MATRIXSYNTH: Monday, October 25, 2021

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Monday, October 25, 2021

Granular Boom Bap Beat // Gotharman's Urano Modular Synth #TTNM


"Made a distorted, dense and granular sample based boom bap beat on Gotharman's Urano modular synth and sampler workstation. Apart from the main sample, the drums are samples as well and the three additional voices are created with the internal synth engine."

Building an Ambient Drone in VCV Rack

video upload by Omri Cohen

"Do you also think that reverb is life and want to share it with the world? Have a look here -
If you just want to buy me a coffee :) -
Consider joining me on Patreon -
Patching techniques and ideas document -

Crumar TRILOGY Vintage Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer

Crumar Trilogy Sound Test video upload by Mario Mantero

Note this video is from 2016 and not the specific TRILOGY listed below.

via this auction

“Released in 1981 by Crumar, the Trilogy is a polyphonic analog synthesizer organized in 3 sections : Polysynth, Organ and Strings. The three sections are combined into one instrument to make up the six-voice analog hybrid synth. The Trilogy is a very versatile and warm machine that can easily generate synth basses & leads, electronic pianos and organs, warm strings, lush pads and sci-fi type noises. Thanks to the razor-sharp filter resonance you can also get a variety of tuned percussive sounds.

The Synth section implements two 74LS221 oscillators (the same used in the ultra-rare Crumar DS-1) with saw, square and saw+square waveforms. The two oscillators can be synced or tuned separately. The Synth architecture is basically built around CEM chips and in fact it features 6 CEM VCFs, 6 CEM VCAs and 6 CEM EG (one per voice).

The Organ section implements two additional detunable (or syncable) master tone generators divided-down to generate the octaves of the 4 horizontal drawbars (2', 4', 8' and 16'). The fact that the two master Organ oscillators can be detuned allows to produce a vast, rich, organy sound. The Organ section is fully polyphonic and can benefit of the Glide effect and the LFO features.

The Strings section is relatively simple but generates warm and unique brassy string sounds. The Strings section features a stepless "Footage" knob to mix low and high strings (16 ′ to 8 ′), a cutoff filter named "Timbre" and volume Attack and Release. The Strings section is 6-voice polyphonic and can benefit of the Glide effect and the LFO features

What is nice about the Trilogy is that in addition to being able to layer the sections they all also feature individual outputs for separating the sounds. The Organ and Strings audio outputs can be taken separately from a ¼inch jack socket on the back panel, or from the socket marked 'Polysynth' which in fact gives a mix of synth and organ if used alone.

The Trilogy LFO features triangle and square waveforms, and sports controls not often found on other synths. These included a variable delay control that determines how quickly the LFO is brought into the sound, a variable slope for blending two separate tones, and a glide feature for a glissando pitch change in the initial attack of a sound. An oscillator sync option determines the high frequency attack of one oscillator with the other high frequency oscillator. An input on the rear panel allowed for pedal control of this function.
Geek Porn : the presets 2->8 are not "static", they just cannot be edited using the synth knobs and sliders. You need to open the synth and tweak the dozens of trimpots placed on the preset board using an insulated screwdriver!”

Cybertrance V1 For Novation Peak/Summit

video upload by Igor Leus

"Link -

This is Cybertrance V1 For Novation Peak and Summit synthesizers. With this soundbank, you will turn your synth into the Retro-Future atmosphere. Every sound has been meticulously calibrated to match the style of the 60x-80x synths, but with all possible modern innovations. The library is replete with a variety of sounds while retaining its retro warmth in every note. From incredibly soft Lead sounds to Blade Runner style pads.

After a long and painstaking work on these warm sounds, there will finally be an opportunity for a wider audience to bring all this beauty into their musical production. Only part of this work is presented in the demo song. But despite this, you can hear how superbly all these sounds interact with each other.

Every sound has 2X-animated variations, so it's the number of sounds in this library doubles or even triples in an instant of pushing the Animate buttons. This bank greatly unleashes the full power potential of an FPGA processor of Novation Peak and Summit.

Soundbank contains:

Leads - 12
Bass - 15
Synth - 9
ARP - 2
FX's - 4
Pads - 13
Plucks - 8
Brass - 1"

Serviced Sequential Circuits Pro One SN 3380 w/ Road Case

via this auction

"This is the nice J-wire keybed version, with the contacts just cleaned and smooth new bushings installed. Other work done included power supply recap, new power cord, cleaning pots & switches, and calibration."

Yamaha EX-2 Electone Analog Synthesizer Organ w/ TX-III Tone Cab GX-1 #44072

video upload by Techno Empire

"Demo of what the Yamaha Electone EX-2 Analog Synthesizer Organ can do. Available for sale on our Reverb Store"

EarthBound Soundtrack Played On A Super Rare Synthesizer ✨🌏✨

video upload by Critical Beach Town

"These days, the Synergy is a super rare synthesizer to come across in the wild. Originally produced in 1982, it is estimated that less than 100 are still in operation across the globe. Interestingly, it ran off cartridges, something it had in common with the Super Nintendo!

Recently, I had the opportunity to recreate some of my favorite music from EarthBound on a Synergy. This video demonstrates some of the sound textures the synthesizer is capable of, while showcasing a beloved soundtrack through a unique lens.

Title Screen: 0:00
Sunrise & Onett Theme: 0:13
Buzz Buzz's Prophecy: 1:50
Dr. Andonuts' Lab: 3:12"

MC202 playing Rogbiv through Vorg Echo Orbit 1, and after that, through a Powertran 8-Bit delay

video upload by Peter Maas

"Roland MC202 playing the first bars of Rogbiv by Boards of Canada through Vorg Echo Orbit 1, and after that, through a Powertran 8-Bit delay. Just testing the machines after they came back from maintenance.."

Dreadbox Typhon

video upload by SyntheticMachines

"Dreadbox Typhon: First attempt with 4 short multitrack demos.
NO additional reverb, delay or modulation FX were used, only the internal effects from the Typhon.
Mixed only with some compression & EQ, nothing else."

Day Of The Dead - John Harrison Cover + Additional Halloween Vibes by Scott Ampleford

video upload by Scott Ampleford

"DX7. And lots of it!
When looking for a good tune for my annual Halloween cover, I began by looking through John Carpenter scores but found it difficult to pick one that I havn't already covered on this channel. I needed to cast a wider net, so began searching out other cult favourites, when suddenly it occured to me that I'd never seen any of George Romero's classic zombie movies!
After watching Night Of The Living Dead and very quickly burned through the rest of the franchise, I found that I loved this groovy entry into the series.
Though the 3rd installment in Romero's "Dead" works is considered one of the weaker films, John Harrison's synth-heavy score has swiftly become one of my favourites and I'm glad to present it here.

Gear used:
- 5U/MU Modular *
- Behringer Neutron
- Roland Juno 6
- Waldorf Streichfett
- Arturia Beatstep Pro
* Includes modules from, STG Soundlabs, Martin Jan Koehler & Moon Modular
Check out my album releases:"

Halloween Vibes

CV FREQS XV - Columbus, OH Synth Meet/Halloween Party - 10/30/2021

video upload by Midiverse - TV


What's up everybody? Welcome to Midiverse - TV! Today we have a quick announcement. This Saturday October 30th, there's going to be a synthesizer meet/halloween party in Columbus, OH. If you live in the Ohio area you should definitely come check it out. More information at"

Native Instruments Celebrates 25th Anniversary Ultraviolet w/ Vapor Gray Gear & TWENTY FIVE

video upload by Native Instruments

"2021 marks 25 years since we loaded up GENERATOR on a low-cost PC and started work on our vision for the future of sound. So we're celebrating with a very special anniversary drop: six of our most popular hardware devices are now available in two bold new colorways."

Celebrating 25 Years of Native Instruments | Native Instruments

"Back in 1996, we launched GENERATOR, our first ever synthesizer – and also the precursor to REAKTOR. Now, 25 years and countless other instruments later, we’ve been digging through the archives to unearth a sonic time capsule of our most iconic instruments from the past quarter-century.

The limited-edition TWENTY FIVE is a powerful, free instrument designed to let future generations recombine and reimagine our sonic legacy into something entirely new. As part of the KONTAKT Play Series, it comes mapped with intuitive macro controls, powerful FX, and a built-in sequencer.

Download it here:

Check out the 25th Anniversary Collection hardware:"

And the press release:

"Berlin, October 25 2021 – Native Instruments – the company behind groundbreaking music technology products like KONTAKT, MASCHINE, TRAKTOR, and the KOMPLETE portfolio of virtual instruments and effects – today kicks off its 25th anniversary celebrations. To mark the occasion, NI is releasing limited-edition Ultraviolet and Vapor Gray versions of six of its most popular instruments and controllers, alongside a new, free instrument, TWENTY FIVE.

The 25th Anniversary Collection reimagines iconic KOMPLETE, MASCHINE, and TRAKTOR hardware in a choice of either Vapor Gray or Ultraviolet colorways. The striking, monochromatic designs extend to every detail of these instruments and controllers, each of which have been hand-numbered and accented with reflective graphics commemorating NI’s anniversary. The full range encompasses MASCHINE+, MASCHINE Mk3, KOMPLETE KONTROL S49/S61, TRAKTOR KONTROL S4, and TRAKTOR KONTROL X1.

TWENTY FIVE is a new, free instrument for KONTAKT 6 and the free KONTAKT 6 PLAYER. It allows users to sculpt entirely new sounds from combinations of classic presets taken from 37 different instruments across NI’s history. From modern flagship synthesizers, to timeless KONTAKT pianos, and hidden gems from the REAKTOR and GENERATOR archives, TWENTY FIVE is a time capsule of NI’s contributions to digital music making over the past quarter century. As part of the KONTAKT Play Series, TWENTY FIVE comes mapped with intuitive macro controls, powerful FX, and a built-in sequencer.

Says Constantin Köhncke, Native Instruments CEO, “We’re extremely proud of what we have accomplished over the past 25 years. None of this would have been possible without the dedication, passion, and ingenuity of every member of the NI team, both past and present, and – most importantly – our community of creators who have used our products and innovations to create countless contributions to music culture. Their amazing output keeps us inspired every day, and will for the next 25 years.”

“Of course, we couldn’t have achieved what we have without the continued support of the creators who use our products on a daily basis.” adds NI’s Chief Product Officer & President Robert Linke. “TWENTY FIVE is a small token of our appreciation, and we hope this sonic time capsule will help inspire a new generation of creators as they define the sound of the next 25 years.”

Native Instruments is also holding a global producer challenge on its metapop platform, inviting artists to make a track with TWENTY FIVE. A range of NI prizes is up for grabs, with winning entries receiving limited-edition hardware alongside KOMPLETE 13 packages. The competition runs from October 25 to December 31."

David Cronenberg' Stereo | Live Soundtrack by Chinaski

Upcoming performance by supporting member, Chinaski.

"Guten Abend,

I’m proud to announce the Live-Premiere of my Soundtrack for David Cronenberg’s „Stereo“ on Oct 30th, 2021 at the DFF - Deutsches Filminstitut & Filmmuseum in Frankfurt am Main in cooperation with David Cronenberg himself and the DFF German Film Museum.

Due to the generally isolated feeling and creepy atmosphere during the first major lockdown an Idea I played with for a long time came back to my mind. Do a new Soundtrack. A film where a small group of people are under isolation in a Science Labor and experimenting with drugs - silently, only with voice-over commentary- I didn’t have any trouble to snatched into. Especially that Black and White brutalist World of David Cronenberg’s first featured movie.

Now the Soundtrack is finished and the movie will be screen with a 35mm copy at the Cinema of the DFF - Deutsches Filminstitut and Filmmuseum in Frankfurt am Main while I perform the music live.

David Cronenberg‘s movies are a huge influence for my own work since I saw The Fly the very first time as very young nerd in the german tv.

To have the opportunity to perform my music for the film with the blessing of David Cronenberg himself in that location is definitely a highlight in my life.

For any Feature or Interview Request or Feedback please hit

Location: DFF - Deutsches Filminstitut & Filmmuseum Frankfurt am Main
Date & Time: Oct 30th, 2021 - 22:30 pm CET
Additional Soundtrack by Stefan Haag (Chinaski) in cooperation with David Cronenberg and DFF Deutsches Filminstitut & Filmmuseum

Limited Tickets due Covid 19 Reglements !


Gotharman's Urano: Benjolin-inspired Patch Demo #TTNM


"I'm a big fan of Rob Hordijk's Benjolin, so I set myself the challenge to create something similar on Gotharman's Urano modular synthesizer. Obviously, if one wants a true Benjolin, one needs to buy one of those, but I found it fascinating to think myself through the inner workings of this device for a bit and try to apply them to the Urano's patching system. This made me get to know the new Urano even better, so I can only recommend to try a challenge like this out for yourself, when working with new modular synthesizer gear.

More information and a download link to my Urano Benjolin patch can be found here:"

Gotharman website:

] Prophet-6 Desktop Module analog synth & Upright Piano [

video upload by Paolo Cattaneo

Wave. ] OB-6 & Spitfire Stratus, Rhodes & Euphone [

video upload by Paolo Cattaneo

🤍 Soundset

Wales. ] Analog Synth OB-6, Prophet-6 & Euphone, Moog Minitaur & Tanzabar [

video upload by Paolo Cattaneo

] Euphonic Instrument, Moog Minitaur & OB-6, Cycles Slate+Ash & Tanzabar [

video upload by Paolo Cattaneo

Eerie Pads in Perfect Fifths | Modular System

video upload by Apparatus Scriptor Paradiso

"Notes say it all."

Brassy Drone with Dotcom Modular System

video upload by Apparatus Scriptor Paradiso

"The patch is pretty basic. I'm running the pitch output of the Dotcom Midi Interface module into three oscillators. Then I'm running the oscillators through a mixer into the Dotcom Transistor Ladder Filter for a nice, brassy, Moogy sound. The filter output is running into a VCA, and the VCA is going into my audio interface. The gate output from the Midi Interface is going into two EGs, one for the VCA and one for filter. The settings on the two EGs are pretty similar. Basically, I want a nice long attack and a long release.

I'm running the sine wave LFO from the Dotcom SH++ module into the filter for cutoff modulation. I'm also running the trapezoid LFO output from the slew feature on the SH++ through an attenuator into the linear frequency input on one of the oscillators, for vibrato.

Software effects: stereo widening, delay, compression, reverb."

Two-Voice Mega Drone |

video upload by Apparatus Scriptor Paradiso

"Patch Notes

Once oscillator is being fed into the state variable filter. That filter is being modulated my another oscillator in LFO mode, using a sine wave. Resonance is at something like nine o'clock.

A second oscillator is being fed into the transistor ladder filter, one octave up from the first. This filter is being modified by an enevelop generator, which is being triggered by the divide-by-two gate output on the Sample and Hold ++ module.

As you'll see, I also play around with the trapezoid LFO on the SH++, and I feed the sine wave output of the SH++ into a couple different inputs, from ladder filter cutoff modulation to the linear frequency inputs on both oscillators.

Stereo widening, rotation, compression, and reverb are being applied in my DAW to both voices.

Also, here's a link to the new album, No Traveler Returns:"

Semi-Generative Ambient Soundscape in F-Minor |

video upload by Apparatus Scriptor Paradiso

"The patch is as follows:

I'm running the sample and hold output of the SH++ module into the module's slew limiter feature. From there, the sample and hold is multiplied and run into the volt per octave inputs of two Q106 oscillators.

One oscillator is going into the state variable filter, and the other is going into the transistor ladder filter.

The transistor ladder is receiving an envelope, which is being triggered by the square output of the LFO on the SH++, and also a mixed waveform (sine and pulse) from the third Q106 in LFO mode. The mixed waveform is going through the Mixer++ module so I can mess around with the amount of each wave to the output.

The state variable filter is also receiving an envelope, but this one is being triggered by the divide by two output on the SH++. Hopefully this creates some nice rhythmic patterns.

A lot of the work is being done off-screen, however. Obviously I've got the usual suspects going on in terms of effects: compression, delay, and reverb. However, so that I don't just get the bleeps of a computer when running a sample and hold to two oscillators, I'm using an auto-tune effect in my DAW to quantize the output to F Minor. I'd rather have a hardware quantizer, but I'm building up my system one piece at a time, so that will have to come later.

I supposed I'd call this "semi-generative" since there's a heavy element of randomness, at least as far as the notes you're hearing are concerned. Obviously, I don't just let the modules play themselves, so I'm unwilling to call this true generative.

Thanks for listening."

ASM Hydrasynth Demo - Poly Aftertouch 4 All [NO TALKING]

video upload by Marshal Arnold

"That's right, I finally am doing a demo of my ASM Hydrasynth! I picked up this synth for a steal online in 2020. I did have a chance to demo the Hydrasynth back in 2019 at Knobcon and I was really blown away by the innovation on display, it was inevitable that I would eventually end up scooping one of these up. Finally, a modern synthesizer with Poly Aftertouch!! Or well, as Ashun Sound Machines calls it, Polytouch, trademarked of course :)

You can catch my interview with Ashun Sound Machines Glen Darcey from Knobcon here: [below]

I'm demoing a few of my favorite factory presets in bank A and B. Really, this is the first time I had a solid few hours with this synth and I have to say that I really like some of these presets. I will be dedicating some additional time to learn the ins and outs of the Hydrasynth, and will eventually do a follow up featuring some custom patches."

ASM Hydrasynth In-Depth Demo at Knobcon 2019

video upload by Marshal Arnold

"At Knobcon Number 8 I was fortunate to speak to Glen Darcey who is the VP of Product Development at ASM (Ashun Sound Machines). He and his colleague, Dominic Au (Product Manager at ASM) were very kind and spend some time in front of the camera to show off the Hydrasynth, a new Digital Wave Morphing synthesizer that is set to be available in November 2019, just in time for the Holidays!"

Plinky: 3D printing case [linck]

video upload by Meska

"hey, here the final version of the 3Dprinting case for plinky and the expandeur:

Made by my friends Nico of maison dieux:
You will need a slicer for print it ,like cura :


Third session with the SOMA Pulsar 23 [Excerpts]

video upload by batchas

"Here some excerpts of my third patch on the Pulsar 23.
Next time I'll check the looper.
No external effect added. No EQ or whatever; Just mono out to audio interface for recording."

ARP-2600 Live Tutorial: live patching performance with captions

video upload by EthanJamesMusic

See EthanJamesMusic ARP 2600 Tutorial series here.

"Someone asked me about how to use the ARP-2600 as the main synth in a live set. I have put captions in to help you see some possible ways to make the sound go different directions to create interest in a long form improvisation. Hopefully this gives you some ideas for what is possible. This is a tutorials series for anyone who wants to learn how to use the ARP-2600, either the Behringer, the Korg reissue, or the original! I've tried to break things down into small videos that are easy to mentally digest and apply to your own electronic music. We will be exploring both east coast tonal and west coast avant-garde uses of the synthesizer."

Human Comparator TTSH v4 Two Thousand Six Hundred ARP 2600 Analog Synth

via this auction

"PHYSICAL CONDITION: Excellent - In amazing condition. There are still a few barely visible scuffs, however, each fader and input jack is perfectly intact. This is the latest version (V4) and was built by the manufacturer, not a kit. Overall, everything is in excellent physical condition.

WORKING CONDITION: Excellent - Works nicely. Each parameter is fully operational. This synth is fun to use and sounds great! In general, everything is in excellent working condition.


UNPACKAGED DIMENSIONS: 23.875" x 14.125" x 5.875" "

Moog Opus 3 Synthesizer Keyboard SN 2469

via this auction "Good - Overall in solid condition but there is dust/dirt build up in hard to reach places. Some of the slider caps are missing. The wood panels are worn after all these years. One toggle switch is missing for the 'Brass'-section. This unit definitely has some flaws but it is still a very cool instrument! Overall, the physical condition is good!"

Teenage Engineering OB-4 - The Future of Synths?

video upload by Synths with Leo

I do like the idea of built-in audio recording & looping.

OP-1and Norns Shield Ambient

videos uploaded by AB85

"OP-1 on tape and loop duties with Norns Shield for generative blips of my voice."

Note the above starts with OP-1and Norns Shield Ambient, but is a playlist for AB85's channel. It includes a number of Moog Sound Studio compositions, two posted separately below. You can skip around as you like using the player control.

Moog Mother-32, Subharmonicon Generative Ambient

video upload by AB85

"Lots of randomness on the @moogsynthesizers #mother32 here, the VC Mix is the source of it all, I patched it into the Mult so I can output more via Mult 1 and Mult 2 like the VCF Cutoff and the LFO Rate. Assignable Out was set to random and patched to Mix 2 of the VC Mix.

The Subharmonicon was just being gorgeous, as it always is. 🖤"

Moog Synthesizers - DFAM, Subharmonicon, Mother-32, Modular Trio

video upload by AB85

"Sometimes I just love getting the studio nice and dark when approaching this @moogsynthesizers system.

What’s your favourite ‘mood’ setter in the studio?"

New Moog Sound Studio 3 - The Three synthesizers together

video upload by Synths with Leo

"I'm super happy to introduce the Moog sound Studio 3, the bundle you'll need to start on the semi-modular world of #Synths

In the #MoogSoundStudio3 you''ll find the rack, cables, even some creativity tools to spark your imagination.

#DFAM #Mother32 #Subharmonicon

00:00 - Intro
01:00 - Moog Sound Studio sounds"

Dirtywave M8 Demos by Avrilcadabra

videos by Avrilcadabra

Tutorial / DIY videos towards the end of the playlist. You can use the video controls to skip around.

1. Generative patch showing off Dirtywave M8 Macro Synth
A glimpse at some of the sounds from M8's Macrosynth engine.

The m8 has wavesynth, macrosynth, FM synth, sample and Midi
2. Dynamo ( Dirtywave M8 )
This is my new track Dynamo made entirely on the Dirtywave M8

The M8 creator Trash80 was kind enough to play my track on the fortnightly online meetup for the M8 using the real time 3d rendering that was used to make to m8 Demo video.

So with his blessing I have used it here to show my track. This track was made on M8 Headless using a Teensy 4.1. As I don't have a hardware M8 yet.

You can buy this track at
3. Dirtywave M8 basic workflow ( making a small track )
Take a look at the basic workflow of making music on the M8 tracker.

Hi I got asked what the workflow is like on the M8, it's kind of too hard to do with subtitles alone, so I did a voice over on this one. I am used to filming hardware, so screen recording and microphones is not something I am experienced at. Can only get better from here.

I preloaded some instruments to make this video go faster.

This is M8 headless version running on a teensy 4.1
M8 Headless is free you just need a teensy 4.1
Learn about setting up M8 Headless here
4. Dirtywave M8 Tutorial ( Wavesynth Deep Dive )
Lets go over wavesynth on the Dirtywave M8 and learn what everything does.

Wavesynth / WAVSYNTH is one of the synth engines in the Dirtywave M8 and it is my favourite one.
5. Dirtywave M8 hardware Unboxing
Lets check out the Dirtywave M8 hardware in this unboxing and demo.

I preordered the production version of the M8 when they first were available too and having been eagerly await for it, for months. During that time I have been using the headless software version a lot.

I had played with the M8 the day before so put it back in the box for this video, there was also some white packing paper in the box, not shown in his video as my cat took off with it, and the usb cable came in a plastic bag also if I remember correctly.

I wrote a fair few presets and my first Sid presets pack comes preinstalled on the M8, super happy to be able to do that. Since the production cards were finalized some time ago, I ended up making a tonne more presets. Which you can download here for free to put on your M8.

I did not mention in this video, but the M8 is class compliant USB audio and Midi, and also sends data to mirror it's display on a computer via a web app. so you can set up an external moniter on your computer and put the app on that window, then you can display M8 on a 4k tv, projector or CRT etc.
6. Dirtywave M8 - Connect to a bigger screen using M8WebDisplay
How to connect the M8 to a computer and 4k tv, projector or CRT

Today we are using the wonderful webdisplay created by DerkyJadex which is can found here

Just plug your M8 (or headless M8) into the usb on computer and it will appear on the web display. Worse case scenerio you have to select a serial com port in the ui on the webdisplay.

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The legend of Strymon Zelzah ( on Synthesizers! )

video upload by Avrilcadabra

“Wondered what the Strymon Zelzah sounds like on synths, lets find out

Hi Strymon sent me the Zelzah to show it on synths and things that are not guitars. It's not a review but I give some thoughts at the end. I've marked this video as a paid promotion as the pedal was at no cost to me, but I was not paid to make this video.

You can find out the specs on the Zelzah here

Gear used

Sony Trinitron PVM
Zoom H6
Dirtywave M8
Akai Force
Behringer TD-3
Realistic Moog MG-1
Sega Megadrive
Strymon Zelzah
Strymon Bluesky

#strymon #zelzah

I tried to mention or show everytime I used the bluesky.
On the final clip with the Force the bluesky is on for the majority of it.
in the split stereo neutron clip, theres hall reverb from the mixer added.

Subtitles around 8 50 are meant to say it sounds more dramatic on grittier tones. My brain failed typing that one, long day.

0:00 Intro
0:11 Sega Megadrive
2:17 Moog MG-1
3:05 Gameboy
3:44 Split Stereo Neutrons
4:48 Midi CC to M8
6:25 M8 Drums
7:25 TD-3
8:43 Akai Force EP & Pro's and Cons”

ANILOG Analog Morphing Synthesizer App - Demo song

video upload by Sequence Mediaworks

"Demo song for the new ANILOG Analog Morphing Synthesizer for iPad and iPhone! A rich multitimbral sequence showing off the range and versatility of the new ANILOG v1.1 version. The built in sonic shaping, reverb chamber, and per-track effects allow you to create and share songs on the go. We can't wait to hear what you to do with it!

This audio is taken straight from the app (with a tiny bit of EQ). All sounds are generated in realtime using the unique 3-oscillator additive signal path --- no samples are used at all! Each instrument does not have filters, but instead relies on a shaping envelope. Velocity affects the shape envelope, and the sequencer allows for pitch bending and vibrato for extra expressiveness."

Also see: Tim Webb's of discchord's Let's Play with ANILOG.

cicadidae | ambient/drone music with modular synthesizer

video upload by M Hob

"Cicadas are coming back this year and their song blends more and more each day with the landscape. I wanted to compose something which evoked my feeling when I listen to these wonderful insects buzzing away late on the afternoon. Most of my music is completely improvised (often building from how a certain patch performs or over randomized sequences) but for this track I wanted to try something different: composing a more rigid structure around which I could play.

Before I started this channel most of my music playing was strictly interpretational (playing from sheet music). I feel confident enough now that having something to guide me will do just that: guide, not impose strict guidelines.

The track was performed on the Monsterdrone using VCV Rack as a tuning guide (while playing with the pitch knobs) as a mixer through NYSTHI's Vector Mixer. I programmed the Crow to create a Lorenz attractor which controlled the position on the Vector Mixer, creating the orbiting feeling of the 4 voices on Monsterdrone. This enabled me to react and interact with the evolution of the song by choosing at what moments the song would intentionally evolve. The Minibrute added a deeper droning voice, controlled by the 3 position parameter on the Lorenz attractor. This voiced was shaped by a long looping envelope which hopefully adds a subtle rhythmic wave to the track."

Behringer Wasp Deluxe - Just The Jams

video upload by Scott Ampleford

"A few months ago I reviewed Behringer's lovely recreation of the classic Wasp synthesiser. As with all my reviews, I made a bunch of music with the synth to show it off in context.
These pieces of music, hopefully demonstrate the Wasp's characterful sound and versatility by genre hopping from Drum & Bass to Euro - Pop and beyond."

Behringer Wasp Deluxe - Demo & Review

video upload by Scott Ampleford

"Gnarly, punchy and rude. But if you treat it nicely, the Wasp can really mellow out and be a good all-rounder."

Stylophone - The Original Pocket Synthesizer

video upload by Scott Ampleford

“In 1967 the Stylophone was born! It swept the world as a popular toy and swept the music scene as a new instrument.
In this video I take a look at the history and sound of this electronic gadget and the people around it.

Music Composed, Arranged & Performed by Scott Ampleford
Canon In D Major Composed by Johann Pachelbel

Gear Used:
- Dubreq Stylophone
- 5U/MU Modular Synthesizer *
- Korg Volca Beats
- Arturia Beatstep Pro
- Behringer Wasp Deluxe
* Features modules from, STG Soundlabs, Martin Jan Koehler & Moon Modular

Thanks Peter!”

Planetshine - Cosmic microKORG Music

video upload by Scott Ampleford

"This mini (but mighty) synth still sits on my desk and holds its own with the big boys in my studio. I hope you enjoy this track, which features ONLY the microKORG, showing a glimpse into what this little beauty is capapble of. Check out my album releases:"

Erik Satie / Gymnopédie No. 1 / Calming Classical Music on Synthesizers

video upload by Music Pro Sessions

Sounds from the @Korg Minilogue
Modulation effects from @strymon Mobius
Reverb from @strymon Bigsky
Download the wav/mp3:

Sonata No.8 “Pathétique” in C minor, Op. 13 / Beethoven / Calming Classical Music on Synthesizers

video upload by Music Pro Sessions

Download the wav/mp3:
Sounds from the @Korg Prologue 8
Modulation effects from @strymon Mobius
Reverb from @strymon Bigsky

Clair De Lune / Claude Debussy / Relaxing Classical Music on Synthesizers

video upload by Music Pro Sessions

Download the wav/mp3:
Sounds from the @Korg Minilogue
Modulation effects from the @strymon Mobius
Reverb from the @strymon Bigsky

Vector Synthesizer Unboxing & Jam

video upload by Doctor Mix

"Today I play with the amazing Vector synthesizer! Watch me unbox it and demo it!"

Patch n Tweak
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