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Friday, February 09, 2018

Mother talking

Mother talking from Rodrigonzalez on Vimeo.

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Making Pitches and Melodies WITHOUT a Keyboard

Published on Feb 9, 2018 White Noises

"Support these experimental music tutorials on Patreon:

LIMITED TIME: Sign up by 23rd February and you will get a free, pre-release download of my debut album 'Grounds', which will be released later this year on cassette. It is the culmination of the year-long project called “Collections” that took place over 2017.

Find out more about the 2HP Arp and Tune modules:

∿ H a n d y t i m e s t a m p s ∿

00:26 Arpeggiators
06:58 Analog Shift Registers
09:54 Quantisers
16:04 Sequencers
20:55 Chord"

New Behringer Neutron Jam by JD73

"Dan Goldman aka JD73 9min30 jam on the upcoming Behringer Neutron with no processing anywhere in the recording chain or mix buss- this is the raw dry sound of the Neutron recorded direct through a Midas VF32 direct into Logic X. The delay effect is from the Neutron itself. NOTE: This synth is an absolute beast!!! Enjoy!"

Synth Riffs// OB-6 vs. Prophet-6

Published on Feb 9, 2018 MR TUNA Music

"Just riffin on the P6, with JC on That OB-bass. TR8 does drums with some back-up sounds from Juno-106 and the Korg VolcaFM. Coming to you live from Squarp Pyramid sequencer!"

Timbre Wolf takes two hits of acid with its Monotribe buddies!

Published on Feb 9, 2018 Mark Pigott

"Timbre Wolf processed through left and right Monotribes for all sorts of fun textures.
Live to FZ1000 camera.

5 Monotribes used. one for midi clock, 2 for space drums, 2 to process the Timbre Wolf in stereo."

New Behringer VC340 Demo by MrFirechild

Published on Feb 9, 2018 MrFirechild

"Behringer VC340 is a clone of the legendary Roland VP-330 Vocoder,Choir and String machine from the late 70s. This VC340 unit is a prototype but fully functional and the sound is to die for! Composed and produced by"

AniModule Cutting SMD Stencil from Common Aluminum Flashing for Line_Amp

Published on Feb 9, 2018 JRock17991

"Check Out Our Modules at:
I go through the steps for machining a new SMD stencil using common, household aluminum flashing"

Reverb ARP ODYSSEY Synth Collection Sample Pack .WAV Rik Marston NAMM 2018

Published on Feb 9, 2018 SynthgodXXX

"Reverb ARP ODYSSEY Synth Collection Sample Pack"
Synthesizer / Sampler Demo by Rik Marston **100% No Talking!!**
**Watch in HD!!** **Turn it UP!!**
All samples demoed here are available NOW at:

And 10 more AWESOME Synthesizer Sample Packs HERE:

Here is the budget-friendly Reverb ARP ODYSSEY
Synth Collection Sample Pack AUDIO DEMO IN ACTION!
Over 10 Minutes!!!

El Synthador 20180209 JD-Xi

Published on Feb 9, 2018 Ty Synthador

"This video is about Synthador 20180209 JD-Xi"

Had to add "El" to the title.

AE Modular-Tangible Waves with midi keyboard

Published on Feb 9, 2018 Dziam Bass

"AE Modular-Tangible Waves with midi keyboard shows how the oscillator plays with the midi keyboard and the light modulation of Lfo in the later minutes of the movie. delay comes from AE Modular in the standard Rack 2.
This is my improvisation with AE Modular and keyboard, more videos from AE Modular on my channel."

020918 - Modular sequencing the Alesis Andromeda

Published on Feb 9, 2018 Dimitrios Sismanis

"Modular sequencing the Alesis Andromeda via the ADDAC 222. Reverb from Meris Mercury7, delay from Strymon Timeline."

"All Those Moments" Digitone Day 2. Slow, dreamy pattern loop

Published on Feb 9, 2018 Lost For Words

"Digitone can make some gorgeous sounds. Here I've created a single looped pattern to try out evocative pads, bass and 80s bells.

The four track sounds started as carefully selected presets that I've edited quite a lot to get what I wanted but that's a great way to create your own sounds quickly.

Tonnes of delay and reverb, oh yes! (all from on-board the Digitone of course)"

Minimal Electro Jam (Roland Boutique TR-08 SH-01a & TB-03)

Published on Feb 9, 2018 Calle Nilsson

"Roland Boutique TR-08, SH-01a & TB-03. Recorded with the Roland Go:Mixer and iPhone 7 Plus."

Live 160bpm hard techno, Korg Monologue Minilogue Volca Roland TR8

Published on Feb 9, 2018 Tony Horgan

"This was so much fun to do! Played live with a Korg Monologue, Minilogue, Volca Kick, MicroKorg and Roland TR-8. I call this homage to classic trance "Lost In The Age Of Love" (respect to Legend B and Jam & Spoon for this inspiration)."

Arturia DX7 V - Exploring the Presets - Midiverse - TV

Published on Feb 9, 2018 Midiverse - TV

"Welcome to Midiverse - TV! Today we're going to be checking out some presets from the Arturia DX7 V. Let's check it out!"

"Flight Path Data" Moog Mother 32 + Moog DFAM x 2 + Korg Volca Sample demo

Published on Feb 9, 2018 Mattelica

"Live take of an original track with the Moog Mother 32 and 2 DFAMs to a Hall of Fame Reverb pedal + a Korg Volca Sample to a Roland VS 880 multitracker to a Yamaha MG10xu mixer to a Canon 6D + 50mm 1.4"

Critter & Guitari - Zone for Organelle

Published on Feb 9, 2018 Critter & Guitari

"Zone is a polyphonic wavetable synth that blends waveforms. Waveforms are presented in a quadrant on the Organelle screen. A movable cursor shows which waveform is selected. Control the X and Y position of the cursor and automate it with an LFO. We connected the Organelle to a MIDI keyboard and MIDI sequencer (Boss DR-770) for more note-level control, and used a Boss DD-5 digital delay for a little extra magic."

0-Coast Ambient: memory thread

Published on Feb 9, 2018 C Nich0lls

"analogue and digital memory loom

Analogue improvisation with Makenoise 0-Coast, Korg SQ-1, Strymon TimeLine

Korg SQ-1

One take, live recoding of Makenoise 0-Coast
initial patch was self-generating

Motif played back from Korg SQ-1, Row A

SQ-1 in Gate on/off mode, gates modified through recording (8 steps)
Controls 0-Coast via MIDI

Tempo controlled from SQ-1
CLK out to Slope Trig In
Slope also set to cycle
Random CV out to Voltage Math in
Voltage Math out to Contour Dcy and Ovrtn in
Slope out to Lin FM in
MIDI B CV out to Balance In (TRI LFO)
Both Contour and Slope generate irregular envelopes through interaction of cycle and trigger behaviors
Balance, Overtone and Multiply pots are adjusted through performance
Short use of audio rate Slope

Strymon Timleine
Custom preset, ICE delays"

The NDLR Feb 2018 dev update

Published on Feb 9, 2018 Conductive Labs

"Steve gives us a look at some of the user interface and feature tuning he has recently completed (as of February 2018)."

Behringer DeepMind6 x 4 Song

Published on Feb 9, 2018 Oscillator Sink

"While I'm learning my way around the (incredibly deep) synthesis available on the DeepMind6 I'm making sure that I'm not losing track of the fact that this thing is an incredibly inspiring musical instrument.

To that end here's a little song featuring 4 layers of DeepMind6. Everything you hear (including all effects) is coming direct from the DeepMind, with no additional effects added in post.

If you enjoy the patches rest assured that tutorials, patch building videos and indeed patch packs are on their way for this little beast!"

Cool Synth Ts from K-TOYS!

Check them out here!

You can also find their banner on the right, here on MATRIXSYNTH.

Cool take on Joy Division's first album, Unknown Pleasures.

The T-shirts are also available in white.

Star Trek VI Used an Oberheim DX Drum Machine as Control Prop

Check this out. The sliders and buttons match up perfectly, including the red and white. Star Trek VI came out in 1991. The DX came out in 1982. Be sure to also check out the Synths in TV and Film posted back in 2007.

via swissdoc, via @esuenuesu

"Star Trek VI at 1:38:32: The Enterprise navigation system is based on a vintage Oberheim DX Drum Machine.🥁"

And two more below from

Access Virus Indigo Demo

Published on Feb 9, 2018 Chris Bran

"Hi. This is my trance piece of music made some time ago using Cubase SX2. Every sound in this piece comes from my Virus B Indigo, except for drums which are just samples. Enjoy!"

Yamaha DX7 – Legendary electronic music, Jean Michael Jarre Oxygene and Vangelis Blade Runner Blues

Published on Feb 9, 2018 Power DX7

"This is a Yamaha DX7 music video of re-creating those legendary electronic music by two legendary musicians and composers, Jean Michael Jarre and Vangelis.

Jean Michael Jarre - Oxygene Part 2 (short version) – I created a short demo of the famous electronic music with a lot of analog synthesizers used in the original score. I used the DX7 MK1 to re-create analog bells, percussive sound, metallic sound and pitch bending sound. The original score also features a beautiful analog strings/pad sound, and I created the DX7 version that is equally beautiful. There is also another beautiful pad that used for a release sound for the saw percussive sound. What I love the most is the amazingly beautiful analog pad (I’m a sucker for beautiful pads/ strings). That is the reason why I love Oxygene Part 2, as it features this beautiful pad/ strings.

Vangelis - Blade Runner Blues (Full Length) – This project of re-creating this beautiful music/ sound track from the original (and the best) Blade Runner started by great friends of mine asking me about Yamaha CS-80 type lead sounds. Once I remembered that beautiful sound track in Blade Runner (watched many years ago), I decided to challenge myself to re-create the whole music using only the DX7 MK1. It took me many months of tweaking DX7 patches, listening to the sound track, transcribing music to Logic Pro X, recording many takes and mastering for the final version.

It features the famous Yamaha CS-80 lead, another great Yamaha CS-80 harmonic rich and gritty saw type pad (I just love pads and strings!), Yamaha GS-1 vibe, and a window rattler bass.
For viewing enjoyment, I put photos of city night scenes taken in the city of Melbourne in Australia (what a beautiful city with full of interesting features).

By re-creating those legendary electronic music, the DX7 proves itself that it’s an amazingly capable and versatile synthesizer (and really great at producing beautiful pads!!!).

So relax and enjoy the legendary electronic/ synthesizer music re-created by Yamaha DX7 MK1.

Note: All the DX7 sounds are Power DX7 original patches created using the DX7 MK1 only (no editor). Effects including reverb, chorus, flanger and delay are used for some patches. No equalizers are used for all of the DX7 patche."

DIY analogue synth project (The SEM VCF 4 Pole prototype Test Demo 02 with JD 990)

Published on Feb 9, 2018 Adamski A.

"Here is a second video exploring polyphonic tones of the JD 990 run through the 4 pole SEM type filter, a few more demos to come on this subject, please feedback and comment regardless if you like or dislike ."

Teenage Engineering OP-1 sequencing Buchla Music Easel

Published on Feb 9, 2018 Red Idiot

"Maybe I’m the only one interested, but here we go. To control the Buchla with the OP-1 with with external clock might seem like an easy thing to do, but for me it took a great deal of research.

To begin with, my BEMI Easel from 2015 has been really hard to control with external pitch cv. If I calibrate the 208 to work with the 218 keyboard it's no longer 1.2v/oct. The midi is crap and freezes easily. And besides that I want to control the two oscillators independently. To get the tuning right I amplify the 1v/oct signal through an AniModule Line_Amp Eurorack module and then calibrate the Buchla with the pitch cv slider.

The clock is coming from the computer to the OP-1 through a Kenton USB midi host. From the Kenton box i connect the OP-1 via usb. The midi out is going to a Kenton MCV4 to convert midi to CV. These boxes are hidden inside the Eurorack case. The pulse cv is then going into the pulse in of the Buchla. The pitch is going to each oscillator.

The OP-1 audio signal is going into the aux in of the Buchla, so I can switch between the sound of the Buchla oscillator and the OP-1. I use the arpeggiator of the OP-1 in this video.

Drums are samples coming from Logic (gotta love the Maestro).

I also use some Eurorack modules. The Buchla get’s an LFO on the timbre section from the Dixie II. The Disting mkIII switches the octave on the Buchla. Peaks converts the gate signal to trigger. The PCV1 converts 3,5 mm to banana plugs. Not used in the video is the Quantum Rainbow noise module.

The sound from the Buchla gets a touch of Soundtoys Echoboy Jr in the mix.

Sorry about the crappy camera work.
I’m happy to answer questions if anyone is struggling with similar challenges!"

Neneh Cherry- Buffalo Stance- Luke Neptune remix LIVE

Published on Feb 9, 2018 Luke Neptune

"Taken from rehearsals 2018"

DSI Prophet-6, Novation Mono Circuit, Roland TR-8, Akai MPC Live.

Slow tempo x minimal techno (Juno60)

Published on Feb 9, 2018 Simon Chauvin

Juno 60 / RE-501 / sub37 / Ob6 / Analog Rytm

[Week6] Monument

Published on Feb 9, 2018 Optimistic

DSI Prophet '08 & MFB Dominion 1

New Behringer Vocoder VC340 is Complete

You might remember the assembled pics of the upcoming Behringer VC340 Vocoder (Roland VP-330 clone). This new image to the left is a working version in the hands of MrRirechild. Demos will follow soon.

Click on the image for the full size shot.


Published on Feb 9, 2018 John L Rice

5U Modular Synth Voice #1:
Mos-Lab 921ABBB VCO set
STG Soundlabs Mixer
Grove Audio G294A VCF
Mos-Lab 911 EG x 2
Mos-Lab 902 VCA

5U Modular Synth Voice #2:
Synthetic Sound Labs 1200 VCO
Corsynth C103 MkI frequency divider
Moon Modular 517S VCF
Synthetic Sound Labs 1235 EG/VCA

Both voices controlled/played by a
GRP Synthesizer R24 sequencer

The GRP R24 was controlled by the Roland TR-505 drum machine via MIDI.

Effects were:
Strymon Big Sky and Timeline pedals
Roland RSP-550

Video clips by CampAttack Visuals and licensed through

Thanks for watching! :-)

Experiment Forty Eight

Published on Feb 8, 2018 Oliver Dodd

"A Video Series of Short Eurorack Modular Synthesizer Impromptu Experiments and Improvisations exploring ambient, experimental and drone."

Musical Serge Drone (CGS BOG Modular Synth) #TTNM

Published on Feb 9, 2018 The Tuesday Night Machines

"Using only the BOG Serge panel this time to patch a musical drone.


PixelNoises Synth T-Shirts by The Tuesday Night Machines:


Audio gear used:
Best of CGS BOG Serge Boat
... and some Zoom R16 Reverb

Patch Notes:
The two NCOs and a DUSG act as audio oscillators, which cross-modulate each other in various ways. The two slow and unsynced Utility LFOs are modulation sources and their square waves make the NCOs change pitch, which creates beating patterns sometimes, depending on the overall modulation. Then I play with the filter which receives the mix of all three audio sources."

Monome Arc Encounters by Craig Anthony Perkins

Monome Arc - First Encounter from Craig Anthony Perkins on Vimeo.

"First encounter with the Monome Arc. Coincidentally, the card I randomly pulled from my box of Oblique Strategies said 'Abandon normal instruments'. That's got to be a sign..."

Monome Arc - Second Encounter (Eurorack version) from Craig Anthony Perkins on Vimeo.

"A short, quick second encounter with the Monome Arc, this time with a small Eurorack setup consisting of the Monome Ansible module, Mutable Instruments Rings + Clouds, Make Noise Morphagene, and the Erica Synths Black Hole DSP."

Yamaha DX7 - The Synthesizer that Defined the '80s

Published on Feb 8, 2018 Polyphonic

"Huge thanks to Yamaha's synthesizer team for helping me put this video together. They gave me a ton of resources and helped me with my researches. This video wouldn't have happened without them.

Music by Pracs:"

Novation Circuit Synthesis Engine guided tour

Published on Jan 27, 2018 Nu-Trix The Synth Guy

"The Novation Circuit has 2 Nova Synths. Those synth are surprisingly powerful. The original Nova synth where part of the first generation of virtual analogue synths.
Using the Isotonik software editor ( you can unlock the full power of the Circuit. In this video I guide you through it's synthesis features."

Waldorf Rocket Synthesizer guided synthesis walkthrough.

Published on Feb 9, 2018 Nu-Trix The Synth Guy

"I bought myself a Waldorf Rocket synthesizer. It's a small synth brain that packs a punch. It has a Virtual analogue Oscillator combined with a real analogue filter. One top of that is hase one LFO, an Arp and an audio VCF in. It has no memory. What you see it what you get.
It has a warm Waldorf sound. But don't take my world for it. Have a listen in the video."

Behringer Model D Demo Song & Sound by Pure Ambient Drone

Published on Feb 9, 2018 Pure Ambient Drone

"Behringer Model D demo song. Nothing big just a short demo of the Behringer Model D and how it sounds in a mix using nothing but it and a drum machine."

Behringer Model D Sounds

Published on Feb 8, 2018 Pure Ambient Drone

"Behringer Model D Sounds. Just messing around with the Behringer Model D and checking out the sounds."

Clavia Nord Lead 2 demo

Published on Feb 9, 2018 Chris Bran

"Hello, I have uploaded my old piece of music made on Nord Lead 2
called "Cheerful Synth" In the moddle of the song I processed the final track with some additive effects. Hence the radical change of sound.
Hope you'll enjoy listening to it. Cheers !"

Atmegatron Odytron Soulsby Synthesizers & Space Spiral Delay demo

Published on Feb 9, 2018 Dziam Bass

"Atmegatron Odytron Soulsby Synthesizers demo shows Atmegatron Odytron with several functions on the sequence. a few modulations adding noise and more..add Earthquaker Devices Space Spiral delay"

Synthesis Technology - E370 4 Voice Sample Player Techno

Published on Feb 9, 2018 DivKidVideo

"I posted a video with this patch on my Instagram - - and I think people thought it was just the synth sound coming from the E370 ... but no! Kick, snare/percussion, open hat and synth sound. Each of the four voices are in sample player mode and I've used Wave Edit (software) to turn single shot sounds into samples. More videos with the E370 coming soon, include a deeper look at the sample player and the various FM options as well."

Digitakt OS 1.05 Released

"Digitakt OS 1.05 is now available for download from …. This update addresses a number of bugs — including the MIDI freeze issue — and introduces a few workflow improvements. Please refer to the release notes for a full list of changes."

List of changes from OS 1.04 to 1.05 Improvements

Sound pool is added to the project. It is now possible to use sound locks on sequencer steps.
Previewing Sounds in the Sound browser temporarily disables the [FUNC] + [UP/DOWN] page scrolling.
Encoder click sensitivity is adjusted for better usability.
The Track level graphics is now differentiated from other volume parameters graphics.
There is now an indication that tells if the user tries to load a sample which exceeds available RAM in size.
The active track indicator now has inverted graphics.
The active page name is shown in the title bar when changing pages.
Added a new Storage view to see the used/total amount of memory and the number of projects, Sounds, and samples. The Storage view is available in the SYSTEM menu.
LFO speed parameter snaps to powers of two.
Added sysex dump functionality.
Added warning when trying to load more samples than there are slots available.

Bug fixes


Published on Feb 9, 2018 Resonant Anvil

"MOS-LAB Model 15 and Strymon Big Sky."

SYNTRONIK - The V80 (Yamaha CS80) Instrument - Demo for the iPad

Published on Feb 9, 2018 thesoundtestroom

iTunes: Syntronik - IK Multimedia


via this auction


via this auction

Teisco SX-210 Vintage Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer w/ Original Gig Bag

via this auction

Posting this one for the pics, and mainly for the one of that cool retro space-silver branded gig bag.  This one does need work.  Note the listing states there is no sign of leakage around the battery, but I'm seeing a bit of corrosion, and you can see a crack in the board on the right.

Cheetah MS6 Vintage Multi Timbral Analog Synthesizer SN B1019812

via this auction

"Cheetah MS6 Multitimbral Analog Synthesizer Module, produced in UK in the '80s. It's famous for having the same sound chips (CEM 3396) as the Oberheim Matrix 6/6R and Matrix 1000, but with multitimbral feature.

The unit has just been restored with new capacitors and internal battery replaced, and is in fully working condition. No noticeable scratch noise or bad contacts on the buttons and switches."

Yamaha AN1X

via this auction

"Yamaha AN1x - a véry nice VA Synth.
10 notes of polyphony, 8 knobs, and a great arpeggiator!"

Roland Juno 106 Synthesizer SN 566880

via via this auction

Moog Mother 32

via this auction

Novation K-Station

via this auction

KORG DW-8000 | "Analog Pearl" 64 Custom Presets

Published on Feb 9, 2018 chronosproject

"'Analog Pearl' Soundset is here! 64 custom patches for for wonderfull vintage machine.

Korg DW-8000 is a great 33 years old vintage synth with deep sound & midi onboard.

While some people thinking that interface is limited - we made deep vintage strings,
warm pads & swells,fat basses,prophet 5 style leads & musical bells and plucks & fx to show that this machine is Deep!

All the sounds in this song made 100% with DW with no external fx - only mixing volumes & a bit limiting on master section.

You will get 64 highly usable presets in midi & syx format.


List of sounds:

Sitiveni - Dalliance (Riamiwo Remix Ableton Livesession) / Riamiwo StudioVlog 76

Published on Feb 9, 2018 riamiwovideos

"Celebrating one year of the incredible label Somatic Records from London. I made a remix of the very first track Dalliance by Sitiveni which was released one year ago.

Get this track for free :)

Synths in this jamsession:
Roland SH-01a
Roland TR-08
Roland TR-09
Roland JP-08
Roland CX-03
Moog Sub37.

Filmed with:
Sony a6300
Sony Nex 5t
Sony Nex 3
Panasonic 757"

"Stranger Tones" Obligatory Stranger Things theme to test out new Elektron Digitone

Published on Feb 9, 2018 Lost For Words

"Digitone arrived yesterday. I don't know much about FM synthesis so after a bit of playing about I thought I'd try this to test out the synth voices and Digitone sequencer, arpeggiator and LFOs."

Roland SR-JV80 expansion - important fix(!)

Published on Feb 9, 2018 Don Solaris

Music: Suit&TieGuy

Echochorus // Live @ Erica Synths Garage take 2

Published on Feb 9, 2018 Erica Synths

"Echochorus is an experiment in Dub Techno and Minimal Techno led by Kirils Lomunovs, Latvia based multi genre sound and video artist, also known as vintage analog synth expert, who works in the field of experimental electronic and analog music and has been a part of the alternative scene in Latvia since the early 90-ties. During the years, in a search of a novel sound, deep electronic and analog sound exploration led Kirils Lomunovs to participate and establish several dissimilar musical projects such as Kriipis Tulo, Astrowind and Echochorus. His music was published in Germany, Italy, France, Denmark, Turkey, Spain, USA and Ukraine. Four of Echochorus albums (Alley, Aelita, Ayahuasca Experience Live and Matu Ausis) were published during 2012 and 2013 in Paris, France.

Visuals by Freska

MORE:" - SHUTTLE Cover by Decksaver

Published on Feb 9, 2018 TheEndorphines

"As artists, it has always been a headache when it comes to transporting a live setup to venues and of course if it is your modular synth and all the exposed wires to worrying about and all the modules getting damaged.
Now you can be assured and confident about tonight's gig because we have the solution for protecting your SHUTTLE. Now you can travel without any danger of the complex patches or the modules getting damaged or disconnected with the new polycarbonate shockproof SHUTTLE Cover by DECKSAVER​.
- closes patched
- fits any screws
- fits any Frap Tools​ 2x Plus (84 hp) cases with customs Shuttle sides (available as a kit)
- secured with Velcro strip
- available next week from the dealers

Music by Principal Uno ("

Behringer Model D - Sequenced + Delay & Highpass with Overdrive etc.

Published on Feb 2, 2018 umusic6

"Small sequence showing the Behringer Model D running through my vintage Boss BE-5 digital delay, creating some syncopations."

Behringer Model D - Sequenced Highpass with Overdrive etc.

Published on Feb 9, 2018 umusic6

"Short sequence with a sound using highpass mode of the BMD filter. It's still strange to me how it reacts to filter feedback ...
Ran this through some processing, so not the raw sound in this video."

GRP A4 sequence 3:1

Published on Feb 9, 2018 Klang Zaun

"This sequence was made with the mighty GRP A4 synthesizer. 2 oscillators receive different notes. 1 oscillator just receives the gates.

I have added some reverb and delay. The sequence is transposed via midi.

I am wearing gloves because my special fx team instructed me to do so. However the effect became less dramatically as I have used it under daylight. ... doh ..."

DU BOUT DES DOIGTS (interview) - thérémine et ombromanie

Published on Feb 9, 2018 Therminal C I C Ehinger

"Sans rien toucher, leurs mains créent des sons et des images dans l’espace. DU BOUT DES DOIGTS est un projet hybride entre concert, spectacle et performance, autour de deux arts atypiques et méconnus : l’ombromanie et le thérémine. Deux mots aux consonances assez proches ; deux arts qui possèdent une même approche : ne rien toucher, laisser les mains « libres ». Libres de mouvement, libres de créer dans l’espace, mais d’une manière très précise.

Interview de Philippe Beau et Coralie Ehinger lors de la résidence à la Gaîté Lyrique, avant la première du spectacle (29.10.17).

Un spectacle réalisé en coproduction avec la Gaîté Lyrique (Paris), dans le cadre du programme Capitaine Future - 2017, avec le soutien de ProHelvetia.

Ombre : Philippe Beau
Musique : Coralie Ehinger

Captation vidéo : Gaîté Lyrique
Montage vidéo : Coralie Ehinger"

The Fall

Published on Feb 8, 2018 Worwell

Lyra 8
Big Sky

Patch n Tweak

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