MATRIXSYNTH: Monday, March 29, 2021

Monday, March 29, 2021

Early Analog Band - Fender Chroma Musical Instruments 1982

video by Brigida Family

"Rare vintage footage! This product demonstration for Fender Chroma features a performance by Mike Brigida, John Shykun & Cleve Pozar.

16:50​ closes with John Williams 'Indiana Jones Theme' & 'Superman'"

And a note from the Rhodes Chroma list:

"The 'Expander's they show don't seem to have the same setup as a typical expander today. Specifically, the expander panel looks to be identical to that of the Chroma - and so has a extra black metal lip on the front. It is much more of a 'keyboard-chopped-off-Chroma' versus what ended up being the Expander.

Somewhat of a prophetic quote from one of the questions and answers in the video:

Q. How long before the Chroma is obsolete?

A. Chroma is an expressive, powerful musical instrument. Since it sounds good and has terrific expansion capability it stands the best chance among products available today of lasting the longest."

Mike Brigida and Ray Kurzweil Demonstrate the Kurzweil 250 - CBS News - 1984

video by Brigida Family

"Footage from 1984 - Mike Brigida and Ray Kurzweil demonstrate the new Kurzweil 250. Additional appearances by Bob Moog, Lyle Mays, Kenny Loggins, Stevie Wonder and more..."


Mike Brigida K250 Concert in Salt Lake City Part 1

Mike Brigida Salt Lake City Concert Part 2

Italo Disco Pt. 1 : Recreated on Synthesizers : Luke Million in the Studio

video by Luke Million

"The next instalment in the themed collections of my Friday Funk Jam videos is "Italo Disco Pt. 1". It's no secret that this is one of my favourite genres as it delivers so much Synth and Drum Machine goodness. 🇮🇹🕺🎹

This video features recreations of the following classic Italo Disco jams;

Kano - It's a War
Clio - Faces
Kano - Another Life
Ken Laszlo - Hey Hey Guy
Doctor's Cat - Feel The Drive
Pineapples - Come on Closer
Yazoo - Situation
Dharma - Plastic Doll
Patrick Cowley - Right On Target
Sylvester - Don't Stop"

Boorish Jail (Live Jam)

video by The Great Filter

Gear: Sequential Prophet 6, Sequential Pro 3, Polyend Tracker, TASCAM Model 24, Logic Pro X 08' Strat

Tutorial de patch com modulações no Moog Sub 37

video by Marcus Padrini

"Postei uma synth jam baseada neste patch do Sub 37 ha alguns dias. Neste vídeo, a ideia é mostrar como criar esse som, passo a passo, explorando as possibilidades de modulação deste synth sensacional.

Você não precisa ter um Sub 37 para entender conceitos e ainda poderá criar esse mesmo patch em synths virtuais e outros.

Curso sintetizadores e síntese sonora:​

Instagram: @marcuspadrini"

ROLAND D 50 - Handmade Miniature 1/6 scale

video by Ronaldo Lopes Teixeira ROLT

Cobalt8 - More than a VST in a box?

video by Waveform

"A look at the Cobalt 8 & how it might fit into your workflow - is it more than just a VST in a box?

00:00​ Intro & Background
01:11​ Meet The Cobalt 8
01:59​ The front panel - Cobalt8M
02:44​ The Modal App
03:20​ The Oscillators
09:00​ Modulating waveforms for movement
09:40​ Modulating FX parameters
11:06​ The filter
11:41​ Using the Cobalt as a midi controller
12:33​ Summary & Conclusion
13:31​ VST Plugin"

Hive 2 1 Update - 4x New Filters!

video by Waveform

"A look at the 4x new filter types in Hive 2.1 with example patches and editing.

00:00​ Introduction & Background
00:34​ The Comb Filter
02:24​ Key Follow
03:10​ Reducing Resonance
04:11​ Dissonant Filter
05:21​ Dissonant On A Sawtooth Waveform
06:15​ Reverb Filter
07:22​ Sideband Filter
08:14​ Filter Spread
09:38​ New Izmo Skin"

Sequential Pro 3 & Source Audio Ventris

video by 3rdStoreyChemist

Claustrophobic Piano Jam (Free Piano Library Played With Launchpad Pro + iPad)

video by Perplex On

"Giving the beautiful free piano library #claustrophobicpiano​ from @PIANOBOOK​ a quick spin. Loaded onto #decentsampler​ on the iPad with a bit of fx with #k7D​ delay and #bleassgranulizer​ app."

Roland JD Xi - "Cinematica" 40 Presets

video by LFOstore

"Welcome to the world of 'Cinematica'


JD-XI is one of the complex & deep machines with great potential, affordable price & compact size from the Roland's modern range.

By Nick Klimenko aka Chronos, a creator of "Organica" for Waldorf Blofeld & "WS Universe" for Korg Wavestation & Anton Sacral Reason author "Stratosphere" for Wavestate.

40 organic presets & sequences ready to breathe new colours into your music and inspire creativity.

Every patch of our soundset is musical & can be immediately used in your tracks & production.

Inside of the pack:

Iconic Synth Sounds

Enjoy and may the music come with you!"

Soma Laboratory Ornament-8

via this auction

"With power supply, male-male power cord, 24 x 65 cm cables with alligator clips, 28 x 35 cm cables with alligator clips and adapter for LYRA-8."

Rare Waves Grendel RA-99 Grenadier w/ Original Box

via this auction

ELECTRIX Filter Queen Analog Filter SN 010122

via this auction

Sequential Artist Spotlight Interview with RYAN EHRESMAN

You can find the interview on Sequential's website here.

"Ryan Ehresman is a composer, audio engineer, and sound designer based out of the San Francisco Bay Area known for his work with ‘59, Jerry’s Timeshare, and Synthetic World 859.

We chatted with Ryan on how he uses the Prophet-6 and Pro 3 in his music.

You can find additional posts featuring Sequential's Spotlight series here.

Fade To Grey (Visage) on a Dr. Böhm Orchester DS 3003

video by Jürgen Merkle

"Gespielt von Jürgen Merkle auf einer Dr. Böhm Orchester DS 3003"

Gleetchlab 2021 Now Available for Windows

Gleetchlab 2021 is now available for Windows. You can find it here.

See this post for a demo.

Adding test equipment to a synthesizer setup

video by HAINBACH

"In which I do the thing I had forbidden myself both for technical and artistic reasons: using test equipment to control synths and let synths process test equipment. With the oftentimes wildly varying out levels of measurement instruments this is risky, but if you know what you are doing, it is a fun way to add just a touch of scientific-industrial sound to your setup. In this example, I am using among others the HP8006A to control rhythms on the Metasonix D1000 and the @Erica Synths​ SYNTRX, as well as processing vintage lock-in amplifiers through the SYNTRX.

GET MOTOR at intro offer for 9 $/EUR:​"

Befaco VCMC/CV Thing Firmware 1.3

“Befaco VCMC - Tangerine Dream” by Friendly Noise video by Friendly Noise

"From Befaco labs we are happy to announce a new major update on VCMC and CV thing family: The new 1.3 version.

The main change here is a super flexible Chord generation feature. Allowing to quantize the notes and generate the relevant chords in many different scales.

Chord generation allow, not only selecting the scale, but also the type of chord, inversion and voicings as well as root note. All these functions controllable via CV or other Faders in the module!

We are proud to say that the mode is working like a charm: so generating polyphonic melodies in your MIDI gear from our eurorack is easier today than ever! Check this video for a nicve example.

Apart of this main feature, we also implemented Channel pressure messages, improved compatibility with iConnectivity devices and solved a few little quirks and bugs.

Firmware is available at Befaco github:

And we have uploaded a video to help everyone upgrade and callibrate the module."

VCMC Firmware upgrade + Factory callibration
video by Befacosynth

Meska working on something new

video by Meska

"Guess what ?
Just a quick preview of something i'm wotking on, juste testing things for now ;)
controled by gotharman LD3 envelope, triged by grids

Thank you for watching.
My name is Meska of the statik collective . I've been making mostly 'dark and expérimental' music for more than ten years now, i'v learn so much online, now it's time for me to share my knoledge, my exploration and this channel is a place to talk about the tools, sound design and techniques to make music with.
i'm tattooist at day jobs and you can found my work here :

You can stream my albums and EPs at

If you'd like to support the channel​ consider buying music from bandcamp ;)"

Cybersound T-1 - Moog Taurus 1 Clone Bass Synthesizer

Moog Taurus 1 Replica - Cybersound T1 video by Kurt Ader

"This is a 1 to 1 replica of my beloved Moog Taurus 1 Pedal :-)
Thanks to Christian Fischer from Cybersound! Awesome job!"

video by Weide Records

via Cybersound

Clone of the legendary Taurus 1.

Without the annoying pedals, but with MIDI.

All controls are as in the original (except for the 3 presets).

Features like glide and decay switches are also available.

Foot Loudness is on the Mod. Wheel.

Completely discreetly built in analogue, no SMD parts were installed.

2 linear sawtooth oscillators provide a lot of pressure and are tuned immediately after switching on.

Frequency range 5 octaves (1 octave lower than the original and starts at 16 Hz).

Osc. B can be detuned by +/- 1 octave.

Classic 24dB ladder filter with resonance (up to self-oscillation).

The envelopes were adopted 1: 1 and contribute a lot to the typical Taurus sound.

Deep bass in the smallest of spaces.

MIDI thru jack.

Stable, powder-coated aluminum housing.

Made entirely by hand.

incl. power supply.

Introducing the GROUND CONTROL - eurorack performance sequencer

video by

Check full tutorial for the Ground Control by @loopop​ further below.

00:00​ Intro
00:21​ Ground Control
01:04​ Mute bus
01:21​ MIDI/clock I/O
02:23​ Recording modes
03:08​ X0X editor
04:28​ Ratchets
05:05​ 101-stle of record notes
05:33​ Transpose modes
06:52​ Changing the patterns
07:52​ Roller
08:26​ Arpeggiator
09:40​ Probability
10:03​ Shuffle
11:08​ Saving the patterns
11:49​ Velocity/modulation change
12:10​ BPM
12:36​ Menu / sync divider
13:00​ MIDI/USB-MIDI features
13:25​ Outro

o 42hp eurorack modular performance CV/MIDI/USB-MIDI sequencer / workstation.
o 2 octave keyboard (no velocity or pressure action), play sequences and grooves on the fly or use external USB/MIDI gear or DAW integration or control external MIDI gear.
o arbitrary, up to 64 steps per pattern, 24 patterns per track, 24 projects
o dedicated mute/solo bus quantized / momentary to pattern length.
o 4 tracks: drum track with 8 triggers and modulation and 3 melodic CV/Gate tracks. Velocity and CC is recorded from external MIDI.
o works also as a power supply for your modular system (same as Shuttle Control) or can be powered by a buss board like any other module.
o various record modes: 101-style step input with step editing, live recording and step editor with x0x-style drum editing.
o arpeggiator, roller, patterns queue, slides, ties/rests, ratchets, transpose.

Intro music by @Julia Bondar​ (​)
Module's explanation by Wisdom Water.

GROUND CONTROL Review // Eurorack Sequencer and Arpeggiator by Endorphines // Full tutorial
video by loopop

Moog Subharmonicon Tutorial. Part 1. Oscillators tuning. Quantize Settings. Calibration.

video by Anton Anru

"I'm starting a series of video tutorials on Moog Subharmonicon.
This is the 1st part, where I show basic things about oscillators tuning, quantize settings, and calibration. Follow me on YouTube not to miss next episodes.

Presets for Moog synths:

00:00​ Intro
01:16​ Oscillators Tuning
03:15​ Differences between Equal Temperament and Just Intonation
08:22​ Calibration"

Moog Subharmonicon Tutorials by Anton Anru

Moog Mother 32 & Subharmonicon Combo, Korg Opsix, Ableton Push 2 Jam (No Talking)

video by Anton Anru

"A short jam inspired by the Moogs connectivity that gives total: 2 sequencers, 2 filters, 7 oscillators, 3 envelopes, 64 patch point and others. I guess this video is only the beginning, as the two give so many opportunities and nice result is achieved so easily...
The Moogs are supported by pads from Korg Opsix and some stuff from Ableton Live.

Moog presets:​ Korg Opsix presets:​"

Granular Techno // Gotharman's SpazeDrum + anAmoNo X Modular Synth #TTNM​


"Gotharman SpazeDrum techno sent through the anAmoNo X modular synthesizer, where granular synth audio effects are being applied and weird bleeps & bloops are added. No samples or external effects :-)

My Gotharman SpazeDrum Music Album:​"

Track with Legowelt Samples & Effects by Oblivion Corner

video by Oblivion Corner

"Made this track partly with Legowelt drum machine & synth samples as well as his warm and woolly Ableton Live effects racks that try to capture the magic old tape machines and analog mixers
Track: Oblivion Corner - Micro Lethargic
#chillhouse​ #warmandwoolly​ #analogdirt​
If you'd like to support this channel with a one-off purchase, please check out our affordably priced music:"

Coool Roland TR-808 wall painting.

CME WIDI Master Bluetooth Demo & Roland MC-101 First Demo

video by SynthAddict

Great website on the left. ;)

"WIDI Master uses MIDI DIN-5 in and out ports, powered by the out port

When plugged in to MIDI out it starts in Master Mode to pair with any nearby
MIDI controller without a computer (DAWless). If no master is found in few moments it goes into normal mode like other mfg's BT dongles (Yamaha etc.).

Following the WIDI demo is my first Roland MC-101 demo, right out of the box. What a great little unit. The WIDI allowed me to use my CME XKey Air 25 to add expression (velocity/aftertouch) the the MC-101 (the pads don’t send either).

With the MC-101 0n batteries as well as the XKey, it’s a great wireless MIDI, portable studio. You can add samples to the SD card from iPhones now (with a simple card adapter) so a computer is not needed, only for Roland Cloud patches :-)"

Novation Circuit Tracks, MicroFreak, & Minilogue (making a song)

video by Gabe Miller Music

"I show the making of a futuristic synthwave jam with the Novation Circuit Tracks, Korg Minilogue, and Arturia MicroFreak."

Previously posted:
Novation Circuit Tracks Tutorial (Beginner & Intermediate)
Novation Circuit Tracks + Roland MC-101 Beatmaking

Walrus R1 Reverb Sound Demo (no talking) with Novation Circuit Tracks

video by Bonedo Synthesizers

OB-6 controlled by POLYPHONIC LFE using MPE part 2: sequencer, spread and PWM

video by Steve Hunt

"This demonstrates the Yorick Tech Low Frequency Expander using MPE to control each of the synth's six voices independently. First using six 16-step sequencers to control each voice's filter cutoff separately. Second showing 6 LFOs controlling the filters but also showing the use of the MPE spread parameter to give each of the LFOs a slightly different frequency. Third, showing 6 LFOs this time modulating the pulse width of the synth's voices, again with and without the spread applied. Incredibly rich PWM from 6 LFOs, each with a different rate."

Part 1 here

E-MU Systems Proteus Master Performance System 5 Octave Keyboard Synthesizer

via this auction

This might actually be the first one to be featured on the site.

Korg DW 8000 Vintage Polyphonic Synthesizer w Original Box SN 027480

via this auction

"Beautiful example of a Korg DW-8000 hybrid polyphonic synth. This unit is in excellent condition inside and out! All buttons, keys, and sliders function exactly as they should. This board was fully serviced a month ago at Electronic Innovations in Detroit, the very best synth service in the area. The internal battery was replaced and a removable battery holder was installed for easy replacement in the future. Full factory preset patches were installed too. Also included in the sale is the original shipping box and power cord."

Yamaha CS80 SN 1675

via this auction

Yamaha CS80
1979 / 80
Eight Voice Polyphony
Two Analog Oscillators Per Voice
Internally / Externally
Fully Checked / Serviced
Cosmetic Condition 8/10 ( Some Usual Tolex Wear To Outer Casing )

Sequential Pro 3 SE

via this auction

Dave Smith Instruments Poly Evolver Keyboard

via this auction "Has upgraded pots/controllers"

Waldorf Microwave I REV 2.0 RACK SYNTH SN 9413129

via this auction

Note this is the original Microwave with analog filters and not the Microwave II with digital filters. The OS is REV2.

Roland V-Synth GT 2.0

via this auction

Roland ROM / RAM CARD Set

via this auction

Voice Crystal X - 64 Voice RAM
Roland PN-D50-00 Memory Card
Roland PN-D50-01 Memory Card
Roland PN-D50-02 Memory Card
Roland PN-D50-04 Memory Card
Roland TN-SCI-03 70's and 80's
Roland TN-SCI-06 Piano Bar
Roland TN-SC1-10 Easy Eight
Valhala D50/D550 Studio Series New Age
Bo Tomlyn's PRO-I ROM

E.M.I Ritm-2, analog soviet pizzazz

video by Valmont

"Facts I translated from an obscure russian forum:
- Development started in 1983
- Were made by hand from 1985 to 1992 in the Soviet Union
- 6767 units were built, estimated about 200 to 500 still working tho.
- The factory employed 15 workers: not enough people for a quality build. PCBs were cut and drilled by piles together by hand, the keyboard in an unspeakable handiwork thing...
- SN number starts at 2248 and ends at 9015, so mine is number 91!
- Black models are from the 80's, yellow/white plate ones are usually from the 90s
- Moog-type Ladder Filter (Micromoog or Prodigy?), Moog-inspired envelopes as well

Was just serviced"

RH-1 Synth build and description

video by RH Electronics

"Build montage and description of the RH-1 Synthesizer PCB.
Synthesizer all on one PCB"

The World's Most Beautiful Synthesizer According to ANDREW HUANG


Magic wand for analog synthesizer

video by Paul Dabs

"Demo of the magic wand used to send CV control on analog synthesizer.
Basically 3 LEDs flashing a LDR, and a circuit converting the resistance change to 0-10V CV."

Modular Mondays: First Patches with Qu-Bit Scanned and Nebulae

video by Red Means Recording

"Scanned is an organic wavetable oscillator and Nebulae is, at its core, it's a DSP platform that offers lots of sound creation, effect, and sample manipulation options. These are my first patches with the two modules, and they are great together.

00:00​ chill breaks in granular mode
04:51​ downtempo in granular mode
09:58​ nebulae alt mode one: synthesizer
14:19​ nebulae alt mode two: world of echo
16:30​ nebulae alt mode three: polyphonic sample playback"

EcoLab DUAL VCA DIY Voltage Controlled Amplifier & ENV Modules

video by EcoLab Audio

"Manual level control for each channel and 2 CVs for each Channel.

LED indicators above the level knob."

ENV - Analogue Envelope Generator ADSR Eurorack Modular Synthesizer EcoLab

video by

"Classic ADSR with addtional inverted output and switch for short or long envelopes." e

Erica Synths Black System III

video by Erica Synths

"Nine patches with the Black System III.

The Erica Synths Black System III is self-contained, performance oriented system, a well-considered collection of the best sounding and the most versatile Black Series modules. It will be a reliable companion for experienced musicians and unlimited source of inspiration for any eurorack enthusiast.

00:00​ Patch 1 - Wavetable Drone
01:14​ Patch 2 - RND IDM
03:33​ Patch 3 - Silver Oranges
04:06​ Patch 4 - Space Connection
05:50​ Patch 5 - Feedback Beats
07:20​ Patch 6 - Orange Apples
08:12​ Patch 7 - Epic Synth
09:52​ Patch 8 - Folk Dance
11:00​ Patch 9 - #NoFilter​

Patches 1,2,4,5,7,9 by KODEK (​)
Patches 3,6,8 by Kaspars Rolšteins (​)"

"The Erica Synths Black System III is a self-contained & performance oriented system, featuring well-considered collection of the best sounding and the most versatile Black Series modules. It will be a reliable companion for experienced musicians and unlimited source of inspiration for any eurorack enthusiast.

The Black System III includes:

Black Wavetable VCO
2x Black VCO2
Black Multimode VCF
Black LPG
Black EG
2x Black Quad VCA2 (you can not have too many VCAs)
Black Stereo Delay
Black Output
Black Joystick2
Black Modulator
Black Mixer/Splitter
Black Hole DSP2
Black CV Tools
Black Sequencer
2x104HP Aluminum Travel Case with Lid
Erica Synths Black Series modules are recognized for their build quality, which makes this instrument a lasting investment.

Black System III comes in Erica Synths 2x104HP Aluminum Travel Case with Lid (universal PSU included) and with 30 patch cables of different length.

Do not forget the ultimate companion of the Travel Case - Erica Synths backpack.

Optional, easy to de-clutch, shoulder strap (sold separately) makes traveling with your modular even more enjoyable. A genuine leather shoulder strap is developed in cooperation with Peša Custom, leather accessories workshop from Riga. Every shoulder strap is really unique and 100% hand made (yes, even latches) and only the best quality materials are used."

Introducing GOLDEN MASTER: eurorack final output multiband processor

video by

"GOLDEN MASTER is available worldwide now. Ask your favorite retailer.

00:00​ Intro
00:16​ Golden Master
00:37​ EQ mode
01:12​ Compressor mode
02:01​ Mid-side mode
02:36​ Muting the certain bands
03:32​ Volume / Input gain knobs
03:48​ Bypass
04:01​ VCA cv input
04:11​ Final jam at extreme settings

• 6 HP width, final output multiband processor for eurorack
• instantly improve your raw eurorack mixes to sound powerful on stage
• 96 kHz 16 bit digital audio stereo processing
• 3-bands compressor with intuitive adjustment and brickwall limiter
• Mid/Side stereo field processing
• Depth: 30mm (with plugged ribbon cable)
• Power requirements: +12V: 135 mA, -12V: 25 mA

Intro music by @Julia Bondar​ (​)
Module's explanation by Wisdom Water.
No extra processing was applied in the sound demonstrations - the sound was recorded from GM output into line level directly."

"The Golden Master from is a multi-band processor that takes inspiration from studio mastering and radio loudness units from the 1990s. It gives control over the EQ, compression, and mid/side processing of incoming audio.

Thanks to the 16-bit/96kHz audio fidelity, you'll get incredible processing power. It features three bands—low, medium, and high—each handling a distinct portion of the audio spectrum. These controls feature a single knob that both boosts and cuts signals. Set the overall loudness limit of your sounds, and the brickwall limiter ensures all your sounds stay in check. This multi-band effect is the perfect end-of-chain module, ensuring that anything you throw at it sounds dynamic and full.


Multi-band processor
Adds punch and dynamics to your sound
Inspired by mastering tools from the 1990s
Compression, EQ, and mid/side processing
Three frequency bands with boost and cut
Brickwall limiter sets upper limit of signals
16-bit/96kHz processing
Enhance/mute buttons
135 mA +12V
25 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
30 mm deep"

Patch n Tweak

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