MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, January 20, 2018

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Moog Music DFAM + Mother 32 + Voyager XL Jams by Benulous

Published on Jan 20, 2018 Benulous

This one spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child.


1. Moog Music Jam - DFAM + Mother 32 x2 + MiniMoog Voyager + Moogerfoogers
Moog rig jam.

DFAM doing some DFAM percussive things. running through the MF101 for a little extra pump.

Top M32 doing kick and bass

Bottom M32 doing synth work, running through the MF107.

Minimoog Voyager XL running through the MF104M.

Eventide Space providing Reverb on the AUX 1

Alesis Wedge providing some Delay on the AUX 2.

2. Moog Music DFAM + Mother 32s x2 synchronized + changing patterns
Here I am demoing the ability to sync the Moog Music DFAM and 2 Mother 32s and then change between sequences and patterns. I'm also running through Moogerfooger effects and an Eventide Space.

Bottom M32 sending sync to top M32 and DFAM via Assign Out to Tempo/Adv Clock.

Top M32 has Kick/Snr Bass patterns, bottom M32 has synth/bass sequences. DFAM running in sync to both.

3. Moog Music DFAM + Mother 32 x2 + Mooger Foogers = Multiple Voice Mother 32 & Talking Moogs HQ AUDIO
I started by creating a Kick, Snare & bass patch using only the top M32 (Check out the 'Multiple Voices' lesson listed on Moog Music's Page). I then filter through the MIDIMuRF to get a stereo 'Talking Moog'.

I then bring in the DFAM and start messing around. It's running straight through the MF101 Lowpass filter to get a little extra 'pump'.

Lastly, I bring in the bottom M32 that is running through an Eventide Space Echo using a Rizer patch I built. Things get gnarly when I kick on VCA Mode and dial in the FreqBox.

This isn't meant to be very musical, but it's the foundation for some jams I'm putting together. Hope you enjoy.

Moog Music DFAM + Mother 32 x2 + Mooger Foogers = Multiple Voice Mother 32 & Talking Moogs & Drums

MIDIMurf = Talking Mother 32
FreqBOX = Gnarly Mother 32
Lowpass Filter = Pumping DFAM
Eventide Space = Wailing Rizer

University of Cincinnati EML 300 Vintage Synthesizer Controller Expander

via this auction

"This EML 300 is fully functional, recently serviced, and in very good condition.

The EML300 is a controller/expansion companion for the EML 200. It features 3 main function blocks including the Manual Switches, Note Generator, and Manual Voltage Generator.

The Switches offers manual switches controlled by vactrols and a manual pulse generator.
The Note Generator is a basic synth voice with an oscillator, VCA and envelope generator.
The Manual Voltage Generator is allows you to tune a pitch voltage to be triggered by each key in the keypad matrix."


via this auction

The Hypster Demos by Ian Fritz

Published on Jan 20, 2018 Ian Fritz

"The Hypster hyperchaos generator in each of four modes, controlling various patches with slow modulation of Gain parameter."

u-he Retro 5

Published on Jan 20, 2018 100 Things I Do

"There have been many attempts at creating that early wood clad Poly sound.

After a years of owning one of the originals and trying many of the emulations after I sold it, nothing really did give the same sound.

There is just something very refined, almost basic but with texture to be found in the originals that until now I just have not been able to hear! The u-he Repro 5 is quite mind blowing in its depth of sound. It has life and quirks in its sound that make the software sound like an instrument. Under the hood you can control how real or how sterile you want it to run. Quite processor hungry on some patches... but thats what it takes to create close to perfect imperfection I would say :D

The clip is a mix of both presets (some of these are very impressive and useable) and a few things that I came across as I was discovering new sounds. Some slight reverb has been added because reverb! Compressor was used to keep levels *mostly* under check :D

I hope you enjoy!"

blue monday (analog four, eurorack, alter ego)

Published on Jan 20, 2018 skinnerbox

"why not"

Five Step Path - Refeld [auxilia - defunkt records]

Published on Jan 19, 2018 Five Step Path

This one is in via Tomas Borosko:

"I have been obsessed with Waldorf lately and their character of a sound. I have been focused on making tracks solely using the Blofeld synthesizer, utilizing its 25 voices and 16 multi-part midi channels. The video I am sharing with you today shows the midi data being fed into the synth. All sounds programmed on the synth and sequenced via Renoise. It was recorded in real time, so everything you hear comes out of the main output. I figured I would share this with MatrixSynth to show what the synth is capable with, especially completely immersing into it like a full track. The track has been mastered.

Track Title: Blofeld
Artist: Five Step Path
Album: Auxilia
Label: Defunkt Records
Mastered: Robin Harwood
Release: Jan 19 2018

1. Otto Von Schirach - Bermuda Triangle Rescue Squad (Houston Edit)
2. Subjex - Cryptofunk
3. Datach'i - Behind Squares
4. Takeshi Muto & Hearts of Darknesses - Positive K
5. Terminal 11 - Deeper to Sleep
6. Daed - Acerbus
7. Hitori Tori - Sacksmiths Are Plenty
8. Gareth Clarke - Zamboni (Simple Plaque)
9. Cygnus - ne0-ge0
10. Five Step Path - Refeld
11. Milo Tech - Hunchord
12. Acid Jeep - Sample and Hold
13. Yakul - What The Problem Is
14. The Flashbulb - Patch 36

Auxilia (LATIN) - help; assist; heal

Defunkt Records is proud to present Auxilia - a collection of electronic music featuring local and international artists united to raise funds for hurricane relief in Houston, TX.

All proceeds from this compilation are donated to the Greater Houston Community Relief Foundation -

Thanks to the artists who contributed to this release and to the community for the support!


Defunkt Records is an electronic music and visual arts collective based in Houston, Texas focused on techno, electro, braindance, breakcore, digital hardcore, acid house & jungle music.

Since 2015, Defunkt Records has hosted audio/visual showcases and is internationally renowned for featuring live hardware performances by some of the most innovative artists in the electronic underground."

20 01 18 Serge Modular - Scrotum Lab Panel Nr 1

Published on Jan 20, 2018 batchas

"Sound at the beginning is from Serge Paperface and Machinedrum.
Then comes the sound from 258, 555-VCO and the 2 different LPGs present on the panel.
An LFO is sent to a XFader to fade between TIMBRAL GATE and RESONANT LOPASS GATE.

All works fine on the panel, except the AM/RING which first needs to be done. I'll be able to make the PCB very soon, now that I got my computer back."

Bastl Jam at Herna (the Bastl club at Brno)

Started streaming 48 minutes ago

"Our favorite monthly playground is back!
People from Bastl & friends showcase the hard work in progress & try th new stuff with their live sets! Come and be part of the organic process of the local music scene.

This time 11 musicians will create the music in front of your eyes with modular and other synths.

all times are CET
22:00 Loops of Decay
22:30 Shakaali
23:00 Der abgerissene Kopfhörer
23:30 Plast
00:00 42
00:30 Heute
01:00 Casper
01:30 Pokrok
02:00 Prozac
02:30 Zetawatt

03:00 DJs: hnát the dj, levi"

Rare James Sing Along Vintage Guitar Synth

This one was spotted on Craigslist and sent in via Kaden Harris. I don't believe I have ever seen one of these before. You will find two demos and a pic of the inside below.

From the listing: "I have this one of a kind guitar synth from about 1965. I've emailed many different gear professionals and none have ever seen one. I even got replys from Roger Mayer, Tom Oberheim, and guitar world. I was told it is a hand built prototype and I believe this could actually be one of the first guitar synthesizers ever made. I received it without the original power cord and guitar pickup. It has an obscure cinch jones 12 pin input so I bought the appropriate adapter and had a quarter inch jack connector installed. It has a new power cable. The unit passes signal and it has a bass octave tone that works. It has several organ tones but I can't seem to get them to do anything. Ideally it could use a modern synth pickup adapted to it and other work to get it going. I'm looking to trade it for a high end guitar. Here's a couple links for a demo"

I have this one of a kind guitar synth from about 1965. I've emailed many different gear professionals and none have ever seen one. I even got replys from Roger Mayer, Tom Oberheim, and guitar world. I was told it is a hand built prototype and I believe this could actually be one of the first guitar synthesizers ever made. I received it without the original power cord and guitar pickup. It has an obscure cinch jones 12 pin input so I bought the appropriate adapter and had a quarter inch jack connector installed. It has a new power cable. The unit passes signal and it has a bass octave tone that works. It has several organ tones but I can't seem to get them to do anything. Ideally it could use a modern synth pickup adapted to it and other work to get it going. I'm looking to trade it for a high end guitar. Here's a couple links for a demo

TG-ONE: Elektro Scetch #1

TG-ONE: Elektro Scetch #1 from Station 252 on Vimeo.

"TG-ONE Throbbing Gristle sample triggered by Tiptop Circadian Rythms going through Z2040 low pass filter and Erica Synths Fusion Delay for a bit of extra dirt. Pitch controlled by Pressure Points.


Synth melody: 2x Z3000 mixed in Tiptop MixZ going through Tiptop Fold Processor and Z2040 after that 2x Z4000 VC ADSR envelopes control the filter cut off and the VCA inside the z2040.

Drums: Tiptop BD808, SD808, HATS808, MA808, RS808, AcidLabs 8LMHT

Drums sequenced with Tiptop Circadian Rhythms - Looping 3x Groups with 8 presets each, Trigger Riot.

Send FX: Z-DSP: ModDelays, Z-DSP: Halls Of Valhalla"

Drone Harmonics: Model 15 and the 914 Fixed Filter Bank.

Published on Jan 20, 2018 Resonant Anvil

"Fullest sound on headphones. Model 15 Synthesizer by MOS-LAB."

Volca Ambient & Techno Jam (2018-01-19 Part I)

Published on Jan 20, 2018 Slenterende Beer

"Live jam using 4 Korg Volcas and some effects.

Korg Volca Sample + Retrokits RK-002
Korg Volca Bass + Zoom MS-50G
Korg Volca Keys + GFI System Specular Reverb V2
Korg Volca FM + Zoom MS-70CDR
Arturia Beatstep Pro
Arturia Keystep
Retrokits RK-004
Behringer XENYX QX1002USB

Recorded with iPhone 7 and Behringer UCA202.
Samples by Loopmasters."

Radikal Reveals Upcoming Desktop Version of the Eurorack Paraphonic DELTA CEP A

via Radikal Technologies

"01/20/2018 Fernwald – Namm 2018 news

Radikal Technologies announced today, that they are going to release a desktop version of their awaited semimodular, paraphonic synthesizer DELTA CEP A. The Delta Cep A desktop case is just the first family member of a complete range of eurorack compatible cabinets that we will see from Radikal this year, said Jörg Schaaf.

Post navigation"

Previous posts including demos!

Ambient Synthesizer Improvisation on LinnStrument

Published on Jan 19, 2018 Pulse Emitter

"For this jam the LinnStrument is controlling the u-he Diva synth, through Valhalla UberMod and VintageVerb. A dual footswitch shifts the octave.

Check out my music here:"

Roland System-100 Model-104 Sequencer

Published on Jan 20, 2018 Vykaar Tones

"Roland System-100 Model-104 Sequencer with Doepfer Dark Energy Mk1. A quick demo of one channel only showing the various step lengths, gate time and pitch control voltage ranges - 2.5v, 5v, 10v. As there is no quantizer it is obviously easier to get the right pitches quick using the 2.5v range. This is a unique build of three 104s bolted together matching the width of an Arp 2600 which it is usually used with."

System-1m bass jam with E352, Mother-32 and Mutant Drums

Published on Jan 20, 2018 The Mad Music Machine

"A quick experiment the Roland System-1m playing a bass pattern and and the E352 tuned a couple of octaves higher."


"straight out of the modular into the recorder...october 2017 at HOLO.
thanks to Ondrej for the recording! FOR BOOKING CONTACT: l o s s N y C at g m a i l dot c o m"

DAN SNAZELLE of Snazzy FX set at HOLO in brooklyn.

The DEK Soundwell MIDI Controller

Soundwell Dek | MIDI Control Surface | Vintage King Published on Oct 31, 2017

"The innovative Soundwell DEK is a multi-function controller that allows players to perfectly map software instruments to the key of any song. Watch our new demo featuring Vintage King's Brandon Murphy to see just a few of the amazing things this MIDI control surface can do."

via this auction

"The Soundwell DEK is a multi-function controller that allows the user to perfectly map software instruments to the key of any song.

By connecting the DEK to your computer, you can stream a song from your local hard-drive. The DEK will then analyze the song and map out the pads to play single notes or chords that match the key of the song, providing zero error to play an incorrect note or chord.

You can also use the DEK in standalone mode and select any key you choose. It will then map out single notes and chords in that key so you can perform to any song in a live setting. With ability to change note duration, engage DYAD, TRIAD, 1st interval, 2nd interval or the 7th, the DEK is capable of voicing any chord you see fit.

You can map the scales to play between all diatonic and pentatonic scales, ranging from Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian, and Locrian. Transpose the entire key in half step intervals with the use of the PITCH up and down controls. The DEK can also be used for transport control inside your DAW.

The heavy duty frame allows safe travel to and from the studio, jam session or live performances. The multi color backlit keys allow for a clear visual no matter where you are performing."

Moog Liberation

via this auction

"Chance to own a piece of American synthesis history: released in 1980, the Liberation was among the first commercially produced "keytar" style portable keyboards ever and is bursting to the brim with Bob Moog's signature growling analog tones.

In essence: Imagine a Moog Prodigy that you can strap around your trunk like a guitar.

Then add a ring mod.

Then add a polyphonic section you can play chords on.

Then add CV and trig out to control your modular with.

That's the Liberation. Beloved by Jean Michel Jarre. Infamously not-used by Devo. And just serviced and restored in my professional workshop in Los Angeles..."

Korg ARP Odyssey FS Rev1 37-Key Analog Synthesizer (SN 228) White/Black w/ Original Box

via this auction

"This is the full-size edition that is assembled in New York. Mint condition with box, power cable, packaging and manual."

Tempting. If I didn't own and original orange on black I'd want a white one.

Yamaha CS10 Vintage Analog Mono Synth w Case SN 3241

via this auction

Oberheim Xpander XP-1 SN Y70301

via this auction

"Sequential Circuits" Prophet-5 Synthesizer Badges

via this auction

Note the listing is only for the medium badge. See the seller's other items for more.

Just thought it was kind of cool seeing them all together for reference.

Access Virus A -Desktop Virtual Analog Synthesizer w/ SN D19803345

via this auction

Custom Walnut Wood Side Panels for the Korg Microkorg

via this auction

"Give your Microkorg synth an individual stylised vintage vibe with these custom end panels

The panels are personally hand crafted in reclaimed Walnut, coated in Danish finish with a semi-rough satin sheen & have been pre-attached to a Microkorg synth to check even balance."

Roland TB-303 Bassline

via this auction

Weird wear patterns. This one is beat, but apparently works fine according to the listing.

Update: per the comments: "...that's a reflection. there's clear plastic over the control surface - probably to stop the screen printing from getting worn off."

Crumar Bit One Synthesiser Keyboard

via this auction

"Features 2 computer controlled oscillators, 6 voltage controlled filters, 6 VCAs and 2 LFOs each per voice, easy hands-on editing and a double/split mode keyboard make this one phatt analog polysynth"

Korg Delta Classic Analogue Synth

via this auction

"This one had its first life in Japan, but after coming home with me a few years back Ive converted it professionally to 230v and given it a full check over a general dust down. It hasn't needed new trans-conductance amps fitting, the originals still work perfectly. I can include a set of spares (2x LM13700 chips and sockets and 4x 1nF capacitors) with the sale to put you at ease anyway, but given that its so original I didn't want to meddle with anything that wasn't required.

It comes with a genuine dust cover so enable you to keep it beautiful appearance that way for another 36 years!"

Yamaha SK30 SN 1322

via this auction

"The SK30 has four sections that can be mixed together independently. Mono synth (also supported by after touch), Polysynth, Strings and Organ. Add to that the SK series unique 'ensemble' feature and you can create some quite fantastic and unique sounds.

The SK30 was next to top of the SK range, featuring the SK10, SK15, SK20, SK30 and SK50D. It has pretty much all the features of the SK50D with the exception of the separate bass control and second keyboard. As such it sits very nicely between the SK20, very popular in Japan since it had great performance and accessible pricing, and the SK50D which was a huge heavy monster with stunning performance and price!"

JEN Synthtone SX1000 classic analogue mono synth

via this auction

"Lovely little JEN SX1000 that has seen a major refurb to get it into really nice condition.

All the electrolytic capacitors have been replaced with new but most importantly all the horrible old crackly potentiometers have gone to be replaced by very high quality new items. None of the pots make any crackles anymore and the JEN works just how it should. New knobs have been fitted to match the new potentiometer spindles and a headphone amplifier has been added to allow practice without an amp.

The SX1000 was many peoples first synthesiser back in the early 80's and its sounds still hold a fond place in the hearts of many. They used to be everywhere but are getting increasingly hard to find these days.

Cosmetically this is clean and tidy but its does have age related knocks on the case and the lettering on frequency control have been rubbed away and the paint has needed touching up in that area."

Modular synth self-playing patch: Seek, Rings, Clouds, Pico, Mother-32 etc

Published on Jan 20, 2018 Seen From Space

"Sickle Moon (Earthlight) - the moon filmed on the frosty evening I recorded this.
Copper Traces Seek, Mutable Instruments Rings and Clouds, various Erica Pico modules, Moog Mother-32, Makenoise Erbe Verb, Abstract Data Octocontroller etc."

Mr.Hyde (Analogue Solutions) More resonance filtering digital synth

Published on Jan 20, 2018 Dziam Bass

"Mr.Hyde (Analogue Solutions) More resonance -this video shows adding a resonance to a digital synthesizer. Mr.Hyde adds character and filters with resonance to create the analog audio of digital equipment."

The best Eurorack Delay Module?

Published on Jan 20, 2018 Enrique Martinez

"In this video i do an overview of one of my favorite eurorack delay modules. the Chronoblob by Alright devices!"

Close-up Generative Eurorack Patch (with notes) #TTNM

Published on Jan 20, 2018 The Tuesday Night Machines

"Another go at generative Eurorack modular synth patching with my Snazzy FX system! MORE INFO BELOW :-)


PixelNoises Synth T-Shirts by The Tuesday Night Machines:


Audio gear used:

Snazzy FX Eurorack Modular Synth with:
- Drone Bank
- Eternal Spring Filter
- Dual Multiplier
- Kitty Eyes
- Tidal Wave
- Telephone Game
- Ardcore Bit Beats Sketch *
- Wow and Flutter

- ZeroScope
- Doepfer A-160 Clock Divider
- Eowave Zone B.F. Dual LFO
- Doepfer, Intellijel & Bimix mixers
- Klangbau Köln Spring Reverb

see here:

Patch notes:

The Tidal Wave is in synth voice mode providing pitched filter oscillation sounds with some wave shaping. It also provides a square LFO acting as master clock. The clock is sent through the Doepfer Clock Divider and onwards to drive the Telephone Game, which modulates a whole lot of stuff lot with its five S&H outputs. One thing is the Tidal Wave's clock LFO speed, resulting in rhythm changes. The Telephone Game also provides pitch CV for the Tidal Wave and modulation for the wave shaper and wet/dry mix. S&H input for the Telephone Game is sent from the Kitty Eyes chaos, which is CV-controlled via the Telephone Game's clock division output.

The Ardcore Bit Beats Sketch* receives the clock and creates a binary pattern, outputting lo-fi chiptune audio and two trigger sequences. One resets one of the Zone B.F. LFOs and the other triggers the Kick_Me, which is not heard, but which's two audio outputs modulate the Tidal Wave sound and the Dual Multiplier.

The Dual Multiplier modulates audio from the Dronebank OSCs, which run through the Eternal Spring Filter (modulated by the Telephone Game and Zone B.F.) and through the Hi_Gain, which also mixes some of the Tidal Wave's VCF output in there.

Then there is some Noise from the Telephone Game coming and going and some cross-modulation between Dronebank oscillators and that's pretty much it. :)

* get my Ardcore Sketches here:"

Moog Minimoog Model D - Moog Polymoog 280A - ARP AXXE - Franck Lhermet

video upload by Franck Lhermet


Published on Jan 20, 2018 LESINDES

"Ambient modular patch with almost no tweaking. Stars of this patch are TURING MACHINE feeding VERBOS HARMONIC OSCILLATOR with CV information. CWEJMAN QMMF-4 and spacy MAKE NOISE ERBE VERB."

Critter & Guitari - CZZ-Multi for Organelle

Published on Jan 20, 2018 Critter & Guitari

"CZZ-Multi is a synthesizer patch for the Organelle that explores tones made with pulse waves. Manipulate envelopes for amplitude, width and tone. Watch the envelope change on the Organelle’s screen as you turn the knobs! Apply a filter and oscillator sync for more tonal control. Visualize your pulse waves with the ETC!"

Happy Nerding LED Meter bipolar version

Published on Jan 20, 2018 Happy Nerding

"New version of the 'LED Meter' – can now show bipolar control voltages. Audio level meter mode is also possible with the jumper settings."

MFB Tanzbar, Roland SE02 & Doepfer Dark Energy 2

Published on Jan 20, 2018 3rdStoreyChemist

"Jamming with the Tanzbar drum machine, Dark Energy 2 and SH101 synthesisers synced together (Tanzbar CV2 to Dark Energy 2 CV/Gate Ins, Tanzbar CV1 to S02 MIDI In).

A small amount of reverb has been used, no further processing except for normalisation."

Bonjour Le Strum: Unboxing my DIY Midi strum controller

Published on Jan 20, 2018 Olivier Ozoux

"Le Strum was one of my first DIY project, and I remember how happy I was that the little LED turned on and it sent Midi signals after I finished soldering all these little part together.

Then I completely forgot about until recently. Here's a quick little demo of this strange but fun little Midi controller"

You can find info on Le Strum by Jason Hotchkiss here.

Ironing is Fun (k) with a Volca bass analogue synth

Published on Jan 20, 2018 Ludwig Kopp

"We all love ironing. Right?
At least I gave it another try using a Volca bass.
Mostly used the three voices polyphonic
and recorded them into a 'Beatboy' (tuner-recorder-drummachine)
I wanted to use its built-in little Drummaschine.
But I had to record it seperately into a DAW 😨
and "iron-up" with the bass recording.
Still has some frowns here and there.

Thanks for checking this out!"

Never thought of using an ironing board as a stand before...

The Beat Boy appears to have been released in 2013 based on the video below. I don't think one has ever been featured on the site before.

"With many rhythm patterns for you to play along with, Beat Boy is a great way to develop your sense of rhythm. It's also fun to casually jam along with the patterns, or use them to refine your riff ideas. With offerings for every genre of rhythm pattern (8-beat, 16-beat, pop, funk, reggae, dance beats, and more), Beat Boy fully supports a wide range of musical styles. The volume of the backing rhythm can be adjusted, so you can set the mix balance accordingly with your guitar, ensuring that you'll be able to clearly hear the rhythm while you jam. The LCD display shows the drums actually being struck, providing a unique visual element. The tempo of each rhythm can be adjusted intuitively by using the tap tempo feature or it can be specified as a precise numeric value for more accurate settings."

Published on Sep 4, 2013 Korg

"The Korg Beat Boy enables guitarists or bassists to improve their skills quickly and easily with three practice tools plus a tuner, all in a single unit. In addition to the tuner, Beat Boy contains a rhythm machine covering 100 diverse styles, an effects section for sonic variation when jamming along with the rhythms, plus an onboard recorder that allows for 16-bit/44.1 kHz recording. The compact Beat Boy fits easily into the pocket of a gig bag, for practice both at home or on-the-go."

JMT NOSC12 drone experiment

Published on Jan 19, 2018 Wingo Shackleford

"Drone session with the JMT NOSC-12 twelve oscillator synth. Delay/reverb from the Earthquaker Avalanche Run (delay time tweaked w/expression pedal), and dirt/filter/pan fx supplied by the amazing Elektron Analog Heat."

Lyra-8 with Noise Engineering Loquelic Iteritas in the external input

Published on Jan 19, 2018 Sequenox

"Just good old Drones the way mama used to make them... #eurorackmodular #lyra8 #modularsynth"

Lyra-8 Tone Poem

Published on Jan 19, 2018 Sequenox

"Lyra-8 processed by 4MS Dual Looping Delay and Strymon Big Sky reverb #lyra8"

Patch n Tweak

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