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Monday, December 16, 2019

Modular 5u and Eurorack

Published on Dec 16, 2019 therudyrude

"I started with a beat made of Gate Math and various modules to make something that resembled a drum. I then put this beat in FSFX Supra Resonator."

DSI Prophet Rev 2 / Dominator / Tillborg

Published on Dec 16, 2019 Tillborg

"This is a quick track I made using Ableton Live and some factory presets from bank 2 of the Prophet Rev 2. No external effects or processing were used.

The patches I used:
Intro - F2 P49 Bubble Pad
Bass - F2 P15 Dominator
Lead - F2 P93 Sync II REV2
Bell - F2 P36 Squareklavier

The drums were sequenced in Ableton and downloaded from here..."

Korg Electribe 2 / Ciat-Lonbarde Cocoquantus / Strymon Timeline / NO SLEEP

Published on Dec 16, 2019 Jay Frederick


Korg Electribe 2 / Ciat-Lonbarde Cocoquantus / Strymon Timeline /

"I've been trying to use some of the feature of the Korg Electribe 2 that I usually skip over--mostly the vocal samples and the xy pad."

Lower West Side Studio Introduces The Fixed Filter Bank Pro

via Lower West Side Studio

"Lower West Side Studio is proud the introduce the next generation of our Fixed Filter Bank module; The Fixed Filter Bank Pro.

Built using the same Yusynth Fixed Filter Bank electronics the Fixed Filter Bank Pro extends the capabilities of the filter by adding individual outputs for each separate frequency. This also includes outputs for lowpass and highpass frequencies.

In addition the Fixed Filter Bank Pro features attenuators for both the high gain and low gain inputs.

For more information on Lower West Side Studio’s Fixed Filter Bank Pro visit our Product Page."

Priced at $490 CAD

Modular Jam 4

Published on Dec 16, 2019 George Benton system. George Benton modular videos.

Still not waiting - eurorack modular ambient jam with dixie II+

Published on Dec 16, 2019 sector

"A little jam at punta Marsala lighthouse in Favignana"

"Charlie's Brown" – sLoFi Clismis (SP404sx)

Published on Dec 16, 2019 Little Music Boxes

"I bet you don watchn this.
#LofiHipHop #CharliesBrown #bedroomMusic #improv"

Vintage Oberheim OB-8

via this auction

Rhodes Chroma Videos by Claes von Heijne

Published on Dec 12, 2019 Claes von Heijne

"Rhodes Chroma and Chroma Expander Invitation"

I spotted the above on the mailing list. Turns out he also had a playlist with 22 Chroma videos:

Playlist at the time of this post:

Tokyo Festival of Modular 2019 Official Digest Video

TFoM2019 digest Published on Dec 15, 2019 Tokyo Festival of Modular

"Tokyo Festival of Modular 2019 official digest video.

Radikal Technologies DELTA CEP 1.6e Firmware Update

"Radikal Technologies takes DELTA CEP A paraphonic semi-modular synth several steps further forward with free firmware updates

MÜNCHEN, GERMANY: cutting-edge sound specialist Radikal Technologies is proud to announce availability of the latest (Version 1.6e) firmware update for its illustrious DELTA CEP A paraphonic semi-modular synthesizer — serving up nine essential synthesis ‘modules’ melded together to form a potent yet straightforward starting point to the ever-widening world of the Eurorack small-format modular system — that builds upon its impressive feature set with several significant additions, free for existing owners…

Its introduction earlier this year to widespread critical acclaim saw Radikal Technologies’ DELTA CEP A living up to the PARAPHONIC-MODULAR wording boldly blazoned across its feature-packed front panel. Pushing its cutting-edge sound-specialising creator’s product lineup to the forefront of the ever-widening world of the Eurorack small-format modular system, the deftly-designed DELTA CEP A can function as a standalone synthesizer or — when removed from the chassis — a 68HP-occupying Eurorack module forming the centre of a powerful modular voice. Whichever way it is brought into play — purchasable as a desktop paraphonic semi-modular synthesizer or Eurorack paraphonic semi- modular synthesizer module, the DELTA CEP A is the perfect starting point for any modular user.

Today, the DELTA CEP A paraphonic semi-modular synthesizer represents an even more potent force in the ever-widening world of the Eurorack small-format modular system, thanks to extensive firmware updates, culminating in Version 1.6e, that build upon its impressive feature set with several significant additions, as follows.

Firstly, Radikal Technologies has helpfully seen fit to expand the DELTA CEP A’s already powerful FX section above and beyond the giveaway (FX: 1. TAPE 2. DELAY 3. CHORUS 4. PHASER 5. FLANGER) wording highlighted on that feature-packed front panel to additionally include a stereo reverb algorithm. As such, it is now perfectly possible to add stereo reverb to those tape, delay, or chorus effects, for instance. It is also perfectly possible to morph those new reverb parameters as well with the INTERPOLATOR section — certainly separates the DELTA CEP A from the Eurorack pack! Put it this way: with this sound-stimulating section, users are afforded an ability to store so-called ‘snapshots’ of sound creations into the DELTA CEP A’s internal memory; moreover, users can consequently play those snapshots sequentially, creating cool sonic sequences. Saying that, they can cleverly create smooth transitions from one snapshot to another, allowing for some stunning sound morphing effects!

Excitingly, the LFO 1 section can now be assigned to different modulation targets without having to use any patch cables; creatively, this allows for assigning the LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator) modulation to multiple targets simultaneously with independent modulation depths for all targets. That said, the ADSR section’s envelope generator can also now be assigned to different modulation targets without having to use any patch cables; creatively, multiple targets can be simultaneously controlled with independent modulation depths. Deeper still, the INTERPOLATOR section’s already powerful morphing function also benefits from those new routing capabilities since internal routings can be morphed! Musically- and sonically-speaking, users can now explore a whole new dimension of dynamic soundscapes.

So, having installed its latest firmware updates, how do discerning DELTA CEP A users access those welcomed additional parameters? Pressing the SHIFT button locks the SHIFT function to more easily enable additional parameters; its associated LED (Light Emitting Diode) flashes until the SHIFT function is unlocked again (by pressing the SHIFT button again).

Additionally, the MOD input in the MIXER section now controls the volume and saturation of the SWARM OSC signal; speaking of inputs, the SYNC input in the LFO 1 section now performs perfectly and allows for synchronising the LFO to another LFO or the GATE signals. (Holding the SHIFT button allows access to the note values of the LFO with the SPEED knob.)

Needless to say, the DELTA CEP A now reacts to MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) program changes, but be careful; if it receives a program change while the user is editing a sound, any changes to the sound will be lost.

Last, but by no means least, thanks to the latest (Version 1.6e) firmware update, it is now possible to share presets directly between two DELTA CEP A paraphonic semi-modular synthesizers. So what else can Radikal Technologies say? Not much — other than concluding that its illustrious DELTA CEP A has taken several significant steps further forward, courtesy of a rigorous regime of firmware updates. Ultimately, then, the DELTA CEP A ships with the latest firmware, which existing users of course can access and install for free.

The DELTA CEP A is available for purchase — priced at an RRP of €899.00 EUR/$999.00 USD (Eurorack) and €1,198.00 EUR/$1,298.00 USD (desktop) — through Radikal Technologies’ growing global network of authorised dealers.

For more in-depth information and access to the latest firmware updates, please visit the dedicated DELTA CEP A webpage here: (Existing DELTA CEP A owners can download the latest firmware updates for free.)

Watch Radikal Technologies Product Designer Jörg Schaaf’s sonically-stimulating DELTA CEP A video playlist here:"

Novation Summit - Deep dive patch surfing with Mike Pensini

Published on Dec 11, 2019 Innovative Music Australia

"The legendary Mike Pensini stopped by the studio for an in depth patch surf with the new Novation Summit"

And two more from them:

Novation Summit - First Playthrough

Published on Sep 30, 2019 Innovative Music Australia

"Here we explore the rich warm and dynamic multi timbral power house that is the Summit! What a pleasure!

More info can be found at:"

Novation Summit - Teaser

Published on Sep 29, 2019 Innovative Music Australia

"We've been loving the Novation Summit, wow can this thing create some stunningly rich warm sounds and beyond!

Here's a teaser we made to get you excited for this hotly anticipated powerhouse!"

ASM Hydrasynth - First Playthrough

Published on Sep 24, 2019 Innovative Music Australia

"We were very fortunate to have Ashun Sound Machines stop by our office to show off their new Hydrasynth!

The cameras were rolling while we did some patch surfing and tweaking. A very exciting synthesiser!"

Moog Matriarch - First Playthrough

Published on Oct 28, 2019 Innovative Music Australia

"We're thoroughly impressed with the rich classic Moog sound that the Matriarch brings!

Here we had our first taste of the warm vintage burbly sounds and delays to swim away with! 😵"

Expressive E Touche with Moog Subsequent 37

Published on Sep 24, 2019 Innovative Music Australia

"A quick teaser of the Expressive E Touche controlling the Moog Subsequent 37.

Wow the Touche really brings out the dynamics!"

Teenage Engineering PO-170 Modular (building montage)

Published on Sep 24, 2019 Innovative Music Australia

"A building montage of the Teenage Engineering PO-170 Modular.

Soundtrack created using the PO-170, reverb add in post production."

Progressive Dream - Novation Circuit Pack - Demo ONE

Published on Dec 16, 2019 Isotonik Studios

"We're proud to present the fifth pack from Yves Big City for the Novation Circuit, it truly proves what depth the groove box can have when you manipulate the onboard synths.

'Progressive Dream for Novation Circuit' has been programmed by sound designer Big City and it includes 64 up-to-date mainstream progressive patches, 32 demo sessions and 64 high quality drum samples.

In this soundset you will find blasting basses, tight plucks, powerful leads, dreamy lush pads and crazy trance gate effect designed to give to your progressive techno trance productions the quality they deserve.



Future Sound Systems Eurorack Modules (Including Gristleizer)

Published on Dec 16, 2019 Perfect Circuit

"Future Sound Systems modules have all of your distortion and signal destruction needs covered. FSS worked with Chris Carter of Throbbing Gristle to turn the Gristleizer effect into multiple modules with more features and CV controls that the original Gristleizer. The OSC1 and FIL3 are an oscillator with interesting wave shaping controls and a wild dual filter reminiscent of an MS20.

FSS also has a collection of routing and utility modules including a 9X9 pin matrix module, 6 channel muting module with both momentary and switched muting. The MAKROW macro control outputs 6 CVs by turning one knob or from a single CV control.

Future Sound System modules available here:"

Minimoog in Original Box

This one was spotted on's instagram and sent in via Soviet Space Child.

Update: This isn't a Musonics Minimoog. My mistake.  Post updated to reflect this.  Thought this was different based on the slight discoloration of the font.  You can find another image of a 1973 Minimoog box in this post where the font is a crisp black.

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev 3.2 w/ Kenton MIDI

via this auction

Rev 3.2
Kenton MIDI on board
Technically perfect, optically some marks of use on the sides.

Ensoniq ESQ-1 Digital Wave Synthesizer with Analog Filter

via this auction

Vintage Hillwood C-1A Electric Piano

via this auction

You can find a demo of one posted here.



Sequential Circuits Prophet VS Rack w/ Stereoping Programmer & Cart

via this auction

"Very rare, only 250 made, Sequential Circuits Prophet VS rack

Comes with the fantastic Stereoping Programmer, Sequential Model 240 ram cartridge and manual.

- New beautiful blue Oled display (picture 7)
- New Straylight Engineering CEM 5530 x 2, so
all CV's are the way they should (chorus, etc)
- New, correct, data slider/fader.
- Power supply recapped with A brand caps.
- New 10 (blue) program select tact switches.

For the rest it's all original, all screws, cables present, joystick perfect.
It has a few scratches on the body but nothing major, you won't see any of this when racked, the front face is in excellent condition, so are the knobs.
The Stereoping programmer (2019) is mint and boxed
The rack mount with screws (picture 1) Isn't included"

1970s Univox Korg K-2 Mini-Korg 700S Vintage Monophonic Analog Synthesizer SN 1318 w/ Case

via this auction, also on Reverb

"1970s Univox K-2 Korg Mini-Korg 700S monophonic analog synthesizer in excellent condition and in perfect working order. Made in Japan by Korg, the K-2 was distributed to American markets under the Univox brand. An early, classic, straightforward monophonic all-analog synthesizer, the K-2 can most notably be heard in action on the Cars’ recordings.

Korg’s very first synthesizer was the Mini-Korg 700 and offered a single oscillator, while the improved 700S provides a pair. Sawtooth, triangle and square waves define the textural cut, while both low and high-pass filters can be used to tame the tooth. The intuitive layout is comprised of a smattering of substantial-feeling knobs and sliders, with controls labeled Bender, Traveler and Expand for the auto-bend, filter and envelope, respectively. Thick, textural tones emanate from this analog inspiration with ease.

Cosmetically, this Univox K-2 is very clean with all of the original knobs and screenprinting intact. The hardwood end caps show some minor edge wear and scuffing, and this synth comes with its original case."

Korg Mono/Poly w/ CHD MIDI

via this auction

Minimoog Model D w/ Matt Johnson of Jamiroquai

Published on Dec 16, 2019 Matt Johnson Jamiroquai

"I chat briefly about my Minimoog and play some sounds, along with the Yamaha Montage 8 and Behringer RD-8"

Supercritical Synthesizer - Demon Core Workshop @SchneidersLaden

Published on Dec 16, 2019 Alex4

"The most far-traveled guests of the 2019 autumn workshop season - Timo and Heikki from Supercritical Synthesizers. The new module builders from Finland have brought us the Demon Core Oscillator - powerful 16-VCOs in one module. After the wonderful and positively cheesy initial performance, the workshop continued with an exploration of the features and concepts behind the first Supercritical Synthesizers product. Also, Timo and Heikki revealed some of their favorite tricks!"

Interactive Ambient Music Head-Scratcher

Published on Dec 16, 2019 Human Interface

"Ever scratch your head and think, 'If only this were more interactive?'. Well these Stockholm design students we worked with have you covered with this nifty device! Music is activated by holding the head-scratcher and the melody undulates as you massage your head putting you into mega-zen."

Playing live with nuclear instruments and unknown synths

Published on Dec 16, 2019 HAINBACH

Some new gear in the second half of the video includes the Herbs and Stones Liquid Foam and the Neon Egg Planetarium (demos below).

"In which I play an improvised live show with a setup that is new and barely rehearsed.

Usually when I play live, I like to work with the setup I have had for the past three years. In fact, the reason for this channel was that I needed an audience to get better at improvising on my instruments, the camera became an important tool to get good it. But after five weeks of doing art projects, theatre soundtracks and live performances I was burned out. So I decided to play myself a little bit - I choose a completely new setup. Only the Plumbutter was with me on stage before, the rest, including FX and mixer, are studio pieces. Some, such as the Boxcar I had never used in that function before, and one synth had just arrived that day. I did not even know if I could safely travel with the nuclear instrumentation modular rack, without it breaking. The excitement of trying something new helped break the block I felt and I had a good time at the show.

You can find the full audio here:"

Check out more of HAINBACH's experimental lab and test equipment in previous posts here.

Herbs and Stones Liquid Foam - patch from scratch

Published on Dec 5, 2019 Gianluca Herbertson

"A quick jam with Liquid Foam, showing some of its patching possibilities."

2X Liquid Foam jam

Published on Aug 7, 2019 Gianluca Herbertson

"Quick jam with two Liquid Foam prototypes on a hot and cloudy summer afternoon"

Neon Egg Planetarium - Sidechain Compressor, Reverb, Delay, Chorus

Published on Feb 8, 2019 NEON EGG

"This is the Planetarium from Neon Egg.

It's a stereo reverb and chorus, running into a delay (with stereo modulation) which then runs into a compressor (with external sidechain).

Create beautiful tapey wobbly reverb tails from any instrument, then sidechain it live to a drummer (or anything else) without needing a computer or click track."

Neon Egg Planetarium - In Depth Video

Published on Jun 29, 2019 NEON EGG

Modular Demo: What can I do with a small Eurorack? My 120hp Modular Synth Setup

Published on Dec 16, 2019 Mitch Lantz

"This is a rundown of how I use my 120hp Modular Synthesizer including some improvisation.
Find this build with all the modules seen here on Modular Grid -

Modules Used:
4ms SWN, Listen 4
WMD Metron, Voltera, Crucible, Fracture
Noise Engineering Basimilus Iteritas Alter
Erica Synths Pico Mix and VCF1"

Something new is coming

Published on Dec 16, 2019 DivKidVideo

"Something new ... and it's coming soon ... what is it? ... Answers on a postcard ... or if you haven't posted a postcard in 20+ years leaving your guess in the comments in welcome."

Slow is Smooth and Smooth is Fast (IDM Live Synth Jam)

Published on Dec 16, 2019 Ralph Baumgartl

"This is my latest IDM Live Synth Jam with some traces of EDM and Berlin School of Electronic Music. As the title suggests I go from slow and gentle to fast, and then back to slow. I just love dabbling with these musical genres. Please indulge me ;-)

Here’s the list of my Synth and Gear setup:
Bass Synths: Roland SE-02 (Studio Electronics), ARP 2600 with Arturia Keystep Controller, Korg Volca Keys
Lead Synths: Oberheim OB-1, Arturia Microbrute, Roland JX-3P
Pads: Korg M50 (Piano), Roland Vocoder VP-330, Roland JD-Xi
Additional Gear: Akai MPK25 controlling a Macbook running Logic Pro for Sequencing, Strymon BigSky, Strymon Timeline, Zoom MS-70CDR, Boss BX-600 mixer, MOTU Micro Lite USB Midi Interface, Soundcraft Signature 22 MTK, Yamaha YME8 Midi Expander.

If you like my Music, then please consider supporting me on

Thank you so much for watching!"

Korg MiniPops 3 midi demo (Aria Diamond) - uniPulse

Published on Dec 16, 2019 tubbutec

"Showing our midi kit for the Minipops 3 and many other drum machines:

Midi controlled MiniPops, original sound with a bit of added reverb. The Aria Diamond shown is a re-branded Korg Minipops 3.
Info and installation manual see link above."

Squarp Instruments Pyramid | Ollie Noir

Published on Dec 16, 2019 Ollie Loops

"In this video, we make a song with the Pryamid standalone sequencer by Squarp Instruments. This is one of the most powerful and feature rich sequencers we have seen. We connect the Pyramid to the Roland SP404SX sampler and the Moog Sub37 synthesizer. Then we go a bit further by connecting the Strymon Big Sky Reverb effects pedal using midi and automate midi parameters on the Pyramid.

We enjoy making videos like this and we hope you enjoy them too. In this video, we deep dive into film noir with our own character Ollie Noir. Videos like this allow us to have fun, spice things up and keep things creative and weird."

ST Modular - Rocinante´s Gate

Published on Dec 16, 2019 Stefan Tretau

"LPG with Envelope Generator and LFO

Rocinante´s Gate is not a classical low-pass gate (LPG) using vactrols, but goes way beyond that providing an adjustable envelope to control the "gate" through an analog filter. Sending a gate or trigger signal into the GATE INPUT will create these envelope shaped sounds you know from other LPGs.

The LOWPASS knob adjusts the range of frequencies being affected by the gate. If you turn it fully counter clockwise the whole frequency spectrum will be gated. Turning it clockwise will slowly add low frequencies to the gated singal until the whole spectrum is not affected anymore.

ENV AMT sets the amount of how much the internal envelope affects the low-pass gate. RISE sets the time how long it will take the sound to go from silent to the loudest level. Just like the time it takes the LED insight of a vactrol to start lighting to its full potential. DECAY controls how long it takes to go from an intial peak to the "gate-phase" level. The length of this phase is varied by the LENGTH potentiometer. Finally FALL changes the time your sound will need to return to silence after the "gate-phase". Just like the time it takes the LED insight of a vactrol to shut down.
RESONANCE sets the amount of filtered audio being fed back into the filter input. It can´t go into self-oscillation, but is able to create very crunchy and juicy overtones when turning clockwise.

The internal Trigger Generator is being controlled with TRIG RATE and the RE-TRIG/LOOP SWITCH. Adjust the rate of the trigger and apply the singal to either a re-trigger circuitry that repeats the "gate-phase" as long as a gate signal is being applied or to a loop functionality that will create cycles of gates without an external gate or trigger. The ENV/INV SWITCH enables you to alternatively route an inverted envelope to the low-pass filter. This way you may create "ducking" or "side-chained" sounds.

An internal triangle LFO can be routed via the LVL ATT attenuator to vary the amount of envelope that is being passed to the gate. The LFO will be deactivated if you turn the LVL ATT attenuator fully counter-clockwise or if you use an external signal to control the envelope amount by patching a CV signal into LVL CV.

In addition to the Audio IN and OUT jacks you may take the signals of the internal envelope and LFO from the ENV OUT and LFO OUT to controll external devices. In combination with the loop function Rocinante´s Gate is not only a Low-Pass-Gate, but also an LFO and ADSR Generator.


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