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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

DSI PRO 2 Paraphonic Ambient

Published on Apr 10, 2018 Tarek Mansur

"Hey guys! This is a patch from DSI PRO 2 using the wavetable Super Ahhh in Paraphonic mode together with Strymon Big Sky and Zoom MS70 Stereo Delay, short vid but moody!


CASIOMOOG - How to bring you the 4000$ Minimoog sound in a 200$ Casio CZ synthesizer

Published on Apr 10, 2018 RetroSound

"(c) 2018 vintage synthesizer demo by RetroSound

Sound tutorial (or more a experiment) that want to show how can bring expensive sounds in cheap synths. It`s all about good sound programming. The famous Moog bass sound is one of the most iconic sounds in history of synthesizers.

Sure is the Casio CZ no Minimoog. The Minimoog is fantastic with unique sound. A real classic and analog beauty. But you can create also on cheap and underrated synths sounds with legendary soul. Try it."

VGM #137: Title Theme (Super Mario Maker)

Published on Apr 10, 2018 Ace Waters

"This one goes out to all my favorite streamers in the Mario Maker / Kaizo community! Thanks to GrandPooBear, Ryukahr, CarlSagan42, and countless others for introducing me to this wonderful world of fan made mario gaming. Also, huge thank you to my son, Mark Waters for joining me this week on the DATO DUO synthesizer."

Noyzelab PreenFM2 Farey Programmer Open Source Project

Another one in via Noyzelab:

"The PreenFM2 is an exciting little Open Source project for making a small, portable FM synthesizer with full microtuning. I decided to write a little Open Source programming tool for it in the Processing programming language. Full details of the program can be found in the PreenFM2 forum here and its available on github here ---- but briefly it is a tool to help with choosing the fundamental parameters of FM synthesis.

Farey Sequences for FM programming were introduced in the classic text by Barry Truax: Organizational Techniques for C:M Ratios in Frequency Modulation.

In order to get the best from this program please read up on Farey Sequences for FM programming, I did an article here : and there are lots of places to read further."


Two new releases from NYZ, aka Noyzelab, who's work has been featured here on MATRIXSYNTH numerous times (see the previous two posts). Noyzelab is both a musician and a maker of some pretty esoteric gear. He has worked with Richard D James of Aphex Twin, Chris Watson, Oren Ambarchi, amongst others.

"David Burraston returns for his third release at P / Psi / P, the mindmelting 4-hour DSP TRX. His second 4xCD-R set in our catalog, after the equally monolithic PPLZ SYNF.

DSP TRX is sometimes manic, turning itself into shapes that seem impossible or unfathomable, and at other times it becomes more stable, barely moving like a deep pool beneath an occasional wind gust. As is Burraston's custom, DSP TRX delivers its most potent and stimulating moments after the sounds themselves have sustained long enough to remove your awareness of time as a reference point. Not quite drone, not only synthesizer music, but wholly a displacing other. The shuddering tone fields stretch out for miles, expanding forever, and then contract again into more observable sections, like a muscle. We're never certain if we're hearing feedback with mathematically-divided holes poked in it, or a radio custom-built by Burraston that tunes into millions of digital bubbles, following traced lines toward a central frequency of his own devising. DSP TRX is both bright and dark, a dramatic rapid tremolo of silence and noise, infinitely revolving, inverting and slowing down - or is it speeding up? Once again, Burraston delivers proof that he is not operating on our plane of reality, or the neighboring ones, but above them all, in an undefined place outside time, space and everything in between.

DSP TRX is available as an edited digital edition (2 tracks) or as a full four-disc/16 track excursion. An unabridged digital release will follow later at Boomkat.

released March 27, 2018

W/P by David Burraston. Recorded March & September 2017 onto 2 tracks / edited December 2017 at Noyzelab. Custom programmed in Spin FV-1 Assembler using the Tiptop Audio Z-DSP Eurorack module and Numberz programmer. All recordings were made direct from the Z-DSP outputs, with minimal post processing other than a slight bit of EQ and stereo placement.

Instruments: 2x Braids Macro Oscillators, ALM Akemie's Castle, Tiptop Z-DSP & Numberz, SpinAsm FV-1 DSP Assembler, MOTU UltraLite-mk3 Hybrid, Apple iMac 2.93GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 4GB RAM / Logic Pro 9.

Thanks to Tiptop Audio for the Z-DSP and Numberz programmer ( ) Matthew at ALM for the Akemie's Castle ( ) Braids custom dark face build by Finlay Shakespeare ( )"

"David Burraston returns to Psøma Psi Phi with possibly his most expansive release to date - PPLZ SYNF. A gigantic 3.5 hour work consisting of seven pieces created using an ongoing self-build (as Burraston notes) of the Serge/CGS Paperface analog synthesizer, in conjunction with a custom built modular rig. Laid to digital disk space at Burraston's Noyzelab studio in August, PPLZ SYNF is a monolith of drone synthesis that absorbs the listener into some kind of greater collective metaconsciousness. It is both an impressive exercise in longform drone music, and an immersive and hypnotic atmosphere that confounds the mind, transfiguring your surroundings from its unique and singular perspective. A monument, literally and figuratively, in the sound field, etched and erected by a master of the craft.

Given the scope and size of such a release, PPLZ SYNF has been committed to a very special, and very limited, triple-cassette set, housed in a dustproof binder. These are extremely finite and assembled by hand in every possible way, making no two copies exactly alike. The digital version available at Bandcamp consists of cuts from the first of the three tapes, while the full release is spread across two 60-minute tapes and one 90-minute tape.

UPDATE 2018.03.04: The 4xCD-R reissue is now stocked at Norman Records in the UK
released November 14, 2017

W/P by David Burraston. Field recorded in MONO 96kHz/24bit on Zoom F8, August 2017 at Noyzelab ( Created with Serge/CGS Paperface ongoing self build and Mutable Instruments Braids x2 custom dark face build by Finlay Shakespeare. David Burraston and the NYZ logo appear courtesy of Noyzelab. This is Psøma Psi Phi number NYZ-II, and 2nd in Burraston's private NYZ catalog. Cover design by The Analog Botanist."

Modular Mortgage or How to Get into Modular Synthesis Without Going Broke by Dave Burraston of NYZ

Note the above is audio only. Dave Burraston is the man behind Noyzelab & NYZ. Click play above a couple of times if necessary. If it does not work, give it a try at the University of South Australia website here.

Be sure to see the corresponding write-up on Noyzelab here.

"Dave Burraston is an Australian experimental musician, who has worked with a diverse range of artists from Chris Watson to Aphex Twin to Oren Ambarchi. A self-confessed gearhead, among his many accomplishments is the publication of SYROBONKERS!, the most technical interview ever given by Aphex Twin. Today he discusses how to get into modular synthesis - with a particular emphasis on not going broke!"

Noyzelab At EMS Stockholm w/ Buchla, Serge, Aphex Twin/Richard D James Fairlight and More

Published on Apr 10, 2018 noyzelab

"A quick iphone recording during a session on the Fylkingen Buchla 200 at EMS Stockholm.

FM patch with my MANIAC cellular automata sequencer.

Recorded February 2017 at EMS Sweden during my Regional Arts Fellowship. This Regional Arts Fellowship is supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW.

Thanks to absolutely everybody at EMS!"


Published on Apr 10, 2018

"A quick iphone recording during a session on the Serge modular with my MANIAC cellular automata sequencer at EMS Stockholm."

Playlist descriptions:

1. RAINWIRE [PROCESSED] AFXs Fairlight #11
Fairlight CMI Series 1
MANIAC cellular automata sequencer
Zoom F8
MOTU Microbook II
MacBook Pro

Recorded February 2017 during my Regional Arts Fellowship. This Regional Arts Fellowship is supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW.

Thanks to Richard D James for use of the Fairlight.
2. RAINWIRE [PROCESSED] EMS Sweden Settels+Buchla et al [Excerpt]
Roberta Settels diode transformer ring modulator
Noyzelab custom built diode transformer ring modulator
Buchla 200
MOTU Microbook II
MacBook Pro
Recorded in Logic Pro 10, excerpt mixed down using REAPER 5

Recorded May/June 2017 at EMS Sweden during my Regional Arts Fellowship. This Regional Arts Fellowship is supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW.

Thanks to absolutely everybody at EMS!!
3. RAINWIRE [PROCESSED] EMS Sweden Buchla 288v [Excerpt]
Buchla 200
MANIAC cellular automata sequencer
MOTU Microbook II
MacBook Pro
Recorded in Logic Pro 10 from a mix of the 288v Time Domain Processor outputs, excerpt mixed down using REAPER 5

Recorded May/June 2017 at EMS Sweden during my Regional Arts Fellowship. This Regional Arts Fellowship is supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW.

Thanks to absolutely everybody at EMS!!
MOTU Microbook II
MacBook Pro
Recorded in Logic Pro 10, excerpt mixed down using REAPER 5

Recorded March 2017 at University of Hull, UK during my Regional Arts Fellowship. This Regional Arts Fellowship is supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW.

Thanks to Rob Mackay at University of Hull.

See the Noyzelab label below for more.

Shasta Cults - Buchla Touché Waveshapes

Published on Apr 8, 2018 Shasta Cults

This is the first video ever featuring the graphic output of the Buchla Touché waveshapes, from currently the ONLY Buchla Touché with the ability to display them. This is as rare as it gets in the synth world.

"The Touché uses non linear wave shaping for timbre generation, same as the 360, 400, 700 and 259e (a distortion based wave shaping technique).  It has 9 native  wave shape tables (6 user programmable). A sine wave is generated digitally and then sent through the selected table. Timbre is effected by the amplitude of the sine wave, so it accents high and low harmonics more, based on sine wave level.  Timbre modulation was Don Buchla's wave shape technique. This particular Touché is a development model that will display wave shapes, as well as allow you can program your own…  if you can figure it out." See this page for some technical info on Waveshaping from

The following was composed on the Touché using sine waves.

You can find previous posts featuring the rare Buchla Touché here.

Waldorf Microwave Version 2.0 w/ RAM Cards

via this auction

Moog Prodigy Analog Synthesizer SN 4059

via this auction

Percussion & Synth Sounds From The Moog DFAM

Published on Apr 10, 2018 Perfect Circuit Audio

"Moog's DFAM or Drummer From Another Mother is an analog percussion focused synthesizer with a built in 8 step sequencer. The first part of this video shows some percussion sounds from the DFAM, and in the second half we used it as a synth voice, which it is capable of since it is a two oscillator synth with sync and FM as well as a noise generator.

DFAM available here:"

Supporters of MATRIXSYNTH get %10 off at Perfect Circuit Audio!

MOOG sounds of the 70s, 80s & now!!

Published on Apr 1, 2018 CARisMA Guitar Duo

"In this video we have tried to re-produce some of the most famous songs of the 70s, 80s and present time, composed with the legendary MOOG.

We have recorded all sounds (kick, drums, basses, sequences, effects etc.) on: MOOG Subsequent 37, Novation Peak & MOOG DFAM!

The Songs on this Video:

1. Giorgio by Moroder (Daft Punk feat. Giorgio Moroder)
2. I feel love (Donna Summer feat. Giorgio Moroder)
3. Autobahn (Kraftwerk)
4. Popcorn (Hot Butter)
5. Super Mario Bros. Theme"

Hainbach - Resolution

Published on Apr 10, 2018 HAINBACH

"In loving memory of my father, Paul Konrad Goetsch, who passed away peacefully this Saturday, after a long struggle with Parkinson's disease. Take care, everybody."


via this auction

"You are looking at a Frostwave Resonator analog filter pedal. Made in Australia, currently out of production. It is a Korg MS20 synthesizer filter in a guitar pedal box, combining resonant high pass and low pass filters with a good dose of CV control for both sides. Plug an expression pedal into it, or interface it with modular synthesizer gear."

With resonance turned up, this thing cuts like a knife.

Kilpatrick Audio Phenol Analog Semi Modular Synth

via this auction

MOOG Model D app │ FILTER OSCillator Tutorial - haQ attaQ 280

Published on Apr 10, 2018

iTunes: Minimoog Model D - Moog Music Inc.

"Making sounds without Oscillators? Yup, Moog Model D is a pretty powerful synthesizer, the filter in particular. In this video we're synthesizing sounds by exploiting the filter and it's ability to self-resonate. Check it out!

Moog Model D is a synthesizer app that emulates the Minmoog. It's available for both iPad and iPhone with audio extension unit support ( AUv3 )."


Roland JD 800 demo by Eric Mouquet Deep Forest

Published on Apr 10, 2018 Deep Forest

"Sounds from the past... this machine was important in the making of Deep Forest sound, here are a couple of iconic sounds used for the first 'Deep Forest' album and the second album 'Boheme'. Enjoy !"

Brings back some good memories. Deep Forest's first two CDs were on my constant playlist when they were released.


The Second Twilight

Bohemian Ballet

Sweet Lullaby

MESSE 2018: Exodus Digital Valkyrie Synthesizer Sound Demo | SYNTH ANATOMY

Published on Apr 10, 2018 SYNTH ANATOMY

"Exodus Digital presented at MESSE 2018 the Valkyrie Synthesizer, a Access Virus style Synthesizer. It has virtual analog, wavetable synthesis, up to 128 voice polyphony and 8 part multi-timbral engine. Here is a sound demo. A presentation coming soon."

See this post for additional details on the Exodus Digital Valkyrie including specs.

How to build a Spring Reverb Module

Published on Apr 3, 2018 LeoMakes

0:22 - The build (and my thoughts on it)
4:50 - Digital "Brick" vs. traditional reverb "Tank". An explanation.
7:12 - Hear the Spring Reverb in action

First episode! Watch Leo make a Music Thing Modular Spring Reverb module, explain how a spring reverb works, and play some cool sounds through the finished build.

Where I bought the Spring Reverb kit:

Link to Music Thing Modular (maker of this kit):

Strange Science Instruments (my own company!):

Strange Science M-4: Advanced Stereo Mixer Eurorack Module

via Strange Science.

"You have 2 ears. You hear in stereo. You mix music in stereo. So why do most modular setups output all that glorious sound in mono? Our first product, the M-4: Advanced Stereo Mixer brings glorious stereo sound to your modular synth! Just plug in your oscillators, filters, and other sources and control everything using the onboard knobs or with any CV/audio source. Enjoy the newfound space and motion!

The Details:

At its core, M-4 is a ridiculously low-noise 4-input stereo mixer but it goes much further than that. Unlike most other stereo mixers on the market, M-4 gives you CV control of volume and pan on all channels.

In addition to this, each channel has a "normalled" Direct Output that lets you send your chosen channel off to other modules for additional processing. Plugging something into this jack "breaks off" that channel and you no longer hear that input in the master output. This effectively converts that channel into a high-grade VCA and opens up a world of creative mixing and routing possibilities.

The volume and pan CV inputs support two ranges, +/- 5V and +/- 10V, which can be switched on a per-channel basis. In conjunction with their corresponding knobs, these inputs can accommodate all types of control inputs, for example LFOs or ADSR envelopes. What’s more, in addition to standard LFO/ADSR inputs, these CV inputs also accept audio rate signals. This means you can modulate the volume and pan position of incoming signal with other audio signals. This can open up tons of possibilities for modulation/distortion effects!

The "Response" switch lets you set the response characteristics of the CV inputs for each channel. “Linear” will modulate the gain of the channel in a linear fashion - suitable for modulating audio signals with LFOs or ADSRs. In “dB” mode, the channel's gain has a constant dB/V response, which is great for detailed volume control.

The Pass-Thru inputs route a stereo pair of inputs straight to the Master Output knob. This lets you daisy-chain multiple mixers or easily play along with any line-level stereo source (synths, drum machines, iPhone/iPad apps, your computer, etc.)

Finally, the large Master Out knob sets the output level of the mixer. M-4's low noise circuitry means you'll have silent operation even if you have cranked up the Channel Volume and Master Output knobs.

Key Features:

4-input, stereo output mixer module
Ultra-low noise circuitry
CV control of Volume and Pan on each channel
"Response" switch sets CV input response curve to Linear or dB
Direct Output lets you send channels off to other modules
63mm depth (rail-to-back) will fit most cases and skiffs
Rear cards secured with screws. Will not vibrate or shake loose.
CNC machined, infilled aluminium front panel (no silk-screen)
28HP and fully compliant with the Eurorack standard
Made in the USA and Sweden"

Inside: Erica Synths (EB.TV Feature)

Published on Apr 9, 2018 Telekom Electronic Beats

"Erica Synths is behind a huge number of beloved Eurorack module offerings, not to mention its famous Fusionbox and Acidbox units, and we popped over to its Latvian HQ for the latest instalment of ‘Inside’ on Telekom Electronic Beats TV.

Discover the history and philosophy of this dynamic company, the passion that informs their cherished synth modules, plus the exciting reveal we can look forward to standalone synthesizers from the company in the near future.

BONUS: For all the hardware enthusiasts out there, two extra performances were captured during the Erica Synths visit showing Latvian artists putting the Erica gear through its paces."

Live in Erica Synths Garage: Marta SmiLga

Published on Apr 9, 2018 Telekom Electronic Beats

"We visited the Latvian HQ of the beloved Erica Synths for the latest instalment of ‘Inside’ on Telekom Electronic Beats TV, and as a special treat for all the hardware enthusiasts out there, we were able to capture two modular performances of Latvian artists putting the gear through its paces. Here Marta SmiLga delivers some deep ambient melodies and atmospheric drone."

Live in Erica Synths Garage: Multilux

Published on Apr 9, 2018 Telekom Electronic Beats

"We visited the Latvian HQ of the beloved Erica Synths for the latest instalment of ‘Inside’ on Telekom Electronic Beats TV, and as a special treat for all the hardware enthusiasts out there, we were able to capture two super-cool performances of Latvian artists putting the gear through its paces. Here Multilux delivers a driving live set of deep acid techno."

Klangbau Köln Eurorack Synth Sounds #TTNM

Published on Apr 10, 2018 The Tuesday Night Machines

"Klangbau Köln Eurorack Modular Synth jamming!


Synth T-Shirts:


Audio gear used:
- Klangbau Köln Eurorack System (w/ XR-VCO, Rob Hordijk Benjolin, Twin Peak VCF, S&H Closed Loop, ACX p-Sequencer, Klangbau Digital Reverb, State qVCF, VC Trigger Delay, Logistic Equation, etc.)
- Zoom R16 Recorder

I've got the Benjolin VCO 2 pulse out acting as master clock, groing into the p-Sequencer and running through the VC Trigger Delay and more. The p-Seqeuncer is fed new notes manually, sampling the Banjolin's Rungler output. XR-VCO sine output goes through the Tube VCA, modulated by the EG.The Wavetable DCO runs through the qVCF and everything is modulated by the Logistic Equation modules and S&H Closed Loop module, sampling the Benjolin. The mix is then sent through the Digital Reverb module."

become the sofa (80 min live set, minimoog, minitaur, ableton, monome)

Published on Apr 10, 2018 skinnerbox

download the set here:

Computadora Feliz / Happy Computer (C64 Sid Mashup Remix)

Published on Apr 23, 2007 aufsturz

"first video by Computadora Feliz

more info:"

This one in via Suirt Blurt.

1974 Conn Electric Band Analog Synthesizer, Drum Machine & Chord Organ

Published on Aug 2, 2017 keyboard resource

via this auction

"1974 Conn Electric Band Monophonic Analog Synthesizer & Drum Machine Extremely RARE!

This loud and unique instrument is one part preset monophonic analog synthesizer with aftertouch (like the ARP Pro-Soloist, Roland SH-2000 or Moog Satellite), one part simple drum machine (only six rhythms) and one part chord organ. The strum pattern is different if you select the "Bag Pipes" preset. Most voices have vibrato as aftertouch effect. But, "Musical Saw"'s aftertouch effect speeds up the vibrato effect (similar to growl on ARP Pro-Soloist).

There are some interesting sounds like: "Mod" (where the LFO starts and then speeds up after you release the key), "Space Junk" (where the LFO speeds up and the pitch drops) and "Blast Off" (where the pitch goes higher and higher and fades after releasing the key). My favorite is "Hill Band" which has a built-in wah-wah effect and is effected by the chords in the left hand section.

The "Adjustables On" section gives you some basic controls: two tones (A,B) mix, "Wa-Wa" amount, vibrato speed and depth, sustain and portamento amount. It also has a built-in reverb with three levels for deep space craziness.

This one is quirky in that the left-hand chords sometimes don't work and the bass note sometimes gets stuck on a certain pitch."

Akai AX80 SN 91120-20754

via this auction

"Keyboard functions perfectly and was brought up to speed by my tech a few years ago. Among other things, he replaced the inflexible factory connectors (which join the PCBs) with flexible ribbon connectors. The rigid connectors were an Akai design flaw and lead to lots of cracked PCBs, failing membrane buttons, and dead AX 80's. Because of the upgrade, this one will work great for years to come.

The unit sounds amazing - it's not quite as warm as most analogs, but not as thin and lifeless as a digital synth. It occupies a unique territory and is very versatile. These are rare, but will make a great addition to your collection.

At some point, the casing to the synth was cracked on both sides. The repair job (before I owned the keyboard) was a little rushed, but in spite of it the board is still sturdy and the casing is solid. I've moved this thing from studio to studio quite a bit and it's still holding strong. The scuffs are strictly cosmetic."

Novation Bass Station Rack

via this auction

Korg Z1 Multi Oscillator Synthesizer

via this auction

Roland Paraphonic RS-505 - Franck Lhermet

Published on Apr 10, 2018 FRANCK LHERMET

You can find more single synth demos by FRANCK LHERMET here.

Mokira - Slumbering Buchla (2018)

Published on Apr 10, 2018 repeatle

"Self generating music.
I will do some six hour long ambient sets with my Buchla systems this year. Debut set at Intonal, Malmö. Hook me up if you fancy booking a set in your city."

Modular + Pedals

Published on Jan 8, 2018 Modular + Pedals


1. Modular + Pedals #1: Rings - Boss DM-2w
Self-playing ambient patch. Patch notes below.

Boss DM-2w connected and modulated via ALM Busy Circuits S.B.G Stompbox Gateway.

Patch notes:

ALM Busy Circuits Pamela's New Workout is supplying pitch CV, modulation, and triggers for the whole patch.

Channel 1 and 2 are running two different euclidean patterns of attenuated and offset random CV, those are joined by the precision adder on Mutable Instruments Links and then sent to the Intellijel uScale II, and then to Rings.

Channels 3, 4, 7 and 8 are sending LFO to brightness, frequency, damping and position on Rings.

Channel 6 is sending triggers to the trigger in on Clouds.

Channel 5 is sending a heavily attenuated random CV to the EXP input on the S.B.G, which is then converted to expression pedal, and sent to the expression pedal input on the Boss DM-2w.

All channels on Pam's are making heavy use of the random step skipping.

Mutable Instruments Rings is in sympathetic strings mode with 4 note polyphony. The odd output is patched into the input of the S.B.G, out to the Boss DM-2w and back again, and from there to the Clouds.

Boss DM-2w is in the custom mode, with medium feedback.

Mutable Instruments Clouds is the last step in the patch, adding some extra ambience and some stereo movement.
2. Modular + Pedals #2: 0-Coast - Rings - TC Electronic Flashback Triple Delay

KONTAKTOR: Live Electronic Music Festival Organized by Erica Synths

Published on Apr 10, 2018 Erica Synths

"On June 1 2018, for the first time an international live electronic music festival Kontaktor will be held in Riga, Latvia. The program of the event aims to recoil from the currently common and to accentuate mutating and ever evolving forms of live only techno, industrial, noise & experimental music. Kontaktor will take place in Von Trompovska Quarter, Sarkandaugava Industrial Park which has not been open to general public since its opening in 1888 continuing to hold its history discreetly by itself. The event is organised by modular synthesizer manufacturer Erica Synths.


Cold Moon Project Song #33

Published on Apr 10, 2018 MoonSatellite Lone Wolf

"I filmed this little session to give you news my friends ;-)

Pad: Andromeda A6 + MF 108 M Cluster Flux
Lead : Moog Minimoog Voyager
Bass: Moog Taurus 3
Sequences : DSI Prophet 6 / DSI TO OB6 / Elektron Analog Four MK2
Rythm : Elektron Analog Rytm MK1

Thanks for watching my friends! ;-)"


Published on Apr 10, 2018 synths colors

SysEx available for free, just ask
SysEx disponible de forma gratuita, sólo tiene que preguntar
SysEx disponibile gratuitamente, basta chiedere
SysEx kostenlos zur Verfügung, fragen Sie einfach
SysEx gratis verkrijgbaar, vraag gewoon
SysEx disponível gratuitamente, basta perguntar
SysEx dostępny bezpłatnie, wystarczy zapytać
Το SysEx είναι διαθέσιμο δωρεάν, απλά ρωτήστε
SysEx доступен бесплатно, просто спросите
SysEx tillgänglig gratis, fråga bara
SysEx disponible gratuitement, il suffit de demander

Enter The Fury - Synth Cover

Published on Apr 10, 2018 tiergrinder

"My adaptation from Mitch Murder's epic track Enter The Fury.
The original song is so brilliant. It sounds pretty simple and straight forward but it's loaded with tricks and awesome medies.

I started with the main arpeggio line and bassline and soon realised there is mush more to this track than what I first thought.
I have to say I was going to give up at one point :D
Drum programming alone is so sick! No wonder he's called a genius.

I wanted to use as much preset sounds from the synths as possible so they maintain their signature sounds, so this far from perfect remake but I think the groove is there.

Check out Mitch Murders stuff at :"

Ambient Modular - LIVE v.2

Published on Apr 10, 2018 Petri Kauppi

"Modular Synth live jam"

Critter & Guitari - Ableton Link + Organelle

Published on Apr 10, 2018 Critter & Guitari

"Use Link to synchronize instruments over WiFi. The Organelle features many patches that can be used to share MIDI clock information, allowing you to sync with various devices and software. Any participant can change the master tempo, as Link does not have the same restrictions as a standard MIDI sync."

4MS STS Peppa Pig tribute! - samples recorded at Horsham Piazza Italia 2018

Published on Apr 10, 2018 The Mad Music Machine

"Last weekend we took the Mad Music Machine to Horsham Piazza Italia. We showed young children how we could sample their voices and gave them the microphone and told them to say anything they liked.

We had some interesting results from the many children (and adults) that took part!

Our favourite moment was when a family with 3 young children created a tune involving 'Peppa Pig' sounds - including of course, some 'oinks'.

Next time we do this we will ensure we can record their creations for them but here Caitlin is recreating their tune with the original voice samples, together with the beats as best as she can remember them.

For a bit of fun I have also added the Peppa Pig melody to the Mother-32 sequencer."

2hp - Pluck (Karplus Strong Plucked String Eurorack Voice)

Published on Apr 10, 2018 DivKidVideo

"It's immediately obvious within the first plucked note that the new 2hp Pluck sounds good. It's a physical modelling synth voice in a 2hp eurorack module. The module uses a karplus strong algorithm to model plucked strings.You can control the dampening which works like a tonal shift similar to what you'd get from adjusting the length of a string and also the decay which takes it from tight snappy transients through to sustained infinite harp like tones.

Once I go through the features and core sound I get into freezing the 4 polyphonic voices, sequencing 1 voice over 3 held voices, filtering and external processing to create new tones / movement and then using it as a percussion source and in a larger full track/patch.

This is also the start of a new series #2hpTuesdays where I'll be bringing you a video on the 2hp series of modules each Tuesday. Enjoy!"

Tiptop Z8000 + Sequential Switch

Published on Apr 10, 2018 ZV_K

"I new about the existence of sequential switches for a long time and recently finally had a chance to try it out. I was so impressed with the results that I bought two Doepfer A-151 Quad Sequential Switches. Those little gems are an amazing addition to Tiptop Z8000 sequencer

This video is the first patch I came up with.

Z8000 - 4 vertical 4 step sequencers are connected to the first A-151, they share the same clock and are simultaneously reset to 3 steps by the Tiptop Trigger Riot. The output of the sequential switch is connected to Tiptop QuantiZer which in turn is driving Z3000 oscillator.

Circadian Rhythms - channels 5-8 are connected to the second A-151, the output of which is driving a pair of Z4000 VC ADSRs for The VCA and Filter FM.

The Sequential switches are reset to 8 step by the Circadian Rhythms.

The voice is quite simple: Z3000 sine wave - Tiptop Fold Processor (fold is modulated by a sine wave doepfer LFO and the offset is modulated by the horizontal 16 step sequence from Z8000 slewed by Make Noise Math) - Z2040

The bass drum is Tiptop BD808"

FIRST LOOK at BoBeats Eurorack Drum Rig

Published on Apr 10, 2018 BoBeats

"This is episode 5 of Eurorack with Bo. In this series I explore eurorack synthesizers from a beginner perspective. I am currently working on a fun project with Hexinverter and their drum modules."

Wall - Eurorack Modular No Daw Jam #28

Published on Apr 10, 2018 Jay Hoskins

Title: Wall
Genre: Electronic Melodic Ambient Downtempo
Artist: Rite Rain Causality - Jay Hoskins

Why Eurorack is AWESOME: 5 wish-list features added to DFAM by Moog

Published on Apr 10, 2018 loopop

"In my review of DFAM and the comparison to Mother-32, I mentioned a few features that Mother-32 had and DFAM didn’t. The ability to have different length sequences – either less or more than 8 steps, the ability to sequence notes, not just continuous pitches, an LFO, glide and ratchets.

And as you know me, if a feature is on my wishlist, I’m going to do my best to make it happen.

This video focuses on the beauty of eurorack and semi-modular synths – where either through internal patching or with the help of a handful of modules, you can get almost everything you want.

Alongside Moog’s DFAM, I use Polyend Seq, Expert Sleepers Disting in Quantize and Slew modes, and a cool new analog quad LFO module called VariFO from a new modular company called VoicAs (I’ll be reviewing this in an upcoming video because it has a few cool features I’ve never seen before - here's their site:"

Nord Stage 3 OS Update v1.40 - Introducing Numeric Pad mode

Published on Apr 10, 2018 NordKeyboards

"The new Nord Stage 3 OS v1.40 features a new optional Numeric Pad mode as an alternative way of selecting Programs. In Numeric Pad mode the Program 1-5 buttons are used for quickly entering program number within the current Bank. In this mode the Page buttons are used for selecting Banks.

Please note: With OS v1.40 each bank will contain 25 Programs per Bank instead of 50. Your existing Programs will remain in the same order, but adjusted to the new Bank size for both Numeric Pad and the default Page Based mode. The total number of Programs is unchanged (16 Banks x 25 Programs = 400 Programs). Song Mode lists are not affected by this adjustment.

Download the new Nord Stage 3 v1.40 OS here:"

4-Minute Improvised Volca Jam #2 (2018-03-29)

Published on Apr 9, 2018 Slenterende Beer

Korg Volca Sample + Waldorf 2-Pole Analog Filter
Korg Volca Bass + Zoom MS-50G
Korg Volca FM + Zoom MS-70CDR
Korg Volca Keys + GFI System Specular Reverb V2
Behringer XENYX QX1002USB

Recorded with iPhone 7 and Behringer UCA202.
The little black boxes connected to the Volcas are ground loop isolators, to reduce background noise.

Organelle Mellowtron

Published on Apr 10, 2018 ahlstrominfo

"Mellowtron patch on the Organelle.

Can be downloaded at"

Mr. M&O - Synthstrom Deluge, Novation Peak & Supernova, Akai AX-80

Published on Apr 9, 2018 Charles Whiley

"Just a little techno jam I've been working on."

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