most. It's hard to avoid this perpetual state of ZeroIndifference.

(Another song with my new app '~SerpentEclipse)' for the Monome512. I hope it does something for ya.)"

touchAble for iPad - Ableton Live Tutorial 1 - 3 :: Dubspot

YouTube via DubSpot | September 30, 2010

"Check out the dubspot blog to learn more:

Learn how to use touchAble, the iPad app that allows you to control Ableton Live. In this three part video series we take you through the basics of the Touchable interface, how to control Live with Touchable and how to use it for composition."

iPads on Ebay
iPads on Amazon

Pikaremin plays CV/GATE Pikachu

YouTube via Kaseo | September 30, 2010
Korg MS03 signal processor. You can see the MS02 and MS03 in this auction post.
"(L) Pikaremin
(C) KORG MS-03 Signal Processor
(R) CV/GATE Pikachu"
More videos on Kaseo's YouTube channel.

Free Analog Style Step Sequencer for the iPad Now Available

You might recall the analog style step sequencer from Synthetic Bits featured in this video post (don't miss it). Well, it is now available, and it's free!!! This works with the Line 6 MIDI mobilizer, so if you have one you can use this to sequence your external synths. I can't wait to try it out.


iPads on Ebay
iPads on Amazon
Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer on Ebay

"Little MIDI Machine is an analog-style MIDI step sequencer app for the Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer interface. This app requires you own the hardware Line 6 Mobilizer MIDI interface hardware accessory for full functionality.

Little MIDI Machine gives you the step sequencing power of a hardware analog sequencer on your iPad! Program two independent sequencers that send note and velocity MIDI data out on two MIDI channels to control your hardware synthesizers. LittleMM includes many of your favorite hardware sequencer features such as mute and un-mute notes, skip steps, reverse the sequencer, adjustable clock speed, etc. If you do not have a Line 6 Mobilizer, LittleMM can generate very basic melodic sounds in place of sending MIDI. This will let you play around with the app and try it out, but it is not a feature that will be developed further and is not the primary purpose of the app. LittleMM is intended to be a MIDI sequencer driving external hardware.

With Little Music Machine you can use your Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer interface along with your favorite hardware synth and your iPad to create mind-bending loops and sequences."

Update: just checked it out. Very, very cool. You can name and save your sequences!!! You can also select the base key/note of each sequencer. BTW, if you don't have the MIDI Mobilizer you can still check out the app to get a feel for it, per above. If you have an iPad this is no brainer considering it is free.

Arp 2600 Analog Synthesizer w/ 3604P Keyboard

via this auction

Package weight and dimensions
2600 - 45 lbs - 14"x24"x38"
3604P - 26 lbs. - 14"x10"x40"

Black TR-909

flickr set by customsynth
(click for more)


nova mod sh 101 - Roland SH-101 with TR-808 Color Scheme

flickr set by customsynth
(click for more)


white nord modular g2x

flickr By customsynth
(click for more)



YouTube via potterpaint2000 | September 30, 2010

"an improv featuring my Serges, my Doepfer Dark Energy/Tenori-on combo plus more."


YouTube via iranief | September 30, 2010

"myself playing the 2 phrases of the video examples TransNotation1 and 2 with the Opal Chameleon so you can see how I play them.
Read my blog"

GetLoFi Cell phone MIDI Loop Sequencer Final

YouTube via circuitmaster | September 30, 2010

"This is a demonstration of the GetLoFi MIDI Loop sequencer on a Nokia cell phone. The program is a Java application that theoretically should work on a wide range of older cell phones including a Blackberry device. Anything that supports J2ME.

More information soon at
The App can be downloaded from

The Controls are pretty simple.

Number keys 1-8 randomly choose a pattern from 99 preset MIDI phrases for that spot on the sequence. 9 Key randomly selects phrases for all spots.

0 Key clears all patterns out and sents the Self Play Mode, and ( *, # ) adjust the length of the pattern sequence.

There is no tempo control, except for what is in the MIDI phrase files themselves."

JH-3 Synthesizer (1998) For Sale

listed on here
(click through for module descriptions)

"Finished in 1998, this contains my first versions of many things that found their way into MOTM modules, and later into my own PCB projects.

No idea how to ship this thing, or what it may be worth to a collector. (There certainly exists only one of these on the planet. :) ) But I definitely want to sell this."

Pain of Death

YouTube via SlaughterClub | September 30, 2010

"Pain of Death"

Giorgio Moroder "midnight express", played with analogue Synths

YouTube via Synthiefrau | September 30, 2010

"Hi lovely Synthfolks, this is a theme of chase or midnight express from Giorgio Moroder, the italian Musicmogul. The sequence comes from the big italien GRP Synth, effects are from the Doepfer Dark Enegy and Juno 60 from Roland. The leadsound is from the Minimoog."

Keytarjeff presents Real LPC/Amplitube Video Demo

YouTube via KeytarJeff | September 30, 2010

"Video Demonstration of MusicLab's Real LPC w iK Multimedia's Amplitube 3"

SV-1 Stage Vintage Piano Sound Pack 2- In The Studio with Korg

YouTube via KorgUSAVideos | September 30, 2010

"Sound Pack #2 is a brand-new collection of 44 sounds for your SV-1 Stage Vintage Piano! Here, Rich Formidoni how to download and install the sounds, and how to make the most of them as you play."


Midimals from Georg Reil on Vimeo.

"water basin used as multiouch table for music application (2007)

software built with processing"

Georg Reil & Christoph Döring - Tangible, Tangible Reactive Display 2010

YouTube via MediaArtTube | September 30, 2010

"Experimental interface reacting to movement, rotation, tilt and pressure. various applications are controlled via direct manipulation of the display.
Built with processing and arduino
More info:"

Tangible - Experimental User Interface from Georg Reil on Vimeo.

"experimental interface reacting to movement, rotation, tilt and pressure. various applications are controlled via direct manipulation of the display.

built with processing and arduino

collaboration with christoph döring"

Sequential Circuits Tom

via this auction

"Sequential Circuits Tom drummachine + rare Contemporary expansion soundcard with extra drums (electronic set Kick, Snare, Tom, Lazer 1, Scratch, Splash) + original manuals (both user and MIDI guide) + original power supply 220V/50Hz (European). Excellent EPROM drum sound, improved Drumtraks with extra features (reverse, stack, etc.)."

Oberheim DPX-1

via this auction

Jen SX2000 Vintage Analog Synth

via this auction

"The Jen SX2000 synthetone had presets and a certain amount of flexibility to create some interesting noises."

Mini Korg 700s Synthesizer with Rare Original Stand

via this auction

BassBoy (digital bassline) No. 02

flickr By Fibra
(click for more)

"Small Synth Platform"

follow-up to this post

Update via Fibra in the comments: "You can buy this synth here" - currently only $29.

Jean Michel Jarre's LUMINEUX Circular Clavier Up for Auction


YouTube via BPRGTEAM | April 08, 2008


via this auction

It looks like the Lumineux is up for sale again. You might remember it from this earlier post.




More pics here

via jpg

Zuckermann Clavichord Harpsichord "King of Sweden"

via this auction

Not a synth but interesting. This one in via the seller.

"'King of Sweden' clavichord, with hard red case. instrument measures 12" x 40"

96% identical to this one

This magnificent instrument needs some wood work:
A 9" piece of the bottom lip/baseboard has broken off
On one end, the 3 pieces of wood that make up the edge of the lid needs to be glued together, no damage, they are just not glued.

Instrument needs tuning and probably new strings. Repairs and new strings/accessories can all be purchased at"

Mono Evolver Lights with Spöka

flickr By honeyhoneybear
(click for more)

1982 Oberheim Ad

via Retro Synth Ads where you'll find the write-up.

M-185 DIY Sequencer

via Skrog Productions on

Note this is a custom panel for the M185 Roland System 100m style DIY sequencer. A search on M185 will bring up more posts including video.

Note search is being finicky again. A search on M-185 brought up zero results using Blogger search on the top left of the site. A search on M185 does bring up results. There is also a Google site search box towards the bottom right of the site which brings up more posts, but they come up in Google link style results vs. bringing up the full posts like Blogger search. Always use both if you don't find what you are looking for.


YouTube via musictrackjp | September 30, 2010

"Demo by Katsunori UJIIE"


musictrackjp | September 30, 2010

"Demo by Katsunori UJIIE"

juno 6 bubbles

YouTube via vintagesynthlover | September 30, 2010

"just some quick sound to share. some effects used."

Moogerfooger Delay MF-104 inserted in Voyager Mixer-Out/Filter-In Jack

YouTube via genxtargetmarket | September 30, 2010

"Just an example to show someone how to set the knobs as a proof that this configuration works."

My First KORG M01 #4

YouTube via DETUNEltd | September 30, 2010

"非公式な公式ムービー「はじめてのKORG M01<その4>」です。
"Unofficial official movie "First KORG M01 <4 of>" is.
Synths and until now has never even touched M01 DAW introduces various features designed to make you understand who you are even thinking about making a song.
<4 of> the synth to play around with Chaos - Let α! It is."

Nintendo DS on Ebay - refine search on left when you get there.
KORG DS-10 on Ebay
KORG M01 on Ebay

Reason Micro Tutorial - Kong's Nurse Rex Loop Player

YouTube via PropellerheadSW | September 29, 2010

"It's a non-linear world, people! Media has become non-linear, reading via the internet has become non-linear, and thanks to Kong's Nurse Rex module now your loop library has become non-linear. If you loved REX loops back in Reason versions 1.0 - 4.0, you're going to love what we've done with the Nurse Rex Loop Player module inside Kong. No longer will you be playing loops from start to finish... instead cut 'em up, split 'em in to slices, assign them to pads, and freak them."

Tron Video Part III

YouTube via VacolocoSynth | September 30, 2010

"Demo video for Tron, a drum pattern programmer, similar to TR909 style programming."

livid block NE Intro

livid block NE Intro from Livid Instruments on Vimeo.

"I made this video to show the Livid block NE (nova musik edition). I used LividStep with this, a step sequencer for Max for Live. Available only at"

Livid Block and Ableton Live from Livid Instruments on Vimeo.

"Here is a basic setup with Live and Block. You don't need any special drivers or apps to do this, it it totally plug and play. The audio is from my band Sinch's 2006 EP Subdivisions, Bluskreen created the samples and they are available under a cc license here​soundshare.php

These controllers are hand-crafted by artists for artists in our Austin, Texas shop."

Audio Visual Sculpture @ AutumnLights 2010

Audio Visual Sculpture @ AutumnLights 2010 from VJFader on Vimeo.

"Sculpture built by VJ Fader and David Johnson
Projection mapping and sound design by VJ Fader

AutumnLights is a multimedia light based group show, more info:​"

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Oberheim OB-X "Analog Dreams"

YouTube via retrosound72 | September 29, 2010

"vintage synth demo N°200 by RetroSound
thanks to all for watching, for the great comments and support.

Here is my absolute favourite Analog Synthesizer ever:
Oberheim OB-X 8-Voice Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer from the year 1979.
The SEM based OB-X is very different to the later Curtis Chip based OB-Xa. The Sound is fantastic raw and unique.
My dream synth!

The synth demo shows some self-made retro-sounds.

more info: and and"


YouTube via panote09 | September 29, 2010
panote09 on Ebay



panote09 | September 29, 2010

YouTube via davidryle | September 29, 2010
Synth audio comes in at 2:12.
"A challenge to figure out how to get a delayed envelope well after the key has been released.

The trick was three envelope generators, a signal processor, an interface Q961 and plenty of patience to dial it all in. I actually used a digital volt meter to check my voltages along the way. The inversion was particularly difficult.

I also demo'd the Oakley Equinoxe voltage controlled phase shifter. Nice sound."

Doepfer Modular Spotted in TV's "Delocated"

This one in via a b:

"Spotted a Doepfer A-100 on the cartoon network show 'Delocated' during a spoof of face-off :)"

This one added to the Synths in TV and Film post.

Spunk 0.11

Spunk 0.11 from strange agency on Vimeo.

"Granular synthesis using a particle system. Desktop app for Mac OS X from The Strange Agency. Early prototype."

Roland System 100M

via this auction

Casio VL-80 VL-1 Tone 1980s Synth w/vibrato

via this auction

"USE it for the built in synth! yes it has vibrato! super rare.. keyboard vl-tone with built in sequencer...gosh..seriously 1980s..RARE!

'i am the operator with my pocket calculator'


YouTube via musictrackjp | September 29, 2010

"Demo by Katsunori UJIIE"

noisy bird

YouTube via ueyteuor | September 29, 2010
cuckoo clock

12 Moog Voyager's via Nova Musik

via Nova Musik

"They are Nova Edition, Special Edition, and vintage Voyagers"

Click on each pic for the full size shot.

Synth Spotting in North Korea

Some North Korean synth spotting in via ::vtol::.

Click the image for the full size shot.

Electronic Music - Allen Strange - for analog synth

via this auction

"without doubt the most important and detailed book about electronic sound creation and analogue synthesis ever written. This spiral bound book is in excellent condition and this is the 2nd Edition."

see the seller's other items for more.

ARP Series 2600 Owners Manual

via this auction

"ARP Series 2600 original analog synth owners manual

A great way to learn about analog synthesis"

demo - Monome Guitar

demo from Paul Rothman on Vimeo.

playing with the flip flop and rcd scm from 4ms and just haveing good dirty fun

YouTube via DrOctave1 | September 29, 2010

"a good fun patch with tons to play with the 4ms rcd and scm clocked from 155/154 and driveing the anti osc and 2 diff kicks and some hh clappy noise thing. just good old noisy noise fun"

Doepfer A-100 - Minimalistic

YouTube via sampleandhold | September 29, 2010

"A simple beat, two oscillators, a ring modulator and a Moog filter and you've got a complete minimalistic setup."

Korg EM1 track made in 2004 electribe

YouTube via JVGmidi | September 29, 2010

"direct recorded from em1 with a cd recorder from philips back then.
added an eq normaliser at wavelab"

This Second Sleep - Quadrant Field 2

YouTube via arthurpainter | September 29, 2010

Another bit of knob twiddling featuring my Sequential Circuits Pro One, Critter & Guitari Pocket Piano, and Chimera bC16 patchable Synth."

Zn'shñ @ Flying Teapot, Tokyo, Japan

YouTube via znshn | September 29, 2010

"Live performance of dual electronic unit Zn'shñ (Franck Smith & Elvire Bastendorff) @ Flying Teapot, Tokyo, Japan. (Recorded September 9th, 2010)

Zn'shñ's electronic setup:

- Biscuit (by Oto Machines)

- 2x Sleepdrone 5 (by King Capitol)
- Glamour Box (by King Capitol)

- Kaossilator Pro (by Korg)

- Restyler (by Sherman/Rodec)

- Space Echo (Boss RE-20)

Discographic works by Zn'shñ:

* Zn'shñ, "Butoh sweets" (July 2010)
* Zn'shñ, "II" (September 2009)

* Zn'shñ, "++" (April 2009)

Operating as a dual noise-manufacturing unit, specialized in electronics, Zn'shñ is designed for soundtrack production, live performances and audiovisual works. Created by Elvire Bastendorff & Franck Smith.


Zn'shñ, "Franck Smith", "Elvire Bastendorff", double electronic music, Sleepdrone, Odiolorgnette, Glamour Box, Kaossilator Pro, Korg, Sherman, Rodec, Restyler, Biscuit, Oto Machines, 8-bit, Analog Filters, king capitol, space echo, noise manufacturing"


Zn'shñ + Morihide Sawada @ Next Sunday, Tokyo, Japan

"Live performance of Zn'shñ (Franck Smith & Elvire Bastendorff: electronics) + Morihide Sawada (drums, voice) @ Next Sunday, Tokyo, Japan. (Recorded September 10th, 2010) * N.B.- drums & voice parts are not shown on screen."

Zn'shñ + Morihide Sawada @ Koenji High, Tokyo, Japan

"Live performance of Zn'shñ (Franck Smith & Elvire Bastendorff: electronics) + Morihide Sawada (drums) @ Koenji High, Tokyo, Japan. (Recorded September 7th, 2010)"

Moog Babes

via Stewart O'shields's Photos on Facebook.

"had a great shoot w/ the inspirational MICHELLE MOOG-KOUSA, executive director of the Bob Moog Foundation, look for the story in the October issue of Verve Magazine..."

In via Chris Stack of Moog Music

Patch Morphs - SpaceDrone instrument for iPad/Lemur/TouchOSC.

Patch Morphs - SpaceDrone instrument for iPad/Lemur/TouchOSC. from Richard Devine on Vimeo.

"Short test, of patch morphs I created for the SpaceDrone instrument for iPad/Lemur/TouchOSC.

Created by Antonio Blanca, please download the free templates here:"
Update: the link has been updated.

Erik Norlander Plays Keyboard through AmpliTube iRig on his iPhone!

YouTube via ikmultimedia | September 29, 2010

"Erik Norlander of Sonic Reality, accomplished keyboardist, composer, producer, engineer, and artist, uses AmpliTube iRig to plug his KEYBOARD into his iPhone in this video. Watch Erik play some great sounds on his keyboard through AmpliTube iRig, including playing along with DrummerTracks too.

More information at and

AmpliTube iRig is a combination of an easy-to-use instrument interface adapter and guitar and bass tone mobile software.

With AmpliTube iRig, you can plug your guitar into your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad and jam anywhere with world class guitar and bass tone right in the palm of your hand - from the leader in studio-class guitar and bass software.

Simply plug the iRig interface into your mobile device, plug your instrument into the appropriate input jack, plug in your headphones, amp or powered speakers, download AmpliTube for iPhone Free and start rocking!"
iPads on Ebay
iPads on Amazon

iPod Touch on Ebay
iPod Touch on Amazon

NLog Synth PRO - SoundSet

YouTube via nlogmusic | September 29, 2010

"NLog Synth PRO for iPad soon in AppStore!"
iPads on Ebay
iPads on Amazon

iPod Touch on Ebay
iPod Touch on Amazon

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