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Oberheim OB-X8 230401 Night Escape (Arppeggiate)

video upload by Hitoshi Koizumi 小泉仁志

Oberheim OB-X8
Strymon Bigsky/Timeline/Mobius

Roland Vintage Analog Guitar Synthesizer Adjustment Setup GR-300 G-303 G-808 Max Performance

video upload by WayneJoness

"This video is going to show you how to adjust the guitar synth pickup height and sensitivity on a vintage Roland guitar synth controller.

The proper adjustment of the guitar synth pickup height and sensitivity is key to getting the best performance from a vintage Roland guitar synth. These adjustments apply to all the vintage controllers, from the GS-505, G-202, 303, 505, 707, 808 and the GK-1 as well as the Ibanez IMG2010.

For more information and diagrams:

Thank you Micki Kaufman for the Roland US-2!"

Sequential Trigon-6 Sonic Deep Dive – Daniel Fisher

video upload by Sweetwater

Be sure to see the dealers on the right for availability.

"Nearly 50 years of heritage design and analog expertise have been distilled into the superlative circuitry of Sequential’s groundbreaking new polyphonic 6-voice synthesizer: the Trigon-6. Historic synthesis is masterfully blended with modern sonic possibilities to create a forward-looking instrument that won’t compromise on vintage character. Join Sweetwater’s premier synthesist, Daniel Fisher, to explore this polyphonic powerhouse. Check it out!"

0:00 – Intro
1:04 – Trigon-6 Oscillators
5:17 – Trigon-6 Noise Source
5:34 – OSC 3 as Modulator
8:51 – Trigon-6 Oscillator Sync
10:28 – Trigon-6 Vintage Knob
11:18 – Pan Spread
12:03 – Program Volume
12:18 – Pitch Wheel Range
12:37 – Trigon-6 Key Modes
13:10 – Trigon-6 Glide
15:17 – Hold Button
15:49 – Trigon-6 LFO
18:54 – Trigon-6 Polymod
20:17 – Trigon-6 Aftertouch
21:49 – Trigon-6 Filter
28:39 – Trigon-6 Amp Envelope
29:21 – Feedback, Drive, and Distortion
33:02 – Trigon-6 Arpeggiator
35:06 – Trigon-6 Sequencer
36:08 – Trigon-6 Effects
42:13 – Thanks for Watching!

Midicake ARP - Firmware Update v1 5 3

video upload by midicake

"Introducing the latest Firmware Update for Midicake ARP.

Download now from

Intro - 0:00
Fix for MONO voice mode -1:20

New Global Menu - 1:38
Ext Clock Tempo Detection - 1:57
USB Host MIDI Thru/Out - 2:17

OMNI channel support - 3:35
'Live Play' toggle - 3:50

'Note Limit' parameter - 4:45
Minor Bug Fixes - 8:35

Soft Reset and diagnostics - 9:00

Summing Up - 10:00"

JLR's Modular Synthesizers - System Breakdown #7 -

video upload by John L Rice

"This is the seventh video breakdown/rundown for my 'physically largest' eurorack 'Table Case' system although it only has 23 modules in it and ranks only 4th place for most modules out of my 7 eurorack systems! It houses a majority of my Synthrotek/Division 6/Mattson modules. Next time I'll do a small 5U system in an angled desktop case. Please subscribe to my channel and click the 'bell' button to be notified when I post new videos! (because as you may know, I post inconsistently! 😒😊)

0:00 Beginning
0:25 Introduction
2:09 Contents Rundown
9:15 A Look Inside
16:47 Final Words And Shirt
17:45 Previous Social Media Demo
18:45 Noise And Pedals Patch
20:33 Another Table Case Demo
24:03 Bonus Track: Excerpt From Live 2017 MOTS Performance
30:51 End

List of the modules in this system:
Korg: MS2000R
JLR: MS2000R I/O Breakout
Circuit Abbey: Unify, G8
Division 6: Mattson SQ816, Multiplicity IV
2hp: Nse
Intellijel: OR
EMW: T-Drum
Synthwerks: Lamp-3
Strymon: AA.1
Happy Nerding: LED Meter (x2)
Konstant Lab: PWR Checker
Synthrotek MST: Dual VCA, Dual Envelope, LP Filter, Audio/CV Mixer, VCO (x2), VC LFO, MIDI To CV, MIDI To CV Expander

Case and longer rails originally from:

You can see details of the modules on my ModularGrid page:

Check out Aaron Kraten's wonderful artwork at

As always, thank you for watching, rating, following, subscribing, and commenting! 🥳 If you found the content of this video helpful, interesting, or entertaining, please consider showing your support so I can stay stocked up on coffee and cookies. 😋"

Make Noise Strega/0-Coast/0-Ctrl: Modular Dark Ambient Jam

video upload by Anton Anru

"Make Noise inspires for immediate sound design improvisations.
I was just having fun with the trio for an hour, and then decided to record it.

🔮 Presets for Make Noise and other hardware synths:"

Facehugger - Rate Multiplier

video upload by flightofharmony

"Experimenting with rate multiplication by using the sliders. (Didn't set up X input for scope since this was for audio only.):

Facehugger project is live on Kickstarter until Saturday, April 22, 2023!"

1979 DSS Overview 1

video upload by Todd Barton

"Just the basics of the 1979 Dual Sequential Switch. I'm really loving all the new routings and imaginative possibilities of this unique module.

My Patreon:"

Corsynth - West Coast Timbre module - raw demo 5U C113

video upload by alternatingbitmusic

"Loose, handheld raw demo of some West Coast Timbre fun via this cool module from Corsynth. Thanks, Adam for letting me borrow it!"

You can find additional posts featuring the Corsynth West Coast Timbre C113 here.

1010music Blackbox Version 3 Update Overview

video upload by 1010music

"We are pleased to offer blackbox 3.0.7 firmware. Version 3 is a significant step forward for sequencing, songwriting, and arrangement.

Each of the 16 sequences now have 4 layers. You can sequence and switch between all 64 layers for more advanced songwriting. You can now double a sequence. Double will double the length and content. Double allows you to write in smaller sections and extend as needed. The new Song mode can have up to 32 song scenes per preset. Song scenes can control sequences, Clips, Slicers, Granular samples, and one-shots. Scenes can be looped within a song. Songs mode now has 2 loop modes. You can loop a single scene or the entire song. You can also trigger each scene individually using MIDI notes.

MID-only sequences are now fully independent of internal Pads. MIDI routing has been redesigned. You now have more complete control over MIDI input and output. You can selectively route MIDI in, out, or thru the blackbox. You can enable or disable the USB Device port, and have total control over how clock + transport is sent and received.

0:00 Intro
0:19 Pads - multisamples
0:38 Pads - granular samples at different pitches
0:52 Pads - slicers using different pitches
1:11 Pads - slicers using a single pitch
1:33 Pads - one-shot samples
1:48 Pads - granular samples at original pitch
1:59 Pads - start/stop synced clips
2:15 - Internal keys/grid keyboard
2:42 - 16 sequences. 4 layers
3:10 - sequence CLR vs clear
3:23 - sequence double
3:38 - pads sequence
4:02 - keys sequence
4:36 - midi sequence
5:07 - sequence midi output
5:26 - song mode
5:54 - song mode keep
6:07 - song mode loop
6:21 - song mode scene triggers
6:55 - song mode scene length + repeats
7:05 - tools master control output 1-3
7:14 - tools global midi in
7:28 - tools midi seq
7:36 - tool midi out
8:26 - tools usb dev out
8:53 - tools midi clock + transport
9:13 - tools midi clock receive
9:30 - tools midi clock send
9:49 - thanks for watching"

The Rare PPG Wave System From the Early 80s

video upload by RetroSound

"(c)2007-23 by RetroSound
supported by UVI:

❤️ Support #RetroSound​ channel:

PPG Waveterm A and Wave 2.2 Wavetable Synthesizer from the year 1982.
Only 300 Waveterm A&B are made in the early 80s
price WT-A: 15.000 DM (Deutsche Mark)

The Waveterm is the heart of the legendary PPG system and based on an old german computer called Eltec Eurocom II with Motorola 6809 processor.

- creation of Waves and Wavetables
- fourier analysis / resonator
- additive synthesis
- 8 bit Sampling for the WAVE 2.2
- sequencer / event generator
- storage of sounds on 8" disc

The demo track shows the Wave 2.2 sounds features with the Waveterm A. You hear the wavegenerator of the PPG wave 2.2 synthesizer controlled with the Waveterm A.

The PPG wave 2.2 Synthesizer from the year 1982 is one of most fascinating synthesizers ever. You can find a lot demo videos, sound tutorials about the Wave and the Waveterm in the PPG wave playlist. The PPG playlist:"

Trovasi Connects: Circuit Tracks with Eurorack

video upload by NovationTV

"Our second video in our @Trovarsi Connects series, featuring Circuit Track with Eurorack.

The Bass and Lead synth voices are coming from the Circuit Tracks and the textured voice is coming from the Nanobox. The drums are a combination of percussive elements from the four drum channels on the Circuit Tracks and the 6Mod6 eurorack module.

Both the audio from the Nanobox and the 6Mod6 are routed through the two audio inputs on Circuit Tracks, and are being sequenced by Tracks using the two separate MIDI tracks."

Trovarsi Connects Series

Yamaha CS6X/S30 - "Versatility" Soundset 128 Presets

video upload by LFOstore

"LFO.Store proudly present long awaited soundset for Yamaha CS6X & S30 Synthesizers!


Both synthesizers are having identical sound engine & fully compatible.
And this two models are trully on of the most beautifull, organic, versatile Yamaha's keyboards ever.

"Versatility" contains 128 organic presets in very wide range of sound categories:

Deep & analog-like basses
Cutting edge leads
Polyphonic vintage sounds
Modular Sequences
Melodic & Rhythmic Arps
Atmos & Drones
Deep evolving Pads
Massive strings
Percussive patterns

Its really amazing how many sounds you can get from this machine, how it can inspire you & how deep it is - sounds really cosmic & cinematic + its a great machine for synthwave music.

Take your time to see our youtube demo, it demonstrates almost 60 presets from our soundset.
Instructions of how to load are included.

Enjoy the sounds and rediscover your CS/S synth with our soundset!
by chief, Nick Klimenko"

Polivoks Reissue - Art Of Beauty (Custom Sounds)

video upload by LFOstore

"Polivoks is a monophonic analog synthesizer developed and produced in the USSR from 1982 to 1990. Thanks to its unique sound and appearance, it has become one of the most popular and well-known Soviet synthesizers in the West.

Several years ago, Polivoks was issued in a limited edition (100 copies) handmade in Moscow, Russia. We've got Polivoks Reissue in our hands.

Take into account, that in this demo we are using external Valhalla Supermassive reverb VST.


Chewy Monster Harmonics! // Acronym from WORNG Electronics (Eurorack VCO w/ TZPM, Subs, & Morph)

video upload by DivKid

"Here we have the new analogue oscillator module from WORNG Electronics ‘Acronym’. It’s a 12HP Eurorack module with stable tracking, thru zero phase modulation (musical FM!), subs, wave morphing and folding. It’s fair to say it can sound pretty beastly with lovely options for self patching (subs to TZPM or subs to morphing are my favourites) which creates some really rich chewy and monstrous harmonics.

NT patches are no talking musical examples
00:00 Hello & patch previews
01:51 Introduction
02:57 Feature Run Down
04:51 Sub feedback trick for monstrous animated sounds!
07:31 NT // Modulated Waves + subs as Mid Side Stereo
08:10 Chowning DX style FM phase mod to FM Bells - sine on sine TZPM
10:14 NT // Sub 2 as a wave morpher
10:43 Dynamic TZPM for musical animation
12:40 NT // Hard Syncers Unite!
13:05 Chewy Monster Harmonics - audio rate morphing & sub patching
16:06 NT // MS Subs + a patch layering trick I love
16:42 Acid Squares - stick this in your 303
18:32 NT // 3D Soundstages for Drones and beyond
19:03 Going STEREO! Using Mid Side techniques
21:13 NT // Sub Feedback TZ Phase Mod - TASTY!
21:47 Hard Sync - what it is, how it sounds and how to make the most of it
24:19 NT // Sine on Sine TZPM - glassy bell tones
24:34 Mega Morphing Modulation Hub - turn Acronym into a complex LFO module
26:36 NT // Acid’o’clock - pseudo 303 jam
26:54 Stereo Shifting Harmonics - MidSide+ trickery
28:54 Stereo Shifting Harmonics - AND EVERYTHING ELSE!"

WORNG Electronics' ACRONYM is a new type of morphing analog oscillator that also features two sub outputs and a built-in CV controlled wavemorpher, tied together in a spacious, ergonomic design. With a triangle oscillator core capable of thru-zero modulation, and a unique voltage-controlled wavemorphing output, the ACRONYM is fantastic for creating unique textures. Self-patch with the five outputs for some incredibly chaotic sounds and the components and layout have been designed for hands-on performance and tweaking. WORNG knows how to make great-sounding modules that are fun, and with the ACRONYM, you get the pinnacle of this philosophy.


Analog triangle-core VCO
5 Outputs for sine, tri, 2x sub-octaves, and wavemorph
Wavemorph seamlessly goes from triangle–square–saw–folded sine
Ergonomic design for hot-knobbing
CMOS-based sub-oscillators

MFX Basics: Digi-PCM Echo

video upload by ALM TV

"This video is the first in a series of tutorials covering the various MFX effects engines. Please subscribe to get notified when the next episode is released!

The MFX's ‘Digi-PCM Echo’ engine is an unapologetically digital delay inspired by early digital rack delays. It includes an assortment of additional features such as external clock sync, five different delay modes, audio quality settings and wide ranging times. In this video we take a deeper look at all of its features processing a chord sound from the Squid Salmple.

The MFX is a compact 6HP Eurorack stereo digital audio multi effects processor. It offers 16 different full featured effects programs plus a number of metering utilities.

0:00 - Intro
0:19 - Time range
1:11 - Modes - Mono Delay, Dual Tap, Stereo Tap, Ping Pong, Ext Feedback
1:34 - Ext clock - Time & Tap Multiplier
2:51 - Quality - Bandwidth & Bit Depth
3:55 - Feedback - Regen, High & Low Cut filters, Flip Phase
5:45 - Modulation - Mod Depth & Mod Rate
6:49 - Reverse
7:10 - CV Assigning"

EXs 330 - King of Polysynths

video upload by A2D Sounds

"This bank is based on a very famous polyphonic synthesizer from the late 70s, thought after for its unique sound, and expressivity, we did our best to replicate the instrument for Korg Kronos/Nautilus

Visit Korg Shop for more details

You can also listen to more demos on SoundCloud:

Special Thanks to Palmita for her very lovely visuals

and to Groseille Vidéos for their patience and their amazing work"
Yamaha CS80

Letting Charlie the Conure Pick Out What Synthesizers to Jam With

video upload by Ghostfeeder

"I consult with my resident 'noise expert' to get his opinion on what synthesizers I should make a quick jam with."

More synth birds!

Build a DIY Waveshaper Effect (easy 2-component circuit)

video upload by

Follow-up to Building a DIY Touchplate Controller (it's easier than you think)

"I was doing some research on wave shapers and came across an article that describes a way to build one with just 2 components (a 100K linear taper pot and a 1N7000 transistor). I decided to give it a shot and it came out really nice.

Intro & Design - 0:00
Parts Needed - 1:02
Building the Circuit - 1:53
Summary of the Build - 3:57
About Analog Waveforms - 4:52
Audio Demo - 5:29
Conclusion - 8:35

You can find the original webpage here:"

VEMOM #33 modular set - Thu 3/30/23

video upload by SynthAddict

"Including many modules, Keystep Pro, ATV aFrame, and Korg SQ-1...

Originally played live in the Resident SF EMOM at Noisebridge Hackerspace on Thu 3/23/23

Resident Monthly Electronic Open Mic (March 2023)"

Resident Monthly Electronic Open Mic (March 2023)

video upload by Coyote Hearing Studio

"Resident is a monthly electronic audiovisual open mic event started in 2017. It is held on the 4th Thursday of the month. Resident is casual and cool, and the community you'll find is like no other for aspiring electronic musicians in the Bay. No judgments, no bullshit, just positive support and openness to new ideas.

hosted at Noisebridge -"

Woody's MYSTERY SYNTH Revealed

See the 2nd video here for the reveal.

Bad Gear - Sylenth1

video upload by AudioPilz

"Welcome to Bad Gear, the show about the world's most hated audio tools. Today we are going to talk about the Lennar Digital Sylenth1. Is this ancient virtual analog synth plugin similarly influential as hardware classics like the Yamaha DX7 or Korg M1. Can it hold up when compared to other software instruments like Serum, Massive or Spire?

00:00 Intro tune
01:05 Overview Sylenth1
01:21 Oscillators
01:32 Filters
01:40 Modulators (ADSRs, LFOs, MISC)
01:55 FX Section
02:16 Sounds
02:44 Features (Filter Routing,...)
03:16 Polyphony, Detune, Stereo
03:47 History of the Plugin, Skins, Software Piracy
04:21 Presets, Use in Famous Tracks
04:54 Sylence Hardware Interface DIY Build
05:01 Current State, Pricing
05:14 Hate
05:44 Jam 1 (EDM)
06:36 Jam 2 (Synth Pop)
07:35 Finale (Industrial Trap)
08:08 Verdict
09:20 Patreon Vocoder Shoutout"

PWM Malevolent 32-Key Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer w/ Original Box

via this auction

Siel DK 80 SN 001326

via this auction

"Gorgeous sounding vintage analog polysynth.

In perfect working condition and looking super good as well !

The original (double !) power supply (PSU) is included.

Memory back-up battery is brand new."

Oberheim SEM Pro

via this auction

Vintage Casio VL-Tone How To Play Music Book 2

via this auction

Erae Touch - A different controller has arrived - TUTORIAL

video upload by True Cuckoo

"Hello. The new Embodme Erae Touch MIDI controller is in my heart. This young and small French company is challenging the industry with something that works and flows incredibly well. I love it.

Erae Touch product link:
Use my code ERAE-CUCKOO10 for 10% discount your way, and a small affiliate cut my way.

01:33 Getting Started
02:14 Changing MIDI channels without the editor
02:55 Changing MIDI octave
03:09 Selecting layouts
03:37 Sequencer Layout
03:58 Erae Lab, the editor, the idea
04:48 Erae Lab, overview
05:24 Make a keyboard on a designated MIDI channel
06:16 Turning off pressure, glissando and such…
07:25 Setting the keyboard to the Auto Channel
08:41 Analog Rytm octave limitations
09:07 Bass keyboard
09:27 Creating a key pad for the kick drum
10:29 Introduction to Styles, button animation
12:58 Duplicating and setting up MIDI per element
14:14 Changing colours
15:29 Finalising and trying the layout
16:38 Fine tuning colours
17:03 Introducing the ALT layout
18:15 Creating an alternate layout for drum sticks
19:40 Push the layout to the Erae Touch
20:11 Turning off MIDI clock receive on the Rytm
21:10 I'm not a drummer, but let's play!"

Sega Megadrive Synthesizer FINALLY Back.


"Today we look at the SEGA SYNTHESIZER. Direct isolated recording .WAV of the messing about on the sega synth available to be cut up and sampled available right here :-"

First steps with the T-1 from Torso... with a Roland CMU 800

video upload by Stazma

Proper fun anachronic setup today in order to show you my first impression about playing with the T-1 from Torso. I'll try to make a full pattern / short track / jam / whatever using it with the legendary unknown CMU-800 from Roland (proper video about this thing coming rather soon as well). Have fun!"

00:00 Intro
01:44 Drum beat!
05:48 Lead
08:12 Sequencing the bass
09:21 Polyphonic arpeggios
12:57 Let's add some voltage controlled filters
15:00 How to CV control using a note channel
17:52 End jam

" bell "

video upload by Harmonic of Silence

"#t1 #torso #torsoelectronics #sequencer #instrument #eurorack #electronics #random #modulation #electronicmusic #minimalmusic #electronicmusic #ambient"

VHIKK X sound demo 1

video upload by Forge TME

"Playing around with Vhikk X.
Just a casual sound demo.. full video manual is in the works.
Apologies for the [lack of] lighting and for constantly obscuring the module...

All sounds are recorded direct from Vhikk X outputs, with some CV control added later in the video. V/Oct tracking is also demonstrated."

See the Forge TME label below for more.

Thursday, March 30, 2023

SetonixSynth Tidbit Audio Psychedelic Voltage Processor

with Rings - Eurorack video upload by SetonixSynth

"In this video, Nick from Tidbit Audio takes us on a psychedelic journey using the Psychedelic Voltage Processor to modulate the popular Rings module!

Patch note: in some segments the PVP is being modulated by an external LFO, the OCHD, and using its output to modulate the Rings."

SetonixSynth Tidbit Audio Psychedelic Voltage Processor & Solar Gravity Nasty Acid

video upload by SetonixSynth

"A quick, fun jam using the new SetonixSynth/Tidbit Audio Psychedelic Voltage Processor to process audio from Befaco Kickall for nasty chaotic distortion, along with a Solar Gravity Vactrol VCA as the final VCA for our acid voice, which consists of a SetonixSynth Rottnest VCO saw wave into the Marsupial VCF.

The PVP and Solar Gravity are now available along with other SetonixSynth and Tidbit Audio products!"

More info:"

The Psychedelic Voltage Processor, or PVP, is a four-channel chaos module. It uses color-changing LEDs to produce fluctuating voltages in response to the Channel input, with each channel normalized in series to create increasingly chaotic “taps” that can be used one after another for different variations.

Any positive voltage input such as unipolar LFOs, envelopes, stepped voltages, or simply the onboard normalized voltage patched to a channel input is reproduced approximately on each channel output, with the PVP inducing unpredictable fluctuations due to the variable current consumed by an LED circuit with a mind of its own.

Technical Specifications (Eurorack standard)

Width: 8hp

Depth: 25mm

Peak Current Draw: 135mA @ +12V, 10mA @ -12V

Input Impedance (Channel 1): 150kΩ

Input Impedance (Channels 2-4): 100kΩ

Output Impedance (All Channels): 1kΩ, DC Coupled

You love that machine? A DB-01 synth solo performance

video upload by Richard DeHove

"This piece began as a demo for the Boss SL-2 slicer pedal. After noodling with it I thought it'd be interesting to slice up a distorted sound, so added the trusty Darkglass B3K which just loves chewing the the DB-01's Polivoks filter.
Turns out that the SL-2 is a lot more subtle than just the obvious rhythmic patterns. Here's there's three intertwining elements: The actual programmed pattern of notes on the DB-01; the DB-01's synced LFO with a sawtooth wave giving a separate filter envelope hit every 8 beats; and then the SL-2 which superimposes its own pattern on top. The mix of the DB-01 pattern and SL-2 pattern is set on the pedal, and the relative strength of the LFO filter hit depends on how much you open the filter. So with three synced patterns clocked together there is much fun to be had. Which is why I didn't make it past preset one in bank A.
I was going to layer this up with some other sounds but thought it was more useful to show the degree of complexity that you can get from a mono synth and a couple of pedals looping through one 32-step pattern.
This is all one take with no DAW effects or processing (other than the added movie quotes of course), but I did chop out a few sections to trim it down from its original 7-minute version.
As soon as I can make it past the first few presets I'll do a real walkthrough of the SL-2 - it's an incredibly deep machine. Like so many pedals and synths the satisfaction and beauty comes from subtle tweakerings. The main change I made was to switch it into 'ping-pong' mode which is perhaps a bit too strong if you listen through headphones - well, live and learn. My only immediate advice with the SL-2 is that, unless it's the master, it's absolutely vital for it to run off a common MIDI clock. You also must be able to send a MIDI clock restart.
The short intro video and title of the piece "You Love That Machine?" is one of the quotes about halfway through. They're taken from the low-budget classic "Creation of the Humanoids" - one of my all-time favorite movies. The robot-human images are all originals generated by me using AI. All 79 images (plus a few extras) are on my Patreon page for download and you're free to use them for any purpose.

Lots of downloads for supporters on Patreon:
Many thanks to my kind patrons who keep this channel ad-free
My website:"

Schlappi Engineering Interstellar Radio

via this auction

Note this is a supporting member post.

Waldorf Microwave XTk 49-Key Wavetable Synthesizer

via this auction

Quasimidi Sirius

via this auction

Korg Trident Polyphonic Synth SN 330534

via this auction

"8-voice polyphony! Strings! Brass! Split Keyboard mode! It's the Korg Trident and it sounds beautiful. It also features 16 user memory patches. Nuff said! 240v AU Plug."

Oberheim OB-XA SN 820820 w/ MIDI

via this auction

Roland D-550 Linear Synthesizer Module (Rackmount of D-50) SN 810399

via this auction

"Linear Algorithm Synth Module. Was Roland's answer to the Yamaha DX7 Frequency Modulation synth."

Facehugger - Tri Drive and Ramp Root at audio rates.

video upload by flightofharmony

"Driving Facehugger with an audio rate triangle wave to Ext In at various frequencies and settings, then sweeping the Root input with a ramp wave at various speeds. This was a lot of fun. (Eventually I noticed that the scope had stopped displaying and recalibrated it.)

Facehugger project is live on Kickstarter until Saturday, April 22, 2023!"

SoundsDivine 'Resonate' Presets - Sequential Prophet 5/10

video upload by SoundsDivine111

Preview of the presets from the 'Resonate' soundset for the Sequential Prophet 5/10."

ASM Hydrasynth: Dreamy & Atmospheric Keys Presets. Demo

video upload by Anton Anru

"'Dreamy Keys' is a collection 64 synth and keys presets for ASM Hydrasynth.
The bank covers a wide range of timbres: digital and analog, clean and lo-fi, modern and vintage, FM and wavetable style, soft and hard, dark and bright...
They will fit many genres, styles, arrangements, and mixes.
🏮 Get the soundset:

8 Macros let you instantly change the character of the sound: tone, detune, movement, noise, attack, and decay.
ModWheel and/or Poly-Aftertouch add expressiveness to the performance.

- Wide range of keys sounds
- Thoroughly set parameters and modulations
- Velocity-sensitive
- Polyphonic aftertouch is used in every preset
- ModWheel adds expression
- 8 Macros with titles
- Unified system of macros assignments (with some exceptions)

The soundset is suitable for many genres: ambient, electronica, IDM, trip-hop, lounge, downtempo, chill out, new age, cinematic, trance, deep, progressive, techno, industrial, breakbeat, breaks, jungle, drum and bass, dub and many others.

Compatible with all Hydrasynths (Keyboard, Desktop, Deluxe, Explorer).
Make sure you are using the latest firmware.
The bank of the presets is in .hydra format. To upload the presets to the device, use the official ASM Hydrasynth Presets Manager.

Performed by Dmitry Chemyrev."


video upload by Tokyo Tape Music Center

Easily convert Bi-Polar to Uni-Polar \ Quick Tip

video upload by Omri Cohen

You can find ADD5 here -

Want to learn Modular Synthesis? have a look here -
Interested in more patching techniques and ideas? Have a look here -

Blofeld vs M + some nice pad examples

video upload by Starsky Carr

"One is about £1200 more than the other... so there'd better be a difference!!"

0:00 some matched patches
5:55 Blofeld Pads Only
10:19 M only

M8 Tracker Discord Meetup (Version 3.0)

video upload by Dirtywave

Long overdue Discord meet-up to go over the new firmware version 3.0

Timestamps: (Credit: Simon Wollwage)
0:00:00 Start
0:00:20 Pre-order updates
0:01:20 Firmware 3.0
0:02:40 Random name generator
0:03:20 Song preview in song browser
0:04:00 UI updates
0:04:30 Mixer screen updates

Radical Frequencies 120bpm electro psychedelic jam

video upload by Radical Frequencies Modular

"Radical Frequencies 120bpm electro psychedelic jam .
Here I use all Radical Frequencies filters : RF SH Vcf for the bass with Dual Precision Vco (saw+pulse from both vcos) through RF transistor mixer ,
The other sound is from 12db multi vcf in low pass mode
Fnally the Scota Vcf with ad Multi Vco making this alien {r2d2) fm lead sound using the internal cross modulation .
Drums are analog as always passing through a hardware compressor dbx .
Sequencers are the muxlicer , korg sq1 , ornament & crime .
Main clock is from RF vc adsr generator , and all the random cv from lucky voltages ."

Moog Mavis | Hivemind II

video upload by Moog Music Inc

"In this exploration of sound design, composition, and video synthesis, electronic music producer and Moog Product Strategist Max Ravitz (a.k.a. Patricia) combines eight Mavis synthesizers in a dynamic audiovisual performance.

Each Mavis in this setup provides a different element in the song, ranging from wave-folded kick drums to 808-inspired cymbals and double-VCO basses to folding leads. All eight Mavis synthesizers in this performance are sequenced by the Winter Modular Eloquencer with a touch of delay provided by the OTO Machines BIM and the Chase Bliss x Meris CXM 1978 reverb, adding a bit of dimension to the mix.

Visuals for this video were created using an LZX modular analog video synthesizer."

"Download the new 'Hivemind II' video companion patch book!

This creative resource, free to download through our website, contains the patches heard in the “Hivemind II'' performance.

Using this guide, Mavis owners can recreate the video's sounds ranging from distinct kicks and hi-hats to booming bass and melodic leads. Perfect for live performance or recording into a sampler or DAW, each of these unique sounds can open up new possibilities for artists using Mavis in a production setup.

The digital patch book is one of many sound design resources that can be found on the Explore Mavis page on our website.

Download Patch Book & More"

Expressive E Osmose MPE Demo with GS Music e7 + UDO Super 6

video upload by TJontheRoad

"Here's an Expressive E Osmose MPE Demo using my external synths. The GS Music e7 and the UDO Super 6 played via the Osmose. Plus, a couple tips too.

Note, there is no paid promotion in this video."

Sun Ra Plays the Crumar DS-2 Synthesizer

video upload by Farsetto Nero

"1978’s Crumar DS2 analog synth"

FL Studio Arcade Machine

via @tekdotlun

"Daw wars over"

Update: meet the Endlesss Beat Machine at NAMM.

Also see Endlesss launches Endlesss Studio - Cross Device & Cross Collaboration Music Making Platform

A Dark Plot Of Land ADPOL-AV-114 Abstract Video Sound Design Experimental Music

video upload by Outsider Sound Design

"Experimental music available at

Please consider supporting this channel by purchasing a sample pack or music download from"

Renoise tracker on Raspberry PI

video upload by

"In this video, I briefly walk through Renoise running on Raspberry PI. Renoise is a tracker-style DAW which enables you to quickly create sample groups, tracks, and incorporate VST plugins. This video shows how to install Renoise, configure Linux for best audio performance, and how to create a song. Also answering some viewer questions, e.g. how to "ReWire" Renoise into Reaper so you can use Renoise like a plugin. Table of contents:

00:00 hello
00:14 hardware needed
00:31 download, installation and system setup
02:06 UI overview
02:44 creating a simple drum track
04:03 adding a bass track / using VST plugins
05:07 adding more tracks, sidechain compression
06:02 more effects plugins
06:11 assigning samples to the keyboard (multisamples)
06:31 arranging sequences into a song
06:50 "ReWire" Renoise to REAPER
08:23 script extensions
08:57 verdict
09.31 important things to consider!
09:54 demo track (8 tracks using multiple plugins and samples instruments)
11:50 bye-bye

ZYNADDSUBFX on Raspberry PI Linux


Arturia MiniFreak and ASM Hydrasynth Explorer Join Forces to Shake the Dancefloor.

video upload by LeSynth

"The Arturia MiniFreak and ASM's Hydrasynth Explorer step onto the dance floor in this synth demo. Both synthesizers can clearly make very dancefloor-friendly sounds, as I hope this video demonstrates. We are pretty lucky to have such fun, deep and practical instruments at affordable prices!"

Roland Juno-106 (Junior 106) Custom White Polyphonic Synthesizer With Kiwi Mod

via this auction

"Custom, One of a kind Roland Juno 106 from SynthSpa, Modified to a 37 key version, custom finish in white with wood ends, has been fully serviced and has had the Kiwi mod added"

Custom White Roland SH-101 w/ MIDI

via this auction

"Fully Restored Roland SH-101 By SynthSpa, Custom white finish with Blue led / pitch bend, with the Tubbutec SH 1- oh -1 Midi Mod"

Future Retro FR- 777 Hell-Cat w/ Red Knobs

via this auction

"This is one of the last units ever made by Future Retro, It was bought as part of an auction by Future Retro during the summer of 2020, I was one of the lucky ones to grab this New Stock final unit, I love it, so I am only selling it because I need the money, I will not be sad if It does not sell. This has been carefully tested and run through my home studio to make sure it is fully operational before I listed it on here, Please take your time to look carefully at all the images, this is the actual FR- 777 (Hell Cat) up for sale"

Original Novation Bass Station 25-Key Analogue Bass Synth

via this auction

Touellskouarn Mar Karit tube preamp with bassline.

video upload by TouellSkouarn

"Touellskouarn Mar Karit tube preamp with bassline."


video upload by OXI Instruments

"We are very proud to bring you Coral, the first Eurorack Polyphonic Module that is fully multi-timbral, multi-part and multiengine.
This means that, apart from delivering Huge polyphonic sounds, it allows you to freely use the 8 available voices to your needs.
This turns Coral into a powerful little groovebox, drum machine, poly synth and everything in the middle.
Coral also includes a Wav player among its engines.

The music of this video has been entirely made with one single Coral."

You can find additional posts featuring Oxi Instruments' Coral here.

Minimoog Model D (2023 Reissue) - First time playing it!

video upload by thesynthsofgus


video upload by Dreadbox

"Orestes creates a stunning synth sound by using the Nymphes (8 voice polyphonic synthesizer), the Disorder (Fuzz) and the Raindrops (Delay/Reverb)."

Sequencing Made Differently -SOFTPOP SPII // TUTORIAL

video upload by Bastl Instruments

"Václav will show you the deeper meaning of the SPII sequencer in all its glory. Why it is a songwriter's synths and why is there anything like it on the market."

" Unrounded "

video upload by Harmonic of Silence

"#t1 #torso #torsoelectronics #sequencer #gear #instrument #studiogear #eurorack #electronics #random #modulation #electronicmusic
#minimalmusic #electronicmusic #experimentalmusic #ambient


Joranalogue Audio Design PIVOT 2 / first patches and exploration

video upload by BRiES

"In this very first video with a pre-production unit of PIVOT 2 by Joranalogue Audio Design I experimented with a few different ways in which the clever signal router can be used to route signals to and from each other. PIVOT 2 is also suited to transition smoothly between serial, parallel or inverted serial processor chaining. I use PIVOT 2 as a voltage controlled panner, to crossfade between two modulators and to create feedback paths. Lastly I use the module as a simple VCA.

I'm in the process of learning how to work with Final Cut Pro so please don't mind the video fx and unelegant video and text transitions."

You can find additional details in this post.

XFMR Ring Modulator : With Sine Waves & Other Waveforms : Vaemi (Eurorack)

video upload by Vaemi

"The XFMR Ring Modulator is a very old transformer ring modulator design. It dates back to 1947. The inventor of the device is Harald Bode, not the inventor of the ring modulator, but the inventor of many other important circuits, who first thought of using it in music systems and designed an example of it. The first versions had inputs with 2 audio transformers and 4 diodes installed in a ring configuration for the ring modulator.
The module is 10 hp. It is hand-assembled with very high-quality through-hole components. The transformers used in the XFMR Ring Modulator are Tamura brand transformers with very high quality and flat response. There are two separate transformers at the input and output. Also, the input and output voltages are calibrated according to our system and eurorack systems.
Input and output have a headroom of 10Vpp. Unlike the original design, the module is not passive but active (buffered). The XFMR Ring Modulator has a Carrier input and input attenuator, an Output and its attenuator, a Modulator CV input and its attenuator. The lights on the panel show the exact phase of the modulation. The gain setting you choose on the input signals will change and affect the sound of the XFMR Ring Modulator. It will also affect and change the harmonics generated by the attenuator to reduce the amount of modulation. There is also an offset knob for ring modulation. Here you can change the zero point of the modulation, direct and shape the modulation.
At Vaemi, we have revived this old construction technique by creating the XFMR Ring Modulator as an active ring modulator with a transformer.

- Tamura Input and Output Transformers

- Active Ring Modulator design

- Illuminated design to track the phase of modulation"

Also see Vaemi Introduces XFMR Ring Modulator Eurorack Module

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Facehugger Envelope example

video upload by flightofharmony

"Using the Facehugger function generator as an envelope generator: controlling the VCA of an Infernal Noise Machine.
Facehugger project is live on Kickstarter until Saturday, April 22, 2023!"

Dark energy of retro music software #3

video upload by Alexander Zolotov

"Unfinished track from 2004, previously unreleased.
Made with Skale Tracker
Full discography:
(c) NightRadio /"

Dave Smith Instruments Poly Evolver 61-Key 4-Voice Polyphonic Synthesize SN 00940

via this auction

Walnut Digital Keyboards Inc. (DKI) Synergy II +

via this auction

"This unit is the Synergy II +, which means it has MIDI and an RS-232 port for communications. It would normally hook up to a Kaypro (!) computer for sound storage and editing, but these days, some crafty folks have made interfaces available to connect to modern computers."

Roland MKS-80 Super Jupiter with MPG-80 Programmer REV 4

via this auction

"Rolandk MKS80 - the hidden Jupiter 7!

A mix of Jupiter 6 and Jupiter 8 the MKS80 features VELOCITY and AFTERTOUCH which the keyboards dont have.

This unit is a MK4

Features CEM3340 oscillators, Roland IR3109 filters, and CEM3360 VCAs (These models are extremely hard to find)"

Korg MS-10 SN 130843 w/ Original Box

via this auction

Roland TR-808

via this auction

"This classic vintage Roland TR 808 drum machine was obtained from the original purchaser, who had a private studio in a Northern California forest. When we received it, it still had its original protective plastic overlay on it. Obviously, it has rarely been used."

MTI Auto Orchestra 16R

via this auction

You can find a demo of one previously posted here and here.

"Amazing all-analog piece of history! (Pre-MIDI) Drum machine (CR78-ish) and synth-bass (VERY TB303 sounding!) module. Also has a great organ drone and rhythmic piano synth, with separate outputs for each (there are also separate synth waveform outputs). You can bring, in and out, all the different drums and instruments via the front panel, not to mention the ability to tweak the the bass cutoff,res and decay.

This one has the extremely rare, 16r Expansion Memory box, that gives you 4 variations to each preset beat!"

Vintage CASIO CZ-101 w/ Original Box & Manuals

via this auction, also on Reverb

Korg MicroKorg | NEW for 2023 | The 300 All-New Synth Sounds / Presets / Patches

video upload by ULTIMATE PATCHES


Ultimate Patches has released the all-new microKORG 2023 Ultimate Patches (also compatible with microKORG S, microKORG Plug-in VST, and MS-2000 series synths).

Celebrating the Korg microKORG's 20th year on the market, Ultimate Patches has brought the synth into fresh sonic territory with 300 new pro-quality patches covering futuristic digital, authentic vintage analog, classic leads, basses and evolving pads, and traditional non-synth instruments including B3 and Vox organs, classic 60s, 70s and 80s Rhodes and Wurlitzer electric pianos, orchestral instruments, world percussion, 80s guitars & basses and more.

The collection spans the genres of modern and vintage pop, synthwave, cinematic, orchestral, latin, futurestep, classic 70s rock, vintage and modern hip hop, country, reggae, retrocade, trap, chiptune, 70s soul, dubstep, reggaeton, deep house, vaporwave, trance, techno, tech house, futurepop, experimental, modular and jazz.

Pricing & Availability: Available now at as an instant digital download, with Spring 2023 Sale prices: $14.99 per Volume (100 Ultimate Patches) or the $29.99 Super Value Bundle of all 3 volumes (300 Ultimate Patches). The Free Patches Pack from the collection is now available to download (no registration required):"

The Matrix Virtual Instrument Teaser - Knight Rider

video upload by

"Teaser for an upcoming virtual instrument called "The Matrix" for the BackStage Pass series. Coming April 2023 to MainStage, Logic, and Kontakt for both Mac & PC."

1979 DSS patch

video upload by Todd Barton

"A little patch with the 1979 Modular's Dual Sequential Switch.

My Patreon:"


video upload by Peter Grenader

"On April 23, 2023 with profound appreciation for his historic contribution to art and music a taped live performance of Morton Subotnick's Sidewinder by Jill Fraser, Shiro Fujioka, Peter Grenader and Thomas Klepper - filmed at Tool's studio in Hollywood CA - will be released in Celebration of his 90th birthday."

Rebirth - Performed with OP-1 by Teenage Engineering

video upload by Lo-fi Pask

"This is my first video after a couple years... thanks for your patience.
Few months ago I started playing again synths, and few weeks ago I started playing on Twitch too. It's from one of that sessions that came out this song. Wish you'll like it.

Then @sfvideomaking shot this video for me.

Thanks for watching!

Follow Lo-fi Pask!

The Appendage:An analogue voltage controller for synthesizers.

video upload by Todd Murray

"This is a DIY project that was originally designed by Scott Stiles on the Electro-Music Forum. Being a DIY project means you can augment, customize and kick things up a bit. I wanted a new controller that was thin and light enough that I could bounce around on stage and give a light show, while playing.

The current light controller is activated by a 5 Volt gate signal to an Atmel microcontroller. The next revision will incorporate both Gate and CV which will not only activate the lights, but change colour depending on frequency.

You can use this simultaneously with patchable Eurorack and large format +/-15V modulars or polyphonic MIDI controlled synths using the CV to MIDI converter."

The SYNTRX - latest toy.

video upload by noddyspuncture

"I'm sorting out some Synthi style knobs for it. And dug out my old WEM Copycat for some echo."

Qun mk2 : Loop making with relative pattern

video upload by Nunomo LLC

"Relative pattern follows primary pattern's notes.

0:50 : Sound making (Simple triangle)
2:00 : Making backing pattern
3:30 : Melody, explaining about relative pattern
7:10 : Redoing melody
10:00 : Sound tweaking
12:40 : Play with QuNexus"

Vintage Analog Hohner Bass Synth

via this auction

"Here is one of the first bass synthesizer ever made, dating from the 60s. Almost identical to the more widely know Basset, the Bass 1 is a basic but very effective little bass synth. You get a choice between a Sine and Sawtooth sound and a simple variable decay enveloppe ("Perc").

Synth was serviced: all electrolytic capacitors were replaced and a more convenient jack socket was fitted. It is in perfectly working condition. Runs either on 220/240v or 110/130v."

Roland SH-4d ⦿ "There is a 4th Dimension" (4k)

video upload by Robert Saint John

"'There is a 4th Dimension,' a progwave (?) track created and performed with the Roland SH-4d Synthesizer. Pink Floyd meets John Carpenter, or something 😄 I love this little box. 🎹 ❤️ 🔥"

Patch From Scratch: XPO Acid

video upload by MAKEN0ISE

"Let's make an acid bassline with XPO and QPAS."

Insane Probability Sequencing with the Malekko Varigate 8+

video upload by Piotr Garbaczonek

"For this project, I opted to make more of a drum-based piece. I wanted to specifically use the powers of one of the most powerful modules in my system, which is located in the bottom right corner. It's known as the Malekko Varigate 8+. It is an extremely complicated gate and CV sequencer with 8 gate channels and 2 CV channels for pitch sequencing, as well as additional secret digital menu settings like probability, which is an important aspect of my patch. I set my master clock to provide a consistent beat to Varigate 8+. Then I trigger all of the different drum parts from the sampler with the Malekko's randomly produced patterns, so the patterns should not repeat very often, if at all. The fun began when I chose to use this sequencer for all of the components of the composition, allowing me to separate a signal from numerous gate outputs and CV outputs and transmit it to offer pitch and melody to the various oscillators that I used for this.
Mutable Instruments Plaits was the only one that wasn't getting pitch, as it was receiving various modulations that would make it relatively meaningless to input pitch into because the changes created by it wouldn't be as obvious and needed at the moment. Instruō Cruïnn was the single oscillator into which I fed the CV output from Malekko. It is a phase-modulated, stereo oscillator having through-zero outputs that can be stereo, summed, or separate sawtooth outputs per voice. As you change the dispersion of the voices in the module, you get that pitch diffusion effect that becomes more pronounced near the finish of the composition.
During the performance, I am continually altering the number of high frequencies fed into the VCA and pre-effects to keep the stereo feel beautiful and dynamic. Such tasks are generally carried out using my left hand. My right hand is activating all of the different parts of the piece, which aren't necessarily pre-defined because this is an improvised composition, but I have some notion of what I'm going to do before I do it. Only when I need to modify the volume of the stereo oscillator inside the VCA before the 'drop' part of the time stop and then that riser and time start sequence do I use both hands in one activity? Everything comes to a halt when I hit that yellow button because everything in this patch is clocked to a master clock, so if I make it stop, everything stops. I'm also patching something more than a minute in, and it was basically just the output of a slow LFO, which would modulate the knob that modulates the parameters together inside of the Qu-Bit Chance module, which is what I'm using to control the majority of the modulation in this patch, which is changing the fm and cv inputs on two of my oscillators. By randomizing that value, detecting rhythm fluctuations throughout the song becomes even more difficult.

Here are some links of mine:

Go become my Patreon here:

Perks of being a member include Patch from scratch videos, behind-the-scenes, HD pictures of gear and such, unreleased music, sample packs, and many more :)"

anaritzz - Sequential OB6, Moog Grandmother, Arturia Microfreak & Elektron Model Samples

video upload by anaritzz

Elka Twin 61 - Vintage Analog Synthesizer (1981) HD

video upload by Alberto Napolioni

"FREE Improvisations on this rare and incredible sounding versatile string synthesizer!

00:00 Boreas Wind
00:53 Empyrean's Call
01:12 Where are we going?
02:28 Catch my Breath
02:46 Funky Adrenaline
02:58 Per Aspera ad Astra (Rising)
03:33 Zephyr's Harp
03:44 Ethereal Pipes
04:06 House of Herbie
04:13 Maybe
04:28 Phasing Doubts
04:45 The Cat and the Mouse
05:08 Cassandra's Keys
05:27 Italo Rush
05:41 Har-Psy
06:04 Warping Strings
06:44 The Last Prayer (Dystopia)
07:39 Barry Cherry Merry
07:59 Chillin
08:15 Simple Song

Fx used:
OTO Bam reverb
OTO Bim delay"

The most underrated Analog Synthesizer - Oberheim Matrix-1000

video upload by RetroSound

"(c)2007-23 by RetroSound
supported by UVI:

❤️ Support #RetroSound​ channel:

I have the Oberheim Matrix-1000 analog synthesizer since the 90s. He was one of my first synths ever. It is a very powerful polyphonic analog synthesizer with a variety of options for influencing the sound. Analog sounds are a lightness but also sounds that one would rather attribute to a hybrid synthesizer.

You hear a single sound demo without additional effects. The chords are similar in order not to be distracted by playing technique and you can fully concentrate on the sound character. The sounds are all from the RetroSound Set that I programmed a few years ago. It includes 100 new sounds for the Matrix-1000 and Matrix-6/6R

00 - 39 Pad & Strings
40 - 43 Choir & Vocal
44 - 50 Brass
51 - 56 Bass
57 - 71 Lead
72 - 75 Organ
76 - 83 Acoustic
84 - 93 Effect
94 - 99 Sequence

You can load the midi file in your sequencer software, play the file and the synth received the sound data and overwrite the the first sound bank (0-99) with the new sounds.

You can buy the soundset here with paypal:"

Common sense tip: always check the date of posts before purchasing anything. If it's an older post it may no longer be available.  Check with the seller before buying to be safe.  MATRIXSYNTH share's what's out there.  The point of this post is the demo not the presets.  The presets are there for those interested.

Wiard 300 Modular System SN FP 152001

via this auction

"Wiard 300 system :

341 Classic vco

352 Borg filters

331 dual envelator

361 dual mixolator

371 woggle bug

321 sequantizer

311B new controller

Hinton case and psu

Proel flycase

Excellent shape and perfectly working"

Casio SK-1 Classic Sampling Keyboard w/ Original Box & Docs

via this auction

Moog Minimoog Voyager Select Series Jade Green w/ Cherry Wood

via this auction

"Excellent condition cherry wood and jade lighting. Sad to see it go but downsizing my setup. This excellent condition voyager, comes with the original packaging, manual, and power supply."

Yamaha CS-30 with MIDI/App/Plugin

via this auction

See this post for demos and details on the Lalalandsynth MIDI kit & apps.

"Unique Yamaha CS 30 with Lalalandsynth MIDI kit - Control APP and Filter Controller plugin.
In short you get an excellent condition, fully restored and calibrated CS 30 with Midi In/Out , Seq sync, Envelope trigger and app for settings (midi channel etc) as well as an Dual Filter Controller plugin for Mac/Pc and all DAWs.

The only Yamaha CS 30 like this on the market as far as I can tell.

Midi channel Omni to 1-16
Midi In and out.
CC control of both filters using Mod wheel, velocity , aftertouch or CC74.
Note priority setting - high/low/last
Seq Trigger via Midi note giving you an option to sync both the timing and duration of each step.
EXT envelope trigger via Midi note.
12 Bit Filter control for super smooth filter control.
Hz/V Output from MIDI - you can use the synth as an Hz/V interface for other synths.
You can use the Synths keyboard to make all settings like Midi channel etc OR use our Mac/Pc App.

See further MIDI Kit specs here :"


Patch n Tweak
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