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Monday, August 26, 2019

STAR'S END: Jason Sloan live-to-air (excerpt) 25 August 2019

Published on Aug 26, 2019 Chuck van Zyl

"Jason Sloan's secret pleasure may be of the Berlin-School variety. His clean lined minimalism delivers a potent atmosphere of mechanized machine mystery and dreaming, breathing idyll - filling the mind in four dimensions. With a powerful intellectual undercurrent coursing beneath his realizations, his music urgently pushes into darkness. Slow melodies offer vague narrative, but only its receiver knows whatever drama this work may tell. As a pulsing echoing energy occupies the center of our attention, breathing chords extend and recede, and deepen our mental journey. While a steadily turning sequencer pulse drives a linear flow, and Sloan's power of imagination takes us on unexpected excursions. From primitive utterances lost in the night, and passages of sound horde stillness, to cycling, circling tone patterns moving steadily outward - he implies formal and spatial boundlessness... resulting in an endless, formless thought zone.

Recorded live on the 25 August 2019 broadcast of STAR'S END Ambient Radio on WXPN 88.5FM in Philadelphia

Audio recorded by Roycee Martin
Video by Chuck van Zyl"

Nord Modular G2, eurorack, Waldorf Blofeld keyboard and desktop (by the Eventide H9), and a Korg M1.

The Moog Synthesizer (To Tell the Truth) - Bob Moog on The Dating Game?!

Published on Aug 25, 2019 RodneyGuitarsplat

"Will the Real Robert Moog Please Stand Up !
(I do not have copyright to this, it is for educational purpose only)"

Just kidding on the The Dating Game of course. It just reminded me of it. :) I pick the Minimoog!

Crumar Looking to Produce a New Synth

Pictured: the Crumar Seven digital piano.

It appears Crumar is getting back into synths:

"Hi everybody. The time has come, we're approaching our first synthesizer, but things have changed quite a bit since the old Crumar made their last known synth, the Spirit. We'd like to start from where our ancestors stopped. To do so, we need your help. Please take this short survey (click the link above), just a few questions to help us understand your preferences. This would be the best starting point for us.
Thank you all."

You can find the questionnaire here.

Arturia Matrixbrute Arp+Seq Mode Presets (Seqs Machine Soundset)

Published on Aug 26, 2019 Anton Anru

"Get the collection of Arps & Seqs for your Arturia Matrixbrute.

'Seqs Machine' soundset includes:
16 Arps
16 Seqs
16 Arp+Seqs
16 Duo Splits
Get the patches:

Each preset has Mod Wheel and 4 Macros modulations, that gives you an opportunity for creative tweaking during a performance/jam, as well as fast and easy automation inside your DAW.

For sending the presets to your MatrixBrute use Arturia Midi Control Center."

Roland 100m 191J RACK SN 051887

via this auction

"Excellent condition 191J Rack. It's rare to find these, especially one in this condition. Will be disassembled for shipping.
Each side panel, top and main box will be wrapped separately in ample bubble wrap and packed carefully.

The box is 24" x 16" x 10" and weighs 16 pounds 4 oz."

Roland 100m 110 VCO-VCF-VCA SN 750108

via this auction

"Power cable and screws included. An ideal expansion module for any size system."


via this auction

"Power cable and screws included. The 132 module is rare and indispensable for a two cabinet system."

Peavey Spectrum Analog Filter Synth Rack

via this auction

"Peavey Spectrum Analog Filter Synth Rack - Pretty rare. In good working condition...

Features include:

Classic analog 4-pole filter design
VCF envelope
VCA envelope
100 programmable presets
Easy parameter editing using rotary controls
MIDI controllable
Programmable 3-channel input mixer
Audio trigger input
Adjustable trigger threshold
Single rack space
Instrument and Line TS inputs
CV and Pedal Control
MIDI In/Out/Thru"

Red Roland SH-101

via this auction


Yamaha AN-200 Analog Physical Modeling Desktop Control Synthesizer

via this auction, also on Reverb

"Yamaha AN-200 Analog Physical Modeling Desktop Control Synthesizer in 100% working condition."

Malekko Wiard Oscillator

via this auction

"Malekko Wiard oscillator with gargoyles. Works and sounds great. Some signs of wear but overall in great condition."

Maximun gangrene for glorious amputation

Published on Aug 26, 2019 sector

"A little jam at a fisherman shelter caved in Lipari cliff."

Sequential In The Spotlight Interview with NERO BELLUM

You can find the interview on Sequential's website here.

"Nero Bellum is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, performer, sound designer, and composer living in Los Angeles, California known primarily for his work as vocalist and sole songwriter of the internationally acclaimed act Psyclon Nine. He is also the live synthesist of Skold (Tim Skold of Marilyn Manson/KMFDM solo project).

We chatted with Nero on how he’s using Sequential’s instruments in his music."

You can find previous posts featuring Sequential's Spotlight series here.

GEOSynths - Synth Show Reviews - Sequential Prophet 12

Published on Aug 26, 2019 GEOSynths

"If you like Modulation and lots of possibilities to shape a sound, then take a look at the Prophet 12. Yes, there's been new Synths since it came out in 2013, but it does things that others can't.

So, I get asked the same sort of question over and over, which is "This Synth vs That Synth vs That one". Now I decided to a Sound designers Review of 10 Synths that I have made Banks of Patches for and come up with 5 areas to go over and to to give them a score out of 20, for a final total.

These are:

Features - 16
Workflow - 16
Sound Design - 15
Versatility - 14
Value For money - 13

Prophet 12 gets - 74/100"

UK Garage on the Novation Circuit

Published on Aug 26, 2019 Gabe Miller Music

"A UK Garage / chillstep song on the Novation Circuit, made using Yves Big City's ridiculously versatile Chiptune Dreams pack.
Background ambient sound source:"

haQ attaQ: My most used Synth Apps are 5 years old

Published on Aug 26, 2019 Jakob Haq

"It's been 5 years since these two Synth apps came out for iPad and I am still using them. They're simply my most favourite ones when it come to iOS synth apps. But what is it that makes so good? What is it about them that I like so much? Well, In this haQ attaQ episode I am attempting to explain what it is that keeps me coming back to these two synths and also why you might want to get them yourself."

Meng Qi Wing Pinger Nü

Published on Aug 26, 2019 Meng Qi

via Meng Qi Music

"This is a special model - Wing Pinger Nü.

“Nü” is the pronunciation of “Female” in Chinese. I believe arts come from female nature, from subconscious, perception, emotions, freedom and chaos.
Technically :
The internal dual chromatic touch keyboards have 2 modes :

1) PINGING - keyboard pings filters;
2) PINGED - arpeggiation with filter pings as clock, with optional latch.

Recording Dark Techno Clap through Roland Re-201 Space Echo Tape delay.

Published on Aug 26, 2019 Sound Provider

"In this video Leonard de Leonard is recording a clap through his vintage Roland Re 201 Space Echo Analog Tape delay during the mix of one of his future Techno release for is duo with La Fraicheur.
The original clap have already a lot of reverb , even if he add even more with the Spring reverb of the Space Echo.
Feel free to check Sound Provider website if you want more info about Mix / Mastering service or our soundbank"

Simmons SDSV on top, but the sample is actually coming form a heavily processed Roland TR-909.

Eurorack Acid test feat Acidlab m303 ( tb303 clone) and Toraiz Squid

Published on Aug 24, 2019 Sound Provider

"In this little video Leonard de Leonard, the boss of Sound Provider is working here on some routine for his next Dawless live /track and sound bank around the the Super acid M303 eurorack Module from Acidlab
Acid sequence by toraiz Squid from Pioneer with lot of random feat , Tb-303 Sound by Acidlab M303 in Touellskouarn Strakal Brulu fuzz and Synthrotek Echo,Modulation by Peg fom 4ms."

E-MU Systems Emulator II Model 6028 SN 364

via this auction

Korg Mono/Poly SN 377726 w/ Modypoly Upgrade

via this auction

"Fully serviced, ready to use !
One of the best mono synthesizer ever made
Modypoly mod installed, a lot of new features available :

- sustain, sequencer, new keyboards modes (random poly, 2 voices, 3 voices)
and a lot more or possibilities.
- MIDI in/out

The synthesizer has been cleaned, serviced and calibrated :
- All the potentiometer have been individually cleaned and lubricated.
- The PSU board has been recapped.
- The Vco's have been calibrated
- Full calibration to the closest factory specifications."

Modypoly upgrade by Tubbutec.

Serge Custom Eurorack 420hp

via this auction

This system is in a Pittsburg Modular 360 Structure case, with an 86hp control Moog skiff used for secondary DUSG, and TKB.

Most items were purchases new in the last year. Always racked with washers.

Modules Included:

R*S 8-stage Sequencer/Programmer
R*S Active Pro
MA DTM CP3 Style Mixer
MA Mix
Elby Designs Serge ASR
Elby Designs ES75 Serge Voltage Controlled slope
R*S N Com
Elby Designs Serge Quantizer
2X R*S Variable Q VCF
Elby Designs Serge Random Voltage
R*S Serge Resonant EQ
R*S Serger Ring Modulator
ARC Effects Serge Dual Processor
R*S SSG Smooth and Stepped Generator
2X R*S New Timbral Oscillator
Serge Resonant EQ Mk II / CGS202
Arc Effects Serge TKB
R*S Triple Waveshaper
R*S Variable Slope VCF
R*S Wave Multiplier
R*S Stereo Mixer

R*S = Random Source

Analogue Solutions Telemark / MegaCity Semi Modular Synth & Cv Midi Sequencer

via this auction

Installing Modules in the Intellijel Palette Case

Published on Aug 26, 2019 Intellijel

"The compact size and slim form factor of the 62HP Intellijel Palette case can make it a little tricky to access the board to connect your modules. This video demonstrates a few tips to make things easier.

#intellijel #eurorack #modular #synthesizer"

Into the Breach: Synth Covers

Published on Aug 26, 2019 Hyperobjeckt Synths

0:00 Open a Breach
2:26 Antiquity Row
5:30 A.C.I.D.

"Into the Breach is my favorite game of 2018, with a killer soundtrack by Ben Prunty. While playing it I kept thinking... what would this music sound like on synths and drum machines?

I wanted these covers to have a distinct feel that is different from the original music. So where the game's soundtrack mostly uses string instruments and minimal percussion, I hooked up 6 synthesizers, 2 drum machines, and a sampler. For the arrangement, I went more aggressive with prominent drums and a healthy amount of distortion.

Each song was recorded in two parts: one using the instruments on the desk and one using the instruments on the stool. These were recorded multitracked and then combined in REAPER. Here's the specific gear I used:
Roland D-05
Roland TR-8
Korg Monologue
Korg Minilogue
Korg Volca Drum
Korg Volca Modular
Korg Volca Keys
Korg Volca Bass
Korg Volca Sample
Korg Volca Mix
Zoom MS70-CDR
Soundcraft Signature 12MTK"

NOBODY SMOKES FOR FREE// Vocoder Jam, Roland VT-4, Yamaha DX-7

Published on Aug 26, 2019 MR TUNA Music

You've been coming over here
Smokin' all my weed
But I thought I made it clear
Nobody smokes for free

Techno jam with Korg MS-20

Published on Aug 26, 2019 once upon a synth

"This is just a little single-take 'live' techno jam featuring the MS-20 on bass-ish, the Arturia Solina V and some Moogerfoogers processing the MS-20. The MS-20 is being sequenced by the Korg SQ-1 which is synced to Ableton. The drums come from Ableton Live."

Synthesizer Show & Tell | Korg Poly800 | Part 2

Part 2 added here.

Softube Parallels

Parallels – Sound Examples – Softube SoftubeStudios

0:00 Chinese Garden
0:58 Ambience
2:18 Environment
3:06 IDM
3:35 Transgression

Softube Parallels


Published on Aug 26, 2019 Superbooth Official

"MODGEIST - aspiring improvising modular artist from France, who already inspired at last year's SUPERBOOTH18."

Just Sounds / Little Music Boxes: Back Seat Beats with Volca Sample

Published on Aug 25, 2019 Noisegate

"Little Music Boxes gets introspective with a Korg Volca Sample on the way to the airport. Where do you like to get your battery-powered jam on?"

Videos from Little Music Boxes:

Published on Aug 26, 2019 Little Music Boxes

Yamaha - pulse - Milan Design Week 2019 report

Published on Aug 25, 2019 Yamaha_Global

"Video reports from the 'pulse – Milan Design Week 2019' event at which we exhibited in April 2019.

We welcomed over 27,000 visitors over a six day period, the most of any of the design exhibitions outside Japan in which we have participated.
Thank you very much for coming to see us."

"Exhibition Concept

Yamaha Design Laboratory makes a return to Milan Design Week—one of the world’s largest design-related events—for the first time in 11 years. The Laboratory’s exhibition, titled pulse, will feature four sound-related installations that highlight the pleasure found within complex mental and physical states.

For four years, from 2005 to 2008, Yamaha Design Laboratory presented designs showcasing the Yamaha world view at Milan Design Week. Directly experiencing the responses of attendees from around the world helped the Laboratory to further develop its design philosophy and more clearly define the identity of Yamaha design. Now, for the first time in 11 years, the Laboratory will once again participate in the event, exhibiting four new designs that showcase Yamaha’s world view.

For the theme of the exhibition, the Laboratory chose pulse, a word that expresses the beating of the heart, the rush of excitement, and by extension our emotions. Through its design of musical instruments and more, Yamaha has made an impact on the pulse of its customers by offering a richness that is complex and full of contradictions: the differing perspectives of the players and the audience, the difficulty and enjoyment that come with practice, or the feeling of oneness with one’s instrument when absorbed in a performance.
Further refining the appeal to the pulse of the performers, creators and listeners, this exhibition will feature four designs that each offer an experience that is uniquely captivating. These experiences will make the heart race by highlighting the pleasure found within complex mental and physical states for which a word as simple as "emotions" falls short."


"Pianissimo Fortissimo

Pianissimo Fortissimo is a wall-mounted piece that can be played like a musical instrument. Standing in front of a large painting sometimes inspires the feeling of being part of the world it depicts… what would it be like to be able to interact with that world?
If you could create real-life musical performances while immersed in this pictorial world, perhaps you might feel a deeper emotional connection to it…


Patch n Tweak

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