MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, June 10, 2018

Sunday, June 10, 2018

By The Lighthouse | OP1

Published on Jun 10, 2018 HAINBACH


This track sums up a beautiful month of touring Germany, Czech and Croatia. Recorded on the beach the Lighthouse Festival in Porec, in between soundcheck and my performance on the beautiful modular floor there. You can hear birds from Brno, voices from Prague and the sea." On the Teenage Engineering OP-1.

Glitchmachines - Palindrome

Published on Jun 10, 2018 Glitchmachines

Glitchmachines - Palindrome - 01 Overview
Glitchmachines - Palindrome - 02 Samplers
Glitchmachines - Palindrome - 03 Path
Glitchmachines - Palindrome - 04 Envelopes
Glitchmachines - Palindrome - 05 Randomizer
Glitchmachines - Palindrome - 06 Global

"Palindrome is a granular morph plotting sampler geared toward experimental sound design.

The basic concept behind Palindrome is to fuse four granular samplers with a coordinate plotting grid and complex modulation sources in order to facilitate the creation of morphing sound effects and unusual instrument patches.

The plugin’s main grid section facilitates the creation of custom paths that determine the trajectory of a playhead over time. This playhead travels across a user-definable path that corresponds with the outputs of the samplers which are smoothly morphed using a bilinear interpolation algorithm. Palindrome also features 8 user-definable multi-breakpoint modulation envelopes to facilitate the creation of intricate modulation shapes.

With its 4 granular samplers, morph-plotting system, 8 multi-breakpoint modulation envelopes, dual effects processors per sampler, shape presets, 4-note polyphony, deep randomization system, global reverb, 1.4GB sample library and numerous factory presets, Palindrome brings sound designers a powerful new sound sculpting tool.

Test of Mutable Instruments Marbles with Noise Engineering Basimilus Iteritas Alter and Mutant Drums

Published on Jun 10, 2018 Retro Synth Ads / Mini Music Labs

"Mutable Instruments Marbles module controlling Noise Engineering Basimilus Iteritas Alter (BIA), and Hexinverter Mutant Bassdrum and Mutant Hihats modules.

Marbles sending random triggers and voltages. Trigger one (T1 - coin toss side 1) triggering Mutant Bassdrum. Trigger two (T2 - constant pulse) triggering Mutant Hihats. Trigger 3 (T3 - coin toss side 2) triggering BIA.

Three random voltages (X1, X2 and X3) and Y generator all controlling different CV controls on the BIA.

Using a Doepfer A-155 sequencer to send voltage changes to the "rate" input on the Marbles to speed it up and slow it down based on the sequence step. Also sending clock to Marbles."

NuEVI playing MicroBrute - Mark Steiner

Published on Jun 10, 2018 Mark Steiner

"NuEVI from Berglund Instruments playing Arturia's MicroBrute directly via midi. I'm also working on fully patched modular sounds, MatrixBrute and Roland SE-02 demo videos with the NuEVI (coming soon).

With the latest update for the MicroBrute, the pitch bend and mod wheel midi no longer interfere (caused bad zippering sounds). Before this, midi control from a wind synth didn't sound very good (CV was GREAT though).

Now is sounds very smooth and great for a wind synth. You must drive the filter using the mod wheel, as the MicroBrute has very limited midi in. Sadly, exposing analog tones like this on Youtube does tend to add a little distortion at times, but you still get a good idea of the amazing tone this synth can a fully clean way.

But it's a very inexpensive true VCO Analog Synth and has a Nyle Steiner filter. It sounds great.

For updates and wait list for the incredible NuEVI, email: TheNuEVI (at)
Link to do the update"

What can Alice-1387 synth? - Mighty Bass by Soviet Monster!

Published on Jun 10, 2018 seek sound

"Just pure sound recorded directly from the board

This analog synthesizer was made in USSR in the year 1983 and spent many years in conservation, so it seems to be in a good state"


via this auction

Never seen one of these before.

Note the "Digital Excellence" DX  logo on the left.  The DX is in Yamaha font. The red orange stripe is reminiscent of Roland.

Update: You can find one sitting on top of a Kawai DX800 Digital Organ in this video. Considering the name, I am again curious if there is any relation to Yamaha. I checked Wikipedia and found the following:

"Koichi Kawai, the company founder, was born in Hamamatsu, Japan in 1886. As the son of a wagon maker, Kawai developed an ability to create mechanical devices and inventions as young boy. His neighbor, Torakusu Yamaha, a watchmaker and reed organ builder, noticed Koichi riding past on a unique pedal-driven cart he built himself. Impressed, Yamaha, who was struggling to build his first upright pianos, took the early-teenager in as an apprentice. While just a young man, he became a key member of the research and development team that first introduced pianos to his country. He proved to be a gifted inventor who became the first to design and build a complete piano action in Japan. He was awarded many patents for his designs and inventions.[1]"

Fascinating bit of synth history.

Update2 via swissdoc: " With a bit of Google I could spot this document in French, which reveals the function of it

It is to store registration settings of the organ. It can save to magnetic card. Thats it. Nothing fancy."

Red Sound Micro Sync Beat Xtractor MIDI Clock Sync SN 00341

via this auction

Never seen one before now.

Kind of looks like a eurorack module, but it's not. RedSound were of course the makers of the RedSound Darkstar.

"The Micro Sync Beat Xtractor is a very reliable audio/MIDI synchroniser and BPM counter.

It accurately synchronizes your MIDI sequencer with audio playback, keeping the downbeats locked together for the perfect real-time groove.

This comes in really handy when syncing up a mix of equipment that's both old and new.

4-digit BPM display Synchronization status indicator
Rotating MIDI clock display
Tap 4 way Nudge control for manually adjusting the BPM Lock-in time
Typically 2 - 4 sec's (readable beat information)
Accuracy: 0.1 BPM
Input level: Nominal line level (1V peak)
Display: 1 x 4 character 7 segment LED BPM Range 60-230"

Sequential Circuits Poly Sequencer Model 1005 for Prophet 5 Synthesizer SN 0079

via this auction

Ensoniq Fizmo Transwave Synthesizer w/ SoundDiver Editor

via this auction

"The Ensoniq Fizmo is a very rare and distinctly original synthesizer. It is an incredibly unique sounding transwave synthesizer that is sought after for its one of a kind sound. The spacious front panel provides 23 knobs and 34 buttons, making it quick and easy to modify every parameter of your sounds without being buried in cryptic menus. Manipulating the presets is very satisfying and the creative sound explorer will be well rewarded."

Roland Jupiter 8 Keyboard Synthesizer SN 282893

via this auction

"Roland Jupiter 8 in excellent condition. Works perfectly. Nothing is touchy or acts oddly. Tested for hours before posting. Very stable. 14 bit DAC vs 12 bit DAC on the earlier, potentially tuning unstable units. This is a DCB bus unit (i suppose, technically, a JP-8 A). It also has basic MIDI.

Sounds amazing and unparalleled. AND it stays in tune after a short warmup. If you are looking at this auction, you know what this is and why it is the classic it is and a must-have for anyone who needs the best in vintage analog."

SN 282893 or SN 282899

ROLAND SH-01A Boutique RED Synthesizer With Keyboard

via this auction

The SynthSummitShow Episode 23: Vintage Synth Lab

Streamed live 3 hours ago Ken Flux Pierce Fluxwithit

"The SynthSummitShow is a live interview show dedicated to putting a face to the gear we use and love.
Vintage Synth Lab is a eurorack module manufacturer who focus on creating usable musical modular devices.

Host Ken Flux Pierce is a Sound designer, producer and music tech consultant. Follow along at
you can support by liking , sharing and also visiting Sound packs are also available through and"

Cat rings service bell to make dark ambient music with a modular synthesizer

Published on Jun 10, 2018 Andor Polgar

"The signal path: Poes rings the service Bell for food, the microphone picks up the sound, which then goes through a stereo volume pedal (it's for attenuating the chewing sounds). Make Noise Maths is used as an envelope follower, which controls the sound of the Erica Synth Black Wavetable Oscillator."

Ornament&Crime+Synthesis Technology - E370 Quad Morphing VCO

Published on Jun 5, 2018 Dave 33543

Yamaha Portasound PSS-20 Mini Keyboard Square Wave Synth

via this auction

Building An Axoloti Synthesizer

Published on Jun 10, 2018 Illumination Station

"In this video I put the finishing touches on my axoloti synthesizer. I have been working on this project for many years because I keep getting distracted by eurorack but it is finally done. I added some pots to allow control of the axoloti as well as adding in some jacks for cv. Of course I needed to build a small circuit to protect the digital board from over voltages.

I demo the project with a demo patch that I quickly hooked up to the pots. Hopefully some more cool videos to come with this axoloti.


Synth Stuff Ep. 42 - Akai AX80

Published on Jun 10, 2018 tritonrecordings

"The Akai AX80 doesn't get talked about very much, but it' was the first pro keyboard from Akai. It seems to get a lot of hate, or at best, a response like 'meh.' I don't get it... It isn't my favorite nor is it really mind blowing, but saying it sounds bad is a little harsh. It reminds me of a Juno. These are fairly cheap so try it out or take it home if you find one. The multiple VFD displays look great and are deliciously 80's - looks great in a dark studio. Presets are unimaginative but editing really isn't so bad. Again, don't be dissuaded from a synth just because some snobs on the internet told you to stay away from it. Let snobbery be reserved to guitar players. (I play guitar too, so I can make that joke.)"

gieskes Voice Rec 1 (unlisted from: Dec 14, 2012)

Published on Jun 10, 2018 ggijs

hard disk diy eurorack module from gieskes.

Korg Minilogue (PG Limited Edition)

Published on Jun 10, 2018 YODKAMLUE

New Synth Day!
Korg minilogue Limited Edition Polished Gray
This synthesizer Sounds amazing and the Polished Gray colour looks awesome.
Only the beat is not made with the minilogue.
My new no one go to synth!

is this the NEW BEST Pocket Operator? PO-33 K.O Review

Published on Jun 10, 2018 BoBeats

"My review of the Teenage Engineering PO-33."

The Oskitone OKAY Analog Squarewave Synth

Oskitone OKAY 2 from oskitone on Vimeo.

This one is in via @deejayiwan. Originally $180 on Oskitone's website, it is now available for $60 on Tindie.

Monophonic, analog, square-wave synthesizer with 2 octaves of keys and octave divider

Only one note at a time can be played. This is opposed to “polyphonic,” where multiple simultaneous notes can be played.

There are no computers, microcontrollers, sound samplers, or anything digital involved. The sound you hear is the sound of a speaker being abused by discrete electronic components like capacitors and resistors and logic chips.

When its output is viewed on an oscilloscope, its wave resembles a square. It’s a “hard” sounding wave type, great for bass lines, and commonly associated with chiptune music and old video games.

This is the OKAY 2 Synth DIY Kit, and it's just like the original OKAY Synth but now features two octaves of keys and a 1/4" audio out jack. Assembly required. Includes the PCBs, electronics components, and assembly guide.

If you have your own 3D printer, you can print the enclosure, keys, and all the other non-electronic parts yourself. 3D model STL files are available on Thingiverse.

If you want 3D-printed parts included, please note that they will be printed on demand. These orders typically ship within one business week.

Under the hood, it’s powered by an LM555 timer (astable mutlivabratory), CD4040 ripple-carry binary counter/divider (frequency divider), and an LM386 power amplifier. All are the standard circuits you'll see diagrammed in their datasheets.

Monophonic with high note priority
Six selectable octaves and one octave of keys
Satisfying "clicky" tactile switches
Built-in amplifier and speaker
9v battery required, not included"

Helmut Stant Live @ The Studio 2018 June

Published on Jun 10, 2018 Helmut

"This is a 45 min live set I played at my studio, involving some of my favourite samples that I collected over past 10+ years. I wanted to prepare a set that can move your mind and your feet too, with House grooves, ethnic moods, and some Acid!

Message me for booking:"

SynthFest France 2018 - Résumé complet

Published on Jun 10, 2018 SynthFest France

"Le résumé complet du SynthFest France 2018 par Guillaume Diard pour SynthFest France.
© Guillaume Diard 2018"

Dynacord ADD One & ADD Drive Sampler Drum Machine analog 12bit

via this auction

"Designed by the designers of Oberheim Xpander so it has a very modular structure, lfos, envelope, modifiers etc - unique.... far more than a drum machine.

Calibrated (see photos of tests completed, satisfactorily), latest firmware installed, buttons tact switches (soldering req'd) replaced and VFD screen installed. New battery installed too. Interface cable is new also, i made one up with new connectors - the cable is not cheap.

Replacing the tact buttons is not easy either - before some says this is listed for too much.

VFD is expensive, from Japan, no longer made and this is a new VFD last of a line.

Arrives with samples on disk and programs loaded into the memory - the programs are lost from most units on sale as internal battery has died.

Very esoteric piece of kit, 8 channels of audio, 8x analog CEM 3389 Filters - quicksilver sound. 50khz sampling rate, de-emphasis and it has 4x 'smash' gain compressor on input too.

Each voice has separate pitch, LFO, filter, env control and the separate pitch, very tape like (8x separate DACs/clocking), in particular opens up lots of possibilities

Used by JMJ and others - he refers to it as 'Dynacord Addi' on listings to CD. Some of the drums on Zoolook are dynacord the ones that ripple and change in pitch"


via this auction


via this auction

I don't think I ever noticed the expanded version had an EX logo on it.

Note the seller also has the 12 voice version via listed here.

Yamaha SY22 Dynamic Vector Synthesizer Keyboard

via this auction

OTO Bam reverb with the Elektron Digitakt

Published on Jun 10, 2018 splitradix
Update: Re-Published on Jun 11, 2018

"Skip the talking by going to: 00:32
Playing the Elektron Digitakt into the OTO Bam digital reverb and going through its seven reverb algorithms."

Modular vid #283

Published on Jun 10, 2018 Phisynth

"BugBrand rhythmic patch : 2 DRM1+X going trough Crossover Filter, Spring Tanker and Stereo Compress"


Published on Jun 10, 2018 nicnut210

"Nick Demopoulos performing on his custom made midi controllers, called Smomid ( string modeling midi device) and Pyramidi. This piece plays audio samples and drum sounds triggered by the performer’s touch."

Korg Minilogue PG analog synthesizer | PLAY

Published on Jun 10, 2018 Whentherushcomes

"Playing a few sounds on the Korg Minilogue PG (Polished Grey) limited edition polyphonic analog synthesizer with the TC Electronic Skysurfer Reverb pedal stompbox.

The Skysurfer has Spring, Plate and Hall reverbs. The three knobs control the amount of reverb, the ratio of wet to dry; and the tone.

#Korg #Minilogue"

Digitakt Resample method for making music - Tutorial

Published on Jun 10, 2018 Enrique Martinez

"In this video i show you how to use the Digitakt like an SP-404, and resample itself over and over again creating a truly unique sound and style of music that's hard to replicate otherwise."

Pines - OP-1 & Monome Norns & FX - Ambient recorded to Cassette

Published on Jun 10, 2018 Jogging House

"Check out my new album 'Would':

Teenage Engineering OP-1 recorded and looped with its internal tape as well as Monome Norns. Both played through two Chase Bliss Tonall Recall pedals and an OTO Bam reverb. Recorded straight to cassette.

The video goes in and out of sync due to tape warble, nothing I can do about that."

LilleLyd at LilleKampen in Oslo

Published on Jun 10, 2018 Chaotic Morphs

1. Intro to the event LilleLyd 09.06.2018 with a Buchla Easel
My first live experience with this lovely Buchla Easel (Roman ver 2). It is not mine but actually on my workbench for some repairs. My friend who own it said I could use it for this gig so here it is. I really love this machine and I´m one my way to build my own.
This gig is a part of my monthly event LilleLyd at LilleKampen in Oslo
2. Joakim (Skurk) Fossum aka. Yokii at LilleLyd 09.06.2018
Joakim (Skurk) Fossum aka. Yokii´s contribution to the event LilleLyd at LilleKampen in Oslo June 9th 2018
3. Embla Maria O´Cadiz Gustad at LilleLyd 09.06.2018
Embla Maria O´Cadiz Gustad´s contribution to the event LilleLyd at LilleKampen in Oslo June 9th 2018
4. Wei Ting Zeng and Åsmund Skuterud at LilleLyd 09.06.2018
Wei Ting Zeng is a classically trained improv/jazz cellist from Taiwan, currently based in Oslo. She graduated from ‘Bachelor of Music performace’ in National Taiwan University (NTNU), in cello and piano, and took her further education in Germany and Norway.
Here in a duo with Åsmund Skuterud on syntheziser


Great setting. Apparently it's a small eatery.

Image via yelp.

DIY Arduino Urbium Sequencer by miro2424 based on Intellijel's Metropolis

Published on Jun 7, 2018 miro2424

"Arduino 8 STEP sequencer based on Intellijel Metropolis"

Arduino Urbium Sequencer MIDI out test

Published on Jun 10, 2018 miro2424

"Arduino Urbium Sequencer MIDI out test"

SynthMaster One iOS with Wind MIDI Controller (first try)

Published on Jun 10, 2018 mkirino01

App: SynthMaster One iOS v1.0
Wind MIDI Controller (Breath Controller, Wind synth.): YAMAHA WX5
iPad Air 1

00:00:49 MIDI Learn CC2 to Phase
00:01:10 MOD MATRIX CC2 to Phase

iTunes: SynthMaster One - KV331 Audio

Demo :: Alesis Midiverb II Presets using SH101 + Aphex Twin Riff - Reverb, Chorus, Delay, Flanger

Published on Jun 10, 2018 SOLON Music

"Demo of Alesis Midiverb II presets using Roland SH101 synth playing Aphex Twin riff from 'Tha' (Selected Ambient Works 85-92). 10 presets demo'ed:

27 Large Bright Reverb
61 Light Chorus 2
49 Bloom 2.7 secs
41 Reverse
51 Flange Pan 1
99 Regenerated Delay 4 Sec
22 Large Warm Reverb
48 Reverse Regen
2 Small Bright Reverb
29 Xlarge Warm Reverb

Chose these presets because they worked well with the riff used and demonstrate a wide variety of the sounds that the unit can produce.

I also consciously ordered the presets so that there are significant differences with each change - to avoid the listening experience becoming too subtle.

The SH101was recorded through Tube Tech MP2A preamp and Antelope Audio Eclipse converter into Ableton.

Audio from Midiverb II was recorded through Antelope Audio Eclipse converter into Ableton.


I write meditative electronic music.

For more info:"

RS7000 demo - Wait for yesterday

Published on Jun 9, 2018 MIDERA

"Some days are just like this..."

Live Techno with four mini-synths

Published on Jun 9, 2018 SynthMania

Boss DR-550 mkII: drum machine
Roland SE-02: synth bass 1
Korg Monologue: synth bass 2
Arturia MicroBrute: synth lead 1
Behringer Model D: synth lead 2
FX: Strymon BigSky

Patch n Tweak

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