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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Third Ear at Tom's Place with Peter Grenader, Doug Lynner, and Shiro Fujioka

Published on Mar 21, 2018 Fourdimensionalsound

"Modular synthesizer supergroup (Peter Grenader, Doug Lynner, Shiro Fujioka) performing in Berkeley, CA. Check out Doug's setup of classic and modern Serge synths (left side), Shiro's mix of modern Eurorack (with a lot of Wiard modules), and Peter's massive Plan B system (designed by Peter, including some modules which are one-off creations) mixed with modern Eurorack."

ACID Z2040

ACID Z2040 from Tiptop Audio on Vimeo.

"Fading into an acid bass pattern and launching a full drum beat from the Circadian Rhythms"


Fun facts: the original Tiptop Z2040 Lowpass Filter came out in June of 2009, and the updated look in October of 2016.

Novation Peak In depth walkthrough. The best of analog and digital?

Published on Mar 21, 2018 Nu-Trix The Synth Guy

"The novation Peak is a really cool 8 voices polyphonic desktop synth. I had the chance to play with it and get an up close and personal experience. Here is my review of the beast."

Also see Nu-Trix The Synth Guy's What are NCOs in the Novation Peak

Pas Vrai

Published on Mar 21, 2018 ngarjuna

"'Pas Vrai'
Produced by ngarjuna
© 2018 Acid Coast

Wherein we introduced the tweed case to the Doepfer A-196 and great mayhem ensued...

New ngarjuna album...soon (late spring early summer 2018)"

Haken Continuum EaganMatrix Programming

Published on Mar 21, 2018 EaganMatrix Programming


1. Haken Continuum EaganMatrix Programming - Wave Banks Part 1 - Sine Bank of 5 Oscillators

"Create a simple Additive Synthesis engine using the Continuum's five Oscillators as a configurable Sine Bank."

More to come...

AniModule Lil' Monster Swappin' SOIC pins via Kludge, a little CNC Mill Action, and Snow!

Published on Mar 21, 2018 JRock17991

"Check out my modules at :
Made a booboo on the PCB layout, and 2 OpAmp pins ended up swapped, so instead of scrapping the batch, I make a little Kludge on them and it's good as new!"

Maze War (synthwave)

Published on Mar 21, 2018 Synth & Sundry

"A kaleidoscope of electrosonic tactics deployed in Ableton Live with the Novation Bass Station plugin for your pleasure."

PureData generative groovebox

Published on Mar 21, 2018 wbajzek

"First attempt at a PureData generative groovebox"

Eurorack Ambience - Double Are

Published on Mar 21, 2018 Jae Ryan

"Spending some time creating wide wobbly textures with the Strymon Magneto while also trying to come to grips with the Rings I just picked up. Zone Out."

New Version of Grid Music for iOS

Published on Mar 15, 2018 Grid Music

"Jamming with Grid Music and the Make Noise 0-Coast over MIDI.

All sounds recorded directly from the 0-Coast with compression applied in Final Cut.

Grid Music is sending MIDI note and control change messages to the 0-Coast. The values of active modulation cells (pink diamonds) are being sent as MIDI CC 1.

0-Coast's MIDI B CV is set to "Mod Wheel" so that CC 1 is interpreted as CV. MIDI B gate is set to "Mod Wheel greater than 50%" so that when CC 1 rises over 50%, a gate is triggered."

The original version of Grid Music was released back in 2011.

Grid Music - Michael Daines

"Grid Music is a 2-dimensional MIDI step sequencer. It can be used to compose classic 16-step patterns, but can also create loops, random branches, and polyrhythm. Its 5×5 grid allows for countless arrangements of melody and timbre while keeping the entire composition visible and easy to understand. Pitch and rhythm can be directly manipulated by touch, and the structure of a pattern can be altered in just a few taps.

• Send MIDI notes and control change messages to compatible synthesizer apps. If you have a compatible MIDI interface and the Lightning to USB Camera Adapter, Grid Music can control an external MIDI synthesizer.

• Easy to use built-in synthesizer featuring envelope settings, PWM, and vibrato.

• Randomize button for quickly exploring new melodies.

• Pitch quantization ensures that notes are always in key and makes it simple to create chord progressions. Includes several scale and chord options.

• Multiple levels of undo while editing patterns.

• Perform songs with perfect timing using synchronized pattern queueing.

• Support for Ableton Link allows Grid Music to play in time with other apps and devices.

• Support for the iOS Files app makes it easy to organize your compositions and access them from multiple devices."

TINRS Wobbler - Advanced LFO Set to Ship on March 23

via @rocket_not

"πŸš€ Wobbler launch online 23.03 20:00 GMT+1 πŸš€Already some information about our advanced lfo is avalaible on our website"

via This is Not Rocket Science:

"Wobbler is a modulation source in Eurorack format that adds controlled chaos to your sound. Our Wobbler has five shapes, two of which are based on physical modelling. Wobbler also gives you direct visual feedback on your CV output. You can see it WOBBLE.

A classical music instrument always contains some natural chaos giving depth to its’ sound. In synthesized sound usually you have to make a choice between being in complete control of a flat sound or allowing randomness to run wild and give it character. We have used fresh takes on classical LFO generation and physical modelling as a modulation source so that Wobbler can give you the best of both worlds – naturally occurring chaos that you can control.

Wobbler has multiple features to control your oscillations:

Hues - Moog DFAM, Mother-32, Noise Engineering Cursus Iteritas

Published on Mar 20, 2018 tl3ss

Noise Engineering Cursus Iteritas
Moog Mother-32
Moog Mother-32
Meris Mercury 7
Meris Polymoon
Meris Ottobit Jr.
Erica Synths Fusion VCO
Erica Synths Octasource
Make Noise Morphagene
Mutable Instruments Clouds

Studio Tour in SoloStuff Lab

My friend caught me Published on Mar 21, 2018 SoloStuff

Some funny moments in this one. :) Most used item with all that gear? The M-Audio Venom!

P.S. I realized I didn't have a Studio Tours label. I created one with this post. I'll add older posts as I come across them.

Moog Music's Mike Adams Talk at NCSU Thursday, March 22, 2018

via @moogmusicinc

"#NCState: @NCStateEngr Alumni & @moogmusicinc president Mike Adams returns to campus this Thursday (3/22) to talk about his career post @NCState and about #Moog Music’s past, present, and future:…"

via NCSU

"Mike Adams graduated from NC State in 1979 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. For the past 15 years he has served as president of Moog Music, the Asheville headquartered company founded by Robert Moog. Adams will talk about his career post NC State and about Moog Music’s present and future."

The event is free and open to the public.

Sonic Scenarios: Synthesis Technology E352 Overview Videos by CONTROL

Published on Mar 21, 2018 CTRL MOD

"Introduction and Overview of the Synthesis Technology E352 Cloud Terrarium.

For more info on the E352 visit our site here:

Sonic Scenarios is a series of videos chronicling the features, designs and sounds of Eurorack format synthesizer modules with sound designer Mike Kiraly — Presented by Control.

Video by Sonic Scenarios for Control:

Control is a synthesizer brick/mortar and online shop located in the South Williamsburg Neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY specializing in Eurorack Modular, vintage traditional and unusual eccentric electronic devices both analog and digital. Please do not hesitate to get in touch."

WMD Mantic Conceptual - FLEX in Eurorack

Published on Mar 21, 2018 WMDevices

"The Mantic Conceptual FLEX is an amazing and unique effect originally designed and released in a Guitar Pedal format. We recently teamed up with the Mantic team to adapt the pedal into a Eurorack module.

In this video we go through the features and knobset of the Mantic Euro Flex integrated into a modular synthesizer. We run bass lines, Drums, and an entire mix through it by using it as an auxillary send on the WMD Performance Mixer.

Other modules include the WMD Arpitecht,WMD/SSF Spectrum. WMD/SSF MMF, WMD/SSF ADSRVCA. All rhythms are triggered by a WMD protorype trigger sequencer, which is coming soon ;).

VCA: 00:20
OFFSET: 00:33
FOCUS: 00:50
PUMP: 01:05
OCTAVE: 01:40
$ - & SWITCH: 02:05
DRY/WET 02:20
JAM OUT: 02:45"

"Available soon at dealers worldwide and at

We recently helped our friends over at Mantic Effects adapt their popular FLEX guitar pedal into the Eurorack modular format.

Initially released in 2014, the Mantic Flex lead the charge in the recent upsurge of PLL (phase locked loop) popularity and continues to set itself apart from other PLL's in that it is an original design and not a Schumann derivative. The Flex Pro is voiced and biased to offer what we found to be the most readily usable range of PLL sounds in a broad musical context, without compromising the users ability to experiment.

Notable users include Nick Reinhardt, Adrian Belew, Jack White, Justin Meldal-Johnson, Simon Francis, Claudio Sanchez, Ikey Owens, and Juan Alderete.

Added features in the Eurorack module include full voltage control, integrated input VCA, a dry/wet mix, VCO Offset control as well as a CV Octave control that interacts with the VCO Offset.

Make Noise Morphage - My "Film Noir" Reel

Published on Mar 21, 2018 HAINBACH

"´Make Noise asked me to do a reel for their Morphagene Eurorack module - here it is:
You can of course use the sounds with any DAW or Sampler, too. If you like what I do, support me by buying my music:"

Rhodes Chroma w/ CC+ Midi

via this auction

Elby Designs + Paula Maddox MonoWave

via this auction

Paula of course is the woman behind Modal Electronics, and previously, vacoloco.

"Old Nik says: "The MonoWave(X) is a early GEM from Paula Maddox... The unknown (to many) ancestor of the Modal Electronics 001/002! It's super! Think PPG Wave and Moog Model D had a baby, and that is the MonoWave(X)..."

Manufacturer Description:
The Monowave was the brainchild of UK electronics designer, Paula Maddox. Paula has been designing and building synths for many years as well as releasing her own unique music realized on her impressive modular creations.

Paula wanted to build a synth the roots of which lay in the PPG. Originally intended as a monophonic bass synth, the Monowave has uses beyond that.

The Monowave is a wavetable synthesiser with 256 waves available for each of the two oscillators. Each oscillator also has a sub-oscillator. The filter is a copy of the Moog filter, there are separate envelope generators for the filter and amplifier, and a simple LFO. The panel is very 'retro' and 'traditional' with knobs for every function and a simple display. Internally, the circuitry is all analogue (except for the digital circuitry used in the oscillators)... no wimpy DSP thank you very much - this is a 'real' synth!!

Paula has now released the MonoWave as GPL and has given me permission to release the PCB and a Component Kit for those that unfortunately missed the first, limited run.

The new MonoWave (X) is a rebuild of Paula's popular MonoWave I and is being re-released with her permission. The new design reduces the original multi-pcb design down to 2 pcbs.

In addition, the front panel design incorporates a 2x16 LCD Module (the original MonoWave only had a 1x16 Module) allowing software developers to extend the user-interface.

Technical Information:

Oberheim OB-8 SN C44315

via this auction, also on Reverb.

"Very clean condition, fully functional! Purchased from original owner who used it very lightly. Comes with manual print out and power cable."

Access Virus Ti2 Polar Synth

via this auction

"Never Let Me Down" Depeche Mode Behringer D Aggro Bass Demo

Published on Mar 21, 2018 Mattelica

"Aggro mix bass demo for the Behringer D and Korg Odyssey CV controlled by the Elektron Analog Keys + Moog DFAMs clocked by Elektron Machinedrum via midi."

SynthPatch - Patch Sheets for Your iPhone

This is one of those, "Why didn't this ever exist before?" type of apps. SynthPatch is essentially an unlimited, digital book of patch sheets for your synth. Currently it supports patch sheets for the Minimoog, SH-101, and Pro-One, but more are set to come in the future. Note it does not support the transfer of patches to the synths, as they are pre-MIDI. This is for jotting down patch settings like the old days, only super convenient and unlimited! :)

iTunes: SynthPatch - Sean Wolcott

"SynthPatch provides a simple, and compact way of storing patch notations for non-preset synths. We’ve all lost too many paper sheets and photos of settings ourselves, and wanted to create a better way to save favorite sounds.

Currently, SynthPatch supports the Minimoog, SH-101, and Pro One. It includes custom presets, unlimited space for new presets, and will grow to include additional synths, sharing functionality, and more in the future."

Glide for Four Voices: Vermona PERfourMER MK II

Published on Mar 21, 2018 Resonant Anvil

"Order of onset: Voice 4-Voice 1. One take. No overdubbing. Reverb from Strymon Big Sky. Initial Vermona settings as shown. Some adjustment to Resonance and Filter on Voice 1 toward the end. Driven by Doepfer Dark Time."

Snow! (Yamaha EX5, Akai EWI USB)

Published on Mar 21, 2018 Alex S.

"Just when you thought winter is finally over... Well, the best thing to do is improvise some relaxed music on your synthesizer. This was recorded in two steps: first the piano, EWI afterwards. the EWI is plugged into the EX5 via MIDI cable."

PATH OF THE PADDLE// MS2000, OB6, Prophet12, TR8

Published on Mar 21, 2018 MR TUNA Music

Take a ride down the river with the bumpin’ beats of the Roland #TR8 and the punchiest pads from the Korg #MS2000 πŸ‘ŠπŸ’₯ with JC and a quick splash of the the DSI #Prophet6 and some #class5 bass from the #System8 before it’s on to the next one..... #letsgopaddling πŸ™Œ"

The Sony Mellotron

Published on Feb 19, 2018 Tunnel HQ

"Luke Randall presents: The Sony Mellotron
'A culmination of years of walkman use'

Filmed and Edited by Oliver Randall
Intro song: Chi - Ricci Beats (prod. Oliver Randall)"

This one in via John L Rice.

Omsonic - Triangulum VCO LTD Edition *Mini Demo*

Published on Mar 21, 2018 DivKidVideo

"This is the limited edition blue panelled Triangulum VCO from Omsonic. It's a triangle core analogue oscillator with a great sine wave, rich FM, thick square and PWM and a great saw wave. This is a "mini" demo as it's a single patch and quick feature run down as opposed to a fuller more comprehensive video. This was also filmed for the 12 days of DivMas so you may have seen a bit of this already :)"

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev 1 & 2 Badge

via this auction

Note the listing is for the replacement badge only, not the synth.

"As the title says, this is a brand new reproduction, large badge that fits on the back of earlier Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 Rev 1 and Rev 2s. These are often missing as they sometimes need to be removed when repairing their power supplies. The back is self-adhesive, but sometimes may need glue depending on how clean/dirty the surface of your Prophet-5 is. I have a limited quantity of these as there is little demand for them. Please do not get this size confused with the other Prophet 5 badges that are available from other sellers."

1979 Yamaha CS-50 Analog Synthesizer SN 2152

via this auction

Pic of the inside below.

"This 4 polyphony voiced Yamaha is in great condition has its original case & cover. Comes with original sheet music holder. One of the legs is missing the washer between the foot and leg.(pic14). The legs store in the case and the cord stores in a compartment located on the bottom of the case."

Analogue Solutions LIEPZIG SK SN 9210

via this auction

YAMAHA CS15 Monophonic Analog Synthesizer SN 5518 w/ Original Case

via this auction


via this auction

Melodizer - Random Melody Generator

Published on Mar 21, 2018 Damien Quartz

"An audio/visual demo of Melodizer, an analog sequencer inspired audio app and plugin that randomly generates melodies.

Melodizer will be available for free at"

"Melodizer works like an analog sequencer where each step in the sequence is controlled by a column of knobs. However, rather than having a Pitch and Gate knob for each step, Melodizer's main knob is Probability. At each step you can control the probability that it will play a note when that step is activated. The actual pitch played will depend on the chosen Key, Scale, Octave, and Range. At each step you can also control how the note is panned, set the velocity, and shape the amplitude envelope of the note using ADSR knobs (attack, decay, sustain, release).

Melodizer will play notes using a built-in oscillator and effects, but also sends MIDI note messages so that you can use it to drive any soft-synth you already own. Any MIDI notes received by Melodizer will be used to change the Key and Octave or, in the case of the Fingered Scale, will be used as the pool of notes to choose from."


UFO from VGU39 on Vimeo.

MacBeth Elements

Strange Envelopes: Basic Enveloping and Pseudo Echo

Published on Mar 21, 2018 MAKEN0ISE

"Allen Strange wrote the book on modular synthesizers in the 1970s. Electronic Music: Systems, Techniques, and Controls. Unfortunately since the expanded 1982 edition, it has never been reprinted, and in today’s landscape where more people have access to modular synths than ever before, very few have access to the knowledge contained within. This video series will explore patches both basic and advanced from Strange’s text. Even the simplest patches here yield kernels of knowledge that can be expanded upon in infinite ways. I have been heavily influenced by Strange since long before I became a modular synth educator. Please share this knowledge far and wide.

The first video in the series covers one basic and one slightly less basic patch using envelopes."

New LYRA8-FX Eurorack Module by SOMA laboratory

LYRA8-FX by SOMA laboratory (demo) Published on Mar 21, 2018 Vlad Kreimer

"New SOMA product. Estimated net price 190-220 Euros.
More information you can find here:

As the tonal generator used KOTELNIKOV SM042 VCO.
As the LFO - Doepher A-111-5
As the step sequencer - Doepfer A-155

The panel in the main part of the video is the laboratory prototype.
The mass production version is HQ scratchproof photo aluminium.
Photos of the final panel you can find here:

Vlad Kreimer. 21.03.2018"

Also see LYRA-8 as an FX processor (SOMA laboratory) (LYRA-8 with external IN only is the equivalent of LYRA8-FX)

"LYRA8-FX is an FX processor that can give you a significant part of the mysterious LYRA-8 sound.
LYRA8-FX consists of the FX section from the LYRA-8, expanded with CV controls and packed into a Eurorack module.
It contains a double modulated lo-fi delay with cross-feedback and the unique possibility of self-modulation, where the delay output signal modulates its own sample rate. Also, it packs a parallel distortion with CV control of the drive. The distortion is after the delay.
It’s much more than a delay – you can get a simple reverb, comb filter, chorus and much more cool FXs which are hard to describe.

Brew Music with Korg: Zilker Brewing Co, Austin

Published on Mar 21, 2018 Korg

"Calling all synthesizer enthusiasts and beer lovers! We partnered with the Zilker Brewing Co. in Austin, Texas during SXSW to put on our fifth Brew Music event; a confluence of great brews, great beats, and nothing but the finest and most exciting hardware synths and production gear from Korg and Waldorf. Check out Brew Music: Coming soon to a city near you!

Song Featured:
Artist: Biocratic
Song: Tony's Belated Breakfast
Album: Chillhop Essentials Summer 2016"

Kick.S / X1284 (寝る時用)

Published on Mar 21, 2018 Kick.S

/// Equipment ////
Flashback Triple

Elektron Digitone - Garden Ambience (plus bonus dog footage)

Published on Mar 21, 2018

"It was a nice day today, so I decided to take my setup outside and record a video in the front garden of our house. I was aiming to make this video a lot longer (~2 hours), but the sun started warming up my gear, and my GoPro battery ran out, so I edited together what I had. There are two main "pieces" in this video; the second part starts at around 20:40.

100% Digitone; lightly mastered and edited for clarity. KMI QuNexus for live note input and jamming.

In this video I am drinking a South West Sour by Colonial Brewing Co., Margaret River. Not sponsored, I just like it and thought I'd mention it.

Not intended for your full attention (ie. feel free to put it on in the background!), but I've included some footage of the garden and our dogs as bonus material if you keep watching :D

Garden design by my partner Erin.

If you like this and would like to download the audio, it is available at my Bandcamp page:"

Crazy tape delay on Bela Modular

Published on Mar 21, 2018 Bela Platform

"Robert Thomas playing around while prototyping a crazy tape delay with mad self oscillations and slidey slew. Written in PureData, running on Bela Modular."

Bela is the platform for audio and sensor processing. See the Bela label below for more.

PO-32 tonic 3 minutes track make

Published on Mar 21, 2018 VC FOX

"Challenge the truck make for 3 minutes with PO-32 toic!

Waldorf Blofeld - SInging Acid

Published on Mar 21, 2018 chronosproject

Buy full soundbank -

Polyend Seq with Korg Gadget & Ipad Music Apps

Published on Mar 21, 2018 Polyend

"Our Seq MIDI Sequencer can be a heart of your sophisticated hardware setup but can be easily used with software too. Not necessarily with advanced DAW only. It can give you a lot of fun while providing a great workflow with many other applications on your tablets and smartphones! Please take a look.

Music and vide by Piotr RaczyΕ„ski
Taken around 20.03.2018"

Polyend Seq with Korg Gadget
Polyend Seq and Ipad music apps

"AF84 Project 3" Behringer D/Korg Odyssey/Elektron Analog Keys/Machinedrum Demo

Published on Mar 20, 2018 Mattelica

"Live take of an original track with the Behringer Model D and Korg Odyssey CV controlled by the Elektron Analog Keys + 4 internal patches, and the Elektron Machinedrum to a Roland VS880 to a Yamaha MG10xu to a Canon 6D + a 50mm 1.4 lens"

SDS_VCO WaveFold's 8

Published on Mar 20, 2018 freshnelly

"This is a video on part of the new Alternate Firmware for the SDS_VCO: Delay/FX/Distortion. MOD jack is audio input and CV in is the modifier.
The T/G jack will offer functions in some modes (Like "Freeze")
The video covers Mode (function) #11, Wave Folder and how to use it.
This firmware is presently under development ;)"

Patch n Tweak

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