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Friday, April 05, 2019

Dave Smith and Sequential at Synthplex 2019

Published on Apr 5, 2019 Synthtopia

"At SynthPlex 2019, Sequential introduced updates to their Prophet XL.

We talked with Dave Smith, who gave us a quick demo of the new features."

Moon Modular MU Modules At SynthPlex 2019

Published on Apr 5, 2019 Synthtopia

"At SynthPlex 2019, Moon Modular introduced a new sample and hold module.

We talked with designer Gert Jalass, who gave us a quick demo and also an overview of their new complete modular systems."

Moon Modular at the Noisebug booth at SynthPlex.

Analog Craftsman Large-Format Modules At SynthPlex 2019

Published on Apr 5, 2019 Synthtopia

"At SynthPlex 2019, Analog Craftsman was showing their line of MU modular synth gear.

We talked with AC's Tony Norton, who told us how his company got started and gave us an update on their line of modules."

Free State FX MU Modules At SynthPlex 2019

Published on Apr 5, 2019 Synthtopia

"At SynthPlex 2019, we talked with Jason Fry of Free State FX. He gave us an intro to his company and its modules, and also told us about how he got started making modular gear."

What is Transwave Synthesis?

Published on Apr 5, 2019 Fabbri's Midnight Librarians

Some beautiful sonic landscapes in the demo that comes in at 4:00. I always thought of transwave synthesis as Enoniq's implementation of wavetable synthesis. In this tutorial it's portrayed as a bit closer to granular synthesis. The idea of wavetable synthesis is to morph between single cycle waveforms in a wavetable. In the example above he is morphing through a sample.

"In this video I illustrate the basic concept behind transwave sound synthesis. At the end I demonstrate an evolving ambient soundtrack which uses these basic concepts with some LFO, Envelopes, and on-board effects.

I followed Robin Bausewein's excellent tutorial (method 2) here:" [second video just posted here]

ENSONIQ EPS 16 Plus Creating Evolving Soundscapes & More

Published on Feb 2, 2019 Robin Bausewein


ENSONIQ EPS 16 Plus Creating Evolving Soundscapes
ENSONIQ EPS-16 PLUS - Soundscapes Method 2
Ensoniq EPS-16 Plus Minimode
Ensoniq EPS-16 Plus - Entry Level Transwave Synthesis
Ensoniq EPS-16 Plus Synthesis - Intermediate Level Transwave
Ensoniq EPS-16 Plus Advanced Synthesis - Creating a smooth Transwave inside the box.
Ensoniq EPS-16 Plus Synthesis - PWM Pulse Width Modulation
Ensoniq EPS-16 Plus Synthesis - Filter and Envelope
Ensoniq EPS-16 Plus: Advanced Synthesis -The Result

Roland D-10 Linear Synthesizer (1988) Tutorial

Published on Feb 6, 2016 Robin Bausewein

"Here's a short tutorial on how to program the Roland D-series of synthesizers for some fuzzy, aggressive, digital and gritty sounds. Most demo's on these series show the ROM songs and nice and clean factory presets but there is more to these synths than that.


Elka Synthex, Roland Jupiter-8, Oberheim Xpander, and MKS-80 Comparison Covering the Same Track

Synthex Jp8 Xpander MKS80 - demo Published on Apr 5, 2019 Lackan

"A demo using the Elka Synthex, Jupiter 8, Xpander and MKS 80. The mix is totally without reverb or delay since I hate demos that are drenched in FX. This is what they sound like - raw.

I hope that this demo might show the different character of these synths. But since sound sculpting is so individual, this is just an example of how I use the instruments.

You might use them in a whole other way."

Which did you like best?

Moog Prodigy 336A SN 2256

via this auction

Moog Circuit Bending Challenge 2019

Published on Mar 22, 2019 SMMP

via SMMP:

"Hello everyone, this is my entry for the Moog Circuit Bending Challenge 2019: the "MiniPeanut". I bent a Yamaha PSS-30 introducing also a filter, lfo, pitch tracker and a sequencer. If you check my video you will be able to find the schematics, in case you want to modify and build your own. Hope you enjoy!"

Video description with links:

"This is my entry for this year Moog Circuit Bending Challenge: the Mini-Peanut, a messed up Yamaha Pss-30, with distortions, filter and a funky sequencer I designed.

Sorry for the mess in the video, all the captions are messed up, since it was a last minute thing and I am sleep deprived (you can tell)!

00:00 - Intro
01:42 - Introducing the Minipeanut

The Making of...

04:37 - Testing the Filter
06:28 - Pitch Tracker
09:25 - The bends
12:37 - The Sequencer

15:54 - Schematics
19:03 - Jam&Pics

Hope you enjoy it anyway!

Schematics Link
Pictures Link
BOM Link"

Korg Electribe EA-1 SN 019205 w/ Orignal Box

via this auction

"Super duper, thick and squelchy sequencer!

This thing is a ton of fun. Effects have just the right amount of grit.

If you're looking for high Fidelity, look elsewhere. However, if you enjoy little dirt in your tracks, you'll love this little guy."

Serge Modular NTO by Random Source - documentary review & Serge Tcherepnine interview

Published on Apr 5, 2019 Yan Proefrock

This one is in via Soviet Space Child.

"Documentary review of the Serge Modular NEW TIMBRAL OSCILLATOR (NTO) by Random Source with Serge Tcherepnine.

music, photos & video credits :


A special thank to Serge Tcherepnine for his patience and kindness and to Ralf Hoffmann and Matthias Hermann from Random Source for their support.

produced, directed & edited by Yan PROEFROCK - Studio PY"

Also see: Serge Tcherepnin - Waveshaper TV Ep. 9 - same couch! :)

Mos Eisley - modular jam with Akai Force

Published on Apr 5, 2019 Joe Miller - Xin

Great title for this one.

"Just learning the Akai Force, and using it to drive the modular. Some synth melodies and blips from the internal Akai synths. Some phrases sampled into the clips from Plaits. More from Plaits through QPAS is played along with the Force. (lol... what a name)

This is a second take with better audio."

Pump Up The Volume - Quick Boss SP-303 Jam

Published on Apr 5, 2019 tiergrinder

"I got the Boss SP-303 Sampler when it was released. I've had it for years, sold it to my friend and ended up buying the same sampler back couple years later. I used this quite a lot back in the day at deejay gigs and mixes, but since then it's been gathering dust and it haven't seen any action in ages.

I got the Boss SP-303 Sampler when it was release. I've had it for years, sold it to my friend and ended up buying the same sampler back couple years later. I used this quite a lot back in the day at deejay gigs and mixes, but since then it's been gathering dust and it haven't seen any action in ages.

I decided to dig it out, get back to it and see if I can introduce it to my current setup now years later. While playing around with it, I got an idea to gather samples from one of my fav childhood tracks, M.A.R.R.S - Pump Up The Volume.

When I got the samples loaded I couldn't resist to build the conga line, hihats and baseline. After those I just had to have those stereo panned 909 snares and soon I had the track rolling.

Here is a quick video I did using the drum machines, Boss SP-303 and VST's from Ableton Live."

Noise Engineering Hoodies and T-Shirts

Long Time No Sea (Ambient w/ Mannequins + Erbe-Verb + Bastl Thyme)

Published on Apr 5, 2019 svenbørt

"Kria sequences, 16n gives CV for controlling several aspects of the patch. Two Mangroves are the sound sources, W/ plays along."

Noise-X by Madlab - Sci-fi Drone Synth with FX

Published on Apr 5, 2019 midierror

"The excellent Noise-X by Madlab, an odd looking device which makes insanely good sound effects, imposing drones and all kinds of sci-fi weirdness! It comes with 4 DCOs, Amp & Pitch LFOs, 7 Waveforms, PWM, Ring Modulation, Fuzz, Frequency Modulation and built in Reverb."

Noise Engineering Hoodies and T-Shirts

via Noise Engineering

Roland Jupiter 6 SN 555101

via this auction

"must see" - worldclass rare vintage synth collection

Published on Apr 5, 2019 studentsmusic

"Have an eye on every serious synthesists dream in one place !

EMS, Roland, Oberheim, Yamaha, Moog, Serge, PPG (howard jones used Roland Jupiter 8- not ppg wave i suppose), Waldorf, Ekdahl, Arp, Synclavier, Fairlight, John Bowen, Elka, Mellotron, Alesis, Korg, Prophet, Emulator,....and many more"

FINALLY! E-MU Morpheus Z-Plane Synthesizer Tutorial!!!

Published on Apr 5, 2019 Ran Jurgenson

"A video introduction to the E-MU Morpheus vintage synthesizer.
N'jOY :)"

If I could give a post of the day award, this would be it. I believe this is the first time this has popped up anywhere. You can find some great demos of the E-Mu Morpheus in the archives, but not the official E-Mu VHS. BTW, creating a new VHS label for these. If you see any older official VHS video posts let me know and I'll add the label.

Update: here's an image of the VHS from a previous listing.

Let's Play with Aparillo

Published on Apr 5, 2019 Tim Webb

"Aparillo offers a very unique approach to sound design and synthesis! Let's Play with it!

If you've enjoyed this series please consider supporting it by becoming a Patreon: If you'd prefer to help on a monthly basis, instead of per video, there is a monthly Patreon campaign: Or you can support me on Timmeon if you don't like Patreon: (Patrons of these campaigns get the same benefits, including Ad Free viewing on the site!)

Be sure to visit for the latest music app news!"

Dino Park - DIY Top-End Modelling Synthesizer Featuring Creamware Emulations

This one is in via Soviet Space Child. It appears the old Creamware Minimax, Pro12 and Prodyssey emulations have a new home.

"Introducing the Dino Park – The World’s first Top-End Modelling Synthesizer as affordable DIY Kit
Play with the Dinosaurs

For makers. For musicians. For everyone seeking the big sound! When you enter Dino Park, you will meet three staggering creatures from the past! Once before, these legends shook the earth. CreamWare’s absolutely faithful emulations set the standard for analog modelling in late 90s and their quality is unsurpassed today. Now they are back – in a new exciting form!

Every Dino Park comes with the legendary Minimax, Pro12 and Prodyssey pre-installed!"

Music Thing Modular and Future Sound Systems Workshops Coming to Thonk

via @thonk_synth

"DIY Workshops coming soon from Music Thing Modular and Future Sound Systems. Join our events mailing list for advance ticket sales and info in the next few weeks." Details here

Look Mum No Computer - Groundhog Day (Official Music Video)

Published on Apr 5, 2019 LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER

Look Mum No Computer - Groundhog Day
Out now check out here :-

Rare Cwejman Eurorack Modules

via these auctions

VCO-2RM Dual Oscillator
SPH-2 Spatial Phaser
FSH-1 Frequency Shifter
QMMF-4 Quad Multi Mode Filter - Resonator

Korg Lambda in Near Mint Condition SN 234417

via this auction

"All functions are working. The unit has some signs of age but overall in great condition!! All keys, sliders, knobs and buttons working well. Tested before listing. Please see pictures"

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev 3.3

Update: This is actually a Rev 2. Note the volume knob is on the top right where the Cassette section is on the Rev3. See this pic of a Rev 3 for comparison.  Apologies for not catching this.  As always, if you buy online be sure to go through the site selling for buyer protection. That said here is the previous link if you want to see for yourself.

"*Professionally SERVICED in FULL Working order*

Works in 220V.

MIDI IN/OUT/THRU (Wine country) + Flight case ( new )"

EMS Synthi DK.2 (For VCS3 and Synthi A)

via this auction

"The perfect partner to your VCS3 or Synthi A. Ships serviced and calibrated by our synth techs under James Walker."

Siel DK70

via this auction

If you are curious about that vinyl mat like I was, you can via find them here. Different colors as well.

As for the DK70, an interesting side note according to the description is that it was released in Brazil as the Giannini GS 7010 polyphonic synthesizer. You can find demos of it in the archives here.

"It is very similar to a Korg Poly-800, in that it operates like an analog synth, but its oscillators, LFO and envelope generators are all digital. Like the Poly-800, the DK-70 has eight oscillators/voices, but all the voices are mixed together through a single "monophonic" analog lowpass filter which was shared for all voices. Like a monophonic synthesizer, the filter was switchable between single or multiple modes. In single mode, the first key pressed triggers the filter envelope, and unless all keys are released, the filter does not re-trigger. In multi mode, each key pressed in turn triggers the filter envelope, even if other keys are still pressed down.

The oscillators are called "DCOs", and the envelope generated called a DEG (for Digital Envelope Generator). Digital components were much cheaper at the time and this allowed the DK70 to approximate the sound of an analog synth, but have 8 note polyphony without being cost prohibitive to the average user.

An unusual feature of the DK70 is that, while it appears to have the form factor of a standard synth, it has guitar strap pegs and can be used as a keytar. (The Poly-800 also had this feature.) An accessory called the "Stage Set" can be attached to the left side to provide a grip (similar to that of the SH-101), where the player may manipulate a ribbon-style pitch bender, as well as have access to buttons that change patches, change octaves and engage the LFO modulation.

It stores 50 patches, 10 of which are user assignable. A cartridge port accepted a cartridge which could store an additional 50 patches. All programming is done via pushbuttons, somewhat limiting its "tweakability" for live performances.

It also has an onboard two-track sequencer, which can be programmed by setting the tempo and recording a performance (unlike a step sequencer, where notes were entered in sequential order and played back at fixed durations). The performance would then loop when played back.

The synth engine was also available as a keyboardless, rack-mount or table top version called the Expander-80, similar to the Korg EX-800. Released in Brazil as Giannini GS 7010 polyphonic synthesizer"

ROLAND SH-5 - Analog Synth Demo | Sounds & Patches

Published on Apr 5, 2019 synth4ever

"Demo of the incredible Roland SH-5 analog synthesizer, featuring various sounds & patches. This Roland SH-5 synth demo features oscillator, LFO, filter, mixer and modulation tweaking to showcase various sounds and patches on the Roland SH-5.

The Roland SH-5 is an iconic and rare vintage monophonic synthesizer that was manufactured from 1976-1981. It features 2 VCOs (32' to 2' with triangle, saw, square and pulse waveforms), 2 LFOs (LFO1 = saw, reverse saw; LFO2 = triangle, sine, square) and 1 S&H with sample time & delay time.

The Roland SH 5 has 2 VCF filters: 1 multimode LP/BP/HP and 1 Bandpass, both with cutoff and resonance. 2 Envelopes (1 AR and 1ADSR) can be routed to filter, osc and amp, and there is env sensitivity and keyboard tracking on the filter. On the back of the SH-5 are various inputs/outputs for CV and other control.

Additional features include portamento, pitch bend, ring modulation, soft & hard sync, white & pink noise, external audio input, VCA panning, VCA-triggering via S&H, LFO2 or external trigger. A comprehensive Mixer section allows for routing of 5 audio signals through VCF, VCF+BPF, BPF, or direct to VCA.

The Roland SH-5 is a classic vintage synthesizer that can output massive bass, piercing resonance, create amazing textures/noise/FX, and of course leads and other standard tones. The additional bandpass filter is also a key feature that sets the Roland SH-5 apart from many other synths in terms of tone.

Roland SH-5 are becoming increasingly rare on the second hand market, often commanding high prices as many consider it to be the pinnacle of vintage Roland monosynths. If you have the opportunity to try a Roland SH-5, do not hesitate as it is a fantastic instrument."

FPGA MIDI Music Synthesizer

Published on Apr 5, 2019 element14 presents

"Have you ever wondered how digital synthesizers work? In today's video, Andy shows how to build one with just a handful of parts. He'll use a standard MIDI interface and line-level output for maximum compatibility, and an FPGA for maximum fun! Connect with Andy on the element14 community:"

See the FPGA label directly below for more FPGA based synthesizers. This post, as many, is just meant to let you know this is out there - for those of you interested in Synth DIY.

Thomas Dolby at Synthplex 2019

Published on Apr 5, 2019 Sound On Sound magazine

"Synth pioneer Thomas Dolby was the star attraction at Synthplex 2019, LA's inaugural 'Everything Synthesizer' exhibition/conference in late March. Prior to his seminar and evening performance, SOS contributor Julian Colbeck sat down over breakfast with Thomas for an exclusive interview in which TD reveals his current interest with new media technologies and their application in music."

Artists & Arturia #54 - Walter Mair meets MatrixBrute & Pigments

Published on Apr 5, 2019 Arturia

"The Austrian musician has composed the adrenaline filled Netflix series Formula 1: Drive to Survive. He delved deep into his sound design arsenal to create the energy filled soundtrack – with Arturia taking first place."

Friday Fun - DeepMind 12 and Crazy Tube Circuits Splash MK3 Synth Jam

Published on Apr 5, 2019 sonicstate

Mystic Circuits TREE // Next level bidirectional sequential switch

Published on Apr 5, 2019 DivKidVideo

"Here's a lovely little thing in the form of TREE from Mystic Circuits. It takes basic sequential switching up a gear with the addition of CV addressed direction, reset and 3 additional binary inputs to jump around the pattern creatively. It's been an interesting and inspiring piece of kit allowing you to perform with patching for cable led patch programmed functionality (that's a mouthful) to manipulate the switching and patterns you can create. In the video we distribute one sound to multiple FX, switch and re-route rhythms and modulation, explore audio rate functions, create Casio CZ style multi-cycle-waveforms, build a CV sequencer and more. Fun times.


00:00 hello and patch previews
00:57 Feature run down
02:28 Switching rhythmic patterns
04:09 Modulation routing and switching
06:22 Routing to multiple FX processors
07:48 Tree as a gate sequencer
09:47 Building a CV sequencer
12:38 Audio rate modulation and synthesis
15:24 Multi-cycle-waveforms for new audio oscillations
18:32 Multi-cycle-waveforms for new LFO shapes & patterns
21:40 Self patching & pattern generation/manipulation"

Mystic Circuits TREE

Playable Interstellar Sounds | Rigid Audio Ghost Sound Demo | KONTAKT 5 | SYNTH ANATOMY

Published on Apr 5, 2019 SYNTH ANATOMY

"Part of the Rigid Audio Bundle (95% OFF):

Rigid Audio Ghost is a loop-based virtual instrument for Kontakt 5 that features 3x 128 looped textures. The engine features an multi-effektor and a random knob with you can use a random sound with every new note. The library includes a wide range of atmospheric drones, pads, and textures

Join the Patreon page to get access to free sound content (sample & preset libraries, free plugins... & participate on exclusive giveaways)"

Creating a synthesizer drone, but with an actual drone (Yamaha EX5, ZOOM ARQ 96)

Published on Apr 5, 2019 Floyd Steinberg

"I created a synthesizer drone sound, but with an actual drone on the Yamaha EX5, using it's sampler, wave & voice editor and effects section. The sound of the drone's spinning propellers lends itself to filtering, and the resulting sounds are surprisingly soothing and spacious. (Music begins at 01:58 - if you like it, you can download the track at"

Modal SKULPT synthesiser Sequence Quantise - SKULPT firmware V1.7

Published on Apr 5, 2019 Modal Electronics

"Modal Electronics is delighted to announce the release of V1.7 of the Modal SKULPTsynthesiser firmware and V2.0.5 of the MODALapp editor for the Modal SKULPT and CRAFT range. In addition to a range of fixes and improvements, the new SKULPTsynthesiser firmware and app bring several new features, requested by users around the World.

One of the major new features V1.7 brings to Modal's portable powerhouse synth is quantisation of notes input to the sequencer. Users can select from 32nd, 16th or 8th note quantise.

MODALapp 2.0.5 brings additional controls for the quantise feature, in addition to the ability to import and export SKULPTsynthesiser patches from desktop versions of MODALapp, meaning you can backup, archive, or share your patches however you want!"

CATCH "Dirty" PWM demo

Published on Apr 5, 2019 ReBach

"Two VCO-A modules in this demo. Pulse out from one VCO to PWM-IN from the other VCO."

pulse - Milan Design Week 2019

Published on Apr 4, 2019 Yamaha Corporation

"We will be exhibiting displays themed around the keyword “pulse” at Milan Design Week 2019, the largest design event in the world.
*April 9 (Tue) to 14 (Sun)"

Wish I could say there's a wall of synth for you, but it appears to be a piano. The Piano Fortissimo.

Moog Voyager Rhodes

Published on Apr 4, 2019 UFO LFO

"Audio demo of me running my Rhodes suitcase 54 through the Moog Voyager's stereo filter, lfo panning and slightly overdriven, resonance set high. The Moog Voyager makes a great 5,000$ FX pedal, Next I plan to run two of them in series"

Dual Game Boy Chiptune Keytar - Wintergatan Cover (Starmachine 2000)

Published on Apr 4, 2019 Theremin Hero

A new double design for the chiptune keytar. Check out the original here:
Game of Thrones Remix on NESKeytar (8-bit)
Star Trek TNG Theme on NESKeytar (Rough Recording)

"Dual Neck, Dual Game Boy Chiptune Keytar with 3D printed body. We call it "The Blade" for short.
The music is a chiptune cover of Starmachine 2000 by Wintergatan

The team behind the invention:
Sam Wray / 2xAA -
Siddharth Vadgama -
Greig / Theremin Hero -"

Patch n Tweak

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