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Monday, March 20, 2017

Improv #1 (for Rhodes, Arp and Moog)

Published on Mar 20, 2017 R. Reger

"Improvised trio for Fender Rhodes, Arp 2600 and Moog Voyager"

The Deadbug Buffer : A Eurorack Active Multi on a Homemade panel

Published on Mar 20, 2017 Synth Diy Guy

"Deadbug is a prototyping technique where you glue an IC upsidedown on a copper panel and make point to point connections for everything else. A Buffered Multi is a CV distributor that preserves an input voltage unaltered over three low impedance outputs. Very useful for sending critical CV to multiple destinations. Have Fun.

Special thanks to my teachers, Vinicius Brazil, and Ray Wilson (RIP)"

A new DIY video from Synth Diy Guy aka Quincas Moreira.

MTI Auto Orchestra Vintage Drum Machine with Synth Bass and Strings SN 02477

via this auction

I don't believe I've seen the print out on the left of the unit before.


Published on Mar 20, 2017 Ebotronix

- ~ +
4ms Peg, QCD/Expander², QPLFO, RCD², VCA Matrix
Analogue Systems RS 100², RS 110²², RS 360
Cyndustries Zeroscillator
Doepfer R2 m² , A101-2², A114, A131², A133², A134²²,
A143-1,2,9, A147, A149, A151²², A156²,
A171, A175²²², A185-2(14x), A138m,a²²b²²c²²²
Flame 4Vox, Chord Machine, Q Slider²,Tame Machine (ionian) Talking Synth Module
foh choices
Grendel Formant Filter
Make Noise Brains ,PP², Maths², Moddemix²²,
Optomix, QMMG, RenĂ© (ionian), Wogglebug²
Malekko Anti ²², Unkle²², Jag
Moog Taurus 2, Freqbox²², Bass Murf
Toppobrillo Quantimator² (ionian),Sportmodulator
Kenton Pro 2000
FX: Aphex model 104, Alesis 3630, Boss RV5², VF-1,
BSS DRP 402, Lexicon MX 400, PCM 90
Clavia micro modular Vocoder ~ Alesis Philtre
drums Ultrabeat
mackie the mixer³
vid # 1703

Make Noise 0-Coast Audulus Clone by Robert Syrett

Published on Mar 20, 2017 Bimini Road

"Just a tour of some sounds you can make with the 0-Coast clone that Audulus super user Robert Syrett made with the help and inspiration of @mschenkel

Download the patch for free here:"

via RobertSyrett, the creator of the "RHS 0-Toast" patch:

"So I pieced together an audulus version of the 0-coast. Everything sounds 'kinda' like my actual 0-coast, but the aliased waveforms really give it a different character, especially in the upper registers (which I have denoted as the red zone on the pitch knob). Also, the 0-coast has some unspecified magic on the linear fm input which I am pretty sure has a vactrol in it and has a rather unique effect on the pitch. There are likely a dozen or so such small differences, but I set up some parallel patches and they sounded pretty close."

Audulus for: iOS | Mac | Windows/Linux

Lavender - Carved Intentions Upcoming Pacific Northwest Tour

"Lavender announces Pacific Northwest tour to follow release of provocative black and white music video (teaser here and here)

Carved Intentions (out 03/24). Lavender will be touring with Marc Kate (Failing Forms) and playing the following cities:

• 03/29/17 - The Lovecraft, Portland (OR)

• 03/31/17 - Gallery 1412, Seattle, (WA)

• 04/01/17 - The Lido, Vancouver (BC)

Ticket Purchases via Lavender’s website:"


"Easily compared to the complex spontaneity of early Pink Floyd and the uncanny atmospherics of John Carpenter." - XLR8R

"Beautifully composed, brilliantly minimal. A masterclass in careful sound design." - SF Weekly

"Best Albums of 2016 List!" - KALX

"Cosmic ambient. Beautifully done!" - aQuarius recOrds

For booking:

A new release and tour from MATRIXSYNTH member, Lavender.


Published on Mar 20, 2017 LESINDES

"First Touch with CWEJMAN FSH-1 frequency shifter module."

Synthesis Technology Q&A at Perfect Circuit Audio on March 22, Los Angeles

via Perfect Circuit Audio

"Join us with Synthesis Technology this Wednesday for a product demo, Q&A and module giveaway!
RSVP on Eventbrite"

Moffenzeef Modular Muskrats Making Lo-Fi Drum Sounds

Published on Mar 20, 2017 Perfect Circuit Audio

"Lo-fi digital drums from two Moffenzeef Modular Muskrats. A GMO provides some oscillator sounds and a Deviant provides randomized CV controls for all of the modules. Trigger patterns are provided by Noise Engineering’s Numeric and Zularic Repetitors.

The Moffenzeef Modular Muskrat is a highly configurable, 8-bit wavetable drum synth with 23 individual wavetables. The module features both manual and CV control over Wavetable selection, phase distortion and pitch, and its trigger input can function as an envelope follower and VCA as well. Engaging "Muskrat mode" will send a randomized signal at the internal clock rate into the phase accumulator, allowing for more volatile and distorted timbres. A great source for idiosyncratic and aggressive rhythms.

Available here:"

MATRIXSYNTH members get a %10 discount at Perfect Circuit Audio!

208 ToolBox with 208r

Published on Mar 20, 2017 Todd Barton

"Continuing demos of the Portabellabz' 208 Toolbox. This time with a Roman Filippov 208r Easel."

All parts here.

Blue Lantern Module 6U Recent Self Playing Noodle Demo

Published on Mar 20, 2017 Flavio Mireles

"There are many new modules on this thing.
The Assist Module is doing the percussive patch. The Mini Shimmery is doing the metallic Clashing."

Korg Gadget : Phoenix - Exploring the Presets - MVM #66

Published on Mar 20, 2017 Midiverse - TV

"What's up everybody? Welcome to Midiverse - TV. Today we're going to be checking out an iOS application that Korg released back in 2014 called Gadget.

This application contains lots of different synthesizers and drum machines, so we're going to check them out individually. Today we're taking a closer look at Phoenix. Phoenix is a Polyphonic Synthesizer, which we'll be playing via MIDI in this video. Let's check out some of the presets, and see what kind of sounds we can get by tweaking some of the parameters."

iTunes: KORG Gadget - KORG INC.

1976 Univox (Korg) SR-95 (Minipops 7)

via this auction

"Univox SR-95 (Korg Minipops 7), very good condition for its age, Used by Jean-Michel Jarre, its mythical of the Seventies."

Rare Doepfer A-191 Midi / Shepard Generator

via this auction

"Very rare module Doepfer A-191 Midi / Shepard generator
16 LFO (8 sinus and 8 triangle dephased of 45% )
Minimum rack trace"

White 2001 Roland AX-7 w/ Original Box & Case

via this auction

"Keytar Roland AX-7, A touch whiter than the others, 2 or 3 fine stripes very little visible, in its original packaging, Used by Jean-Michel Jarre."

Elektron Sidstation

via this auction

"Everything is 100 per cent functional on the unit, and it sounds great: big, fierce, and full of analog you probably know, the filters are analog and full of wonderful character. This synth really stands out among current and vintage instruments for its very distinctive and powerful tone.

The synth was serviced by the Analog Lab/Elektron a couple of years ago, so it should give many years of maintenance-free operation. There is a little bit of tape residue on the exterior from when the unit was serviced, but otherwise its looking very good cosmetically."

Sequential Circuits Six-Trak

via this auction

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev 3.3

via this auction

Futureretro Transient and Revolution at the Synth Expo SXSW 2017

Published on Mar 20, 2017 FutureRetroSynths

"Here's some footage filmed at the Synth Expo SXSW 2017. 2x Orb sequencer units were triggering 2x Transient drum modules, while the Revolution synced to the Orb and provided the baseline.

Unfortunately the volume levels were mixed on headphones in a noisy environment so apologies for the Revolution being a bit loud in parts."

Futureretro Transient drum module - playing with presets

Published on Mar 20, 2017 FutureRetroSynths

"During the SXSW Synth Expo we shot some footage while playing with some of the Preset sounds currently in the Transient drum module. Eventually there will be 216 preset sounds to get users started quickly, and for use as templates when creating your own custom sounds that can be stored in any of the 40 user memory locations.

Listen to presets like CL-CL-CLAPS, ZAP!, and SPIKEPHASE… and notice the humanization the Transient provides to ordinary samples.

All sounds recorded direct from the Transient output, no further effects have been applied."

All parts here.

Analog Heat + TR-8

Published on Mar 20, 2017 Kablehead

"The Elektron Analog Heat has a crush on the Roland TR-8."

Dave Smith Instruments Featured Artist Interview with Justin Melland

via Dave Smith Instruments, where you'll find the full interview.

"Multiple award winning film composer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, Justin Melland primarily works in the demanding world of film and television, creating refreshingly inventive scores at his studio The Eleventh Laboratory, in Los Angeles, California. Recent projects Justin has scored are Dark Net (Showtime), Water and Power (Sundance, 2017), The Force (Sundance, 2017), Parched (Jigsaw and National Geographic, 2017), Extremis (Tribeca, 2016), Belief (Own/Discovery, 2015), In Football We Trust (Sundance, 2015), The Kill Team (Tribeca, 2014), The Redemption of General Butt Naked (Sundance, 2011), and Life 2.0 (Sundance, 2010).

We chatted with Justin about how he’s using the Prophet-6 and OB-6."

An Interview with EMW & Upcoming "Tiny Synths, Mighty Sounds" Documentary & Book

Creative Tech Nerds is working on a new documentary film and book titled "Tiny Synths, Mighty Sounds", which is slated for release in 2018. As part of that project he has interviewed Paulo Sergio dos Santos, the founder of EMW (Electronic Music Works).

"The story of Paulo's founding of Electronic Music Works is an inspiring tribute to the human spirit. Rising from difficult circumstances, Paulo's hard work, boundless energy and determination has resulted in EMW, one of the world's most intriguing synth manufacturers. Whether you're a synthesist in search of new sounds or someone looking to be inspired by what the "entrepreneurial spirit" can accomplish, Paulo's story is not to be missed."

You can find the full interview at Creative Tech Nerds here.

"Women in Love" New Beat EBM Industrial with Moog, Tetra, Electribe, TT 303 & Waldorfs

Published on Mar 20, 2017 Shimanski Beats

"EBM-Industrial-New Beat live performacen.
My first track with the Moog Sub Phatty and the DSI Tetra!
The title is "Women in Love"
DAWless live performance, everything recorded in one go,

Instruments used:
Korg Electribe Sampler 2 (Drums, vocal samples)
DSI Tetra: Bass
Moog Sub Phatty: lead sequence
Waldorf Blofeld: additional synth sequence
TT 303: Acid line
Waldorf Streichfett: Strings

Effects: TC Electronic Alter Ego X4 Vintage Echo (on TT 303), TC M350 (on Moog), TC M-One XL (on Blofeld and Streichfett), Lexicon MX 200, TC Corona Chorus (on Tetra)."

KORG MONOLOGUE + MOOG MF-104M ~ Will They Pair? Ep.11

Published on Mar 20, 2017 once upon a synth

"Pairing the Korg Monologue analog monophonic synthesizer with the Moog MF-104M analog delay pedal moogerfooger. I go through various different sounds and tweak the pedal as I go utilizing the LFO and feedback. The MF-104M always adds lots of interesting character to a sound."

Modular Ballet

Published on Mar 20, 2017 Comparative Irrelevance

"Pleasant sounds from the FM mode on Rings. The arpeggios are generated with an attenuated white noise signal being sampled and quantized by the AntiMatter Brain Seed, which in turn is clocked by Maths (also self modulating the clock timing)."

Futureretro Transient Drum Module - Metropolis Preset

New video added to this post.

Cloudlab 200t - A Buchla for Reaktor

via the Reaktor Community

"Buchla 200 and 200e based modular system.

Disclaimer: This is not an official emulation by BEMI Buchla Electronic Musical Instruments, Buchla and Associates or Eardrill. This ensemble has been created for fun having a Buchla resemblance and workflow for inspirational purposes. Original trademark and copyright ©2005 by Buchla and Associates. Ensemble programing by Trevor Gavilan.
Designed for the Native Instruments Reaktor platform.

Original concept based on Donald Buchla's 200 and 200e system.
Ensemble programming - Trevor Gavilan.
GUI - Trevor Gavilan. 256t Grid based on Peter Dine's Freshmaker Ensemble. Technical advisor - Jesse Voccia.
Hardware notes - Jesse Voccia, Antonio Isaac and Leonardo Mendez.
Snapshots by Jesse Voccia, Trevor Gavilan, Maurice Gallagher and Scott Abstract Cats.

Warning. High on CPU"

DRE4MTR4CK First Look Eurorack Sequencer Module

Day DRE4M In Electric Space: DRE4MTR4CK Module 1/3

Published on Mar 19, 2017

Published on Mar 20, 2017 gstormelectro

DRE4MTR4CK Eurorack Sequencer User Guide 3/3

Published on Apr 2, 2017 gstormelectro

"Audio and Video by G-Storm Electro c.2017

G-Storm Electro announces the DRE4MTR4CK eurorack module. DRE4MTR4CK is a simple and intuitive chromatic pitch CV sequencer in a mere 12HP.

It has 4 independent, externally clocked tracks with 4 steps each. Each track sends pitch CV to one of your VCO modules. With external clocking, you decide if timing is slow and dreamy, bouncy and up-tempo, or all out fury going into audio rates.

Unused clock inputs are multiples from input 1. Clocking can be interrupted for a track by inserting a floating patchcord. Manually trigger a track step using the TRIG buttons. Intuitively build evolving chords or poly-rhythmic note progressions.

Simple pattern modes and Octave transpose for each track provide seemingly endless note progression. Mix things up with Step reset and track data Rotate to re-circulate CVs among your VCOs. 16 memories are provided for program note data storage. Recall of programs during performance provides changes in melodic or chord structures on-the-fly.

DRE4MTR4CK will be all hand built in limited quantities. Modules will be available soon on Reverb. Full specs will be published on my blog - see below.. Stay tuned for video 3/3 which will be more of a user guide.

The DRE4MTR4CK module has no affiliation with any persons with similar name."

Vari-Clock sequencer and 909 Kick & Snare

Published on Mar 20, 2017 Todd Murray

"Short demo of the quadratic sequence machine triggering the 'Delphichord' synth and the 'Slingerland' 909 clone kick and snare.

Further info is here:

The sequencer is based on the Ray Wilson 16 Step vari-clock analog sequencer, with 3 gate/trigger expansions:

The 909 clone is built from the Hexinverter Nein-oh-nein Kick and snare drum PCBs which are based on the Roland TR-909"

Novation Circuit / Bass Station 2 / Monomachine - Live

Published on Mar 20, 2017 Matt Greer

"Novation Circuit / Elektron Monomachine / Novation Bass Station II / Hall of Fame / Flashback x4 Delay - live melodic house, trance, techno:

Hi folks,

Just posting newest live hardware jam. This piece has elements of House, Techno, Trance and like many of my dance themed tunes, I'm really not sure exactly what genre to place it in (but does it matter?) Fusions are fun.

I played a show on March 11th and I wanted to add one more up beat tune to the set but for nearly the entire month leading up to the gig (since the last gig), I had zero ideas. That was until 2 days before the performance when this just spontaneously sort of came together very quickly.

This particular video is not the best arrangement job I did with it. As I got through the day, I tightened up my arrangement even more with better dynamics and tension and release but when this was really my last chance to record this for a while so I documented it while I could.

I hope you all like it and if you do, please click that thumb up icon and subscribe. There's always more coming.

Pause the video at 0:05 for a secret message ;)

- Elektron Monomachine
- Novation Circuit
- Novation Bass Station II
- TC Electronics Flashback x4
- TC Electronics Hall of Fame
- Samson MDR 1688
- Presonus 1818 vsl interface"

Latest News from Behringer & A Response From The Curtis Family

The next chapter in Behringer synth development is in. We already know Uli Behringer announced plans to re-create classic synths. Behringer will be making new innovative synths as well, and we now have some numbers:

“We have 4 synthesizer development teams simultaneously working on 20 synths, drum machines etc..

We’ll be creating both innovative new synths as well as reviving classics.

We’re all in and the teams are on fire.'"

On reproducing vintage chips for the classics:

"We just received the first batch of our 3340 VCO chip.

It is a 100% exact replica of the Curtis CEM3340 which even includes the 40 year old, 8 micron manufacturing process. It was a difficult and expensive undertaking but we are very pleased with the result as this VCO is considered one of the best sounding oscillators.

We are continuing to invest in reviving other legacy Curtis and SSM semiconductors which will allow us to bring back classic synths - all in the most authentic way. We have also reissued the 3320 filter chip which should be arriving in a few months.


It's worth noting the Curtis CEM 3340 has already been re-introduced by OnChip Systems, formerly Curtis Electromusic, and is currently available for makers. Behringer's 3340 appears to bypass Curtis Electromusic and is being manufactured by Behringer (via Coolaudio) directly. SSM chips and the CEM 3320, however, are not yet available. Although the chips will obviously be re-issued for use in Behringer synths, it does appear that some if not all may become available to the Synth DIY community as well. More info on that further below, but first a response on the re-creation of Curtis chips from the Curtis family:

"Many of you who are active on synth forums have recently contacted us regarding another company's claim of producing VCO chips that are the equivalent to the CEM3340 that was used in many legendary synthesizers.

To avoid any confusion, please know that there is only one manufacturer of the authentic CEM3340 designed by my late husband, Doug Curtis. Any claims, use of this product designation, and use of the name Curtis Electromusic by other companies are made without permission from OnChip Systems (our current company name) or the Curtis Family.

As much as Doug would be humbled and so very happy about the legacy his products enjoy, we can assure you that as a person of the highest integrity he would be deeply saddened by the attempt of others to trade on his name and to make unsubstantiated claims of equivalency to his original inventions.

In his loving memory and gratitude for the community of musicians and synthesizer enthusiasts, Doug's family is committed to making his authentic designs available as demand presents itself. Thank you for your continued support of Doug's analog synthesizer legacy.

Mary Curtis and our daughters, Ashley and Julia"

It's worth noting that many Dave Smith Instruments synths use Curtis chips and do so with permission from the Curtis family. Dave Smith was friends with Doug Curtis and has been buying parts from OnChip for over 15 years. OnChip was Doug Curtis' company and is now his wife Mary Curtis's company. These chips were used in the Evolver line, the Prophet '08, MoPho line, and the Prophet 12. The Pro 2, Prophet-6, and OB-6 use discrete designs.

The following is from another thread from Uli in German, translated into Googlish:

"Something clearer. Patent rights are generally 20 years, whereby the technology is freely available for everyone. This allows the inventor, on the one hand, to harvest the fruits of his invention, but also to ensure that no monopoly arises and, after the expiry of the protection, everyone has free access to the technology - without a bad conscience.

In the case of the Curtis or SSM chips, the patent rights of these 40-year-old components have run out for a long time and everyone can reproduce them today. Why this no longer companies do is simply because the mask costs are very high (6-digit USD range per chip) and on the other hand the minimum edition is about 300,000 - 500,000 pieces.

Curtis has registered the name rights for Curtis and CEM, but on the number 3340 etc. there is no protection. Therefore, there are other vendors who have revived these old chips:

Http:// ... er-as3320 /

Or look at how many manufacturers. The 074 Opamp.

Why are these 40 year old chips being rebuilt? Anyone who once belonged to an old Oberheim OB-Xa or a Prophet 5 will agree with me that the sounds of these Curtis and SSM chips are absolutely unsurpassed in their sound qualities. This specific sound is not easy to replicate with discrete technology and since we have an immense passion for analog synthesizers and believe that customers will appreciate these components, we are taking the financial risk of reviving these chips. Coolaudio has just produced the 3340 VCO successfully and the 3320 filter chip is now also under development - further building blocks will follow.

For more than ten years, the company, which is affiliated with us, has specialized in restoring expired components. On the one hand the company produces the coveted BBD chips from the Panasonic times, but also VCA's, OTA's, Optocoupler, etc.

Our intention is to focus on the old Curtis and SSM chips, as we want to use them in our future synthesizers. At the same time, Coolaudio will also offer them for sale, which allows other competitors to build analog instruments as well as help people repair old synths. Many of the Coolaudio chips are already used today by our competitors and we are happy if we can make a contribution to the fact that these analogue components are made of music.

I personally consider VA for eyewash because this is ultimately digital technology. No digital synthesizer will ever be able to reproduce the 'unpredictability' and 'inaccuracy' of an analog synthesizer - no matter how much marketing is operated. Anyone who listens to analogue and digital synthesizers in comparison can easily find out. That is exactly why we will be specializing in analogue synths.

Perhaps our desire for analogue technology is simply that we humans are knitted by themselves analogously and the emotions associated with it determine our existence.



This one spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child.

Update: And another update just in via Soviet Space Child:

Originally Posted by Uli Behringer:

"Allow me to share a thought.

Dave Smith Instruments (DSI) is using our SSM clones (V2164).
homemade polysynth — A quick tour of the Prophet 6 voice card

Elektron are using Coolaudio parts as well.

Many other leading manufacturers are using Coolaudio chips and by using these parts obviously have no concerns with cloning in general and with using our chips in their products.

If our competitors are not concerned then why should customers be?


The difference of course is currently available vs. not currently available.  The CEM3340 is currently available from Curtis Electromusic, and the Minimoog Model D is currently available from Moog Music.   You be the judge for yourself.

Artifact-Z "Somo-D" 8-Voice Polyphonic Digital Synthesizer Encased in Wood

Somo-D Polyphonic Synthesizer Operation/Performance

Published on Mar 18, 2017 Artifact -Z

"Demonstration of the Features and Operations of the Somo-D 8-Voice Polyphonic Digital Synthesizer from Artifact-

via this auction

"8-Voice Polyphonic Digital Touch Synthesizer

32-Bit Cortex M-4 Processor producing Noiseless Stereo Audio at 44.1 kHz (Sample Rate)
500 WaveForms that can be Layered and Mixed 2 at a time across the 8 Voices (see video and guide below)
Built-In Sequencing Feature (Corinthian Mode)
Complete "Save" functionality of all Parameters/Current Settings
24k Gold-Plated 1/8inch - (3.5mm) - Audio Output Jack
Power: 3xAA Batteries for 12+ Operation Hours
Made from Mahogany, Black Walnut, Cambia Oak
Includes Hand-Crafted Matching Glass Pendant"

New Future Retro Transient Eurorack Module

Published on Mar 19, 2017 FutureRetroSynths

"A small sample of what the Transient drum module does. An Orb sequencer is triggering and sending CV and Accent to the Transient. A touch of reverb was applied from an Eventide Eclipse."


ANGLE - Drops

ANGLE - Drops from Angle on Vimeo.

ANGLE - Drops

Playing Tiptop Audio "One" and piano samples


TIPTOP NEW FOLD PROCESSOR: SAW from Station 252 on Vimeo.

"Testing the new Fold Processor module from Tiptop Audio.

Saw from Z3000 into the Fold, Inject is modulated by Math. Running through Z2040 - mostly fully open.

First dry, then with Z-DSP Halls Of Valhalla room reverb."

Magnetic Shield: tank drum + synths

Published on Mar 19, 2017 Miguel d'Oliveira

"recording a track for an EMI production music album coming out next month.

Started with just the tank drum and gradually added a few synths; Minimoog Voyager, Juno 6 and a bunch of soft synths.
Delays on the tank drum tracks came from a Strymon Timeline and reverb from a BlueSky.
TD ended up being background on this one.

[Magnetic Shield is working title. I don't name these things.]"

Ensoniq SQ-80

via this auction

Moog Minimoog Model D

via this auction

The First 20 Electronics Silver 20

20 music 20synthesizer body manufacturing

Published on Aug 2, 2016 20 Synthesizer

"This video is from the milling process of the 20 synthesizers main body. The entire instrument casing is milled from massive aluminium."

via 20's Axel Harmann

"It is a Sunday, and I am here at Design Box, finishing work on the first silver 20, that we have been building in the past few weeks. No matter, what you think about this project, the synth itself, or me doing something like this as a designer in this - our niche of the music-market; - I am really proud of how this machine is sitting in front of my camera lens right in this moment. Together with our genius mechanical engineer, Stephan Gries, we could overcome all the obstacles, that a project like this has in stock. I have to thank him a lot, but also all the people, that helped on the way - the company, that milled the massive casing out of the raw aluminium, the Waldorf people, and especially Stephan Stenzel, who let me have their soundengine, Hermann Gier and his team at SPL, for designing their highend op-amp especially for the 20, and last but not least, my friends from Studiologic around Marco Ragni, down in Recanati / Italy, for modifying the frontpanel of their sledge synthesizer, so it feels right for a high-end machine like this - and producing this special all back TP8 keybed for the 20. This beauty will make its way over to the US tomorrow - and I wish it a good journey, and its future owner a lot of delighted moments with it!"

See the 20 Electronics label for more.

Space Bebop (Korg Monologue, Volca FM x2, ARP Odyssey, XR-20)

Published on Mar 19, 2017 Metatron's Cube

"Filmed on a HD potato, for everyone’s pixelated pleasure. This is what early 90's FMV looked like in video games lol. Blast off into space on analog waves and digital modulations as your fuel source. Watch out for space pirates though, they want your treasure. Thanks for watching and listening!

Gear list:
Korg Monologue + TC Electronics HoF reverb(plate setting) Mono recording
Korg ARP Odyssey + Strymon BigSky(cloud setting) Mono recording
Korg Volca FM + Kp2 mini(ping-pong delay) x2 Stereo recording
Akai XR-20 Stereo recording
Arturia Beatstep Pro (main clock, FM strings, Arp)
Zoom R24 3 stereo channels, 2 mono
Presonus One mix/master
Kden Live video/audio rendering"

Expert Sleepers FH-1 Arpeggiator

Published on Mar 20, 2017 Expert Sleepers


Published on Mar 20, 2017 ryouichi harada

Strymon Deco and Ciat Lonbarde Sidrassi

Published on Mar 20, 2017 Wein Glas

"This is the sound of a very strange electronic musical instrument (Ciat Lonbarde Sidrassi) through a strange fx pedal (Strymon Deco)."

Quick K6100 Panning VCA Demo

Published on Mar 19, 2017 KilpatrickAudio

"A quick look at the new K6100 Panning VCA module from Kilpatrick Audio. It can be used in a number of different modes, some of which are demonstrated here."

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