MATRIXSYNTH: Monday, May 1, 2017

Monday, May 01, 2017

Moogfest: Colin Wolfe & 'The Chronic' Live Stream

Streamed live 3 hours ago Moogfest

"Streaming live from the @University of North Carolina School of the Arts this evening at 7:30PM EDT, catch Moogfest: Colin Wolfe & 'The Chronic'.

Ahead of his appearance at #Moogfest2017, Colin will demonstrate live, using a Moog keyboard and bass, how he created the musical parts for Dr Dre's iconic hip-hop album 'The Chronic.'

Streaming live from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts this evening at 7:30PM EDT, catch Moogfest: Colin Wolfe & 'The Chronic'.

Ahead of his appearance at #Moogfest2017, Colin will demonstrate live, using a Moog keyboard and bass, how he created the musical parts for Dr Dre's iconic hip-hop album 'The Chronic.'"

New Q107A Filter

Published on May 1, 2017 synthesizersdotcom

"An introduction to the Q107A Filter module.

For more information visit

Hosted by Roger Arrick of"

"The Q107A Filter is a single-wide version of our popular Q107 Filter. Both filters use the same circuitry, and they sound and operate identically. See the Q107 page for details about this filter.

Convert an existing Q107 double-wide filter to a Q107A single-wide filter with our conversion kit.

The Q107A lacks the Notch output and the input mixer attenuator. The Q162 Filter Mixer is compatible with the Q107A."

White Hole by Parallax - instrumental synthesizer & keytar solo

Published on May 1, 2017 hamsterdunce

"Performed on the standard Roland JD-800 mod, along with an old 01/W sequence & a few surprises including a Nord Stage 2 organ solo & a couple of Roland Axistron niblets. More music on ... if you like the music, grab a CD!"

Buchla Easel Manual Patches from 1974

Published on May 1, 2017 Todd Barton

"Video series on Allen Strange's Buchla Music Easel manual from 1974: Programming and Meta-Programming the Electro Organism . . .

You can download the manual here:

The video Quick Start Guide mentioned in the tutorial is available here: [posted here]

And my Easel Explored video course can be found here:"

208 ToolBox 08 External Random

Published on May 1, 2017 Todd Barton

All parts here.

1 05 17 Buchla 259r and 3 filters - 01

Published on May 1, 2017 batchas

259r + 2x194 + 291+ 291e + reverb.
Sequencing = P/R + 266r.

1 05 17 Buchla 259r and 3 filters - 02

Published on May 1, 2017

259r + 2x194 + 291+ 291e + reverb.
Sequencing = P/R + 266r.

Novation Peak Technology Overview

Published on May 1, 2017 Synthtopia

"At Superbooth 17, we talked with veteran Novation Hardware Engineer Nick Bookman about the technology behind the new Novation Peak synthesizer.

We asked him what makes the oscillators of the Peak unique, how they differ from earlier digital oscillators and what the benefits of this new technology are for synthesists."

New Møffenzeef Mødular MSG Desktop Mini Sound Generator

MSG DEMØ Published on May 1, 2017 Møffenzeef Mødular

via Møffenzeef Mødular

"The 'MSG' (Mini Søund Generatør) is a desktøp device whøse brain is a small, swappable cømputer chip (Attiny85). The maker can interchange chips tø alter the behaviør øf the instrument. Each chip cøntains a different synthesis technique: granular, phase distørtiøn, amplitude mødulatiøn, and frequency mødulatiøn.

Equipped with a 1/4” and DC pøwer jack, this lil’ bastard feels at høme while in the cømpany øf øther grubby “nøise kid” devices - especially cheap delay pedals. MSG is før løvers øf løfi, drøne, nøise, paranørmal activity, and glitch!

Søurce cøde can be døwnløaded frøm øur github and tweaked tø yøur liking free øf charge, høwever, we are alsø øffering øur chip bundles før thøse whø aren’t quite ready tø take the plunge intø cøde. The MSG ships with the granular algørithm as its default."

New LeafAudio NoiseFoc Experimental VCO Eurorack Module

LeafAudio - NoiseFoc (Euro) Demo

Published on May 1, 2017 TheLeafAudio

"NoiseFoc (Euro) is an experimental VCO with light control and power starving. Good for noise or non 1V/Oct stuff. It features 3 Oscillators: 2 controlled by potentiometers, 1 with a fix freq or light control. CV In, diode mixed Out, resistor mixed Out. It's also nice as a CV source (later in the video, the VCF was modulated by it's diode out).

The DIY kit will be available via or in the DIY workshops via"

SDIY Class # 6 - The Sensor Sandwich : A Ribbon Controller with Pressure Sensitivity

Published on May 1, 2017 Synth Diy Guy

"In this class we go through devising and constructing a simple ribbon controller made up of two sensors sandwiched together: A Softpot ribbon from Sparkfun, and a pressure sensor lifted from a broken keybed. A very fun way to interact with your analog synthesizers!

Some ideas: Add an attenuator for the ribbon CV output. Make the circuit into a module (will work fine in 12v) and use a din cable to send the sensor data from the controller to the module. Make a board with many of these in different sizes, joysticks and an antenna, to control different parameters. The possibilities are endless!

pitch in here:

Video by Quincas Moreira
Music: A jam between Quincas (Drums) and Laercio de Freitas (Rhodes and Bass) done back in 2011 in Rio de Janeiro. Thanks Maestro!"

SDIY Class #


via this auction


via this auction, also on Reverb.

Intellijel SHIFTY - Voice Allocator / Note Hocketing / Analog Shift Register

Published on May 1, 2017 intellijel

"In this video we explore some of the many uses for the Intellijel Shifty Eurorack module. We include examples of hocketing / voice allocation, analog shift register, random sampling and some creative sequence modulation."

Superbooth 2017 - Intellijel Plonk & Tetrapad

Published on May 1, 2017 DivKidVideo

"Come and check out Plonk sounding great and Tetrapad feeling and looking great! Both of the new modules from Intellijel had updates from previous announcements for us to check out at Superbooth 2017. Tetrapad felt really nice too, funny seeing it controlled by a water bottle too."

Superbooth 2017 - 4ms SWN Spherical Wavetable Navigator

Published on May 1, 2017 DivKidVideo

"It was a pleasure to meet Hugo the new guy at 4ms Company and check out the module he's working on SWN. SWN s the Spherical Wavetable Navigator which is a 6 voice, 6 LFO, stereo mixed killer sound source and processor. Leave your suggestions for planet names below, I like that idea :)"

Monde Synthesizer Voltz

Published on May 1, 2017 MondeSynth

Koma Elektronik - Field Kit first jam.

Published on May 1, 2017 Nani Sound

"Very simple jam with the new Koma Elektronik Field Kit. Based on the two first patches of '50 ways to use the Field Kit'. Patch 1 'Dinner Music' use CV Radio tune on a french FM radio. Patch 2 "Scrambled Eggs" is used with an acoustic Dulcimer instead of the frying pan. Drum beats and bass line taken from standard Ableton live package."

Sherman Synth III

Published on Apr 30, 2017 verstaerker

"elektron Analog Four Sequences the Sherman Filterbank - wich is used as a Synthesizer. Some additional Sounds by the Monomachine and Delay by Source Audios Nemesis Delay"

Follow-up to Sherman Synth II here.

Aelita - very rare and legendary soviet analogue synthesizer

via this auction

"Aelita - the Queen of Soviet synthesizers.

This Aelita is a real museum example. In good working condition and comes with a pedal, original case (very very rare), original user manual and DIN audio cable. DIN audio to XLR cable will also be included. No missing parts whatsoever. All functions work well and the sound is beautiful!

About Aelita:
3-oscillator monophonic synthesizer produced by the Murom radio plant in USSR in the eighties.
The device is housed in a strong aluminum body.
The synth has really impressive analog sound - it is convenient for modeling of fat analog basses, classic rock leads, hard razor waves, various space FX`s, noises, ambient textures and much more... It is able to form both hard and soft timbres. By activating the UNISON function, the number of simultaneously sounding voices may be 5 or 6. Because you can detune the three independent oscillators, it is possible to create "one finger chord hits".
A wide range of modulation functions are available, including RING MODULATION.
A 5 DIN audio OUT is situated at the rear of the synthesizer for connection of the volume control pedal or an external mixer/amplifier."

Make Noise 0-Coast Tracks by Pie Are Squared

"A (very) slow evolving soundscape all done using only the Make Noise 0-Coast and a bunch of pedals. Will probably be part of my project to make an album or EP using only the 0-coast, SQ-1 and pedals."

"An even slower-evolving soundcape using the Make Noise 0-Coast as the only sound source running it through the Boss DD-3 and using Ableton Live's Resonator and Reverb
The second in a series of songs I am making using only the 0-Coast to create everything."

Metunar - Multicam Track No. 4 - Guitar + Modular

Published on May 1, 2017 Metunar

"I used the Akai MPC 5000 for trigger sequencing and some drum samples, the modular for drums and bass/melody sequence with 2 samplers (Doepfer A-112). The two guitars are processed by effects from the modular. The solo guitar uses 2 PLL modules from Doepfer (A-196) to generate the distortion sound."

All parts here.

Superbooth 2017 - TipTop Audio Fold Processor & Techno Jam

Published on May 1, 2017 DivKidVideo

"It was great to meet Gur from TipTop Audio and even better to get a great techno jam from him and a demo of the Fold Processor. Superbooth 2017 was ace, I'm starting to feel sad I'm back in the North of England with no synthheads in my day to day work. Poor me!"

Rainy Day Modular #3 - Zvex Lo-Fi Junky, Temps Utile, Moog Mother 32

Published on May 1, 2017 ann

"Rain came back for some afternoon noise making. One take, no overdubs. JHS Alpine, Boss ME-50, Strymon Blue Sky, and the Delta Labs Effectron providing copious amounts of Delay and Reverb."

Aries Synth Workstation

Published on Mar 25, 2017 MVP Loops

Part of sound design for this one is from MATRIXSYNTH supporter, KNOBZ.NET.

"It is based on Qubiq Audio StruQture engine (, which is a new environment with capabilities growing every day. They provide the means of producing your own brand of plug-in instruments (great synthesis/fx modules inside!)."

"Get Aries:

Aries Demo With Donald Johnson & Carnell Harrell

Incredible New Virtual Instrument Synth Workstation From MVP Loops!

- Built On The Brand New StrQture Engine
- 328 Sounds with expansions coming (free with subscription)
- World Class Effects
- Big Bold Sounds For All Genres
- Easy to install and tweak"

Tangerine dream - Silver Scale 2017

Published on May 1, 2017 graal7

"inspired by silver scale (tangents album)
juno 6
korg minilogue and electribe 2
moog sub 37"

Popping Eye (Roland TR-8 & TB-303 / DSI prophet-6 / Elektron Analog Heat / Eventide SPACE

Published on May 1, 2017 Masaki Takada

"My new EP now on sale

Used Equipments:
Roland TR-8(Rhythm)
Roland TB-303(Bassline)
Dave Smith Instruments prophet-6(Stab)
Elektron Analog Heat(Saturation of TR-8)
Eventide SPACE(Prophet-6's reverb)
dbx 166XL(Compressor for TB-303)
FMR Audio RNLA(Compressor for TR-8's BassDrum)
FMR Audio RNC1773(Compressor for Master)

Roland Alpha Juno 2 w/ Red Corvette

via this auction

Nice vette.

Simmons SDSV Electronic Drum Synthesizer

via this auction

"Simmons SDSV in great shape, and fully functional. All lights work, and none of the buttons stick. Triggers great and sounds amazing. Power cable/extra fuses included."

Vintage Roland SH-02 Analog Synthesizer w/ Original Case

via this auction

Kawai K5M Rack Mount Additive Synthesizer w/DC-8 Memory Card

via this auction

"There aren’t many lower priced synths from this era that do a similar kind of additive synthesis. It’s can create some very harmonically rich sounds, really unique.

It is in complete working condition. The LCD is very legible though not backlit. (Actually, you see a lot of sellers claiming the backlight is dead but I don’t believe the K5m was lamplit behind the foil originally? I could definitley be wrong about that though.)

It is in good physical condition. There is definitely rack rash, scuffing and scratching but it doesnt affect its functional condition and nothing is broken or missing. The rear connections can be unscrewed and moved from 'rack position’ to ‘tabletop position’ very easily."

Update: here's one that was clearly backlit.

Oberheim OBSX 6 Voice SN 914901

via this auction

"An awesome piece of kit which has been expanded to 6 voices.

This has been kept in a smoke free studio and has been well cared for.

A real players keyboard, the OBSx is a lighter version of the OBXA smaller and more compact.

This also comes with original manual, original OBSX brochure and lead."

Note these are limited in programmability, however midisoft does make an interface for them that opens up the parameters to editing.


via this auction

"The D50 has it's original protective plastic bag, and it's IEC lead is in it's plastic bag too, the midi cable with the PG1000 is in it's little Roland-branded plastic bag, the PSU for the PG1000 is the original Boss one, all manuals are original, which include the basic and advanced ones for the D50, plus the midi implementation guide, plus the laminated Edit Map card, plus the original PG1000 manual is present (slight mark to front of that, rest are near mint). The D50 shows minor signs of age-related wear and tear but nothing major, no dings or cracks. The PG1000 is immaculate. I'm not implying that either of these units are NOS, there is some storage wear to the boxes, and minor signs of use, but hopefully the pics speak for themselves; these are as good as I've seen anywhere. Both have clear bright screens, sliders and buttons working as they should, and whilst no guarantees are given or implied with these given the vintage nature, I can find no issues with either instrument, and my feedback should demonstrate that I take condition very seriously!"

Vintage Moog Source, Analog Synth SN 2081

via this auction

"For sale a fantastic Moog Source. It is one of the most wanted vintage analog synthesizer and uses same oscillators and filter as the minimoog. Absolutely tune stable. A great synth, nice creamy and warm vintage Moog sound! Membrane panel has been replaced and works perfectly. It has been used by numerous bands especially by Portishead and Air. It's an American model and work with 110V."

Roland JD-800 Synthesizer Keyboard SN ZC56112

Published on Apr 30, 2017 Epsilon Process

"Walkaround of the JD-800 synthesizer I have for sale on eBay.

NOTE: This appears to be a Japan model, with 100VAC input voltage! Works in US, but international users may need a step-up/down transformer!"

via this auction

"Excellent working condition. No red keybed glue issue. Keyboard and all sliders/controls work fine.

Good cosmetic condition with general wear and tear. A few scrapes along the ends, some wear along the edge of the left end and small crack near the joystick. Small nick just above the display. Some stand rash underneath but not too bad. Few smudges here and there."

Zombie Nation - studio recording 'Acid Yoga'

Published on May 1, 2017 Zombie Nation official

"in the studio with Zombie Nation
recorded in Brooklyn, NY on April 25, 2017

the cast:
Roland System 700
Koma Komplex Sequencer
Akai MPC 4000
Eurorack Modules: Mutable Instruments Clouds + Ears
Roland tr808"

KORG volca bass - space jam (space spiral, caverns, blueSky)

Published on May 1, 2017 ollilaboratories

"If you like my stuff, please support me on

The KORG volca bass does get a bad rep from time to time reading forums on the internet etc. People have asked me on several occasions, dude, why do you have two of them, whats the point? Well, for me the point is that it's a great synth, and it sounds awesome considering the low price and with this video I would like to showcase what can be done with some nice FX.

I have really never done a solo jam with the volca bass before, I wanted to make it as massive as possible.. and as you can see I brought the big guns. :D Strymon BlueSky, Earthquaker devices space spiral, and the Keeley engineering caverns. :D Not really what You would call a fair competition to any synth out there.. but come on, let's have some fun :D

Not in the picture, there is a tc. electronics ditto X2 loopers on which I start a pre-recorded phrase 1/4 into the track (also recorded on the volca bass) .. so it's NOT playing on the sequencer :)

Also, there is an audible click at the end where I turn on the caverns shimmer reverb to end the jam... but hey, it's live right and stuff like that is expected?

Gear used: KORG volca bass, through the X2 looper, into the space spiral with some modulated delay.. into the caverns on a timed delay slighly off to the EQD to give a stereo feel.. then into the blue sky which has a modulated room reverb with a loooong decay.

Cheers, hope you like it!"

The OP-1 Sample Tutorial Song

Published on May 1, 2017 Red Means Recording

From this tutorial:

How Do You Get Samples on the OP-1?

Published on May 1, 2017 Red Means Recording

"A tutorial on how to process, export, slice, and transfer samples to the Teenage Engineering OP-1.

Get the OP-1 Drum Utility:"

Paale - Flaouto (Riamiwo Remix) / Studio Livesession (Riamiwo StudioVlog 36)

Published on May 1, 2017 riamiwovideos

"Release Day!! Today Paale released his EP Dasos on Ahoi Audio. I made a remix of the Track Flaouto :)

Get your copy at Beatport:

Label: Ahoi Audio
Katalog: AHOI010
Track: Paale - Flaouto (Riamiwo Remix)

Here's a studio session, were I played my parts of the remix with my analog-gear;)

Dreadbox Erebus
Dreadbox Hades
Dreadbox NYX
Arturia MicroBrute
Roland TR09"

The End of the Future

Published on May 1, 2017 ikkini

"Improvisation with The Harvestman system :
Zorlon Cannon, Kermit, Piston Honda, Polivoks VCF, Hertz Donut, Double Andore, Malgorithm"

The Arturia MatrixBrute- Part 7- The Ladder Filter Part 2

Published on May 1, 2017 AutomaticGainsay

"Here is part two of a demonstration of the sound and functionality of the Ladder Filter present on the Arturia MatrixBrute."

All parts here.

inside synthesis Review: Arturia MatrixBRUTE

Published on May 1, 2017 inside synthesis

"Music-heavy review, but I don't get too much into the specs (check their site if you want the granular details). One thing I forgot to mention is the 16x16 modulation matrix sounds like unlimited potential, but you only get 4 user routings (which I usually used up). I wish it were 8 user and 8 hardwired routings. But you get individual outputs for each control source, which makes it fantastic for controlling other synthesizers."

First Impression: Patchblocks Minijam Studio (Affordable Music Production Bundle)

Published on May 1, 2017 SYNTH ANATOMY

Modular on the Roof Episode 8: Simone Pomposi [Pianosa]

Published on May 1, 2017 pyrofiliac

"For the first time, some Buchla gear on the roof! Simone shows how truly versatile and unique sounding the Buchla Music Easle and Buchla 200E modules are as the sun sets over Manhattan!"

All parts here.

Dreadbox NYX (Melody & Atmospheric Drones Demo)

Published on May 1, 2017 RemixSample

"My first of many Dreadbox NYX analog synthesizer video demos. This is raw audio, I only used internal reverb effect by Crazy Tube Circuits (Splash Mk3). The melody played via midi is Mauro Picotto - Komodo. The video is a bit off sync with the audio unfortunately so it might look a little off."

The last alternation: Spectralis 2, Virus, Radias, EMX track

Published on Apr 30, 2017 MIDERA

Radikal Technologies Spectralis 2 (sequencing, bass)
Access Virus TI (pads)
Korg Radias (lead/bass)
Korg EMX (drums)
Eventide Space (reverb)

"I created a layout in MIDI Designer Pro 2 to edit all three FX parameters using XY pads for each. Pretty basic, but fun none-the-less. My iPad was connected to a bluetooth MIDI device (Yamaha MD-BT01)."

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