MATRIXSYNTH: Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Another Dimension

Published on Nov 29, 2016 Mechanalog Music

"Messing around with some Alan Watts samples."

Arturia DrumBrute + Make Noise 0-Coast

Published on Nov 29, 2016 Genshi Media Group

"Just trying out stuff... Arturia Drumbrute's main outs once again going to the Retro Mechanical Labs Electron Fuzz Custom pedal. The "Claps" going out to the Strymon El Capistan, and the "Zap" going out to an Eventide H9 for a Ping Pong effect. The Drumbrute on it's own can get quite musical, especially through the fuzz, but I decided to add a bit of musical flavor with the Make Noise 0-Coast as well (being sequenced by the Korg SQ-1.)"

Buchla Format 212r Overview

Published on Nov 29, 2016 Todd Barton

"part 1 of three short tutorials on Roman Filippov's Buchla 212r Dodeca module."

Kastle Synth - detailed demo - mini modular

Published on Nov 29, 2016 Bastl Instruments

Follow-up to the announcement post here.

walkthrough of the Kastle Synth
Introduction 0:00
Sound section 1:23
Modulation section 4:55
Interfacing 7:03

more information:


beautiful textile by

Cyclone Analogic TT-78 Beat Bot

Published on Nov 29, 2016 Perfect Circuit Audio

"The TT-78, from Cyclone Analogic, is the next step in their collection of classic reproductions of iconic drum machines. The TT-78 is modeled after the classic CR-78 drum machine from Roland, produced in 1978. The TT-78 contains all the modern upgrades one would expect, while also being housed in a sleek shell, similar to the TT-303 and TT-606. It has the same intuitive sequencing functions as the previous Cyclone Analogic unit, but with a completely different sound palette, using sounds like Bongos, Congas, Maracas, and Guiro. There are seven individual outputs, providing independent jacks for most of the sounds. It also comes complete with MIDI In, Out and Thru, for synchronizing the TT-78 with all one's other gear."


Note: MATRIXSYNTH members get a %10 discount at Perfect Circuit Audio (other discounts excluded). See the membership page on how to sign up!

Haken Continuum & OTO Bam reverb demo

Published on Nov 29, 2016 Perfect Circuit Audio

"A demo video showcasing the Haken Continuum Keyboard and the fantastic reverb of OTO Bam."


Note: MATRIXSYNTH members get a %10 discount at Perfect Circuit Audio (other discounts excluded). See the membership page on how to sign up!

Vacances Cybernétiques - synth jam / circuit / volca keys / fugue machine

Published on Nov 29, 2016 diovis

"Sooooo I made a new thing finally :D
As usual - noises, beeps, blops, pings, swooooshes, etc.

iPad with Fugue Machine app as MIDI clock and weird melody maker / Novation Circuit as a beat machine, synthesizer and favourite toy joining everything together / Korg Volca Keys + Zoom ms-70cdr for ambient effects / Arturia Keystep as arpeggiator for Volca Keys / Behringer Q502USB for recording :D"

Korg monologue Video Overview

Published on Nov 29, 2016 Korg

"In this series of videos, Korg USA product specialist Nick Kwas explains Korg monologue’s oscillator, filter, LFO, envelope and micro tuning features as well as going over different user scales."

Hands Free Eurorack Modular With Leap Motion

Published on Nov 29, 2016 Voltage Control Lab

"Never touch your Eurorack modular synth again! Or, well, definitely touch it, but perhaps you can play it without touching it using the Leap Motion hand tracking device with Ableton and Reaktor."

tune in'

Published on Nov 29, 2016 Ebotronix

tune in²

4ms Peg, QCD/Expander² , QPLFO, VCA Matrix
Analogue Systems RS 100², RS 110²², RS 360
Bananalogue Serge VCS
Cyndustries Zeroscillator
Doepfer R2 m², A101-2², A131², A133², A134²² , A141,
A143-1,2,9, A151²², A156², A160, A175²²², A185-2(14x),
Flame Chord Machine², Q Slider²
foh choices
Make Noise Brains ,PP², Maths², Moddemix²²,
Optomix, QMMG, René , Wogglebug²
Malekko Anti ²², Unkle²², Jag
Moog Taurus 2, Freqbox²², MP 201
Oberheim Sem
SSL Modulation Orgy
Tiptop Audio Z 8000
Toppobrillo Quantimator² (harmonic minor) Triple Wavefolder
Logic masterclock to Kenton Pro 2000
FX:Boss RV 5², VF-1, BSS DPR 402,
Lexicon MX 400, PCM 80 / 90, Line 6 Echopro
mackie the mixer²
drums by Clavia D Drum 4se
vid #1640

Analogue Solutions - Raw Session with Oberkorn sequencing #2

Published on Nov 29, 2016 rezfilter

"OK here's the carry-over session from #1. Oberkorn is performing the sequencing duties & filter modulation while all synths' CV is being pitch controlled via a Kenton converter (via a multiple) simultaneously.

All synths are Analogue Solutions: Telemark (Telecrack), Leipzig-s (white edition), Nyborg-24, Concussor drums, and Station X & Y.

The Defibrillator (medic module) is handling the input from the Station X & Y.

More from the vault!"

Part 1 here.

Patching @ MD3 BCN Hangar More real than fake is better than fake for real ;-) Respect to BASTL AQA

Published on Nov 29, 2016 AQA ElektriX

Arturia DrumBrute Sound Demo and Jam (With Proco Rat and TT303)

Published on Nov 29, 2016 Calle Nilsson

"A demo and jam session with the Arturia Drumbrute. I also distort it with the Proco Rat pedal. A bassline with the TT303 is added later on in this demo."

MidiSizer MidiGAL w/ MidiPAL v1.4 firmware

via this auction

Not sure when the MidiGAL was released, but this appears to be the first time it has been featured here on the site.

Details via the listing:

"MidiSizer MidiGAL, hand built with love by Pete Kvitek and running MidiPAL v1.4 firmware.

It includes 19 different MIDI 'apps', ranging from MIDI debugging or routing utilities to compositional tools like arpeggiators, scale, midi delay, and pattern generators.

Although this MidiGAL is running Mutable Instruments firmware, there is a number of other firmware variants that were developed specifically for MidiGAL.

I think you can flash your own firmware if you know what you're doing.

Product page for MidiGAL is here -
MidiPAL firmware info:

The unit is in a clear acrylic case and ships with the power supply pictured in the listing."

Last pic below is minus the case via the midisizer website which has the following details on the MidiGAL:

"Although MidiGAL can run Mutable Instruments MIDIpal firmware, there is a number of other firmware variants that were developed specifically for MidiGAL:

MidiClk — MIDI clock tester/generator
MidiArp — advanced MIDI arpeggiator
MidiSeq — polyphonic MIDI step sequencer
MidiGAL differences from MIDIpal

While MidiGAL hardware is almost identical to the original MIDIpal, there are some minor differences:

8×2 LCD (MIDIpal uses 8×1)
tactile switch (MIDIpal has no switch)
external EEPROM (MIDIpal has no external EEPROM)
4 x I/O ports (MIDIpal has 8 of them)"

Schippmann CS-8 VCF-02

via this auction

"In excellent working order. Original box included."

Make Noise Black & Gold Shared System Modular Synthesizer

via this auction

New School Sequencing: René
Human/ Expression Control: Pressure Points
Dual Analog Oscillator: DPO
Voltage Controlled Pitch Shifting and Echo: ECHOPHON
Dual Analog Control Voltage generator: MATHS
Complex Random Voltage Generator: Wogglebug
Dual Low Pass Gate: Optomix
Balanced Modulation: modDemix
Voltage Controlled DSP (Digital Signal Processing): Phonogene
Continuously variable voltage controlled reverb: Erbe-Verb"

Crumar DS2 Vintage Synthesizer

via this auction

Pics of the inside below.

"If you're looking at this listing you probably know about this weird beast. Part digital, part analog, all Italian.

I have seen a few of these over the years and never saw one completely functional, as this one is. Even the poly works!

Some of the pots and switches could use a cleaning. I would be glad to clean them before shipping if the high bidder would like this.

The pics tell the story: No missing parts, no broken shafts, pretty clean inside and out. One of the feet on the back has been pushed in. See pics."

MFB Tanzbar Lite & Korg MS20

Published on Nov 29, 2016 3rdStoreyChemist

"Jamming with the Tanzbar Lite drum machine and a vintage MS20 synthesiser synced together:
Tanzbar Lite TO/CO Out to MS20 ESP Signal In
MS20 ESP Trig Out to Trig In

A small amount of reverb has been used, no further processing except for normalisation."

Final Production Panel for the Upcoming Rossum Electro-Music Morpheus Module

via @RossumElectro

"Behold the final production version of the Morpheus panel. Won't be long now."

Vergers by Sarah Davachi on the EMS SYNTHI 100

"Released (LP) November 2016 by Important Records

Composed, performed, recorded, and mixed by Sarah Davachi
Mastered by James Plotkin
Layout by Konrad Jandavs
Special thanks to Richard Smith

Vergers is Davachi's third full-length release following Barons Court (2015, Students of Decay) and Dominions (2016, JAZ Records), and her second appearance with Important Records following 2014's August Harp cassette on the Cassauna imprint. In this work, she meditates on a single electronic instrument, the EMS Synthi 100 synthesizer, while also weaving sparse acoustic elements – her own voice and violin – into a series of three long-form, muted gestures.

Elements of distance and alienation are certainly at play in the textural quality of these compositions, a feeling that is further defined by track titles that reference the spirit world and an album title that calls to mind the solitary tasks of the church orderly. The record opens with the aptly titled, 'gentle so gentle', a side-long movement that harkens the glacial character of Davachi's previous efforts. 'ghosts and all' and 'in staying' suggest a more disjointed path, with the latter culminating in a subtly dissonant dirge that leaves little absolve between the organic, the artificial, and the impermanent.

released November 25, 2016"

Sarah Davachi - Vergers Promo Published on Nov 29, 2016 Shasta Cults

In the video above Sarah Davachi plays with a SYNTHI AKS.

Update: via Sarah Davachi's bio page:

"Sarah Davachi (b. 1987, Calgary, Canada) holds a bachelor's degree in philosophy from the University of Calgary, and a master's degree in electronic music and recording media from Mills College in Oakland, California. As a composer of electronic and electroacoustic music, Davachi is engaged in practices of analog synthesis, psychoacoustic manipulations, and studio composition. Davachi's compositional projects are primarily concerned with disclosing the antiquated instruments and forgotten sonics of a bygone era in analog synthesis, with concurrent treatment of acoustic sources – particularly organs, strings, and woodwinds – often involving de-familiarization through processing. Her work considers the experience of enveloped sonic dwelling, utilizing extended durations, gradual transformations in texture, and simple harmonic structures that emphasize variations in overtone complexity and natural phasing patterns.

Her work as a music researcher concerns aspects of experimentalism, organology and archival study, and phenomenology and perception, and has been published and presented within Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom..." You can find her full bio here.

Be sure to check out some of her other releases here:


via this auction, and on Reverb

"A truly inspiring and unique analog synthesizer utilizing the kinetic interface of the rare Ondes Martenot synthesizer from the 20's and famously used by Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead. This synthesizer features dual oscillators that track pitch through the wire and pulley system capable of wholly distinct sounds and expression of vibrato and glissando. This is a hauntingly gorgeous sounding instrument and comes with a built in spring reverb unit and comes with an ATA travel case. These are hand made in Canada and have a 3-4 month turnaround and are very rare to see used. This is an instant inspiration in the studio and will add an otherworldly element to your performance or recordings. We pack perfectly and ship fast!


-Two independent temperature compensated analog oscillators with sync function
-Six octave positions for each oscillator covering C0 to C8
-Six waveforms (sine, triangle, rectified sine/octiviant, 50% pulse, 30% pulse, 10% pulse (white noise on Osc 2)
-Adjustable ring with metal reinforced wire
-Replaceable reference keyboard with alternatives available (ex: lapsteel, specific scales, microtonal)
-Dual wooden pressure-sensitive intensity keys with approx. 3/4" travel
-Low-pass filter with adjustable cutoff frequency (can be controlled by expression pedal or external CV)
-Internal spring reverb with dry+wet mix control
-"Silent" tuner output, switchable between oscillators
-Line-level (+3db) output with volume control
-Control Voltage (CV) outputs for ring position (1V/octave) and both intensity keys (0 - 10V)
-16VAC power input
-Dimensions: 30 x 11 x 4"

Strymon Big Sky vs Boss RV6 Reverb (Korg Minilogue)

Published on Nov 29, 2016 3rdStoreyChemist

"Comparison of the Big Sky and RV6 reverb pedals with the Korg Minilogue synthesiser.

No further processing used except for normalisation."

Korg Volca FM into the Mattoverse Warble Swell Deluxe Delay

Published on Nov 29, 2016 mattoverse

Rheyne - Sequenced Jam #6 (Moog Mother-32, Make Noise 0-Coast, TC Hall of Fame, Roland Demora)

Published on Nov 28, 2016 Rheyne

"Triggering Mother-32 and 0-Coast synthesizers with the Mother-32 sequencers. Reverb is from a TC Hall of Fame. Delay is from a Roland Demora. Audio is directly from the mixer."

DJ Wool - Booty From The Future (Live Music Video)

Published on Nov 23, 2016 Dither Down

Some interesting synth spotting this one including two Twisted Electrons Acid 8s, an OTO BIM 12-BIT Delay, DSI Tempest & Akai MPC 1000.

"DJ Wool – A Life In Breaks Out Now On Dither Down Records

DJ Wool – A Life In Breaks is an album that perfectly reflects the era, records and sound that inspired Glen Brady to start making beats and DJing in the 1990’s. Replacing some of those iconic samples with warm modular and analog soundscapes, this album comes across as a classic breakbeat document evocative of the NYC and Berlin music scenes that have shaped Wool’s sonic evolution. From Breakdance and 808 workouts engaging the smoothness of all night Neukölln House clubs to Florida breaks influenced funk phenomena and downtempo musings, this is breakbeat culture that harks back to pre-Jungle UK Rave but still has the flair, simplicity and minimalism to fit smartly into the headphones and sets of today's tastemakers with a retro vibe reminiscent of such seminal labels as Mo’ Wax, Wall of Sound and Pussyfoot Records.

Glen ‘DJ Wool’ Brady is an Audio engineer/Music Producer & DJ with over 20 years in the game. He has a massive resume with mixing and production credits for a vast array of styles and artists including Dolores O'Riordan (The Cranberries), Spoek Mathambo, Todd Terry, Far East Movement, REM, Herbert Gronemeyer, Jagz Kooner, Howie B, Andy Rourke (The Smiths), Tittsworth and so many more... Beginning his career as a DMC champion in his native Ireland in the 90's, Glen spent most of the 2000's touring and releasing as co-founder of NYC based Indie dancers The Glass before returning to his 90's moniker as DJ Wool releasing on Discobelle Records, Top Billin', Sounds of Sumo, Plant Music and many more from his base in Berlin.

In 2012 he relocated to Northern California and has spent the last several years as an audio engineer in the Symphonic and Classical music world, the realization of a childhood dream. With an ever expanding Modular synth set up and a plethora of Remixes, DJ mixes and Live videos about to drop, it seems ‘A Life In Breaks’ is an appropriate title for this groundbreaking debut album and the enigmatic yet immutable artiste, DJ Wool."

Elastic Drums update 1.9.4 featuring Moog Model 15

Published on Nov 28, 2016 Oliver Greschke

"Elastic Drums update 1.9.4 comes with several improvements and bugfixes and 80 high quality samples by Berlin musician Phon.o ( The Moog Model 15 just plays some background notes sequenced via the built in arpeggiator. It is synced with Elastic Drums via Ableton Link. The original preset is by Red Sky Lullaby, where I replaced the samples with some new ones."

Elastic Drums - O-G-SUS
Model 15 - Moog Music Inc.

"What's New in Version 1.9.4
- 80 new samples from Berlin musician Phon.o (
- Improved knob and automate behavior in song mode
- Bass synth was playing 1 octave too high in old presets with pitch modulation
- When changing the master tempo X in song mode (mix screen), the sequencer could act weird, repeating or even stopping
- Fixed copy seq+instr bug with copying channel data to another pattern
- Reworked XY control - please double check, if effects and jam page still work as they did before"

New KRM-100 MIDI-CV-Arpeggiator Module - Demo

Published on Nov 28, 2016 Synthesizer Keith

"This video give a tech demo of the KRM-100 MIDI-CV-Arpeggiator module (Eurorack format).

In addition to MIDI-CV, it includes an arpeggiator, mini-sequencer, extra LFO, and other features"

via KRM Music Systems

"The [KRM-100] MIDI-CV-Arpeggiator module updates your Eurorack modular with an arpeggiator, mini sequencer, additional LFO, portamento, multi-trigger, aux CV source, and other functions that modern electronic music producers expect.

Use the mini sequencer to program your own arpeggiator pattern, or select one of the 7 built-in ones. Modulate the pitch or aux CV with with the built-in LFO (9 different waveforms). The arpeggiator, mini sequencer, and LFO can be synced via MIDI.

For fine performance control, map MIDI velocity or pressure to the aux CV value, or the LFO modulation channel. In addition, there are two types of portamento (constant rate, and constant time), to match your playing style."

Vintage Oberheim DS-2 Digital Sequencer S/N 004 - Museum Piece

via this auction

"This was the first product produced by Oberheim. This particular unit was among the first batch made. This it truly a collector's item.

Fully tested using a Kenton Pro Solo MkII to provide Gate and CV while driving a Dotcom Modular Synthesizer. Requires a minimum Gate voltage of about 8V.

All sequencer functions were tested and proved to be working as designed. A photo copy of the DS-2 user manual will be included.

Please note that the sequencer provides a Trigger output and does not sustain the notes. The amount of sustain is controlled by the sequenced synthesizer's envelope generators using the decay and release controls. This sequencer records Keyboard CV voltages and the time between Triggers. During playback the sequence rate can be modified with the clock rate control and the pitch can be modified with three selectable transpose controls. This is a hands on type musical tool and is a lot of fun to use.

Cosmetic condition is extremely good. All control pots, switches, push buttons, push button lights and indicator lights are working. The gas discharge display is working and in fantastic condition.

It is very rare to find one without broken switches and buttons. This is a rare collectible piece of electronic music history."

1977 SLM Concert Spectrum Vintage Analog String Synthesizer SN 1551

SLM Concert Spectrum Stereo Analog String Brass Piano Harpsichord Synthesizer

Published on Apr 26, 2015 keyboard resource

via this auction

"Condition: Works good. Bottom-left corner is cracked. Includes metal legs and crossbar. The legs may be missing parts to keep it from tilting. I'm not sure as I've never seen a picture of the complete package. See pictures.

The SLM (St. Louis Music) Concert Spectrum is an extremely rare, stereo analog string/brass/piano synthesizer from the mid-1970's.

Famously used by Richard Tandy of The Electric Light Orchestra. It is mention in this excerpt from a December 1978 Keyboard magazine article: 'Richard's collection of onstage instruments consists of a Hohner Clavinet, a Polymoog, a Yamaha CS-80 synthesizer, a Mellotron (called "Old Faithful" by Tandy), a seven-foot Yamaha grand piano, and the Wutlitzer. In addition to these, the band carries several back-up keyboards - an extra Mellotron, two spare Wurtlizer electric pianos, a Minimoog, and an SLM Concert Spectrum string synthesizer - in case any of the front-line instruments malfunction.'"

Vintage 1978 Muson Synthesizer Sequencer SN 41486 w/ Original Box

via this auction

"Fully functional vintage 1978 Mego Corp Muson Synthesizer, with original box.
All the sequencer pegs/pins are included and has no battery leaking inside of the battery slot.
Everything is in working condition, the box is in fairly good condition for its age but still has seen better days, as well as the label on the front of the synth which has slightly discoloured from age.
[As seen in the pictures]

This is a really rare and sort after toy synthesizer which is capable of making some pretty incredible experimental video game/arcade, robotic, spacey sounds.
The internet description going around for this thing says: ''Kind of a ROLAND TB-303 but much cooler & cheaper - still cheaper...''

The box says:
"The sound of music. An electronic and music synthesizer. You can play a tune or make the strangest sounds in the galaxy.

Play dozens of simple tunes on the piano-type keyboard. Or make strange and spacey rhythms on the color-coded electronic board. Play them together for Rock 'N Roll sounds, eerie sounds, or outerspace electronic music. Separate slide levers, change the pitch and tempo. Experiment with thousands of combinations of sound. "

The coloured buttons can be used to change the melody and rhythm. Each color has a different note.
The speed and pitch of the sequence can be changed with sliders on either side of keyboard.
The coloured pegs/pins above the keys operate the built-in sequencer. Each colour represents a note on the keyboard.
The keys play just over an octave of whole notes.
A unique vintage music toy from 1978.
Requires 4 - C batteries that are not included (placement of batteries go under the 'Muson' cover on top of the machine."

YAMAHA CS-30 SN 3058

via this auction

BLUE Vintage ROLAND SH-101 SN 310244

via this auction

"Absolutely beautiful SH-101 in the rarest of custom colors. Perfect working order, not a single issue. Tested Perfect with adapter (universal adapter included free) and batteries OK!
Please see pics for details......"

ROLAND JUNO 106 Analog Synth (Pro Serviced) w/ Kiwi Upgrade & Walnut end Cheeks

via this auction

"It has recently been completely serviced by the Synthspa, so you can be sure that the voice chips are all completely restored and won't fail. I've also upgraded it to have beautiful wood cheeks, but I will include the original end cheeks in the package as well.

This one comes with the KIWI-106 hardware/software upgrade installed, which means it sports an expansive range of functionality that takes the 106 to the next level (see below). That said, I will include the original board for the 106 with this, in case you want to swap out of the Kiwi upgrade (no idea why you'd want to do that, though!).

The Kiwi106 Upgrade features:

TEISCO 60f Synth

via this auction

Roland SH-09 SN 790953

via this auction

Pulser Synpuls SD1 Drum Synth Set of 4

via this auction

"Up for sale is our set of 4 Pulser Synpuls SD1 drum synthesisers complete with cables, mounting brackets and original case.

These are made in Japan by Hillwood and are identical to the JHS Pro Rhythm SD1 units."


Published on Nov 28, 2016 OCTON

"A sunday afternoon improv' mainly whith this HUGE litte analog synth (but whith a DCO , & many, many more) : Anushri ( MUTABLE INSTRUMENTS) : SEQ + generative drums- EURORACK on lead/pad.

via Mutable instruments on the Anushri:

"Built-in sequencer and arpeggiator

Anushri’s built-in arpeggiator easily transforms chords into complex basslines and acid patterns with accent and slides. But the real fun starts when you use the built-in sequencer. Its interface is refreshingly simple: press rec, input notes on the MIDI keyboard or press the rest/tie buttons, press rec to finish, then start. The sequence can even be transposed from the keyboard.

Built-in drum machine

Anushri comes with a truly original rhythmic section. Original in sound, using 8-bit analog-style synthesis with integrated bit-crusher (What? A 707 sampled through a Mirage?). Original in interface, since it is “programmed”, or rather sculpted with knobs rather than x0x style switches and LEDs. How does it work? 2 knobs control morphing through different structures of drum patterns, and 3 knobs control how sparse/dense the pattern is for bass drum/snare drum/hi-hat, allowing you to create fills and variations at the twist of a knob."

Live Synthesizer Jam 55 : Teenage Engineering PO-12, Microkorg, Nexus 2, Sylenth1, GarageBand.

Published on Nov 29, 2016 Todd Smith

"Band Camp Link -

This is a early version of a work in progress. I plan to play with muting and add variations in the piano sound. I'm thinking of using hardware synths with the same midi sequence as the piano for the 2nd 1/2 of the song.

I'm using a build up I've used many times in previous hardware jams but using Ableton to expand the idea. Again, this is a very early version. The idea will be expanded and worked on a lot more in the future.

The current version is all VST synthesizer sounds. The VST's used are Nexus 2, Sylenth1 and Garage Band. Teenage Engineering PO-12 is layered for the drums. I plan on adding more hardware sounds into the next version.

All sequencing and effects comes from Ableton Live. Effects are all Waves VST and include the SuperTap6 9 (Delay) IR1 (Reverb) and Infected Mushroom Pusher.

Korg Microkorg ( used as midi controller )

Teenage Engineering PO-12
Behringer Micromix MX400
Tascam US-144mkII Audio Interface
Waves Effects
Sylenth1 VST
Nexus 2 VST
Ableton Live 9"

Open Source: Music Hardware Synthesizer Pt.3 (Supplyframe Original Series)

Published on Nov 29, 2016 Supplyframe

All parts here.

Rebel Technology OWL Groovebox with Ableton Live

Published on Nov 29, 2016 Rebel Technology

"Adam plays the Rebel Technology OWL Modular over USB MIDI from Ableton Live.

Find out more at

Download the patch for the OWL at"

Intro to Creative Mid-Side Audio Processing In Eurorack Modular

Published on Nov 29, 2016 gstormelectro

"Video and Audio by G-Storm Electro c.2016

What is Mid-Side Processing? How can you use Mid-Side in your Eurorack musical endeavors? In this video I'll show you how. Using the Worng LRMSMSLR module I provide some interesting patch examples of Mid-Side in action.

HEADPHONES OR A SET OF QUALITY AUDIO MONITORS ARE REQUIRED to hear the full effect of Mid-Side processing of stereo audio. My sound source today is a Roland Alpha Juno-1 w/ the chorus turned on. Remember, if the chorus is turned off, the synth only provides a monaural signal which is no bueno for Mid-Side processing. The Roland VP-03 Boutique Vocoder also provides an interesting ensemble choir sound that is useful.

Audio was recorded direct to Tascam DR-05 through a Mackie Mixer. No other effects were added to the sound other than the modules explained in this demo.

Other modules used in this video:
- Pittsburgh Synthesizer Box, MIDI3 module (clock)
- Pittsburgh Mix Mult (attenuators), Toolbox (S&H), Outs
- 4MS Rotating Clock Divider RCD
- Doepfer A-106-5 SEM Filter"

Some info on the WORNG LRMSMSLR:

"PCB & panel to build one WORNG LRMSMSLR mid/side encoder/decoder Eurorack module. This contains only the PCB & panel as shown, additional components are needed to build a functioning module. The price does not include support or troubleshooting. Although this is an easy build it's not intended as a beginner project, you must be comfortable sourcing parts and troubleshooting the circuit if you have made any errors."

Sotomayor meets Drumbrute

Published on Nov 29, 2016 ARTURIA

"Meet Paulina and Raul from the Mexican electro-latino band Sotomayor, and discover how they integrate Arturia DrumBrute into their set-up."

Paul Godfrey (Morcheeba) meets DrumBrute

Published on Nov 29, 2016 ARTURIA

"Paul Godfrey is best known for his work with UK Trip Hop group Morcheeba. Here we visit his beautiful new studio based near Hastings in the UK, where he gives us a studio tour and shows us how he creates beats with DrumBrute."

MFB Tanzbar & Korg Minilogue

Published on Nov 29, 2016 3rdStoreyChemist

"Jamming with the Tanzbar drum machine and a Minilogue synthesiser synced together (Tanzbar MIDI Out to Minilogue MIDI In).

A small amount of reverb has been used, no further processing except for normalisation."

Kick.S Live / X1015 (Goa Forest)

Published on Nov 29, 2016 Kick.S

/// Equipment ////
Korg electribe EX
acidlab Miami
EHX Cathedral
EHX Memory boy
Mackie VLZ3

Brandon Logic 11 27 26 modular sketch orthogonal devices er 301 and malekko varigate 8

Published on Nov 29, 2016 brandon logic

Modular Synth - Patch in Progress 43

Published on Nov 29, 2016 isvisible / isinvisible

"As usual, I'm working on a new track.
Several cv sequencers and trigger sequencers are controlling this one. A lot of the trigger sequences are being routed through various switches and then the WMD 'Sequential Switch Matrix' (SSM)

Sound sources are:
Livewire - Audio Frequency Generator (AFG)
Cylonix / Intellijel - Cyclebox II
Mutable Instruments - Rings
Mutable Instruments - Braids

Drums are:
Syncussion - DRM1
Neutron Sound - Orgone Accumulator

Audio processing by:
SDS Digital - Rephlex Liveloop (in G-Move mode)
Doepfer - A-106-6 Filter
Doepfer - A-101-1 Filter
Doepfer - A-101-3 Phaser
Doepfer - A-188-2 Tapped Delay
Modcan - Dual Delay
Intellijel - Springray Reverb
Tiptop - DSP with Halls of Valhalla installed

Finished music can be found: (melodic) (not as melodic) (a mixture)"

ARP AVATAR Guitar Synthesizer Demos

Published on Nov 23, 2016 Amazing Synth

Created a playlist for these moving forward. The 2nd video was previously posted here.

"This unit was produced in 1977 or 1978 and its signal path must be very similar to that of ARP Odyssey Mk III. According to the Service Manual they share several of the same PCBs.

I believe we can assume that AVATAR is a combination of early digital guitar module and analog synthesizer (Odyssey).

It can be controlled by CV/Gate, I have a Kenton Pro-2 for that. And it's rather volatlle."

ARP AVATAR analog synthesizer - arpeggio tweaking - Resonance
ARP AVATAR analogue synthesizer - Filter Sweep
ARP AVATAR guitar synthesizer - FM Sweep
ARP AVATAR synthesizer - Low Sweep
ARP AVATAR - Some Basses - Chameleon Line

Nord Lead A1 Creative Sound Design: Creating a virtual instrument

Published on Nov 29, 2016 NordKeyboards

"In this video Swedish keyboardist and composer Albin Westerlind explains how to create a virtual instrument on the Nord Lead A1 using 4 layers.

All patches in this tutorial series will be available for download here:"

All parts here.


Published on Nov 29, 2016 Marcin Staniszewski

"This is a review of SYNTH VOICE module made by ERICA SYNTHS ( The review will also appear in November 2016 issue of 'Estrada i Studio' - biggest Polish monthly magazine devoted to music production and studio equipment."

See this post for details on Erica Synths Synth Voice eurorack module.

Sonic Logic 2.0 App Preview

Published on Nov 28, 2016 Sonic Logic

"App store video for the Sonic Logic 2.0 release.
Coming very soon..."

v 1.4 description in case you are not familiar with the app:

"Sonic Logic is a modular MIDI controller allowing you to edit and control MIDI controller setups from your iPad.

Control Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Cubase, Protools, Traktor, and other popular DAWs right from your iPad.

Sonic Logic uses CoreMIDI to send MIDI signals so you can even hook it up to hardware synths using and iPad to MIDI cable.

Edit on your iPad! Super easy interface to create, edit, control, manipulate, assign MIDI controllers and notes live, using touch gestures. (No external editor needed).

Add Buttons, switches, toggle buttons, XY pads, sliders and text objects.
Their look and feel is meant to emulate real life controls, with real feedback.

* Create your MIDI controller easily from your iPad.
* Edit component's color, size, MIDI channel and controller number.
* Time advancing gestures for buttons, create a timed MIDI transition from 0 to 127 with just a press of a button.
* Control everything with multi touch.
* Snap to middle feature on sliders.
* Built in, editable templates.
* iCloud support, always stay synced with all your setups on any device.
* Low latency.

Connect over WiFi, Bluetooth (Mac only), USB (Mac Only), MIDI cable or use Virtual MIDI to control other iOS apps internally."

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