MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, January 24, 2019

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Namm 2019 - Buchla Booth & the Red Panel System

Published on Jan 24, 2019 Ask.Audio
Update: Re-Published on Jan 25, 2019

Todd Barton! :) See this post for details on Red Panel.

Namm 2019 - Sensel Morph

Published on Jan 24, 2019 Ask.Audio

Namm 2019 - Elektron Overbridge 2.0

Published on Jan 24, 2019 Ask.Audio

Namm 2019 - UVI FM Suite

Published on Jan 24, 2019 Ask.Audio

NAMM 2019 Viscount Legend Jam with Jay Valle

Published on Jan 24, 2019 Kraft Music

"Find exclusive Viscount Legend BUNDLES at Kraft Music:

Kraft Music visits the Viscount Booth to check out a jam on the Viscount Legend organ by the talented Jay Valle at the 2019 NAMM Show.

The Viscount Legend organ by KeyB uses advanced modeling technology to recreate the sound and feel of vintage tonewheel organs. Its dual 61-note waterfall keyboards feature high trigger points for ultra-fast response, with 12 reverse keys and two full sets of drawbars per manual. All the classic hallmarks are present, including harmonic percussion, key click, vibrato, and chorus, along with multiple reverbs and rotary speaker simulation with half moon switch speed control. The Legend also features versatile connectivity, such as an 11-pin rotary speaker connection, left & right 1/4" line outs, FX send/return, and MIDI In/Out/Thru.

Get more for your money with an exclusive Viscount Legend organ bundle from Kraft Music. These package deals include the accessories you'll need to get the most out of your new portable tonewheel organ. If you have any questions, please give us a call. Our knowledgeable Sales Advisors will be happy to assist in choosing the bundle that's right for you!"


Viscount Legend Jam with Francesce Lo Guidice

Korg Volca Modular @ NAMM 2019

Published on Jan 24, 2019 Bedroom Producers Blog

"Checking out the Korg Volca Modular portable modular synthesizer at the 2019 NAMM Show."

Arturia Microfreak Digital/Analog Synth at NAMM 2019 | Reverb

Published on Jan 24, 2019 Reverb

"Arturia's Microfreak hardware synth made its debut at NAMM 2019, and aims to keep the French brand charmingly off-kilter. Watch as Justin takes a first look at this new release."

Microfreaks on Reverb

Moog Grandmother Quick Silly Fun Fact Analog Synthesizer Rik Marston

Published on Jan 24, 2019 SynthgodXXX

"Moog Grandmother Quick Silly Fun Fact
Fun Fact by Rik Marston

I thought I should share for those who remember
these days, with humor of course! Nothing serious here!
I am an old school party animal so again, LIGHT SHOW!!!
Especially Black Lights! Neon Trip posters, Smell of #$@
in the air, classic tunes playing overhead in the rock n roll
store... whoa.. flashback... I need to sit down, maaaaannnn!

Better tape over them!

NAMM 2019 Elektron Model:Samples - All Playing, No Talking!

Published on Jan 24, 2019 Kraft Music

"Find exclusive Elektron Model:Samples BUNDLES at Kraft Music:

Kraft Music visits the Elektron Booth to take a look at the Model:Sample Six-Track sample-based groove machine at the 2019 Namm Show.

The Elektron Model:Samples is a six-track sample-based groovebox. Affordable, compact, and lightweight, Model:Samples packs a powerful punch with the Elektron sequencer and loads of pro-quality samples and patterns. Featuring straightforward knob-per-function operation and velocity-sensitive pads, the Model:Samples provides the ability to tweak and personalize the included sounds or drop in your own to design unique rhythmic creations. In addition, each of the six sequencer tracks can output MIDI to control other machines.

Get more for your money with an exclusive Elektron Model:Samples bundle from Kraft Music. These package deals include the accessories you'll need to get the most out of your new groovebox, all for one low price. If you have any questions, please contact us. Our knowledgeable sales advisors will be happy to assist in choosing the bundle that's right for you!"

Update: and an overview:

NAMM 2019 Elektron Model:Samples

NAMM 2019: 2hp - Four New Tiny Modules

Published on Jan 24, 2019 sonicstate

"Stephen Hensley was on hand to introduce to us his four new modules at the show this year.

The first module we took a look at was the Sine, a sine wave vco with a tunable sub output and a wavefolder to add some complexity.

Next up we saw DC which is a super useful DC offset attenuator and cv utility module.

Then we saw Bell and Grain. Bell is a physical modeling module which gives you loads of bell and mallet type sounds, this was then processed by their new granular processor Grain."

NAMM 2019: Bitwig The Grid - Open Modular Environment

Published on Jan 24, 2019 sonicstate

"If you think about it modularity has always been at the heart of the Bitwig workflow. Devices can be nested, clips are containers, modulators exist everywhere, and practically anything can be dragged anywhere.

The Grid offers an open modular environment that gives you three different devices to start your modular sound design in; Mono Grid, Poly Grid and FX Grid."

Elektron Model Samples: All 16 factory patterns, No talking

Published on Jan 24, 2019 loopop

"Elektron Model Samples was announced at Winter NAMM 2019. Until I get my hands on one to review it, here are all the available factory patterns."

NAMM 2019 Roland Ax Edge Keytar

Published on Jan 24, 2019 Kraft Music

"Find exclusive Roland Ax Edge Keytar BUNDLES at Kraft Music:

Kraft Music visits the Roland Booth to take a look at the Ax Edge Keytar at the 2019 Namm Show.

The Roland AX-Edge keytar builds on decades of refinement and learning from artists the world over about what makes the ultimate performance synthesizer. Its onboard sound set is optimized for stage performance with sounds that cut through, even in a loud band, while Bluetooth MIDI and a custom editor app allow for wireless sound customization. A highly playable keyboard with 49 full-sized keys, intuitive neck-mounted controls, and a vocoder with mic input provide expressive performance possibilities. Customize the sleek, modern look of the AX-Edge to your style with interchangeable Edge Blades.

Get more for your money with an exclusive Roland AX-Edge bundle from Kraft Music. These package deals include the accessories you'll need to get the most out of your new keytar, all for one low price. If you have any questions, please give us a call. Our knowledgeable Sales Advisors will be happy to assist in choosing the bundle that's right for you!"

NAMM 2019 Arturia MicroFreak, AudioFuse 8Pre and Studio

Published on Jan 24, 2019 Kraft Music

"Find exclusive Arturia MicroFreak BUNDLES at Kraft Music:

Kraft Music visits the Arturia Booth to take a look at the MicroFreak experimental hybrid synthesizer at the 2019 Namm Show.

The Arturia MicroFreak is a peculiar instrument that rewards the curious musician, blending wavetable and digital oscillators with analog filters. The MicroFreak's flexible synth engine features a digital oscillator with multiple modes – including paraphonic and Mutable Instruments Plait oscillator modes – for creating rare and interesting sounds, while its state-variable filter goes from whisper to scream and can even auto-oscillate. Take control with the unique poly-aftertouch flat keyboard, arpeggiator, Spice and Dice sequencer functions, and 5x7 modulation matrix. USB, MIDI, and CV outputs can be used to control instruments in your DAW and modular synths.

Get more for your money with an exclusive Arturia MicroFreak experimental hybrid synth bundle from Kraft Music. These package deals include the accessories you'll need to get the most out of your new synthesizer, all for one low price. If you have any questions, please contact us. Our knowledgeable sales advisors will be happy to assist in choosing the bundle that's right for you!"

NAMM 2019 Arturia AudioFuse 8Pre and Studio

Published on Jan 24, 2019 Kraft Music

"Find exclusive Arturia AudioFuse BUNDLES at Kraft Music:

Kraft Music visits the Arturia Booth to take a look at the AudioFuse 8Pre and Studio at the 2019 Namm Show.

The Arturia AudioFuse 8Pre is an 8-channel dual mode interface/ADAT expander and USB-C audio interface combining Arturia's expertise in pristine sound with a robust, studio-ready form factor. The AudioFuse 8Pre's eight Discrete Pro preamps and analog signal path feature super-low Equivalent Input Noise (EIN) to capture every subtle detail and huge input gain to drive even the most demanding low-output mics. With a total of 16 ins and 20 outs including ADAT optical I/O, the AudioFuse 8Pre can fulfill almost any studio role.

Get more for your money with an exclusive Arturia AudioFuse 8Pre bundle from Kraft Music. These package deals include the accessories you'll need to get the most out of your new interface/preamp expander, all for one low price. If you have any questions, please contact us. Our knowledgeable sales advisors will be happy to assist in choosing the bundle that's right for you!"

Cherry Audio and PSP Audioware Release 12 New Modules for Voltage Modular

Published on Jan 24, 2019 Voltage Modular

1. Cherry Audio Voltage Modular: Sampler I and Sampler II Modules
2. Cherry Audio Voltage Modular: Vintage Oscillator Module
3.Cherry Audio Voltage Modular: Remote Control CV Remote Module

Sampler I
This feature-packed sample playback module can load WAV, AIFF, MP3, and OGG files up to a minute in length. Automatic transient detection combined with a Snap to Transient feature makes it easy to create perfect loops. Sampler I is a blast to play with, whether adding drum and percussion loops to patches or building patches around sampled sounds.

This module is FREE for Voltage Core owners, and will appear in the library.

Sampler II
Sampler II includes all of the features of Sampler I, plus real-time stereo sampling. Sampling can be triggered by input that goes beyond an adjustable threshold, or can be started and stopped with CV via the REC GATE input. Sampler II can even resample itself, by feeding its outputs into its inputs. With Sampler II, it’s possible to build generative patches that sample and loop themselves as part of the patch, which can lead to some mind-blowing possibilities.‎

This module can be purchased in the store for $10.‎

Vintage Oscillator
This module offers all of the features of the standard Oscillator module, plus a 64’ setting and linear frequency modulation. But under the hood, this module recreates the imperfect waveforms created by vintage analog oscillators. Featuring low-aliasing, high-performance oscillator models, plus subtle analog drift and imperfection, the Vintage Oscillator module will add classic tone to your modular patches.

This module is FREE for Voltage Core owners, and will appear in the library.

Remote Control
Yet another revolution in what can be done with Voltage Modular: with the Remote Control module you can control any knob, slider, switch, or button with CV, including the macro knobs in the Perform panel. Mapping a channel to a knob is just a matter of clicking the Learn button and then touching any control in your project. That control will now be fully automatable with CV. See it in action!‎

This module can be purchased in the store for $15.‎

PSP Poly Modular Collection
PSP has just released this new suite of 8 polyphonic modules for Voltage Modular. The wide set of features included in these modules combine flexibility and creativity with simple to use designs. These are great for building increasingly complex polyphonic patches, and they’re FREE for owners of the PSP Ultimate Modular Collection.

PSP is showing off their modules for Voltage Modular at The NAMM Show, going on right now. Please visit PSP at Booth 19203 and say hi!

Prophet X and Deckard's Dream

Published on Jan 24, 2019 therudyrude

"Jamming with the Buchla, Prophet X, Digitone, Digitakt, Octatrack, Analog Rytm, Analog 4, Deckard's Dream"

Waldorf Kyra @ NAMM 2019

Published on Jan 24, 2019 Bedroom Producers Blog

"Waldorf Kyra virtual analog synthesizer at the 2019 NAMM Show."

Trip to see Korg presenting. They are the Waldorf distributor in the US.

Moog Sirin Analog Messenger of Joy Synth at NAMM 2019 | Reverb

Published on Jan 24, 2019 Reverb

"Moog's Sirin Analog Messenger of Joy synth is based on the sound engine of the legendary Moog Taurus—the foot pedal-operated synthesizer first released in 1973 and re-fashioned for the limited run Taurus III in 2010. But Moog's latest creation takes the deep low-frequency tones of its stellar predecessors as its start, and then continues to climb...take a look."

NAMM: Elektron Overbridge Digitakt

Published on Jan 24, 2019 Ulises Lozano

NAMM 2019 part 2 - Korg, Waldorf, Moog Foundation & Moogseum, Casio, Dexibell

Published on Jan 24, 2019 SynthMania

Korg - new keytars, special edition Kromes;
Waldorf - Kyra VA synthesizer (sounds spectacular)
Moog Foundation - carrying forward the heritage of Robert Moog
Moogseum - with original Moog modular from the late '60s/early '70s
Casio - new digital pianos - really impressive sound
Dexibell - great organ and piano keyboards, organ has super-cool moving drawbars to recall the settings


Cool news/update on the Moogseum! Apocalypse Now 5U Moog modular system owned by Walter Holland. You can find additional details on the Bob Moog Foundation booth here.

Mutable Instruments on the New Arturia MicroFreak

See the updates in this post.

Roland NAMM2019 Livestream

Started streaming 33 minutes ago RolandChannel

"Get the full Roland Experience at the 2019 NAMM Show with live performances streamed direct from the show.

If you're attending NAMM, visit us at our NEW Location for 2019—Hall A, Booth 10702

The National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) Show is the world’s largest trade-only event for the music products, pro audio and event tech industry.'

NAMM: 2hp [Episode 111]

Published on Jan 24, 2019 CatSynth TV

"We check out some new modules from 2hp, and also jam a bit with our favorite, the Cat 😺

New modules include:
DC Offset Generator
Bell: physical modeling instrument
Sine: Sinewave VCO with sub oscillator and wave folding
Granular Processor

Cat module heard in the background and sound source throughout the video.

For more NAMM coverage, please subscribe to this channel and visit"

Moog Branded Sunglasses

via this auction

Curious if these are knock offs or legit. First pair featured on the site. The coating looks mat black. If it's that rubber coating Ray Bans uses it may not last. Mine (non-Moog branded) got sticky over the years and I had to sand paper it all off. They do look nice after sanding, but my guess is that logo would go with it.

And yes, the oddball posts do continue through NAMM. Nothing stops the MATRIXSYNTH train. :)

Vintage Roland SH-1000 Keyboard w/ Case

via this auction

Korg Micropreset Synth Patch Cards

via this auction

The Pseudo-Random CD4028-4040 Sequencer

Published on Jan 24, 2019 יזהר אשדות Izhar Ashdot

"This is a DIY Eurorack module (work in progress) using two CMOS chips, creating lovely Pseudo-Random sequences
A CD4040 clock divider's outputs feed the four binary inputs of a CD4028 BCD to Decimal converting chip, creating pseudo-random sequences, depending on different CD4040 outputs feeding different CD4028 BCD inputs.
input-output patching is done with a mini patchbay on the module.

Participating Eurorack modules: Ladik QUantizer, Tiptop Z3000 VCO, Z2040 Filter, DIY Envelope, DIY 606 Kick, Omsonic Pixeldust HH."

Korg Booth at NAMM 2019

Streamed live 20 minutes ago Expanding Sound

Funny regarding the Minilogue and Monologue. For stiff skinny players with perfect posture.

Electron and modular area NAMM 2019

Started streaming 2 minutes ago Expanding Sound

Model: Samples Elektron Namm 2019

Published on Jan 24, 2019 Ulises Lozano

NAMM 2019: Arturia MicroFreak & Mutable Instruments Plaits

Published on Jan 24, 2019 sonicstate


via Émilie aka pichenettes (Owner, software/hardware engineer, order fulfilment, customer service and janitor Mutable Instruments) on the Mutable Instruments forum:

"Hello peeps!

There is a lot of noise on the internet regarding the Arturia Microfreak.

Let me clarify a couple of things.

First of all, Plaits’ code is open-source, which means that anybody is free to use it, as long as they credit me somewhere (it can be in a product description page, or a footnote in a downloadable manual, or an “about” dialog). This is why you can find Mutable Instruments’ DSP code in the Korg Prologue, the Axoloti, the Organelle, VCV Rack, and plenty of other bits of software or hardware. This is not stealing. Plaits’ code is a summary of everything I’ve learnt about making rich and balanced sound sources controlled by a few parameters, it’s for everyone to enjoy.

Now, regarding the Microfreak.

Arturia had been in the process of developing a hybrid synth for a while, and contacted me about using of Plaits’ code inside. I had no objection to that.

In May, they invited me to their headquarters for a product development meeting where they showed me mockups of the Microfreak. It was fairly clear at this point that it was their product. The feature set, UX, sound engine were all already decided. The product obviously followed Arturia’s graphic language and branding. My expected contribution to the project was none: Arturia’s engineers would do their own thing with my code, the tone character and sound design was their responsibility. It was pointless for me to suggest features and ideas, or spill the beans about ideas I wanted to keep for upcoming Mutable Instruments products, and this awkward event felt more like a focus group.

Arturia offered to mention something like “Oscillator code from Mutable Instruments” in the product description, which is my preferred form of citation. No monetary compensation has ever been discussed – which is fair, because I provided exactly 0 hour of work and 0 original line of code. No contract has been drafted or signed.

Arturia contacted me back last week with a photo of the finished product. I never had the opportunity to playtest it. I have not been asked to approve or veto any promotional material.

As you can see, my involvement was fairly limited.

I don’t feel wronged. It’s their product.

However, I feel uneasy when people got excited, seeing it described as a collaboration between Mutable Instruments and Arturia, because none of the technical and design choices involved in this product originate from me. I have been quite disconcerted by the private messages congratulating me for this release and achievement. I know some people have been waiting for a Mutable Instruments keyboard synth, or at least non-modular product, for a while. Well, this is not it. That’s what I wanted to say to the world. I don’t want people to associate any negative experience they could have with this product with Mutable Instruments. I don’t want people to think that I endorsed or at least authorized some aesthetic decisions regarding this product or the communication surrounding it.

With its focus on local production, open-source, deliberate lack of marketing and advertising, Mutable Instruments is an unusual company. It’s stimulating and fun, but somewhat dangerous too. Turning Arturia into an enemy – those talks of boycotts and those tweets demanding justice – is only adding fuel to the fire and increasing the risks of getting me attacked in ways I don’t expect and I am not protected against.

If you care about me, move on! I need a lot of strength and energy at the moment, and it should all be focused on finishing new products.

So please let Arturia enjoy their release party, it’s hard work to ship a product. Buy their product if you think you’ll have fun and make good music with it, don’t buy otherwise. Buy Mutable Instruments products (or the Softube clones) if you want to fund me, or build your own and give the money to charities.


Update1: some info on the relationship with Mutable Instruments via reddit (text below):

NAMM 2019: Akai Force

Published on Jan 24, 2019 sonicstate

Roland Booth NAMM

Expanding Sound

"Checking out some stuff in the Roland booth."

NAMM 2019: Teenage Engineering Modular Demo

Published on Jan 24, 2019 Future Music Magazine

"Teenage Engineering invited us to make some fun noises with their brand new Modular system."

NAMM: New Modules from Qu-Bit Electronix [Episode 109]

Published on Jan 24, 2019 CatSynth TV

"We visit with our friends at Qu-Bit Electronix and NAMM 2019 and check out their new modules.

Multi-dimensional signal processor with stereo inputs and outputs. An assortment of DSP effects mapped to a 3-dimensional sonic space.

Half the size - twice the functionality. Polyphonic oscillator in 14HP - custom chords, new wavetables, and four voice polyphonic mode.

Fractal sequencer. 32 step sequencer with 2 channels, pattern saving and an infinite number of variations from our fractal algorithm.

For more NAMM 2019 coverage, please subscribe to this channel and visit"

NAMM: La Voix du Luthier [Episode 110]

Published on Jan 24, 2019 CatSynth TV

"We check out a novel item at NAMM 2019. La Voix du Luthier is an acoustic instrument/sound board that can be used with electronic instruments.

La Voix du Luthier has designed two new speakers, without speaker cones. The Onde and Pyramid were unveiled at ContinuuCon 2018 – the Haken Continuum Fingerboard conference, at the prestigious IRCAM in Paris, and then presented at SuperBooth 2018. These self-powered speakers, designed in collaboration with Haken Audio, give the sound of a luthier’s expertise in acoustics to any electronic instruments and guitars.

For more NAMM 2019 coverage, please subscribe to this channel and visit"

NAMM 2019: Korg Volca Modular and Minilogue XD [Episode 108]

Published on Jan 24, 2019 CatSynth TV

"We check out two of Korg's new synthesizer offerings at NAMM 2019: the Volca Modular and the Korg Minilogue.

'The volca modular is a semi-modular synthesizer consisting of independent analog synth modules, digital effects, and a sequencer. Each of the modules has been carefully selected for its stand-alone completeness. The modules are internally connected so that sound can be produced even before connecting the included pin cables, and the routing is shown by white lines on the panel. Module connections via a pin cable take priority over the internal connections, bypassing them.'

'In addition to emphasizing the same real analog sound and joy of controlling an electronic musical instrument offered by the original minilogue, the minilogue xd newly adds a digital multi-engine, effects, a powered-up sequencer, and micro tuning functionality, further expanding the possibilities for sound design and performance potential. '

For more NAMM 2019 synthesizer coverage, please subscribe to this channel and check out"

Toraiz AS-1 Sounds (and Coffee) Part 5: "Sequencer Shenanigans"

Published on Jan 24, 2019 Stochastic Design

"Well, maybe not 'shenanigans' but at least we show off the simple, yet effective sequencer of the AS-1. It should really be viewed more as a sketch pad similar to sequencers that used to be built into some older synths such as the SH-101, but as it offers real-time transposing of sequences and is so easy to program, it's a useful addition nevertheless."

Stochastic Design Toraiz AS-1 Sounds

Namm overview first looks - Walkthrough from Expanding Sound

Started streaming 12 minutes ago Expanding Sound

Also check out SynthMania's 1st walkthrough here.

NAMM 2019: New Modules From Qu-Bit

Published on Jan 24, 2019 Analogue Zone Showroom / Synths and Studio

AnalogueZone ►

Fractal sequencer
32 step sequencer with 2 channels, pattern saving and an infinite number of variations from our fractal algorithm.
ETA: September
MSRP: $329

Chord v2
Half the size - twice the functionality
Polyphonic oscillator in 14HP - custom chords, new wavetables, and four voice polyphonic mode
ETA: May
MSRP: $299

Multi-dimensional signal processor with stereo inputs and outputs.
An assortment of DSP effects mapped to a 3-dimensional sonic space.
ETA: March
MSRP: $249

Sequential Prophet X Part. 1 Demo by DKS SYNTH LAB

Published on Jan 23, 2019 DKS SYNTH LAB

Spectrasonics Releases Major Omnisphere 2.5 Update

Note Omnisphere 2.5 is the update announced back in 2018 that introduced the ability to control Omnisphere software models with and based on various hardware synths. It is now available. The press release follows:

We are happy to announce the release of a major update of our flagship software synthesizer, Omnisphere®. With the new version 2.5, Omnisphere becomes the first software synth in the world to offer a Hardware Synth Integration feature, which transforms over 30 well-known hardware synthesizers into extensive hands-on controllers that unlock Omnisphere’s newly expanded synthesis capabilities. Simply put, this ground-breaking new feature makes using Omnisphere feel just like using a hardware synth! The extensive new FREE update also features a newly announced hi-resolution interface, support for Windows Multitouch, new Granular Synthesis capabilities and a stunning new sound library of over 1000 brand new sounds, bringing the total number of included sounds to over 14,000.

Hardware Synth Integration
This remarkable innovation bridges the physical experience gap between software and hardware, giving users intuitive control of Omnisphere by using the familiar layout of their supported hardware synth. The initial release officially supports over 30 popular hardware synthesizers from Moog®, Dave Smith Instruments®, Roland®, Korg®, Novation®, Nord, Access, Studiologic, Sequential® and more to come. The supported hardware synths cover a wide range of types and price ranges for different types of users.

Arturia MicroFreak @ NAMM 2019

Published on Jan 24, 2019 Bedroom Producers Blog

"Arturia MicroFreak digital synthesizer demo at the 2019 NAMM Show. Microfreak combines digital oscillators with a self-resonating analog filter, along with a powerful sequencer and arpeggiator for live use."

See here for the announcement post.

Black Corporation KIJIMI, Xerxes, and Deckard’s Dream at NAMM

A few pics spotted by Soviet Space Child. KIJIMI pictured left, followed by Xerxes and Deckard’s Dream.

Great shot of Roman with his eyes rolled back in his head below. :)

"We are ready for @thenammshow! KIJIMI, XERXES, Deckard’s Dream, Expander and a large bean bag are waiting at a booth #10405"

Korg Delta 49 Key Polyphonic Synthesizer SN 281590

via this auction


via this auction

MFB Step-64 Sequencer

via this auction

"Comes with two Midi to CV/Gate cables, and power adapter. User's manual can be found online.

• Step-sequencer with up to 64 steps
• Up to 4-voice polyphony (16 steps)
• 4 banks with 118 memory locations each
• Midi in/out and 4 x cv/gate outs
• Programmmable velocity, gate-time and 2 x cv outs
• 15 shuffle settings
• 16 song memory locations each with up to 128 sequences"

Ocean Swift - Defiant WT - FREE Wavetable/Additive/Subtractive Hybrid Synth & Wabetables Pack

Ocean Swift - Defiant WT - FREE Wavetable/Additive/Subtractive Hybrid

Slick and compact but packs a powerful punch and a host of advanced features. Providing wavetable, additive and subtractive synthesis in an efficiently clever design with a unique modulation arsenal, Defiant WT is creative, grungy, intuitive, fun and to the point.

Grab it FREE. Format: VSTi 32/64 Bit Windows:

Ocean Swift Wabetables Pack

A gigantic pack of Wavetables and Singlecycle waveforms that you can load into Defiant WT and many other popular wavetable Synthesizers. Available in 2048/1024/512/256/128 Format, More Info Here.

TOP 7 SYNTHESIZER APPS 2018 for iPad and iPhone │ haQ attaQ 311

Published on Jan 24, 2019 Jakob Haq

"Here's my top 7 iOS Synth apps that came out in 2018 for iPad and iPhone! This was not an easy top list to make, because there was a huge amount of synths to choose from. Now I know that Im late to the game with my "best of" video, however I am happy that I did wait. Because as usual there where some "straggler apps" that came out late in the year and I wanted to be able to choose from all of them, Check it out!"

Behringer Pre-NAMM Event [Episode 107]

Published on Jan 24, 2019 CatSynth TV

"Behringer presented their latest synthesizer offerings, including some brand new models, at the MUSIC Tribe Pre-NAMM event in the Chatsworth neighborhood of Los Angeles. We try out a few of the instruments for ourselves

The synthesizers we previewed include:
Behringer Odyssey
Vocoder VC340
Rhythm Design RD-808
MS-101 monophonic analog synthesizer

The VC340 and Neutron are currently available, the others are still in preview.

For more NAMM coverage, please subscribe to this channel and visit"

New Eurorack Modules from 2hp

Sine wave VCO with sub output and wavefolding
ETA: May
MSRP: $149

Physical modeling voice
ETA: March
MSRP: $149

Granular processor
ETA: April
MSRP: $149

DC offset generator
ETA: February
MSRP: $89

Buchla BEMI Introduces New “Red Panel" Brand

Buchla U.S.A. introduces an independent division of new products under the brand name “Red Panel.”

Minneapolis, Minnesota January 24, 2019: Announcing Buchla U.S.A.’s introduction of a subsidiary company called “Red Panel.” Red Panel was created to pursue new and innovative Buchla-related musical instruments that are priced within the reach of the average musician. For its first line of products, Red Panel has worked closely with Dave Small of Catalyst Audio and Buchla artist consultant Todd Barton in order to bring Don Buchla’s seminal product line, the 100 Series, to the Eurorack format. Nine modules will be introduced and demonstrated at the NAMM convention, including the 106 (Six Channel Mixer), the 110 Quad Voltage Controlled Gate, the 156 Control Voltage Processor, the 156 (modern version), the 158 Dual Channel Oscillator, the 180 Dual Attack Generator, the 112 Touch Controlled Voltage Source, the 190 Dual Reverberator, the 193 (Combination of 194 and 191) Dual LoPass / Bandpass Filters, and a 6U 84HP case. These products will be available in the Spring of 2019.

Buchla U.S.A. will continue to meet the needs of Buchla customers through the production of high-quality historic synthesis/performance technology with a focus on and celebration of Don Buchla's legacy.

By listening to the needs of composers at the San Francisco Tape Music Center, Don Buchla created one of the first modular voltage-controlled electronic instruments in the mid-1960s as only a gifted designer and engineer could. His innovative and seminal musical instruments have inspired composers and listeners alike for over 50 years."

Update: see this post for a NAMM floor demo.

New Flame Mäander Desktop Synthesizer & Filter Bank Pic, Details, & Demos

See the update here.

New intellijel Scales 8hp Dual-Channel Note Quantizer and Step Sequencer

Aphex of Scales Published on Jan 24, 2019 Intellijel

Update: playlist added above with the following videos:

1. Aphex of Scales
2. Scales Weighs In
3. Scales Trigger Modes
4. Sequencing With Scales
5. Spinning Melodies With Scales

"Scales is an 8hp dual-channel note quantizer and step sequencer. Fundamentally, it takes an input voltage, quantizes it to notes in a user-defined scale, and sends that quantized voltage to an output, where you can use it as a melodic pitch source for oscillators or any other module that expects to see discreet note values at its input.

Scales goes far beyond the fundamental, allowing you unprecedented control of the pitches and intervals hiding inside your control voltages; turn LFO’s into arpeggiators; random voltages into harmonic counterpoint; and unquantized external CV sequencers into chromatically tuned note sequencers.

Quantization can be locked to an incoming trigger. There are a number of trigger output options as well, ranging from no triggering (good for pitch shifting drones); through triggers that sync with either of the two outputs (or both); to a trigger or gate transmitted in sync with one sent to the module’s TRIG input.


Scales features two independent outputs, enabling you to create shifted harmonic intervals within your chosen scale using only a single pitch input. Using the SHIFT input you can modulate changes on OUT A and/or OUT B.

You can also use the shift input to switch between scales or to change the root of any existing scale pattern or split Scales into two quantizers — each conforming to a common scale, but fed entirely different voltage sources.


Scales also features a 128-step SH-101 style step sequencer (complete with storage for up to 35 fully programmable patterns) — allowing you to feed OUT B with sequenced notes and rhythm patterns, while OUT A continues to function as a standard pitch quantizer for external voltages. You can even sync the sequencer to quantizer events on OUT A.


CV inputs and outputs operate in a -10v to +10v range with 1v/oct scaling
1-octave keyboard for selecting scale notes in real time and LED buttons provide visual feedback of quantizing
Save and recall up to 35 different scales and sequences, arranged in 5 banks (black keys) of 7 scales each (white keys)
35 factory scale patterns included
High resolution precision DAC for accurate pitch generation
Adjustable trigger delay
Input filtering eliminates jitter
Low latency"

New intellijel Steppy 3U 4-Track 64-Step Programmable Gate Sequencer

Published on Jan 24, 2019 Intellijel

1. Tap Recording With Steppy 3U
Rhythms can be played live in Steppy's Tap Recording Mode. When active you can finger drum the four tracks and delete steps from the sequence.
2. Rhythmic Variations From Single Step Patterns With Steppy 3U
Steppy provides a number of methods to add interesting variations to even the simplest patterns. In this video each track is sending a single step pattern, but with per track clock division, random ratcheting, and probability settings, a huge range of rhythms can quickly and easily be achieved.
3. Producing and Perusing Patterns With Steppy 3U
Steppy has a number of quick and easy shortcuts to create patterns, but can also store up to 8 patterns. Steppy will automatically reload the last saved or loaded pattern the next time it powers up. Saved patterns are great for creating basic rhythms to use as departure points, or to set up the structure of a song or live set in advance.

"Steppy is a 4-track programmable gate sequencer with eight internal memory slots, external clocking, numerous tweakable parameters, and a performance-first design aesthetic.

Each track features numerous independent parameters that govern its playback independently of the other tracks. Specifically:

Each track has its own length, which can range from 1-step to 64-steps, allowing for polyrhythms, fills, or constantly evolving gate interactions between tracks.
Each track has its own gate length, which ranges from very short to very long, with tied gates possible at the extreme setting.
Each track has its own clock divider, allowing patterns to play out over completely different periods of time.
Each track has its own swing setting, which offsets the timing of every other step.
Each track has its own delay setting, which offsets the timing of every step.
Each track has its own probability control, which sets the likelihood that each programmed gate will fire when called upon by the pattern.
Each track can be shifted (or ‘rotated’) forward or backward by a number of steps. So if you’ve created a pattern that ‘feels’ like it has its downbeat on step 3, you can shift that pattern two steps to the left, so that the downbeat sits on step 1.
Tracks can be programmed by entering active steps on the grid or tapped in live as the sequence is moving. Tracks can be selected and modified in real time as the sequence plays. A select button allows you to directly access each track (and each page of 16 steps within that track) directly through Steppy’s intuitive multifunction buttons array.

Tracks can be individually muted and unmuted, and a special performance mode (called “Loopy”) enables you to touch any two gate steps and instantly create a performance that loops between those steps.

Track patterns can be cleared without clearing its playback parameters, and all track patterns (along with their individual playback and performance parameters) can be saved as a preset to one of eight internal memory slots.

Also available in 1U."


Published on Jan 24, 2019 The Tuesday Night Machines

"VLK and I had a beer, shared a clock signal and improvised on our modular synthesizers. MORE INFO BELOW!


PixelNoises Synth T-Shirts by The Tuesday Night Machines:


Audio gear used:
- Eurorack Modular Synthesizer with Verbos Complex Oscillator, Piston Honda, Make Noise RenĂŠ, ADDAC 506, Metasonix craziness, Maths and more.
- Tangible Waves AE Modular Synth with LOPAG, MULTIFX, Grand Square, Spring Reverb, SVFilter, Nyle Filter and more."

Korg M1 Modded circuit bent / textures sounds and pads with modular

Published on Jan 24, 2019 Polynominaldotcom

"Just modded and bent the classic M1/M1r wavetable with 6 switches on the back of the machine. 5 sounds demo with circuit bent options.
First 3 demo with normal Midi keyboard, In 2 others, the Mi1r is driven by an algorithmic generator module 'Turing machine' . Generated patterns are midi converted with a doepfer a-162 cv to midi module."

Oberheim Xpander | Living in the Matrix

Published on Jan 24, 2019 Alex Ball

"The Oberheim Xpander (1984) is quite a curious release from the legendary developer.

It has the classic muscly Oberheim sound with 6-voice polyphony at 2 VCOs per-voice. However, it then becomes very interesting because it then has some deep digital control. There's five LFOs and five envelopes per voice, lag processing, tracking generators, ramp generators a filter with 15 modes and a whole bunch more. Pretty amazing for 1984!

The instrument is fairly chunky, but most of the control is built around page diving and a modulation matrix. So, it would be absolutely enormous if they had a switch or potentiometer for each function. It's kind of a modular-esque synth without any cables and some elements being virtual.

Furthermore, there are multi-patches where a different single patch can be loaded for each of the six voices. The voices also have their own CV/Gate and discrete outputs if you so wish. It's also fully midi equipped and so some folk use the Xpander as a midi to CV converter to control various parts of a modular rig.

After I'd read the manual and got my head around the workflow, I programmed a few patches, tweaked a few others already saved on the unit, did some live playing, some midi and some CV/gate sequencing and this was the result.

All synth sounds: Oberheim Xpander
Midi control via Prophet REV2 and my DAW
Drums: Oberheim DX
Vocals: Recorded with an AKG C414
Guitar: Dan Electro Baritone / Boss HM-2 / Fender Blues Junior mic'd with an SM57"

Buromaschinen | Abstract Thinking | Monomachine solo | From Focus Range EP

Published on Jan 23, 2019

"Abstract Thinking"
From the album "Focus Range EP" by Buromaschinen.

Tech notes:
Recorded live.
Sequenced on Elektron Monomachine.
Synthesizer: Monomachine.
Additional reverb: Strymon Bigsky.

Video shot on a mobile phone in Tokyo, Mori Building.
Buromaschinen is part of the distant future association,

NAMM 2019: Rossum Electro-Music Trident Oscillator

Published on Jan 24, 2019 sonicstate

New Moffenzeef Intensifies Effects Pedal

Published on Jan 14, 2019 Møffenzeef Mødular

“Nø, it’s nøt a guitar pedal”
















DIMENSIØNS: 4.75” X 3.5 ” X 2.2”

New Flame Mäander Desktop Synthesizer & Filter Bank


Higher-res pic above, specs and demos in via Flame. Click the image to read the labels.

"4-voice synthesizer with dynamic controllable analog 12 channel filter bank
including live sequencer with 12 filter channel tracks and polyphonic note track
wavetable sound synthesis, compatible with 4VOX wavetables
individual filter/amp envelopes, morphing filter types
full midi-usb functions... and more
metal case 300x195x60mm
release date: april/may 2019

All sounds and sequences come exclusively from the MÄANDER. No effects and drum machines were used.





Original post via Stromkult:

"Flame showed a prototype of their first desktop synthesizer, the Mäander, at the NAMM show 2019. Calling this instrument extraordinary is almost an understatement. Thanks to its digital oscillator, which comes equipped with parameters like Contour and Unisono, the Mäander is capable of generating an astonishing spectrum of sounds. Huge basses, velvety soft to metallic leads and pads as well as a wide range of effect sounds can be created in no time. Highlight of the instrument, however, is its flexibly controllable, fully analog filter bank with twelve bands and eight filter types. In detail, there are high-pass, three band-pass modes, notch, low-pass and LP / BP as well as LP / HP combinations. The most impressive sounds that were heard at the NAMM show had a strong vocal-like character. Other synthesis features include two LFOs with variable shape as well as sync, re-trigger and one shot modes, an ADSR envelope plus a nifty live sequencer. The latter is not exactly made to notate melodies, but more of a complex, yet easy to handle arpeggiator. All in all, the Mäander appears to be a highly innovative instrument. – We can’t wait to give it a proper test drive!"

NAMM 2019 part 1 - quick look at the setups from SynthMania

Published on Jan 24, 2019 SynthMania

"I'm at NAMM 2019 and will be posting videos from the event for the next two-three days, stay tuned"

Love these videos as they give you a sense of actually being there. Check out Novation's arcade booth at 3:35. And don't miss the very end. ;)

ROLI: NEW Cypher2 Expander: Textured Waves with Songmaker Kit

Published on Jan 24, 2019 ROLI

"Dive into Textured Waves, an ambient ocean of deep, dark and spacious sounds for your Cypher2 or Cypher2 Player library!

Featuring ghostly tones, overdriven oscillations and ever-evolving drones, these presets are essential for soundtracks, sound effects or adding more depth to any composition.

Some sounds are available in both standard and 5D versions, for conventional and MPE MIDI controllers respectively. 5D versions are optimised for the Seaboard and BLOCKS."

Official Behringer ODYSSEY Introduction Video

Published on Jan 24, 2019 BEHRINGER

"Introducing the Behringer ODYSSEY"

NAMM 2019: Sensel Morph Buchla Thunder Overlay

Published on Jan 24, 2019 sonicstate

"Buchla's pioneering interface controller is back and on the Sensel Morph."

Arturia Announces the MicroFreak - Hybrid Hardware Synthesizer Like No Other

Published on Jan 24, 2019 Arturia

Update: be sure to see this post.

Priced at $349/299€, available this Spring.

"A synthesizer like no other, MicroFreak is a peculiar, exceptional instrument that rewards the curious musician. It blends wavetable and digital oscillators with analog filters. It features a unique poly-aftertouch flat keyboard. It adds controlled randomness to sequences. This isn’t a revolution, it’s a mutiny."

Whether you’re looking for your first, affordable hardware synth or are collector looking for original sounds and unique interface, MicroFreak is the synth you need.

This out-there little music machine features a versatile digital oscillator so you can create rare and interesting sounds with ease. Modes like Texturer, KarplusStrong, Harmonic OSC, and Superwave give adventurous musicians the chance to explore totally new, unheard possibilities. Like having dozens of synths in just one instrument, both wild-eyed newcomers and seasoned professionals will fall in love with MicroFreak’s flexible, powerful synth engine.

Small but fierce

MicroFreak packs so much in to such a compact instrument, you'll wonder how we did it. We'd love to say it was magic, but it was pure skill and passion.

Physical modelling, wavetable synthesis, virtual analog, there is nothing as complete and exciting as the MicroFreak oscillator on the market. It's hard to believe from such a small synth, but here it is, ready for you to explore. Excite your creativity and reward your curiosity with a large, diverse sound palette. MicroFreak features 13 awesome oscillators, 5 bespoke Arturia engines, and 8 modes from our partners at Mutable Instruments.

There's a little freak inside you, and this instrument will bring it out.

The best of both worlds

Even though MicroFreak has a digital oscillator at its heart, “opposites attract” as the saying goes. That’s why we’ve included a lush-sounding analog filter.
Inspired by the trailblazing 12-dB Oberheim SEM filter, you can make MicroFreak’s filter scream or whisper to taste. The filter is state-variable, and can even auto-oscillate! You can use this is any way you like, from taking the edge of the razor-sharp wavetable sounds, or automating the cutoff by modulating it with keyboard pressure or the in-built sequencer.

Wait. Did we mention that MicroFreak has a sequencer? And a mod matrix? Things are about to get seriously interesting...

Taste the spice, throw the dice

MicroFreak is packed with unique, exciting features that let you create music with a fresh perspective.
Record up to four automations, edit notes per step or use the innovative Spice and Dice sequencer functions to find happy accidents. Add randomization to create evolving, original patterns, and virtually rewire and reconfigure its signal chain and controls with the 5x7 modulation matrix.

This truly is a budget-friendly synth like no other.

“That’s a funny looking keyboard”

That’s right, it is. It isn’t really even a keyboard. It’s a PCB. Super-flat, with no moving parts. Will it track lightning-fast synth solos? You bet. Better than a traditional keyboard, actually.
Will it let you be expressive? Of course, it’s not only pressure sensitive, but also offers poly-aftertouch. This means each key can control parameters in a different way depending on how much you touch.

You can also use its USB, MIDI, and CV outputs to control instruments in your DAW and modular synths. This also means that you can also use MicroFreak as a controller to experience polyphonic aftertouch with cutting edge software instruments.

UVI Introduces FM Suite - 5-Instrument ExposĂŠ of Vintage FM Synthesis

Published on Jan 24, 2019 UVI

FM Suite is a collection of 5 new and updated instruments that deliver the history of FM synthesis straight into your DAW. From the sounds of singular instruments like the dual 6-operator DX1 and 8-operator FVX-1, to the early GS2, ubiquitous DX7, and everywhere in-between, FM Suite gives you a huge range of expertly programmed and immaculately sampled vintage FM sounds made with the genuine hardware. Explore hundreds of custom-designed presets, quickly edit them with modern controls, add high-quality built-in effects, and create unique layered hybrids. FM Suite delivers the ultimate collection of authentic vintage FM sounds!

Each of the 5 instruments in FM Suite provides a detailed sound design exposĂŠ of an individual or group of vintage FM synthesizers, including a full complement of custom designed patches from iconic bass, brass, electric pianos, pads, plucks, bells and keys to experimental ambiences, fx and more.

Moog Grandmother Midnight Modulation Madness Analog Synthesizer Rik Marston

Published on Jan 24, 2019 SynthgodXXX

#mooggrandmother #moogmusicinc #rikmarston
Moog Grandmother "Midnight Modulation Madness"
Synthesizer Demo by Rik Marston
**Watch in HD!!** **Turn it UP!!!**

Here is the Moog Grandmother hooked up to my legendary
ART Multi Verb LT once owned by famous musician / producer
Steve Schiff (Nana Hagen / Simple Minds) Hi Steve!!!! :)

The Moog Grandmother in ACTION! I am using preset
Delay setting L3 at 49% on the ART Multi Verb LT.
Out there tripping beyond the stars... EPIC SYNTH!!!
This is me late night tweaking, no other FX used
but the ART Multi Verb LT then into Ableton LIVE.

Thank you for watching!
Support the SynthgodXXX channel!
Please buy these AWESOME Sample Packs!!

Need any Synthesizer Samples for your next track
and want to save a TON of money? Here are only a few
of my HQ synthesizer sample collections in .WAV format
able to load into ANY device that reads .WAV files!

Moog Collection
DSI Collection
Roland Collection
Sequential Prophet-6
Dave Smith / Oberheim OB-6

Reason Complex-1 // MEGA TUTORIAL

Published on Jan 24, 2019 DivKidVideo

"TIMING INDEX / SECTIONS BELOW - My index is so long (aka so much in the video) I have no room to write anything else! So here's Complex-1 which is a rack extension for Reason. I worked with them making some patches (bonus free patches to come) and there's a few videos coming too. Here's the first! Enjoy, grab a drink and skip around below.

00:00 introduction

00:28 Complex-1 overview


Complex Osc

01:00 Buchla 259 heritage and features

01:40 Waveforms and waveshaping

02:28 Mod bus - FM / frequency modulation and modulating FM depth

New from Native Instruments

Published on Jan 24, 2019 Native Instruments

Introducing KOMPLETE KONTROL 2.1 – For the Music in You | Native Instruments
Introducing KOMPLETE START – For the Music in You | Native Instruments
Introducing KOMPLETE KONTROL M32 – For the Music in You | Native Instruments
Introducing KOMPLETE AUDIO 1 and 2 – For the Music in You | Native Instruments

Press release (KONTROL M32 hardware pics below):

NI announces new entry-level hardware, a free tier of KOMPLETE, TRAKTOR DJ 2, integration for MASCHINE and KOMPLETE KONTROL, and more

Berlin, January 24, 2019 – Following its biggest ever release in September 2018, Native Instruments today announces four new easy-to-use, affordable, and powerful products. Included are two new KOMPLETE audio interfaces, the most portable KOMPLETE KONTROL keyboard to date, a new free tier of the KOMPLETE production suite, and a new generation of the TRAKTOR DJ app. These new products are accompanied by a refresh of, the expansion of Native Kontrol Standard (NKS) to include loops and samples, and tighter integration of with updated MASCHINE and KOMPLETE KONTROL software – further integrating NI’s connected ecosystem of creative tools into one seamless workflow.

With some of Native Instruments lowest price points and most user-friendly products to date, these releases mark another major milestone in the company’s journey towards making musical creativity more intuitive and accessible to all.

New starting points for producers and DJs
For producers, the release includes new hardware and software in the KOMPLETE range. A new 32-key portable keyboard, KOMPLETE KONTROL M32, is designed to provide the same hands-on workflow and comprehensive Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) integration as the S-Series and A-Series controllers, but with a smaller footprint and a lower price point. Available in March, the M32 comes with everything a new producer needs to sketch out, tweak, and finalize a track. The package includes MASCHINE Essentials, Ableton Live 10 Lite, NI’s acclaimed MONARK synthesizer, and more.

The M32 is joined by KOMPLETE AUDIO 1 and 2 – the first two offerings in a new range of slick, easy-to-use audio interfaces. Both are available from March 19, and offer pristine sound quality with different in/out connection options. The interfaces include a generous software package, featuring synths, effects, MASCHINE Essentials, and Ableton Live 10 Lite – again providing everything a producer needs to create full tracks from start to finish. KOMPLETE AUDIO 1 and 2 will also be welcomed by a wide community of singer-songwriters, YouTubers, podcasters, and gamers looking for great sound.

Now everyone can explore the acclaimed sound of NI's KOMPLETE production suites, with the introduction of KOMPLETE START – an entirely free collection featuring 15 studio-quality instruments, 2 effects, and a best-of selection of nearly 1,500 loops and samples from Expansions sound packs. Included is the floor-shaking low-end of TRK-01 Bass, the vibrant synth sounds of MIKRO PRISM, and expertly-crafted sampled instruments ranging from electric pianos to drum machines. The collection also includes creative sound design tools, essential effects like the SUPERCHARGER tube compressor, and more.

Introducing Moog Sirin | Analog Messenger of Joy

Published on Jan 24, 2019 Moog Music Inc

"Seclude yourself and let the music sweep you away. Seek to become newly aware of yourself, the world of nature around you, the people near you. And If you feel it, express yourself.

Introducing Sirin: Analog Messenger of Joy, a new instrument for creative expression that oscillates in the higher octaves of experience.

Sirin is a limited-edition synthesizer module created in celebration of the Moog House of Electronicus and based on the legendary Moog Taurus sound engine. Presented in the familiar compact form of the Moog Minitaur, Sirin is the first instrument in Moog’s Taurus family of bass synthesizers designed to generate pitches far above middle C, with an extended frequency range that reaches notes up to D8.

In this video, Nick Sanborn (Sylvan Esso, Made Of Oak) explores the power of sound using Sirin and DFAM analog synthesizers. Sanborn weaves multiplexed patterns of sound waves--translating the thoughts and feelings of the collective individual into a shared musical experience.

With the exception of the DFAM’s percussive analog backbeat, all sounds in this video came from Sirin. Nick Sanborn uses the free downloadable Sirin Editor Librarian software to automate and recall parameter settings as he layers multiple monophonic tracks from Sirin.

A limited production run of 2500 Sirin will be produced by the employee-owners at the Moog Factory in Asheville, NC--after which no more will be available. Sirin is available for order right now at (US Only--For international orders, please reach out to the Authorized Moog Distributor in your region)."

• Brushed stainless steel chassis
• Two modified Moog Taurus analog oscillators with Hard Sync
• Moog Taurus Ladder Filter (20Hz - 20kHz)
• Two lightning-fast ADSR envelopes
• Multi-wave LFO w/ MIDI sync
• Glide with selectable type
• Up to 128 onboard presets
• Extensive hidden functionality accessible via front panel and MIDI
• Free Editor / Librarian standalone and plugin software
• Handcrafted by Moog’s Employee-owners in Asheville, NC

POLYPHONY: Monophonic (Can be poly-chained)
SOUND SOURCES: 2 Oscillators with Saw and Square waveforms
VCO 2 FREQ: +/- 12 Semitones
GLIDE: Selectable LCR, LCT, EXP - Legato On / Off
FILTER: 20Hz - 20KHz Ladder Filter
MODULATION SOURCES: Triangle, Square, Saw, Ramp, Sample & Hold, and Filter EG
MODULATION DESTINATIONS: Oscillator Pitch, Oscillator 2 Pitch only, and Filter Cutoff
ENVELOPES: 2x ADSR Envelopes w/ Legato On, Legato Off, and EG Reset
MIDI I/O: DIN In, and MIDI I/O over USB
ASSIGNABLE CV / GATE INPUTS: Filter CV (Fixed Dest.), Pitch CV (Default), Volume CV (Default), Gate (Default)
WEIGHT: 2.8lbs
DIMS: 3.1”H x 8.6”W x 5.2”D


Patch n Tweak

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