MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, November 2, 2019

Saturday, November 02, 2019

Pro One Synthesizer: A Few Sounds

Published on Nov 2, 2019 rezfilter

"Take it up a notch!

So here's what an actual Pro One synthesizer sounds like.

The SCI Pro One was recorded direct, with some analogue drums thrown in for context (Analogue Solutions Concussor eurorack drum modules).

Many of the sounds were sequenced or modulated with an Analogue Solutions analogue Oberkorn sequencer and others were only the Pro One's built-in sequencer running the show.


Stroh Modular 4U Loudest Warning Format Modular System

via this auction

"This is a one of a kind custom full plug-and-play Loudest Warning System made, designed, hand wired / built and modified by Stroh / J3rk.

This is my favorite synth I've ever owned (and I've had everything from Cwejman, to Macbeth, Moog, etc) but I really need to pay off some student debt so unfortunately here goes.

It includes 8 Loudest Warning format modules professionally custom built by Stroh / J3rk and modified (per request) to work perfectly with 12v and 15v Power. None of these modules have ever been for sale.

Whats included in this bundle -

LW Modules (I've never seen any of these modules for sale before, kits or complete) -
Stroh - MCVCO With Buchla Knobs (Complex Thru Zero VCO / LFO)
Stroh - DPO LW module (Complex VCO / LFO)
Stroh - Q Q LW module (Wavefolder, Scanner, Mixer?)
Stroh - Dual Angle LW module (Dual Envelope / Transient generator, LFO, Logic generator)
Stroh - MSF (Lowpass, Bandpass, Highpass filter with dual FM inputs and pinging)
Stroh - Dual VCA LW module
Stroh - Out LW module (Dual output module with panning, independent mono 1/4" outs and a summed stereo / headphone output.
Stroh - M I (Midi interface with gate output and 2 CV outputs) Works great with my Keyboard.
Boat / Skiff / Power
cLee - Loudest Warning steel boat w/ option for rack ears.
cLee - Loudest Warning Bus board with extra spaces for more LW modules.
High quality 15v pre-wired Plug-and Play Serge Power supply.
16 Pomona Banana Cables (Various lengths)
2 long TS 1/4" to 1/8" cables for hooking the mixer into your Eurorack, etc.
1 Very long Hosa TRS 1/4 to 1/8 cable
1 Midi Cable.
2 New Gold Plated TRS to Female XLR cables for main stereo output.
2 New Gold Plated Male TRS to Male XLR cables for main output.
2 Monster 1/4" TS Gold plated cables.
Gold Plated 1/4" to 1/8" Headphone adaptor.
Bonus Free!
If you are a module builder (or know one) I can include a few cLee LW Faceplate's, PCB's and Brackets as I will not have time to make these anytime soon unfortunately. Please let me know if you would like them.
cLee - Bits PCB's + faceplate (some components added, not by me)
cLee - VC Timer PCB's + Faceplate set
cLee - Euclidian Sequencer PCB + Faceplate set
cLee - 3 LW PCB Brackets

Each module in this skiff is very rare and has never been for sale retail (check google), They may be one-off modules. Stroh does not make many modules for other people (maybe none anymore?) so I'll doubt these will ever come up again for sale."

Black Acidlab Bombass

via this auction

"Acidlab Bassline analogue synth, 303 on steroids . Great condition, hardly used. 303 with ring mod, sub osc, and 2nd vco. That acidlab 303 sound which is as good as it gets"

Vintage Oberheim OB-8 Analog Synthesizer SN C33725

via this auction

"This synth has been in our studio's in-house, climate/humidity controlled storage for a number of years. It is in original, 1983 unrestored condition. The steel chassis and wood side panels are in excellent condition. The paintwork is glossy with only a few small nicks. We don't know the history of this keyboard prior to our ownership, but it was clearly well taken care of. All knobs and buttons are in tact. All LED lights function. No rust or corrosion is visible.

We have the OB-8 listed as "for parts or not working" so as not to misrepresent the condition; however, prior to listing, we tested the unit and here is what we found. The OB-8 powers up, and makes sound. We were able to manipulate volume, tuning, hold, filters, oscillators, ADSR, pitch bend etc. Most keys function; some are intermittent, some don't seem to function.

This keyboard is approximately 36 years old. Most Oberheims of this age and era require a restoration by a qualified technician. This OB-8 is in no way ready for the stage or studio just yet, but it is an excellent candidate for restoration."

Tiptop Audio CB808

Published on Nov 2, 2019 Let's Listen

"A simple demo of the Tiptop Audio CB808 module. No talking, just listening."

Behringer VC340 and Roland VP-03 together - Combining the analog and digital synthesizer vocoder

Published on Nov 2, 2019 Expanding Sound

"I've seen quite a few videos comparing these two units. For my money they both sound great and each have useful qualities. The VC340 is analog and has a rich warm sound with a full size key bed and great build quality. The VP-03 has it's portability, sequencing ability and built in audio interface as features that stand apart from its remake counterpart.

I wondered, instead of pitting them against each other, like others have, how do they sound together? They are so similar in tone that using them together just adds more fullness to the sound. The only difficult aspect to navigate was using a microphone. I decided to run a mic into a mixer and split it into both units. The result is a little airy as the mixer isn't the best quality, but with the strings and voice patches you can really hear how great the two sound added together. I was going to sell my VP-03 after I got the VC340. Now, I'm not so sure!"

SSF Zero Point Oscillator Event at Control in Brooklyn NY this Wednesday, Nov 6

via @SteadyStateFate

"I will be showing off the Zero Point Oscillator at Control in Brooklyn NY on November 6th. All are welcome. 🔮🎛⚡️

#modularsynth #eurorack #steadystatefate #zeropointoscillator #ssfzpo #ctrlmod @ Control…"

SOUNDMIT 2019 Lilla Midi Expander

Published on Nov 2, 2019 BAMTV

"The Lilla midi expander is currently a prototype/hobby project. It is based on the Teensy 3.6 microcontroller which has powerful features. The code is open source, the machine has an eurorack format but is controlled by midi. Lilla’s controls features 12 rotary encoders and 8 pushbuttons and includes MIDI in, MIDI thru, and stereo out. Via the SD card it can load samples, layered across the keyboard, and those can be changed with pitch and envelopes. It plays back with 8 voice polyphony. It also has effects like distortion, bit crusher and compressor on board.


"Lilla is an open source project for a polyphonic midi expander, based on Teensy 3.6 microcontroller. Lilla includes:


n.1 Teensy 3.6 - overclock 240MHz
n.1 Teensy Audio Adaptor
n.1 flash memory chip W25Q256FV (32Mbyte serial flash memory)
n.3 CD74HC4067 (16-Channel Analog Multiplexer)
n.1 128x160 TFT color display
n.1 HCPL260L (single-channel optocoupler)
n.1 CD4093B (quad 2-Input NAND Schmitt Triggers)

n.12 rotary encoders with pushbutton
n.8 pushbuttons
Teensy program pushbutton
i/o interfaces:

midi in (DIN)
midi thru (DIN)
stereo line output
micro-SD socket

reading files from flash memory: 8
reading files from RAM: 12
Audio files and presets

Lilla uses 44.1kHz 16bit mono .RAW (header-less) audio files, imported from micro-SD card. Lilla can store up to 100 Sounds; a Sound is described by these elements:

an audio file
interval to be played (first sample A - last sample B): from 100 samples to full length
play mode: A -> B, B -> A, loop A -> B, loop A <-> B, loop B -> A, loop B <-> A
fine tune
ADSR parameters
Attack ramp: fast, slow
Audio file is played from flash memory until the interval to be played contains more than 675 samples. Below 675 samples, audio is played from RAM: in this case, an automatic pitch-correction keeps the sound in tune with the standard tuning (middle C: 261.6Hz).

Lilla can store up to 30 setups called Sessions; a Session is a group of up to 8 Instruments; each Instrument is defined by:

a Sound
keyboard span (first key - last key)
keys mode: momentary, hold
In a Session, all 8 Instruments can also be layered on each other.

Additional details at pics at

Enjoy Electronics Reminder - MULTI FX for synths EXPLAINED @ SOUNDMIT

Published on Nov 2, 2019 BoBeats

"Reminder is a multi-fx unit which is surprisingly fun!

Check out Enjoy Electronics:
Check out Soundmit:

If you want to support my work check out

#FX #Delay #Bobeats"

Note this is the first Enjoy Electronics post on the site. The following are some videos and details from Enjoy Electronics.

RemindeЯ in Action
Double Pulse Delay in action!
Enjoy Electronics @ Bridge 48 - RemindeЯ
REmindEЯ - Working Modes
REmindEЯ - The magic wood of sound effects (Official spot)
REmindEЯ in action!
REmindEЯ in Action on MOOG DFAM


Multi-effect audio Processor

Comprehensive, all in one solution for intricate rhythms Echo space and width.

Direct and immediate access to all the parameters with dedicated knobs.

True-stereo indipendent delay allowing you to create complex rhythmic patterns.

Reverbs with Size and Resonance High-Pass filter - knob.

Double (Chamberlin) Filter with 12 dB/octave roll-off, adjustable resonance

4 Waveform Sync-able LFO

A full, four-channel (quadraphonic) system will reproduce the Left Front, Left Back, Right Front, and Right Back audio signals in each of four separate speakers.

Assignable Foot Switch

Tap Tempo

Intuitive OLED Display

Low latency USB Audio

USB or 5-pin MIDI interface

Very Moog jam with Matriarch and Subsequent 37, Eventide Space and Timefactor, Strymon Big Sky

Published on Nov 2, 2019 Jay Hosking

"A live, semi-improvised performance, all on hardware, and inspired by the limited time I had with the Matriarch before having to return it to my friend. At this point I've fallen firmly in love with the Matriarch, especially in how it sounds with the Subsequent 37 on lead. It was the setup so nice I used it twice!

The beginning of this song has some serious standing-on-the-deck-of-the-Normandy-and-looking-at-the-galaxy-map vibes, which is a reference you'll either get or you won't.

Moog Matriarch + Strymon Big Sky — huge synth with eventual sync
Moog Subsequent 37 + Eventide Timefactor + Eventide Space — fuzzy guitar-ish lead

Written and performed within a 1-hour period, and uploaded as is, with only a little compression/limiting on the master."

SOUNDMIT 2019: Kodamo EssenceFM synthesizer

Published on Nov 2, 2019 BAMTV

"The Kodamo EssenceFM is an FM synthesizer currently in development. At Soundmit 2019 co-developer Masami demonstrates the unit. It has 300 voices, 8 outputs, editable waveforms and user-designable algorithms. But it also imports wav fils and dx7 sounds, has a high quality touch screen, multi-envelopes, modulatie matrix, polyphonic aftertouch and much more…check out this cool synthesizer!"

Soundmit 2019 Turin introduction

Published on Nov 2, 2019 BAMTV

"Stefan and Marc are in Turin, Italy, to report on Soundmit 2019, the synths & pedals expo! In this video you get a first impression of the featured brands and a taste of what's to come."


Published on Nov 2, 2019 BoBeats

"I am at Soundmit checking out modular midi controllers from InTech.
Check them out at:
Check out Soundmit:

If you want to support my videos head over to"

Station X - (Live Dub Techno Hardware Jam @ 110 bpm)

Published on Nov 2, 2019 Phone Records

"Gear used: Electribe , jomox kick, waldorf pulse 2 & streichfett, Behringer D, xoxbox"

Moog Sub 37 vs. Analogue Solutions Nyborg-24 Comparison

Published on Nov 2, 2019 nyppy

"I've heard people refer to the Nyborg as 'the better Moog', and using both of them almost daily, I thought I'd put up a short video comparing the two. This is not meant to be a full review of either. It's mainly about the sound, specifically oscillators and filters. Both user interfaces and modulation capabilities are vastly different, and you can find reviews and tech specs elsewhere.

In my opinion, there is no clear winner in terms of sound (otherwise I wouldn't still own both). The Moog's oscillators sound warmer, but it can get more aggressive with the filter and overdrive. The Nyborg has a very pleasant sound for arpeggios and is easier to fit in a mix. Without any resonance, both filters sound very close to each other.

Do you have a favourite? Or got anything to ask? Let me know in the comments.

#moog #nyborg #synthesizer"

Norhythmic feat. Crystylwyzzyrd at Mac Market Halloween 10/31/19

Published on Nov 2, 2019 Miles Briand

"Performance at Mac Market. I had to take out the sound collage because of copyright bots. Thanks to Crystylwyzzyrd and Mac Market for this amazing Halloween event!

The awesome venue:

Crystylwyzzyrd campy mashups:

You can hear more of this music on my Norhythmic soundcloud page:"

Yamaha Portasound PSS-140 keyboard demo - "Knockout Mouse"

Published on Nov 2, 2019 Alfonse

"Yamaha Portasound PSS-140 FM keyboard (1988)

All sounds you hear in the track were made using the PSS-140; some were run through the very synth-friendly Yamaha SDS CH-10MII chorus pedal. All parts were recorded to a DAW, where compression, EQ, delay and reverb were added as required. Individual drum hits were sampled from the drum pads and processed to allow fresh beats to be built, rather than using the rhythms found on the PSS-140 itself.

The aim of these videos is to see what you can create using sounds from retro classic keyboards together with current production tools. The PSS-140 has a 2 operator FM synth on board with some interesting and unusual sounds.

Music: 'Knockout Mouse' (C) Copyright 2019 Alfonse
Download here:"

Normie - Novation Peak, Elektron Digitone, Digitakt

Published on Nov 2, 2019 Condukt

"The mission was to crank out one last track before we had to return the Novation Peak to its home. It's sequenced by the Digitone, and the Digitakt is doing drums and samples."

Flight of Harmony Sound of Shadows Kit Prototype Demo

Published on Nov 1, 2019 flightofharmony

Sound of Shadows

"While testing a final prototype of the upcoming Sound of Shadows eurorack module Kit I found some really good examples of what the SoS can do, so I grabbed my phone and recorded a few minutes.

Input is a ±5Vp-p (ish) triangle wave from my ancient Function Generator. The frequency is swept by the FG's internal ramp oscillator.
Output goes directly to studio monitors.
The blue CV input cable is from the aforementioned ramp oscillator in the FG.
Audio and video captured by my ancient Samsung Note 3.
No other equipment involved.

Apologies for the shaky video and general haphazardness, this was spur-of-the-moment.

The SoS is *not* a clean delay; that's not the point. : )"

BEHRINGER CRAVE - live jam / enter the pyramid

Published on Nov 2, 2019 Aux Out

"Second live jam with my new Behringer Crave synths. This time a more melodic approach.

I used this software:
Ableton Live
Valhalla Shimmer
TAL Chorus LX
Unfiltered Audio Sandman Pro
FabFilter Pro-L"

Follow-up to this post.

The Xerxes Synth // Elka Synthex 2.0?

Published on Nov 2, 2019 Ricky Tinez

"Black Corporation was in town and brought the Xerxes by, So natually i grabbed my camera and hit record!"

Xerxes sounds // No talking

Published on Nov 2, 2019 Ricky Tinez

VCV Rack Live Stream - Seasons

Published on Nov 2, 2019 Omri Cohen

"If you like what I do and want to support my work, consider joining my crew on Patreon -

Here you can get Seasons -
Here is the patch -" Shuttle System Noir Black

via this auction

"From Barcelona to you we have a mint condition Shuttle Dystem in black. Has original packing and power supply. Picture bag of cables also included. In perfect working order with no aesthetic issues to detail."

First one I've seen in all black.

Waldorf Microwave 2

via this auction

"waldorf microwave 2 amazing wavetable synth in fully working order

no bumping rotary knobs display normal and readable

cosmetic condition very good with only a few marks see pics

it has the strange rubber surface on the front like many waldorf synths

comes with powe rsupply and manual

this synth is basically the same as the waldof xt and the xtk

i used the monstrumwave editor with it which gives you a full waldorf xt in front of you on your screen to program"

Tama Techstar TS-202 Vintage Analog Drum Synth SN 200510 w/ Original Box & Patch Sheet Overlay

via this auction

"RARE Tama Techstar TS-202 Vintage Analog Drum Machine Synth Synthesizer

Tama Techstar TS-202 Electronic Voice Module

Looks like it was opened and used once or twice max!

Sat in the basement since the 70s hardly touched

Tested by plugging it into the outlet and pushing the power button. No further tested was done on it."

Pollard Syndrum CM 8” Electronic Drum Synth w/ Original Box

via this auction

ROLAND JUNO-60 Vintage Synthesizer Keyboard

via this auction

Vintage Multivox MX2000 Duo Synthesizer Dual Oscillator Vintage Keyboard

via this auction

Some pics of the inside below.

KORG mini pops 120

via this auction

"A vintage rhythm machine sold in the 1970s.
Pokosuka Pocosuka and cheap sounds retro and cute.
Each button can be switched and each rhythm is output correctly."

SN 770133 or 770136 ?

YAMAHA CS-15 Vintage Monophonic Analog Synthesizer w/ Original Case SN 9095

via this auction

"This CS-15 is in perfect working condition and in very good condition!! This unit was checked by professional technician. come with original case."

Jasper Wasp Clone Analog Synth

via this auction

"Jasper Wasp Clone Analog Synth. Non Midi. Just built ready for first owner. 2 DCO’s triangle, square, pulse width..."

Roland TB-03 Bass Line Synth, ex-demo from Roland UK

via this auction

"This Roland TB-03 Bass Line Synth (part of their Boutique series) came to my husband's company, UCan Play, from Roland UK as an ex-demonstration item. It is unboxed and in immaculate condition."

Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 SN 1199 w/ Case & Docs

via this auction

"Sequential Circuits Prophet 600, in excellent condition. This synthesizer is in excellent condition, though it does show some tiny signs of age. It is fully working, have been cleaned and refurbished. All the knobs have been cleaned and lubricated. The keyboard has been rebuilt, every keys are working correctly without double triggering. The unit has been calibrated following the factory specifications."

Roland MRS-2 ProMars SN 011671

via this auction

"Roland Promars MRS-2, in excellent condition. This synthesizer is in excellent condition, though it does show some tiny signs of age. It is fully working, have been cleaned and refurbished. All the knobs have been cleaned and lubricated. The keyboard has been rebuilt, every keys are working correctly without double triggering. The unit has been calibrated following the factory specifications."

Jomox Alphabase 2017 White SN 2017-096 w/ Original Box

via this auction

"The Alphabase is a punchy analog drum synthesizer/sampler that has a few tricks up its sleeve. Between it's gut punching kicks, wacky MBrane, cutting envelopes, or it's unique FM built in synth, there's a lot going on. Add/record your own samples, mix in the built in delay, or reverb, and build up a groove fast.

Unit comes shipped in original box with US and euro power supply (US) and is updated to recent OS. Comes with SD card loaded with around 300 samples."

Akai S1100 Rackmount Sampler SN 79255-00234

via this auction

Pics of the inside below.

"Excellent example of an Akai S1100. 16mb RAM, Compact Flash Upgrade (SCSI RaizinMonster), SCSI Expansion board, Effects Board (often sold separately now), OS 4.3 EPROM upgrade, SMPTE I/O Expansion board, Digital out, New Display Backlight, Rack Ears. Made in Japan!

The S1100 was Akai Japan’s pinnacle professional studio quality audio sampler, none of the Chinese built Akai’s that followed come close. Originally Cost £3,299 = £7k today! Superior circuitry to the Akai S1000, with 20-bit DACs providing improved s/n ratio and dynamic range. Sounds fantastic - considerately better than any DAW sampler I’ve heard."

November Noodle 1

Published on Nov 2, 2019 DoveAudio

"taking a break from soldering, wanted to do something a bit different with the sequencer this time, so two channels, one for the arp and one for the bass.
p.s. I really need to work on my tune titles."

Behringer Pro 1 Bug / External Gate ?

Published on Nov 2, 2019 Ebotronix

"external gate CV in and Glide doesn't work."

If you are seeing this as well, leave a comment. Curious if this is an issue with this particular unit or setup. It would be odd that this would be tested and caught in production before release.

Update via the comments: Same issue here! Result with SH01A sequencer:

Behringer Pro~1 with SH01A (gate bug?)

Published on Nov 5, 2019 Dissociō Modus Trāns

Taming the Beast that is iVCS3: Part 4 - Daveypoo, The Mobile Music Minstrel

Published on Nov 2, 2019 Daveypoo: The Mobile Music Minstrel

"Now we talk about using the sampler and sequencer to control the filter using James Edward Cosby's control files (included in his preset packs, available as in-app purchases within iVCS3).

Support me on Patreon:"

Parts 1 - 3 here.

White Noise: synthesizer

Published on Nov 2, 2019 Nikita Kardakov

"Self-made synthesizer on iPad"

Roland JD-XA - Relaxing Ambient Space Music | Synth Demo

Published on Nov 2, 2019 synth4ever

"Playing a relaxing ambient space music soundscape on Roland JD-XA synthesizer. This Roland JD XA ambient music features 2 lush pad presets that reminded me of distant galaxies, hence the title of the piece.

The Roland JDXA is a great hybrid synth for creating lush soundscapes. The Roland JD-XA is also well suited to ambient music and sonic exploration."


Published on Nov 2, 2019 Mark Jenkins

"The Korg Volca Modular reviewed for the website of the book "Analog Synthesizers' 2nd Edition", available through Amazon worldwide"

Dubreq Stylophone Gen X-1 - Unboxing, Review and Tutorial

Published on Nov 2, 2019 ChrisLody

"I've been looking forward to this, my Stylophone Gen X-1 unboxing, review and tutorial. To say more would make the video pointless so just watch that :D

By the way, when I say I had an original stylophone 'back in the day' that doesn't mean the 1960's as that would be impossible! I've had one since the 1980's and even up until about a year ago so it's a shame I don't have one at the moment or I'd have compared them along side each other.

The Gen X-1 was kindly provided free of charge to make this video."

Volca Mockups - the Volcas we wish Korg made

Published on Nov 2, 2019 ranzee

"A fun video showcasing some of the funniest Korg Volca mockups around. If you have one that I didn't show let us know in a comment below :)"

See this post for the Buchla LSD.

20191102SE02 Snapper 7 FujiokaGT Sound

Published on Nov 2, 2019 ryouichi harada


Patch of the Week 30: minilogue xd + randomly generated Eurorack ambience

Published on Nov 2, 2019 Korg

"Using several Eurorack modules to create randomly generated and quantized melodic ambience, using the CV/Gate input on minilogue xd to control it as a synth voice with Eurorack."

Korg Patch of the Week videos

Patch n Tweak

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