MATRIXSYNTH: Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Something New Coming from Tabor

"Tabor, bringing everyone to music with wearables..."

Two hints I can share:

MIDI and Bluetooth.

This should be interesting, and something many have been waiting for.

The Melting Thought

Published on Jan 5, 2016 John L Rice

"This is just more of the same patch from my previous video 'One Half Of One Million' [here] with some tweeks/changes and additional modules patched in like a SSL Scat-Talker, Moon Modular 569 sequencer, Modcan 69B scanner, Happy Nerding FM AIDs and Synth Tech MOTM-101 noise source. Of course, more digital Mellotron noodling."

DNA Symbiotic Waves

Published on Jan 5, 2016 drumasaurusrex

"This modular jam features voicing that is accomplished entirely by the Pittsburgh Modular DNA Symbiotic Waves. All three outputs from the DNA-SW are routed to a 6 channel mixer (Blue Lantern Sir Mixalot). One set of the three channels are run through three separate low-pass gates (two channels of Optomix and one passivac). The rhythmic gates are provided by the Time Runner and the Intellijel Plog processing logic of Time Runner gates and feeding back into the TR logic input. Whole shebang is routed out through Synthrotek Eko."

DNA Symbiotic Waves and 3TrinsRGB+1c

Vintage OBERHEIM OB-1 Analog Monophonic Synthesizer

via this auction

This one needs work, but the cat gets the post. Pics of the inside (the synth) below.

"As is no returns no exchanges no refunds. Vintage electronics needs cleaning,restoration and calibration. Not fully working. VCO 1 FUND & VCO 2 FUND & OCT do not appear to make a sound. Noise and VCO 1 OCT appear to function and all other controls have an effect on the sound. All keys sound but will need cleaning. No battery is in the unit and i am unsure if the PROGRAM section will store/retrieve your 8 personal presets.

My favorite monosynth of all time. Your chance to get one cheap and repair yourself or get a trustworthy tech. "

Korg DW-6000 Demo

Published on Jan 5, 2016 geerefamilyusa

"Synth veteran Richard Geere demos the Korg DW-6000. Custom patches with no external effects."

Deep 8BP Dive

Published on Jan 5, 2016 Frank Murder

"Getting ready to record a track and looking for sweet spots and good transitions so I figured why not record it..."

Another Waldorf NAMM Teaser: The Cheese Speaking Vocoder?

Another via

OK, now it's just getting silly, or dare we say... cheesy? Teasers of the teaser.  Nice Cheeze knob.   There's also a "mauldunst" labeled one below.

"Sprechkäse (talking cheese)
makes not even sense in German, but..

White noise generator
Pulse oscillator (0-1 khz).
16 Filters
14 x 6th order active bandpass
1 x lowpass
1 x highpass
16 Envelope followers and modulators.

looks like some1 had real fun! ;) we start not to believe it or some1 wants to confuse us and think.. noooo, that’s not real.. huh?


since you can so more nonsense with it..
is that an anagram? ask your german friends – this isn’t even a name, it’s just something you might want to clean your teeth after.."

New NAMM Rumor: Waldorf Kassettenspieler Desktop Tape Loop Synthesizer Coming to NAMM?

Spotted this one on This is of course only a rumor at this point, but you never know. Waldorf of did release the Streichfett desktop string synthesizer, as well as the Zarenbourg electric piano, so a mellotronesque desktop synth wouldn't be all that far-fetched.

"Waldorf 'Kassettenspieler'

Tapeloop Synthesizer
inspired by the legendary sounds of tape machines
Upload any kind of samples
– ARM Processor
– Analog Multimode Filter
– 128 GB Internal Flash Memory
– Stereo Output
– USB connection for transferring samples
– MIDI In and Out
– Software Editor for samples
– Digital FX section with Reverb/Phaser from Streichfett plus Tape Delay and Vacuum Distortion emulation
– 12 Memory Location (same as Streichfett)

as you can see it is more like a sampler than based on a tape – it has real memory so it is a simple sampler based on entry level processor kit – we don’t know if this is for real or not. but here’s some images, that look like something of a truth might be in there..?"

What do you all think?

Side note: remember to see the NAMM2016 channel at the bottom of this post for everything that has come in so far!

Axoloti SH-101 style sequencer

Published on Jan 5, 2016 chaosmoon

"A simple standalone midi sequencer inspired by the SH-101. The volum slider on the midi keyboard (hosted via USB by the Axoloti) puts the sequencer in record or playback mode. In record mode it memorizes notes input by the keyboard. Once put back into playback mode it will cycle through the notes, triggered by incoming midi notes; In this case a silent drum track on the Korg ER-1. The outgoing midi notes are sent to the Mutable Instruments Shruthi. I have a newer version of the sequencer in the pipeline with 8 memories. Eventually i'll make a version that can easily be combined with onboard synths made on the Axoloti."


Published on Jan 5, 2016 ux256

With a DSI Prophet-6.

ELECTRIBE2 EMX -"Covert -Weapons"

Published on Jan 5, 2016 j j

Madrona Labs Soundplane Model A RARE Multi Dimensional Midi Controller

via this auction

"Madrona Labs Soundplane Model A for sale... The Soundplane has almost limitless potential because its a Multi Touch interface or also called a polyphonic multi-dimensional controller. It uses midi through USB and OSC. You can play hardware synths or virtual synths in 3 dimensions. Go to Madrona Labs to learn more.

I think there have only been 100 of these made, its original price was $1895."


via this auction

Tangerine Dream in Concert Circus Krone Munich final Analog Synthesizer

Published on Jan 5, 2016 nexus7799

"Tangerine Dream 1981 in Concert, Christopher Franke, Edgar Froese, Klaus Schulze, Johannes Schmoelling. AV-Remastered. Legendary Event."

Spot the synths! :) Note the PPG modular. You can see it on the left right after 18:00. PPG 360 A Wave Computer and Wave 2.0 are also featured along with some classics like an SCI Prophet-5 and Roland Jupiter-8. Feel free to call out any others you see in the comments.

New Axcore Experimental Hardware Synthesizer from Synth-Project in the Works

Mario from Synth-Project, known for his knob-laden custom hardware controllers for various software based synths, is working on a new stand alone synth, the Axcore Experimental Synthesizer. What makes this different, is the hardware will actually host the synth engine running Axoloti. This will be a stand alone synthesizer, not just a controller. No word if this will be a one-off production, like his other controllers.

This one in via MATRIXSYNTH reader, Electronic Battle.

via the Axoloti forums:


after playing around with the Axcore, I've made the decision to build a case/cabinet around it. I want my own standalone Synthesizer.

You can see the current state here, if you like. Also a Sound example.

Axcore Experimental Synthesizer

Best Mario from Synth-Project"

Hordijk Free Jazz

Published on Jan 5, 2016 Todd Barton

"OK, sort of sidewise on the camera angle :-) Here is a self-generating patch from today's explorations. . .sort of free jazz-like. enjoy!
Better audio here:"

ROLAND SH-101 SN 319817

via this auction

Blue Roland Sh-101

via this auction

4 Voice Studio Electronics Omega-8 Poly Synthesizer SN 1316

via this auction

"4 voices, and an additional 4 voices can be installed (not included)

Includes :
CS-80 filter

Other filters can be installed (Not included):
303 filter
2600 filter

Omega8 is an excellent up to 8-voice true analog synthesizer. Classic architecture with modern features it offers multi-filtering, arpeggiating, multi-timbrality, MIDI, memory, and more all in a 4-space rack module. With 32 knobs, 35 switches and a rotary encoder, most every parameter is within hands-reach!

The Omega8 features 2 true analog oscillators (VCOs) and one sub-oscillator per voice. Oscillator syncing and independent tuning is available just as on the classic analogs. Then there are the two analog VCF 24dB and 12dB filters that really resemble the sounds of Moog and Oberheim. Additional 303 and ARP 2600 filter circuits are also available! Three LFO's with classic wave shapes can modulate a variety of parameters among the oscillators, VCF and VCA sections. Three multi-stage VCA envelope generators with classic ADSR type controls and more are also onboard.

A good arpeggiator belongs in any analog synth, and the Omega8 has that too! It has tempo, direction, range, interval and MIDI sync controls for a very modern implementation of this useful effect. And speaking of useful effects, there is linear and exponential Glide (portamento) with its own set of modern control and destination parameters. There are plenty more real-time controllers and modulation sources that can be assigned via MIDI, Midi sysex."

Technosaurus Octal Subharmonic Oscillator demo

Published on Jan 5, 2016 Lester Barnes

"Technosaurus Selector: Octal Subharmonic Oscillator. Simple demo using external LFOs for FM and for controlling Even and Odd Harmonic blend. Apologies for the buzz of the lighting and the asthmatic breathing (sound was from the camera mic not DI! )"

CLASSIXX - Holding On (Live on KEXP)

Published on Jan 19, 2014 KEXP

Lots of DSI.  Two Mopho x4s & a Mopho.  Full performance previously posted here.

"http://KEXP.ORG presents CLASSIXX performing "Holding On" live in the KEXP studio. Recorded July 29, 2013."

DSI prophet-6 : Make a BassDrum by the Filter Self-Oscillation

Published on Jan 5, 2016 Masaki Takada

Moog Synth + Nintendo Enterntainment System (MIDINIZE II)

Published on Dec 23, 2015 Shnabubula


I was extremely honored to be invited to participate and contribute a song to MIDINIZE II, an album produced by Yuya Shirakami and Takashi Kawano featuring music made with consoles controlled by MIDI devices. You can find out more about the album on the official site, as well as the full roster of artists. When making my song, I decided to record video footage of the Moog part being played live which is what you're seeing here along with the on-cart visualizer of the MIDINES playing it's portion of the song which I recorded and pasted on top of the video inside a GIF of a CRT. Also big thanks to Vince Kai-chan for handling the Japanese translation of the intro text.

One thing I didn't know about the MIDINES cartridge prior to getting to use one, was how many random voice clips are in one of the DPCM Banks. I had a bit of fun with a few of those. Hope you enjoy, and go check out the full album: which will be available at Comiket on 12/31."

Mother32 + ∞ (random cut-up looped cassettes)

Published on Jan 5, 2016 Fernando Garcia Tamajon

"Just nonsense noises created with 3 looped cassettes and 1 analogue synth."

Andreas Tilliander @ Elektron Studios

Published on Jan 5, 2016 Elektron

"TM404, aka Andreas Tilliander, paid the Elektron Studios a visit for an impromptu Octatrack jam. This is slow burn acid."

Minimoog Voyager Balloon

via @moogmusicinc

"And we'll all float on okay."

Clavia Nord Ddrum 3 | Drum Synthesizer

via this auction

This might be the first ddrum 3 to be featured on the site. I didn't recognize it off the bat so I did a quick search in the archives. The only post I could find mentioning it was this post from 2006 on a the Simmons SDX. I then took a quick look at Clavia's legacy site and there is not mention of it. There is some info and samples at The Un-official ddrum forum. If anyone wants to share any info on the ddrum3 in the comments, please do!  Curious what Clavia's most powerful ddrum was and if this was it according the the Simmons SDX post.

Yamaha Motif XS8 Star Edition: 2GB sample RAM, 16GB Flash dr. & Pianosoft Library

via this auction

"The XS8 Star Edition is a souped up XS8 there is only one of. First the sample RAM is expanded to 2GB. Then as a response to the XF8's much-advertised 1GB of Flash RAM, I gave the XS8 a 16GB Flash memory stick... ha! When the paint wore off on the XS's right side from my mouse / trackball, I created a custom decal to cover the metal. The winning bidder gets and extra decal, and the Photoshop file on disc too in case you want to change the text, add colorful flying monkeys to the design or whatever.

One of the things that never looked quite right to me on the standard XS8 are those iffy green side panels. So I got to work again and voila - lovely smooth wood panels, like a $10,000 Yamaha DX1. Except this new synth has 1000 times the audio capabilities of a DX1.

Waldorf Streichfett String Synth with Original Box

via this auction

"Only six weeks old immaculate conditions comes with all original packaging manual psu and unused serial for Waldorf software bundle"

The pink on black string synth.

KAWAI K5000S Classic Additive Synthesizer Keyboard

via this auction

Two Fairlight Brochures and 1986 NAMM Voice Tracker invite card

via this auction

"(3 Items): Two vintage and NOS, near mint Fairlight brochures, 4 pages each, full color, (the Fairlight MFX and the Fairlight Voice Tracker brochure) and one 1986 vintage NAMM Fairlight Voice Tracker Invite Card. Both brochures are approximately 11.5 inches X 8.25 inches. The NAMM show invite card is approximately 6 inches X 4.25 inches. All 3 have satin/glossy finish on high quality paper. No punch holes, no writing."

Original ARP 2600 Analog Synthesizer Patch Book

via this auction

"Rare original Arp 2600 Patch Book with 100 patches of various sounds. It is worn around the edges, but is complete. It also has some blank front panel facsimile pages in the back so that you can keep a record of your own sounds and patches."

Original 1971 ARP 2600 Synthesizer Poster

via this auction

"Arp 2600P Synthesizer Poster, Original 1971 (7-71) Vintage on light bluish paper. This is the Treble Clef Logo Version. Approximately 34 inches X 22 inches give or take. Has a larger pic of the standard Arp2600P and a smaller pic of the unique Arp2600C Console (metal cased unit). This poster is perfect for framing and hanging in the synthesizer studio. This is completely ORIGINAL and NOT A FAKE OR COPY like others you may see on ebay from time to time."

Stylophone 305S

via this auction

"First of all, it’s certainly true to say that it’s much larger than the regular Stylophone – which is, after all, about the size of an inch-and-a-half thick postcard.

The 350S is a souped-up Stylophone in every way: instead of the Stylophone’s 20 notes – an octave and a half – the 350S has 44. That’s three and a half octaves, and you can see in the picture the difference in length between the two keyboards.

Not only that, the 350S has eight voices, as opposed to one (or even the S1’s three), and some of these are themselves in different octaves.

The voices are designated ‘woodwind’, ‘brass’ and ‘strings’. In these days of sample-based synths, none of these sound terribly much like what they say they are, but they have the general qualities of these instruments – and, despite what you may read, one or two of them are quite like the distinctive tone of the regular Stylophone that we all know and love!"

You'll find additional details on the 305S at the listing or Andy Murkin's Music Electronics blog, where it appears to have been pulled from.


via this auction

Korg LAMBDA ES-50 SN 234365

via this auction

"The unit appears to be working fine, I noticed the Electric Piano preset seems to be only producing percussive noise, but otherwise all other presets sounds working fine as well as all the keys and switches and knobs. Maybe a slight scratch noise on the volume slider which could probably do with some adjustment/servicing as well."

Roland SH-5 Ring Mod Synth T

via this auction

Cool synth T from CustomSynth. Be sure to check out their other Ts.


via this auction

"All tuned and serviced, fantastic condition for age.

This one has the lo Midi installed allowing front panel slider automation recording via midi

The Roland Jupiter-4 (JP-4) was an analog synthesizer manufactured by the Roland Corporation between 1978 and 1981. It was notable as the company's first self-contained polyphonic synthesizer, and for containing digital control of analog circuits (termed "Compuphonic" by Roland), allowing for such features as programmable memories and voice assignment modes.

Io MIDI retrofit kit
László Kővári aka "Covariance" developed a MIDI kit and CPU replacement for the Jupiter-4. This two-part kit expands the Jupiter-4's patch memory from eight to sixty-four and also allows recalled patches to be dynamically modified (the original 8048 disallows editing once the patch has been saved). In addition to MIDI all sliders and switches can receive MIDI control messages, the arpeggio can be synced to the MIDI clock as well. A second LFO was also added which is even faster than the Jupiter-4's original LFO."


Published on Jan 5, 2016 ux256



Published on Jan 5, 2016


duality micro - monotribe and nanoloop 2 (live)

Published on Jan 5, 2016 evadum

"A little live jam with the korg monotribe and nanoloop 2
synced via the cv sync cable:


Modular Monthly: Exploring Mutable Instruments Clouds

Published on Jan 5, 2016 Future Music Magazine

"We explore the capabilities of one of 2015's finest Eurorack units – Mutable Instruments' 'texture synthesizer' Clouds."

OP-1: Live jazz jam - "Flamingo"

Published on Jan 5, 2016 tubesockor

"A walk through/tutorial how to create a background for the jazz standard 'Flamingo' on the Teenage Engineering OP-1, and then play melody/solos over it.
0:37 - Drum beat on Track 1
2:09 - Bass line on Track 2
3:38 - Chords on Track 3
5:10 - Lead melody / solo"

1988 KORG M1 - demo of all the 100 factory sounds (1080p)

Published on Jan 5, 2016 REWO_Channel

"Listening to all the factory sounds of the Korg M1 music workstation from late 1988."

Trail of Blood (Final Fantasy VII) cover by Steven Morris

Published on Jan 5, 2016 Steven Morris

"Trail of Blood (血の跡)
Cover by Steven Morris (モリス・スティーブン)
Written by Nobuo Uematsu (植松伸夫)
From Final Fantasy VII (ファイナルファンタジーVII)

'Trail of Blood' from FFVII!

For the full effect, listen with a pair of quality speakers or headphones."

TTSH EOL - TTSH to be Discontinued

Published on Jan 5, 2016 zthee

"The last stock of the TTSH will be sold out on the 8th of January 2016. Once they're sold out the project will be discontinued. This to focus forward and aim to create new and exciting things in 2016!"

Incantation [Long Version]

Published on Jan 5, 2016

"This Long (13.15 min) Version is extracted from a 21 min Live take, check out the Short (8.45 min) Version for a more 'Track oriented' structure a bit less Hypnotizing... ;)"

Incantation [Short Version]

Published on Jan 4, 2016

"This Short (8.45 min) Version is extracted from a 21 min Live take, check out the Long (13.15 min) Version for a more Hypnotizing evolving Trip!!! ;)"

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