MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, February 13, 2020

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Grand Rapids Home for Sale with Pipe Organ

Published on Oct 29, 2014 Steve Zaagman

Filing this one under f'ing nuts. This one is in via Phil A.

And you thought synth collectors were obsessive...

Clouds Re-imagined : A Monsoon Build by Gaz Luke

Published on Feb 13, 2020 Synth Diy Guy

"Gaz Luke of Big T Music sent me this beautiful Monsoon module, an enhanced version of Mutable Instrument's classic Clouds module. It is smaller but offers more controls, and the brushed aluminium panel sports gorgeous Blade Runner inspired graphics by Gaz and Jonathan Barnbrook of Bowie Blackstar fame. So I made a Blade Runner inspired video of a very unique patch!

Monsoon is a redesign of Émilie Gillet's Clouds module, by Jakplugg Open Source from a concept by Pusherman’s Philip Wise

Video shot and edited by Quincas Moreira and Edgar López. Directed by Quincas. Featuring images from films by Stanley Kubrick (fair use)
Voice over by Gaz Luke.
Music by Quincas.

Stay Noisy :)"


via this auction



Wersi EX20 additive synthesizer

via this auction

"Here's a rare and hard to find Wersi EX20 additive synthesizer. This is the rack mount version of Wersi's MK1 synthesizer. It's in excellent condition and is fully tested and works perfectly. Comes with the wooden outer case that can be removed for rack mounting..."

Quasimidi Sirius

via this auction

"The Sirius is a keyboard groove-synth, featuring a real-time and step sequencer with pattern and song modes. The units is 7x multitimbral and has 28-voice polyphony across it's 7 tracks, with track selecting a (track-specific) sound within 96 sounds (per bank) of preset- or user-writeable sounds."

The CAT by Octave vintage synthesizer SN A1499

via this auction

"The CAT synthesizer by Octave is in excellent condition, everything is working. One owner, purchased new in 1978. Original instruction manual is included. One of the silver colored disks is missing on one knob."

Twisted Electrons Therapkid demo

Published on Feb 13, 2020 Nasu

"I got to test a Therapkid SID emulating synth at home and fell in love with it so I couldn't return it back and had to buy it. I presented it to people at a local synth meet and the rest of them wanted to know how it sounds. So here is my very first synth demo video."

Korg Wavestation A/D Demo

Published on Feb 13, 2020 Panu Savolainen

"Blackhole fx used"

Prophet X Boasts New OS and Robust Third-Party Support

via Sequential

San Francisco, CA—Feb 13, 2020 — Sequential today announced several developments that have enhanced their flagship hybrid samples+synthesis keyboard, the Prophet X. These include a new OS, two full-featured third-party sample editing applications, and several add-on sample libraries from 8Dio and other sound developers.

The new 2.2 OS adds several user-requested features including 24 additional User Sample Groups, support for crossfades on forward-backward loops, and the capability to modulate between tempo-synced LFO values. The new features build on an already-powerful foundation of sound shaping tools and the fusion of samples and synthesis. The new OS is designed for both the Prophet X and Prophet XL and can be downloaded from the Prophet X/ XL support page on Sequential’s website.

Another significant development for the synthesizer, which supports up to 50 GB of user-created sample content, is the availability of two powerful third-party sample creation/editing tools. The first, PXToolkit, is a free application from developer ThinkerSnacks which offers drag and drop file creation with automatic extraction of pitch and loop metadata from .WAV files, as well as support for multi-sampled instruments, multiple velocity layers per key, and round-robin sample selection and playback. The software can be downloaded free of charge from the ThinkerSnack website.

The second tool, SAMPLEROBOT Pro 6.5 from Skylife, brings Prophet X support to their popular and highly-acclaimed auto-sampling and sample editing application. It supports multi-sampled instruments, multiple velocity layers per key and powerful looping and editing tools. The software is available for purchase from Skylife’s website.

Also noteworthy is the abundance of third-party add-on sample packs that can be imported into the Prophet X and manipulated as part of its hybid sound engine. The most prolific among the various sound developers creating content for the synthesizer is 8Dio, with eight Prophet X-specific products to date. These include deep-sampled versions of vintage instruments such as the Yamaha CP70, ARP 2600, Oberheim OB-X, Sequential Prophet-5 and T-8, Roland Jupiter 4, and Moog Prodigy and Minimoog Model D synths.

Add-On packs from other developers include:
- Replicants from Modulatable Synthesis (samples of the Deckard’s Dream poly synth)
- The 9000 Foot Piano from Pianobook (samples of a renowned Yamaha grand piano)
- BlueWave from Goldbaby (samples of the PPG Wave 2.2)
- VCO Pack from ThinkerSnacks VCO samples from the Neutron, OB-6, Dreadbox Erebus, and Moog Voyager)

“We’re excited about the support that the Prophet X is getting from third-party developers. Clearly they feel, as we do, that it’s a hugely powerful synth with incredible potential,” commented Dave Smith. “Having access to these new editing tools and add-on sample packs makes an already-awesome musical tool even more versatile. ”

The Prophet X has garnered critical acclaim for its sonic versatility and sound design capabilities through its substantial internal library of 150 GB of sample content as well as its ability to import up to 50 GB of additional user samples and add-on content from sound developers.

All sample content can be manipulated by the Prophet X sound engine, which powers two simultaneous sample-based instruments plus two high-resolution digital oscillators, with a full complement of traditional synthesis tools, all processed through analog filters. Dual digital effects and a 64-step polyphonic sequencer round out the package. In standard performance mode, the instrument provides bi-timbral, 8-voice stereo, or 16-voice mono operation. Thirty-two-voice performance mode allows paraphonic filter operation when using a single sampled instrument and oscillator.

GLASYS - Sequential Prophet XL Performance

Published on Feb 13, 2020 Sequential

"Our friend GLASYS stopped by the office while on tour and we were lucky enough to have him play a few of his songs for us!

1. Sheik's Theme from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - this patch uses both layers A and B in mono mode (8 voices). An expression pedal brings the higher pitched sparkle in and out while the mod wheel controls the cutoff of an underlying pad.

2. Saxophobe - this patch is based on a reversed sax sample that's modulating a sine wave's frequency. The actual sample isn't in the mix, only the sine.

3. Vinyl Piano - a piano sample that's frequency modulated by noise and an LFO with a slightly closed filter."

Check out additional posts featuring GLASYS here.

Audiothingies Doctor A with... Sub 37

Published on Feb 13, 2020 audiothingies

"The Audiothingies Doctor A is a multimode delay/reverb desktop effect processor."

Audiothingies Doctor A posts

Simmons SDSV 3597 021320

Published on Feb 13, 2020 The Simmons Guy

"Simmons SDSV 3597 in action."

You can find additional posts featuring The Simmons Guy here.

Black Corporation Announces DECKARD’S DREAM MK2

via Black Corporation

"We are excited to announce DECKARD’S DREAM MK2!

MK2 delivers everything the previous versions of DDRM have done in a new light, sleek tabletop unit with wood sides or rack-ears (both included). It also brings additional controls over Sustain modes and length.
DECKARD’S DREAM (DDRM), features eight voices, each with two identical layered parts consisting of a completely analog voltage controlled oscillator made with discrete waveshapers, analog lowpass and highpass filter, each with their own cutoff and resonance settings, noise generator, unique multisegment filter envelope, and VCA + ADSR envelope. Each layer also features its own independent programming section for MPE-based velocity and polyphonic aftertouch control of its filter cutoff and amplifier settings.

DDRM’s perfomance section features global pitch control with coarse & fine-tuning sliders, layer 2 detune slider, independent keyboard range control for each layer, mix balancing between layer 1 and layer 2, global filter cutoff and resonance offsets, and a global LFO to control both layers’ filter/pitch/amplifiers simultaneously.
DDRM was created with full expressive performance control in mind, boasting programming sections with global MPE-based control over LFO parameters + pitchbend, as well as global key tracking control over the filter and amplifier settings of both layers. Finally, there is a global portamento/glissando slider affecting both layers simultaneously. The level of expressive control these parameters give over performance is something found in very few synthesizers, and the results are stunning!

DDRM features full MIDI control and the ability to store 128 presets per bank across 3 banks, integrating this classic synth concept seamlessly into the future of your modern studio needs.

$3749 / deposit is $1199, delivery is expected in June 2020.

Price includes free worldwide shipping with Japan Post International Priority. Courier delivery (UPS, DHL, FedEx etc) is available but will be charged at an additional cost. @ Shibuya, Tokyo"

MIGSI: Connecting Acoustic Instruments, Modular Synths & MAX

Published on Feb 13, 2020 Perfect Circuit

"Sarah Belle Reid and Ryan Gaston are at Perfect Circuit to present MIGSI, their system for electronically augmenting the acoustic trumpet. They discuss MIGSI's development, as well as tactics for using acoustic instruments to control Max/MSP and modular synthesizers for experimental music. Sarah Belle Reid presents a short performance with MIGSI, Max, and a Buchla modular system.

Read more about MIGSI here:"

from Stefano Bertoli on Vimeo.

川明かり chapter II 風 of 川明かり (Kawaakari)

All music created with an Organelle M
All videos created on a IphoneXS running lumafusion

chapter I

New piece from supporting member, Stefano Bertoli.

All parts here

MS2600NG Vlog – The Buchla Bongo Patch

Published on Feb 13, 2020 acidjack303

"Cit´s Synth´Gear Vlog - MS2600NG – The Buchla Bongo Patch Episode.

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The MS2600NG is a German Synthesizer DIY Project by Matthias Beese.
There is only a small bunch of a few DIY MS2600NG Kits / Synths on the Market.
The MS2600NG is an Enhanced Full-Size Clone on the legendary ARP 2600 Synthesizer.
For more details of this Synthesizer go to the MS2600NG Webpage.
In this Vlog Episode i show you some of the Great Features and Sounds the MS2600NG offers. For more Information’s on the DIY Synth (just in German) visit this Link.

The Buchla Bongo Patch is a classic patch where a complex sound source – such as one oscillator frequency modulating another – is normaly sent through a Low Pass Gate with either just a trigger to “strike” the vactrol inside or otherwise an instant attack/fast decay envelope to create a nice percussive sound. In lacking of an Low Pass Gate in the MS2600NG we used the Sync and FM possibilities of the MS2600NG to give it a decay similar to a struck percussive instrument.

The web Page of the MS2600NG Diy Project:"

MS2600NG posts

Also see the Italian ARP 2600 clone posted here.

Jamm Pro - Production and Live Performance App for iPad

Published on Feb 13, 2020 Ninja Tune

"Ninja Tune & Coldcut Release Music-Making App: Jamm Pro

The follow up to their widely acclaimed app Ninja Jamm, which racked up over 600,000 downloads

Jamm Pro includes users most requested feature: the ability to upload your own samples, as well as unrivalled performance, modulation and patching capabilities

Jamm Pro can be downloaded from the App Store here
official Jamm Pro forum here

13th February 2020, London: Leading independent record label Ninja Tune and electronic music pioneers Coldcut have unveiled their sequel to Ninja Jamm — Jamm Pro, a production and live performance app for iPad.

Designed by Coldcut’s Matt Black with the aim of creating their complete electronic music instrument and used by Coldcut live, the latest incarnation allows for full artistic control by enabling users to use their own sounds. These can be samples from downloaded Sound Sets, or recordings made via iPad microphone, other apps, and external sources such as guitar and keyboard. As users experiment and develop ideas, they can save them as their own patches, which can be used to quickly build up stages of a song, structure a live performance, or used as a sketchpad.

Many times more powerful than its predecessor, the app features extensive modulation and patching capabilities, similar to a modular synth. Equipped with four main channels, each with nine sequencers — six modulation sequencers, a slice sequencer, a pitch/reverse/drill sequencer and a gate sequencer — and up to 64 patches, Jamm Pro allows for a possible 2304 sequencers per Sound Set in the app.

Farfisa FX1000 - Vintage Instruments Expander controlled by PolyPhase Generative Random Music

Published on Feb 13, 2020 VSMI

"Farfisa FX-1000 - Micro Vintage Instrument Expander controlled by PolyPhase Generative Random Music Ios app on Ipad. Farfisa Vintage software for Windows virtualized on VirtualBox for MacOS. 4 virtual instruments, GM Expander (piano), Farfisa Compact Combo Organ, Farfisa Drawbars and Rotator, Farfisa Synth Sound Maker."

Another new old synth to the site. I believe this is the first post to feature one.

Moog Taurus bass pedal (1976) The bass sound of Genesis, Rush, Marillion, Asia, The Police

Published on Feb 13, 2020 RetroSound

"(c)2007-20 by RetroSound
supported by UVI:

Moog Taurus analog bass synthesizer pedals from the year 1976

3 presets: Taurus, Bass, Tuba
1 variable and full programmed sound

Used by Genesis, Rush, Asia, Genesis, Police, The Cure, Marillion, Saga, Dream Theater, Pink Floy, Motley Crue, Led Zeppelin, Jean Michel Jarre and more

The Taurus 1 use linear VCOs. The Minimoog and the later Taurus 2 and 3 use exponential VCOs. Linear VCOs are the secret for the stable bass sound of the Taurus 1.

more pictures:

RetroSound synthesizer demo videos since january 2007.
All is for free. If you like my work, so can you support me with a donation or a purchase of my music albums. Thank you!


Portland Weather by Frozen Wasteland

Published on Feb 13, 2020 Omri Cohen

"If you like what I do and want to support my work, consider joining my crew on Patreon -

Here is the Frozen Wasteland collection -
And here is another version of Portland Weather by the Klirrfactory -
You can get a preset pack for Portland Weather and also other modules on my Patreon page -"

The Galaxy Electric - Cosmic Tape Music - Improvised Modular Performance - Ancient Alien Forest

Published on Feb 13, 2020 The Galaxy Electric

"Thanks for listening! Come on a musical voyage with us where we'll send you a new song every day, a cosmic story, and a chance to earn space treasure:

Today's trip involves a minimal yet sonically rich pairing; Buchla Music Easel, Vocals,Tape Delay and CV Controllable FX

Come with us as we go on a light cosmic rock hop. We loop our Buchla modular synthesizer using the Monome Grid and MLR.The vocal chain consists of two Boss RE-20s going into a Pigtronix Infinity Looper synced via MIDI clock. We explore many of the various aspects of what the Buchla Music Easel has to offer. It is an endless fount of sound creation and manipulation.The Buchla Music Easel is accompanied by a small Eurorack FX chain including a 4MS Dual Looping Delay, Field Kit with CV Radio, and Mutable Instruments Warps for white noise.

We have NO idea what these performances are going to be. We literally turn on our gear and start sound-checking and before we know it, we have traveled to another planet!

Equipment used:
Buchla Music Easel
Roland RE-20 Space Echo Pedal
Onde Magnétique OM-1 Cassette Synthesizer
Pigtronix Infinity Looper
Monome Grid controlling MLR {re:mix Max for Live app}
4MS Dual Looping Delay
KOMA Elektronik - Field Kit with CV Radio
Mutable Instruments Warps for white noise

The Galaxy Electric -"

Visitors - KOTO cover by Asteroid Killer

Published on Feb 13, 2020 AsteroidKillerMusic

"Tribute Thursday!

This video is a tribute to the legendary italo disco group - KOTO

In this short version of their great hit Visitors, I'm using the Carbon sequencer to sequence the bass. The different melodies was played live except the small counter part after the second main riff witch was sequenced on the Matrix Brute and started manually by trigger a key and stopped with a foot pedal. Everything was recorded live in one go to Ableton. The reverb was added in post.

Bass - Moog Grandmother
Main riff - Roland SH101
Second and third melody - Moog Sub37
Counterpart to the third melody - Arturia Matrix Brute
Bridge to the break - ARP Odyssey
Drums - Roland TR707
Sequencer - Kilpatrick Audio Carbon
Reverb - OTO BAM

Original song was recorded and released by KOTO in 1985."

Rare Ensoniq Fizmo Rack

via this auction

Sold for $1,625.00.

Curious how many of these were made.

128 presets
64 performances
Vocoder with mini mic/line input
22 modulation sources, 8 destinations
LFO with seven waveforms, syncable to arpeggiator or external clock
Digital four-pole resonant low-pass filters, variable key tracking
Three multi-segment envelope generators

Faemi-1M Soviet Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer

via this auction

"The unit is professionally serviced, tested & perfect working condition with signs of use.

Great condition, with cover and docs.
FAEMI-1M was produced by Katchkanar radio equipment factory "Formanta", which is the manufacturer of such well-known makes of synthesizers as Polivoks, Formanta, Manual, Maestro etc. It bears the same logo on the package and retains some of its most impressive capabilities. A polyphonic analog synthesizer FAEMI-1M has a keyboard of 4 octaves. Main generator, infralow frequency generator, lowpass filter, amplifier are in the basis of the synthesis in this instrument. The control panel is divided into 5 sections: generator, timbre, vibrato, filter, amplifier.

VERMONA piano strings analog synthesizer

via this auction

"The unit is professionally serviced, tested & perfect working condition with signs of use. All capacitors replaced.

It is build like most of the string machines from this time. A high frequency top-oscillator is divided into 12 freqeuncies that make up the top octave. Each of the 12 notes is then divided down by 2:1 several times to create the different octave found on the keyboard and in the footages of the different registers. All this is done with square waves. These are then mixed, filtered or shaped to generate the the sound. Yws, this is just like an typical organ keyboard.

But then comes the very special sections that makes to sound different from a simple organ:
the multiple analog chorus unit.

Moog Multimoog Monophonic Analog Synthesizer SN 1383

via this auction

"This auction is for a used Moog Multimoog analog keyboard synthesizer with serial number 1383. This was from the company's Buffalo NY years, manufactured from 78-81. I am not sure of the date of manufacture for this particular keyboard. It has an assignable ribbon touch controller as well as an assignable aftertouch keyboard. The front panel graphics and lettering are the gold variation. This is a rare Moog keyboard as only 1000 of this model were made. It's built like a tank, made for playing and handling and will last a very long time if given proper attention and care. It has a rich sound, capable of a wide palette of tones and effects with a very accessible layout and modulation routing. My understanding is that this is one of the last keyboard designs Bob Moog worked on before Moog Inc was sold to Norlin.

Roland SH-101 w/ Mod Grip

via this auction

"All buttons, keys, knobs and switches works perfectly. And as expected with the SH-101, the sound is beautiful! The battery compartment is nice and tidy. The synth condition is near mint. The only flaw is that some chipped black paint on the backside of the mod grip."

Like New Moog Prodigy

via this auction

"Moog Prodigy, which is in brand new condition and the best example you will find. The sound of the synth is unmistakeable, legendary piece of kit, not a mark on it and in 100% perfect working condition."

Moog Prodigy Vintage Analog Synth SN 4975X w/ Original Box

via this auction

Yamaha CS-30 Analog Synth SN 2942

via this auction, also on Reverb

"If you read online about this synth, you'll fine the same verbage and thoughts. It is unlike ANY other synth... the architecture is very different than any other synth, so if youve never played a CS30, you'll find yourself saying "huh??? What is that?... a LOT. Its very much like a modular synth in design and in labeling without the cable patching. The modulation routing alone is mind blowing... you can modulate just about anything in spades... 3, 4, 5 ways of modulating major sections of the synth AT THE SAME TIME... yes, its deep. You can have a sequence being played from one OSC while YOU play the keybed with the other OSC. I can go on and on... There are too many cool things of this synth that are unlike any other."

Monome Arc w/ Original Box

via this auction

Roland System 100m in Custom Case

via this auction

"Roland system 100M with custom case and power supply
list of modules

2 x 112 ( dual VCO)
1 x 121 ( dual filter )
1 X 130 ( dual amp)
2 x 140 ( dual env)
1 x 150 (sample and hold & noise& LFO)
1x 131 ( 4 channel Mixer)

4 oscillator modular , nice module setup to create your sounds
full working condition

all original powerleads also included"


Published on Feb 13, 2020 LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER

"the #GAMEBOY Megamachine #Synthesizer just got All Analog FILTERS
Thanks Very much for the Support it helps massively with these projects, and i give a lot back in return! do go check out here :-

More info on the filters here :-


Crocmane (Sonicware Elz_1 & Volca Kick)

Published on Feb 13, 2020 J. Dylan Proctor

"8 bit boss music that never was, brought to you by a Sonicware Elz_1, Korg Volca Kick, and a Microkorg. #korg #microkorg #electronicmusic #korgvolca #korgvolcakick #sonicware #elz1 #8bit #8bitmusic"

MYSTERIA Performance | Native Instruments

Published on Feb 13, 2020 Native Instruments

"MYSTERIA is a one-of-a-kind cinematic instrument that harnesses the human voice’s unique ability to convey emotion. Almost entirely voice-based, it's capable of everything from angelic dreamscapes to arcane textures.

Find out more here:"

MYSTERIA Walkthrough | Native Instruments

Published on Feb 13, 2020 Native Instruments

"In this video, MYSTERIA creator Uli Baronowsky explores the concept behind the instrument, takes you through its interface, and explains the process behind scoring the soundtrack to the MYSTERIA performance film."

Giant Wall Sequencer

Visual reel _ 2020 Published on Feb 13, 2020 Servando Barreiro

"LED screens, projection mapping, interactive installations, vector graphics, simple games, etc."

SDSV 3597 021220

Published on Feb 13, 2020 The Simmons Guy

"Post repair video of Simmons SDSV 3597 in action."

Ant GM - Blofeld Time

Published on Feb 13, 2020 Ant GM


Most of the sounds that appear on this track are generated with the Waldorf Blofeld synthesizer. First track of the EP "Soft Clouds".

Impulse Command Van Jam

Published on Feb 13, 2020 Technomadic

"A relatively short jam with the Analogue Solutions Impulse Command
Just using an Arturia Keystep, the Impulse Command and a Zoom H5.

Recorded in my van while parked up somewhere in Buckinghamshire

This is no demonstration of musicality but just some of the range of the I.C."

Roland Cloud JV-1080 - Don Solaris Factory Patches (teaser)

Published on Feb 13, 2020 Don Solaris

"A quick teaser of Don Solaris soundset that will be soon available at Roland Cloud. Soundset contains 32 patches. This is my first work for Roland."

CYCLONE analogic TT-303 Bass-Bot w/ Midnight Engineering Mods - ROLAND TR-606

Published on Feb 13, 2020 Ramón Amezcua

"CYCLONE analogic TT-303 Bass-Bot TB-303 Clone with all the Midnight Engineering Mods, very similar to the famous Devilfish mods for TB-303, modified by Doern Doelmen (Henntt).

ROLAND TR-606 with all the Analogue Solutions Mods, modified by Tom Carpenter, and Quicksilver CPU UPGRADE from Social Entropy by John Kimble"

Just a Minute - Modular Melodies #3

Published on Feb 12, 2020 Stefan Tretau

Roland Juno 60, JX-3P, Elektron Machinedrum electronica

Published on Feb 12, 2020 MIDERA

K__G__B__ on Roland Juno 60 and Strymon Volante
MIDERA on Roland JX-3P and Machinedrum with Eventide Blackhole

Patch n Tweak

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