MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, October 13, 2016

Thursday, October 13, 2016

"Vanguards" - RS7000 + DW-8000 + ESQ1 + MS2000 + Radius

Published on Oct 13, 2016 Patrick Manderson

"'Vanguards' - RS7000 + DW-8000 + ESQ1 + MS2000 + Radius

This music was recorded live Friday afternoon on October 7 2016 using a Yamaha RS7000 sequencer and a room full of MIDI synthesizers.

All performances and automation were painstakingly programmed into the sequencer and played back through 2 mixers into 2 channels in Ableton.

This music was inspired by a rescued-from-the-dead Korg DW-6000. 5 patches are featured during the performance. The Korg MS-2000 contributed 3 patches that were tweaked to closely approximate the DW-6000 and was used in concert when the DW was busy. The Ensoniq ESQ1 emphasizes the chord changes in the first section a plays along with a soft filtered pad throughout the rest of the music. The Korg Radius took care of all hi-hat and splashing percussions using filtered noise. Kicks, snares and toms came from the Roland Super JV-1080 was also used for bass. The Yamaha RX-5 layer its toms on top of the JV-1080. The Roland Super JD-990 provided hi-fidelity portamentos and a reverberated pad of pulse waves. The Dave Smith Instruments Prophet '08 droned piano chords throughout most of the piece.


Novation Circuit driving Make Noise 0 Coast, Korg Poly61M and the wonderful Leploop

Published on Oct 13, 2016 -CALC-

"Circuit is the driving force behind this track, it's sequencing everything.

A MIDI splitter connects it to a Make Noise 0 Coast, Korg Poly 61M and (clocking) the sequencer of the Leploop.

Drum samples coupled with Leploop Cassa and noise hats are the rhythm back bone.

All the while, the 0 coast and Poly 61M are driven by synths 1+2 respectively.

Super basic patch on the 0 Coast mostly just set to the Triangle OSC which is peachy.

I was enjoying the lush chords mingling between the Korg (channelized to MIDI ch2) and the Synth 2 sound.

The Poly61 is becoming one of my favourite synths... has a character all of it's own to my ears, really basic programing but sounds great.

The Circuit synth engine however is super strong and creating yr own patches is definitely the way to go. There is some power to be unleashed.


Final Fantasy IV - Theme of Love Eurorack Modular Synthesizer Cover by Steven Morris

Published on Oct 13, 2016 Steven Morris

Eurorack, DSI MoPho, Artuia KeyStep, & KORG MS2000.

Final Fantasy IV: Theme of Love
Cover by Steven Morris
Written by Nobuo Uematsu

Special thanks to my supporters on Patreon:
Adrien Fins

This cover is available on Mog's Mixtape, a Final Fantasy tribute album by GameLark Records!

Google Play:
Amazon Music: Coming soon!

Toddler Techno

Published on Oct 13, 2016 Stexe

"A three year old can do it."

Original Vintage Jen Sx-1000 Synth-Tone 1980 Italian Analog Synth

via this auction


As you can see I the pics, this vintage, c 1980 Jen sx-1000 synthtone is in excellent condition. It has just been calibrated, and is in 100% perfect working order. Every key, function, knob and switch operates as designed, and they synth sounds...amazing. This is a super rare beasty, the one made famous by Joy Division.

This synthesizer makes all of the beeps, boops, squishy leads, booming basses, and wacky modulation noises you want. You can also achieve nice n fat pulse width mod tones, and BOTH white and pink noise. The synth is in fair cosmetic condition, and looks so fresh with the wacky knobs and wood ends."

Roland CSQ-100 Digital CV/gate Sequencer

via this auction

"The Roland CSQ-100 is a microcomputer-controlled digital CV/gate Sequencer. It is much like the CSQ-600. However, it can only play one sequence at a time. Sequences can be recorded via an external CV/gate input or using step-time. Portamento can not be programmed, but is adjusted manually as a sequence is being played. Sequences can be saved and loaded via cassette interface.

This is EU 220V version in a very good condition. It was completeley cleaned and recapped by professional. Comes in nice looking retro box (not original)."

EMU Systems Emax II Sampling Keyboard

via this auction

Moss | Eurorack Ambient

Published on Oct 13, 2016 r beny

"Patch centered around the lovely Zvex Lofi Junky."

Dave Smith Instruments Introduces DSM03 Feedback Module

via Dave Smith Instruments

"Third Eurorack Module for Modular Systems Now Available from Acclaimed Synth Designer

San Francisco, CA—October 13, 2016—Dave Smith Instruments today introduced the DSM03 Feedback Module, their third offering for modular synthesizers. At the heart of the Eurorack-format module is a tuned feedback line with adjustable parameters for Amount and Tuning. It also features a newly-designed, resonant, low-pass filter for further signal processing. A noise source is also provided with Trigger In as well as Attack and Decay envelope controls to allow Karplus-Strong-type plucked string synthesis.

According to Dave Smith: “We adapted the feedback feature originally found in our Evolver, Pro 2, and Prophet 12 synths. The idea is that you have a tuned feedback loop that takes the audio output, runs it back through the filter, then through a delay line so you can perform Karplus-Strong synthesis—or just use it for mangling sounds.”
With regard to the filter, Smith added: “The 4-pole, resonant, lowpass filter is a new digital design, based partially on classic analog filters of the past, but with over-sampling and numerous tweaks in the signal path. There was no attempt to copy or duplicate a specific, existing filter. We simply wanted to provide a great-sounding design that works well both in the feedback context and as a stand-alone tone-shaping tool.”

The DSM03 module is a 10HP wide, standard Eurorack-format device with interconnections made using 3.5 mm phone jacks. A set of inputs allow individual voltage control of feedback amount, tuning, low-pass filter frequency, and filter resonance. The module provides one audio input and one audio output as well as an audio trigger input for the noise source. The digital filter’s signal path provides full 24-bit, 96 kHz resolution for superior audio fidelity.

Said Smith: “When it comes to designing our modules, we like to provide things that are slightly esoteric, but still fundamental to the Dave Smith sound. Tuned feedback has been a part of the tonal palette of our synthesizers since the Evolver, so we wanted modular users to have access to it, too. It offers a lot of really fun, creative possibilites.”

The DSM03 module is available now with a MAP of $275."

Dave Smith Instruments "In the Spotlight with the Prophet 12" with Josh Molen

The third in the Dave Smith Instruments' "In The Spotlight with the PRO 2" series is currently up with Josh Molen here.

"Josh Molen is a TV and film composer located outside Knoxville, TN. He began composing professionally in 2005. Since then he has had the opportunity to work on many high-profile projects, including composing music for TV shows like: Snapped (Oxygen), Sins and Secrets (I.D.), Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda (I.D.), Modern Marvels (History Channel), Biography (Bio), and How Stuff Works (Discovery) to mention only a few. He also co-composed the score to The Clinton 12 directed by Keith McDaniel and narrated by James Earl Jones.

In 2011 he launched a boutique music library, The Tune Peddler, that has licensed music internationally for film, TV, video games, and online media. One client of note that features Josh’s music is the Fine Brothers’ REACT Channel with videos amassing well over 40 million collective hits on YouTube."

You can find previous posts featuring DSI's Spotlight series here.

Masterminds: The Art of Engineering with Dave Smith, Tatsuya Takahashi & Mark Verbos

Dave Smith, Tatsuya Takahashi, and Mark Verbos will be at the Amsterdam Dance Event, discussing their design process and personal philosophies. Details:

"18:15 - 19:00
Compagnietheater (C6 Main Hall) | Kloveniersburgwal 50, Amsterdam

Three gamechanging engineers talking about designing new musical instruments, their design processes and personal philosophies.

Dave Smith (US)
Dave Smith is an engineer and musician who has pioneered many groundbreaking technologies in music technology.

Tatsuya Takahashi (JP)
Tatsuya Takahashi is Chief Engineer of Analogue Synthesizers at Korg. Raised in London, he has been with Korg since moving to Tokyo in late 2006. His roles consist of product planning, hardware engineering, and project management. He successfully launched the first analogue synth from Korg in nearly thirty years in the form of the Monotron.

Mark Verbos (US)
Since the early 1990s, Mark Verbos has worked as an Electronic Musician, Recording Engineer/Producer and Synthesizer Tech/Designer. As an electronic musician, he has released countless recordings and performed around the world. His live performances are legendary for being entirely improvised using analog gear. His own synthesizer brand, Verbos Electronics is world renowned for its aesthetics and musical interfaces."

KORG Mono Poly Synthesizer with MIDI Retrofit SN 371382

via this auction

"This unit has been modded with a MIDI retrofit so you can easily sync this with other instruments or pieces of equipment.

Few small abrasions on the wood in the back as visible in the photos. All knobs and keys are clean and working as they have been looked over by The Analog Lab in NYC in March of 2015."

ADDAC501 Complex Random Videos

Published on Oct 13, 2016 ADDAC System

"The ADDAC501 does random CV generation and outputs it through four independent channels. You can control the desired range of voltages and time frequency at which new values are generated.

It can also be triggered by an external CV source and the output voltages can be either free or quantized (if you prefer to have a standard C Major Pentatonic scale).

Finally you can choose between pure randomness or a brownian distribution, for both the voltage and time intervals."

ADDAC501 Complex Random - Part 2

Update: Re-Published on Oct 16, 2016 ADDAC System

"The ADDAC501 does random CV generation and outputs it through four independent channels. You can control the desired range of voltages and time frequency at which new values are generated.
It can also be triggered by an external CV source and the output voltages can be either free or quantized (if you prefer to have a standard C Major Pentatonic scale).
Finally you can choose between pure randomness or a brownian distribution, for both the voltage and time intervals.

All about it here:"

Reed & Caroline's Buchla & Singing Featuring a 1969 Buchla Harmonic Generator

via The Fader

Click through for the full post. Below are a couple of excerpts for the archives. The release was first announced here on MATRIXSYNTH last month with a video for "Singularity (We Bond)" featured on the album.

"Vince Clarke has an ear for melody. He's behind some of the biggest songs of the '80s and '90s, made during his time in the U.K. bands Yazoo, Erasure, and Depeche Mode. Since moving to Brooklyn in the '00s, where he has an extensive, synth-packed studio, he set up his own label, called Very Records. Tomorrow, he'll put out Very's second-ever release, the debut album from New York duo Reed & Caroline. Titled Buchla & Singing, it serves as an unintended but all the same very fitting tribute to the late synthesizer inventor Don Buchla."

"'To 'play' Buchla’s 1969 Harmonic generator properly, you have to hook up two keyboards, one for basic pitch, and another with 10 pressure pads for harmonics above the note (like when Hammond Organ players pull drawbars)," Reed added. "That’s the growly lead. It sounds like arpeggios, but it’s really the harmonic series. Replacing the second keyboard with a sequencer made the bass and the 'music box' parts. Since there was no turning back, I made all the percussion sounds on the Harmonic Generator in one pass by controlling FM feedback loops with two 16-step sequencers, like a cheesy DX7 patch that does kick, snare and cowbell. Of course, at the end of the day, all you remember is Caroline’s catchy aaah part.'" Read more on The Fader.

Ondes Martenot & Piano Rehearsals

Published on Oct 13, 2016 Josh Semans

"Some audio from a recent rehearsal, accompanied by some assorted video clips from the same rehearsal. Playing through Vocalise-Étude by Messiaen, one of our favourites.

It's not a 'live video', so to speak. The audio and visuals are not synchronous.

Ondes Martenot (Ondomo) & Piano by Josh & Joshua, Video captured by Mark.

Ondomo by Asaden. Legacy of Love.'"

The Ondomo is an Ondes Martenot clone by ASADEN.


repair and midify roland sh-02 and my polivoks

Published on Oct 13, 2016 Alexey Taber

Computational Complexity

Published on Oct 12, 2016 Emefak

"This is an improvisation after a hard day of study while listening to Mac Quayle's excellent Mr. Robot OST ( Great music for concentration, maybe some of it has transcended to this jam.

Pittsburgh Move 208 case loaded with a Foundation 3.1+, some Mutable (Braids, Warps, Veils, Clouds), a Befaco Rampage (first jam with it, what an awesome module) and other extras. Arturia Minibrute does the 'bassline' sequence, and Octatrack on pads and drums.

Just some reverb and delay from Ableton Live (used as a way too expensive mixer this time), and output straight to a Roland R-5 recorder. Sound is pretty bad, and there is certain clipping, although some times it even sounds right. Camera placement and lightning are terrible, but the point was to do something quick and dirty."

DSP Synthesizers dsp-G1 Analog Modeling Synth Source Code Released

DSP Synthesizers has released the sources code for their dsp-G1 Analog Modeling Synth. You can find it here.

Euro G1 Chords and Sweeps Published on Feb 18, 2016

"Exploring chords and filter sweeps of the DSP-G1 and Euro-G1"

Video previously posted here.

ROTOR - Tangible Modular Music Synth From the Creators of Reactable Now Available

ROTOR - Tangible Modular Music Synth - Reactable Systems SL

Preview video posted here.

"(50% OFF Launch price - Regular price: $19.99)

Rendez-vous 4 remix by Lackan

Published on Oct 13, 2016 Lackan110f

"Rendez-vous 4 is one of my favorite songs by Jean Michel Jarre, but I have always thought it was to soft produced to do the great melody justice.

So I did a up-beat cover, using only analog synthesizers. All is programmed from Logic, and the song is recorded in one take. Hope you enjoy!"

DM2 - 1.1 Released

Published on Oct 13, 2016 Audionomy Apps

"This 1.1 new version now has auxiliary effects (assignable per track) as well as single, duplets, triplets or quadruplets steps for complex rhythms at the tip of your finger. DM2 v1.1 can also export your work to audio files to multiple destinations (AudioShare, AudioCopy, SoundCloud, iTunes, Open In).

+ STEPS : [NEW] Steps Divisions (single | duplet | triplet | quadruplet)
+ DRUMS : [NEW] When "Oscillator Note“ is selected (in Oscillator Waveform Zoom), all tracks have their frequency aligned to discreet note frequency (making more musical drum kits)
+ MIXER : [FIXED] The Mixer Main Volume has been tempered with a linear response (beware, previous songs may sound quieter but with less saturation).
+ PADS : [AMENDED] Record with Replace mode will only clear once a played track. Switch back and forth Replace if you need to clear more tracks while recording.
+ PADS : [AMENDED] When HOLD is on, tapping the same Beat Repeat pad will switch the effect on/off.
+ PADS : [FIXED] lagging sounds when recording
+ DRUMS : [AMENDED] zoomed graphed are now embedded in the page and can stay up as "outside" parameters (selected track, steps, osc/noise mix, level, etc) are changed
+ DRUMS : [AMENDED] added a proper "zoom" button
+ DRUMS : [AMENDED] added a proper "close" button in the zoomed graphs
+ MIXER : [ADDED] tap the name of a track to open a popup with the sounds associated to this track
+ UI : [AMENDED] Buttons colour code reviewed (blue=action | orange=state)
+ SONG : [NEW] added export to Audioshare
+ SONG : [NEW] added export to AudioCopy
+ SONG : [NEW] added export to SoundCloud
+ SONG : [NEW] added export to iTunes
+ SONG : [NEW] added export to Open In
+ MIXER : [NEW] added Mute button
+ MIDI : [AMENDED] Midi notes can be sent and received while Link is connected"


Published on Oct 13, 2016 LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER

"Here we play music with a modified dartboard."

Mother CatDrone - DSI/Oberheim OB6, Moog Mother 32, Yamaha Montage, Octave The Cat, Roland RE-301

Published on Oct 12, 2016 Earmonkey Music

"Live jam in a style I haven't done in a while....Droning both the Octave Cat and Moog Mother 32 layered. Running those through the Roland RE-301 tape delay, and adding a little reverb in Ableton. If that's not some of the fattest analog you've ever heard then, well I want to hear what you've heard. Just messing with the OB6 which uses its own on-board delay, and Montage doing its elitist Montage thing."

lucky one - Circuit Loop One (Novation Circuit)

Published on Aug 27, 2016 lucky one

"My first day with my new Novation Circuit, and my first Loop with this machine.

I just love how easy it is to program a beat and record melodies and chord. I found this first experience really inspiring! I'm happy to own this new instrument :-)"

lucky one - Warm Chill Jam (Circuit, Elektron, Moog, strymon)

Published on Oct 10, 2016 lucky one

"Download the mp3 here:

Late night jam with my new setup, it was really pleasing :)

I just programmed a very simple beat and recorded three chords on the Novation Circuit, then started jamming right away.

The Circuit is sending midi into the Moog Slim Phatty and the Elektron Analog Keys, The audio from all three is routed in the mixer.

There is also my strymon El Capistan on the mixer send loop. I only send the Moog on the El Capistan.

Last thing is the Korg NanoKontrol, I use it to control the Elektron Analog Keys parameters (through Live and Overbridge).

I don't use the Novation Circuit Synth sounds, just the Elektron and Moog analog goodness :) :) :)

I hope you'll like this. Give me some feedback!"

4ms Quad Clocking Harmonies (Modular Lullaby)

Published on Oct 13, 2016 Richard Devine

"This patch focused on using the 4ms Quad clocking distributor (QCD) module as the main brain to trigger the drums and musical sequences. The source clocking generator was the delptronics triggerman running in pattern mode. I set up 8 stored sequences that had slightly different shifted gate positions, and then outputted these assignments to the 4 channels on the 4ms OCD, and then took those outputs into separate gate triggers for the drum/snare/high-hats. The Modcan QLFO was also being clocked from the delptronics trigger man. Running from LFO output 1 in random stepped mode causing ever changing CV changes to the CV Clock Divider/Multiplier inputs, which gave the sequencing this interesting pace. I kept the sound sources very simple and limited. Using just 3 different intellijel dixies as the main sound sources (sine waves and one square). All three being triggered and then CV controlled in slow stepped mode from the Modcan Quad LFO, then into the µScale intelligent quantizer and interval generator for the melodies. The output was running through a Strymon BigSky reverb pedal using the "Chorale" algorithm for the slow like choir pads swelling delicately from the summed VCO's. One intellijel running in low octave pitch down for added baseline effect. Drums courtesy of the Mutable Instruments Braids for the snare drum running in CLK mode, with the envelope set to "ping" short attack. The kick drum was from the JoMox Membrane II, and hi-hats from the 4-hp whitenoise output from the BlueLantern running into a intellijel HexVCA. Another direct whitenoise out from the HexVCA running into a cwejman MMF-1 filter for the slow delicate automating filter sweeps, being modulated by cwejman D-LFO. This output was then taken into the Strymon Timeline for added depth and space. This patch was specifically created as a lullaby to play at bedtime for my baby Eila. Enjoy :-)"

MakeNoise Mysteron - Retrometabolism

Published on Oct 13, 2016 Richard Devine

"This patch was inspired from the Industrial Guitar Tones patch from the Mysteron Manual via (Walker Farrell (@VortexRanger). Instead of using a DPO in tune to a fth, or octave + above Mysteron I used a intelljiel quantizer, shifting through a 5 note scale, which was running into the Pitch1 input. The output was then put into a Synthesis Technology E580 resampling mini-delay, setting the offset time very low, while setting the feedback almost at 90%. Mix was set at 50%, while the offset CV control was being controlled by channel 1 output on the Modcan Quad LFO, which was being clocked by the SSF Ultra Random. The output from here was sent to the MakeNoise Erbverb reverb, that was being controlled by the seed out on the Animatter BrainSeed module, which was clocked from a SSF UltraRandom and using the A, A/B and B S&H outputs going into the "type", !!, "generation"and "depth" inputs. 4 note low bassline using one MakeNoise STO sequenced from one Brains and Pressure Points, running and /8 clocked speed from the A-160 Clock/Trigger Divider. Purple noise output creating the micro hi-hats triggered swing triplets via the 4ms QCD, and slow white noise rises from the SSF white noise output, controlled by a Dixie "triangle" wave output running and synced at a slow rate. Noise output then running into the Mungo d0 adding little glitches to the signal. The kick drum is the Tiptop 808 BD, set with a very short decay time, sequenced from channel 1 on the TriggerMan. Rich 4 part harmony chords recorded from a Roland Jupiter-6, and then played from the Qu-Bit Nebulae module triggered in time by a divided 32 from the doepfer A-160 to reset loop playback with the entire sequence. Reverb throws from multiplied output from Mysteron into the intelljiel HexVCA, channel 6 being opened by channel 4 random S&H output from the Modcan Quad LFO. Scattered single notes via the Mutable Instruments Braids triggered by the intelljiel "uscale", 16 note lowpass gate openings via the Optomix."

ElectroFunk Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Synthesizer Tribute

Published on Oct 13, 2016 Superfunk Synths

"ElectroFunk Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Tribute

All parts played on a Prophet 5 rev 3.3"


Vermona TwinCussion quick Oscillators test

Published on Oct 13, 2016 Ziad Sarrouh

"Quick test showcasing the Vermona TwinCussion Oscillators."


via this auction

"This is a MOOG MODEL 15 MODULAR SYNTHESIZER. Serial #32 out of 150, in like new condition, & perfect working order. Sounds are fantastic ! I'll miss this one but I'm spending more time on horns these days. There is a replica Moog vintage sticker on the side which I can peel off if desired, tolex is perfect.
There is also a replica vintage Moog hang tag, hanging on to the handle with string. Included are the modular synthesizer, cover, three Moog S-Trigger cables, eight new Hosa 3ft. 1/4" colored cables, one 3' & one 1' 1/4" cables, one 4' 1/4" to male S-Trigger, & the AC power cable. The original box is included."

Thought the tag was a nice touch.

Moog MiniMoog Voyager Aluminum Edition 2015

via this auction

"Minimoog V Aluminum #97/100. Only 50 of the 100 made were made available in the United States so this is a very rare and collectible Synth. I paid $3500 new for this baby and have had it for about a year. Its resided in my smoke free studio and stayed under its lovely velvet lined cover when not in use. Its like new with no scuffs or marks or anything. I have all the original packing form the factory (pictured) and it'll be shipped in its original box. I am even throwing in the LED light and cover which are operate accessories worth over $100..."

Roland Jupiter 8 Synthesizer With Midi Fully Serviced SN 131061

via this auction

"Below is the work that was carried out on the unit from the work order July 2016

'Located and replaced failed Roland BA6632 VCA on lower module controller board. This was killing the VCF LFO on lower voices. Cleaned up gain selector switch. Replaced failed CA3046 transistor array which killed voice 4 VCO 2. Cleaned bad key contacts. Cleaned bad sliders. Replaced perished rubber buffers on the pitch bender. Calibrated bender and mod controls. Repaired dry solder joint on volume board that was silencing the upper output. Cleaned up all of the intermittent switches and controls'"

Roland Juno 106s

via this auction

"This unit has recently been serviced extensively by vintage synth expert Steve Jones which included servicing all 6 voice chips which included running them in for 12 continuos hours in a heat controlled environment to ensure they wont fail. New speakers have been installed and the unit itself has been tested and checked meticulously.

The 106s is identical to the 106 only that it has speakers for home use. If you plug a lead into the output jack it will bypass the onboard speakers for studio or stage use.

This unit has been tagged as it was used on stage by an artist who recently performed using it with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra"

Roland System-100 Model 101 Monophonic Synthesizer

via this auction

"CV/GATE MOD installed on buyer's request

CV signal level shift mod...
Old roland monosynths (like this 101 and SH-5) have F = 1[V] CV protocol while most of analog synths have C = 1[V], it means when you feed CV signal to other standard analog synth and play C key, the standard synth will sound F.
To adjust this mismatch we can install CV level shift circuit in CV OUT section.

GATE signal level shift mod...
Old roland monosynths (like this 101 and SH-5) require more than 10[V] GATE signalto start and contol EG (envelope generator) while most of modern analogue synths needs about 5[V], it means modern CV/GATE keyboards that feed 5[V] GATE signal won't start 101 EG.
To adjust this mismatch we can install GATE level shift circuit in GATE IN section."

Oberheim OB-XA Analog Synthesizer with Encore MIDI

via this auction

"Vintage Oberheim OB-Xa programmable polyphonic analog synthesizer in excellent condition with Encore MIDI and Memory expansion. This synth has been fully serviced, calibrated, tuned, and has also had new key bushings installed. Works, looks, and sounds amazing. Shipping anywhere within the USA will be $225.00. The price includes full insurance and custom packaging so that the synthesizer arrives safely to you.Please contact me if you are located outside of the USA and would like a shipping quote. Local pickup is welcomed and much preferred. I have lots of other vintage and newer musical gear for sale. Please check my other listings."

Sequential Circuits Prophet 10 With Midi

via this auction

Looks like SN 0138

"Sequential Circuits Prophet 10 With Midi
Keyboard was repaired now in working order
However some keyboard contacts and one pot will need re cleaning plus the tape drive works sometimes.
Due to it's been sitting since it's repair about
two years ago I do have the work order to prove
The cost to get it up and running was over $800"

Sequential Circuits Prophet-10 Synthesizer With Sequencer and Braemer Drive

Sequential Circuits Prophet-10 Synthesizer for sale 10/12/2016 - Located in Alaska, Will Ship

Published on Oct 12, 2016 13angryBs

"For Sale, Sequential Circuits Prophet-10 Synthesizer.
Located in Anchorage Alaska, I will ship UPS Air Freight"

via this auction

Video and some new pics for the Prophet-10 previously posted here.

Note what appears to be a serial number on the little cassette tape: 1612-5785.

Pics of the inside below.

Some details added to the new listing:

"Update, 10/9/2016 - I have just ordered a replacement potentiometer from wine country, and It will be included with the sale. You can replace the potentiometer or just the nylon post,
but it will require removeing the potentiometer from the PC board either way.

Update 10/8/16 - Attention: the post and knob are broken off potentiometer for the Pulse Width on Oscillator B. - It happened last night when I accidentally dropped my huge headphones on the top deck. [photo below]

Update: 10/6/16 - This Prophet 10 works, but has a few issues,
So it will need a trip to a Synth Tech.

I just ran the Diagnostic ROM and Loaded the factory presets. The Diagnostic was completed and showed No Errors. - But there is something strange going on with this thing,.. In General all notes work when you first turn it on, but after it warms up for 20 minutes, some notes will go out of tune and some notes will stop working. If you turn it off for a while and check again, the notes will be working. It seems like it's Voice 6 and Voice 9 on the lower board that are the ones cutting out. And the ones going out of Tune seem to be on the upper keyboard when it's in single mode, The notes are in tune when in Double mode. - I previously mentioned there were notes that were clicking, but later realized that was only because I had the sustain turned down way too far. So that's not an issue
Everything else seems to work fine as far as I can tell.

I have changed the Condition to "For Parts or Not Working" - To protect myself from any issues relating to ebays Buyer Protection policy. Because the "Used" condition description states the item is fully functioning. When my item is technically not fully functioning. It does need minor work. I am Selling this As-Is with no returns.
So Please Read The Full Description..."

Funk Synthesizer Live Jam (Volca Keys, Roland JD-Xi + JX-3P, ARP 2600, Guitar Synth, Strymon Pedals)

Published on Oct 13, 2016 Ralph Baumgartl

"In this Live Synth Jam we are injecting a bit of Funk Rock into our way of playing Ambient, Downtempo and Berlin School of Electronic Music. We are using the following gear:

Ralph Baumgartl plays: ARP 2600, Arturia Keystep, ELKA Elkatwin 61, Roland JX-3P, Roland JD-Xi, Korg Volca Keys, Korg Electribe 2, Strymon BigSky, Strymon Timeline, Zoom MS-70CDR, Boss BX-600.
Andreas Eimecke plays: Chapman ML 1, Roland GR-55, Boss RC-50

Cameras: GoPro Hero3 Black, Panasonic Lumix GH2, GoPro Hero2, Canon Legria mini X (Camera operating and Video Edit by Ralph Baumgartl)"

KORG Wavestation Vector Synthesizer (1990) dark soundtrack style

Published on Oct 12, 2016 RetroSound

"(c) 2016 vintage synthesizer demo track by RetroSound

all synthesizer sounds: KORG Wavestation Synthesizer from the year 1990
recording: multi-tracking

All sounds come from the Korg Wavesation including Vector Synthesis and Wave-Sequencing sounds. No external sequencer or arpeggiator used."

Private Collection - 64 patches for Roland System-1

Published on Oct 13, 2016 Alba Ecstasy

"64 patches for Roland System-1 from my Private Collection: atmospheric pads, arpeggiators, leads, keys, organs and bass sounds.
Available on:
Patches are delivered as bin and also as prm files. What you hear is the raw sound of the actual patches with the onboard reverb and delay of System-1. No post-procession of the sounds was made.


'Opus' Vermona analog poly synth HD

Published on Oct 13, 2016 Pascal A

"The Vermona perfourmer four voice analog synth and DRM 1 analog drum module (only partial visible in this video).
Inspired by Eric Prydz 'Opus'"

5U // Corsynth - C102 VC LFO

Published on Oct 13, 2016 DiscoverNoise

"DiscoverNoise 062-
5U 015-

Video demonstration of the Corsynth C102 Voltage Controlled LFO.

Corsynth C102:


Korg Volca Bass & Keys Preset Demos

For those interested, two new videos have been added to the playlist here.

Dreadbox Murmux v2 played by Elektron Analog Four - Ambient

Published on Oct 13, 2016 Rickinger B.

"This Ambient-Track is played live, only the internal FX of the Analog Four are used. The Murmux v2 is controlled via CV/Gate by the Analog Four.

Used Equipment:

Dreadbox Murmux v2
Elektron Analog Four

Tascam DR-22WL (Audiorecording)
iPhone 6plus (Videorecording)"

Korg Volca FM, Keys, & Bass Live Detroit Techno Jam

Published on Oct 13, 2016 anode8

"Testing out the MyVolts power adapter for my Korg Volca synths and Kaoss pad mini. Kick & hi-hats are from the Roland TR-8, everything else is from the three Korgs. This is by no means a full fledged demonstration of any of these machines, just me playing around with a simple groove from them.

Here's an outstanding device for powering all of your volca synths from one source:"

TR-09 Controlled by the TR-8

Published on Oct 13, 2016 SERI@ACIDWORX

Looks like the TR-09 responds to the TR-8 controllers.

No Talk, just Sound - Arturia MicroBrute + Eventide H9

Published on Oct 13, 2016 The Inventory

"Exploring sounds of the Arturia MicroBrute into the stunning Eventide H9 multi effects pedal!

NOTE: Please listen on good quality headphones or speakers to appreciate all the rich harmonic content."

Maestrovox restoration project.

Published on Oct 13, 2016 otherunicorn

"This is a rare Maestrovox monophonic keyboard part way through it's restoration. The keyboard still needs addressing, as the percussion function, and one push switch which refuses to stay latched.."

Futureretro 512 Touch Controller

Published on Oct 13, 2016 SYNTH GURU

"Futureretro 512 arpeggiator synced with Intellijel Metropolis sequencer to Atlantis, Braids,Polaris,Rings.
Elements triggered by Qu-Bit Electronics Tri-ger"

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