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Wednesday, September 04, 2019

KORG KROSS 88 MB - The definitive “do-everything” synth workstation

Published on Sep 4, 2019

"The definitive 'do-everything' synth workstation, with a huge variety of sounds and a new matte black finish.Keys, drums, sequences, sampling, and a performance powerhouse. The 88-key model of the all-in-one KROSS 2 synthesizer is now available in a 'super matte black' rubberized finish."


"The definitive “do-everything” synth workstation, with a huge variety of sounds and a new matte black finish.

Keys, drums, sequences, sampling, and a performance powerhouse. The 88-key model of the all-in-one KROSS 2 synthesizer is now available in a "super matte black" rubberized finish. Packed with all the immediacy and huge sound of the KROSS 2, it features an additional expansion that adds all-new programs including a beautifully resonant acoustic piano.

Designed to be your main keyboard, Kross 2 features everything a performer needs, far exceeding its class in power and usability.

Rubberized matte black finish is sleek and uniquely durable
The KROSS 2-88-MB features a great-feeling rubberized finish in "super matte black,” simultaneously sleek and elegant, but also durable and comfortable.

Rich sounds powered by added PCM
A diverse array of more than 1,000 preset sounds has been supplemented by additional PCM with 128 new programs that include piano and electric piano, and also fulfill your needs for cutting-edge EDM with synth and drum sounds plus 27 drum track patterns.

Piano weight keybed for natural performance
The KROSS 2-88-MB features KORG’s NH (Natural Weighted Hammer Action) keybed. The NH keybed has a realistic and comfortable piano-style hammer, with a heavier feel in the lower register and a touch that becomes lighter as you move into the high register, allowing the subtle nuances of your fingertips to show through in your performance. This keybed is perfect for playing piano and electric piano sounds while being light and portable for bringing KROSS 2 to your gigs!"

Curves : Flame - Quick Tips and Audio Demo

Published on Sep 4, 2019 Robotopsy Robotopsy

"Quick overview and audio Demo of the Curves from Flame.
Analogue Moving Resonance Filter Bank."

Flame Curves

Tanzbar 2 Business Techno

Published on Sep 4, 2019 Cave Way

Motor City Headspace

Bustin // Neil Cicierega [Dark Synth Cover]

Published on Sep 4, 2019 Ace Waters

These are great as you can see what each synth is doing in the track. In order of appearance: Teenage Engineering OP-1, Moog Voyager XL, Sequential Prophet-6, Elektron Digitakt, Korg Minilogue XD, Tempest.

Deftaudio MacroPot Programable MIDI Controller

Published on Sep 4, 2019 DeftAudio

1. Deftaudio MacroPot Introduction and explanation
2. Deftaudio MacroPot operation in Synclavier mode
3. Deftaudio MacroPot quick play [with Sequential Prophet X]
4. Deftaudio MacroPot Assembly Guide

"Deftaudio MacroPot is a single knob deeply programable MIDI controller with extended interface capabilities based around Teensy HW and Arduino programming model. It’s designed to be the most compact Teensy3.2 MIDI implementation in a very dense packaging inside a rugged enclosure. You don’t need to be experienced in Arduino programming, it comes with full featured firmware. However for experienced users can leverage an Open Source firmware available for your own modifications.

Hardware features:
- Rotary dual color (with brightness control) encoder with a push button
- OLED display for a visual feedback and preset information
- Up/Down buttons for a preset management
- 1 x MIDI Input (3.5mm TRS MIDI A or B)
- 3 x MIDI Output (3.5mm TRS MIDI A or B)
- USB MIDI Class compliant with 4 x MIDI devices under OS (1 physical port)
- 1 x Audio/CV/trigger/sync output (via PWM or DAC)
- Programmable activity LED
- Standalone operation from a power bank or power supply.

Software features:
- MacroPot is based around the idea of controlling multiple parameters at a time and quick switching between presets (macro). Within a current macro it’s possible to assign up to 5 simultaneous active controllers for transmit as well as a push button behavior. This allows to create layers or splits in values, assign controllers to different events, messages and MIDI ports, implement curves. MacroPot is also a 1x3 MIDI interface device with merging capability, which enables it at any place in the setup — as a USB controller for any class compliant device or pass through HW MIDI input for your gear.


Available at: Tindie & eBay

Update: pic of the new Deftaudio MacroPot Programable MIDI Controller:


Published on Aug 30, 2019 ULTIMATE PATCHES

From supporting member, ULTIMATE PATCHES.


A megaload of brand new Ultimate Patches for the analog DeepMind! Compatible with DeepMind 12/12D/6, and loaded with retro, modern and futuristic polys, leads, basses, percussion, and fx. This new collection covers synthwave, cinematic, hip hop, trap, pop, dubstep, vintage and modern house, trance, reggae, retrocade and more!

(Compatible with DeepMind 12 / 12D / 6)

SWEET SUMMER SALE Starting at $24.99 @"

Roland SH 7 Sync

Published on Sep 4, 2019 UFO LFO

UFO LFO Roland SH 7 videos

Clavia Nord Lead 1 Expanded Synth SN 513848

via this auction

"Original Nord Lead 1 with the 12 voice expansion option installed."

Moog Matriarch Moogfest Edition

via this auction

"Single digit serial number! Brand new in the box!!!"

Yamaha SK50D 1980 Vintage Analog Synthesizer SN 1775

via this auction

"Recently cleaned and repaired, complete with case and all four legs."

Upcoming Events at Switched On Austin - KORG & Erica Synths

via Switched On

korg / volca happy hour
with korg specialist nick kwas
9/17/19 / 6pm through 8pm
in store / refreshments


erica synths / demo and performance
with erica specialists girts and ravin
9/13/19 / 3pm through 6pm
in store / refreshments

chipresearch 0x04: The rigs we've created for chipsynth MD

Second video added to this post.

ik multimedia UNO DRUM // factory kits // KICK 2 // A

Published on Sep 4, 2019 LESINDES

"Playing all factory kits of IK MULTIMEDIA UNO DRUM. This is featuring the machine's KICK 1 which is disigned a bit like the legendary 909. Another following video is dedicated to KICK 2 which is more 808-style."

Oracle Vol 2 - Sequential Prophet 12 - Patches 1 to 25 -

Published on Sep 4, 2019 GEOSynths

"To be released later in September 2019.

After quite some time, GEOSynths is back with the fantastic Sequential Prophet 12. Twice the power this time as ALL Patches use both Layers for Evolving Pad's, Textures over time, Cutting Leads and a whole host of other great Sounds.

There is a few Split Patches, however the majority are 2 Layer Stacks for Ultimate Power."

1982 Roland Juno-60 "We design the future" Brochure

via Retro Synth Ads where you'll find the full write-up and the rest of the scans.

Synth Wizards Episode 8: The Elusive DX1

Premiered Sep 2, 2019 Syntaur

Syntaur on Reverb

"The Wizards were challenged to find an ultra-rare synthesizer for a client who has been on the search for one for decades. It took a year, and a cross-country adventure - and in the end (spoiler alert!), everyone was smiling."

DX1 demo mixtape

"These tracks were recorded direct from the DX1 with no external processing or effects, and Sam is playing along live to a drum loop from the Ensoniq ASR-X. These grooves were just off-the-cuff improvisations, and we didn't worry about fixing any bad notes, sloppy timings, etc."


Uploaded on Jul 18, 2019 BoBeats

Supporting MATRIXSYNTH Member BoBeats will be coming to SOUNDMIT 2019, a major synth event of the year held in Turin, Italy, November 2nd & 3rd. The event is on the scale of the SUPERBOOTH, and Knobcon (set for this weekend). Think NAMM or the Musikmesse, but focused on synths.


"The Swedish influencer BoBeats arrives at Soundmit 2019 to discover all the musical instruments produced in Italy.

We learned about Bo from his videos and social media channels where he publishes reviews, opinions, and tutorials on the world of synths and musical instruments. With a following of over 50k followers on Youtube and with videos exceeding hundreds of thousands of views, it has become a reference point among fans and manufacturers of synthesizers and electronic musical instruments. Bo will be at the Soundmit on November 2nd and 3rd 2019 to meet the exhibitors, get to know our audience and make a series of videos that will be published on his channels. Get to know BoBeats at the Soundmit!"

You can find videos featuring BoBeats here on MATRIXSYNTH. His Soundmit videos will be featured here as well.

myVolts Gear Swap at Dublin Culture Night 2019

via myVolts

"Got any music gear gathering dust? Sure you do, so bring it along to the myVolts Gear Swap at Dublin Culture Night 2019! Whatever you're looking to offload: Eurorack modules, synths, effects pedals, MIDI controllers, drum machines, audio interfaces - or anything else!

When? Friday 20th September 2019 from 5pm to 9pm

Where? Dublin City, Ireland: The Ampitheatre, in the Liberties and Historic Quarter, Wood Quay, Dublin 2

Stop by, have a hang - we'll be talking gear, power, and giving away freebies! Alleviate your Gear Acquisition Syndrome guilt at the friendliest environmentally-friendly event of Culture Night.
Everyone who stops by and has a chat will get a free myVolts Hot Tip power tester, and anyone who swaps gear will get a free myVolts Ripcord USB to DC power cable! We'll be set up for testing, playing, and noise-making too.

Got gear? There's loads of ways to show it off:

Just post it on this myVolts forum thread - click the "Answer" button. You can exchange Instagram, Twitter details if you like, or link to your posts on socials.

Post pics and description to your socials with tag #myVoltsCultureNight

Tag myVolts accounts into your posts, we'll repost and put it about!

myVolts Instagram: @myvolts

myVolts Twitter: @myvoltsTweets

Or just bring gear along on the night!

Any questions? Mail Caroline from myVolts, email address caroline AT myvolts DOT com or get in touch on Twitter:"

myVolts on eBay | myVolts on Reverb | myVolts on Amazon

myVolts: The mickXer - kick-ass 5-way passive mixer w/ noise filtering

via @MyVoltsTweets

"COMING SOON from myVolts: The mickXer, a kick-ass 5-way passive mixer w/ noise filtering! Sign up to the newsletter to get notified of release, and 15% off anything at myVolts ... ... any questions? Just ask! #Korg #Volca #synths"

Amanda Solo Performance at Center for New Music (Compton's Cafeteria Series)

Published on Sep 4, 2019 CatSynth TV

New performance from supporting site member, Amanda Chaudhary of!

"Amanda Chaudhary's full solo performance from the Compton's Cafeteria Series show at the Center for New Music in San Francisco. She performed two extended pieces: White Wine (solo version) and Donershtik, using Arturia MiniBrute and MicroFreak, Nord Stage EX, Novation controller, MOK Waverazor, Strymon Magneto, and more.

To see excerpts from all three sets please check out our previous video: [below]
For more new and adventurous electronic music, please subscribe to this channel and visit

Amanda Chaudhary’s live performances bring theatricality and flare to the sometimes staid world of experimental electronics. She combines sophisticated modular synthesizers and software, with conventional instruments and even toys and DIY electronics for a unique experience that moves effortlessly between experimental noise, jazz and funk, ambient abstract landscapes, and more. She has been performing solo and with various groups in the Bay Area, New York, and beyond for many years and is deliberately difficult to pin down to a particular style or practice, except to say that her work is always fun to experience. Amanda is also the founder of and CatSynth TV, which covers music, synthesizers, art, and culture through the prism of a love for cats. The feline sometimes works its way back into her music."

Compton's Cafeteria Series (Amanda Chaudhary, Rusty Sunsets, Pitta of the Mind)

Published on Aug 31, 2019 CatSynth TV

"The Center for New Music in San Francisco presents the inaugural show of Compton's Cafeteria Series, commemorating the Compton's Cafeteria Riot of 1966 and transgender visibility.

0:20 Rusty Sunsets:
1:51 Pitta of the Mind (Amanda Chaudhary and Maw Shein Win):
3:16 . Amanda Chaudhary:
5:15 Gratuitous shot of Amanda's rig for the evening featuring Arturia MiniBrute and MicroFreak, Novation controller, MOK Waverazor, Strymon Magneto, and more.

For more adventurous music, please subscribe to CatSynth TV and check out"

New Loops Hard Bass (Kontakt/Reason/WAV)

Published on Sep 4, 2019 New Loops - Trap & Drum and Bass Demos

"New Loops presents Hard Bass - 175 modern hard bass sounds including, futuristic space basses, heavy reeces, neuro squelches, distorted drones, wubs and wobbles, alien basses, and loads of unique sounds.

Avalaible in WAV, Kontakt, and Reason fromats. Download free demo sounds -"

"New Loops presents Hard Bass - 175 modern hard bass sounds including, futuristic space basses, heavy reeces, neuro squelches, distorted drones, wubs and wobbles, alien basses, and loads of unique sounds.

We’ve recorded the best sounds from many of our preset packs to create this collection of bass instruments. Each sound has been recorded in the key of C, professionally edited, normalised.

These modern, futuristic basses are perfect for harder styles including dubstep, trap, edm, drum and bass, bass house, and any other electronic music where unique bass sounds are a required.

New Loops Hard Bass is available in 3 separate formats - Kontakt, Reason Refill, and WAV (sold separately). Each format includes the main samples plus format-specific features."

Roland JD-XA | demo by Jexus / WC Olo Garb (part 2 of 2)

Published on Sep 4, 2019 Jexus - WC Olo Garb

"Support me at Patreon: [.] If you are interested in getting my JD-XA patches, send me an email [wcologarb at] and read my website: [.]

Demo of Roland JD-XA part 2 of 2. Sounds & video editing by Jexus-WC Olo Garb."

Part 1 here.

T.Raumschmiere and FucKETy BuCkEty live @SUPERBOOTH19

Published on Sep 4, 2019 Superbooth Official

"Like last year, T.Raumschmiere and FucKETy BuCkEty played a concert at Superbooth together. FucKETy BuCkEty’s Ken MacBeth is an instrument maker, he develops analog synths and modules for Scotland’s MacBeth Studio Systems - his own brand. T.Raumschmiere is the solo project of Shitkatapult label boss Marco Haas. He plays concerts worldwide and worked with bands and artists like Barbara Morgenstern, Andreas Dorau and Fraktus. One of Shitkatapult’s artists is Cristian Vogel who played a concert with Björn Svin at Superbooth19."

Dannysound EN129 + Cali Osc Thru Zero FM Patches

Published on Sep 4, 2019 DivKidVideo

"In this video I explore some thru zero FM (TZFM) with the Dannysound EN129 Eurorack oscillator. These patches were made for the demo videos of the EN129 + Cali OSC (linked below) but I wanted to leave these to pull focus on the thru zero FM patches on their own.

The modules are available from Thonk here -"

Dannysound EN129 DivKidVideo videos.

S-CAT New Digital Delay

Published on Sep 4, 2019 Space Cat Audio Technologies

"First test of the new modulating delay. Mic pre and instrument input with independent delay levels. Midi clock, tap tempo and manual rate control. Hold function."


via this auction

Korg 01/W Workstation & Wavestation Banner Flags

01/W Workstation via this auction

Wavestation via this auction

43" x 22" Banner Flag Store Advertisements

JoMoX AiR Base 99 Analog Drum Synthesizer SN 0202 - 1585

via this auction

"JoMox AirBase 99 Drum synthesizer. In great working condition. Comes with owners manual and power adapter. These are legendary units. There's not many around. This one has been gone through in Japan. Brand new display. I used this via MIDI through my MBase 01 to create some awesome bass drum sounds."

Doepfer MS-404 Analogue Synth With Original Box

via this auction

"I don't think it sounds anything like a 303, but it does sound like a very good mono synth with an amazing fat filter sound. Does cool freaky FM sounds too!"

Folktek Quiet mute module

via this auction

See it in the First experiments with folktek matter ii video here.

ARC Effects TKB Serge Touch Sequencer

via this auction

Only one featured before here.

Oberheim Xpander w/ Glossy Front Panel

via this auction

"Classic Oberheim Xpander analog synthesizer, in excellent condition. This one has a glossy front panel - I don't know if the overlay has been replaced, or if a matte covering has been removed, but it looks very sharp. Our tech has gone through this synth completely, and the power supply, processor board, pot board, and DAC section have been recapped, all pots have been cleaned, and everything has been calibrated - it should give worry-free operation for years. Includes power cord.

You can get a free Syntaur T-shirt with this purchase, if you message us with your shirt size immediately after purchase. Adult Small through XXL sizes are available."

Elektron Monomachine SFX-6 Keyboard

via this auction

"Limited edition keyboard version of the Elektron MonoMachine, only 500 were produced and this is the only one I know of with a red MachineDrum style LCD screen. The original had become somewhat washed out, so I've just installed a brand new red replacement from Elektron because I liked the look better. Also installed a brand new joystick + master volume pot, so it should be good to go for many more years! In good condition for it's age + 100% functional, it's an incredibly versatile synthesizer / master keyboard sequencer for other gear or daws"

Yellow Face Behringer Model D Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

"Comes with an extra ‘skin’ and is easily removable. Nothing wrong with the original faceplate, was just looking for something different"

Modor NF-1 White w/ Rack Ears

via this auction

"Excellent blend of digital OSC combos, complex envelopes, LFO, and great sounding formant filter, chorus/flanger, and delay. Fast patch creation, and very controllable via Midi."

SDS Digital Sequarallel Sequencer Eurorack Module Tests 2

Published on Sep 4, 2019 freshnelly


"This week (now the 3rd) started of with getting the Loop Markers working. I like to call them "Magic's" from when I designed the Pedal-7, so magic notes (Note #121) inserted anywhere in the longer sequences or songs become the Loop points rather than bars.

In this video the Transposing is easier because there's more time. Each Magic is 2 bars apart in the 16 bar sequence making 7 total possible. The start and end of the sequence is also used so really there's 8 loop markers.

The JumpTo quick-box (button) can be used to jump over to other loops as 0=start of sequence, 1=first marker etc. but is bar quantized still so longer loops can be escaped from to allow a "bridge" or "fill" using drumming terms, or a refrain / alternate in musical terms.
JumpTo will be in the next video as it wasn't completed at the time of shooting. ;)"

-burn: Experiment in Sound Design

Published on Sep 4, 2019 Precarious333 Music

Modor Formant Filter

"Sound design experiment separating and processing a sound divided into hi/mid/low bands. Will make a good base to build around with heavy drums. I have Noise Engineering - Basimilus Iteritas Alter sequenced and modulated by Malekko - Voltage Block and Xaoc - Batumi.

A copy of BIM is running into Future Sound Systems - Spectral Devastator FIL3 highpassed with resonance and overdrive to create the highs.

Another copy running into TouellSkouarn - Sonveskañ adding distortion, then into Modor Music - Formant Filter filling out the mids. This turned out to be a pretty interesting combination. Sonveskañ is removing most of the high frequency content. 2 minutes in I use feedback on Sonveskañto create some accents. Formant Filter is stereo with different modulation to the left and right channels creating a nice dynamic stereo effect.

Then a third copy of BIM EQed down to just the lows running through overdrive to fill out the bottom end.

Recorded as 4 tracks into Ableton. EQ, compression, reverb, pan added in post."


Published on Sep 4, 2019 EMEAPP

"EMEAPP SONIC TEST DRIVE: Dual ARP 2600 semi-modular synthesizers, ARP 1613 Sequencer, Oberheim Mini-Sequencer and Roland RE-301 Chorus Echo from your good friends at the Electronic Music Education and Preservation Project. More information at, please join us as a member!"

Shared System Touch Sequencing!!

Published on Sep 4, 2019 MAKEN0ISE

"Use Pressure Points to fire off sequences, control timbre, and more with the Shared System!"

MOD Devices Mod Duo X - Effects

Published on Sep 4, 2019 Red Means Recording

"The MOD Duo X by MOD Devices is a performance-oriented powerhouse of patchable effects, synthesizers, and sequencers. MOD Devices asked me to do a walkthrough, so let's do the thing!"

Red Means Recording MOD Devices Mod Duo X videos

Boredbrain INTRFX Tips & Tricks

Published on Sep 4, 2019 Boredbrain Music

"This video demonstrates some of the other cool things the INTRFX can do, including Feedback Effects, VCA Functionality, and Effects Chaining.

INTRFX Features:
3 channels of send & return level conversion
Per-channel selection of either eurorack thru pedals or line-instrument thru eurorack
FX blend control with CV input
Capable of FX feedback and linear VCA functionality
Small tabletop form-factor"

Boredbrain INTRFX

New Plogue Chipsynth MD - Awesome Sega Megadrive Synthesizer

Published on Sep 4, 2019

"Plogue is continuing their deep dive into preserving old synth chips found in game consoles. This time it's the legendary Yamaha chip found in the Sega Megadrive. It sounds amazing. I love it."

Update: and a video from plgDavid

chipresearch 0x04: The rigs we've created for chipsynth MD

Published on Sep 4, 2019 plgDavid

via Plogue

"16-bit four operator FM synthesizer

This member of the chipsynth line is a feature-rich four operator FM synth that packs quite a punch!
The Mega Drive™ - also known as Genesis™ - is a much beloved console system that brought the bright and sparkly sound of FM to the masses. It resulted in the creation of numerous fast paced and exciting soundtracks, and it still drives the creativity of composers to this day.

As we designed chipsynth MD, we couldn't help ourselves but to jam pack it with features that take it to the next level, with an access to every component of the hardware no matter how obscure, and an intelligent layering system that lets you turn any OPN2 patch into a monstrous ear-splitting 6-layer wall of sound!

MD features a bit accurate OPN2 (YM2612) emulator. We combined it with a SN76489-compatible square wave core (SPSG) and a special emulation of the very crunchy sample playback found in games, and we multiplied all of this by 6 to make it polyphonic in every situation imaginable. A complimentary VGM file player allows you to audition hundreds of vintage soundtracks just like they were meant to be heard.

Plogue's reverse-engineering team worked very hard to make sure that even the rarest corner-cases involving the special features of the OPN2 chip are emulated bit-perfectly, backed by large amounts of testing on special hardware rigs. Add the DAC and impulse-response emulation to that, and you get a degree of realism that has never been reached before!

Oh, and as always, it is done how it should: without using samples!"

Previous Plogue posts.

BAMTV Studio Tours

Published on Sep 4, 2019 BAMTV

1. BAMTV studio tour part one: BamBam studio
Welcome to this episode of BAMTV! - In a two-part video series, Marc shows, in addition to his studio (BamBam Studio), the building in which the studios of Marc and Stefan and BAMTV are located. Because there is a lot to tell, and especially a lot to see, it is a studio tour in two parts. Today part one.


2. BAMTV studio tour part two Eevo Lute studio
Today the second part of the BAMTV studio series. Stefan also shows his studio in this last part.

More info:

Special thanks to:

Rossum Electro Music - Panharmonium Eurorack Module

Published on Sep 4, 2019 Jimi Heinrich

"Here are three little examples of what the Rossum Electro Music Panharmonium can do. I picked three input sounds and some settings. And off I went...

It can do a lot more, but this should give you an idea of what goes.

Look, it can even turn water into music!"

Roland SH 7 Pulse

Published on Sep 3, 2019 UFO LFO

"Filter open mostly two seperate pulse width modulation one a gate envelope the other LFO sine. The SH 7 has a very drifty old school oscillator sound, as such it's pulse width is rather unique as well as it's modulation options."

Two KORG NU:TEKT NTS-1 Synthesizer Reviews

Published on Sep 3, 2019 BoBeats & Leploop

"In todays video I am building the new Korg Nu:Tekt NTS-1. If you enjoy my videos support them:"

Patch n Tweak

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