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Tuesday, October 06, 2020

MajorOSC Unlimited - Hydrasynth - Section 2 - LFOs

Major OSC

All about LFO's. Plenty of useful info here. Some specific to Hydrasynth, and some that is universally applicable. There's ALOT of content here. Grab a drink. Fire up your Hydra. Class in Session.
- Those of you who notice the Level of LFO 2 - and kudos to you if you caught it! At 48:42 I catch the mistake and explain how it happened / how it was easily overlooked. Then I explain the relationship between the fixed AMP routing to LFO 2, The assignment from LFO 5 to LFO2's level, and how this will affect the feel and dynamics of the sequence. Glad it happened, because I think it elaborated on details that wouldn't have otherwise been covered.

Patch Banks available at
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Wave + CME WIDI Master Juno 60 Demo

Genki Instruments

In this demo, Wave, the wearable MIDI controller and the WIDI Master, the MIDI over Bluetooth adapter connect to the classic synth, Juno-60 with Tubbutec Juno-66 mod. Vibrato and filter cut-off are being controlled with Wave, adding another dimension to this classic 80's synthesizer.

//Hardware used
Wave by Genki Instruments
Tubbutec mod

See the Genki label below for more.

Gieskes Analog Hard Disk

via this auction

"This was built by Gieskes in 2013."

Click here for previous posts including demos.

Akai AX60 & X7000 with 13 Pin Din Cable

via this auction

"Few people know that these two synths were made to work together. The 13 pin DIN cable allows you to connect the synths together and process the samples of the X7000 through the AX60."

Yamaha FS1R Formant FM Rack Synth SN PI01206

via this auction

Cover Song Бумер Bumer ASM Hydrasynth, Novation Supernova 2, Yamaha Montage, Yamaha AN1x


Yamaha Montage: Vox & Drums
Yamaha AN1X: Bass
Novation Supernova 2: Sequence
ASM Hydrasynth: Main Theme

FL Studio for the DAW

RIP Eddie Van Halen


Update: Don't miss the 1982 interview below. Make the time. It is worth it.

Known for his mastering of the guitar, Eddie Van Halen also embraced synths in his music. As you are likely well aware of, Eddie played the OB-Xa in the classic Jump video above. You can see him solo at 2:34. The keyboard lines in Jump have essentially become to keyboardists what the guitar lines in Stairway to Heaven have become to guitarists.

He passed away today at the age of 65 after a battle with cancer. To say he will be missed is an understatement.

Interesting note: Eddie was also a classical pianist.

Eddie Van Halen on How He Switched From Kid Classical Pianist to Shredding Axeman


"The legendary guitarist talks to Billboard about his rock'n'roll start as a kid and how a good guitar riff 'engulfs you.'"


Eddie Van Halen Interview 1982 | Plays 'Jump' Keyboard Riff On The Phone

SimpsonMusic Productions


And and interview with Sammy Hagar, post Jump and David Lee Roth, on Eddie's love for synths:

Who's to "Blame" for Van Halen's Use of Keyboards? | AUDIO ONLY


Eddie Van Halen before Van Halen

Rock Pills


Pic via Project EVH

One with his classic guitar via tumblr.

And some interesting history from Wikipedia:

"Born in Amsterdam,[3] Netherlands, Edward Lodewijk van Halen (Dutch: [ˈɛdʋɑrt ˈloːdəʋɛjk vɑnˈhaːlə(n)]) was the son of Jan van Halen and Eugenia van Halen (née van Beers). Jan was a Dutch clarinetist, saxophonist, and pianist, and Eugenia was an Indo (Eurasian) from Rangkasbitung on the island of Java in the Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia).[4][5] The family eventually resettled in Nijmegen.[6]

In February 1962, the Van Halen family moved from the Netherlands to the United States, settling in Pasadena, California.[5] Both Eddie and his older brother, Alex van Halen, naturalized as U.S. citizens.[7] The brothers learned to play the piano as children starting at the age of six.[8][9] They commuted from Pasadena to San Pedro to study with an elderly piano teacher, Stasys Kalvaitis.[10]

We came here with approximately $50 and a piano, and we didn't speak the language. Now look where we are. If that’s not the American dream, what is?[11]

Van Halen revealed in an interview that he had never been able to read music. Instead, he learned from watching and listening. During recitals of Bach or Mozart, he would improvise. From 1964 through 1967, he won first place in the annual piano competition held at Long Beach City College.[10] Afterward, the judges would comment that he had an interesting interpretation of the classical piece. Van Halen's view was, "What? I thought I was playing it correctly!" However, according to one interview, playing the piano did not prove to be challenging or interesting to him.[12] Consequently, while Alex began playing the guitar, Eddie bought a drum kit and began practicing for hours every day."


You can find additional posts mentioning Van Halen here. You'll find some demos and other interesting synth connections.

The following is a video I found while searching on YouTube. I was going to post this separately, but I thought it was a nice tribute to the song and an example of the influence Eddie has had on people in the synth community.

Van Halen's 1984 & Jump Covered on Oberheim OB-8


"First I play '1984' on the OB-8 and then 'Jump' along with the original song's stems. The ending I crafted is modeled after how they performed the song live on the 1984 tour. (Check out Jump + Montreal on youtube and you can see my inspiration.) I did this by editing together individual drum hits, guitar and bass parts from the split stems and other Van Halen songs."

Sequential Prophet 5 rev4 - Patch audio demos from Peter Dyer


"I had the privilege of contributing to the factory preset banks for Sequential's Prophet 5 rev4. These are clips I recorded direct from the Prophet 5, playing the patches I contributed, which you will find if you grab a new Prophet 5. Many of these are already included in Sequential's Soundcloud Audio Demos, which you can hear [below]
Check out my preset pack "Mammoth Pads" for Sequential's Rev2 at"

Sequential Prophet 5 rev4 - "Prophet Run"

"While beta-testing and making patches for Sequential's delightful Prophet 5 rev4, I was checking midi timing for myself in Ableton and using Live's arp device. Turns out I had fun making a short runner-bass track. Let's call it "Prophet Run". All sound sources from the Prophet 5, except kick and snare. This was a beta unit so it's panel is missing some name plates"

Ambient Pulse

james terris

"I recorded this when I was doing sound design for the Prophet~5 Rev 4. It was originally intended to be just for myself and personal archive. Yes, it has FX, but I decided to share it because I think it still demonstrates the synth's beautiful pulse wave and new expressive capabilities."

PM Foundations 3320 VCF based on the Prophet-5 Filter

PMF 3320 VCF Randy Piscione

"Demo of the PM Foundations 3320 VCF. This one is based on the CEM3320 VCF chip, which was used in the Prophet 5. It's capable of some very organic sounds, make sure you listen to the entire video. Get it here:"

"Randy Piscione says: 'There are lots of bits that are squelchy, and almost organic-sounding, much like some of the sounds Joe Zawinul would get out of an ARP 2600. Everyone should have one of these.'


Use this PCB and front panel to build your own FOUR-POLE VOLTAGE CONTROLLED FILTER using the classic CEM3320 filter chip from Curtis Electromusic Specialties or the new AS3320 from Alfa. The CEM3320/AS3320 is a self contained voltage-controlled four-pole filter with voltage-controllable resonance. It has an exponential (V/Oct) frequency control input which can cover more than ten octaves. The filter chip is temperature compensated.

The CEM 3320 was used in classic synths such as the Sequential Prophet 5.


This is a PCB and Panel set only. One high quality PCB and one front panel ONLY are included. You will need to purchase your own components and build your own module. Comprehensive build instructions and BOMs are provided to help you source the components needed and we even provide links to shopping carts to simplify sourcing those components. Some product photos above show COMPLETED build.

Read more about the CEM3320 and AS3320 and even purchase your filter chip there.


Four pole VCF low pass filter
Exponential 1V/octave response
Exponential voltage control of resonance
Two frequency CV inputs
Q CV input
Input level control for smooth or overdriven sounds
Board accepts DIP18 packages and sockets.
6HP Eurorack with our panel

This is a low component count project and an easy build so you can have high quality VCFs in your rack with minimum time and expense.

Build it yourself - This is a set of one high quality PCB and front panel ONLY for users who want to purchase their own components and build their own module. Some product photos above show COMPLETED build.

You can purchase the AS3320 from various sources including Cabin Tech and Electric Druid

This module will fit perfectly into a 6HP Eurorack space.

Comprehensive manuals, parts lists and component shopping carts are provided in the documentation link for building, testing and using the module."

Olivier Briand et Christian Neil : "Hydrasynth first contact"

Olivier Briand

"Mon ami Christian Neil m'a fait essayé sa dernière acquisition dans mon studio : L'Hydrasynth, que j'ai trouvé fort intéressant, voici un partage de mes expérimentations sonores, ainsi que les premiers patchs originaux de Christian, ENJOY !"

Runningonair - Cocktail Hour


"This is a new track from the below compilation. Please consider buying a copy to support a good cause.

Link to Compilation:

Link to The Brick:"

"ISOLATION AND REJECTION is a multi-volume compilation of rejected sounds.

Vol 4 (of 5) is released this September on Front & Follow, in support of The Brick in Wigan.

It features the likes of Howlround, Graham Reznick, Revbjelde, Rupert Lally, Daphnellc, Daniel Crompton, Stellarays, Giant Head, Xqui and more.

ISOLATION AND REJECTION was born out of thinking about what happened to all the tracks that didn’t make it onto those fancy compilations (you know the ones), and is now turning into a larger-than-planned project to collect, collate and promote rejected sounds. This is not an isolation project – it’s a rejection project.

We asked artists:

Did you get rejected from that compilation?
Did you send something somewhere, and then nothing happened?
Did that one weird track not quite fit on the new album?
Did you lose that guaranteed hit in the (actual or virtual) loft and have just stumbled across it?
Well this is the compilation for you!

With over 100 artists signed up, we are releasing five volumes from June to October 2020. Each volume showcases those lost gems, discarded and abandoned but now lovingly embraced and put front and centre for your enjoyment. We’re also sharing the stories behind the rejection – funny, weird and sometimes a little heart breaking.

All income raised is going to The Brick in Wigan – a fantastic charity on the front line of supporting those most in need, seeking to address the inequalities across our country exacerbated by COVID-19, but there all along. So far we’ve raised over £1,800.

Artists contributing to the series include Time Attendant, Howlround, Dolly Dolly, Cahn Ingold Prelog, Alison Cotton, Farmer Glitch, Rupert Lally, Sone Institute, The Declining Winter, TVO, Ekoplekz, Kemper Norton, Boobs of Doom, Grey Frequency, Elizabeth Joan Kelly, Thomas Ragsdale and many many more. Some you will know and some maybe you won’t.

Low pH - Supercritical Neutron Flux Filter

Supercritical Synthesizers

"Have a look at my mini case! I built this 58hp 6U case by myself and tried to build as efficient setup as possible. Upper row is a greatest hits platter of self-built digital SMD excercises and the lower portion handles the Supercritical stuff.

Here I do some sour stuff. I’ve hacked some old Ornaments & Crime beta version to have the awesome Logarhythm 303 random sequencer. The envelopes for the filter are provided by a tiny Peaks, Kick by another one. Antumbra Knit has the hats.

The Supercritical Neutron Flux filter handles a single saw wave. It is first used in the regular Sour 3-pole mode. After that I patch it mono-in-stereo-out with the dual VCA. The stereo control is used for the spread effect. Then, I switch the 8-pole series mode and use the left half of the filter for filtering and the right half as a flat filter with the boost for distorting it.

Later I add some more waves from the demon core and set the filter to Mean mode. It has some different distorting characters in the pole settings.

Distort everything.


Eventide TriceraChorus - What does it sound like?

Electronisounds Audio


"I show several examples of what the Eventide TriceraChorus app can do for your sound!
Thanks for watching!

Whatever kind of music you are making - KEEP IT UP, Friends!
Don't stop making *YOUR MUSIC*!!"

Arturia Microfreak Ultimate Vocoder Tutorial. Microphone Connection, Settings, Tips & Tricks.

Anton Anru

"This tutorial will be helpful for all Microfreak users regardless of the synth edition: Original (grey) one or Vocoder (white) Edition. I'm showing what types of microphones you may use, how to connect them, new Vocoder settings in Utility Mode, new synth engine parameters, tips and tricks, patches ideas with different input sources and modulation matrix.

Soundsets for Arturia Microfreak:
-- Keys in Nostalgia (50 Keys Presets)
-- Modular Arps (50 Arp Presets)
-- Mystic Pads (50 Pad Presets)
-- Noise Osc (10 presets)

Get the presets:

All background music and sounds are done with Microfreak and these presets.

00:00 Introduction
01:06 General information about vocoders and how they work. Carrier and Modulator.
02:10 TRRS splitter to use with non-original Arturia mic. TS and TRS jacks.
05:03 DAW (Ableton Live) settings: Inputs and Outpus, Tracks, Routing. Studio microphone (with XLR) connection.
07:36 Other mics options: phones with mic for mobile phones, cheap computer mic
08:37 Volume levels and Indication. Microfreak Utility settings: Mic Gain, Noise Gate, Mic Detection.
12:53 First steps with voice and beatbox. Sending midi notes from Live to Microfreak.
15:17 Hiss Modes solve the problem: consonants clarity is lost with Vocoder. Off, Switched, and Pass Modes.
19:22 Using other types of signals instead of voice: drums, guitars, samples, etc. Rhythmic effects. Modulators combination: Drum Loop + Voice.
24:00 How to use vocoder, connect a mic or line signal directly to Microfreak without a splitter.
25:37 Carrier part. Wave, Timbre (Formant Shift), Shape (Bandwidth) parameters.
28:41 Modulations with LFO, Envelope, and Cycling Envelope. Dynamic and rhythmic timbres. Envelope retrigger with series of chords/arpeggiator. Interaction of different rates in arp/notes division and LFO rate. Polyrhythm. Different filter types with the current modulations.
40:10 Firmware Update, Carrier and Modulator parts summary.
41:30 My presets for Arturia Microfreak (4 banks/160 presets)"

Korg MicroKorg XL/XL+ - "Analog Dreams"

"Its really hard to believe that such beautiful sounds are coming from such a tiny synth!


LFO team is glad to introduce "Analog Dreams" soundset for MicroKorg XL!

64 most beatiful, warm, analog & deep sounds immediately ready to go in your sound production including:

* Analog & Modular Arps
* Warm Bass & Poly Keys
* CS Series, Juno Series, JX Series, Polysix & Jupiter Emulations
* Deep Strings & Pads

All the sounds are handmade & reacting on velocity & modulation wheel.

Made by Nick Klimenko aka Chronos, a creator of "Organica" for Waldorf Blofeld & "WS Universe" for Korg Wavestation & Anton Sacral Reason author of "Stratosphere" for Wavestate.


Martha von Lucid Grain im Talk mit Gerhard Mayrhofer ( Synth-Werk)

Martha von Lucid Grain im Talk mit Gerhard Mayrhofer ( Synth-Werk) from Open Video Medien Labor on Vimeo.

"Talk is in GERMAN Language

In 1969 Robert Arthur Moog transformed his mighty and complex 3C studio synthesizer system – due to popular demand – into a stage ready tryptich of extraordinary beauty and sonic superiority. No wonder the roadworthy Tolex covered 3P rose immediate attention among artists worldwide, and therefore found its way into the hands of artists like George Harrison and bands like The Rolling Stones or Tangerine Dream.

One of the most famous 3P users of all time and pioneering founder of the berlin school, Klaus Schulze, bought his system in 1975 from German Artist Florian Fricke and used it for several years for live performances as well as studio recordings. Kindly dedicated to Klaus, we considered it is about time to reengineer and resurrect this wonderful instrument to the very last detail to bring back the authentic sound and feel of this highly sophisticated beauty.

With greatest respect to the spirit of the old Trumansburg days, there will be a pristine model but no such thing as a stock 3P-2020, since everything remains customizable to your very own personal taste.
Video by Andreas Merz"

What are comparators and a few ways of using them

Omri Cohen

"Here are the patches from the video -

00:00 - Introduction
01:44 - Creating Random Notes
05:06 - Creating interesting sequences
10:47 - Adding effects
16:23 - Crushing audio"

You can find additional resources available from Omri Cohen at

Siblings - Roland SH3A and SH5

zack dagoba

"Roland SH3A and SH5 playing nicely together"

BLM Macro VCO Braids with renaissance firmware *BLOWOUT SALE*

via this auction

Blow out sale runs through October for the remaining stock of these modules.

Custom White Roland JX-8P w/ PG-800

This one was spotted and sent in via M Me.

Description in Googlish:

"CustomRoland JX-8P + Roland PG-800 + Roland M-16C Cartridge + Printed / Bound Owner's Manual.

Eprom OS 3.1

This JX-8P was in terrible condition when I got it (see last 4 photos), held together with wood screws, large scratches all around and a lot of rust on the front panel. Had 6 broken keys and the pitch bender was hanging loose.

The wood screws destroyed the inner bracket mounting holes that held the side panels together, so I had to drill these out and replace them with 5mm Allen screws, which looks pretty cool and gives the synthesizer back its stiffness.

Sanded the entire synth to bare metal / plastic to remove any remaining rust and scratches. On the bender panel, I filled in the holes drilled by a previous owner to hold the pitch bender.

Gave it a professional paint job in a contemporary light industrial gray that matches the buttons of the PG-800 and the industrial look of the JX-8P.

The PG-800 is built by myself with the original firmware / eprom. Potentiometers are from Alps and the knobs are from Sifam.

I made the graphics myself and are screen printed aka screen printing.

I bought an extensive screen printing kit so I can now print any design on any surface. I am satisfied with the result.

All keys have been cleaned and polished and the keyboard plays perfectly and the aftertouch works fine.

Also the light scratches on the display removed with a plastic polisher and that now looks like new.

All tacticle switches have of course been replaced with new ones :)

Getting this JX-8P back to its former glory was a lot of work, but I have to say it looks better than the original imho."

Custom Black Alesis Andromeda A6 Analog synth

via this auction

"If you are looking at this you know what a beast it is. This one has had the Thomas Heck reface which i did myself. It's not perfect but does make the synth look smart.

It is in perfect working order, now and again the pots jump a little as these synths have a want to do but with a little clean up that would easily be fixed. The screen can be locked also.

Cosmetically it has quite a few imperfections as i used to tour with it. It has been around the world and done some massive shows! It was serviced by Alesis about 8 years ago and since then has been retired to my studio. I have 2 of them and 1 has to go hence the price which is an absolute bargain!"


via this auction


Very rare indeed. I believe only 500 were made.

This came as an additional / optional add-on to the slightly less rare Musicaid SDS3.

It was repaired last year after having been stored away (safely) for many years.

The paint work is slightly bubbled in parts, but it's not terrible.
The board is not corrosion free, and I don't see any signs of rust present on the case.

The slider caps and knobs have been replaced (with non-originals, as we couldn't find any!) as the originals had disintegrated or were missing completely.

It's in working order. I'm not using it much, so I'd like for it to go to loving home where it will get used more."

Vintage 1970s ARP String Ensemble Solina Synthesizer SN 0097651

via this auction

Technics Korg Patterns & Registrations

via this auction

"About This Listing

Old stuff"


Ensoniq EPS 16 Plus incl. Output Exp., Memory Exp. & Waveboy FX

via this auction

"perfect condition, incl. Output Expander, Memory Expansion, Waveboy Effects & 75 Discs

Included are:
- EPS-16 Plus Sampler
- Memory Expansion
- OEX-6 Output Expander
- Waveboy Audio-In Effects
- Easy Sound Library (10 Discs)
- Prosonous Sound Library (5 Discs)
- Ensoniq Essential Sound Discs (17 Discs)
- My Personal Library (21 Discs)
- 20 brandnew Discs
- OS 1.30 & 1.10
- AC Cord
- Cordial Y-Cord (2 x Jack 6.3 mm mono male > Jack 6.3 mm stereo male)
- Original Manual in German/.pdf Manual in English
- a Couple of Vintage Ads and Original Manuals for the Accessories"

Black Corporation Xerxes SN 1839

via this auction

"'This is a near mint Xerxes. Comes with original box, rack ears, and materials.

The only reason I don't list it as mint is because it came from Black Corporation directly with a tiny mark which you can see in the photographs. I point at it with a pencil. THIS MARK IS ON THE REAR or TOP (however you choose to describe it) so it would not be visible while playing, nor when racked.

The Xerxes is perfect in EVERY other way. Black Corporation designed this synth after the Elka Synthex. It has DCO's just like the Synthex and the 3-way analog chorus is also from the Elka. My bandmate has a Synthex at his home and it sounds very much the same. But frankly it also has a bit of Juno in the sound. This is likely due to the DCO's and chorus - which sounds amazing."

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev 2 SN 1091 w/ KENTON MIDI & Dust Cover

via this auction


As an owner of both a rev2 and two rev3s, let me just say:

1) They are most definitely different, more noticeable at certain settings..any prophet 5 is an outstanding synthesizer - no one would dispute that..
but some are more outstanding than others - it's not mojo, I spent a long time with my two synths together in my studio.

Ok, so the above still may sound subjective.

But here's something any professional will confirm:

Access Virus TI2 Polar

via this auction



"This video will demo the legendary 3-octave Korg Prophecy solo synthesizer (25 years old) by use of four default patches in a mini cover of The Alan Parsons Project's major 1982 hit "Sirius" from the superb album "Eye in the Sky". A great instrumental song that NBA basketball legends Chicago Bulls used as their theme song back in the day when Michael Jordan was the central force.

I used patch 'A20 Studio Mog 2' for the intro bass, 'B21 Clean Fuzz!' for the first lead pattern, "B45 Trance Arpegg!" for the second lead pattern and 'B36 Re-Bong Strings' bass support. Phew, almost like a Jordan, Pippin and Rodman arrangement by Phil Jackson. With a twist of Minor Key.

Video clips were recorded in 4K (60 fps) on a Panasonic Lumix GH5 and edited in Adobe Rush. Audio was recorded in 96 KHz 24 bit on a Solid State Logic 2+ thunderbolt 3 audio interface straight into Propellerhead Reason 9. FX like a bit of reverb, echo and mastering was added in post-production in Adobe Audition."

Roland SH-101 & Boss PS-3 Delay mode


sonicware_LIVEN 8bit warps


SONICWARE LIVEN 8bit warps & modular synthesizer


4ms Percussion Interface (PI) & Expander - Drum Demo 1

previous posts

Tangle Quartet - Basics - ALM009

"Tangle Quartet is a high quality quad linear voltage controlled amplifier (VCA) providing individual level control of 4 signal inputs with both individual outputs and a combined ‘mix’ output.

It is fast and easy to configure - great for manual and voltage controlled mixing, independent VCAs, voltage controlled modulation, amplitude modulation, or any combination of these functions. In this video we look at some of the possibilities.

0:00 Intro - VCAs for Synth Voices
1:16 Manual Mixing / Rerouting Channels Thru Effects
3:23 Attenuating and Mixing Control Voltages
5:15 Amplitude Modulation with Two Sine Oscillators

Thanks for watching!" Furthrrrr Generator eurorack oscillator: review and demo

Starsky Carr

"A quick look at the Furthrrrr Generator. A dual Eurorack oscillator with loads of modulation between the 2 oscillators with ring mod, amp mod, FM and FURTHRRRR GENERATOR!!!!

Very impressed with the sounds .. lovely :)

intro 0:00
what is it? 0:36
a little play 5:30
oscillator 2 7:13
modulation 7:54
waveshaping 11:35
Cross Mod 13:09
Conclusion 14:57"

Instruo Tain // dual bidirectional switch // Eurorack demo & patch tips


"Here’s the new dual bidirectional analogue switch ‘tain’ from Instruo. It works as a 2 to 1 or 1 to 2 input or output switcher. It has manual of CV/gate control with latching or momentary behaviour and a handy trick up it’s sleeve is the inbuilt reference voltage. Allowing you to use a trimmer to set a normalised voltage from -10 to +10 volts so you can switch to a voltage as a divider, or sub audio generator, switch from modulation to a static voltage, create octave jumps and more. As always I make these videos educational and packed full of synthesis tips and patch ideas so try these patches and ideas out on your system. I’d love to hear of any variations you’ve been creating with switches in the comments."

"The Instruō tàin is a two channel analogue bidirectional switch, similar to those found on classic semi-modular systems of the 1970s.

With momentary and latching functionality, external control and a manual button per channel, tàin can seamlessly switch between control voltage contours, trigger/gate patterns as well as audio signals all the way into audio rate.

tàin | verb (close) to block up, to move so as to cover an opening, bring two parts together, to make continuous as in a circuit."

See the dealers on the right of the site for availability.

Making Synthwave with Cherry Audio DCO-106

Cherry Audio

"In this video, we'll be harnessing the full power of DCO-106 to create an entire track using only this one instrument!

Recreating the sound of a classic synthesizer is no easy task. DCO-106 lovingly recreates the unique sonic footprint of one the most iconic 80’s polysynths in exhaustive detail, while adding modern features for massively expanded creativity.

The DCO-106 is both easy to understand and powerful to explore, creating a massive array of sonic landscapes, cutting lead sounds, warm and hazy pads, punchy synthetic electro drums, and far more."

Akai Introduces FORCE 3.0.5 Firmware Update


Introducing FORCE 3.0.5
Introducing Force Firmware Update 3.0.5
Force Academy | Arranger Mode
Force Academy | Making a LoFi Beat
Force Academy | Using FX Racks
Force Academy | Assigning Controls to the X/Y Pad
Force Academy | Assigning FX to the Crossfader
Force Academy | Using Pad FX
Force Academy | Ableton Project Import Mode
Force Academy | Advanced 16 Levels
Force Academy | Chopping Samples

FORCE In Session | DubFX feat P Money

"Producer/Performer DubFX with a quick set on FORCE. Watch as he performs his track created entirely on FORCE high up in the London skies with rapper P Money."

FORCE In Session | Ansome

"Producer/Performer Ansome on the FORCE. Watch as he explains how he uses FORCE in his shows and what the standalone workflows brings to his creative environment."

05- The Arturia PolyBrute: Steiner Filter Part A


"Here is the first part of a two-part demonstration of the sound and functionality of the Steiner filter present on the Arturia PolyBrute.

The theme for this demonstration was recorded by multitracking the Arturia PolyBrute in order to provide the various parts necessary. The drums were assembled out of loops from Apple’s GarageBand."

AutomaticGainsay Arturia PolyBrute posts

Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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