MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, January 26, 2019

Saturday, January 26, 2019

NAMM 2019 Waldorf Kyra More Patches, All Playing, No Talking!

Published on Jan 26, 2019 Kraft Music

"Find exclusive Waldorf BUNDLES at Kraft Music:

Kraft Music visits the Waldorf Booth to hear some more patches from the Kyra virtual analog synthesizer at the 2019 NAMM Show.

Save money with our exclusive bundles that include great accessories to go along with your new Waldorf gear. When you buy from Kraft Music, you can get everything you need to be sure your gear is set up properly, all for one low price!"

NAMM 2019 Korg Krome EX Workstation

Published on Jan 26, 2019 Kraft Music

"Find exclusive Korg Krome EX BUNDLES at Kraft Music:

Kraft Music visits the Korg booth to get a preview of the Krome EX at the 2019 NAMM Show.

The Korg Krome EX music workstation focuses on providing the most usable sounds in an easy-to-use platform, with indispensable classics and fresh programs that reflect the current scene. In addition, the Krome EX delivers the sequencing and creative features you expect from a Korg workstation synth, including a 16-track sequencer, Realtime Pattern/Play Recording, an intuitive color TouchView display, dual polyphonic arpeggiators, and more. The Krome EX 61 and Krome EX 73 feature semi-weighted velocity-sensitive keyboards, while the Krome EX 88 features Korg's NH (Natural Weighted Hammer Action) for an expressive piano feel.

Get more for your money with an exclusive Korg Krome EX bundle from Kraft Music. These package deals include the accessories you'll need to get the most out of your new synth, all for one low price. If you have any questions, please give us a call. Our knowledgeable sales advisors will be happy to assist in choosing the bundle that's right for you!"

Dave Smith - Prophet X | NAMM 2019

Published on Jan 26, 2019 Under the Big Tree

"Our trip to NAMM 2019 began with a nice chat with synth pioneer Dave Smith, Inventor of the legendary Prophet 5. Dave continues to push the synthesizer envelope constantly, and this year he shows us the Prophet X. We talk about this synth, restoring the Pro One, the digital dark ages, filters, Eurorack, and performance expressivity with his fine instruments."

NAMM 2019 Gamechanger Audio Motor Piano Synthesizer Early Prototype!

Published on Jan 26, 2019 SYNTH ANATOMY

"At NAMM 2019, Gamechanger Audio presented a very early prototype of the Motor Piano Analog Synthesizer.
User interface is not working yet, sound Demo only! More info will follow soon!"

Gamechanger Audio recently brought us the PLASMA DRIVE with Erica Synths.

Lionstracts Reaktor embedded experimental synthesizer

Published on Jan 26, 2019 ludovic berquin

"This is a demonstration of the Mediastation advanced synthesizer. A beautiful concept by Lionstracs.
Here are some experiment with reaktor.
It was really handy to have reaktor inside a synthesizer, I wished that lionstracs would still continue, but unfortunately this is a very rare gear."

You don't see these often, but they have been featured on the site before. See the Lionstracts label below for more.

NAMM 2019: MOK Waverazor Module

Published on Jan 26, 2019 CatSynth TV

"Taiho Yamada of MOK demonstrates the new Waverazor module at NAMM 2019.

'The Waverazor Dual Oscillator module brings our patent-pending oscillator design to Eurorack format. Waverazor's wave slicing synthesis presents a novel approach that splices waveforms into twisted and aggressive timbres. Featuring new sound generation techniques like Multi-Sync and Mutant AM, the Waverazor oscillator is perfect for biting leads, glitched-out basses, cinematic pads and everything in between.'

"One Waverazor oscillator can contain up to 16 wave slices, creating a multi-segment "Frankenstein" waveform that produces extended harmonic content. Each individual slice has independent control over wave pitch, volume, phase and DC offset, allowing a single oscillator to contain a multitude of timbral colors. Even the "Razor" itself can be adjusted, with parameters for its own slice frequency, step size multiplier and duty cycle."

For more NAMM 2019 coverage, please subscribe to this channel and visit"

MOK Waverazor

NAMM 2019: Rossum Electro-Music Trident [Episode 116]

Published on Jan 26, 2019 CatSynth TV

"Dave Rossum of Rossum Electro-Music gives us a demo of the new Trident module, a complex oscillator with multiple waveshaping functions, and a unique function called "Zing Modulation".

"That magic is what we call Zing Modulation. Each of the Modulation Oscillators can modulate each of the Carrier outputs in an amount controlled by the Zing parameter. Zing Modulation is mathematically akin to ring modulation, but due to the synchronization of the oscillators (when an oscillator’s Sync button is on), the aharmonic sum and difference sidetones of ring modulation transform into complex but purely harmonic overtone spectra, which vary dynamically and dramatically with the frequency and waveshape modulations of the modulation oscillators. Each change in the Modulation Oscillator parameters – Frequency, Symmetry, Waveshape, Zing, and (in the case of Modulation Oscillator 2) Phase – will have a different effect on the timbre of each of the three Carrier waveshape outputs.

When the modulation oscillators are set to track the carrier oscillator, the waveshape will remain constant as the carrier frequency changes. In this case the overtone structure is determined by the settings and CV modulations of the modulation oscillators. If instead the modulation oscillators do not track the carrier, some of the overtone structure will vary relative to the carrier frequency."

For more NAMM 2019 coverage, please subscribe to this channel and visit"

The Panoptigon with Quilter Labs at NAMM 2019 | Reverb

Published on Jan 26, 2019 Reverb

"The Panoptigon is inspired by the Optigan, a 70's invention originally sold by Mattel, which used an optical disc to sample prerecorded music. However, this new Panoptigon incorporates a host of modern features and brings a lo-fi, physical vibe to synthesized sounds."

Buchla - Red Panel Modules | NAMM 2019

Published on Jan 26, 2019 Under the Big Tree

"When last we talked to Dave Small at Superbooth 18, he was selling Buchla 100-style modules under the name of Catalyst Audio. His modules were so good that they are now selling as official Buchla modules, as a new product line called Red Panel."

NAMM 2019 Electro-Harmonix Mono Synth, Attack Decay, and Super Switcher

Published on Jan 26, 2019 sonicstate

Details and intro video here.

Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator modular system - NAMM 2019

Published on Jan 26, 2019 Sound On Sound magazine

"Modular system was developed as an entry to modular synthesis and enable people to explore and grow their own system.
There are currently three systems each with its own chassis and a selection from the current crop of 15 modules"

River 2 Arps & 1 Pad [Eight Voice Polyphonic Moog Source]

Published on Jan 26, 2019 coyotesynth

"The River by Baloran is an 8 voice analog polysynth. A voice Card is a Moog Source clone.

The River is up to 4 parts multitimbral. In this example, 2 parts play 2 different arp pattern, while a 3rd one plays a pad. Analog TriChorus is also used, and a delay FX.

All sounds are directly recorded from The River. No outboard FX have been used. No DAW FX added. This is pure River sound."

Arturia MicroFreak - NAMM 2019

Published on Jan 26, 2019 Sound On Sound magazine

"Portable hybrid Synthesizer made in collaboration with Mutable Instruments featuring a powerful multi-mode digital oscillator based on the Plaits Eurorack module."

Behringer MS101 sequence demo

Ken Flux Pierce Fluxwithit

"This is a rather simple demo using the Behringer MS101 prototype. I am not playing depeche mode, I am not gary neuman, if this upsets you , please move on. I do however run through a bunch of patch settings with different envelope lengths and filter settings to give you a better idea of how this synth sounds. If you find value in that."

Arturia Drumbrute Impact tutorial jam

Published on Nov 13, 2018 EM Nordic Finland OY

Enable subtitles for the tutorial.

"Arturia Drumbrute Impact and techno. Watch with subtitles for narration.

Audio is routed directly from the Impact except FM Tone which is routed via a reverb bus."

Korg Prologue User Osc with free Mutable Instruments Plaits Demo

Published on Jan 25, 2019 EM Nordic Finland OY

"Watch with subtitles active.

Quick install guide and sound examples of Mutable Instruments' Plaits available free for Korg Prologue's User Oscillator.

To install you need the latest revision of Prologue's firmware and the Prologue Librarian.

Plaits download page:"

Should work with the Minilogue XD as well.

NAMM 2019: Interview with Dave Smith of Sequential

Published on Jan 26, 2019 CatSynth TV

"We chat with Dave Smith of Sequential at NAMM 2019.

He shows us the new Prophet XL and we talk about evolving and the company's change from "Dave Smith Instruments" to Sequential.

For more information and Sequential's full instrument catalog, please visit

For more NAMM 2019 coverage, please subscribe to this channel and visit"

DSI Prophet 6 & Source Audio Nemesis Delay

Published on Jan 26, 2019 3rdStoreyChemist

Ciat Lonbarde Tocante Build Workshop w/ Peter Blasser at CONTROL NY & NAMM Sale


"February 6th, 2018 — 12pm-8pm (flexible) — Join us with Peter Blasser of Ciat Lonbarde and Ieaskul F. Mobenthy as he leads you through the build process of a Tocante, his touch-organ. Limited to 12 participants. Register here."

Register here.

CONTROL is also having a 10% off NAMM sale.


Now through Sunday, take an additional 10% off your cart with the code NAMM10.*
*excludes pre-orders, used, workshops and systems."

Teenage Engineering 400 Modular demo by Baseck and Cuckoo #NAMM2019

Published on Jan 26, 2019 cuckoomusic

"Teenage Engineering is launching their new Pocket Operator Modular systems this spring. Here we're seeing the 400 system being demonstrated by modular musician Baseck. He's explaining as he's going along, so I didn't wanna mute the mic. In the end I'm exploring it myself, and I've cut out the mic so that you can hear the raw sound."

Radikal Technologies Delta Cep A Semi-Modular Synth NAMM 2019

Published on Jan 26, 2019 Perfect Circuit

"Radikal Technologies had their Delta Cep A semi-modular synthesizer at NAMM 2019. It has a swarm oscillator and multimode filter as well as a delay.

Delta Cep A available here:"

Supporters of MATRIXSYNTH get %10 off at Perfect Circuit!

Strymon Volante Delay Pedal With DFAM NAMM 2019

Published on Jan 26, 2019 Perfect Circuit

"Strymon Volante is Strymon's new delay pedal with three different magnetic delay models including one drum delay and two tape delays. I has four tape heads with continuously variable spacing and a built in spring reverb emulation. We ran a Moog DFAM through the Volante at NAMM and it makes the DFAM sound massive.

Strymon Volante available here:"

Supporters of MATRIXSYNTH get %10 off at Perfect Circuit!

Teenage Engineering 400 Modular Synth NAMM 2019 [Direct Audio Demo]

Published on Jan 25, 2019 Perfect Circuit

"Teenage Engineering designed a series of modular synthesizers including this 400 model which is bright yellow. The prices are very affordable on these synths, but they still sound like quality instruments and feel well put together (after you put them together yourself).

Teenage Engineering products available here:"

Supporters of MATRIXSYNTH get %10 off at Perfect Circuit!

Kraft Music NAMM 2019 - Best of Day 2

Published on Jan 26, 2019 Kraft Music

"Kraft Music visits the 2019 NAMM show in Anaheim, California to provide you with all the latest news on upcoming gear for the new year! Here are some highlights from Day 2.

Visit our store at and check out our great deals on the products you love, including our bundle packages that provide a great deal on what you're looking for as well as some useful accessories to go along with it."

Previous Kraft Music posts.

Exatari at Moloko Plus (Pixel Freak Edit) - Live 1/24/2019

Published on Jan 26, 2019 Derek Morton

"Exatari (Derek Morton of the Mikroknytes) performed at the Nook, Orlando, FL for Moloko Plus show series on January 24th, 2019. Violin samples provided by Mikroknytes John Coursey."

SoundsDivine 'Overflow' - U-he Hive

Published on Jan 26, 2019 SoundsDivine111

"Preview of the presets from the 'Overflow' soundset for U-he's Hive synthesizer."

The Volca Beat Machine

Published on Jan 26, 2019 poorness studios

"I used KV Gear's Captive V3 stand and made my 3 Volcas into a compact & transportable yet powerful beat machine.

You can find the stand here:"

"Aviary" (Vermona '14, MxB, OB-6, Modular etc) (Polytemporal/Polymetric)

Published on Jan 25, 2019 Kris Lennox

"Try with headphones for the bass. This work is polytemporal, polymetric, and prime-palindromic. Hopefully enjoyable as audio, but I also wrote up a piece to explain it (which also includes a video of the polytemporal sequencer lines isolated from the rest of the audio) - link here -

Soundcloud link here -

Instrumentation for this work = too many to mention.

All best

NAMM 2019 La Voix Du Luthiers

Published on Jan 26, 2019 sonicstate

NAMM2019 Videos by HerrSchneider of Schneiders Buero & SUPERBOOTH

NAMM19 the first performance from HerrSchneider on Vimeo.

On the very first day in the morning there was this action when alll the visitors wanted to enter the tradeshow parking space .. jam.

Make Noise QPAS Intro

Published on Jan 26, 2019 Synthtopia

"Tony Roland introduces the new Make Noise QPAS Quad Core Stereo Filter for Eurorack modular systems at a special event at Perfect Circuit."

Korg Volca Drum And Modular Quick Hits From NAMM 2019

Published on Jan 26, 2019 anode8

"Just a quick peek at the Korg Modular and Drum from the Volca series, while I'm here at NAMM 2019."

Volca Modular Hands-On Demo

Published on Jan 26, 2019 Synthtopia

"At the 2019 NAMM Show, Korg introduced the Volca Modular - an affordable, Buchla-inspired modular synth in the portable Volca format.

Here's a quick overview and demo."

Heavily Modded Deep Bass Nine

Published on Jan 26, 2019 Stereoping

"Demo for my Analogue Solutions Deep Bass Nine (DB9) with many useful mods, drums from Pearl SC-40. It's still not a 303, no. But it's much more useful now.

While the DB9 got a nice CEM3340 oscillator (like Roland's SH-101) there are some 'features' of the DB9 which i did not really love. I made lots of changes to lift it on a more useful level. Some mods are simple like replacing resistors with pots (glidetime, keytracking) or changing values (cutoff range, modwheel range on cutoff). Others need some additional electronic parts (PWM, Octave-switches). The most elaborate was to 'repair' the glide. It is normally engaged by CC#65 and not(!) by legato played notes. I had to add a 2nd midi interface to fix this - for the benefit of an additional feature: permanently activating or 'muting' glide and accent by midi notes sent on another midichannel. The video shows most of the mods. I also offer an article on my website with schmatics and additional infos on all the mods i made on the DB9:"

NAMM 2019 Omnisphere 2.6 With Eric Persing

Published on Jan 26, 2019 sonicstate

"Eric Persing gives us an exclusive walk through with the new Keyboard profiles and arpeggiator.
2.6 will be a free download."

NAMM 2019 Behringer Odyssey

Published on Jan 26, 2019 sonicstate

Access Virus B Classic Desktop VA

via this auction


via this auction

"The Pulse has V. C. O.'s . Voltage controlled Oscillators , pure analog !

Wolfram Franke at Waldorf says:
the three waveforms are made differently, and only have one thing in common -- they aren't processed by a D/A converter. The oscillators are not digital, but analogue. The pulse waveform is controlled digitally; the clock stipulates when the pulse waveform has to be at its maximum or minimum point. If you use pulse width modulation or cross modulation, this is also generated by the clock itself. The clock has only a 0 and 1 position, so the Pulse's cross modulation is mathematically identical with ring modulation. The sawtooth waveform is voltage-controlled; the voltage is generated from the D/A-converted clock signal, with additional parts creating the ramp. The triangular waveform is the most complex one; it's a combination between the sawtooth waveform and additional parts that process the down-ramp.

The PULSE sounds different because it is newly engineered for MIDI control of everything, pre-NRPN. It is far more stable than 70's analogs.
Yet with correct programming this thing can sound HUGER THAN A MINIMOOG when you use the LFO's and MOD properly. The Pulse's VCOs are THICK."

YAMAHA TX81Z FM Tone Generator/ Rack Mount Synthesizer NEW! In Original Box SN ON02292

via this auction

"Rare Find. Been sitting in the original box, in a closet, untouched, for 30+ years. Plugged in it, everything looks perfect."

EMU Emulator I sampler synthesizer

via this auction

Syntecno TeeBee Mark III Analog Synth

via this auction

"A really great-sounding synth with an all-analog signal path based on the the Roland TB303. It also features some cool and uncommon MIDI/CV features that might come in handy depending on your set up, including 2-channel MIDI merger and four channels of MIDI to CV/Gate conversion that can be set to function with either V/Oct ot V/Hz synths with either of the two common trigger types. If you have old Korg and Yamaha synths lying around this thing will let you play four of them via MIDI. Definitely worth looking up the manual online to read about how it can be worked into your setup.

And, of course, it produces great TB-303-esque tones and slides that you can access via a MIDI keyboard or MIDI sequencer. This Mark III version includes a Korg MS-20 style ring modulator in addition to the usual TB-303 saw and square waves. The filter sounds amazing. It's a very solidly built 1U rack unit with probably the most sturdy knobs I've ever gotten my hands on.

Ultimately, this is a wonderful unit if your starting point is MIDI (DAW, sequencer, etc.) and you want to access great analog sounds, both with this unit itself and with vintage synths that aren't already MIDI controllable."

ARP 2600 + ARP 3604-P Tonus Keyboard

via this auction

"Rare Tonus logo of the Arp 2600, most likely a 2600P V2.0 (based on serial number and modules inside). This is one of the more desirable sounding Arp's to get with the 4027 Oscillator and 4012 Filter than the later G-clef and orange/black models. It has 1 potted 4027 and two unpotted 4027 (with circuit board reading 4027-014 Rev B)."

Arp 2600 Tonus Lable

via this auction

"Original condition tonus lable pre lawsuit filter all original, square out osc 3 needs op amp to function, and one knobs broken off filter but functions fine, i also have 2 x replacement new old stock speakers and some potetiometer parts to replace filter and various other parts collected for replacing keyboard felts ect keyboard."

Bugbrand Synth Voice + Pomona's + 3.5mm Converter

via this auction

"Bugbrand Synth Voice- Sounds absolutely amazing and I will miss the hell of it. Purchased directly from Tom Bugs about 4 months ago and still pretty much like new.

3.5mm to Banana Converter- Built by MW user Corpus Jonesy, it is well built, sturdy and works exactly as expected."

Ultra Rare LL Electronics Rozzbox One V2 5-Voice Polyphonic Synthesizer

via this auction

"The ultra rare RozzBox V2 Poly Synth with tube filter is a 5-voice polyphonic synthesizer with digital oscillators, digital and analog filters on each voice, and one additional all tube filter.

In addition to the the classic design of a 4-oscillator polysynth with analog filters, the RozzBox features some functions that can’t be found on any other synthesizer, such as the Hacker, the chaotic filter mode, and switchable aliasing of the oscillators.


4 digital oscillators with standard and 16 additional waveforms – hard-sync possible

Configurable FM engine with 7 algorithms

Noise, external audio input, ring modulator

Tom Oberheim Two Voice Pro 2018 White SN 0346

via this auction

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev 2 w/ Kenton MIDI

via this auction

"The rev 2 used the earlier SSM chips that sound to my ears so much better than the later Curtis chips. The problem with the SSM chips (and probably why they went to the Curtis chips) and more generally the rev 2 was the tuning stability. This is why bands quite often used the rev 2 in the studio but the rev 3 on tour (Talking Heads, Japan etc). This problem has been resolved in the rev2 thanks to the masterly work of James at Synth Repair Services...there are now 8 little pixies running around inside making sure the tuning is just tickety-boo (well thats what James told me)

for the more technically minded, the power supply was upgraded (see toroidal photo), all presets replaced, and very high precision resistors used in DAC circuit. There is probably more to this mod but thats all I could work out from James Walker(Synth Repair Services).

I have been told that this was one of the earlier Prophet 5 rev 2's as it has a smooth panel surface, I have not been able to verify this. If anyone out there is more knowledgeable on the different rev2's it would be great if they could let me know if this is true or not."

NAMM 2019 part 4 - Verbos, Roland, Arturia, Nonlinear Labs, Nord

Published on Jan 26, 2019 SynthMania

Verbos Electronics: new modules
Roland: keytars, software instruments cloud
Arturia: MicroFreak
Nonlinear Labs: C15 synthesizer
Nord: keyboard, speakers

Korg Minilogue XD: All 200 Factory Presets - No talking

Published on Jan 26, 2019 loopop

"The things I do to save you a trip to the store: here are all the preset patches and patterns on the Korg Minilogue XD."

Official Korg volca modular Tutorial Videos

Tutorials: Korg volca modular Published on Jan 26, 2019 Korg


Korg volca modular Tutorial 1: Intro to Modular
Korg volca modular Tutorial 2: West Coast Synthesis
Korg volca modular Tutorial 3: Signal Path Overview
Korg volca modular Tutorial 4: Utility Modules Overview
Korg volca modular Tutorial 5: Sequencer and Tuning Overview

Official Korg Prologue Tutorial Videos

Overview: Korg Prologue Published on Jan 26, 2019 Korg

Korg Prologue Overview/Tutorial Part 1: Analog Oscillators
Korg Prologue Overview/Tutorial Part 2: MULTI ENGINE Oscillator
Korg Prologue Overview/Tutorial Part 3: Filter
Korg Prologue Overview/Tutorial Part 4: Modulation – ADSR, LFO
Korg Prologue Overview/Tutorial Part 5: Effects Section
Korg Prologue Overview/Tutorial Part 6: Performance features – Arpeggiator, Splits, Layers


Published on Jan 26, 2019 zack dagoba

"Just noodling on the amazing Polymoog. All you are hearing is the Polymoog filter (with LFO) and me changing the resonator frequencies in the resonator section. See https://myblogitsfullofstars.blogspot...
for more"


Published on Jan 26, 2019 RetroSound

2 Days with the OP-Z Jam

Published on Jan 26, 2019 Perplex On

"I couldn’t resist any longer and finally got this little beast! Still just scratched the surface a little but already great great fun! These are all built-in sounds. Visuals made with the OP-Z app‘s Photomatic feature loaded with own glitch fotos and sequenced with the OP-Z, all in realtime."

NAMM 2019: Novation Launchpad Pong

Published on Jan 26, 2019 Future Music Magazine

NAMM 2019: Novation SL Mk III

Published on Jan 26, 2019 Future Music Magazine

NAMM 2019: Second Sound: Pitch to Synth

Published on Jan 26, 2019 Future Music Magazine

Note this is the first post to feature Second Sound. Their ACO100 audio-controlled oscillator is used by Sonicsmith in their audio-controlled synthesizer products, the ConVertor and the Squaver P1.


The Story Behind Second Sound

We consider Second Sound to represent a “new revolution in synthesized sound” quite simply because we are redefining the way sound synthesis is done. Rather than generating sound waveforms electronically “from nothing” as both traditional analog and digital synthesizers do, our synthesizer transforms existing sounds based on fundamental characteristics of the sounds played by musicians on real instruments, such as their frequency and amplitude.

The human voice, a note played on a violin, piano, trumpet, or any of a wide class of musical instruments, all can be used as the source signal for our music synthesis technology, which converts these sounds into either Control Voltage (CV) for controlling analog synthesizers or MIDI for controlling digital synths.

NAMM 2019: Bitwig Studio 3

Published on Jan 26, 2019 Future Music Magazine

NAMM 2019: Junkie XL Interview

Published on Jan 26, 2019 Future Music Magazine

NAMM 2019: Sensel Morph Buchla Thunder Overlay | SYNTH ANATOMY

Published on Jan 26, 2019 SYNTH ANATOMY

"At NAMM 2019 Sensel prested the Buchla Thunder, a new overlay for the Morph touch sensitive MIDI controller."

Waldorf Kyra Sound Demo (no talking)

Published on Jan 26, 2019 Bonedo Synthesizers

Elektron Model:Samples Sound Demo (no talking)

Published on Jan 25, 2019 Bonedo Synthesizers

New Vocoder VC340 keyboard! (80's Robot Voice) Talking It Out! z7

Published on Jan 26, 2019 VJ FRANZ K

"My 1998 album was called 'Vokoder', because I have always liked this sound a lot! Here's Berhninger's new remake of a classic vocoder keyboard. It does sound different than digital vocoders, and it's not "Auto Tune" - that's something different. B - ) In this case, you play the notes and chords, and talk or sing into a microphone plugged into the machine to get these type of results.
Vocoders do tend to require precise adjustments to get the best "robot voice" sounds, but I easily got this working in minutes."

New MS101 ! - Trying The Red "Meowing" Synth z11

Published on Jan 25, 2019 VJ FRANZ K

"Keytar players take note of the optional handle / strap holder, which has a mod wheel on it to adjust various parameters while you play.
Similar to the SH101, which was sometimes compared to a meow of a robot cat! It was one of my favorite classic synths, and here is a great remake. (You also might compare it to a MiniBrute more recently.)"

RD 909 ! Prototype Not Ready Quite YET z8

Published on Jan 26, 2019 VJ FRANZ K

No audio. Just posting for the visual.

"You can't hear it, but the outside is complete. It's similar to the RD808 in the previous videos, but has the 909 "Computer Key" buttons on the Step Sequencer as it should. This was inspired by of my favorite classic drum machines, so I am looking forward to playing it!"

New RD 808 ! Drum Machine "It Clicked With Me" (Room Audio) z14

Published on Jan 25, 2019 VJ FRANZ K

"This is a prototype of the Berhinger 808 (much talked about) that I got to try at Music Tribe, and they approved my filming it for you to see! I liked it overall.
This recording was the audio in the room (see my other videos with Direct Audio) so you can also hear the sound of the keys: The Step Sequencer buttons are "clicky" with a slightly soft action. The other buttons are standard rubber "groovebox" feel. The knobs have a solid feel, and are rubberized. The unit is metal and plastic with a medium weight. (Better than playing a drum machine that's too small! B - ) Yes, the 808 has those clicky RS sounds, which are one of my favorites."

New RD 808 ! Drum Machine - Testing Note Repeating (Direct Audio) z5

Patch n Tweak

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