MATRIXSYNTH: Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

3 Eurorack Sets by Frank Murder: First Night | Quad + 2 | Hide and Seek

Published on Dec 28, 2015 Frank Murder

"30 minutes of modular techno, Warming up for new years day party..."

Double Deka Sequence

Published on Dec 29, 2015 Richard Galbraith

"Taking a short break from my usual Renaissance recording, I decided to try something a little different. I recently got a quantizer bank (Q171). I don't have an analog sequencer, but I can use my SSL/Ian Fritz Double Deka oscillator as a 10 step sequencer. I can get three simultaneous lines out of it, which I've done here.

I used two Q106 oscillators and an Ian Fritz Teezer VCO (made by Free State FX). Filters used are Q150, Q107, MOTM 480, and the MegaOhm Delta LPF.

I ran the outputs into separate instances of Valhalla Ubermod for delay, and then into an instance of Valhalla Room."

Elka Rhapsody 490 String Machine SN 2612

via this auction

"Elka Rhapsody 490 String Machine synthesizer synth keyboard works great. Beautiful condition with hardshell case came from estate sale. There are two string selections and both have very good sound..."

Yellow Waldorf Q Rack Synthesizer

via this auction

diatonic stages

Published on Dec 29, 2015 Ebotronix

Toppobrillo Quantimator² (aeolian, ionian+3)
Flame Arpeggiator diatonic natural minor chords
@ Matrix Synth have a yt message !
+ ~ -

A Modular Birthday Card

Thought this was pretty cool.

via It's Full of Stars:

"Look my friend Richard drew a picture of my studio for my birthday card! Thanks Rich, I love it - I'm going to print it out and put it up on the wall next to my Moog"

Oto Biscuit | Der OTO

via this auction

"This Biscuit is in pristine condition and working perfectly. Does not include original box but does come with manual, preset sheet, Der Oto mask, and original power supply. This is a truly unique effects unit that does things that don't necessarily fall into any traditional effects category. It also can be used as a synthesizer with 8 step sequencer thanks to Der Oto firmware update. Fantastic build quality, handmade in France..."


via this auction

Elektron Analog Keys

via this auction

Mutable Instruments Clouds processing PAIA 5700 and Friends

Published on Dec 29, 2015 Paul Wilkens

"Using Mutable Instruments Clouds in Parasite Mode 2 to create a Drone with Twangy undertones

Using Epoch Benjolin and Random Source to trigger 4ms PEG. Using Qu-Bit Nano Rand, 4ms PEG to trigger Random Source. Sputnik Quad function trigger& Verbos Mutistage going into Mutable Clouds and PAIA 9700s for modulation. All sound going into PAIA then Clouds to Melekko Mix4 to audio mixer."

Sony Walkman Synth

Published on Dec 29, 2015 Circuit Ben

"Using the motor as a sound source, changing the motor speed, passing the sound through the amplification circuit, overdriving the amplification circuit, using the motor control chip's unused outputs to modulate the motor speed."

Olegtron CONFUSOR Eurorack Demo Jam (w/ Bastl GrandPa & more ...) #TTNM

Published on Dec 29, 2015

"Jamming with the Olegtron CONFUSOR eurorack module...

The Olegtron CONFUSOR is a 4x4 manual switch module, which lets you route four normalled inputs to four separate outputs. The signal path is not immediately obvious though (although not hard to understand), which makes it a very fun "semi-random" performance module. You know what you put into it, but you don't necessarily know where the things come out ;-) ...

Audio gear used:
- Eurorack Modular Synthesizer (with Olegtron Confusor, Bastl Instruments GrandPa, intellijel Quadra, Synthrotek EKO, Doepfer Phase Shifter, Klangbau Köln Spring Reverb, Klangbau Logistische Gleichung, and more ... )
- Korg Volca Beats (drum machine)
- Tascam DR-40 Recorder"

Oberheim Matrix 6 Synthesizer w/Manual and Pedal

via this auction

"Beautiful Oberheim Matrix 6 synthesizer in nearly mint condition. 100% working order. Nice fat analog Oberheim sound. Included is the original Owner's Manual and rare Oberheim footswitch. I'll also throw in in an extra CEM voice chip and a PDF version of a long out-of-print book called 'Oberheim Matrix-6, Getting The Most Out of Yours' which is essential to understanding the secrets of programming this powerful synth."

Ciat-Lonbarde Tocante - Zenert PHASHI solar powered synth

via this auction

"this is a small electronic instrument powered by solar energy... you can use it just about anywhere... and is a fantastic electronic object to play. take a search for "ciat lonbarde" and you will find some of the most unique instruments in the vein of the baschet brothers or the history of synths... these folks are magicians with low brow materials. there are three versions of the tocante - this one is the PHASHI...

here's some info:

Zenert is a simple name, deriving from the source of its noise, a zener diode, and the spectral flavoring applied by a simple resonant circuit, the twin-t. Its operation diverges from the previous Tocante pieces, where finger-touch simply connected oscillator outputs to an amplifier. In Zenert, finger-touch injects the zener noise into the inputs of the flavoring circuits. So instead of a number of discrete symbols at its rim, Zenert has a band of copper tracing, scripted to mimic the waveform of noise. The inner nodes, for circuit bending on Thyris, Bistab and Phashi, are now the injection points for each resonance. The resonators on Zenert share the same tuning-by-capacitor scheme, establishing continuity with the previous ones. Thus Tocante shares a two-faced nature with its nemesis, Ieaskul F. Mobenthey; looking backward to previous designs for the general framework and manifesto, but looking forward to new ways to break out of the mold.

The Tocante line of musical instruments is "about" and "touching" the materials of electronics. Each touchpad represents a pitch according to industry "preferred numbers," chosen by old wartime engineers for non-musical purposes. Here they form a unique and haunting musical scale, not unlike that of a gamelan or the neutral intervals of Persian music. Beyond these base pitches, three golden sandrodes flank each touchpad; touching these androgynous nodes yields intermodulation, pitch and timbral shifts, and emergent chaotic masses. The instruments come in three flavors: thyris the triangle, bistab the square, and phashi the circle. The oscillators sound like a bowed string, a most powerful clarinet, and a howling serene whistle, respectively. Each responds to touch differently. Solar panels charge the onboard batteries, that power the oscillators and a speaker. They are the perfect self-contained instrument for nightly music at the campground.

Technical Details

-Dimensions: 28x8x2 centimeters.
-Range: 24 notes, four octaves.
-Power: 6x300mah NiMH cells.
-Diffusion: 0.5watt speaker.
-Output: 3.5mm mono audio jack.
-Cloudy Day: 2.1mm tip-positive 12vdc power jack (not included)."

KORG MS20c Convertible Wedge Mod

via Carrier

"The KORG MS20c is a wedge shape that can be converted with this simple mod so that it will not take up so much room in your backpack. Just take it apart, throw aside the back and the sides, make new sides, and mount the usb connector."

Note this is the KORG MS20C controller and not the full blown synth.

Iron Ether - Pithoprakta - Trigger / Gate Sequencer

Published on Dec 29, 2015 simon

"Here's an overview of the soon to be released Pithoprakta by Iron Ether, the renowned purveyor of stunning effects pedals.
This is Iron Ether's first foray into making Eurorack modules... and it's a belter.
Please note, this video features the pre-production panel, it will look different to the finished article.

I kept everything pretty simple throughout so that it's easy to tell what's going on, and for the main part I just used it to trigger the drums of my old Syncussion DRM-1.

0:00 - Triggering drums.
2:48 - Triggering drums, with CV control over Probability.
3:06 - Triggering drums, with CV control over Probability, and CV control over Looping.
4:10 - Triggering envelopes for Akemie's Castle, and CV out to Akemie's Castle.
4:58 - CV out to oscillator.
5:45 - CV out to oscillator, and triggering drums.
6:57 - Gates mixed, quantised and sent to Oscillator.
7:54 - Gates mixed, quantised and sent to Oscillator, and CV out to filter cutoff.
9:00 - Clocked at audio rate with 8 outputs sent to a 8 way switch.
11:30 - END"

"Pithoprakta is a probabilistic gate/trigger sequencer, able to create 8 channels of gates or triggers whose probability/density can be defined by the panel controls and/or CVs. The looping function will loop up to 64 steps, the loop length being CV-controllable in powers of 2, and an external gate signal can be used to enter/exit looping seamlessly.

The Probabilities of Channel 1 and 8 are defined directly by the panels controls/respective CV inputs. The other 6 channels' probability levels are interpolated from these two values, so if channel 1 is at 10% and channel 8 is at 80%, channel 2 is 20%, channel 3 is 30%, etc. The thinking behind this is that it allows you to have 8 channels with different probability, or the same if you choose, which can be controlled by just two modulators, rather than requiring a separate modulator for each channel - good for smaller systems or if you just don't want to tie up a ton of modulation sources just to control this one module.

Div mode clocks the 8 outputs, each with a different division of the input clock - divide-by-two down to divide-by-sixteen. The upper 4 channel outputs are "on beats" and the lower 4 channels are "off beats," allowing the user to easily create drummer-like rhythms which evolve over time or improvise infinitely.

Once loop mode is active, the Probability controls become "probability of change," in other words they control the likelihood that a given step of the loop will be overwritten, rather than whether that step is on or off. To keep from deleting the loop as soon as one enters looping mode, the probability controls are ignored when entering loop mode until the user turns them down to 0% and back up.

Ideas for usage
Create rhythms that sound like an improvising human drummer, without resorting to preset sequences. Beats can evolve over time in a way you control.

MMM VCF under two channels use

Published on Dec 28, 2015 Happy Nerding

"Some options of two channels operation for MMM VCF are shown."

Prophet-6,"10 minute tweak, Sirius Symphonical" Analog

Published on Dec 29, 2015 Bob I. Gomez

"Synthesizer, Music"

Sequential Circuits Prophet 2000 / 2002 Sample Disks

A few sets in via MATRIXSYNTH Member, rosynth.

You'll find them listed with other items here. One lot is for a ton of blank disks if you are looking for them, and one set, pictured left, is from Kid Nepro. I remember seeing their ads in Keyboard Magazine back in the day.

JD-990 ambient - Dec 2015

Published on Dec 29, 2015 SynthMania

Scary Drone Patch

Published on Dec 29, 2015 AsselMC

"Using a Sample on Q-bit Nebulae as Source for Modulation of Mutable Instruments Braids (the voice!), via Doepfer A-119 (External Input/Envelope Follower)"

Gil Talmi Shares How He Composed The Lost Arcade With MS-20m

Published on Dec 29, 2015 Korg

"Film Composer Gil Talmi explains his passion for socially conscious projects and for creating scores that truly capture the emotions of the film. Talmi’s most recent score for The Lost Arcade, a documentary about the legendary video arcade culture in downtown Manhattan, utilizes real analog sounds from synths like the Korg MS-20."

Modular Jam #30 - 350 Spectral Clouds

Published on Dec 29, 2015 DivKidVideo

"A fairly simple drone playing around with random modulation with the Synthesis Tech E350, Mutable Instruments Clouds, 4ms SMR Spectral Multiband Resonator and the SSF Ultra-Random Analog. Full notes below.


Main Sound Source
E350 XY output and Z output used as left and right audio.

SSF URA modulating the X Y and Z on the E350

4ms SMR with modulation from the SSF URA of the notes and levels. SMR left and right outputs into Clouds stereo input. Modulation of Clouds from Synthesis Technology E355 which also modulates levels on two bands on the SMR.

Clouds has feedback and reverb enabled as well as stereo sewing of it's grains."

Calle Nilsson - My Home Recording Studio Tour

Published on Dec 29, 2015 Calle Nilsson

"A short video of my home recording studio.
You see all the synthesizers and drum machines in this film.
What you don't see is my computer (Mac running Logic) and the audio interface (Focusrite Scarlett 18i8).
Enjoy this short tour of my studio."

Firechild - Space and Tines

Published on Dec 29, 2015 MrFirechild

"This is a track using only 'Vangelis Nemo Studios' synthesizers from the golden years , late70s and early 80s , Yamaha CS-80 , CP-80 , Prophet 10 , Prophet 5 Rev2, Jupiter-4. Some additional Kontakt libraries as well, Including Fender Rhodes , orchestral strings, percussion and some drum loops."

Dapayk & the Novation Circuit

Published on Dec 29, 2015 Dapayk Solo

"Here's a little jam I recorded with the Novation Circuit. Filmed on Koh Phangan, Thailand. This little machine provides 2 synth sounds and 4 drums at a time... But limitation is fun and I hope you like the result!
If you like to follow at Soundcloud, you'll find this set and many more here:"

New nonlinearcircuits fk1t VCF

Published on Dec 29, 2015 cirtcele

"This filter is based on the korg Fk-1 pedal. It shared the same topology as the other Korg filters found in the 800dv and 700, but used 4 vactrols........oh!

Probably good to wear headphones or listen to this thru a good set of speakers, this filter has a LOT of character.
This recording was made from the very 1st time I tested this PCB, so haven't yet tweaked any values to get optimal CV ranges and Q response."

EML ElectroComp 500 Vintage Synthesizer Keyboard

via this auction

"Up for sale is a vintage EML ElectroComp 500 synthesizer / keyboard with a hard case. It is in fair cosmetic condition; lots of scratches and flaws consistent with heavy, not-always-careful use. The photos tell the story; there's nothing worse than what's pictured here. I've just been through it, and functionally I'd say it's in fair-to-good condition. Key contacts are all good with the exception of the D above middle C, which will need to be cleaned (it often fires on release as well as initial contact). It needs to be scaled. The sliders are all pretty quiet and move freely, though they feel a little inconsistent and gritty. Filter sweeps are reasonably linear and clean, and sample & hold functionality is excellent. As is, it makes the Devo 'Whip It' noise with grace and ease, and you can play Weezer solos until the end of time. With a bit of work it could be very, very nice; it's definitely all there."

Mint Condition MIDI Moog Synthesizer SN 1069

via this auction

"If you're looking at this listing, you likely know about the MIDI Moog: the internals of a vintage Moog model D placed into a light, convenient rack with MIDI In / Through. This unit is in excellent cosmetic condition (nearly mint), with only slight paint wear on the rack ears. More importantly, the synth is in excellent working condition, and sounds incredible. It's easy to quickly dial in sounds ranging from sweet to raunchy, creamy to biting - all the sounds that a vintage Minimoog is capable of, because it is a vintage Minimoog!"

These were by Studio Electronics.

KORG Prophecy Solo Synthesizer SSP-1 SN 046243

via this auction

KORG Mono/Poly SN 376332

via this auction

Oberheim Matrix 12 with 12 voice expansion output

via this auction

Oberheim OB-Xa with Mods

via this auction

"Classic analogue 8-voice synthesizer, one of about 400 manufactured during the early 1980’s. This particular specimen has been thru extensive repairs and is offered in full working order. The Kenton MIDI kit is installed offering both MIDI IN and OUT (key information only). The J.L.Cooper Poly MOD has also been installed providing similar sound creation functionality to Sequential’s Prophet synths of the same era. Also included is the 3 * patch memory option giving 96 locations to store user programs. Bank A has been programmed with a good selection of factory sounds with the remaining banks B & C free. This old girl is offered in great condition, plays great and most importantly sounds incredible."

Buchla Easel and the Verbos 247v sequencer joystick controlled.

Published on Dec 29, 2015 Nicolas Lévy

"Adding a Trogotronic Iron Cross joystick to the system. The vertical axis controls the length of the 247v sequencer gate outputs, and the horizontal controls the delay feedback and the 259r timbre.
The Easel sequencer coupled with the 259r create the rythmic pattern."

Audio Damage Neuron Eurorack FM Drum module w/ free sample pack

Published on Dec 29, 2015 Flux302 of

"head to Http://­ for the Free sample pack
Head to for more info on the Neuron module from Audio damage"

Dreadbox Hades Bass Synth Review

Published on Dec 29, 2015 ProckGnosis

"Review of the Dreadbox Hades Bass Synthesizer, broken down into 4 parts:
Part 1. Oscillators (02:29)
Part 2. The Filter (04:29)
Part 3. The Drive Knob (08:06)
Part 4. The Rest (09:46)

Included in Part 4 is some screwing around with some bass sounds that starts at 11:04.

I mention it a couple times in the video, but this synth is in no way limited to just bass synth duties, though it does fill that niche quite well. And unlike the Moog Minotaur (which is strangely limited from playing in higher ranges), you CAN play higher octaves with the Hades.

Great construction quality, great sound, and great price (around $300 or 300 euros), and (not shown in the video) it excellently complements my Dreadbox Erebus, even connecting as a third paraphonic voice."

Live Rig Jam Test-1

Published on Dec 29, 2015 PaulLawlerMusic

"Testing out a potential live rig of:
Borderlands Granular for Ipad.
Moog Mother 32
Roland JU06
Beatstep Pro
Dinky's Taiko &Tiptop Audio Drum Modules.

RB1Robotto : some tips & a Secret for your RB1Robotto

Published on Dec 29, 2015 Robotopsy Robotopsy

"Here is some tips for the RB1ROBOTTO from Soundmachines.
Some basics and some quick demo patch to inspire you with this synth voice eurorack module."

Sequential Circuits Prophet VS arpeggiator Curtis analog Filter

Published on Dec 29, 2015 weltron2010

"Sequential Circuits Prophet VSをアルペジエーターで演奏させながら、フィルターや音色ミックスなどをリアルタイ­ムで変化させています。フィルターや音色ミックスなどはLFOでも変化させているので­手動と自動が複雑に絡み合った音色変化をしています。"

Animoog & Clouds - ambient drone music

Published on Dec 29, 2015 Alba Ecstasy

"Animoog direct through Clouds, Z3000 as LFO for Freeze, Doepfer is pitching Clouds a little bit later. Get free Animoog patches on"

iTunes: Animoog - Moog Music Inc.

ANimALOGICA Bologna Synth Meeting | SYNTHPOSIUM - Frap Tools

Published on Dec 29, 2015 Noctivaga Musica

"ANimALOGICA Bologna Synth Meeting | SYNTHPOSIUM Frap Tools

Il brand italiano Frap Tools specializzato in case per modulari in formato eurorack, presenta in anteprima le magnifiche novità che saranno presto disponibili.

ANimALOGICA dal 2009 è il primo evento in Italia dedicato alla liuteria elettronica."

DreamsOfWires - Nave & Volca Keys

Published on Dec 29, 2015 DreamsOfWires

"Just a patch I made for Waldorf's Nave app, accompanied by a sequence on the Korg Volca Keys.
The roaming video footage was taken from 2 recent trips; Bury St Edmunds and then Norwich to see Star Wars. It was recorded using an iPhone 5."

iTunes: Nave - Waldorf Music

ESL Vertice Filterbank vs Korg Electribe MX

Published on Dec 29, 2015 Euterpe Synthesizers

"Drum tone correction and drum loop processing. Vertice is used as tracking machine to manipulate timbres and dynamics of singular drum shots or bass-drum loop. Here is only a part of the wide range of possibilities which Vertice can achieve: more brutality and more softness hidden inside..."

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