MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, January 26, 2017

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Mattoverse introduction

Published on Jan 26, 2017 mattoverse

New synth pedal from Mattoverse with eight step sequencer. Each knob controls the pitch for each corresponding step, of course. I thought perhaps the audio-in would effect the sequence being played, but from what I can see it doesn't appear to. There is a Master Gate input and Expression pedal for Master Pitch. There are two switches for Reset/Pause, one for Bypass, and one for Shape (curious what that one does exactly). There's a Rate and Mix knob that appear self explanatory. There are no additional details at this point.


Mattoverse OCTOSTEP... Brief Instructions

Published on Jan 31, 2017 mattoverse

Audulus + Expert Sleepers ES-8 + Sea Devils Filter Tutorial Preview

Published on Jan 26, 2017 audulus

"This is a preview of a new tutorial coming on how to use an analog filter with your Audulus synthesizers.

Buy an ES-8 through Century Sound Labs and recieve a free copy of Audulus 3!"

Minimoog Tutorial: Full Reset and Tune

Published on Jan 26, 2017 Ed Zuccollo

"Minimoog Tutorial: Full Reset and Tune. This tutorial is for returning to a 'center' position on the Minimoog for creating new patches, and to help get you back to sanity if you are completely lost in Moog-land. If you have any questions, please comment below and I'll answer when I can :)"

Midnight jam #2 (Moog Sub 37 + Launchpad)

Published on Jan 26, 2017 Plexis


Effects used:
Reverb: Abstract Chamber
Delay: NastyDLA mkII

All samples from SINCINATY SOUNDS VOL. 2:"

Yamaha CS40m SN 1400

via this auction

MISPRINT! Rare Vintage Korg VC-10 Vocoder SN 2005

via this auction

Prophet VS Vector Synthesizer Brochure, 4 page color, original.

via this auction

"Vintage Sequential Circuits Prophet VS Vector Synthesizer BROCHURE ONLY. Four color pages in good to very good condition. Original, no punch holes, no music store stamps, no tears, no writing. However it does have a factory stamp ad for the Prophet VS rack. Rare and vintage brochure."

Roland System 100Synthesizer BROCHURE

via this auction

"Vintage Roland System 100 Synthesizer BROCHURE ONLY. One color Sheet, but double sided in very good condition. No punch holes, no stamps, no tears, no writing."

Moog 35, 1974 Synthesizer BROCHURE ONLY, 6 pages

via this auction

"Vintage 1974 Moog Modular 35 Synthesizer BROCHURE ONLY. Six pages in good condition. No punch holes, no stamps, no tears, no writing. These were produced in 1974 and 1976. This is the 1974 year version."


Published on Jan 26, 2017 Ebotronix

Modular Sounds II

Modular Sounds II from Rodrigonzalez on Vimeo.

"Playing with Roland Scooper"

Detachement 3 Spinner - Stereo Ring Mod Based on the Yamaha CS80 Spotted at NAMM

via @experimentalsynth

"#namm2017 stereo ring mod based on CS-80 design"

Cool that they kept the CS80 font and design cues. It almost looks like it was pulled from the front panel of CS-80.

New 808 Eurorack Drum Machine from System 80

Published on Jan 23, 2017 System 80

CV on the right. Word is this is coming this Summer.

Update: and a render from a four months ago.

Pioneer DSI Toraiz AS1 Demo by INHALT

Published on Jan 26, 2017 INHALTVIDEO

"When Dave Smith Instruments approached us to do sound design for a new compact synthesizer, we weren't really sure what to expect. It had been several years since the Mopho had come out, and we had used one to full effect as a touring bass machine, so we need it was going to be loud, fully functional, and easy to gig with. However, we did not expect the varied sonic palette that comes with the Toraiz AS-1. During our time working on the factory banks and sequences, we had a chance to listen to the synth on many different sound systems, and the constant descriptor that came to mind was "Pro One". We've essentially concluded that the AS1 is the modern day Pro One. It has the distinct drive and loudness associated with the high headroom of the mono synth and the tone colour has that charismatic dryness associated with the "One".

The sequencer present here is far more comprehensive than that of the Pro One, but nonetheless, just like the older, bigger brother, it oozes Electronic Body Music unlike anything else. The feel and movement present with straight 16ths playing back on the low end gives the speakers an expected workout but without sacrificing that all important low mid. Far too many modern synthesizers accentuate the low bass and the top end but usually leave the mid range (especially the low mids) either thin or almost nonexistent. Not so with the AS1. The mid range is completely present and this midrange is critical to achieving the signature bass line sounds that the Pro One does so effortlessly.

From a feature standpoint, the little metal box is fully stacked. Everything architecturally from the flagship Prophet 6 has been ported over and the only exception is a slimmer fx section. However, considering that the preoccupation with the AS1 will be basslines and sequences, we didn't feel left out despite the fact that the FX engine is slimmer.

Please take a listen on a quality set of headphones or studio monitors. The low end is very present here and many of the sounds in the demo emphasize basslines, so you'll need something that can transmit the low end. Computer speakers just don't do this synth justice. We definitely feel like Pioneer has an absolute winner with this little box and after wrapping the sound design, we gave the unit back with much hesitation as it was leading to song ideas and inspiration non-stop!"

Analog Foundations - New Sounds for Elektron AK/A4

via New Wave Presets where you'll find additional details and demos. You'll find other sound sets there as well.

TR-8/Prophet 6/OB-6 - sTR-8 bummin'

Published on Jan 25, 2017 Jae Ryan

"I sold my TR-8 awhile back and it was a huge mistake. I miss it so much. So much that I rented one from work just to have it in my studio. I wanted to throw a quick jam together with it!
The TR-8 is sending midi clock to the Prophet 6 and OB-6. I pre-programmed the synth sequences on their built in sequencers and the rest is all done live. I made a couple mistakes getting to excited with the vari section on the kick drum but left it in anyways. This was one take and turned out decent considering!
While creeping around YouTube tonight I learned that you can technically have 4 individual outs on the TR-8 if you pan the parts you want to separate and used that to my advantage in this video! This also made me realize how much fun I'm going to have using it in my real tracks down the road, but also makes mixing these simple little jams a walk in the park! As usual there's a splash of Lexicon 224 reverb and some stereo delay with modulation from UAD's precision delay!"

HAPE nr. 115

Published on Nov 5, 2016

Acid techno live improvisation

0-Coast Patch of the Week #5: Wobbble Bass

Published on Jan 26, 2017 MAKEN0ISE

All parts here.

Plant Music #3 (MIDI Sprout + Knas + Metasonix + Arturia)

Published on Jan 26, 2017 Smokey Quartz

"In this video I connect the MIDI Sprout to a Philodendron ‘Congo Rojo’ and let it play the Ekdahl Knas Polygamist synthesizer and Arturia’s B-3 V Virtual Hammond Organ. Interjecting it’s noisey self into the mix is the Metasonix S-1000 Wretch machine, which is being “played” by the Polygamist via it’s pulse wave and gate outs. So, a plant is playing a synthesizer that is playing a synthesizer!? Ableton Live’s MIDI effects are also massaging the MIDI data coming from the MIDI Spout. It's really all just a bunch of fun noise."

All parts here.


Parabol from Matthias Schuster on Vimeo.

"only one ARP 2600 was used,,,"

Enhancing a Bastl BitRanger with Synapsis and Breadboard

This one in via Brian Comnes.

It's a pic of the Bastl BitRanger with the Synapsis add on and an additional Breadboard.

"Synapsis is the pink add on for the BitRanger.

Its a matrix switcher 4 in 4 out with 16 permutations. The switches are momentary so you can patch it and then tweek the Bitranger, extending its playability.

I put the breadboard there to extend it even more


And. bitBoard"

Nyborg 12 via i/o Kastle Synth Modulation & Filter Resonance Demos

Published on Jan 26, 2017 Dziam Bass

Schippmann VCF-02 Back in Production

via @cymru_beats

"The beautiful Schippmann VCF-02 is back from the dead 💀 and in stock at 🔥 #eurorack #modularsynth"


via this auction

KORG MS Series

A few KORG MS synths for sale via a supporting member of MATRIXSYNTH. BTW, if you want to submit your synths for sale as well, see the membership page for details. Posting is work so please consider support the site. I earn that $1 a month!

Note these are all listed separately via the following auctions:



KORG MS-20 MK1 w/ KORG Ic35 Filter

KORG VC-10 vocoder

MOOG MICROMOOG vintage analog synthesizer

via this auction

MAESTRO Universal Synthesizer System USS-1 SN 1539

via this auction

"Ultra rare MAESTRO USS-1 Universal Synthesizer (OBERHEIM) in very clean conditions PLUS its original travel / studio box.

Recently professionally serviced and calibrated.

It can be used as Synth processor for drum machines, synthesizers, guitars etc.. put any signal through it and then just start experimenting!

The built in synth / effects are:
- Waveform
- Filter & Sample/Hold
- Phaser
- Envelope
- Sub-harmonic
- sensitivity control that affects the envelope and sub-harmonic."


via this auction

"The Q Chord is the latest instrument in the Omnichord Series. It incorporates technology from a basic keyboard and electric guitar and combines both in a portable, easy to use way. The instrument is divided up into three sections; a touch sensitive 'strum plate', a rhythm section and chord button section. Each of these areas can be used independently or combined. There are many wonderful and varied sounds obtainable from the strum plate and the combination of different musical sounds achievable is both impressive and unusual!"

Lassence JURGEN HAIBLE Interpolating Scanner

via this auction

"Lassence Jurgen Haible Interpolating scanner, a GREAT module!!!
MOTM / Moog style custom panel, working voltages: +/- 15 volts"

Lassence SERGE ASR Shift Registers

via this auction

"Lassence SERGE ASR Shift registers, an essential module!!!
MOTM / Moog style custom panel, working voltages: +/- 15 volts"

MODCAN Frequency Shifter 39A

via this auction

"MODCAN Frequency Shifter 39A - AMAZING analog synthesizer module!
Very rare, DISCONTINUED!!"

Korg Monopoly with Original Gig Bag

via this auction

Yamaha CS-15D SN 4808

via this auction

Moog Sonic Six SN 2080

via this auction

"One fader has been cracked and repaired, the other fader knob is missing. Sticker residue on the body. Otherwise very good condition, works perfectly!"

Roland MC-202 SN 303200 with Original Box

via this auction

Technics SY-1010 SN CA8303B030

via this auction

Roland Vintage System-100 101 Keyboard

via this auction

ROLAND System 100 Model 102

via this auction

Custom Painted Black E-MU Command Station XL-7 SN 070100109

via this auction

"You are bidding on an EMU XL7 Command Station in good working condition with the original ROM and Owner's Manual. I have tested all knobs, pads and buttons and they are all functional. I have also tested all outputs and midi ports. I have not tested the USB port. Somebody painted this one black in all non-essential areas. It looks pretty cool but could've been executed a bit more thoroughly imo, does not affect functionality in any way."

Nord G2 Modular Synth w/ Flightcase

via this auction

"Extremely flexible modular synth. Build your own synth and wire it from scratch or use the presets. Assign custom controls for any parameter. 4 sound slots for layering, split keyboard function really useful. Vocoder function with XLR mic input. 4 audio INs and OUTs for more sound processing."

Monome 128 (2014) varibright Walnut

via this auction

Modular Synth Live Jam, with live looping.

Published on Jan 26, 2017 LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER

"First live session of the year. using a vegetable Oil can to set the pace. and just a whole lot of modular. and pitched vocals.

Recording is on soundcloud :-

Vegetable tin goes into a very dodgy looper I'm working on, more info to come. what you see is the extent of its functions though, and it only works in that tempo, for now. juno 106, has max release and is going into a VCA controlled by modular stuff, the sequence was pre programmed before i filmed, so it was a case of increasing the length half way through to open up the rest of the bass riff.

Lots of Arduino's involved. for sequencing modules, arduino nanos to be precise.
Drums are Hexinverter Électronique Mutant drums. except for the clap which is a sample on a SparkFun Electronics, Inc. Wav Trigger. VCO's are jurgen hailble's living VCO's, going into an ms20 style filter, schematic can be found by ian fritz. loads of other stuff..... testing out a panning module i made too which is more of just a switching module.

Yamaha CS10. Vocals going into a Roland vocal transformer then into a Boss Effects Pedals DS-1."

DiscoverSoftware // Arturia - Matrix-12 V

Published on Jan 26, 2017 DiscoverNoise

"Browsing through some of the presets on Arturias software version of the Matrix-12 synthesizer."

NAMM 2017: FrapTools SAPÈL & 333 Eurorack Modules

Published on Jan 26, 2017 Synth Anatomy

"Please support my NAMM 2017 Coverage and win 1 of 3 KV331 Audio Synthmaster licenses:

FrapTools announced at NAMM 2017 the SAPÈL a Tamed Random Source and the 333, a ProAudio Sum & Distribution module. Check it out here. Sorry for the video quality but the lightning at ths place was so garish that my camera had some serious problems."

Is the Moog Model 15 worth it? Listen to these presets (feat AC SABRE) – Modern, Fx, Arp

Published on Jan 26, 2017 Air Craft

Get Moog Model 15:

AC Sabre is a next generation MIDI-based musical instrument and motion controller for electronic music producers and DJs for iOS devices. AC Sabre works with your existing synths and sampled sounds to add sophistication to your hook-making and powerful energy to your performances."

The Korg Monologue- Part 2- Oscillators 2

Published on Jan 26, 2017 AutomaticGainsay

"Here is part two of a two-part demonstration of the sound and functionality of the oscillators present on the Korg Monologue analog synthesizer."

All parts here.

Deepmind 12 - Soft Pads 4

Published on Jan 26, 2017 Pure Ambient Drone

"Deepmind 12 Synthesizer, exploring the soft pads.
'Soft Pads 4'

Gear Used:
Behringer Deepmind 12 Analog Synthesizer
Aira TB-3 Bass Synthesizer
Roland JD-XA Hybrid Synthesizer
Arturia DrumBrute Analog Drum Machine"

ROLAND SH-5 Analog Synthesizer 1976 | HD DEMO

Published on Jan 26, 2017 AnalogAudio1

"(c) 2017 by AnalogAudio1

Demo of the original Roland SH-5 analog monophonic synthesizer.

I played the Roland SH-5 with reverb effects from a Lexicon MPX-500 and delay effects from a Roland DEP-5.

The Roland SH-5 is a monophonic analog synth obviously heavily inspired by the ARP Odyssey. You will find every ARP Odyssey feature plus more features. The sound however, is completely different. A quite flexible synth with typical seventies Roland-Sound!"

Doepfer Dark Energy 2 & Roland RE501 Chorus Echo

Published on Jan 26, 2017 3rdStoreyChemist

"Dark Energy 2 synthesiser through the RE501 tape delay. The RE501 has been placed on an aux send.

No further processing except normalisation."

Arturia DrumBrute Sound Demo (no talking)

Published on Jan 26, 2017 Bonedo

"Arturia DrumBrute Sound Demo - Jamming with Arturia's all analogue Drum Machine."

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