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All sounds created from a Casiotone 701 Synthesizer

video upload by wake rise fall

"Created a small piece using only sounds from a #casiotone 701 Synthesizer"

Into the Groove Synth Cover by Rones.

video upload by Remco Rones

"played live without quantise on the Minimoog model D and Oberheim OB-X synthesizers. No samples."

Fang Synth updated⊠Pure Data powered accelerometer synthesizer

video upload by Akunull

"Fang Synth updated. New features:
Accelerometer can update for voiced synth on note on (default) or instantly
UI improvements
Sequencer and arp rate buttons slide to control
Can change formant filter glide length
Can change number of filter poles"

Arturia Origin Desktop Synthesizer

via this auction

Teenage Engineering OP-1 Classic

via this auction

Roland MC-09 Phrase Lab Synth/Seq SN ZQ12319

via this auction

Korg KingKORG Synth

via this auction

Yamaha CS-30 SN 1009 w/ Extras

via this auction

Moog Memorymoog Plus SN 3179

via this auction

"The unit is in excellent physical and cosmetic condition and has been in storage for 20+ years in the original Moog shipping carton. It was working perfectly when I boxed it up, but since it has been in storage so long it is now out of calibration and the oscillators will not autotune, so it does not produce sound as the Memorymoog automatically disables any oscillators that won't autotune. The unit does power up quite well and appears to have all the presets still in memory. All the buttons appear to work and the knobs appear to operate correctly."

Strakt - Diagnoses

New release from supporting member,

New electronic duo Strakt is a collaboration between -1 and Allinaire, two artists central to the modular synthesis resurgence in Sydney, Australia.

Their debut album Diagnoses grew organically from improvised modular synth performances and impromptu recordings, shaped with nearly a year of remote sessions and file transfers over the internet due to the pandemic.

Modular synths are notorious for producing almost too much music, making polished and cohesive modular-centric albums difficult to make and rare. Diagnoses is an exception. Every track began as a live modular synth exploration, then went through a complex progression of editing, arrangement, mixing and overdubbing, while always staying true to the original modular components.

The result is a musical journey through the landscape of modern modular synthesis, married to detailed, computer-based production. Allinaire's complex, circuit-bent beats and intriguing, filtered electrical sounds continually surprise the ears, while -1's subtle grooves and detailed arrangements draw the listener ever onward as the album progresses. Sounds evolve, travel and morph, always moving forward, always engaging.

The final, elegant touches to the album are courtesy of Taylor Deupree of 12K, a leading light in ambient music, and a talented mastering engineer.

The duo is already working on a direct-to-tape-live-in-one-take companion album to Diagnoses, while planning a small regional tour and a future vinyl release.

Fairlight in Despicable Me 3

video upload by Bart Simpsonfan 3000

This one was spotted and sent in Phil Winn.

"You can see the fairlight page r in this scene on the display in the background, i.e. at around 1:44."

Horror Music Generator | Self-generative eurorack modular patch (Tágh, Harmonaig, Arbhar, Líon)

video upload by Piotr Garbaczonek

"Thanks for watching!
Made this self-generative patch that makes dark ambient and horror and eerie atmospheres.

Here are some links of mine:
Go follow my Patreon here:"

E-RM Multiclock: Why you definitely need it! (for your studio)

video upload by Wine&Synths

See it featured in this previous Wine&Synths post.

00:00 - Start
01:35 - USB-Midi is bad!
03:54 - About E-RM
04:45 - Reason 1: Easy to use!
05:46 - Sync Source Settings
07:04 - Machine Mode Settings
07:38 - Channel Setup
07:58 - Reason 2: Why it's so smart?
09:38 - Reason 3: Fix Latency Issues
10:25 - Reason 4: Stubborn MIDI gear
10:55 - Reason 5: DIN Sync
11:17 - Reason 6: Even syncs old problem gear!
11:56 - Reason 7: Makes your beats tighter!
12:12 - Reason 8: 4 Extra MIDI Ports
13:10 - Reason 9: Analog LFO & Midi Controller
13:34 - Reason 10: Built Quality
15:08 - Pricepoint
16:19 - Demo Track

"Here are 10 good reasons why you definitely need the E-RM Multiclock for your studio. Is this really the holy grail of MIDI-Sync, as so many people claim? I tested it in deep for you in this video!"

Original "Bitte 8 Bit" Merch:

JAM with JX-3P, MFB Dominion 1 and Isla S2400

video upload by Espen Kraft

"Roland JX-3P Sequencing with MFB Dominion1 & Isla S2400
The full video showing the recording setup, programming and more you can find here:

Audient ASP880 | 8 channel preamp capturing some synths and a drum machine

"Gear used in this demo: Audient ASP880, Roland JX-3P, MFB Dominion 1 and the Isla S2400.
When recording the separate outputs of my drum machines I find the Audient preamps to be crisp, transparent and very usable.

With the ASP880 you have 8-channels, insert/return points at the back, ADAT out and lots of gain. Very uncomplicated to setup and integrate into your setup. It just works and sounds great."

More Roland System 100 from Benge

video upload by zack dagoba

"Planning out some complimentary modules fro the Roland System 100. I want to have a small set of sequencing, mixing, CV processing and delay and reverb options. More info to come..."

Performance of The Week: 'Vangelis'-inspired Melodic Eurorack Jam w/ Arturia Keystep Pro

video upload by AJH Synth Official

"A melodic modular synth performance loosely inspired by the late composer Vangelis, who sadly passed away this year (2022), particularly his unforgettable music for the 1983 movie 'Blade Runner'. This is a kind of homage to someone whose work has doubtlessly coloured the music of many musicians who came after him. The instrument used consists of a range of AJH Synth modules to create rudimentary analog percussion, choir' like pad, choppy monophonic pattern, and Blade Runner-is lead sounds, all of which are entirely analogue.

Modules used:
Percussion - Entropic Doom, Multi Burst Envelopes, Discrete Cascaded VCA
Choir Pad - Glide + Noise (a little glide added), Precision Voltages (for choosing note intervals whilst composing) Vintage Transistor Core VCO (x2, sawtooths), Wave Swarm, Fixed Filter Bank 914, Lunar Module (as noise source), Next Phase, Dual LFO + VCA (for panning FFB), Muting Mixer & VCA
Sequence - Vintage Transistor Core VCO (x1), Ring SM (adding 1 sub-octave, Sonic XV filter, Dual RVG (modulating filter), Contour Generators, Discrete Cascaded VCA
Lead - Full MiniMod voice (Glide/VCO x3/Ladder Filter/Contours/VCA), Dual LFO + VCA (pitch vibrato), DH-ADSR (providing envelope for vibrato level)
Sequencer used is the Arturia Keystep Pro"

Nord Modular Doormat - Floor Mat

via this auction

"Nord Synth Model hand-painted doormat by Music Mobilia.
100% Recycable PVC, Washable, resistant, flame-retardant and non-slip.

Size: 22" x 12" in"

Moog The Source Mono Analog Synthesizer SN 4193

via this auction - Update: link fixed

"Good working order, factory patch reset completed and new battery installed. Ready for your studio."

Sequential Circuits Model 700 Programmer SN 0191

via this auction

Oberheim OB-XA SN 812619

via this auction

"This particular unit has recently been calibrated and serviced by Pro Audio in Tampa Florida and is in almost pristine condition. All voices, filters, envelope and amp generators, as well as every other component, function as expected. The keyboard is quiet and all notes work. There are two scratches on the entire synth."

Roland Jupiter-6 SN 353887

via this auction

"Born in October 1983, this vintage Roland Jupiter 6 is in excellent condition. The synth was recently serviced and this baby purs. As per the repair company, the following was done -

Replaced bad tune pot, filter caps, battery and CEM3360, reloaded factory sounds, calibrated cleaned and tested.

I personally have never heard this synth sounding better. The repair company was able to get in touch with one of the original designers of a components for this synth to track down a replacement all the way from Italy. This thing is the real deal!

All functions (keys, VCO, outputs, etc) work perfectly and YES! This Jupiter 6 stays in tune! Questions? Feel free to contact me and I'd be happy to set up a facetime / zoom call to show off the synth. I can also connect any curious minds to the technicians who worked on this bad boy."

Metasonix D 2000 Vacuum-Tube Drum Machine

via this auction

Acidlab Bassline Analog Synth 1st Generation

via this auction

07 29 22 Serge WAD & resEQ

video uploads by batchas

"This WAD in this video is an orignal but with MN3207 installed instead of SAD1024.
No external effect added."

Cosmotronic Modules Demo

video upload by Bonedo Synthesizers

Modular #synthesizer #jam + Moog #matriarch odd key #experiment #triggers

video upload by Endless Arp's



BEAMS is a WAVE TABLE SYNTHER SIZER equipped with a distance sensor. You can create various sound effects to drone sounds, and you can control the tone by holding your hand in the air. Equipped with one WAVE TABLE OSC and 4POLE FILTER, they can be modulated by the built-in LFO. The LFO has four modes. You can output sine, saw, square, and S & H random waveforms, which can be controlled with a single knob. It also has a controller mode that allows you to use the output of the distance sensor to control other synthesizers.

BEAMSは距離センサを搭載した、WAVE TABLE SYNTHERSIZERです。様々な効果音から、ドローン・サウンドまで作成することができ、空中に手をかざすことで、その音色をコントロールする事ができます。 1つのWAVE TABLE OSCと、4POLEのFILTERを装備しており、それらを内蔵のLFOで変調できます。LFOは4種類のモードを持っています。サイン、ノコギリ、スクエア、S&Hされたランダムな波形を出力でき、これらを1つのノブでコントロールすることができます。また、コントローラ・モードを備えており、距離センサの出力をほかのシンセサイザーのコントロールに使用する事もできます。

Saturday, July 30, 2022

Synth Jam 89: Roland T8 Aira Compact

video upload by Marcus Padrini

Another embed missing the thumbnail. Just hit the play button.

"A Roland T8 é um instrumento compacto, que combina uma drum machine com timbres de equipamentos clássicos( tr808, tr909, tr707 e tr606) e um sintetizador de baixo no estilo TB303."

Building a Fairlight CMI: Episode 10

video upload by Syntaur

"Cris Blyth is a brave man. He has a dream of taking a Fairlight MFX and upgrading it to a Fairlight CMI Series III. In this episode, Cris works on the caps, SCSI2SD card, rack ears and hinges 3D printed!"

Building a Fairlight CMI episodes

Error Instruments Hacks the Behringer TD-3 - ER303 hackt 303 clone

video upload by errorinstruments paul tas

"We decided to hack the most famous and loved 303 designs by Tadao Kikumoto. In the 80s
40 years later Behringer makes a clone
We look at this circuit and we changing something and we add some chips
Inputs outputs.. we want to make it sound over the top if possible no limit. Most crunchy so we at and makes between an overdrive and a delay . We change the filter and we have an extra input in outfits for the effect that you can also use separated on other equipment if you want the demonstration. We only have 10 of them. If you are into Acid over-the-top crunchiness over-the-top delay this is your friend see demonstration movies"

FusionLab ION Synthesizer

video upload by Toine Scholtz

"A little video demonstrating the Ion, a digitally controlled analog monosynth that I built a while ago. All the music in the video was created using the synth only (sequenced from and recorded into Ableton Live).

I started sketching the concept for the synth nearly 10 years before I began the build, but had a great deal to learn about analog and digital electronics before I was capable of actually building it. I arrived at the final design around mid-2020, began the build late 2020, and completed it a few months into 2021.

The synth is controlled by MIDI over USB. I used a PJRC Teensy 3.1 microcontroller and several DAC ICs to generate control voltages.

The Ion has 3 VCOs, each producing a slightly different selection of waveforms, and a noise source with its own state variable filter. Each VCO can produce a pulse width waveform, and each has a dedicated LFO to control PWM. There are two main resonant VC filters, each with continuously variable responses between LPF, HPF, BPF and notch. The filter configuration can be continuously faded between series and parallel.

The synth has a main VCA with dedicated envelope generator, and each VCF has a dedicated EG controlling cutoff frequency. A dedicated LFO can control the frequency of one or all three VCOs. Three other modulation sources, an EG and two LFOs, can be routed through the modulation matrix, a two channel matrix with 7 sources and 8 destinations available on each channel. Each VCO output can be also used as a mod source, as can the noise source. The matrix destinations include VCO pitch, VCF cutoffs, and AM of one of the VCOs and the main VCA.

The synth uses a Doepfer DIY synth board, which provides one of the VCOs, one of the VCFs and its envelope generator, the main VCA, the pitch modulation LFO, and the slew limiter used for the glide control. All the remaining modules are either completely discrete or make use of dedicated synth chips.

The design of VCO1 is adapted from Thomas Henry's astoundingly good VCO-1. The second VCF derives from Thomas Henry's beautiful VCF-1 design. VCO2 uses the AS3340 clone of the classic CEM chip. One of the mod source LFOs is based on a very elegant Ray Wilson design, and the other mod source LFO and envelope generator (as well as the main EG and the EG modulating the other VCF) are build using the fantastic modulation chips designed and supplied by Electric Druid. The noise source is also based on the Electric Druid noise generator IC.

In practice, the synth architecture is predominantly subtractive, but the mod matrix means it's also possible to do basic FM, although that's fairly limited by there being only two mod matrix channels (mod matrices are difficult and expensive to implement).

The synth cost about 5 months of spare time, more money than I have the courage to calculate, and some intense stress and frustration in getting it to work properly. Debugging hardware is much more difficult than debugging software.

It was an amazing journey of learning, and I'm one step closer to knowing how not to build a synth. It also gave me an even more acute and humbling appreciation of just how astounding is the work done by the synth electronics pioneers, and indeed contemporary designers. I stand, diminutive, on the shoulders of many giants."

EEH Zaunkönig Brochure Scan and Front Panel Pic

New pics added to this post, along with some history.

//2022KORG Gadget2//Fairbanks+Glasgow

video upload by TKU 7900

It would be interesting if Korg ported these into physical synths.

Hybrid Digital Synthesizer
Superior PCM Synthesizer

The intro sound reminds me of the intro in the Moog Mavis video directly below.


video upload by Another Machines

Ambient Synthesizer Textures with the Moog Polymoog, Oberheim OB-X and Yamaha DX-7.

video upload by Remco Rones

"I first made a track with the Oberheim OB-X and Yamaha DX-7 synthesizers and recorded this on cassette. Then I processed the mixdown with lowpass and resonator filters of the mighty Polymoog. Live take, no programming."

ReBirth RB-338 - Red Stripe Mod Demo

video upload by peff .com

"The Red Stripe mod for ReBirth RB-338 was a collaborative effort with Thomas and Wolfgang Merkle of Bitplant. This project was organized as a branding campaign in 1999, through the beverage distributors' UK marketing agency, 5emedia, LTD.

In order to establish the fast drum roll effects, the transport is set to run at 338 BPM, and two pattern slots are required to complete a full measure of 32 steps. I had quite a few keyboard shortcut hacks set up on my version of ReBirth RB-338 which helped me quickly work around these complicated pattern arrangements."

Behringer Poly D - 20 Free Sequences

video upload by LFOstore

"LFO.Store presents a gift for all owners of Behringer Poly D.


20 amazing sequences for your Behringer Poly D

Enjoy! And may creativity be with you!"

Dreadbox Erebus V3 w/ Original Box

via this auction

One more listed here

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

Yamaha DX200 Loop Factory SN HJ01540

via this auction

"Physically, it is in very good shape (little bump under power connector - pictured). Functionally: the data encoder is glitchy, while every other knob is rock solid. Like most DX200's, the data encoder on mine became glitchy in the early 2000's, so I ordered a replacement from Yamaha, along with a spare. Since replacing it, it went glitchy again and I never got around to opening it up again. By glitchy I mean - turn it slowly and it mostly increments in the right direction - turn it fast, and it goes the wrong way randomly."

Green Panel Tiptop Audio Z-DSP

via this auction

"Tiptop Audio Tiptop Audio Z-DSP Eurorack module with rare Green panel from Magpie. Module only, no cards included. Module is in perfect working order. There are no cosmetic blemishes aside from rack rash."

Korg EX-8000 SN 001016

via this auction

Roland SH1 w/ Case

via this auction

Tyco Hot Keyz Keytar In Original Box

via this auction

Roland JD-800 Programming Books

Some pics via the following listings:

1991 Roland JD-800 Synthesizer Up And Running Book

1991 Roland JD-800 Synthesizer Patch Book 1

1991 Roland JD-800 Programmable Synthesizer Sounds Basic Operations

1991 Roland JD-800 Programmable Synthesizer Owners Manual 2

Korg Modwave & OTO Machines BAM

video upload by 3rdStoreyChemist

Friday, July 29, 2022

Miniverse Module Set Quick Look

video upload by boxoftextures

"Well they did this one backwards, it seems. Usually Cherry Audio tweets out new product teases a week in advance, then they have a 30-second video reveal here on YouTube while at the same time putting the new thing up for sale on their web site. Which is all fine! But this time there wasn't a pre-announcement (although it's possible I just happened to miss it), and there wasn't a short video reveal, or a tweet or anything. I just happened to see there was a new Cherry Audio video on here and there it was. So I bought the Miniverse Module set for Voltage Modular and made a quick Mini. And here it is.

So far I've only built a 'Mini' with just a few effects, but again, because these are modules you can do all sorts of gnarly things with them. Which I shall proceed to do over the next few days. I mean, just being able to add three more envelope generators and half a dozen more LFOs make this worth the price of admission. And that's not even counting the polyphonic Mini module versions, which I haven't even had time to try out yet. Like I said, more to come.


3am - Damp Grid

video upload by justin3am

"Another piece centered around shift registers. This time used as sound sources and as part of the visuals. All of the noisy percussion sounds come from the Dual Digital Shift Register (kinda Rungler-like patch) and Cascading Shift Register (used as and LFSR)."

Roland Cloud Juno-60 - Custom Patches (Overview)

video upload by Igor Leus

"In this video I do a overview of my Essential Sounds soundbank for Roland Juno-60 Software Synthesizer by Roland Cloud.

More info at:

support: Roland System-8, Roland JU06/06A."

First 20 minutes with Oberheim OB-X8 (no talking)

video upload by manmade madman

"Day 1: I wanted to make a video of my first impressions of a synthesizer... what happens when I walk up to something I'm not familiar with? No reading the manual, no outside help or distractions, just raw wandering around with it, trying every knob and listening to what each does. I realize my distorted and dirty sound design preferences aren't everyone else's, but I haven't heard the demo that I wanted to hear out of this synth, so I made it myself.
The OB-X8 is a synth I've waited a LONG time for, and so I have some pre-formed bias towards it, but what happens when I get it out of the box, set it up, and just hit record?
This is that video.

I hope you find this useful to see and hear if it might fit into your sound.
I'm sure it will inspire me to make a bunch of patches, like the Moog One and Prophet-10, and countless others before it. I'll make more musical content, if you like this and people ask for it.

This was recorded in stereo, but it is mostly mono because of the default voice panning which is set to mono. I didn't discover the 'page 2' Spread feature until after filming. There are some subtleties with the Vintage knob that might play into its stereo field.

No audio processing whatsoever, as demos should be™"

DARK SIDE OF THE MOOG - Custom Subsequent 25

video upload by Love Hultén

"DSOM - DARK SIDE OF THE MOOG 🌒 Custom Subsequent 25 setup with Strymon Volante + MXR Phase 100"

New Random*Source Paperface Serge Demo w/ 50th Anniversary Oscillators

"How many octaves can a Serge Paperface VCO track?

*provided it's the 50th anniversary edition of the vintage VCOs, newly redesigned by Serge himself. #sergemodular #sergetcherepnin #paperface50 #sequencerpanel #voicepanel #randomsource #sergemodularsynth #analogsynth"

This one was spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child.

Airport Goodbyes // Ambient Novation Summit

video upload by Tefty & Meems

"Today's video is a short improvised ambient set using the @NovationTV Summit keyboard. Everything was recorded into Ableton Live with no click. Additionally we added Luftrum field recordings into the mix afterwards for some extra ambience. The vocals and field recordings had some extra spatial effects added from Glitchmachines Fracture and Hysteresis plugins.

Also the vocal reverb is Valhalla Room with a bit of Valhalla Delay."

Patchwerks Showroom Sessions: Syncronos and Wet Peynt

video upload by Patchwerks

"In this video local artists Syncronos and Wet Peynt perform at Patchwerks in Seattle, WA.

Expect more live shows monthly in-store at Patchwerks. If you are interested in performing reach out to us at

0:00 Syncronos
51:25 Wet Peynt

Visit the Patchwerks website here:
Video by: Matthew Piecora and Stephen Ly"

MODOR DR-2•Roland TB-303•Casio RZ-1•ARP ODYSSEY: Acid Live Jam!

video upload by Wine&Synths

"Welcome to a new acid jam!
While I was checking out different gear with the E-RM Multiclock for a new test video, Stefan Braatz came along with his Roland TB-303 to check out the DIN-Sync. As I also prepared some demos with the MODOR DR-2 we spontaneously started this jam!
And we even managed to sync the Casio RZ-1 to the Multiclock with stable timing! Hooray!
The Korg SQ-1 runs the KARP Odyssey to give the final touch."

1984 Roland Juno 106 w/ Analogue Renaissance AR80017A Voice Chips (Serviced) SN 487078

via this auction

"A high water mark for glassine pads, premier brass stabs, and surprisingly present basses, the Roland Juno 106 is well deserving of it's status as a classic synthesizer. All voices have been refurbished, this is a fully working specimen, with all sliders and pots cleaned and working wonderfully. Physically, this is a synth which shows it's age and use, but operationally this Juno is a superior sonic experience.

This Juno was serviced by our in-house technician, all voice chips have been replaced with new Analogue Renaissance AR80017A voice chips. This is a Japanese model (100v) unit, we switched the transformer to operate at 120V along with adding a 3 prong IEC receptable. Fantastic condition over all. Serial number: 487076"

The 6 looks more like an 8 to me, but who knows... Some pics on of the inside below.

Sequential Circuits Prophet T8

via this auction

"recently serviced, immaculate condition. only had 2 previous owners. few minor cosmetic scratches"

MacBeth Studio Systems Elements

via this auction

MacBeth Elements Synthesizer Specifications:

Futureretro XS, Semi-modular Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Deckard's Voice + Rachael - by Black Corporation

video upload by Cinematic Laboratory

"Deckard's Voice is what you get when you take one voice from Black Corporation's 'Deckard's Dream', a well known 8-voice tribute to the legendary Yamaha CS80, made famous by Vangelis. Its name refers to Deckard, played by Harrison Ford in 'Blade Runner'. The lack of polyphony is compensated by the Eurorack ecosystem and lots of CV i/o. So I added Arbhar to my setup to layer up some 'fat pads'. However, an important part of the CS80 sound is the ring modulator. This is where Rachael comes in - and where the fun begins. I like Deckard's Voice a lot, but I absolutely love the combo."

LOOPZ - Batchas Pointz & Sudden Infant

video upload by batchas

"I developed this web app in 2001 and published different versions until 2009 with loops from various friend artists. Playing audio in good quality on internet and controlling volume in realtime was still quite rare and not yet self-evident. I also made a few standalone versions for PC/MAC. On the last online version I did around 2005 you could load your loops, record your mix and play a mix saved on the server. But it never passed the BETA stage, because a web agency engaged me for a larger project and I was too busy the following years."

LOOPZ - Sudden Infant

video upload by

"I developed this web app in 2001 and published different versions until 2009 with loops from various friend artists. Playing audio in good quality on internet and controlling volume in realtime was still quite rare and not yet self-evident. I also made a few standalone versions for PC/MAC. On the last online version I did around 2005 you could load your loops, record your mix and play a mix saved on the server. But it never passed the BETA stage, because a web agency engaged me for a larger project and I was too busy the following years."

How does the sound of the OB-X8 compares to an original OB-X?

video upload by Oberheim Official

Oberheim Official OB-X8 Comparison posts

"Marcus Ryle, co-designer of the Oberheim OB-X8 and an Oberheim engineer from 1980 to 1985, walks through all 32 of the factory presets on his original OB-X to demonstrate just how faithfully the new OB-X8 reproduces each one.

All examples are recorded direct in mono, without EQ or effects.

The new OB-X8 — true Oberheim sound. Listen and judge for yourself.

0:00 Intro
1:38 Bank A Presets
6:32 Bank B Presets
7:50 Bank C Presets
10:33 Bank D Presets"

Synthwave on Elektron Octatrack + A4 ft. Novation Peak

video upload by sucik

"OT playing drum samples and processing A4 and Novation Peak. Only a little bit of limiter on post process but I'm not sure if it was necessary."

Bad Gear - Ensoniq Fizmo

video upload by AudioPilz

"Become a Patron and get access to music clips from the show, additional content, Bad Gear samples and even more AudioPilz madness

Welcome to Bad Gear, the show about the world's most hated audio tools. Today we are going to talk about the Ensoniq Fizmo. Is this one-of-a-kind digital transwave synth and unicorn of the kingdom of controversial gear actually worth the money it goes for on the used market. Why did it fail in the first place?

Interview with Scott Peer:

00:00 Intro tune
01:21 Overview Ensoniq Fizmo
01:44 Origin Story of the Fizmo
03:01 Transwaves, waveform modulation
03:45 Filter, envelopes, LFO, Noise, modulators
04:10 Layers/Sounds, Presets, Multitimbrality
04:33 FX section
04:48 F-I-Z-M-O realtime controls
05:25 Arpeggiator
05:30 Patches, sound examples
06:06 Hidden parameters, software control
06:24 What else??? (voltage regulator, pricing)
06:58 Hate
07:22 Jam 1
08:13 Jam 2
09:13 Finale
09:44 Verdict
10:52 Patreon Vocoder Shoutout"

Miniverse Module Collection | Cherry Audio

video upload by Cherry Audio

"Miniverse Module Collection, new for #VoltageModular and available exclusively at

The Miniverse Module Collection is an expansion of the Miniverse virtual instrument into 14 flexible modules for use with the Voltage Modular platform. It retains all the classic tone and mojo that made the original Mini great while freeing users of the fixed “hard-wired” limitations of the original.

Like the Miniverse synthesizer and other Cherry Audio/MRB releases, the Miniverse Module Collection components have been expertly adapted to the modular workflow. Award-winning synth designer Mark Barton's (MRB) proprietary DSP coding reproduces every sonic nuance, every curve, and every response of the audio based on the original hardware. In addition, polyphonic module versions of the oscillator, mixer, filter, glide, contour, and VCA sections are included for up to 16-voice polyphony via poly jacks.

The 14 module Miniverse Module Collection includes:

• Miniverse Oscillator super accurately replicates the famously brawny sounds of the original Mini. Mono and poly versions included.
• Miniverse Filter is a 24dB/oct, lowpass filter based on the famous transistor ladder filter. Mono and poly versions included.
• Miniverse Glide module allows notes to slide smoothly from one pitch to the next and Mini's unique glide unique asymmetrical glide characteristics are accurately emulated. Mono and poly versions included.
• Miniverse Mixer is a four-channel mixer, usable with audio or CV signals. Mono and poly versions included.
• Miniverse Contour is an ADS envelope generator used to dynamically shape note volume, filter cutoff, or any other voltage-controlled mod destination. Mono and poly versions included.
• Miniverse VCA replicates the unique mojo of the original Mini circuit. It's usable with audio or CV signals. Mono and poly versions included.
• Miniverse Noise faithfully replicates the noise section of the original hardware with white, pink, and red noise generators. • Miniverse A-440 module replicates the Mini's unique tuning reference oscillator circuit.

The Miniverse Module Collection is available exclusively from the Cherry Audio store at an introductory price of $39. A 50% discount is available for customers who previously purchased the Miniverse instrument. For those new to the Voltage Modular platform, it's fully compatible with our FREE Voltage Modular Nucleus Edition, with no operational limitations. A free seven-day demo of Miniverse Module Collection is available."

The History of Earth Observations by High Skies

video upload by Mat Jarvis

"Observing the weather from orbit, music by High Skies.
The second in a series of new High Skies releases from Mat Jarvis.


LYRICS (Subtitles)
(Planet Earth)
Houston what you’re seeing is the Western Hemisphere
Looking at the top is the North Pole
In the center, just lower to the center is South America
All the way down to Cape Horn
I can see Baja California and it appears now that the east coast is cloudy

Okay for colors
The waters are all a sort of a royal blue
The clouds of course are bright white
(Bright white, bright white)

The Southern Hemisphere is almost completely clouded over
And up near the North Pole there’s quite a few clouds
And a long band of various cirrus clouds that extend straight out across the Atlantic

(Earth observations)
(Earth observations)

Video: Nasa, Esa

Also available on iTunes, Instagram, Amazon Music, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube Music, Twitch, Pandora, Deezer, Tidal, Snapchat"

Don’t Dream It’s Over // Crowded House // POMPLAMOOSE ft. Sara Niemietz

Don’t Dream It’s Over // Crowded House // POMPLAMOOSE ft. Sara Niemietz video upload by PomplamooseMusic

This one was spotted and sent in via Poorness Studios. Note the 808 Society jacket.

"GAHHHH SARA NIEMIETZ HAS THE BEST VOICE…also I am going on TOUR! Tickets at for LA, SF, Seattle, Portland, New York, Philly, DC and Boston!

And a special thank you to the Vintage Synth Museum in LA for having an amazing collection and space to do this!

Save this song on Spotify:"

Knobula Kickain : The Last Kick Drum Eurorack Module You'll Ever Need

video upload by Perfect Circuit

"Check out even more details about the Kickain here :
Pick one up for your own rack today :

Offering a dance floor staple with spectral mixing capabilities, Knobula's Kickain is a combination of a highly sculptable 909-inspired kick drum and stereo processing for internal and external mixdown.
This powerful module can wrangle your whole mix into a pulsing dancefloor HEATER, and isn't just limited to kick sounds. Percussive thuds, clicks, hats, and snare sounds are also achievable, and when paired with the on board reverb, the Kickain is a percussion sculpting POWERHOUSE."

99bpm Dubby Chill [with a Sweet Hybrid Setup!]

video upload by Electronisounds Audio

"Track Recording Date: 07/26/2022
Tempo: 99bpm
Key: Fminor Pentatonic (Yes, AGAIN! lol)

Fully hybrid setup with Polyend Play as the main sequencer as well as playing back drum samples and lots of chord samples.

The iPad is connected to an audio interface that has midi in, and i'm sending midi to miRack for the main kick and main snare sounds, as well as loads of percussion, fx and the 2 main evolving pads/texture sounds - all coming from miRack.

*ALL SIX* Individual Outputs from the iPad's audio interface go to six individual inputs on the Eurorack FX System!! I am processing ALL of the miRack sounds through real-world Eurorack !!

The Syntakt provides a LOAD of sounds, from the main bass to chord stabs to percussion, all being sequenced from the Play via midi!

ALL AUDIO is being fed into a 1010 Bluebox mixer/recorder where i'm mixing, doing some gentle EQ and compression, and recording the track. The track was then loaded into Soundforge audio editor and I ran it through my Favorite: Waves L3 Ultramaximizer plugin - to get the track levels a bit more glued, consistent, even and to make the track louder!

I then sync up the audio/video manually in my video editor: Luma Fusion on iPad.

Whatever kind of music you are making - KEEP IT UP, Friends!
Don't stop making *YOUR MUSIC*!!"

Korg N5/N5EX - Beautiful Atmospheric Sounds

video upload by LFOstore

"Korg N5 series really underrated machines - especially in video demo area - there are more than 1000 sounds but all demos are showing boring & overused electro pianos & organs

When N5 capable on much much more - great pads/string/ambient atmos/leads,basses & yes - arps!
Cause this synth having good arp!


LFO Team"

What's so special about the Alesis Micron?

video upload by Floyd Steinberg

"Here's a closer look at what makes the #Alesis #Micron #synthesizer tick.
Table of contents:

00:09 Hello
00:31 overview
01:06 patch editor
07:55 drum patterns
08:49 setups
10:00 pattern sequencer
11:20 important considerations
11:50 demo track (incl. vocoder demo)
13:25 bye bye"

E-MU Systems Vintage Keys Rackmount 32-Voice Sampler Module Synthesizer SN 019301308

via this auction

"All buttons, MIDI and outputs work as expected. Manual included/"

Roland System-100 Model 101 SN 572083

via this auction

"This is the rare and extremely rare Roland SYSTEM-100M, Model 101!"

KORG MS-20 FS BLUE Analog Monophonic Synthesizer

via this auction

Arturia MatrixBrute SN 5201400656033475

via this auction

Roland T8 AIRA Compact Demo - All Factory Patterns (no talking)

video upload by Nicolas Melis

"Roland T8 AIRA Compact Beat Machine -Demo- All Factory Patterns (no talking)"

An Elektron Syntakt Set (and Mini Review!)

video upload by Red Means Recording

"The Syntakt is Elektron's most recent offering that features a bunch of analog and digital engines from other devices in a nice fun package. Here's a set I wrote on it after having it for a few days.

00:00 mini-review and track 1
02:22 track 2
05:14 track 3
08:06 track 4
10:41 track 5
13:35 track 6
15:38 track 7
17:59 track 8
20:03 track 9
21:36 track 10"

Korg Volca FM2 - Friday Fun Synth Jam with Delta CEP A and friends

video upload by sonicstate

"We got sent the new @Korg Volca FM2 , the original which we reviewed previously, but now has 6 voices instead of a mere 3, velocity response over MIDI (Yay!), 64 on board presets and Chorus and Reverb Effects as well as some other improvements -and the Radikal Technologies Delta CEP A - a beast of a digital synth, plus the good ol' Zoom MS70-CDR

Nick takes a look at the FM2, adds reverb and noodles away - enjoy!"

Original Volca FM review posted here

Delta CEP Review posted here

07 28 22 Serge Paperface '78 - Étude 01

video upload by batchas

"This is a patch with the Serge Paperface ’78. The Sequential Switch (CGS boards) in the Scrotum Lab panel is also in use. As well as a Penrose Quantizer.
1 main sequence from TKB + 1 sequence from Sequential Switch for transposition mixed together and sent to a Quantizer. The ouput of the Quantizer is sent to the Dual Analog Shift Register.
Dual Analog Shift Register outputs go to 4 oscillators. 4 x NTO and 2 x PCO.
The oscillators are sent to filters. Filters are modulated.
The outputs of the 2 Serge mixers are mixed and recorded on one stereo track.
External reverb and delay are added to the stereo track."

Batchas - Calm the mind

"This is a patch with the Serge Paperface ’78. The Sequential Switch (CGS boards) in the Scrotum Lab panel is also in use. As well as a Penrose Quantizer.

1 main sequence from TKB + 1 sequence from Sequential Switch for transposition mixed together and sent to a Quantizer. The ouput of the Quantizer is sent to the Dual Analog Shift Register.
Dual Analog Shift Register outputs go to 4 oscillators. 4 x NTO and 2 x PCO.
The oscillators are sent to filters. Filters are modulated.
The outputs of the 2 Serge mixers are mixed and recorded on one stereo track.
External reverb and delay are added to the stereo track."

Generative music algorithm plays Roland MC-707

video upload by Richard Horsman

"This new algorithm generates midi note, volume and controller data on 8 channels, one for each Roland MC-707 track. Note events occur when circles traverse the 3 horizontal lines. Volume changes occur when circles are destroyed in the black hole. Controller data and additional note events are generated by tracking the last notes played on some of the channels. Every aspect of the algorithm is probabilistic.

Designed and coded by Tony Horsman (my Dad)"

And one from Sep 12, 2021:

MidiPathFollower - An experiment in generative music creation (MC-101 and Eurorack)

"The artwork that I'm currently working on takes your eyes on a journey. My Dad suggested that the journey be travelled by a 'playhead' that makes sound/music when it hits 'notes'. This is the outcome. As always, it's a work in progress. Playheads work their way around a path/map, making decisions in real time as to which way to turn. When all notes have been reached a new map is drawn. The code that I wrote in Processing is running on a Raspberry Pi 4 with a 720x720 Hyperpixel Square LCD attached. It's generating the visuals and the MIDI data that's being sent to my Roland MC-101 for the guitar sounds then on to some effects in my modular rack."

Roland AIRA Compact T-8 Demo & Review

video upload by musictrackjp

DEMO by Katsunori UJIIE.

Thursday, July 28, 2022

6Hr Challenge - Write a Track using only OB6 Programmed sounds. #sequential #OB6 #retro #synthwave

video upload by Orano Music

"This Track was done in 6 hours, set myself a challenge to write something fresh, but retro, went with the Boom Box Era and had some great fun with this.

Each and every melodic sound is from the Sequential OB6, each sound Programmed from Init patch, recorded into Ableton Live one by one, and mixed in Ableton too.

Drums are a mixture of samples imported into Ableton Drum Rack."

Korg Minilogue XD - Dry/Raw Demo

video upload by Eyezer Productionz Sound Design

"A dry/raw demo of the Korg Minilogue XD. No FX used at all, just the raw sound coming out of the synth itself. I apologize for the bad lightning and for the dust on the equipment. My current setup is not ideal for synth demos but I hope I will be able to move next year.

Equipment & Software used:
Korg Minilogue XD Module (Synth)
Arturia Keylab 61 MkII (Midi controller keyboard)
Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 (Audio interface)
Canon EOS M50 (Video camera)
FL Studio 20 (DAW)
Vegas Pro 16 (Editing & syncing audio)

0:00 Sawtooth primarily, playing around with the filter a bit
4:00 Pulse Width Modulation, Jupiter-8 kind of sounds"

Waldorf Sanctioned MicroQ Emulator Could be Coming - Access Virus TI Emulation on Hold

This one was sent in anonynmously.

See this post on the Motorola DSP56300 project for reference, as well as this post on the Access Virus.

The above reads:

"So yeah, we have some news regarding the state of the Waldorf microQ

We are in contact with Waldorf, I visited them some weeks ago and held a short presentation and presented a command line version of the microQ in action. And in principle, they are interested in our tech 👍

I asked today and they gave allowance to mention this to you so you are aware why it got a bit silent over here 🙂

It should be noted that we do not have any kind of written agreement yet, so all of this may not happen at all, but we're working on it. No further development has taken place since I visited them because this might become paid work Therefore, I have to ask for patience. If/when there will be a beta on this Discord is out of our hands and is part of the negotiation. Obviously, I mentioned this Discord server with 3000+ members and people willing to beta test. Also, the viral advantage that this Discord provides

Future updates on the status of the microQ emulation"

Update via the comments:

There is a playlist with the emulator playing the microQ demos online:

And an update on the Access Virus TI emulator (note holding off until the TI is out of production is commendable):

Virus TI technical info / statement
20. APRIL 2022 / DSP56300

We have updated our Technical Info page with some insights about how the multi-DSP setup on the Virus TI works. Also, it has a useful tip for hardware TI owners to maximize voice count in Multi Mode / Sequencer Mode, enjoy! 👍

As questions are imminent, a statement regarding Virus TI emulation:

Virus TI emulation development is done in a private fork of the public project. We do this with the goal to have the whole line of Virus synthesizers emulated, to improve the accuracy and feature set of the emulation in general, to learn about the internal architecture as a preparation for other future synthesizers and of course, because it is a lot of fun!

However, currently we do not have plans to release a version of the emulator that supports the Virus TI, TI2 or Snow as this generation of synthesizers is still being sold. We do not want to negatively impact current or future sales of Kemper GmbH or affiliates, it is exactly the opposite. We appreciate the achievements of Access Music / Kemper and created Virus B & C emulators as an appreciation and to preserve these great synthesizers in a digital form."

Update: The following is demo comparing the Virus C emulator with a Virus TI.

Access Virus TI VS DSP56300 Emulator (With Access Virus C ROM)
video upload by Eyezer Productionz Sound Design

"A VST beta is finally available for the DSP56300 emulator, which is an emulator that emulates the Motorola DSP chip(s) used in the Virus synths. You can load ROM files from the Virus B or C into this emulator (just Google Access Virus ROM and you should be able to find the ROM files), which then allows you to play the factory patches from the Virus B or C. The sound is pretty much 99.99% accurate.

I use the Virus TI to give you an idea of how accurate this emulator sounds. I would even say that the emulator sounds better on certain patches. Some patches are pretty much identical to the TI, while some sounds noticeably different. This is of course nothing new, many people claim that the Virus B and C sounds better (or different is perhaps a better term?) than the TI. I will have to do a more in-depth comparison sometime.

The Virus TI is connected via analog outs to my Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 3rd Gen (front inputs).

Thanks a lot for linking my video on your site! Highly appreciated!"

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