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Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Yamaha CS-70m Dreams

Vintage Synthesizer Museum
Published on Aug 8, 2017

"The Yamaha CS-70m recorded at the Vintage Synthesizer Museum.
Book a reservation, and play it yourself."

New PPG Infinite for iPad • Show And Tell with Creator Wolfgang Palm

The following videos have been added to this post.

PPG Infinite Tutorial 1 • Show And Tell - Wolfgang Palm explains time envelopes and the morpher
PPG Infinite Tutorial 2 • Show And Tell - Wolfgang Palm explains the sine editor pages.
PPG Infinite Tutorial • The Browser - How to setup your author string and use the preset browser.

Finding Nemo - Main Title: Nemo Egg // PIXAR MONTH

Ace Waters
Published on Aug 8, 2017

"Time for some slow, emotional sad fish music! Finding Nemo has such a powerful soundtrack. It was the first soundtrack to really open my ears to the work of Thomas Newman. This was one of the songs that really moved me to do a whole month of Pixar music. I hope you enjoy!"

070817 - Generative Modular Ambient

Published on Aug 8, 2017

Oberheim Xpander 6-voice Analog Synth

via this auction

Octave The Cat vintage monosynth

via this auction

Quasimidi The Raven Virtual Interactive Synthesizer

via this auction

"Works great, sounds amazing
Think Kraftwerk meets Flock of Seagulls"

Best synth description ever?

TR 808 day :-)

Rรผdiger Gaenslen
Published on Aug 8, 2017

"Short demonstration of the two beasts. Recorded life and improvised on the fly without mastering, eq or effects. Just pure analog and no clones:-)"

808 Day jam

Published on Aug 8, 2017

"All sounds made from 808 samples. Digitakt + Boss BD-2."

Roland TR-08 Drum Machine demo ft. The Egyptian Lover (King of the TR-808)

PSSL ProSound and Stage Lighting
Published on Aug 8, 2017

"The Egyptian Lover - king of the TR-808, analog loyalist and 80s synth pioneer - gives you a first look at the brand new Roland Boutique TR-08 Drum Machine, an ultra-compact recreation of the famed Roland TR-808."

Roland TR-08 details posted here.

IBANEZ DD-100 // SEQUENTIAL Prophet 6 // Pads w 8-bit delay // PART 2

Published on Aug 8, 2017

"IBANEZ DD-100 is a vintage 8-bit delay made for subtle as well as drastic sound sculping. Sound source was SEQUENTIAL PROPHET 6. Starting with Part 2 of my sound explorations. How I built it up in the following Part 1."

Mother-32, Mutant Drums, Sonic Pi and a simple 'White Stripes' sequence

The Mad Music Machine
Published on Aug 8, 2017

More: The Mad Music Machine

#rolandboutique #60secondsessions DOSE

sprunging for voltage
Published on Aug 8, 2017

"Entry number 2 for the Roland 60 Second Sessions contest. Matrixbrute on bass. Deepmind 12 on melody. The JX-03 and JU-06 are on leads. Enjoy."

New England Audio Retroaktiv HLFO Eurorack Module

New England Analog Archives
Published on Aug 8, 2017

This is the first post to feature the New England Audio Retroaktiv HLFO eurorack module.

"The Retroaktiv HLFO (Haptic LFO) is a 10HP module for Eurorack systems. It is a voltage controlled LFO with a touch sensor, noise source, and sample & hold unit. It features a suite of useful functions, packed into a small module. Features include: LFO with voltage controlled rate and amplitude. LFO can be controlled by force sensor on panel, or by external CVs. Force sensor output = 0-5V. Built in sample & hold with noise generator. When no external source is connected to the S&H, HLFO noise source is normalized to the S&H input. S&H rate and amplitude can be controlled by external CVs or the onboard touch sensor.

In this video, I am running a VCO through a 2-pole Oberheim-style VCF. I'm generally running the main LFO out (the output with amplitude attenuation) to the VCO, and am running the sample & hold output to the filter cutoff. Sometimes I have the touch sensor routed to the filter or the VCO. Even if something is plugged into the touch sensor output, the touch sensor still gets normalized to the rate and amplitude inputs of the LFO unless something is connected to those jacks.

The oscilloscope in the video is connected to the main LFO output. Despite all of the wacky waveforms I'm making in this video, the HLFO can function like a standard tri/squ/S&H LFO. Any keyboard aftertouch sensor can also be connected to the HLFO, which makes it a great module to interface with a mod wheel or aftertouch."

Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 Keyboard Synthesizer

via this auction

Vintage early 70's MINIMOOG D SYNTHESIZER restored with manual & anvil case

via this auction

via the seller on the history: "I've owned this vintage piece over 40 years & used it at many gigs & was once played by T. Lavitz, who sat in with my band in 1980 or so! Completely mechanically & electronically refurbished by Davidson Electronics in Plainview, NY. The repair invoice is included, as is the manual & anvil case that needs new inner foam. Sounds as it's supposed to,& cabinet is in great condition, but both side panels have some foam residue but you can remove, along with a small sticker on the rear panel if you desire. Functions & plays PERFECTLY & has the fat sound the early oscillators are famous for. You won't be dissappointed!"

808 Day: Roland A01, Tempest, Sub37, TR-8, MX-1, MS2000

Published on Aug 8, 2017

"Started this one off as an #8bit jam for Roland Spotlight's August theme, but then things got a little away from me. It begins with the Tempest doing it's gameboy thing, then its MX1 for some glitch tricks and A01 on an 8bit bass. pretty much after that things get away from me and it's Sub37 and MS2000 and stuff for some more stuff. stuff??"

See the holiday label below for more 808 day posts. We had quite few this year. It might be time to create separate labels for all of the x0x days.

wellenvorm - concert with Haken Continuum - St.Laurentius Kirche Leipzig - 2017

Published on Apr 11, 2017

"wellenvorm Konzert - 'Electronic Landscapes ' in der St.Laurentius Kirche Leipzig am 18.Mรคrz 2017
live with 2 Haken Continuums"

Percussa Kickstarter Banner

You might have noticed the new Percussa Kickstarter Banner on top of the site! The banner will be on top during Percussa's Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming Super Signal Processor Eurorack module. You can keep track on the campaign by clicking through the banner. Of course any new announcements, including demos, will go up in individual posts. For those just catching up, Percussa has reached their funding goal and are now onto stretch goals for additional features. You can check out their Kickstarter campaign anytime to track progress.

Buchla 1 Minute Patch Tutorial vari 1

Todd Barton
Published on Aug 8, 2017

"continuing the series...
also available on instagram at:"

Part 1 posted here.

SoundsDivine's 'Original Score' - U-he Diva

Published on Aug 8, 2017

"Preview of the presets from the 'Original Score' soundset for U-he's Diva synthesizer."

Plankton Electronics Ants! Mini Modular Synthesizer

Perfect Circuit Audio
Published on Aug 8, 2017

"Here are four patches with the powerful and compact Ants! modular synthesizer from Plankton Electronics.

Ants! from Plankton Electronics, is a standalone desktop analog modular synth. It contains four analog VCOs, two of which can double as LFOs, as well as two dedicated LFOs, providing six oscillators in all. Complete with a resonant VCF, two Envelope generators, two VCAs, Sample & Hold modulation, a noise generator, and a few mixing capabilities, one can fit an entire modular synth in a backpack. A MIDI to CV converter is built in, meaning one can play Ants! easily with a MIDI controller or via MIDI tracks in a DAW.

Available here:"

MATRIXSYNTH Members get %10 off at Perfect Circuit Audio!


ZV_K_8/08_SCETCH from Station 252 on Vimeo.

"Testing a new patch on a freshly reorganized (1/2 of zv_k) system.

Tiptop ONE #1 - playing a tonal DOTS sound > Tiptop Z2040 (controlled by two Z4000s)

Tiptop ONE #2 - playing a KERNEL sound, sub mixed with most of the drum modules (not the hats) and run through Vermona VcDrive > Toppobrillo Multifilter > Tiptop Z2040

Tiptop ONE #3 - playing a percussive DOTS sound - running through the same chain as Tiptop ONE #2.

Tiptop BD808

Tiptop CH909

Tiptop Clap909

Sequencing: mainly Tiptop Circadian Rhythms, Trigger Riot and Z8000. But also Shakmat Modular Knight's Gallop (Clap909) and Antimatter Audio Launch Codes (KERNEL dubby sound)

FX: 2x Tiptop Z-DSP (Halls Of Valhalla, Clocked Delays), Chronoblob (Tiptop Z2040 in feedback loop, WMD on the out)"

Audio Damage AUv3 Plugins In Beatmaker 3

Audio Damage, Inc.
Published on Aug 8, 2017

"A brief use-case demonstration of some AD plugins in a BeatMaker 3 project."

BeatMaker 3 - INTUA
Audio Damage

Moog Model 15 on iPad - mini improvised jam

Published on Aug 8, 2017

"I'm trying out different iPad synths, and decided to share a little cozy doodle with Moog's Model 15. It's a great sounding modular Moog, and a nice self contained mini modular.
I will make a video tutorial on this at a later date."

iTunes: Model 15 - Moog Music Inc.

Bob Moog Summer Raffle for a Memorymoog Plus & Science of Synthesis Summer Camps!

via The Bob Moog Foundation

"Summer is full of all kinds of wonderful treats, and the subject of our raffle is no exception.

We are excited to be launching our summer raffle for a vintage Memorymoog Plus synthesizer in excellent technical and physical condition. As you know by now, our raffles provide both a very lucky winner with an extraordinary synthesizer as well as providing the Bob Moog Foundation with important funding for our hallmark education project, Dr. Bob's SoundSchool, and for the preservation of the Bob Moog Foundation Archives.

Read more about the Memorymoog Plus and enter to win the raffle here.

In addition to the long list of the unique functionality of the Memorymoog, the Memorymoog Plus differs from the original model by its added features of a MIDI interface, sequencer, and enhanced oscillator stability. Its lauded sonic power comes from the three oscillators per each of the six voices, resulting in a staggering total of 18 oscillators! It also boasts six amps, six filters, 12 ADSR envelopes, and has an estimated value of $10,000.

As if all of that wasn't enough, the karma factor on this instrument is extremely high. Many thanks to Lee Keeley who donated the Memorymoog Plus to us, and to synth tech extraordinaire Wes Taggart, who donated his careful restoration of the instrument. Your support has made this raffle possible!

Enter to win the Memorymoog Plus here.

And on the Science of Synthesis Summer Camps:

"Our First Science of Synthesis Summer Camps!

The Bob Moog Foundation has spent the past six years educating almost 10,000 elementary school children about the science of sound through our hallmark educational project Dr. Bob's SoundSchool. This summer we expanded on that effort and by providing two weeks of summer camp to middle school students who spent every day learning about the science of synthesis at the Asheville Museum of Science's STEM Lab.

The interactive camp, taught by former Moog Music engineer August Worley, introduced the basic principles of synthesis through synthesizers, oscilloscopes, custom educational materials, and through small synthesizer components developed by littleBits.

The curriculum that we created for the camps is our first step in developing a Dr. Bob's SoundSchool program for grades 6-8. Thank you for your continued support as we grow this important educational initiative!

Hope your summer has been full of sound, exploration, and discovery, too!"

happy #808day from bร–sch‏ and the TR-808 Themed Addidas

via @fabmass

"happy #808day to @matrixsynth"

Remember these! Curious what ever happened to them.

Elektron Releases 2323 - Roland X0X Based Sample Pack

"The X0X series of drum machines are all nothing short of legendary: the cream of the crop of analog drum machines, and the core of so much of the music we all love. Naturally you want to fill your Digitakt with samples of these fine machines, so we teamed up with Samples from Mars to bring you a massive collection of freshly sampled delights.
Samples from Mars used their entire collection of 909’s, 808’s, and 606’s (including a modified one) recorded in various ways (tape, MPC60, SP1200, or digitally). Combine that with multi-sampled groups with varying degrees of each sound’s parameters tweaked, and vari-speed tape-pitched hits, this is one seriously versatile Sound Pack."

Korg ESX1 SD experimental 2

Published on Jul 17, 2017

"Making experimental avant sounds with the mighty Korg ESX1SD"

Synth Jam 53: Virus Indigo, Novation Circuit, Moog Sub 37, Mopho, TJ-130 & JP8080

Marcus Padrini
Published on Aug 8, 2017

"A synth jam combining a Bass Pedal MIDI controller (TJ-130) and the ChordPolyPad app for iPad for controlling two synths at the same time(Moog Sub 37 and JP8080).

Bass: Moog Sub 37 controlled by TJ-130 MIDI Bass Pedal.
Synth Pad: Roland JP8080 controlled by TJ-130 & ChordPolyPad.
Lead: Access Virus Indigo.
Drums & arps: Novation Circuit.
Lead 2: DSI Mopho Keayboard."

Bill T Miller @ Boston Modular Synthfest - LIVE Eurorack Modular Synth Performance

Bill T Miller
Published on Aug 7, 2017

"Bill T Miller of Orgy Of Noise on Modular Synth at Boston Modular Synthfest @ BlueMetal on 07.29.17.

* Make Noise 0-Coast - Moog Music Mother 32
* Make Noise modDemix
* Make Noise WOGGLEBUG
* Make Noise STO
* Make Noise MATHS
* Make Noise BRAINS
* Make Noise ROSIE
* Sputnik Modular STEREO MIXER
* Bastl TROMSA
* Mutable Music Thing EARS (contact mic)
* Synthrotek DLY (Delay)
* Doefer A-199 SPRV (Spring Reverb)
* Teenage Engineering - POCKET OPERATOR PO-12 RYTHM
* Waterhed Circuit Bent WarpSpeak Vocoder
* Bill T Miller BTM DESIGNS Custom TELEGRAPHO controllers

+ Video Produced & Edited by Bill T Miller & Ziggy Cat
+ Post Production at Headroom Studios Boston
+ Close-up Cameras by BTM
+ Wide ShotHand Held Cameras
= Stephen DeJesus & Tony Masiello

Special THANX to:
- Paul Geffen (Boston Modular host)
- Bob Familiar (Blue Metal host)
- Sheri Hausey

- ALL the PERFORMERS at BosMod
* Bill T Miller (that's me, BTM)
* Bob Familiar
* Luke Stark
* Stephen DeJesus
* Tony Masiello
* Sam Holland
* Joe Brown
* Ryan Campos
and everybody who was there!


Caitlin's joy at creating her first Mother-32 patch from scratch

The Mad Music Machine
Published on Aug 8, 2017

"We had originally created a simple Sonic Pi loop based on the opening bars from the White Stripe's 'Seven Nation Army' - the Mother-32 was first patched to sound similar to the original song - but Caitlin had other ideas! :)"

Too funny. So awesome!

Nord Lead 4 Virtual Analog Synthesizer + SKB Flight Case SN NH10645

via this auction


via this auction

ROLAND SH-101 w/ Mod Grip, Hard Case & Extras

via this auction

via the seller: "I bought it about 20 years ago and it was barely used because the power switch was wonky. I'm happy to tell you that I finally replaced the power switch and detailed the synth including, cleaning the key contacts. I also bought a complete set of sliders from Technology Transplant which I never needed to install because they are all still perfect but will include them in the auction. I also have extra slider and knob caps. It seriously only has a few hours of playtime in my climate controlled studio, protected from dust."

Oberheim DMX Completely Overhauled, Linn LM1 EPROM, Mods

via this auction

"No other DMX is like this. None. It’s a one of a kind, future proofed beast of a drum machine that has been refurbished and modified FULLY for professional studio work. I know the asking price is high, but by the time you read how much work has gone into it you’ll understand why. First of all here is a bullet point breakdown of every enhancement this machine has been bestowed with by a former Oberheim tech:

1010 music bitbox - some basic functions

Published on Aug 8, 2017

"1010 music bitbox has 16 cells for playing user's recordable samples. you can trigger sample from touch screen, midi or dedicated analog trigger ports"

Upstream - Akemie's Taiko, Ornament & Crime, Make Noise STO, Lo-fi Junky

ann annie
Published on Aug 8, 2017

"Upstream, sound and contrast.
Morning jam experimenting with more percussive sounds.
Patch notes below...

check out my instagram @annnannie


- Mother 32 & Make Noise STO
- Mother 32 Sequencing and sending pitch via KB out to: STO & Ornament + Crime
- Mother 32 VCA -- Clouds

- Rings receiving Pitch from Ornament & Crime (Quantermain)
- Mother 32 LFO Triangle Modulating Rings Structure
- Rings out to Triatt (Mixer)

- Akemie's Taiko receiving pitch from Mother 32 via "Ratio" input
- Mother 32 VCO Square modulating "Release 2"
- Waves modulated by Mother 32 Assign Random.
- Output to Triatt (mixer)

- Triatt out to Zvex Lo-Fi Junky
- Clocked by Temps Utile"

Quick and dirty cracktro mod rip: Elektron Rytm / A4, Monomachine & Octatrack

Published on Aug 8, 2017

"Start of a cracktro tribute project, getting up to speed on doing tracker rips on the Elektron boxes.

T-ZerO +39 Trainer by Darkside, MOD by Woober."

Modular On The Spot 2yr Anniversary Videos - Modular Performances on a River Bank

Mike Dobler - Modular On The Spot 2yr Anniversary

Cycling '74
Published on Aug 8, 2017

So awesome! :) Looks like an orange and black ARP 2600 & various eurorack gear.

Rodent516 - Modular On The Spot 2yr Anniversary

Stephen McCaul & Sean Jimmerson - Modular On The Spot 2yr Anniversary

Cycling '74
Published on Aug 8, 2017

Moog Mother 32 and Korg SQ1 as a Parameter Locks Machine part1

Oz The Conjuring
Published on Aug 8, 2017

"Hi folks, good to see you again.
This is a tuto about using the Korg SQ1 as a sort of parameter locks for the Moog Mother, part 1.
This is useful in this example to control the mix of the 3 vco s of the Mother while a sequence is running on the Beatstep Pro.
Maths is used as an EG for the filter.
If you're not familiar with adding vco s to the mother, check my past video about this subject.
This is a very cool and different way to use the Korg SQ1, lot of fun...and remember that in the modular world, everything is possible."

Future Retro Transient Demo Jack'n Da Beats

Published on Aug 8, 2017

"Sounds generated by two Transients with a little bassline support from the Revolution."

TINRS Tuesday Plug & Play

This Is Not Rocket Science
Published on Aug 8, 2017

"Tuesday is our procedural sequencer that uses various musical algorithms to make melodies for you.

Tuesday is very easy to plug in and start playing.

In this video we hook Tuesday up to a X0X-heart module
- while Tuesday is using the Wobbler algorithm to create the melody you hear.

Once you get Tuesday going there is of course more to explore. On our product page you can find more information on all the features and other algorithms living in Tuesday."

Intellijel Plonk Sounds

Published on Aug 8, 2017

"Some sounds from the Intellijel Plonk"

Christopher Kah - Session XIII Special 808 Day !

Published on Aug 8, 2017

"Happy 808 Day !!
All these sounds, his history, have always inspired me a lot,
Here is a tribute... Christopher Kah's style !
#808day ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ”ฅ
#instinctive #spontaneity
100% Machines. No Laptop. TOTAL IMPROVISATION.



Telekom Electronic Beats
Published on Aug 8, 2017

"Watch as Ostgut Ton's Steffi lets Telekom Electronic Beats TV into her studio for this Tech Talk. She lifts the lid on a couple of her secrets while giving you get a detailed look into her set-up."

Starts with the Sequentix Cirklon sequencer.

DEMO of 100 NEW Minilogue Sounds

Published on Aug 7, 2017

"This demo is 100% Minilogue sound. No external FX. No compression. No EQ. 100% my sloppy playing.

You can purchase them here:

They are also available to all 10+ euro Patrons over on

(And yes... because I know some people will point it out: there is a small piece of hair on the Minilogue. The irony is that it comes from the brush I used to wipe it clean......)"

Playing TR-8 Bass Drum Chromatically (808 Day)

Published on Aug 8, 2017

"I programmed the Korg PadKontrol to affect the pitch of the Roland TR-8 Bass Drum. With long decays on an 808 kit you can play it like a bass line. Here's a quick example, forgive me if YouTube compression just breaks the internet."

808 Day Jams - TR8, System-1, JU06, TB03, Minilogue

Published on Aug 8, 2017

"๐ŸŽง๐Ÿ™ Starting off a new jam with the #808 kit from @rolandcanada's #TR8 in preparation of #808day tomorrow ๐Ÿ™Œ as the #System1 comes in hard with a deadly slide bass ๐Ÿ˜Ž before adding some hits and hats with the @korgofficial #PadKontrol ๐Ÿ’ฅ and some synthetic dreams from the #Minilogue ✨✨ ---Then it's all #TB03 and some cosmic rearrangment from the #RolandMX1 and some super scatter and roll-city. it's #808Day so let's partaayy"

Roland SE-02 - First Day Fiddling - Just Music - From Tame to Aggressive

Earmonkey Music
Published on Aug 8, 2017

"Only had this little guy since yesterday afternoon. This was a 4:30 a.m.-switch-the-thing-on-and-go. It's all SE-02, no external FX. The Delay is on board. Not a lot of variety in this particular segment and the video cuts off a minute or so before the audio. But I figured if anyone liked it that much, they could still hear. It has a great sound. The filter sounds very much like my Mother 32 filter to me."

1979 Roland CR-68/CR-78 "No more waiting for Louie" Ad

via Retro Synth Ads, where you'll find the full write-up.

"Roland CR-68/CR-78 drum machine "No more waiting for Louie" full page colour advertisement from page 115 in the November 1979 issue of International Musician and Recording World magazine."

Happy 808 day! No Roland SH-01A, no TR-08, no MS-101...the real shit :D

Published on Aug 8, 2017

Leave it to RetroSound... :)

"(c) 2017 vintage synthesizer demo by RetroSound

Happy 808 day!

Roland SH-101 (1981) and TR-808 (1982)
no external fx, pure sound

RetroSound home:"

Roland Introduces New SP-404A Linear Wave Sampler

Roland SP-404A & TR-8 Performance
Published on Aug 8, 2017

"Watch the powerful combination of sampling and rhythm synthesis with the Roland SP-404A and Roland AIRA TR-08 Rhythm Performer in this video.

The Roland SP-404A Linear Wave Sampler can now expand the sounds of the Roland AIRA TR-8 Rhythm Performer (with latest TR-8 update v1.5) for a combination of sample and percussive synthesis.

The SP-404A can be triggered from the TR-8 Rhythm Performer via MIDI for integrated beat and sample production. Users can incorporate samples from the SP-404A and use them in conjunction with drum patterns, and each of the TR-8’s 11 tracks can trigger a sample on the SP-404A, play a TR-8 sound, or both.

In addition, the TR-8 can be used as an audio sub-mixer and processor for the SP-404A. In this configuration, all samples played on the SP-404A can be effected using the TR-8’s Scatter feature to reverse, glitch, gate, truncate, stutter, and perform all types of rhythmic variations in perfect sync. Samples can also be controlled by the TR-8’s per-step Side Chain function for rhythmic ducking and gating effects.

To get users started with sample looping, the SP-404A comes with an SD card loaded with a library of new sounds created by Loopmasters, a leading sample developer. The samples in the library have been designed specifically to complement the TR-8, but also work well in standalone applications."

Details via Roland

Designed for live use, the SP-404A Linear Wave Sampler expands the sounds of the Roland AIRA TR-8 Rhythm Performer for a powerful combination of sample and percussive synthesis. The fast, hands-on approach of the acclaimed SP-series performance samplers is a perfect fit for the impressive rhythmic effects and iconic step-sequencer of the Roland AIRA TR-8.

All of the functions and features of the popular SP-404SX are contained in the SP-404A, including its distinctive 16-bit linear sampling, 29 onboard DSP effects, smooth FX switching, and 12 professional performance pads. Plus, a new library of sounds curated by sample-industry leader Loopmasters are provided via the included SD card.

Whether used standalone or controlled by the TR-8, the SP-404A makes for an intuitive and inspiring addition to the AIRA range of performance instruments for DJs, musicians, and producers.

Sample anytime, anywhere with the built-in mic and battery power
Can be triggered from the 16-step sequencer in the TR-8 Rhythm Performer (TR-8 system version 1.50 or later required)
AIRA black-and-green color scheme to match existing AIRA hardware
“Sounds by Loopmasters” SD card includes over 100 new stereo samples, effects, and one-shots
29 DSP effects, including filter, delay, unique voice effects, subsonic, looper, and more
Three control knobs, 12 trigger pads, and Sub Pad for rapid-repeat triggering
Seamless effects switching for smooth, perfect performances
Pattern sequencer with quantize mode and shuffle feels
Import audio files from a computer and assign samples to pads with free Mac/Windows software

TR Sequencer Meets SP-Style Sampling

Behringer Teases Full Size Roland SH-101 Clone - The MS-101

"What on earth is this???"

Roland Introduces New TR-08 & Four Voice Polyphonic SH-01A Boutique Series

Here they are. Full details via Roland below.

Roland Boutique TR-08 & SH-01A with Mathew Jonson
One Take with Roland Boutique TR-08 & SH-01A: Mathew Jonson
Roland Boutique TR-08 Rhythm Composer
Hands on with Roland SH-01A, TR-08 - cdmtv
Introducing The Roland Boutique Series TR-08 and SH-01A |
Roland TR-08 Rhythm Composer | Reverb Demo Video
Roland SH-01A Bass Line Synthesizer | Reverb Demo Video
Update: New video added: Roland SH-01A Boutique Synthesizer QUICK DEMO

TR-08 details via Roland

"The TR-08 brings the look, sound, and feel of the original 808 — with stunning accuracy — to the Roland Boutique format. From the instantly-recognizable red-orange-yellow-white markings, the shape of the sequencer buttons, switches and knobs are details that have been painstakingly reproduced to match the iconic recreation of sounds. Along with the aesthetic touches, the TR-08 contains new features like 16 sub-steps for fast rolls, independent trigger out track, compression/gain/tune for instruments and a selectable modified “long decay” bass drum for more boom and resonance.


Patch n Tweak

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