MATRIXSYNTH: Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Superbooth 2021 Walkthrough Tour

Superbooth 2021! Join us for a tour with many synths and modulars! video upload by Wine&Synths

"We were there directly on Wednesday morning and the first thing I did was meet two old friends and former colleagues: Jörg Schaaf from Radikal Technologies and Jürgen Michaelis from Jomox.

After that we worked our way through the aisles and let ourselves drift by the colorful boxes and enticing sounds. I'm afraid that Johannes has been infected with modular fever!

In between we met Herr Schneider, with whom I had already arranged an interview appointment in advance. After we had conscientiously worked through this, especially in terms of accessibility, it started to pour just in time for the start of our outdoor tour. That's why we had to stay a little longer in the Moog tent at the end. On Friday we will continue. Then we want to take a closer look at some devices together with Stefan!"

Radikal Technologies Delta CEP A - one synth oldschool minimal techno track

video upload by Wine&Synths

"When I started to produce music again last year, my old friend Jörg Schaaf was a true supporter and gave me a lot of motivation and inspiration with his extraordinarily creative mind.

So one day, shortly after I decided to get involved with hardware synths again, Jörg sent me one of his Delta CEP A test units for my personal enjoyment.

This video is my way to say thank you.

Delta is undoubtedly an astonishing little sound machine!

The most surprising thing during recording was, that I recorded my vocal as an mp4 on my Iphone. I just swapped it into Live and there was video! It’s not really predictable and every render is a little surprise. But it’s a really effective way to get rhythm into your videos!"

Quasimidi Polymorph - meditative early morning sequence

video upload by Wine&Synths

"I bought a Quasimidi Polymorph the other day!

Not because I'm crazy, but there is an interesting personal story behind this Quasimidi thing, that will soon be revealed! Watch out for more and make sure to subscribe to this channel!

Usually I wake up around three in the morning due to a major failure in my neuronal subroutines. Since I can't change it anymore, I like to use this time before dawn to noodle around on my synths, just to get lost in sound. And who said, that musical therapy can't be done with synths? So I'd like to share this moment with you!

Polymorph is probably the rarest Quasimidi synth to find nowadays. As the prices are rising fast, try to get one while you can! And it's probably the best sounding synth Quasimidi ever made. If you are into dawless jamming, Polymorph might be your friend, thanks to its 4 independent analogue style sequencer lines per sound, which allow you to modulate practically all the synth and FX parameters. This is instant fun and so typical for Joerg Schaafs approach to real-time sequencing! Of course, MIDI data is also sent to external gear, if you need it.

The Polymorph sound is not really 'analogue' but if you know how to use the built-in EQ and FX, you can get powerful synth sounds with quite some digital dirt out of it. Polymorph has got four single outs for each part and even has audio inputs to process external sounds. That's kind of professional!"

-CALC-Circuit Rhythm and Circuit Tracks - The Power Combo // Novation Live

video upload by NovationTV

"In this week’s live stream -CALC- explores the powerful combination of using Circuit Rhythm and Circuit Tracks together. Both Circuit devices are unique and powerful on their own but in tandem they offer a super charged production/performance studio set-up. -CALC- will explore how to get the best out of this set-up with tips, tricks and examples of performances along the way.

--- Discover Circuit Rhythm"

Waldorf Microwave I, Rev A, OS v2, Yamaha FS1R, & Roland V-Synth V2 w/ All Options

Three powerful synths, three listings:

Waldorf Microwave via this auction.

Yamaha FS1R via this auction.

Roland V-Synth v2 via this auction

"All options onboard - VC-1 D50 card, VC-2 Voice Designer/Vocoder."

Note: this is a supporting member post.

Ambient modular synthesizer improvisation. #eurorack #modularsynthesizer #analogue

video upload by TLG Electro

"A slow moving ambient synth improv, featuring the Waldorf NW1 digital wavetable module, Dreadbox Eudemonia module and Cre8audio Chips Module, amongst others.
Sound processed through an Alesis Microverb 4 rack mount effects unit."

Roland JV 90 Expandable Synthesizer Video Manual Presented by Chris Allen 1995

video upload by Mike Mayer

"An instructional video for the Roland JV-90 Synthesizer circa 1995"

Studiologic at SUPERBOOTH 2021 - Day 1 - Numa X Piano and Numa X Piano GT

video upload by Studiologic


Disruptive ease, incredibly powerful
Numa X Piano represents a real revolution for digital piano players.
Like never before unlimited hi-end features, sounds and SFX have been designed and organized to be controlled in such an easy, intuitive and effective way to offer the best feeling in performance, under every aspect and in every context.
In other words, Numa X Piano is the perfect merger between a top-quality musical instrument based on a new Sound Generation architecture, with a four Zone MIDI Controller derived from the renowned SL Line, with the addition of a 4 Tracks Digital Mixer. A powerful combination for Studio and Live gigs, with a brand new disruptive UX Experience.

UXlogic: a revolutionary (and stylish) UX Experience
UX logic is the name of our innovative adaptive color user interface.
The color display and the color-coded Encoders are always synchronized with the selected Zone, allowing to have a clear and easy access to all functions with a direct approach and might allow to navigate all real time settings in an intuitive way.
An uncrowded control panel, which contributes to the elegant design of Numa X Piano, is the
pleasant “side effect” of such an effective and rational interface.

Powerful Acoustic and Electric physical modeling, plus HD Sound FX
The Sounds engines are based on a powerful mix of Sampling, Wave Shaping and a real Physical Modeling.
Besides the 8 Insert FX, 2 for each Zone and the Master Delay and Reverb (with FDN Technology) sections, the Acoustic Piano Sounds have dedicated DSP Effects to simulate Strings and Duplex Resonances, plus Release, Key Off and Damper noise sounds. Specific ZOOM settings are available, allowing to obtain an endless variety of sounds just making different settings of some editing parameters, which can be stored in each Program.

Let your fingers go with the FATAR touch
Numa X Piano models are equipped with the most up-to-date evolutions of Fatar hammer action keyboards: the TP/400 Wood with 3 contacts and Escapement, plus Aftertouch control, or the new TP/110 with 3 contacts and Aftertouch.

Designed to be versatile... and to meet the needs of every musician!

NUMA Manager and Sounds database expansion
A big section of the internal memory is left free for additional Sounds, to be published on our website. All Factory and new User Sounds can be moved to other positions in the list, thanks to the Numa Manager desktop app, that will also allow to update the Firmware and organize the Programs in a fast and easy way.

Audio over USB
Thanks to the USB-Audio feature, you can exchange sounds in digital format with your computer or tablet and even use the instrument as an Audio Board, with a local direct Control on the Audio Levels.

Built-in Digital Mixer
Numa X Piano also includes 4 Audio Inputs and a 4 tracks Digital Mixer with Gain, Bass, Mid and Treble controls, allowing to use this unique feature as a built in Mixer for external sources, such as microphones, bass, guitars or other keyboards.

AVP Synth - ADS 7 mk2 #Superbooth 2021

video upload by KlangDing

AVP Synth ADS 7 mk2

Befaco Live Jam - #Superbooth 2021

video upload by KlangDing

Superbooth 2021 Interview Kim Bjorn Bjooks about Synth Gems 1

video upload by Gearjunkies

"In an interview on Superbooth 2021, Kim Bjorn of Bjooks tells us all about his new book Synth Gams 1. This book, written by Mike Metlay, contains many hidden synthesizer gems. The book is also good reading for non synth-nerds."

See How to discover SYNTH GEMS for details.

Superbooth 21 Fred's Lab ZeKit 4 voice polyphonic synthesizer

video upload by Gearjunkies

"At Superbooth 2021 in Berlin, Frédéric from Fred's Lab shows you his latest 4 voice polyphonic synthesizer, the ZeKit"

Fred's Lab ZeKit posts

GEISS DIGISEQUENCER - Handmade Miniature 1/6 scale

video upload by Ronaldo Lopes Teixeira ROLT

Five Minutes With The Erica Synths PERKONS

video upload by HAINBACH

"I had five minutes with the new @Erica Synths PERKONS prototype at #superbooth21 and I loved it."

Details on Erica Synths PERKONS here.

Waldorf M: primer contacto y demo de sonido

video upload by Hispasonic

Waldorf M posts

Roland SH-5 44-Key Synthesizer w/ MIDI

via this auction

"One of Rolands best sounding synths. Extensively restored, fully working and in great cosmetic condition. A midi kit has been fitted in it which gets you the best of vintage Roland sound but integration with a DAW or sequencer. Just a jewel all around. Very well cared for, non smoking personal studio synth - not gigged."

1970's MTI Auto Orchestra Drum Machine / Bass Piano & Organ Synth - Model 16R

Demo for the listing below: "Simple drum and bass sample... Piano and Organ are not on auto play in this sample - but I tap a few organ notes anyway. -- At the end of the sample I'm wiggling the Envelope dial kind of like a DJ scratch. AND the amp I'm using for this sample has a full range speaker - not a guitar speaker. If you hook it up to a regular guitar amp - well that won't do. This system was designed for running through a PA or dedicated amp with a full range speaker."

via this auction

"OK - here's a vintage 1970's drum machine with toms, cymbal, snare and cowbell - lots of presets there from waltz tempo to funky time - variable beat. It comes with a keyboard pedal for organ and piano - and it appears that pedal activates the bass too. There's a lot of things to play with on this and they all work - every button and knob. -- It's missing one button cover on the pedal - a piano note - but it works. -- The volume pedal works but someone has screwed on a piece of wood at the end of it - so it defaults to full volume - when tilted back the volume decreases but not quite all the way to mute - doesn't matter because the start / stop button is on the pedal too and finishes any fade out."

Kawai SX-210

via this auction

Euterpe Synth Vertice Analog Filter Bank

via this auction

"Extreme boutique high quality Analog Filter Bank featuring 3 LP/BP/HP self-oscillating filter circuits that can be configured stereo, mono, cascading or summing. This is serial #7 which according to the included paperwork is the last unit featuring rare NOS vintage electronic components at critical stages.

A handmade wood enclosure contains a large control panel full of large knobs and jacks begging to be twisted and patched.

Euterpe Synth products are made with love and documented in this personal paperwork. all original paperwork and shipping box materials included."

Sequential Take 5 Compact Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer Demo

video upload by Sweetwater

Note Sweetwater is not a sponsor of the site. Be sure to see the dealers on the right for deals and availability. They make this site possible.

This Is Not Rocket Science Introduces ARDABIL + SWITCH at SUPERBOOTH

via TiNRS

"This Superbooth we can announce two new TiNRS eurorack modules:

ARDABIL and SWITCH – both are interesting utility modules that will enhance any system.


ARDABIL is a block of connections which you can weave your signal through

this modules has precision adders, attenuverters, offsets, (inverted) buffered multiple outputs and VCAs that are all connected


SWITCH is a delightful little module that adds a layer of choice to your system

it has three choices on two paths, times two

that you control with supersatisfying clonky switches

Coming soon!

We are at the golden prototype stage with these modules
(meaning these are the ones we are going to produce)
and we hope to do the run later this year and have them available to you in December.

The ARDABIL will be EUR 200 and the SWITCH will only be available as a set with the ARDABIL for EUR 250
Coming to your favourite synth stores and our online shop

Details on each:

utility module
Our Ardabil shows you the thread of your signal in one integrated design.
The overall pattern is composed of six functional elements in rotational symmetry. The basic design is relatively simple and the elements are well-balanced. Visual richness is added with contrasting background colours in the Danzer filler pattern and multiple large yellow knobs.

Precision adder
Your thread starts with two CV inputs that add together without changing their scaling.
You can plug in any CV and let the knob scale your CV up or down -1 to +1 before it is added to your thread.
With this knob you can add a fixed -5V to +5V to your woven signal.
Buffered multiple outputs
Threads into three buffered outputs; one of which has an LED that lights up when there is a positive signal. The fourth jack is a buffered inverted output with a LED that lights up when there is a positive signal (which is a negative signal in the other three outputs).
The CV input controls the volume of the audio input into the output. The CV input defaults to the signal from a buffered output.

The entire thread runs:
Buffered Outputs = Precision adder + Attenuverter + Offset
Inverted Output = Buffered Output * -1
VCA Output = Audio * CV

Ardabil has second thread running independently upside down alongside it.

Sales price 200 EUR incl. taxes
comes with 5 rocket patch cables.
Combo with our Switch sales price 250 EUR


Switch Utility module

Choices, choices, choices…

Two independent dual gang switches with three positions that add a layer of choice to your system. A double double on-on-on.

You can patch up to six things and select two at a time. Twice.
Every switch selects one out of three signal paths for both paths.

This Switch module is completely passive and will have no effect on the signal you run through it.

Very satisfactory clonk-clonk-clonk Alpha lever switch we also used on our Fenix IV.

only available as a set with our ARDABIL for 250 EUR

384 Free Patches for Deckard’s Dream, Kijimi and Xerxes by synth_nyc

via synth_nyc:

Please find here something different from the usual suspects:
- 384 free custom patches for Black Corporation synths -
Because it feels good to think differently!
You can also have a free listen to all of them here; no strings attached, since I’m not looking to monetize the plays or social media exposure.

DDRM patches are burnt in Bank 2 if you own a DDRM MK2, else please contact Black Corporation to get the patches.


Superbooth 2021: What's new with Noise Engineering

video upload by Noise Engineering

"Presented live at Superbooth 2021, Noise Engineering shows you the latest on our Eurorack modules, software plugins, Reason rack extensions, and Versio firmware. We also take you on a virtual tour of our headquarters and explain how the pandemic has changed the things we're doing and how we're doing them.

tl;dr It's all coming soon!

0:10 Kris Kaiser / Introduction
0:33 Virtual tour
1:11 Norman Kaweck / Quantus Ampla
3:32 Elana Carroll / Free beta bundle plugins Sinc Vereor, Virt Vereor, Ruina
5:33 Basimilus Iteritas, Desmodus, Cursus Vereor plugins
7:16 Adam Lange-Pearson / Reason rack extensions
8:47 World of Versio
9:04 Collaboration with Winterbloom / Versio panel overlays
9:18 Swapping Versio firmware
11:20 [REDACTED] Versio
14:41 Markus Cancilla / Vice Virga
16:50 Kris Kaiser and Stephen McCaul / Update on Virt Iter, Univer Iter

This video was streamed live at Superbooth on September 15, 2021"

SUPERBOOTH 2021 - TipTop Audio - New Modules

video upload by sonicstate

Also see: Buchla & Tiptop Audio - Series 200

Waldorf M - Wavetable Synthesizer - Factory Sounds BANK 4 (Anthony Rother) NO TALKING

video upload by Anthony Rother

Note the Waldorf Wave to the left. Gives you an idea of the M blue in comparison.

You can find additional Waldorf M posts here.

ERROR Instruments LOOPMAN Goes Eurorack

via ERROR Instruments

Loopman eurorack

Is it experimental tape recorder

in eurorack formats It can record sounds on Cassette tape

That we know from the 70. 80s.

And we missed a Lofi quality of the sound Warm organic. About the Loopman .

Loop means walk in Dutch. But it means in English A coming back of the sounds.

This device have also a built-in radio AM and FM

there is a Lopez gate inside that means you can go fairy experimental to record noise

or play noise from the radio and make a kind of

snare drum or other experiments or percussions .

You can control the speed of the tape with the control voltage

A lot of things to experiment.But it also play your regular Tapes.

The size is 28 HP and it comes in three colors Black / pink// bleu green

Note the following demo features the standalone version. The eurorack module pictured above has extra CV inputs.

video upload by errorinstruments paul tas

Haken Audio Introduces EaganMatrix Eurorack Module

EaganMatrix Eurorack Module bagpipe-like demo video upload by HakenAudio

"Edmund Eagan patched together this bagpipe-like sound in our hut at Superbooth21. The sound is made by the EaganMatrix module, with notes coming from both the keyboard (via usb-midi connection) and the ContinuuMini (via Evaton micoCVC connection), and control input from MakeNoise Math module."

via Haken Audio

Integrate the power of EaganMatrix Sound Technology into your Eurorack! The EaganMatrix Module is a full-featured EaganMatrix Sound Engine for Eurorack, and can be controlled by control voltages and/or Midi. This versatile module can act as a sound source, a sound processor, a CV source (via connection to an external Control Voltage Converter), a Midi source, or a customizable combination of all these capabilities.

The EaganMatrix Module provides a truly versatile framework for both studio and live performance. Flexibility is key, due to its audio inputs and outputs, integrated CV inputs, external CV outputs (via Control Voltage Converter), and robust implementation of MPE and MPE+ Midi.

A single EaganMatrix Preset can give completely different sonic results, depending on how it is patched into a particular Eurorack ecosystem. Hundreds of System Presets are included with the EaganMatrix Module. In addition, an external cross-platform (Mac and PC) Haken Editor may be connected to modify and customize the supplied EaganMatrix System Presets, or create completely new presets from scratch.

The EaganMatrix Sound Technology, originally created for the gesturally highly sensitive Continuum, is now available to you in a Eurorack module. The EaganMatrix Module will quickly become a 'goto' component in your modular sound design and sonic composition.

EaganMatrix Eurorack Module — Now Available for Pre-Order — M2x $799.00

New Moon Modular 5U Modules

The M 595 PROGRAMMABLE SWITCH/SUMMER MATRIX is a solution to manage the distribution and/or mixing of 12 inputs to 12 outputs.

· 12 DC-coupled and buffered inputs and outputs, fully analogue with a high precision signal path.
Input mode

· Routing/Distribution (off/on) or mixing signals (off/full)

Link mode
Inputs and outputs are paired to handle immediately a combination of e.g. the CV and GATE outputs of a sequencer or a stereo audio signal.

· 99 memory locations with an independant edit buffer.

· The programmers’s endless rotary encoder with integrated pushbutton does allow to dial to a memory location and to confirm/ abort a command (RECALL, SAVE, COPY, CLEAR).

· With the lower “go to” buttons/jacks one can step through memory positions in either direction, even with trigger pulses from external sources.

In the future the switch/summer matrix system will be available as a 19” self contained rack mountable unit.

The 531 BBD Analog Delay is an analogue delay module which includes two separate bucket brigade delay lines. A short one with 1024 stages and a long one featuring 4096 stages. Both delays work simultaneously and one can fade between them to create multi-tap delay effects.

An advanced clock noise cancellation circuit reduces unwanted BBD noise without filtering higher frequencies of the audio ­signal. Most parameters are voltage controlled, allowing integration in a complex modular setup.

The SIMPLE VCA MODULE is a dual VCA module that features two signal inputs and outputs each, two modulation inputs, continuous linear/exponential controller plus switchable AC/DC mode.

LoFi Future - Circuit Bent CCTV Camera - Model: Nicecam DCV-933

video upload by LoFiFuture

"Available to order:

Limited run of two, here is a nice demo of another model of circuit bent camera!

Modified with one knob and two toggle switches, this camera is capable of the usual melty CCD sensor effects, but also has a really cool effect I have found unique to this CCD camera.

The knob controls two different vertical blur types (the effect is off in the middle.

One of the toggle switches enables another, more intense yet smooth blur effect.

The Other toggle switch enables a glitchy negative stripe / repeat effect by tapping into an unutilised 8 bit video stream on the cameras CCD sensor controller / image processor chip.
Just this camera, a capture card and a laptop makes a great audio reactive glitch art setup. You can simply rescan your LCD monitor with the camera to process any footage you want in post!

There is no need for a TBC, Video mixer or CRT TV when using this camera as it always puts out a valid composite video signal no matter how glitchy it gets. This means it will work with LCD TVs and even the pickiest capture cards


-12V DC 1A power supply input (PSU not included)

-PAL composite video output

-12 mm lens with manual focus included"

Transition 4

video upload by Todd Barton

"From sparsity to density . . . yet another type of transition. Enjoy!

A year ago I began this little series for my Patreon page. Now I will periodically be making it public over the coming months. If you'd like to support my Patreon and keep the tutorials flowing here's the link:"

Preset Pack with Interzone from Valley

video upload by Omri Cohen

"Here you can get this preset pack and all of the previous ones -"

Omri's Links:
"The Basics of Modular Synthesis series of videos -
If you just want to buy me a coffee :) -
Consider joining me on Patreon -
Patching techniques and ideas document -

Roland JV-1080 "Treassure Pad" performed by Chronos

video upload by LFOstore

From our soundset:


Sequential Pro-One Analog Synthesizer (1981) Turn Around

video upload by RetroSound

"(c)2007-21 by RetroSound
supported by UVI:

❤️ Support #RetroSound​ channel:

all synthesizer sounds: Sequential Pro-One Analog Synthesizer (1981) drums: E-MU EII

RetroSound synthesizer demo videos since january 2007.
Everything is free. If you like my work, you can also support me with the purchase of my merchandise (shirts, bags, mugs, stickers) or one of my music albums. Thank you!"

PAIA Drummer Boy

via this auction

Additional Switched On Listings

"This PAIA Drummer Boy is fully functional and in very good condition.

A rare and fantastic sounding drum machine from the early 70's with great preset rhythms in a sturdy casing!

Model is missing "Samba" and "Rhumba" switch covers, but all rhythms are fully functional."

Arturia MatrixBrute 49-Key Synthesizer

via this auction

Additional Switched On Listings

"A spaceship of sound-making that sounds as crazy as it looks! As flexible as a modular system but offering presets, MatrixBrute is a dream machine for everyone interested in creating a sound palette of their own. The heart of the MatrixBrute is its unique modulation matrix that allows you to create your own routings. You can invent a sound palette of your own that will be sure to be heard in any mix! The MatrixBrute offers three analog oscillators, Three LFO's, CV Input, Gate I/O, and its own section for sequencing."

Yamaha Strings Model SS-30 Woodgrain Synthesizer SN 1736

via this auction

Studio Electronics SE-1

via this auction

Cool pic.

Mos-Lab Kobol Expander III w/ Wood Side Panels

via this auction

"Unique chance to grab one in such a good shape, as those are no longer produced by Mos-Lab. I also owned an original Rsf Kobol Expander I and did some blind tests between both: impossible to perceive any audio difference, as Mos-Lab masters the vintage re-creation of legendary sounds."

You can find demos in previous posts here.

Moog Source Monophonic Analog Synthesizer with Patch Memory SN 2347

via this auction

"Moog 'The Source' 81 in excellent condition. Everything works as it should with no faulty buttons on the interface. Probably the coolest looking synth I've ever seen and sounds as you'd expect from an old Moog. Only selling as I have a model D and can't afford to keep it just for arp and sample and hold. Will be sad to see it go."

Waldorf Microwave XTk Wavetable Synthesizer

via this auction

Ensoniq EPS 13 bit Sampler Synthesizer w/ 2X Memory Expander & Disk Library

via this auction

"Ensoniq EPS 13 bit Sampler with rare 2X Memory Cart installed. It is fully functional and comes with an OS floppy disk as well as some wicked cool sample disks. It sounds AMAZING. This is by far the biggest sounding sampler we have used. There is some magic going on under the hood.. gotta be that 13 Bit Lo Fi goodness!"

Raving Loony Tones

video upload by Vykaar Tones

"1990s Quasmidi Rave-o-lution 309 meets my more 1970s style synths, 960 sequencer and string machines."

SUPERBOOTH 2021 - Plankton Electronics/Winter Modular - Collaboration Modules

video upload by sonicstate

Remember to see the labels below for more.

SUPERBOOTH 2021 - Patching Panda - Operat & BDZ

video upload by sonicstate

SUPERBOOTH 2021 - Xaoc Devices - Minsk, Zagrzeb, & Erfurt

video upload by sonicstate

SUPERBOOTH 2021 - Dreadbox - Nymphes

video upload by sonicstate

Dreadbox Nymphes

The Super 6 Desktop by UDO Audio

video upload by UDO Audio

"We are proud to announce the release of the Super 6 Desktop. Our brand new, compact and no-compromise take on the Super 6 — offering the irresistible combination of a powerful and accessible musical instrument with flexible and immediate control, gorgeous analog sound and unrivalled build quality. All in a desirable portable format designed to open the Super 6 to a new audience... more info soon!"

SUPERBOOTH 2021 - UDO Audio - Desktop Super Six

video upload by sonicstate

"A new desktop Super 6 is out from UDO Audio , with all the same features of the main Super 6 but smaller faders and a more compact design, and of course the same synth engine."

SUPERBOOTH 2021 - Waldorf M

video upload by sonicstate

See the Waldorf M announcement post here.

SUPERBOOTH 2021 - Befaco Plethora and Muxlicer

video upload by sonicstate

See the announcement post here for additional details.

SUPERBOOTH 2021 - PWM Malevolent - Modular Pure Analogue Keyboard Synthesiser

video upload by sonicstate"

" A brand new synth from the UK £499"

MALEVOLENT // Official Promo
video upload by PWMusic

"This is the official promo video for PWM's debut synthesiser - Malevolent.

All noises created for this promo were made with Malevolent.

Filmed and created by"


- Modular Pure Analogue Synthesiser

* Pure Analogue signal path designed by Future Sound Systems
* Pure VCOs
* 19 Outputs and 19 Inputs for 3.5mm mono jack cable patching
* Normalised signal path for immediate sound Malevolence
* Additional rear panel line out
* Additional headphone out

* 2 Voltage Controlled Oscillators
* Saw / Triangle / Pulse outputs plus Mix for each oscillator
* 1V/Oct pitch control input
* Shape control / pulse width modulation input
* 2x Frequency Modulation inputs
* Coarse / Fine tune control
* Shape mod amount control
* FM1 and 2 mod amount controls
* Shape control
* Selectable waveforms for the mix output
* Individual osc level control

* LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator)
* Triangle / Square wave outputs
* Rate control

* 2x Envelopes
* Individual ADSR controls for each envelope
* Individual gate inputs
* Individual envelope outputs

* Multi-mode 2 pole VCF (Voltage Controlled Filter)
* Low pass / Band pass / High Pass individual inputs
* 2x Frequency Modulation inputs with amount controls
* Filter cutoff
* Filter resonance

* Mixer
* Noise w/level control
* Aux input w/level control

* VCA (Voltage Controlled Amplifier) with overdrive control

* Compatible with Eurorack standard 1V/Oct gear

* Monophonic and patchable allowing individual pitch control of each VCO and gate control of each envelope

* USB bus-powered

* MIDI In / Out

* Headphone out

* Line out

* Analogue clock in & out

* USB-MIDI to 1V/Oct CV & gate conversion
* All pitch and gate control is fully analogue
* Analogue clock In / Out

* Multi-function Joystick control
* Left / right for pitch bend
* Performable portamento
* Performable vibrato
* This is in addition to the analogue LFO
* Latching hold mode

* Arpeggiator
* 6 arpeggiator types
* Up, Down, Up/Down 1, Up/Down 2, Played & Random
* Auto clock sync
* Detects analogue / MIDI or USB-MIDI clock and synchronises the arpeggiator automatically
* Selectable sync rates when clock detected
* Rate / sync control
* Latch
* 6 Octave range
* Analogue / MIDI / USB-MIDI Clock output when arpeggiator is running

* Keyboard Control
* 32 Velocity-sensitive mini-keys
* Octave shift +/- 4 octaves
* Pitch output
* Velocity output
* Gate output
* Local Off mode for DAW use

* 5 Patch cables
* Power Supply (9V 600mA)
* USB C lead
* Getting Started Guide

Pricing MSRP:
* UK: £499.99 inc. VAT
* Europe: €579.99 inc. VAT

Buchla & Tiptop Audio - Series 200

video upload by Tiptop .Audio

"The Buchla analog modular synthesizer has been around since the early 1970s yet very few people ever had a chance to play one or even to see one in person. Buchla and Tiptop Audio have joined forces to resume the production of these wonderful rare pieces of gear."

SUPERBOOTH 2021 - TipTop Audio/Buchla Eurorack 200 Series
video upload by sonicstate

Update: press release followed by pics:

Planet Earth, Solar System September 2021

Buchla Announces collaboration with Tiptop Audio on Eurorack versions of classic 200 series modules.

Buchla has chosen to partner with Gur Milstein and his Tiptop Audio team to lead a reissue of Don Buchla’s legendary 200 Series modular synthesizer system in Eurorack format. The two companies have been working together closely on bringing Don’s 70’s synthesizer modules back to life while making the previously rare circuits affordable and accessible to the current generation of musicians and artists.

Eric Fox the CEO and co-owner of Buchla says “When the opportunity presented itself to work with such a reputable company as Tiptop Audio to help reimagine the original 200 series in a new form factor, I jumped at the chance. I knew they had the talent and infrastructure to bring eurorack users for the first time ever an official and genuine sense of the classic Buchla experience at a price anyone could afford. Gur’s enthusiasm and passion towards these designs is very infectious and clearly points to a long and creative partnership for years to come.”

Gur Milstein the head designer and CEO of Tiptop Audio states: “ I’m excited about the collaboration with Buchla. Working with Eric, Joel and the rest of their team gives us additional access to original documents and knowhow that Don shared with his close colleagues who worked with him in the 70s and recent years before he passed away. These designs require a full understanding of the how and why the circuits should work in order to reach that specific sound and workflow. My team and I are excited to bring Don’s work from those early days of synthesis back to life knowing we are doing it as accurately as it can be done. Our goal is to recreate as much of the original 200 series as possible and have the full line available through our dealer network with the full customer support Tiptop has built for over a decade.”

The modules will be branded as Buchla & Tiptop Audio, and the series will be called the 200t. Information and prices on each module will become available close to their release dates.

*The corona pandemic is causing severe damage to the supply of electronic parts and is currently delaying parts for the project. However, the current timeline is for the first set of modules to be available by the end of 2021.

Buchla & Tiptop Audio

2021/09 DAWless Summer Session - Styleflip

video upload by Stereoping

"I always disliked the dirty, scratched look of my black #MPC1000XL i once bought 2nd hand. In summer 21 i finally found the time to give it a decent styleflip. I planned to make it look a bit like the gorgous #MPC-60. First the original frontpanel was scanned to have a Photohop background. After all outlines and typo were added i gave a faceplate sticker with cutouts into production. Then the case and the acrylic window with it's deep scratches were sanded. The case got a white painting, the window was polished to high gloss. The window did not come out 100% perfect but much better than before. Btw... toothpaste does NOT do the job. Then I made some 3D-prints for nicer Data and Volume knobs, first in fancy transparent blue and red, later dark grey. Not sure which i like more, tending to the red/blue ones. The last step were some woodcheeks - difficult because the 1000 does have strangely formed sides with all kinds of edges and corners.

Featured gear besides the MPC: #OSCar, #JV-1080, #NordDrum2, DIY-MPC-MuteScener"

Can We import Ensoniq SQ-80 & ESQ-1 Sysex on Arturia SQ-80 V ? + link for more than 4k free Presets

video upload by Sound Provider

"I think I see this question at least 10 times since my yesterday video about my presets for the SQ 80v ( )
So I did a quick test (and this quick tutorial video) to see if it s working, not having a SQ80 in the studio at the moment i can't compare side by side, but we can say that it seems to work well and also it's interesting to be able to listen to all his presets of the past.
To make this test I found a huge source of presets on gearspace where it seems that someone compiled about 4500 presets (I didn't count, correct me if it's not):"

SUPERBOOTH 2021 --- JOMOX MOD FM Introduction from Jürgen Michaelis

video upload by LESINDES

"Jürgen Michaelis explains the features of MOD FM the new 4 operator 8 voice FM synth from Berlin manufacturer JOMOX. This modules features also 8 analog SSM filters.
This is the BETA JOMOX is presenting at SUPERBOOTH 2021.
The sound demo follows in the next video."

SUPERBOOTH 2021 // JOMOX MOD FM Sound Demo // NO TALKING // Part 1

video upload by

"Jürgen Michaelis plays the MOD FM the new 4 operator 8 voice FM synth from Berlin manufacturer JOMOX. This modules features also 8 analog SSM filters.
This is the BETA JOMOX is presenting at SUPERBOOTH 2021."

SUPERBOOTH 2021 // Jomox Moonwind 2 // Short Demo

video upload by

"A short demo on JOMOX MOONWIND II beta the successor of MONNWIND. Presented by JÜRGEN MICHAELIS.
This is the BETA JOMOX is presenting at SUPERBOOTH 2021.

- CV Ins
- Analog VCFs

Endorphin.e SUPERBOOTH'21: Golden Master / Cockpit / Milky Way in 1U: build your dream eurorack case

video upload by

00:00 Intro
00:59 Cockpit 1U
01:50 Milky Way 1U
02:56 Golden Master 1U
03:35 Building your dream eurorack case (Intellijel Pallete 104hp 1U)
03:57 Modulargrid
05:17 Populating the modules in the case
10:31 Daisy chaining the Cockpits
12:54 Connecting the Golden Master to Audio I/O jacks board
14:11 4hp/6hp 1U blank notebook panels
14:59 Bolting all together with the Knurlies
16:06 External balanced connection to the recorder
16:30 Trippy Cables: pack of 16
17:04 Jam with the assembled system

"Introducing 3 redesigned modules in 1U (Intellijel format), which previously were only available only in 3U format to further optimise your live performance case without sacrificing on the functionality. All 3 modules have a fully redesigned horizontal UI and utilise behind the panel connectors, letting you chain, interconnect and integrate them with Intellijel Audio IO board.

The prices for the 1U line of modules is exactly the same as for 3U versions. Available in October 2021 worldwide:
MILKY WAY 1U – 22hpm compact 16 type stereo FX Processor with Meta cv FX scan, pan and crossfade for the input signals and ability to drive the final output.

COCKPIT 1U – 24 hp, compact, performance oriented 4 channel stereo mixer with sidechain ducking
GOLDEN MASTER 1U – 22hp is a one of a kind multiband processor module in Eurorack format.

Blue Rose Trippy Cables (16) – a pack of 16, 3.5mm high quality, gold-plated eurorack patch cables, 50 cm long each.

Available in October 2021 from retailers worldwide.

4hp/6hp Blank Panels 1U – blank panels (Intellijel format), available in 4hp and 6hp sizes. White labels allow users to write patch, song, technical notes with a permanent marker for CV/DVD."

17- The UDO Super 6- Unleash LFO 2 and LH-Activated Aftertouch!

video upload by AutomaticGainsay

"Here is part two of a two-part exploration of the sound and functionality of the various utilities available in the left-hand controller found on the UDO Super 6."

AutomaticGainsay UDO Super 6 posts

Knobcon Number Nine - Main Showroom Walkthrough - [2021] - 360 Video

video upload by Marshal Arnold

"Knobcon is back! Here I had my GF do a walk through the main showroom at Knobcon Number Nine. So happy to see this event happen this year after last years event being canceled due to the you know what.

Knobcon is a yearly synthesizer focused event, this year is was from September 10-12, 2021 at the Hyatt Regency in Schaumburg, IL USA."

Erica Synths Introduces the PĒRKONS HD-01

via Erica Synths

"It’s rather sudden– the bolt of lightning strikes quickly, but the roar follows behind, as if giving one time enough to inhale. Finally, it strikes your ears like the skies breaking apart and in all its magnificence it rides the wind.

PĒRKONS – a deity of old known by many names and also by ours on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea – THUNDER, lord of the skies. We at Erica Synths proudly present our newest creation – PĒRKONS (THUNDER) - a drum machine and synthesizer that will change your approach to electronic rhythm synthesis – an instrument which bears the weight of a storm beneath its sturdy casing.
PĒRKONS features four sonically versatile hybrid voices (digital sound engine + analogue multimode filter with overdrive) and a sequencer with simultaneous control over all four percussion tracks.

Each voice has 3 sound engine modes, a HP/BP/LP filter and 8 controls for nuanced sound design, including an internal analogue BBD FX send. All voice parameter settings can be saved as KITS. To add dynamics to the performance, parameter automation is implemented and a modulation LFO can be assigned to all parameters.

For a real thunderstorm, integration with external gear is considered - each voice has a dedicated velocity-sensitive trigger input, individual output and FX send and return with 6.3mm jack sockets, along with extensive MIDI implementation. All voices are summed and run through a built-in optical compressor and master overdrive.

PĒRKONS HD-01 is a unique live performance and sound design instrument that tears down the borders between drum machine, synthesizer and drone instrument. Time to ride the skies!

- 4 hybrid voices (digital sound engine and analogue multimode filter with overdrive)
- 8 controls per voice
- Velocity sensitive trigger inputs for drum pads
- Individual voice outputs
- Individual sends and returns
- 64 kit and 64 pattern memory + additional memory on the SD card
- Built-in analogue bucket brigade delay and optical compressor
- Modulation LFO with morphing waveforms, phase shift and 8 destinations
- 4 track sequencer, 4 time divisions and 4 time multiplications per track
- Per-step ratchets and probabilities
- 4 shuffle algorithms

RRP: 1650 EUR (VAT excl.)
MAP: 1999 USD
Release date within 2021

Erica Synths PERKONS


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