MATRIXSYNTH: Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

My Feet Walk With Both Bricks and Clouds

Published on Oct 11, 2016 Daniel LeGrand

"René, I would like to introduce you to the West Coast Random Source. I think the 2 of you would make fantastic friends :)"

Sketch for the Lost

Published on Oct 11, 2016 voltlife

"An ambient track based on subtle polymetric sequences and timbral variation.

Harmonic drone/sequence: Verbos Harmonic Oscillator into Clouds pitch shifting +1 octave with slight feedback. 7-note Moskwa sequence to HO scan input; slow LFO into width.

Main slow melody: MS20 Mini triangle wave (with subtly resonant filters) through uFold into long delay. Choices joystick controls fold amount and amount of LFO to uFold symmetry. MS 20 sequenced by Verbos Voltage Multistage through A156 and poorly calibrated English Tear (so the low notes go off key, but interestingly, I think), advanced by three gates in each 7-step Moskwa cycle.

Thin backup melody: MS20 multed to A189-1 for subtle bitcrushing, through Serge Resonant EQ into Wow & Flutter for short and wobbly delay. LFO modulates bit reduction; manual tweaking of EQ and delay feedback."

Octave Plateau Voyetra 8 Polyphonic Synth SN GM4808

via this auction

Update: and now listed on eBay for those that prefer it.

"Rare Voyetra 8. Very rare find. Fully serviced in August this year. Rev 3 , receives midi on/off and velocity. Excellent condition. Fully functional. Comes with the XLR to Midi cable. One of the greatest polysynths ever made."

Pic of the inside below.

Open Source: Music Hardware Synthesizer Pt. 2 (Supplyframe Original Series)

Published on Oct 11, 2016 Supplyframe

Also added to Part 1 here where you'll find details on this project and series.

Monome Grid/Earthsea Improv

Published on Oct 11, 2016 Dudadius

"Using the grid as a cheesy solo keyboard interface."

Buchla 256e Processing

Published on Oct 11, 2016 Todd Barton

"another brief tutorial, this time on the Buchla 256e CV Processor. Better audio here:"

"Tite Rope" on Minimoog and Hammond Organ

Published on Oct 11, 2016 mootbooxle

"Moot Booxlé plays the Jazz-Funk classic 'Tite Rope' by Harold Alexander on Moog Minimoog, Hammond M100 organ, and drums."

Roland JX-305 "UFOs & Vril Power" 2016 Rik Marston Techno Experience Industrial Dance Music

Published on Oct 11, 2016 SynthgodXXX

SynthgodXXX sample sets

"Roland JX-305 'UFOs & Vril Power' by Rik Marston Techno Experience
100% No Talking! Just PURE JX-305!!
Watch your BASS Levels! -it KICKS HARD!!

'UFOs & Vril Power' is a song I wrote using justthe fantastic ROLAND JX-305 Groovesynth. All user custom patterns, no presets! No external effects, recorded DRY into the PC. I am going to be releasing some more from this
synth along with more Techno / Industrial / Dance music soon. I have worked the Ambient Scene for about 2 years now... I'm itching to play LIVE again with HARD TECHNO, Synth Pop & Dance! I've got my GROOVE BACK BABY!

Anyway, this video is about UFOs, The Vril Secret Society and a hint at the 'Secret Space Program' everyone in the UFO community is talking about! I AM NOT A NAZI, FASCIST or do I follow that stuff.. It is just the possible history & UFOs that interests me! But I do believe in Vril Power, Prana & Chi..... I am into Spirituality & stuff so that TURNS ME ON!! This video is to OPEN YOUR MIND & MAKE YOU DANCE!

UFO movie footage from the 1979 documentary 'UFOs are Real' and it is all over the net for free so... Same with the pictures! Found free on the net... Three pictures of the SKY & Clouds are from me!"

Division 6 Business Card Sequencer meets the Korg Monotron

Published on Oct 11, 2016 Aidan Burns-Fulkerson

"A simple CV sequencer connected to a simple ribbon synth, modified to accept CV and gate signals. This is a preliminary trial to test functionality. In the future I'll be working on getting the CV octaves to match for better tuning."

ContinuuCon 2017 Set for June 8-10, 2017 - Asheville, NC

Published on Oct 11, 2016 ContinuuCon

"June 8-10, 2017 - Performers, sound designers, composers and electronic music enthusiasts who attend ContinuuCon will explore this uniquely expressive instrument through concerts, workshops, lectures and more. Dr. Lippold Haken, inventor of the Continuum, and Edmund Eagan, developer of the Continuum’s synthesis engine EaganMatrix, will be among those sharing their knowledge and musical talents. Learn more at"

Erica Synths Event at Perfect Circuit Audio Set for This Thursday, Oct 13

via Perfect Circuit Audio

"Join us with @EricaSynths. Product Demo + Q&A + Live Performance. #Modular #Eurorack #Synthesizer"

Modular Eurorack Demo ft. Audio Damage Proton Module

Published on Oct 11, 2016 gstormelectro

"Audio and Video by G-Storm Electro c.2016

I can listen to music like this for days. It ends up on the minimalism side, perhaps some influences from Air Liquide and Steve Reich. In the previous demo I showed what the Audio Damage Proton sounded like on its own. Here I build some other sounds from my rack around the Proton: DNA Symbiotic Waves and Sampleslicer. The Proton gets stereo panned with the EMW VC Pan. A very short loop is droning on the Sampleslicer, there were some other nice loop points but changing those manually in realtime got out of synchronization. Next time I may try to use a CV to achieve that. Bass drone coming from the Synthesizer Box mix out jack, run through the SEM filter. Also using a Timefactor for delays. Recorded direct to Tascam DR-05, no post production."

2016 Oberheim Two Voice Pro SN 0191

via this auction

Ciat Lonbarde Plumbutter

via this auction

Korg MONO/POLY Synth Dust Cover

via this auction

See the seller's other items for more.

4 Things I Hate About the Electribe E2 (Late Night Tips) by HalutioN

Published on Oct 11, 2016 HalutioN

"Although the new Electribe E2 is a pretty cool machine, it has 4 annoying limitations that we'll explore in this video."

DreamsOfWires - AJH Mini Mod composition

Published on Oct 11, 2016 DreamsOfWires

"Sounds of the AJH Mini Mod over 4 tracks, using only 3 patches in total. Variations of one patch were created by removing the tuned filter resonance or one of the VCO's using the filters handy 3-channel mixer.
This was recorded into Cubasis on an iPad, using AUFX:DUB (delay) and Virsyn's Audio Reverb.
Some of the sound fidelity, especially lower frequencies, will be lost in the online video compression.
Footage is of a jaunt through the Cheviot Hills in Northumberland, UK."

Quad Turing Machine Mode in Ornament & Crime

Published on Oct 11, 2016 Voltage Control Lab

"Buried within Quantermain mode, the polymorphic Ornament & Crime Eurorack module is hiding a Turing Machine on each of the 4 available channels, a powerful and popular looping randomizer."

Strange Floyd

Published on Oct 11, 2016 SYNTH GURU

"Futureretro 512 Touch controller, Intellijel: Atlantis, Metropolis, Polaris, Mutable Instruments: Braids, Rings, Elements, Peaks,"

Audulus 3.3 Update Available for iOS, Mac, Windows & Linux Now Available

Published on Oct 11, 2016 audulus

Get Audulus for: iOS | Mac | Windows/Linux

"Audulus LLC has just released a significant update for Audulus 3, their cross-platform modular synthesizer and visual programming environment.

Audulus’ audio engine has been completely overhauled to allow for larger and more complex patches. This means you can now use analog-modelling filters without dragging down the performance of the rest of your patch.

Audulus 3.3’s module library has also been completely revamped. Many new modules, tutorials, and examples are included, featuring a new standardized signal flow. Inputs and outputs are all clearly labelled and indicate what type of signals are expected or produced. Attach gate outputs to gate inputs, modulation outputs to modulation inputs - no more guesswork!

The iOS version of Audulus 3.3 has some significant user interface changes. Now you can organize and search for your creations by tags, or use the search bar to find a particular patch. Part of this UI overhaul includes removing the module browser toolbar. Now you just simply tap on the background and press “Create,” and the module browser appears on screen. No more dragging onto the canvas.

Audulus 3.3 also includes support for split-screen and portrait orientation on iPad - you’ll be able to download and read about patches on the Audulus forum and patch at the same time!

Audulus 3 New Features:
Total rewrite of the synthesis engine
New z-1 analog-modelling filters and effects
Hundreds of new modules and effects
Clarified signal flow with glossary
New video tutorial series
Organize and search for patches by tags in the patch browser (iOS only)
Search bar to quickly find specific patches (iOS only)
Streamlined module browser for faster patch creation (iOS only)
Split-screen support for iPad
Landscape orientation support
iOS 10 compatible

Audulus 3 System Requirements:
iPad/iPhone: iOS 8.3 or later, iPad 3 or later, iPhone 5 or later. iPad Air, iPhone 6 recommended.
Mac: Mid 2010 Mac or later.
Windows: Graphics card with OpenGL 3.0 support.
Linux: Ubuntu 16.04

Audulus for iPad/iPhone is available for $29.99
Audulus for Mac and Windows/Linux is available for $49.99"

Synthi In Euro (2013)

Published on Oct 11, 2016 VoltageCtrlRtv

"Synthi in Euro Patch:
Choices Y Out to Wiard Anti-OSC 1v. Oct In
Choices X Out to Wiard OSC EXP In, set attenuator to 12 O' Clock
Mult Choices X Out to Wiard 1v. Oct In
Wiard OSC Square 2 Out to Maths Ch. 4 signal In
Quantum Rainbow Pink noise Out to Anti-OSC EXP In Attenuator set to 1 O' clock
Maths Ch. 4 Signal Out (bottom) to ModDemix CV In 1.
Anti- OSC Triangle to ModDemix Signal In 1 Attenuator full CW
ModDemix Out to main mixer out ch.1
Maths Ch. 4 Out (top) to Positronic Transient Gate In A
PTG Out B- to Maths ch.4 rise in
PTG Out A- to Z2040 FM in
ModDemix Out 2 to PTG in B Attenuator at full CW
PTG Out B + to Z2040 Resonance In
Anti-OSC Mayhem out to Z2040 in
adjust Z2040 Frequency to taste
Z2040 to main mixer out ch. 2
Use Choices joystick to control the patch.
With a sprinkle of spring reverb.
The Steady State Fate Positronic Transient played a major role in this patch by FMing the filter and cving the resonance of the z2040.
Visit: for more info on the Positronic transient Gate module and Quantum Rainbow.
Links to other module manufacturers that were used in this patch:"

Leaf Audio - NTBA

Published on Oct 11, 2016 DivKidVideo

"Here's the Noise To Brain Adapter NTBA from Leaf Audio / Exploding Shed. It's a digital oscillator, switcher, noise source and random gate generator. It excels at chip tune and all sorts of cool noises!"

Synth jam - Volca Keys, Jupiter 4, Juno 60, Minimoog, Beatstep Pro

Published on Oct 8, 2016 Jordan Gibson

"Second foray into live synth recording. Feauturing Volca Keys on main arp/sequence, Juno 60 thwipy arp, JP4 bells, ESX1 drums, Minimoog bass via the BSP, bad shorts and a beer gut.

Volca being tweaked throughout and is running in poly mode allowing a bit of solo noodling over the still-running sequence from 2.06.

TC M-One on delay (Volca's own noisy delay to the fore also), Strymon Big Sky reverb.

Apologies for the dad dancing :)"

Volca Keys vs ARP Odyssey

Published on Oct 1, 2016 Jordan Gibson

"My first ever 'jam'. I say first ever, there were four or five takes before this, at least two of which I forgot to press record on the audio. The first one was perfect too, FFS. And when I eventually did remember to hit record the levels were all wrong. So this is the 'fuck it that'll do' take, mistakes and all. Past caring by this point.

The vid is obviously boring as hell to look at. I'm mostly tweaking the Volca Keys up on the shelf there, but you folks will have to be content with looking at a nice Moog.

Anyway. I got the Volca a couple of days ago and it's huge fun. Here it is with some other gear and through a few fx, basically the TC M-One on a delay program and a Strymon Big Sky on a room reverb. I didn't use the Volca's internal delay here, but it is cool in its way. For no particular reason I tried my Mk3 Odyssey on a similar lead patch, and they aren't that far off as you'll hear (it's just simple saws so probably most anything would get in the same area). The Oddy scared the shit out of me through the 'phones when it came in too loud at 4.53 so I'm all over the place there haha.

Minimoog - bass via Beatstep Pro.
Volca Keys - Main arpeggio and 1st lead line.
ARP Odyssey MK3 - 2nd lead line
Juno 60 - square wave arpeggio
Korg ESX1 - drums
TC M-One
Strymon Big Sky

Recorded in stereo in one pass. I'd have fixed all the mistakes otherwise :)"

Polymoog Test

Published on Apr 7, 2013 Jordan Gibson

"Quick 'n' dirty test of repaired Polymoog 280A. Enjoy also my trademark cack-handed bassline playing."

Novation Circuit Live - Clip #Monotribe & Volca

Published on Oct 11, 2016 Plekyn Records

Hyve and Me

Published on Oct 10, 2016 Christophe Duquesne

"First meeting with the Hyve from Skot Wiedmann. It is a small, simple and highly expressive instrument. One thing I really love with it is that there is no predefined way to use it: you have to experiment and find your own way. So this is a small 2 tracks demo (with additional delay and reverb).

more here:"

Oberheim TVS Pro Demo 20161011

Published on Oct 10, 2016 lucheng123

"A short demo of the sound capability of Oberheim Two Voice Pro synthesizer."

Arturia SkiniBrute - MiniBrute Minus the Keys in Custom Case

via this auction

"Arturia MiniBrute SE (Mint Condition in box with manual and power supply)

 -The Minibrute is in mint condition, barely used.

SkiniBrute Desktop Case (New - Unfinished wood, finish with your choice of finishes)

 -The SkiniBrute case is brand new, just needs a finish on the wood. I ordered it unfinished   because I was planning to do a white stain, to match my white moog voyager.

The Desktop case has never been installed on the unit, I purchased it new from GMUSynth and they custom build them by hand."

Vintage moog THE ROGUE SN 2455

via this auction

Homemade Analog Synth by David Henderson

Published on Oct 13, 2012 David Henderson

"How I built an analog synth from old piano parts I found in a dumpster."

Herb Deutsch gets a mention.

And a follow-up video:

Analog Synth

Published on Feb 10, 2013 David Henderson

"Description of home-made analog synth, built from an old piano."

DIY Teensy-based Polyphonic Synth by Florian Loretan

Published on Apr 20, 2016 Florian Loretan

"Here’s a quick demo of a project in progress.

A while ago, I bought an old bontempi keyboard on ebay for €3.50, but it stopped working shortly after I got it. My original plan to simply replace the defective sound chip was ditched for a fully custom enclosure with its own interface - the only thing remaining from the original are the keys. The sound generation is done with a teensy and the fantastic teensy audio board.

There is still functionality to be programmed (arpeggiator, presets, sampler among others), but the hardware part is done, and enough is there for the synth to be really fun to play. A more detailed walk-through might come later."

Building a custom synth enclosure

Published on Aug 12, 2016

"This is a follow-up on the demo of the synth, this time covering how I built the custom enclosure."

DIY Teensy Synth: the Electronics

Published on Sep 15, 2016

"In this follow up video, I talk about the electronics part of my Teensy-based Synth. Note that I'm using the Teensy Audio adaptor to generate the audio, so all the electronics is only about control signals, no audio processing, which simplifies things quite a bit."

Teenage engineering OP1 - Live looping [Thoj]

Published on Nov 9, 2015 Thoj

"Hope you will enjoy my first live with the OP-1
Listen to the final version:"

Post production - Romain Magnan
Photo cover -

Teenage Engineering OP1 - Live looping #2 [Thoj]

Published on Nov 24, 2015

"Hope you will enjoy my 2nd live with the OP-1 :)
Nothing pre recorded, this a complete live performance
Listen to the final version: "

Female voice: Lucille Blassin
Mastering: Luc Evrard

Ally Mobbs OP1 and MPC 500 on the Subway

Published on Sep 5, 2016 Ally Mobbs

"Playing beats with the Teenage engineering OP1 and Akai MPC 500 on the Subway in Kyoto, Japan.

video by The Double Cut"

akai mpc 500 teenage engineering op1 - chikatetsu beats - Ally Mobbs

Published on Jul 25, 2016 Ally Mobbs

"Beat making on the the Kyoto underground with akai mpc 500 and teenage engineering op1."

And let's get some air outside:

daimonji beats 3 Akai MPC 500 Ally Mobbs

Published on Jun 28, 2016 Ally Mobbs

"battery beats on a hill with the akai mpc 500"

MPC 500 Daimonji Beats by Ally Mobbs

Published on Jun 23, 2016

"Playing the mpc500 on a mountain overlooking Kyoto, Japan."

Beatmaking on Teenage Engineering OP-1 and Korg Volca FM.

Published on Sep 16, 2016 Accurate Beats

"I had another improvised jam session on the balcony... This time mest of the synth sounds comes from the Volca FM and sampled into my beloved OP-1.

I also added some cuts on this one and tried to explain some of the process in the video editing."

If You Knew (OP-1 + PO-12 + Volca Keys + Pocket Piano version)

Published on Oct 1, 2016 Le Solitaire

"Our original song 'If You Knew', played on tiny instruments live in studio."

Special Stage Systems OSCILLOGRAPHIC BLOCK /// Official Demo

Published on Oct 11, 2016 Jordan Bartee

"available now:"

"Welcome to the ultimate chip-audio workstation. The Oscillographic Block (OB) combines a three channel digital synthesizer voice with integrated function generators, preset memory, algorithmic patch generators, and CV control. Designed for maximum flexibility, the OB can generate everything from arcade impacts and abstract 8-bit drums to looping musical sequences and multi-timbral soundscapes.

The module utilizes the SN76489 chip, a digital sound generator manufactured by Texas Instruments during the early 1980’s. Better known as the “PSG” chip, the SN76 features two square wave channels, a noise channel, and dedicated 4-bit amplifiers. The SN76 possesses a characteristically rich, dark sound, and was used in a number of beloved videogame and computer systems, including the Sega Master System, Sega Game Gear, ColecoVision, BBC Micro, and IBM PCjr.

The OB pairs the simple, nostalgic tones of the SN76 with a deep and innovative control system. Each SN76 channel is paired with two dedicated function generators for controlling pitch and amplitude, for a total of six function generators per preset. In standard mode, the function generators snap to discreet values; in interpolation mode, they smoothly glide between values, generating continuous LFO-like waveforms. A number of standard shapes are provided, but intrepid explorers will find themselves programming custom shapes via the powerful Envelope Graph interface. Combined with their extremely wide speed deltas, the function generators can be used to create anything from short drum sounds and 1-shot effects to slowly moving textures and sequences.

The resulting patches can be saved to any of the OB’s eight preset slots. Presets store virtually every module parameter, and are written to an SD Card for easy management and portability. Each preset is instantly recallable using the Preset CV input or the dedicated gate inputs running along the center of the module. By storing a 1-shot percussive sound in each slot, the eight gate inputs can be used to trigger each preset drum-machine-style, while the preset CV input can be used to sequence or sweep through presets with control voltage. Presets can also be algorithmically generated using the RANDOM button according to three distinct modes: Drum Mode, which generates bass drums, snares, hats, cymbals, and effects; Envelope Mode, which randomizes the function generator shapes; and Sequence Mode, which generates full looping patches and sequences.

Four assignable CV inputs allow for external control over pitch, amplitude, or speed on any SN76 channel. Each input’s assigned routing is stored along with the preset system, allowing for dramatic modulation permutations without physically re-patching the inputs.

DMX / DX / DSX Custom Covers

Find them and more at Stardust Synth Covers.

EMU SP1200 Sampling Drum Machine - Black Reissue SN 059402 735

via this auction

via the seller: "This is my E-MU SP1200 that I purchased from DJ homicide in 2003. I have had it in my smoke free mixing and mastering studio since then. Unfortunately, I have to part ways with it to buy a mastering EQ. The unit is in 100% perfect working condition and sounds amazing. All of the filters, knobs and buttons are in working order and the unit works wonderfully. The only issue is that Homicide is written on the back. There are a few scratches / blemishes on the sides, but nothing drastic.

I am selling the Unit with (132) SP1200 OS discs with drums and samples from classic rap sounds to vocal chops, 808s, everything. Some of it is my stuff, some is from Homicide's and the rest is from others DJs/producers I purchased them from. There are a LOT of gems in there. Over 1000 resampled sounds. The unit also comes with the original manual as well. The manual is a little beaten up, but it is really nice to read."

Analog Rythm Synthesizer :: test run

Published on Oct 11, 2016 wsadhu

"Analog Rythm Synthesizer for House
by K'sadhu | Squid Sound System

phone recording from air - please turn up the volume"


Analog Rythm Synthesizer :: quick view

Nord Live Sessions #2: Mats/Morgan Band - Part Two: "Elka Deep Phase"

Published on Oct 11, 2016 NordKeyboards

"We had the pleasure of recording a session with the legendary Swedish musicians Mats Öberg and Morgan Ågren who have been playing together since early 80's. The current band also includes the amazing multi-instrumentalist Stefan Jernståhl on keys.
Recorded live at Studio Lederman June 2016. #iseenord"

Dual Arp 3 with Pure Data & Modal 002

Published on Oct 11, 2016 Barry Neilsen

"I used Pure Data to set up a kind of two handed sequencer where notes from each 'hand' play in turn. The Modal 002 plays two patches, one sequenced and one live and with lashings delay from the its new digital FX board.

Patterns for each track of the Pure Data patch are entered from the keyboard. I use the BitStream midi box to control routing in Pure Data. The cross-fader switches between the left and right pattern and there's also a centre zone which looks at the start note to decide whether to route left or right. A foot switch turns off note input and sends data back to the 002 for live play on the other patch. The vertical knobs and faders on the BitStream are mapped patch parameters on the 002."

Full Recorded Detroit House Song With Pyramid Sequencer (in SEQ Mode)

Published on Oct 11, 2016 Squarp Instruments

"Tous droits réservés © 2016 Electre Publishing
Artist: Bastien
Thanks to Benjamin Muller for the electric piano parts

Squarp Instruments Pyramid sequences:
- MPC1000
- Korg Minilogue
- Arp Odyssey
- Reface DX
- EMU Proteus 2000
- Waldorf Streichfett
- Jomox Airbase 909
- Ensoniq DP4
- Moog Mother 32 (via CV/GATE)"

The Ocelotillator Noise Looper From Rare Beasts

Published on Oct 10, 2016 Rarebeasts

"You can find the Ocelotillator in my Etsy store here:
This is the Ocelotillator and it's a small handmade electronic musical instrument that allows you to create loops at various frequencies and speeds."

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