MATRIXSYNTH: Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

NAMM 2020: Pittsburgh Modular Cascading Delay Network

Published on Jan 15, 2020 sonicstate

"Its day one at NAMM, Pittsburgh Modular were just set up at their booth and we caught up with Richard Nichol to take a look at their new modules. First of all we took a quick look at the Lifeforms SV-1b and then a deeper look at the Cascading Delay Network.

The Cascading Delay Network is basically four individual delay lines that can interact in lots of different ways. They can be used individually or routed in and out of one another to create smudgy delay textures that can almost resemble reverb, with some modulation you can also create flanging, chorusing and more."

Pittsburgh Modular Cascading Delay Network

NAMM 2020: Qu-bit Electronix Aurora, Data Bender, Surface and Cascade

Published on Jan 15, 2020 sonicstate

"At the NAMM show this year Qu-bit Electronix have introduced 4 new eurorack modules; Aurora, Data Bender, Surface and Cascade. Andrew Ikenberry was on hand with a patch to show off everything in slick fasion.

Data Bender is a circuit bent digital audio buffer, designed to give you all the control over Skipping CDs, software bugs, old tape machine, scratched records and more.

Aurora is a spectral reverb with true stereo IO, giving you access to lush reverbs and a phase vocoding algorithm for spectral transformations of the incoming sound.

Surface is a multi-timbral physical modeling voice with different voicing algorithms to produce plucked strings and marimbas, all the way to FM drums.

Finally Cascade is a ratcheting envelope generator featuring burst generation, a flexible curve parameter, and two discrete level controls"

Moog Subsequent 25 Analog Synthesizer Demo by Daniel Fisher

Published on Jan 15, 2020 Sweetwater

"The Subsequent 25 features a silky keybed with enhanced playability, a high-powered headphone amplifier for live monitoring, and analog signal path embellishments that significantly expand your sonic palette. From behemoth basses to lashing leads to posh pads, the Subsequent 25 is a serious performers’ synthesizer with the hands-on control you need to inject serious expression into your live keyboard performances."

Details posted here. See the dealers on the right for the best deals.

Vochlea Doubler - NAMM 2020 (Use Your VOICE As A MIDI Controller!)

Published on Jan 15, 2020 Bedroom Producers Blog

"Demonstrating the Vochlea Doubler Studio Kit at NAMM 2020. This software, in combination with a microphone, turns your voice into MIDI.

With 3 million sounds - What would you create?"


Access millions of samples
Audition samples from the entire Loopmasters exclusive sounds catalogue: the biggest library in the world. Our intuitive website lets you preview over 3.5 Million unique samples from your desktop, app or tablet. But most importantly, search for sounds whilst you create. The music never has to stop.

Sound like no one else
Slice, edit and pitch samples with ease using our revolutionary Loop Editor. Create unique patterns, whilst saving all of your edits, effects and pitch information in sample templates. Loopcloud refines your workflow to get you there faster. This is your time; originality will see you now.

Authenticity at your DAW
Forget the imitators, find your sound. Loopcloud automatically connects to your DAW, pulling all of your sounds into the software. And with the new effects rack, you can weave even more personality into your sound. Add filters, reverbs and compression, whilst BPMs bend to your will. With Loopcloud, the possibilities are endless. Authenticity never looked so easy.

All of your sounds - all in one place
Creativity has no time for admin. That’s why Loopcloud organises all of your samples, creating the largest palette imaginable. The storage facility actually indexes and protects your samples from being lost, damaged or stolen. What’s more, it allows you to access your whole collection - wherever you are. Inspiration isn’t at your fingertips, it’s pulsing through your headphones.

Instrumental inspiration
Create signature basslines, percussion parts, arpeggios and much more with the new pitch per region feature. Experiment and play with an extensive collection of plugins, designed to tailor your sound. And, importantly, you can load a range of virtual instruments and effects directly from the software. Every artist needs a trademark - time to tailor yours.

NAMM 2020: Nord Wave2

Published on Jan 15, 2020 sonicstate

NAMM 2020 Demo: Nord Wave 2 is a four-layer monster polysynth

Published on Jan 15, 2020 MusicTech

"The Nord Wave 2 is the newest in its esteemed range of keyboards, featuring four independent synthesisers, with meticulous control and manipulation over each one. An impressive selection of modulation sources and onboard effects could make this an instant desire for many keyboardists."

Akai MPC One - NAMM 2020

Published on Jan 15, 2020 Bedroom Producers Blog

"Andy Mac demonstrates the features of Akai MPC One, a hardware sampler for beginner beat makers."


And the NAMM floor videos begin. First one goes to the Bedroom Producers Blog.

A Brand New Continuum! Haken Introduces Slim Continuums & New Firmware Version 9

"Haken Audio announces two new models of the Continuum Fingerboard, the s70L6x (slim 70) and the s46L6x (slim 46). These new Continuums are amazingly thin at 1.2 inches, adding to their portability. Comprising all the same playing aspects of the current Continuum Fingerboards, the slim Continuums include expanded audio I/O and an integrated LED display and controls.

Slim Continuums are available at a discounted price for preorder at the Haken Audio store. You can see a Slim Continuum at NAMM 2020 booth 10302.

More information about the Slim Continuums can be found here.

Firmware Version 9 Released!

Haken Audio firmware version 9 is for all Continuums with DSP engines (both classic action and light action) and for all ContinuuMinis. There are over 100 new Presets for the Continuum and ContinuuMini since the last release for the Continuum, version 8.50. This brings the total number of Presets available to over 470. Of note in these new Presets are the greatly expanded number in the Ultility category. These Utility Presets are often a great starting point for creating new custom Presets.

This version of firmware is an example of Haken Audio’s continued support and improvements to the Continuum and the ContinuuMini, and lays the groundwork for inclusion of the upcoming Expressive E Osmose. Downloads and more information can be found at this link."

All connections to the Slim Continuums are in one convenient location.

1. Power Input (8A, 12VDC). A 50/60Hz 110/220VAC power supply is included with the Slim Continuum.

2. Pedal Inputs 1 and 2.

3. 3.5mm Midi I/O. (Same as DIN5 Midi.)

4. USB Midi I/O.

5. i2C connection for control of Haken Audio CVC or Evaton Technologies µCVC.

6. Digital Audio I/O (SPDIF).

7. Left Right audio outputs. (Using just one output mono sums the stereo signal.)

8. Audio headphone output (stereo).

Electropop made with Samples From Mars and PG8X vst

Published on Jan 15, 2020 Synth & Sundry

"Electropop/Synthpop track made using exclusively Samples From Mars synth and drum machine sample packs and the PG8X vst emulating the legendary JX8P, a vintage 80s Roland analog polysynth.

Here is the full list of sample packs:
CR 78 From Mars
303 From Mars
OB From Mars
Soviet Synths From Mars (Estradin, Polivoks, Aelita)

Composed and Mixed in Ableton Live with the Glue Compressor and EQ8 with a roll-off above 10Khz on the master channel. Insert effects include Ableton Echo.

'Approaching Cascadia'
Written and Produced by Synth & Sundry

We have more music for you to check out on our Bandcamp:

If you like this track, you should check out more synth soundtrackey goodness from Alpicat (also on our Bandcamp):"

Korg Wavestation SR Ambient Pads & FX Wavestate Synthesizer Rik Marston

Published on Jan 15, 2020 Rik Marston Official

Reverb / Ahnyxian Sound Design / Rik Marston

A few of my favorite ambient pads, drones & FX.
I love this synthesizer! I can't wait fore the WAVESTATE!
Fantastic digital dimensions! Great for film scores!!!

Recorded into Ableton LIVE with no extra FX! ;)

Thank you for watching!

jexus patch tutorial - jexus speaks

Published on Jan 15, 2020 Jexus - WC Olo Garb

"So I posted this info on my Patreon ( but I hear it's slipping through people's notifications, so I grabbed my smartphone and made this short piece to let you know that I am aware of your recurring petitions for a jexus patch tutorial. I'm not sure how you're imagining this, but here's an idea; after I upload a demo, you vote in a poll to choose 3 sounds that are most interesting to you. I take a couple of patches with the largest amount of votes and explain them, but with more depth and in 'normal' English. And you'll have to do without the waveshape graph and the bonus merchandise:PVote for the SUB:"

Also see Moog Sub 37 | demo by Jexus / WC Olo Garb

Check out previous posts featuring Jexus here.

New KORG DX7 - the opsix

Update: additional opsix posts here

This one was spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child.

opsix and is 6 Operator FM synth like the DX7. You can count 32 algorithms on the right panel.

This isn't too far fetched considering KORG made the Volca FM.

I'd love a desktop version myself.

Update: Note the knobs and sliders on the left. One of the things that makes the Volca FM, and Yamaha DX-200 for that matter, is that they control multiple parameters at the same time. Hopefully Korg will put some thought into them. The abilith to assign the individual knobs and sliders to various parameters would be a plus.

Sequential Pro 3 Introduction Video

Published on Jan 15, 2020 Sequential

"Introducing the Pro 3 Multi-Filter Mono/Paraphonic Synth! Lots more info:"


See the Sequential Pro 3 announcement post here.

Novation // Launchpad Pro - Illa J Artist Spotlight

Published on Jan 15, 2020 NovationTV

"We caught up with producer, rapper and songwriter Illa J in Los Angeles to discover how the new Launchpad Pro fits into his workflow. Discover how he uses Launchpad Pro [MK3] in his set-up and learn more about his journey into music production.

Launchpad Pro [MK3] is our most powerful 64-pad MIDI grid controller for producing: both in Ableton Live and with your hardware. It gives you everything you need to create and perform your tracks.

Featuring deeper Live integration and dedicated buttons that get you closer to the Ableton workflow, Launchpad Pro [MK3] is our most advanced grid controller for producing with Ableton Live. Plus, keep your tracks evolving with the four-track, eight-note polyphonic, 32-step standalone sequencer, get inspired to build harmonies with chord mode and never hit a wrong note with scale mode.

Make Launchpad Pro [MK3] your own. Custom Modes lets you design the perfect controller for your live setup and perform with all your gear, however you want. You can also tailor Launchpad Pro [MK3] to take control of MIDI-compatible hardware and software – with or without a computer.

That’s not all, Launchpad Pro comes with a constant source of inspiration featuring plug-ins, sounds, instruments and effects from AAS, Softube, XLN Addictive Keys, and Klevgrand R0Verb and DAW Cassette- plus membership to Novation Sound Collective.

--- Discover even more about Launchpad Pro:"

VS 1 Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer by Abstrakt Instruments

Published on Jan 15, 2020 New Tech

See this post for additional details on Abstrakt Intruments' new VS-1.

Vintage Roland Juno 106

Published on Jan 15, 2020 Perfect Circuit

"If you want a synthesizer that evokes the sound of the 1980s, the Roland Juno-106 is it. Providing unprecedented patch storage and MIDI connectivity, the 106 was state of the art when it was released in 1984—and it still has a sound not quite like anything else.

The Juno-106 uses a DCO for its core sound generation, providing super-stable and reliable tuning. This combined with its distinctive Roland filter and unmistakable swirling chorus tones earned the 106 a strong place in the history of electronic instruments. Providing stellar pads, warm stabs, and rich, cascading atmospheres, the Juno-106 is perhaps one of the most compelling keyboard synths ever made."

via this auction

The VP 330 Human-Voice-Filter-Clone Test

Published on Jan 15, 2020 Andreas Remshagen

"I build a Prototype from this Filter using the Circuit in the Link below.
This 7 Filters were built in the famous Roland VP-330 and gave him the
Vintage choir-sounds. Here i used the Filters to test each one
with its own Potentiometer. I didn‘t use the HV-330 compander from Jurgen Haible
that is shown in the right part of the Circuit.
The right combination of each Filter makes the characteristic voice-sound
The Sound-Source ist the Strings-Synth i have shown in a video before.
It feeds the Filters with 12 Sawtooth-Oscillators

The Circuit i used:" Airstreamer

Published on Jan 15, 2020 Ricky Tinez

"The Airstreamer eurorack envelope generator by is one of the most flexible EGs i've tested! Being able to cycle the envelope and turn it into an oscillator with a 1v/oct input is so cool. Digitally generated at a very high sample rate you'll never run into any aliasing"

Side note: the Airstreamer was first featured in this post from May, 2019.

fast and effective 6hp envelope generator with variable slope curves and three modes: looping, attack-sustain-release (ASR) and attack-decay (AD)

320 kHz samplerate, zero aliasing CV generation

1v/oct input, bipolar and unipolar outputs, selectable end of cycle outputs

thru-zero VCA input that inverts the envelope when CV goes to negative voltages

Geoshred Performance with SWAM Saxophone Sound by Gerald Peter

Published on Jan 14, 2020 Gerald Peter Music

Spotted this one on discchord who mentions Gerald Peter will be a presenter at NAMM this year for the moForte and Audio Modeling booth.

Video description:

"This is the most expressive musical iOS experience out there yet in my opinion: iPhone 8 force touch + GeoShred + Audio Modeling SWAM saxophone. I feel honored to be a featured artist for these innovative music technology companies (moForte and Audio Modeling).

Thanks to Benjamin Harrison for letting me use his backing track for this video. Check out more of his tracks at Ben's Jam Tracks

check out also my other musical projects at"

Circuit. Techno jam for #Jamuary2020

Published on Jan 15, 2020 Yurii Zubkov

LFOs are fun!
Found hidden TB-303 in this thing :D
Happy Jamuary!


Spotted this one discchord.

Roland Unveils ZEN - Core Synthesis System

Roland Fantom - "Hyperwave" song with new Zen-Core Tones!

Published on Jan 15, 2020 gattobus

"A new song, composed and performed on the new Roland Fantom Synthesizer. Recorded via USB, digital multitrack audio outs in Ableton Live 10.

Every sound you hear comes from the internal Zen-Core Engine. (Compatible with Fantom - JupiterX/Xm).

You can download this Tones for free here, following this link:"

And Roland's press release:

A new synth engine embodying nearly 50 years of experience

Anaheim, CA, January 15, 2020 — Roland (NAMM Hall A, Booth #10702), announces the ZEN-Core Synthesis System, a powerful new engine found at the heart of the company’s latest (and future) electronic instruments. With ZEN-Core, Roland applies the wisdom gained from nearly 50 years of making world-leading analog, digital, and hybrid synthesizers to create an adaptable new platform that both embraces the legendary and looks to what’s next.

Through ZEN-Core, Roland assures a consistent level of sonic quality and expression regardless of instrument. With the confidence of access to the same, growing library of compatible sounds that they can share and exchange, musicians and producers can focus on choosing hardware with features that best suit their application, playing style and workflow, from performance and production synthesizers to GROOVEBOXES, stage pianos, and more.

With the forthcoming system updates, owners of FANTOM 6/7/8 Synthesizers (Version 1.50*), JUPITER-X Series Synthesizers (Version 1.10) and RD-88 Stage Pianos will be able to start using the same compatible sounds across all models, adding a new collaborative capability to their instruments. An update for the MC-101 and MC-707 GROOVEBOXES will also be available in Q2 2020, with an update planned for AX-EDGE later this year.

ZEN-Core base engine tones created on one instrument can be shared with other users or transferred into completely different compatible Roland hardware. Performers can take sounds made on a FANTOM and play them in the spotlight on an AX-Edge Keytar, or perform a JUPITER-X synth patch on an RD-88, dramatically simplifying setup and expanding tonal options. Sounds are easily shared with a bandmate or co-creator, even when using different compatible Roland hardware. With ZEN-Core, users have access to the sounds they want, in the format they want, wherever they produce or perform.
The Roland ZEN-Core multi-timbral engine combines the latest Virtual Analog and PCM (up to 256 voices) synthesis techniques with powerful DSP effects. Advanced synthesis features include new VA oscillators, precisely modeled filters, ultra-fast and smooth LFO and envelope modulators, and high-resolution control of primary editing and performance parameters. Sounds created for the base engine will be compatible across all ZEN-Core instruments, opening-up a world of opportunities for creators and sound designers alike.
ZEN-Core supports instrument-specific ZEN-Core Expansions including Analog Behavior Modeling for the JUPITER-X series and V-Piano for the new FANTOM Series. Further ZEN-Core expansions will soon arrive for other instruments in the Roland ZEN-Core family.

For more on Roland ZEN-Core, please visit

*Beta version as of today. Official release is planned in late January 2020.

Nord Sample Library: Symphobia Strings

Published on Jan 15, 2020 NordKeyboards

"We are thrilled to offer one of the finest and most authentic symphonic strings libraries available - the Symphobia Collection by ProjectSAM.

The Symphobia Strings collection contains a unique selection of outstanding symphonic strings from true ensemble recordings of a full symphony orchestra. Recorded in genuine concert halls with both stage and close mic perspective, Symphobia provides an extremely rich, expressive and natural sounding ensemble strings collection. The well crafted sounds include a wide range of articulations such as legato, staccato and pizzicato providing a versatile selection for scoring films, pop music and sound design.

The Symphobia Strings are available for free download at
Nord Sample Library 3.0:
Nord Sample Library 2.0:"

ARTURIA Introduces New KeyLab Essential 88 Note Keyboard Controller

Published on Jan 15, 2020 Arturia

Priced at $399/349€

"Arturia reveal KeyLab Essential 88 at NAMM 2020

The team at Arturia are excited to reveal the latest member of the KeyLab Essential family: KeyLab Essential 88 is a powerful 88-note controller keyboard that’s packed with inspiring features, streamlines your workflow, comes with a fantastic bundle of software, and is friendly on your wallet.

One of the most affordable 88-note controllers on the market, it features an all-new keybed that strikes the perfect balance between fast synth action and a traditional weighted piano feel. Thanks to the fantastic features and included software, KeyLab Essential 88 provides everything they need to create and record music straight out of the box. Its intuitive performance controls, perfect Analog Lab support, and excellent DAW integration mean it’ll inspire you every day, and improve the way you make and perform music.

88 note, velocity sensitive keyboard with hybrid synth-piano feel.
16 back-lit, customizable performance pads
9 faders & rotary encoders
Mackie / HUI compliant DAW Command Center
Clickable jog-wheel
Velocity & modulation wheels
Full Analog Lab integration
“Chord play” mode
Twin-line LCD screen
Class-compliant USB: use with iOS and Android devices
Optional sustain pedal and DC power supply

An incredible controller in its own right, KeyLab Essential 88 also comes complete with one of the best collections of bonus software around.


Perfectly integrated synths and keyboards

Your go-to choice for inspiration, creativity, and performance. Over 6500 amazing keyboard presets taken from over 30 classic instruments, intuitive controls, and seamless integration. Discover inspiration at every step on your musical journey.

Record, mix, and release your tracks
An introduction to the world of Ableton Live, a high-powered software suite used by top producers, DJs, performers, and remixers all around the world. Live Lite lets you record your ideas, layer tracks, warp audio, and release your productions.

Beautifully sampled iconic piano
Straight from the world’s greatest concert halls and recording studios. KeyLab Essential also includes UVI’s recreation of the Steinway Model D grand piano, sampled in exquisite detail, ready for you to play, and free of charge.

Free MicroKorg Sounds, Deep 80's Synth (Patch Settings)

Published on Jan 15, 2020 Todd Smith Music

"This is second video in a weekly series which will include all the patch notes for every single free Microkorg sound I create. This week features a 80's style synthesizer sound. I feel the Microkorg is still one of the most powerful budget synthesizers for the price tag but not everyone can program it well. I hope these videos help some people.

I need to thank EVERYONE for the ENDLESS support that I've received via You Tube views, Bandcamp sales and Patreon support. All these things help support my projects & music.

Till next time,stay creative

Patreon :
Bandcamp :

: Patch Settings :

Pitch - 0/-3/5/2/0
OSC1 - 2/0/123/
OSC2 - SAW/OFF/0/6
Mixer - 127/116/0
Filter - 12.L/43/62/29/44
Filter EQ - 0/112/0/114/ON
Amp - 90/CNT/OFF/-8

Amp EQ - 2/90/100/114/ON

EQ - 220/5/12.0/7/
Delay - STR/OFF/80/77
MODFX - FL9/35/21

Patch4 - MOD/LF.2/7
Patch3 - LF.1/PAN/19
Patch2 - LF.1/2TN/-1
Patch1 - LF.2/PTC/3"

Free Microkorg Sounds, Emotional Pad (Patch Settings)

Published on Jan 9, 2020 Todd Smith Music

"This is my first video in a weekly series which will include all the patch notes for every single free Microkorg sound I create. I feel the Microkorg is still one of the most powerful budget sythesizers for the price tag but not everyone can program it well. I hope these videos help some people.

I need to thank EVERYONE for the ENDLESS support that I've received via You Tube views, Bandcamp sales and Patreon support. All these things help support my projects & music.

Till next time,stay creative

Patreon :
Bandcamp :

: Patch Settings :
Pitch - 0/0/0/0/0
OSC1 - SAW/0/0
OSC2 - SAW/R-5/0/0
Mixer - 127/79/0
Filter - 12.L/55/22/0/17
Filter EQ - 70/36/127/103/OFF
Amp - 120/L.3/OFF/0
Amp EQ - 70/29/127/103/OFF
LFO2 - S-H/VOC/ON/1.16
EQ - 50/7/4.50/4
Delay - STR/OFF/79/110
MODFX - ENS/43/82/

Patch4 - F.EG/PTC/O
Patch3 - LF.2/CUT/0
Patch2 -LF.1/PAN/15
Patch1 -NOD/CUT/-41"

Arturia Microfreak - Mystic Pads. Bank of presets walkthrough

Published on Jan 15, 2020 Anton Anru

"Get the soundset with intro offer:
Also check out another bank of presets for Microfreak - Modular Arps: [posted here]

"Mystic Pads" soundset is a collection of 50 presets for Arturia Microfreak.

There are pads, strings, drones, textures.
The sound palette is wide: warm and cold, static and rhythmic, tonal and atonal, noisy and glassy, massive and tiny.

This bank of presets is a good weapon for creating mystery and special atmosphere in your projects.
It will find its place in many genres: techno, minimal, house, house, deep, progressive, trance, electronica, ambient, downtempo, idm, glitch-hop, breaks, breakbeat, dnb.

All presets have thoroughly set Mod Matrix in order to achieve and interesting result.
Press Mode is set to Aftertouch in all presets. Keep it in mind while editing midi clips or playing the keys.

#arturia #microfreak #arturiamicrofreak"

Roland Juno-106 Keyboard Synthesizer

via this auction


via this auction

Boxed Korg Trident MK1

via this auction

"The synthesizer has been recently fully serviced and calibrated, all the tactile switch are working without having to press it hard. The rotary pots are smooth and free of noise."

Acidlab Bassline 2

via this auction

"One of the best 303 clones out there."

2018 Metasonix S-2000

via this auction

"The now discontinued Metasonix S-2000 tube synt in very good condition."

Roland CSQ-600 Computer Controlled Digital Sequencer

via this auction

"Roland CSQ-600 digital CV/gate sequencer."

'viridian stream' #Analog4 Tutorial 5. Jam #Elektron, Korg #VolcaKeys #SQ1 #Koasillator #Jamuary2020

Published on Jan 15, 2020 Gary P Hayes

"Continuous Live Dawless Jam / Improvisation - Analog 4 Tutorial 5 - External Pads and Sequencers

on Elektron #AnalogFour Mk2 #VolcaKeys plus Korg KO2 and #SQ-1 sequencer
Composed & Performed © Gary P Hayes in Mount Victoria Blue Mountains Australia recorded on #ZoomH6 no other processing"


Note: decided to split up the Jamuary posts moving forward with NAMM here. Remember you can search for #Jamuary2020 in the top right search box to see what has gone up.

Taraval - Against The Clock

Published on Jan 15, 2020 FACTmagazine

"San Francisco-based DJ, producer and Caribou collaborator Taraval has spent the past few years developing his spry and striking sound on seminal labels such as Four Tet’s TEXT and London’s Hypercolour.

This week we join him in California at local music hub Crowbar Corner Studios where he whips some spacey modular synth loops, 808- and 909-inspired TR-8S drum pads and misshapen ’70s funk samples into a giddy and jocular groove.

Filmed by: Dor Wand"

FACTmagazine Against The Clock posts

Hydrasynth classic vintage sounds

Published on Jan 15, 2020 Paolo Z-Plane

"Hydrasynth classic vintage sounds (CS-80, Jupiter 8, Prophet 5)
Improvisation on Vangelis, Howard Jones and Radiohead famous songs to test the new excellent ASM Hydrasynth, capable of realistically analog and vintage sounds while being totally digital

#Hydrasynth #Hydra #Synth #Synthdemo #VintageSound #Vangelis #CS-80 #Prophet5 #ASM #Ashunsoundmachines"


Published on Jan 15, 2020 Nathan D Farrell

"All sounds from op-z recorded in AUM on iPad Pro. #jamuary2020"

blipbox + Tanzbar 2

Published on Jan 15, 2020 Masaki Takada

Vermona PERfourMER MKII - Sample & Hold Drone

Published on Jan 15, 2020 While We Were Sleeping

"The Vermona PERfourMER MKII is probably my favourite synthesizer and was neglected for a while now resulting from my eurorack edition. I have got my PERfourMER out as part of my new year resolution to record a new song with all sounds coming from the Vermona PERfourMER but had a bit of drone fun before I got going. This was an Instagram live video and was not planned as a release and video quality is not very good (no good lighting & bad focus) but the sound was ok so I added some trippy psychedelic effects. No processing except the Digitech Timebender Delay (of screen)."

A Path Opens in the Bloom | Tasty Chips GR-1, Oto Bam, Marantz Cassette

Published on Jan 15, 2020 r beny

"Hello and Happy New Year.

Lately I've been getting into using granular sampling/synthesis to re-contextualize various sound sources. The human voice has been my favorite sound source of late. The Tasty Chips GR-1 is perfect for this, not just for its granular capabilities, but also because of its 11-voice polyphony/4-part multi-timbrality. I initially bought it on a whim, just because it was available, but it has become an important part of my studio for this type of stuff.

Here I have a recording of my own voice (trying to hold a C, I cannot sing) loaded into GR-1. I'm playing it back polyphonically via the Keystep through the Squarp Hermod. I use the Hermod essentially as a MIDI looper (you can see the initial loop recording queued up in the beginning of the video). GR-1 is running through a Marantz PMD-221 with the output set to monitor the tape just after it's been recorded to in real-time. I'm using a cassette loop for extra sound degradation. The Marantz is running through the OTO Bam for some extra stereo goodness/light to heavy reverberation.

Just a simple little piece for proof of concept.

As always, thank you for listening."

Aurora Borealis Soundset for Novation KS 4/5/Rack

Published on Jan 14, 2020 Seraphic Music

"Coming soon!"

Elektron Analog Four - Patches for Ambient, Techno and Electronica ("Phenotype" Sound Pack)

Published on Jan 14, 2020 Limbic Bits

"Elektron Analog Four 'Phenotype' Patch Bank for Ambient, Techno and Electronica (Leaves Patch Bank). This Patch Bank contains 128 patches, plus 16 Kits with assigned performance controllers and 16 patterns.

▶ Get "Phenotype Patch Bank for Analog Four" here:"

PreenFM2 - 20 min. Exploration and Randomization - No talking

Published on Jan 14, 2020 synth-love

"Note: For those wondering, I do not personally find these sounds particularly beautiful or useful. I have many hundreds of sounds that I've programmed that are very beautiful (to me) - typical fm sounds. This video is more exploration. Perhaps you need to be interested in sound to understand but though I found very little in this 20 minute exploration useful or beautiful it is still a very fun and interesting process to go through.

Interesting points:

00:30 - saving a sound
10:30 - slight mods to make an interesting randomization more useful
12:00 - bit crusher filter examples
13:45 onward - some harsher drum and bass type sounds
17:50 more programming
18:30 onward - some pad type sounds

Most of the session is use of the randomizer to explore new sounds.

Each time the mod button (or any of the buttons on the left side) is pressed, the sound is randomized according to the four nob settings. With the Arturia Keystep (off screen) I play the current sound a bit. When I find something promising I stop and save it to go back to later. I believe you'll find the workflow fast and easy.

Later on I do some editing to make randomized sounds more useful. In particular you can see the workflow to turn operators on and off to the source of parts of the sound you may not like.

A bit of the fun is lost watching someone else do this but if you are into FM synths I think you'll enjoy the PreenFM2."

Playing 7 ArduTouch synths at Once

Published on Jan 14, 2020 mitch altman

"I finally bought an audio mixer, and now I can play lots of ArduTouch music synthesizers at one time. This is my first solo jam.
More info on ArduTouch music synthesizer kits:"

See the ArduTouch label below for additional posts.

NAMM 2020 Akai MPC One First look

Published on Jan 15, 2020 sonicstate

"Akai have announced a brand new member of the MPC family, the MPC ONE is the entry level stand alone MPC with the same 7 inch touch screen, as well as the ability to work in both stand alone mode and also controller mode - when linked to the MPC software.

The same software features are available throughout the range making it just as powerful as the higher priced units.

One thing that we appreciate is the addition of 8 CV gate outputs - previously only available on the top of the range MPC X.
You also get host mode, to directly attach class compliant MIDI controllers if you need keys as well as the 16 velocity/pressure equipped pads.

We had a visit from Andy Mac who showed what the MPC ONE can do."

Akai Introduces the standalone MPC One for $699

MPC One Introduction videos by AkaiProVideo

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And the press release:


>New MPC One features Akai Professional’s premier multi-core processor and delivers the ultimate in standalone performance to a new generation of beatmakers.

Fort Lauderdale, FL USA (January 15, 2020) — Akai Professional, a leading manufacturer of music equipment for performers and producers, today announced the newest addition to its industry-leading family of music production centers, the powerful standalone MPC One.

MPC One offers a world-class creative producer experience, powered by the most powerful processor found in any standalone production device. Controlled by a 7-inch multi-touch interface and an intuitive touch-key layout, it creates the best MPC experience for all producers and music makers, in a compact form factor. Because of its remarkably comprehensive feature set and small footprint, this is the perfect companion for everyone’s studio. With its unprecedented combination of sheer production power, compact size and incredible price point, the MPC One establishes an unmatched standard for capability and value.

Included as standard are network connectivity, Splice integration and CV/Gate connectors, so producers can effortlessly access the sounds they need. MPC One comes loaded with 2GB of new drum sample & loop collections, curated specifically for this new hardware, delivering a library full of hard-hitting, dynamic drum sounds, sure to impress the most demanding creators.

The MPC One features the signature synth engines Electric, Tubesynth and Bassline as well as the world-class AIR FX for mixing & mastering. With MPC One, artists have everything they need to deliver impressive, professional productions and streaming-ready records.

MPC One Hardware Features:
• Brilliant 7-inch multi-touch display
• 16 velocity-sensitive RGB pads
• 2GB RAM, 4GB onboard storage
• MIDI In/Out
• 4 TRS CV/Gate Jacks, 8 Outputs Total
• USB Flash & SD Card storage

Additionally, MPC One incorporates control surface workflow for PC & Mac and includes a full version of MPC2 Desktop Software.

Dan Gill, Senior Product Manager for Akai Professional said, “We broke new ground with the MPC X and MPC Live, the most powerful standalone music production devices ever. We’re proud to say we’ve been able to deliver that exact same power in an efficient form factor that will be at home in any music production studio suite. This is a truly remarkable day for music creatives everywhere.”

MPC One will be available in February 2020 and will ship with a retail price of $699. For more information on MPC One, visit"

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